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How To Draw A Manga / Anime Styled Portrait: Male Edition

teacher avatar Thumin, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Male Portrait Anatomy


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      Male Face: Eyes, Nose & Mouth


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      Inking Observation


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      Final thoughts


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About This Class

In this class I will be teaching you how to draw a male manga / anime styled portrait!

With my easy steps and clear advice you can possibly learn how to draw a portrait in this stylized manner and make it look good at the same time! I will be focusing on the male portrait specifically.

This class is meant for beginners but if you are a more experienced artist you might still find it entertaining and learn how a different artist breaks down their drawing process.

I would love to see everyone doing their best and showing their learning progress! I will comment and give feedback as soon as i can to the projects posted in the project gallery so share as much of your learning process as you can!


Printer paper or any sketchbook of your choice.

Red or Blue pencil (Col-Erase).

Eraser of your choice.

Sharpener of your choice.

Zebra brush pen.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Artist and Illustrator


Hello, I'm Thumin and I'm a self-taught artist. I share my art on Instagram and i also make animations and art related videos on my YouTube channel! I'm also a teacher here on Skillshare and i hope you can learn art and drawing with me!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone, and welcome to my skill share class. My name is Stillman, and I'm a self taught artists with years of experience in drawing. Earlier this year, I made a class on how to draw a female among the SLASH earning my style portrait, and I got a lot of good feedback on it. I also got so many requests and encouragements to make a male version off that same class. So here we finally are in this class, I will be going over how to draw the male version off Portrait on Enemy, how to draw a more masculine face, hair and some tips to help you distinguish some differences when drawing a male from a female. In this specific art style, I will be thinking the sketch stewed and going over what tools amusing throughout the lessons. This class is good for beginners, a swell us more experienced artists aside draw in among us less animal inspired art style that it's unique to me. I would love to see everyone share their sketches and process in the Project gallery. I will be giving feedback to all the projects posted in this class, so don't be shy and share your drawings with me. Join me on this class and learn the secrets of drawing a male manga sash on a misfiled portrait. I'll see you soon in the lessons. 2. Tools: Hello, everyone and welcome to my class. So in this lesson, are we showing you what tools are using during these lessons, or let's go ahead and start. So the first told that I would be using you, say red colored pencils. It's always better for me discussed with something lighter, like a red color when I want to be with a darker color talk now it's always good to have a razor with you. Secondly, a sharpener. Thirdly, he sees the pen I would be using for thinking this is a zebra brush. Ben and I haven't used these before on my skill share, however amazing. Now it's my current favorite, and for some details, I would be using a uni ball signal wipe gel. Been last. But not least, I will be using this right here. This is printer paper. If you guys have been watching my glasses before, you know that I always use paper as my base and drawing paper, and I feel like it's more affordable. You get more paper for less the prize, and you can practice as much as you want. Since you have ah lot of paper to do that with thanks you might want to have an arm's reach . He's a ruler. I don't have it here with me because I'm not gonna use it myself. But if you're not, if you don't have a stable hand where you can do straight lines, it's always good to have a ruler somewhere close to you. If you're using any other medium to draw on, whether you're drying digitally or if you're using other, like the tools, that's completely fine. These are specifically what I used, but it isn't something that you must have. You can use whatever you have lying around, so that's completely fine. Now that we have all the tools out of the way, let's go ahead and learn how to draw. Anonima Boy, I'll see you in the next class. 3. Male Portrait Anatomy : Welcome back, everybody. So in this lesson, we will be going through how to draw the portrait anatomy for males. This times, if you guys have watched my other class where I thought you how to draw a female torso, you will realize that these steps are pretty familiar. However, there gonna be a couple things that were going to be drawing a tad bit different. But I will talk about those a little later. So let's go ahead and start with the most basic of the basic A circle, as you can see on pressing very lightly with my pen. And the reason for that is so that we can erase it easier later. So if I pressed you hard, the sketch light would not erase very well. So that's why I'm using very light strokes. Then we're gonna be drawing a line that goes across that the circle. This is where if you don't have a stable hand or you know that you don't know how to draw lines very well, you're getting used a ruler to help you out. However, I feel like I have a staple hat, so I'm just gonna wing it and go ahead and draw a line that goes across like that. The line is going right there across the circle in the middle of the circle, so it's not going from the side is not wonky. It goes straight in the middle off the circle about now. The difference between males and females in this stage is that usually when I sketch