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Especially for beginners, sitting down to a blank piece of paper can be a little intimidating. Just like authors experience writer’s block, artists can get caught up in trying to create a masterpiece and become completely paralyzed—ultimately drawing nothing

If you can’t get your pen or pencil moving, relax! Explore this list of easy things to draw, pick one, and get started. You may be surprised to see what it turns into!  

Easy Things to Draw Step by Step 

Just like any skill, you must practice to improve. If you’re having a hard time finding inspiration, check out these ideas for easy things to draw. Make sure to pick something that interests you, so you’ll stay engaged and enjoy the process. 

Easy Things to Draw for Beginners

1. Shapes 

Basic shapes create the foundation for all types of visual art. 

You may be thinking that shapes are too boring and easy, even for new artists. But if you’re looking for easy things to draw for beginners step by step, shapes are a great option. Shapes are the basis of all types of visual art, and being able to draw them is essential—especially as you progress to more difficult and complex pieces. Simply sketch different shapes of various proportions until you feel like the motions are second nature. 

2. Cartoon Faces

cartoon heads
Cartoon faces look simple, but drawing them can help you practice facial proportions. 

Drawing realistic faces can be pretty intimidating—especially for beginners. So instead, try drawing cartoon faces. Focus on using quick, gestural movements and simple lines and shapes. You’ll get some valuable practice perfecting facial proportions, features, and expressions, but you won’t have to worry about precision or shading.

Master the Fundamentals 

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Cool Easy Things to Draw

3. Abstract Highlighter Art

highlighter lines
Easy abstract art made with highlighters. 

With just a few highlighters and a piece of paper, you can create a neon, abstract work of art. While it’s a simple project—really, it comes down to some basic cross hatching—it’s a great way to express your creativity. To make sure each color shows up vibrantly, start with your lightest highlighter (yellow, in most cases) for the first layer, and then progress to darker colors. Build up the piece layer by layer until you’ve filled the page with a bright pattern. 

4. Relaxing Waves

wavy lines
A mesmerizing pattern of waves. 

This exercise won’t only lead to a visually interesting piece of art—it will also help relax your mind. Start by drawing small rounded shapes, like foothills. Then, embellish each hill with concentric lines that follow the curve of the arch. By the end, you’ll have a mesmerizing pattern of waves. 

Fun Easy Things to Draw

5. Wildflowers 

Quick, easy drawing of a dandelion. 

Wildflowers are a great option for fun easy things to draw because they come in so many different varieties, each with interesting details. Whether you choose a simple bloom—like this dandelion, which you can create with just layers of lines—or a flower with more detail and complexity, you’ll enjoy creating a garden on paper

6. Houses 

Almost any shape can become a house by adding some windows and doors. 

Almost any shape can become a house by adding some windows and doors—and that’s what makes drawing houses so fun. Start with two rectangles side by side; these form the basic structure of the house. Then, add smaller squares for the windows and doors. Experiment with different shapes, styles, and features, and soon, you’ll have an entire village. 

Easy Things to Draw for Kids 

7. The Family Pet

This drawing and watercolor painting of a dog consists of just a few simple shapes. 

If you’re looking for easy things to draw for kids, animals are always a great option. For either a dog or cat, all you really need is a few simple shapes—ovals, rectangles, and triangles. Have your child outline the drawing in black marker or crayon, and then fill it in with bright watercolors. 

8. Shark Attack 

Drawing of a shark by a five-year old artist and Skillshare student. 

A shark may be intimidating—but drawing one shouldn’t be. With a cone shape for the head, plus some sharp teeth, ocean waves, and simple fish, your child can create an awesome picture of a shark. 

Easy Things to Draw With Chalk

9. Hand-Lettered Mural 

chalk sign
A variety of text styles creates a visually interesting chalk mural. 

Have a chalkboard on hand? Try drawing a hand-lettered mural. Choose a quote or phrase and map it out on the board. To add dimension and visual interest, try incorporating a variety of different text styles and shadows, as well as some simple banner shapes and flourishes. 

10. Sailboat 

Create a simple, quick chalk drawing in just minutes. 

With just a few strokes of your chalk, you can create this simple sailboat image. From start to finish, it takes just a few minutes and requires only a couple of colors of chalk. Start by drawing the sailboat in the center of the paper, then add a few rippling lines to form waves. Blend the chalk down under the waves to create a little depth, and add a sun for a finishing touch. 

Easy Things to Draw That Look Hard 

11. Human Eye 

eye sketch
Drawing a human eye is all about tone and proportion. 

Drawing realistic human facial features can seem extremely challenging—but with a few tips, eyes are actually easy to draw. It’s most important to understand the proportions and features of the eye, including the eyelid and eyelashes. Then, you can add realistic details, down to the reflection within the iris. 

12. One-Line Portrait 

one line lady
Creating a single-line, abstract portrait is easier than you may think.

Using one continuous line to create a portrait certainly looks difficult—but it’s deceptively quick and simple. In fact, you can even use a reference photo underneath your paper to achieve perfect placement of the subject’s facial features. Then, it’s just a matter of connecting the features in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Get Drawing!

For an artist, a blank page can be intimidating—but try to look at it as an opportunity to practice your skills and experiment with new sketches. With these ideas for cool easy things to draw, you will fill up your pages in no time. And soon, you’ll be ready for advanced drawing ideas

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