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How To Draw A Manga / Anime Styled Portrait

teacher avatar Thumin, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Portrait Anatomy


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      Face: Eyes, Nose & Mouth


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      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

In this class I will be teaching you how to draw a manga / anime styled portrait!

With my easy steps and clear advice you can possibly learn how to draw a portrait in this stylized manner and make it look good at the same time! I will be focusing on the female portrait specifically.

This class is meant for beginners but if you are a more experienced artist you might still find it entertaining and learn how a different artist breaks down their drawing process.

I would love to see everyone doing their best and showing their learning progress! I will comment and give feedback as soon as i can to the projects posted in the project gallery so share as much of your learning process as you can! I will also choose my favorite projects to share on my Instagram story!


Printer paper or any sketchbook of your choice.

Red or Blue pencil (Col-Erase).

Eraser of your choice.

Sharpener of your choice.

Sakura Pigma Sensei manga inking pen.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Artist and Illustrator


Hello, I'm Thumin and I'm a self-taught artist. I share my art on Instagram and i also make animations and art related videos on my YouTube channel! I'm also a teacher here on Skillshare and i hope you can learn art and drawing with me!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: hi, everyone, and welcome to my first kill share class. My name is still mean and I will be teaching you how to draw a manga or anonymous stock portrait. I am myself thought artist myself and I have accumulated over 140,000 followers on Instagram by sharing my art. Over the years, I've been asked Congress of times to share tips and tricks of drawing in my art style, which is mostly inspired by Japanese anime and manga. That is why I finally decided to make this class and share the knowledge that I have gathered throughout the years of being an artist. I've noticed that a lot of animal among the style drawing tutorials are hard to follow and more complicated than they need to be. That is why I decided to make this glass very easy to follow, and I've simplified all the steps so that it's beginner friendly. If you are a more experienced artists, however, I'm sure you will still find this class interesting as you get to see how a fellow artists breaks down there drawing process. I have broken this class into six of essence that will teach you everything you need to know to be able to draw a monk, learn our Nima style portrait in specifically my art style. We will go over what tools you will need for the lessers, the basics off portrait anatomy, how and where to place the face, sometimes own drawing flowy hair and finally, the thinking process. I want you asked the student to have your paper and pen in hand, ready to sketch along with me while watching the lessons. By the end of the class, I want you to try and draw yourself or a loved one using the skills. Learn from the lessons and share them in the Project gallery for feedback. In an opportunity to be featured on my Instagram story, I will be giving feedback on sketches and final drawings posted in the Project gallery, and I encourage us to student to check out and interact with each other's projects. That would make the learning experience more fun and motivate you all to keep practicing and learning together without any further ado. Let's start the lessons and I wish you all left in your learning journey 2. Tools: Hello, everyone and welcome. So here I'll be showing you what type of tools I will be using for these less is now. The first thing that I would be needing is paper, and I would be using white printer paper. The reason why I prefer using white printer paper. It's because I get more paper for less the price. So yes, we really sketching in white printer paper. For these less is, you can use whatever paper you have lying around, whether it's your sketchbook or you're drawing digitally, that is completely fine. Now let's jump into the sketching material. I'll be using a red colored pencil for sketching. The reason why I'm using red color Pinza. It's because when I'm lining the drawing with my dark liner, it's easier to see the sketch align with this red pencil off course. If you prefer using a darker parasail or irregular pencil, that is completely find, too. But I personally recommend using a red one underneath so you can see the lines when you are sketchy. Next, I would be showing you what type of liner we will be using for this lesson, so I will be using this liner it's called Sakura Pick Masson say, and it's this type of thick blinder pen. If you prefer using something a little less thick, you can always use a saccharine negron pens. So pick MMA sacrum Ekron and these one have a smaller nip, and they are very popular among artists. So I used this to a lot. But for the specific tutorial, I'll be using this one us for highlighter. I'll be using a jelly roll. This is a white pigment, and it's very good to add highlights into eyes and mouth in places you want to pop out after lining your drawing. So small things you will also need to keep right around your arms. Reach our a eraser and a sharpener in case you're pen brakes or something. So now that we have all our tools settled and we have them already, let's just jump into drying 3. Portrait Anatomy : Okay, Now that we have all our tools ready, let's