females, I've rather's orbit shorter. And so when we connect these lines right here, it comes off a skewed, er, more feminine. But now that we're drawing a guy, I like to draw the guy more masculine and for the masculinity to pop out in anonymous style or manga style. They have usually more elongated faces and are more prominent jaw. That's the difference between males in anima and females in running. So that's why I made this line a tad bit longer than if I were to draw a female. We're gonna go ahead and go from the side of the face and curve it in. You're gonna curve it like that, and I'm just gonna stop right there. As you can see here. I didn't collect these lies just yet because, like I said, we wanted to be more masculine, and there needs to be more of a chin for that masculinity to show in specifically this art style. So let's leave it at that. Go to the side of the face here, do the exact same thing like that. And here we're going to be drawing a line that goes from this the end of this line here to the end of this life. So, like that you don't want this side or this side to be too curvy, because if it's too curvy, it's more feminine. So that's why I'm trying to avoid that. From there you go. Now that we have this base done, let's draw in the neck. And usually when you're drawing males in anima style or among of style, they have more thicker necks. Then girls have So we're just gonna try like that and like that, we're just gonna end it there. Now that we have that settled, we're gonna have to figure out where we're going to place the ears. And for that we're gonna have to draw guidelines. You see where this curve here is? We're gonna be dry online that goes across like that from here like that again if you need a ruler. Definitely used one. But I'm just going to sketch it out like that that we're gonna go up here where that lines connect here. We're gonna be trying lies like that. No. You see this space that is here, That is where we're gonna be placing the ears. So let's do just that. And we're just gonna curve it in again, curve it in like that. That is where we're gonna be placing the ears. I'm just gonna add a beat off detail here, and I'm gonna go and curb this line like that and then do a little bit of a thing like that . Good. Curve this line like that, then, like left now it looks like ears. Now that we have the portrait anatomy ready, we're gonna be drawing the face in the next lesson. A soap. I will see you there. 4. Male Face: Eyes, Nose & Mouth: Welcome back, guys. So in this lesson, I will be showing you how to draw the eyes, nose and mouth and where to place them. We already have figured out where the years are gonna be. And a good role in drawing on Imus style and invite in general is that the eyes are usually in line with where your ears are. You can look at yourself in the mirror, and usually you will see that your eyes and your ears are pretty parallel to each other. We're going to be drawing the eyes in these boxes that we already have established right here. For that, though, it's good toe, always kind of sketch it out first. Before you jump in and draw the ice, we're gonna be drawing ovals, and those ovals will be showing us where the eyes should be. And that shows us if they're in the right spot. So let's go ahead and do that. I'm just gonna go in draw on mobile right there. Then I'm gonna go to the sick other side and sketch out on old wall. Us will like that. It looks a bit awkward and I feel like this over lists in a different spot on the online, so I'm gonna try and match them out. I know that we have that settled. I'm gonna go and sketch off the eyes themselves, but that these ovals are good guidelines were going to go into the top of the over and we're going to be flying in line that goes like that. We're gonna be trying a straight line. The girls like that. Let's do the same on the other side. A line like that in a straight line that goals like that going to make them nice and thick . Then we're gonna go onto the bottom off the oval and draw a line like that. And then we're gonna be drawing a line that goes like that, and then we're gonna curve it a tad bid on the end right there. Let's do the same here. Line like that and curb it a tad bit now, since this is Aunt Honey, my boy, we want to keep it pretty, masculine and not add too many eyelashes or anything like that. Let's go ahead and draw the eye folds. So I'm going to draw a knife old right there and then draw another line that goes with that . I'm gonna draw a line like that in another line like that. Then I'm gonna be drawing circles inside their lives. We have already established, like so I want them to be pretty thick. I like to add a couple eyelashes on the bottom line right here. So I'm just gonna add one, 23 and to not too long. Just a little bit. That's just something I like to do myself. Secondly, I'm just gonna add their put pure pills, and I'm gonna color it in, like, still like that. Just follow along on what I'm doing and try replicated. I feel like explaining it always doesn't convey the message I want to give. There you go. And then I'm gonna draw this line about a bit sicker like that. Then I'm going to make the upper eyelid more thicker like that. Okay. They were gonna be pleasing their nose, and we're gonna be placing the knows about here, so the nose would be somewhere here. I'm gonna be trying a little bit of up circle and then under un decides love to circle. I'm going to be drawing a little curve like that in another curve like that, that is where the nose will be. Secondly, we want to place the eyebrows. Now, the eyebrows. We're just gonna go here and dr like that. And then here, we're just gonna be drawing it in like that. I'm gonna make them thicker, then a little line that goes from there that you guess either big bushy. But on this lead, that's more masculine. So it's fine that we're gonna go. This line right here in indicates where the nose starts. So it's good to have it there. Just us. Ah, guideline