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How To Draw Cartoon Dog Pet Portrait

teacher avatar Ecky O, Need help? Drop me a message :)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Warm Up


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    • 4.

      Dog 1 Thumbnail


    • 5.

      Dog 1 Sketch


    • 6.

      Dog 1 Color


    • 7.

      Dog 2 Thumbnail


    • 8.

      Dog 2 Sketch


    • 9.

      Dog 2 Color


    • 10.

      Dog 3 Thumbnail


    • 11.

      Dog 3 Sketch


    • 12.

      Dog 3 Color


    • 13.

      Dog 4 Thumbnail


    • 14.

      Dog 4 Sketch


    • 15.

      Dog 4 Color


    • 16.

      Dog 5 Thumbnail


    • 17.

      Dog 5 Sketch


    • 18.

      Dog 5 Color


    • 19.

      Dog 6 Thumbnail


    • 20.

      Dog 6 Sketch


    • 21.

      Dog 6 Color


    • 22.

      Frame Line Art


    • 23.

      Frame Color


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About This Class

Discover how to draw funny cartoon dog portrait in an instant!

This is a perfect drawing course for portrait gift, for your loved ones who have dog as a pet and including to open a pet portrait drawing service!

Hi, I’m Eckyo. I've been in Illustration Industry since 2002. 

And teaching is my passion, I share techniques about how I create my Illustrations since 2006. 

In this course, I share about how I draw funny cartoon dog as pet portrait.



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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ecky O

Need help? Drop me a message :)


Hello, I'm Ecky O.

I've been already in Illustration Industry since 2002. I am starting to work as a freelancer.

In 2006, I gathered a team and started working on children illustration for the book industry. Seven years later, January 2013, I started another team specialized in mobile game illustration. Even though I am working with two different teams, every one of them are on the same base, illustration and design Industry.

My teaching skill is forged by becoming a lecturer in Visual Communication Design Ciputra University since 2006 until 2021. Basic drawing, Illustration and Comic are my subjects in the class.