just jump into the first drawing lesson. So the first thing you would want to do the structure, the head so we will draw a circle like so. As you can see, it doesn't have to be a perfect circle. Then we will draw a line that goes across the circle. As you can see, I'm not pressing too dark here embracing dark here. You see that actual presence that I'm doing? They're not that dark. So make sure you're pressing your pin lightly. Maybe you're having trouble at this stage. I recommend you practice loosening up your wrist and just trying circles. If you have to fill your whole page with circles and maybe lines that go straight across from the circles, then do so. It's now that you have your so call ready and you have the line going really across the circle right in the middle. We will attach a line that goes from the end of the circle to the end of the line, so follow along and this'll I will be a little curvy. So we will occur like that's and it like that and then the other side cure yet and attach like that from here. We will draw a line in the other light and curb like that. Another curve like that. Okay, so again, we drew a circle. A line, a curvy line. Another curvy line. Ace line Here it like that. If this isn't what you're gay getting again, keep breakfast. Okay? And eventually, this is what you're drawing Should look like. So far. Now, we have basically drawn the portrait anatomy, and we need to confine away to place the face inside the head. So from right here, we will draw a line that goes just like that. And from about here we will draw another life that goes across like that. But in case if your head is in stable for this line and for these lies, you can use a roller. Okay, so here we will be placing the years between these clients. Why? Because here is where the ice will be. And when you look at human anatomy, your eyes and your ears are pretty like they're close together. Always so for the ears, I drew a line in curves of it like that. And or if you want to be more anima, you can just draw me. You're like that. So actually, I will just keep to the style and draw a more cartoony year like that and another line inside the ear and a ball like that in another life. So for this tutorial, really, it's a pass. Looking at what I'm doing and trying to follow along if you need to, you can post the video, go back and do it again. Okay, there's no rush here. You can take your time and follow along slowly. So now that we have the basic blueprint off the portrait anatomy ready, let's jump into the next lesson and learn how to draw eyes, nose and mouth and where to place that. 4. Face: Eyes, Nose & Mouth: welcome back. So now we will be learning how to draw eyes, nose and month aware to place them for their eyes. We will be drawing nobles and we will place them about the middle off whatever box we created before, we don't want to dry too close to the line. Because then the ice would be too close together or too far close to that year's. Because then that I would be too like far away. So we will go into the middle again. This is something you will have to practice to master. Nothing comes easy, so don't worry. But yes, about there. So basically, the ice will be here. The nose will be about the centre right there. So we don't want it to be between the eyes. We wanted to be a little small, like lower, So we're just gonna draw a circle right there. And the mouth will be a little about their I don't want the most to be two up, and I don't want it to be Do, um, close to the chance We're just gonna go for the middle like that? If you need to. You can go back and see again. and follow a law. OK, now that you know where to place them, we need to learn how to draw them. So, Oshie, I will be teaching you how to draw the ice in this corner right here. So it's just I will duplicate again the two lives or is two oval So we drew before. So now that we have about ennoble like that, if people structure the eyes so we will go one line like that one think line like that, another thick line like that, another big line like that. And like, Okay, after we have done this, we will draw a crease and then we're gonna draw the pew bill inside, and then we're gonna draw a you at that the sides and just cholera it in. And there you have it. After we have this done, we're going to add how many lashes you personally prefer and just polish it to your liking . That is how you draw an enemy. I in my style. Now we're gonna transfer this into here. But before that I want to quickly show you how I draw the nose too. So we'll continue with this sketch right here about here would be the nose. So we would draw too. Tweaks. What do you call those two lines? Life like this and this. So that will be basically the nose. So I drew that here, and we're gonna follow along. If here is thumb off, you draw a you. In the year you attach a line in another line a little curvy lines. You draw another you another you. And there you go. You have a mouth again. If I were to show you the mosque again, let's go over here. Are you another line? It's curvy. Another line. It's curvy light under knees line up there the curse like that. And if you want a color in, you can just gonna make this go a little bit like that. And there, you know, you have two different mouths right there, so mouth shouldn't be true. Complicated. Just follow along the steps and you will master it soon. Maybe fill up a page with eyes in a page with noses and obeyed with mouths. And maybe after those, you will master them. So let's place the face here in the original sketch, so again are thick. Line number one are thick curry line that goes from the up number two, our wing. And I'm gonna do the same on this second again, you