for yourself. And also, add a bit more detail. You don't have to do it on both sides. Sometimes he might look a bit awkward to have it on both sides, so I just put it in either or side. They don't know we're gonna be drawing their mouth. And this part really depends on your style or your preference. Some people like very fluctuates. Nice juicy lips in there, guys. Some people draw a line and call liquids. I'm gonna do half, so we're gonna be drying the mouth. I'm just gonna do right right here, so a little bit underneath the nose about there. I didn't do that. And I'm gonna be drawing. It's pretty naturally like that. And I'm gonna be putting ah, bottom lip. So it's like half. If you add on upper lip, it's gonna look more like big. And if you add a lower lip, it's like, Oh, well, he has lives. Eso This is what I do. OK, now that we have added the face nicely, let's go to the next less end where I'm going to show you how to drop hair for this guy and then in good after that. So I'll see you there, guys. 5. Hair: Welcome back, guys. So in this lesson, I will be showing you how to draw hair on this guy and some tips on how I do it. So let's go ahead and start. So I'm going to be starting right here, and I'm gonna be drawing lines like that. And, as you can see there, abate curvy. I'm just doing strokes like that that go like that, strokes that go to different directions. Then, as you know, the hair is gonna be going on top of the skull. So I'm gonna be doing like that like that, and then I'm gonna be trying strokes here and then on the side of the head like that, we're gonna be framing it and then on top of the head, we're going to be trying Life's like that again like that, going into different directions, like so. And as you can see, these like strokes that I'm doing are going in pretty much old directions. And the most important part in this specific stage is to be in loose with your wrist. If you just draw lines, it's going to be a bit stiff and it doesn't look like hair. It doesn't flow so be very loose with your wrist and literally just just go go like that. Like that. Like that. Like that. And as you can see, the school initially ended here, but the hair is sitting on top of it. Mistakes that beginner artist usually make is that they start their hair off right where the skull is, and then it just looks a bit odd. So that's why it's important to have some volume. And that's why we started off like that. And then here were just framing the face like that, and I'm just gonna let it be like that. Then I'm gonna go here and I'm just gonna draw him some here in the back of his head like that. And there you go. And really, if I were to give tips on hair specifically is to have lose wrist. When you drink drying your strokes on your hair, it's important to have a light strokes. Just let your wrist guide you and go into different directions like that, and then like that, and then like that and doesn't let your Reese do the work. Don't be too stiff with your hands, and it just let it just go with the flow and just remember where the skull is. If this is the skull and this is the face, it was gonna quickly do it like that. Just follow the guidelines you already have and just go with that and just frame the strokes with whatever guidelines you already have And that will take you a long way. So that's something that you should remember now that we have our honeymoon boy hair done, That was pretty quick. I'm just gonna go ahead and think everything. 6. Inking Observation: Hello, everyone and welcome. So I went ahead and clean up. This gets a bit and now I will go ahead and ink. So let's start as I told you before, be very free with your lines and follow the blueprint. You're really set out. You don't have to completely like, do it exactly how it is. But you can just follow it loosely and just trust your lines and go with the flow. - Thank you for watching guys and I'll see you in the final thoughts. 7. Final thoughts : Welcome back, everyone. And thank you so much for taking this class. I really hope you learn something from this. I tried to explain everything as much as I can, but really, the best way to learn from this class is to look what I'm doing in front replicated so really, actions speak louder than words, especially since English is in one of my strongest points. So really, you just have to look at what I'm doing and try and draw that over yourself. A couple of things that I would keep in mind when you want to draw on animate boy, is that remember that gene is more prominent, um, faces attacked longer. Remember that that eyes shouldn't be too flashy. Also, you can be a big moral, I think with the eyebrows. I hope you learned something from this class. I really want to see all of you guys sketches in the project gallery. So please go ahead and share your sketchy the project calorie so that I can see it and comment on it. I usually comment on every single project that is posted. So I really give you feedback on what I think you can improve on or what I think about this getting general. So please share it with me. Thank you so much for watching again. And if you're interested in seeing more my classes, go ahead and follow me here. Skill share. Second, you have to other classes where I teach you how to draw a female animal portrait and how to draw female anatomy. So if you guys are interested in those, feel free to check them up a swell and honestly keep running. Keep doing. You and I really can't wait to see more grinds from you guys. If you want to follow me on my social media, leave them also here somewhere. So I'm coming on YouTube and let me know on interest around. So if you found there for more updates Thank you so much for thinking this class, everybody. And I really hope to see you other classes as well. And I can't wait to see you guys. Just get it. So police police, for the love of God serious gets us with me the Project gallery, so I can see the amazing drawings you guys draw from these classes above. I guys