For more than a decade, I put my effort in this Industry and been living from it. This Industry become more greater as the time... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, Elise. Course you're going to learn about how to create a door portrait in a funny curtain style. I believe that you already heard about the saying it smells best friends. So there is an opportunity up there for you who want to have scale to draw a unit perpetrate different than others. So with this skill, you can open a drawing service in the specific topic, or you just love to draw dogs for trade. This course will be perfect. Indian. Off the scores will no other process off how I draw a dark and funny cutting star. You have to do it step by step. It will be very clear and easy to follow. I'm thank you for drawing since 2000 and six doing Michael's now and let's have some fun to you there. 2. Warm Up: guys he's ever spoken. It's one opposition for doing the main course. I recommend you to do the same in Troy War War opposition is a about playing with lines and dots. Goal is to make a figure, strips waste more flexible and relax. So to give you more throw critical eyes and thoughts because your muscles already get used to. All right. Like I said earlier, I fight the world station into two sections. Might want to bring up a video file that I already provide, or just some boxes like this manually on paper, Muslim is creating lines. There are four types off lines for us. Way are going to draw the horizontal lines in an empty parts. This okay, just fill in the boats. We've put us on the lines. Left side of rice. If you are having trouble to create the state lines, it's OK. Don't raise the line. Just second stuff is to draw vertical lines. Glass on people's from the outside through the bottom side. Okay, try to give some space between lights and try to maintain the space. Always in the same line. Okay, If you felt so, I prefer you let your hand move more realize that is spreading. Coughlin's way started by drawing small cough lines on the left corner like this Dr from the top side, through the left side. Get but will be good for flying is like this step until the books are filled with lights. - Okay , nice less One from the line One is throwing a spiral from the center and doing it to the outside. But don't do it outside of the box. Don't worry about the risk. If you feel that your lines are not great, just get going every off. This has the same problem at the start, but they just next one obsession is creating that way. Are going to draw small dogs than bigger nuts. Android. Smaller again. Use the line to maintain your position. Okay, let's stop. Islam is also to train hours about sizes. Okay, rich the middle off your life. Let's throw the thoughts getting smaller. Always remember, Let your hands legs. Don't hold the pencil. Having fun with it, even if the ones or the dots that you draw, I'm not satisfying. You just keep practicing every day I look right. Don't say that to me. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to help you to you in the next video 3. Paper: Hi guys. I'm going to show you how to set up the paperwork. According good frame we are going to use. For example, we are going to use a 17 times 22 7 ever free, and the inner size off the frame is 12 times 17 centimeters. If you are using me to those girls, paper you need to create is a 13 time 18 centimeters. 300 TV. It's a bit bigger than the inner size, I'm afraid, but you're drawing area is to send with inner size of a friend, which is Carl's time. 17. Sentimental If you are using traditional tools, such as colored pencils or markers, the paper you need to use is a drawing paper and cut the paper toe 13 times 18 centimeter as the final size, the same size as the digital work, the royal area is consumed with the inner size of frame, which is 12 times 17 centimeter. To highlight this, listen, acknowledge the inner size on the frig and expel it around one sentimental for a wig and hard as your final paperwork. But be mindful that you're growing area is not accept the inner size off. Afraid. Let me know if you have any questions, guys. See you on the next listen 4. Dog 1 Thumbnail: I indecision. I'm going to create the thumbnail for the first time A golden retriever. Look at the photo under life. My God, there are lots off year. Your are everywhere. I'm confused. Where to start. I know it seems complicated and there's a lot needs to be drawn. But remember this. We want to create a fun captain Peple trade not a realistic photo one. So there will be a lot of details to be ignored. Let me show you what to the first step one. You must have been very attention to the basic set off. Doves happen and get symbolized. Shifted up sand like shoes. Something to help off the dog's head and want to you together, son. Now the horses, the line as the marker off most level. And if I took a line to defy the doves half in the middle 40 years Great way. Have a normal dogs have basic shape What we need to do. Next year's step to transform this normal ship to Captain Basic ship. Make it a letter on the top part off the back like the overall a bit wider. Last story most bigger and the original. I want to make a fund raiser. Eyes moronic, precise. The captain look no part like in the photo. You can see it guarantee. So I draw it too. But in its on beer and blondes ship, honey. Okay, drop top. I draw bigger at about closing the mouth by Roy. Please sign areas of the month unless no devils almost full but must bear a little area for the white color of the eyes. No, there are no white areas in the eyes, but I want Chief Carton love for to summarize the station one yet the normal position of the notes to segregated by make its own health part off adults had a bit flat and my overall half a bit wider. Three. Lady, this ice off the boat eyes are most for my or something unique. Chief cuts on Look, many cereals. You will have a fine Carter portrayed. If you have any question about this process, freaks like me and sit your questions. Let's rolled in the next video 5. Dog 1 Sketch: this time I will continue to draw the schedule from previous video. Let me make it a transfer so you can see the lines more political later since go there a difference for on hats are shop. I drove small lines to stop the skin. Thats more lines are mentors showed audience has combined the shut lines with longer lines to ship the dog's head. There are no specific rules where to put these types of. Just try to make it a balance between left side with the right side. Let's continue to draw the years in a sense principle off the line for the most. Power it with the same color with the line, but spare a area white color around the top area bottom area. Make no white space at the bottom area of Tina, then the top area guys. Balls skip small area from the for the white area. I don't know. Fans just follow the tunnel and for the left and right sides off, we live with lines color and spare a small area for and put some details for the face, all in sharp lines within the ice in the north for the line on face off dog food at some details on the years nuts under the notes and mark far on the neck area. Nice summarized this laser. One signal it's the for is short or long on the two combined shut lines and long lines to shepherd dogs. Treat full details on the face of those with short lines. Just do it as long as it made it. Don't do it much right. If you have any questions for decision, it's contact me, and I'll be glad to help you that's rolled in the next video. 