can experiment and this is the curve or the crease I was talking about. I was like to add the crease. Here you go. I personally like that upper. Let's to be very nice and thick because it gives off a feminine book off a lot of lashes. If you wanted to make it look a little bit more masculine, you could make that lashes a little less thick and that will do and add a little less lashes. And we're gonna draw the pupils. I'm going to draw them looking straight up, like so I'm purposefully not pressing too hard because I would not sketched out and make out everything on my own pace. And I suggest you do so too. The thing is, if you press too harshly, you can't really control the lines that well. But if you press lighter, you can always go over your lives and fix them a little bit without using your eraser. So there you go. We have the eyes ready. Now we're going to place now. We're gonna drop the nose, so we have our little circle. So I showed you one line there. Another line there. And there you have it knows. And for the mouth. We're gonna draw a you two lines that curb like that a bottom line for the bottom lip. Another you for the upper lip. A lot to lives that go a little across like that. Now we're gonna color in Not too harshly, but enough to show that there is some type of lived color. If you need, erase it and sketch again. So there you go. Now we have the mouth and the nose. I feel like the nose should be a little higher, so I'm gonna erase that. So the news here. Okay, so now that we have the nose and the mouth and the eyes pretty much settled, um, we're gonna place the eyebrow, so we're gonna just follow you. See this line that goes over here? We're gonna occur online like that. Like that again? This a little. This is a very fierce look. So if you want him to be a little bit more subtle, you can, like, draw a line like that. But I want to go with the fierce look. So I, Gail, like so on the strike, a little thicker like that. And there you go. We got to eyebrows. So let's look a little closer. They're So now we have the eyes, the mouth, the nose and the eyebrows pretty much placed in where they belong. Here we practice how to draw them before again practice the's on your own time. Pause the video or after watching this lesson, practice, practice, practice. You might not look like this right now, but the more you practice, the more you will look like this. The drawing will look like this. So keep practicing. And now that we have the face settled, we're going to go into the next lesson and learn how to draw the hair. So I will see you there in a moment. 5. Hair: Hello. Welcome. So, in this lesson, I will be teaching you how to draw the hair and where to place it. So without any further do, let's just start. So the first thing I would want you to practice is your line work. The type of hair I draw is very flowy. So if we had if face right here, if I were to, like, redraw this really quickly. So here we have a face, the type of let's make it a little bit are transparent. There you go. So the type of hair I am not gonna draw here is gonna look like this. As you can see, I'm just letting my wrist fluke flow easily. And I'm just cutting the lines freely. So we're not drawing hair like this. If I were to show you were not drawing here like this, we're here like that. You my word. You, like, put it more simpler. Ah, lot of anime and manga do use hairstyles like this, but the type of hair style I'm going for is the flowy kind. So this type of hair and for this you would need a very loose wrist and confidence in your lines. so I would recommend practicing drawing lines, going different directions, being a little bit like longer and maybe then a little shorter and then a longer and then shorter going in this direction. And they may be going in that direction like I want you to practice thes type of lines and , for example, from this drying you could easily at a face to it. And there it's a person. So really, I want you to practice your line work for this. This might take a little longer, but it's OK. You can plus the video and practice your line work. Maybe draw a bunch of heads like this one breakfast, drawing up, ah ball or a circle a line and then attaching these two lives together. And then when you have a couple of heads, just practice with your hand, adding lines that go around the head and frame the head OK, and that will help you with the hair. So first I'm going to draw her the banks and for the banks. I'm loosely gonna sketch two lines that go like that, and then I'm going to just add into the lines, and I'm going to frame her face. As you can see, I'm not afraid of the lines. I'm just letting them freely. Then we're gonna go a little bit on top of the scalp. It we're gonna trot or God frame her face like that. And again, again, like that. And like that. The meat Drop this a little bit more visibly, sweetie. Dry, dry. Really like that. Okay, this is that you re drew before. So the other ear s you can see he's already like it's disappeared under the hair. I specifically want the other. I want this part to be like the hair and I want the other part or the other side of the head be tucked away under that here. I'm sorry, guys. I don't know how to speak English. Anyway, let's just continue. So now I'm gonna go again. I drew a soup. Is the idea lines that indicate that the hair is going behind the ear, that I'm going to draw a couple of strands like that. And then I'm going to just draw strongly that and then the strands like these and there you go. Really? It's all about practice and flow when you draw hair again. If we were to go here and I were to, like, just sketch out a face just out of nowhere. It's a little messy, but you know, we'll use this, Really? You just want your hand to flow easily. You wanna go like that? And then you want to add another strong like that and maybe another one going like that. And then I like well like that and then just free free hat like that. So really, it's all about fluidity and just letting your Reese to do the work and you're trusting your lines. So now that I'm looking at this hair, it's a little too puffy for my liking. So we're gonna erase a little bit from the sides and make it a little less puffy. And I will just go around like this, and I think like that, And that way we don't make it too too puffy in. I like it how it is right now. But I mean just well, over a few allies here, I want this to frame her face. And here, Teoh, I'm just gonna did like that. And as you can see, I'm not afraid off drawing lines on top of lines. Don't forget that this is just the sketch and eventually we're gonna raise everything after , um inking. So don't worry about the fact if the sketch goes a little bit crazy or if it looks a little weird, you can always re dry it, and you can always just a race and again. So for this lesson, I showed you how to draw the hair. And I really recommend practicing line work with your hand flow and go with the curve. And when you have something like a ball or ahead just to let your hand frame the head like that and draw the the hair and really this part needs practice from you. So if you need to watch this video again, go ahead. Um, and if you need to pause in practice, police do so And don't forget to share some of the sketching processes. And maybe how you have got it into this step into the project gallery and I'll give you some feedback and maybe some tips or something that you might have missed. Definitely help you guys, So share them there and I will move on to the next. Listen, we're just thinking, so I'll see you there 6. Inking: Hello, guys, and welcome back. So here we are already done with the sketching process and we will be jumping right into thinking so for inking. As I said before, I will be using specifically this pan. It's a very thick Penn and it's a sakura pick. Mustn't say it's like made for manga drying. So it's really made for that. If I were to show you a little bit of the line work, I've used it quite a lot. Us. This is the pen. I will be using justice a little bit of ah, bigger drawing. Usually when I draw, I draw something small like this. And for these smaller drawings, this step there would be perfect. So this is a micro pic MMA, and as you can see, the need peace a little bit smaller. So it's like that way smarter than this one. And this is very good for smaller drawings like these. For examples of your doing little sketches, tinier sketches. It's perfect for them, but for a bigger one Hi, personally before a thicker pin. So this is jump right into it. Now that we have our sketch ready, we're just going to go over the lines and for these process, really, I would recommend doing it slowly entrusting your process. Trust your hand. Trust your stability, trust your lines. If you're afraid of lions, it's gonna look choppy. It's gonna look a little wonky, but really, all that needs is practice in that way, you can just, you know, improve. And in time your lines will look much flow year and much nicer. So I'm just gonna go ahead and start lining. So the first thing I do is I usually like to line the face because if I were in the face, I know that I need to start drawing again. So I always try and draw the face So I don't have to, you know, be Teoh sad if the face gets ruined. So when im sketching, I usually like to follow the lines I've made before. If you can see, it doesn't have to be perfect because we're gonna color right in a sweet it before And when it comes to the thinking process, patience is key. If you rushed things are you want to go too fast? You're going to make mistakes. There you go. We're gonna draw the full in some lashes so you can see I'm drawing a little bigger lashes and then little small. It'll ashes, and that's going to give some variety. And then I'm going to move on to the next I and be careful. If you place your hand on top over this last drawing or this apart, it's probably going to smudge. So if you don't want to smudge, it's always best to put a like a paper on top of it. And that way you can minimize the smudging on your hand. So again, trust your sketch lines and just follow along with a steady hand. Really, The only way you can improve in your line work is to just keep doing it and keep practising . Keep being a little bit more confident with your lines, because I know a lot of people are afraid of the sketching process and think that we don't see a sketch or sorry was you lying. Start Leinart think and thinking that you bring your drawing. But really, in reality, you don't just make it more polished. So there you go. We have our nice eyes ready, and at this point, really, I don't think anything has been freed just yet. No actor nickel and draw the nose. They were going to draw them off like that. I'm going to draw the lower lip a little, as you can see, thinker, the little thicker to implicate that there is a shadow there that I'm gonna draw the eyebrows. You're not perfect, and they're not completely identical either. And that's completely fine. Don't forget that this is just a trying and it doesn't have to be perfect. Then I'm going to start drawing this here because I usually like to draw the hair before I finish off with the face. There you go. As I said before, be very confident in your lines. Don't be afraid of them, and it's OK if your schedule eyes look different than your final minds. They don't have to be completely the same. Remember, the sketch lies are there to help you, to guide you to the right direction. So if they don't look completely similar, that is fine because they were just there to guide you to the right path. Anyways, I know that I have drawn the hair. I will carefully take my time as sketch out the face not sketch out. I'm sorry. Ink of their face. That's what I want to say. Take your time. I know that. I think the face going to do the rest go. And now I personally like to add a little bit of shadows. We're gonna add a shadow under her chin. A small one like this. Now we're gonna color it in. We're gonna drop bit shadows under, like, the address, Avis, the layer, that layer of hair that is behind her head, if you understand what I'm saying. So if we were to look at her hair, these parts are like in front, and these are in the back. So the ones in the back, you're just gonna add a bit more shadow, but adding more hair strands like that. And there we have it. We have some depth put into the drying, and now I'm going to wait a little bit until the ink settles and Bryce and we're gonna highlight and finish this sketch up. Now we're going to go hit in the race. Our sketch lines. There you go. Now that we have erased are sketching lies, I'm going to add a little bit more details by using the same pencil use for sketching and I'm going to. Or if you have a red pencil, I'm going to at a bit more blush unto her cheeks, on top of her nose, on her mouth and owned up off her ear that I'm going to smudge it with my hand and for the mouth. I'm going to erase a little bit and just at a little bit more detail until I'm perfect with it. There you go. I think our sketch is pretty much almost done. I'm just going to add a bit more highlights. So I'm going to be using the Jerry role, and I'm going to use it to draw a box on both of the eyes. And then I'm going to draw a line and then another life, and then I'm going to draw a bit more lines like that, and then just add whatever else you want. I personally like adding a bit more glitter here and there. Okay, so now that we have added our sparkles with the jelly roll that I showed before, the dry is pretty much done, this is the final sketch that we have left, and honestly, I'm pretty proud of it. I think it looks kind of cute. And I hope yours looks cute too. Um, if yours doesn't look like this, that's completely fine. And that's pretty completely okay because everybody has their own style and way of drying things. So it's never gonna look exactly like mine. However, a songs, you're happy with it and you're proud with it. I think that's the most important thing. If you want from here allowed, you can go ahead and try and sketch this again. Ah, couple of times I would recommend Try sketching it 10 15 times. Try drawing the specific drawing many, many times and you will see that the 1st 1 you drew in the last one, you drew the one huge last. You will see how much you've improved. So really, it's all about practice. Practice practice is all about action is all about you and what you do. So please continue practicing. Continue, um, learning. And I really hope you got something out of this class. If you did, please leave feedback on the class. I really like to hear what you guys liked about the class and what Maybe I could improve on And I hope you had fun learning with me. So really, I'm gonna end discuss here and I will see you in the final thoughts. 7. Final Thoughts: Hello, everybody. And welcome back here are in the final lesson off this class and oh, my goodness. The final thoughts on everything I really want to hear you guys is opinion on what you thought was interesting in what you learned from this class. I'm really sorry about my English. It's, you know, I'm from feeling and this is my third language. So I did try my best to explain everything. But really, when it comes to my way off teaching, it's all about looking and trying to replicate what you see. Really? I feel like words can only teach so much. But the picture of the image and action is so much more important. So I hope you go back, watch all the classes and really focused on what I'm doing and follow that. And yes, um, for this class, I'm very happy that you guys were here with me. I want to thank the skill share teachers in the skills of staff for offering me this opportunity to teach that skill share. I'm really thankful for the teach challenge that I joined to do this cuss for you guys. I know a lot of people have been asking me on Instagram to teach them how I draw. So you guys who are from Instagram I do hope you really learned something here and for you guys who learned or were introduced to me from here on skill share. I hope you can go follow me on my instagram at Domino and support me on my YouTube And yeah , everybody, um my final thoughts and my final hope is for everybody to share their process and their sketches in their drawings in the project gallery. And hopefully I hope that you can also comment on each other's on projects and stuff that you posed in the gallery in that way, you guys can, you know, get some friends and you know, the teaching The learning process would be so much more easier and fun if you guys interact with each other. And also I would be commenting and giving my advice in the project calorie. So don't be afraid or shy to share your stuff and share your process. Your sketches, your eyes, your whatever you've learned from this class. Please share in the project gallery and I will be there and support you. And I hope you guys can support yourself a swell. So comment on each other's projects. And really thank you so much for being here with me. And thank you so much for taking this class and maybe LCU in another class by