6. Dog 1 Color: Hello. In this video, I'll show you how I color the dog. First, you must observe Dogster color. In this case, the mental er is like bro. So what must we do is to break down at the color that needed for our daughter. For you can see it tough to colors. It's for the normal for color and doctor for on a teller is for normal color. Off the top for dollar is for the darker color of the top. Less cover. It's for the inner part. I also provide the court number for each cover you work using Digital two for the show. Okay, let's start from before area. You see the first color trying not to offer lefty heist in every area. That is not for Be careful when you color get areas. Okay, let's continue using the second house off, surfed before where the darker areas under for you can see around our doctor. So let's tell her dog or all the ice on the forehead. Also tar. We're on the month and under the nose some part of the years, nearly half also darker, and then the name to some details like that's our own head years, another nose around the eyes. These thoughts will give effect that they have this coffer in. Now let's cut the top off. Surf the photo again to see where the doctor area off the top and color. - Okay . Colored inner part of the mouth. All right, let's finish this piece with a final touch. Give the high life to the dog. What? Thoughts on the eyeballs. And draw the highlight again on the top phone. We have conflict. Funny. Face off a golden retriever with some resting place. First, acknowledge what colors you are going to use for the dog, Mom and the color and then Colorado as neat as possible. Harding. Beautiful little economic color. Charissis. Darker color. Last part. Don't forget toe highlight. At least for the eyeballs. Get more life with the simple. All right, there is a pdf file for you to do the practice about headship toe. Cut them and we drove until it sees this. Let me know if you have any questions about this coloring process. Okay? I strolled in the next video 7. Dog 2 Thumbnail: I'll less continued to learn that the face type off the dog. We have a Jack Russell terrier here. It looks calm, but our job here is the Meggett look funny and fun. So let's start with creating the basic shape off. Dull allies for the headship don't have to be precisely the same. Try to make the lines as simple as possible. Draw the vertical line. You need to defy the doves had in the Middle South on its forehead, to the nose. Draw the horse on the line in the golden ready first video. The horse on the line is for the marker often knows. But in this video, the horse on the line is the marker 40 eyes. You can just yours in the line for the ice marker or knows marker. It's all have the same goal. So it doesn't matter which slides. Marco, you choose years. Okay, A normal visit Ship head is done. Our job here is the make up face looks funny. So we need to create the cutting basic ship like before, making a tractor on top and make the overall hat a bit wider. Suddenly, the left side of the head continue to derive. Sign. As you can see, we have further and wider hat here. Les at the Fed's Collide and the horse. And for now, Bonanno's tech them knows position from the photo location is a bit wondered. Horizontal line. Okay, eyes bank them all round it. So we have a cuts and look on the dark. I know it whiter than the photo to make. It looks funny. Hey, boss, almost full, but spare a little area for the white part. Highs 30 years Vic on And then they just the simple lines for the final talks. I at line for a bottom part off the month. Nice Leslie. Most medical and horrors of the line. Perfect. Okay, this is to help time now for Jack Russell. It's very different from the golden Ready for right. Let's summarize this. Listen first, I make the curtain basic head from the normal basic head off talk. It doesn't matter what Brit of dog steps are always normal. Second, it doesn't matter which personal lives you are going to use for the ice marker off Banos Market. It's all good last. You can x, a great some part of that have been determined to make it look fun. In this case, just Monk make it wider. So it looks for cattle and fund. That's it. Let's roll the nice video. 8. Dog 2 Sketch: Hello. I'm going to show you the scats process. As you can see, we have a very nice time. They'll hear this. Jack Russell terrier has a very shocked for so to make it look have a shot for I make small dots on the dogs. Cats line thesis dogs are opposed to it. We don't need to draw it all over. It's life. Just some part of it to create an initiative that this dog has shocked for. Might number line following Tom now and make some dogs to emphasize this shot for Lucia. Repeat the steps until you have conflicts. Cats from the cat. Maybe you have a question about how many dots you need to create versus the normal ones. Well, just don't make the dots too much normalized more than the ducts. Also, my attention to the dots placement. Try to make it a bit balance between the left side and right side off the dog's head. Curry years. I don't draw the dots on the ears, but you can add it if you like. Just make sure don't throw the ducks too much. No, they make. I don't That's again on name because I wanted for illusion. More clear on this part. OK, but some short lines 40 years just elect the sense of the dick and details for years. Let's start the nose. But you with Mark. I'm just falling. Come now. 40 years, maybe eyeballs. Formal school. Just let some small What variable? It's guys. What? Let me move. Tom here. Okay. Very nice to summarize, Sison. You can draw south thoughts to make illusions about short for make sure you draw the dots area. Last band, the normal ones try to make it a balance between the left side and the right side after, but that's it. Let me know if you have any questions. See you on the next video. 9. Dog 2 Color: all right. It's coloring time. First, I will show you what color that I'm going to use. I have two colors. First, prom is for the basic brown color off the top. The second round is for its cereal. On the 3rd 1 Is Florida State apart off the white area. I always planning colors that I'm going to use unities even if you draw using original tools. Okay, lets start. Use the basic run. First, make sure you left with white area s it is, or a nose. I'm using the lines color and left the top and bottom area from the dark brown color. How? Seattle color. The second round thought we need news. I want to rent a deep off the And though some middle size starts, you seeing the same power to create some details on the drawing step for the right here. Continue with the eyes area. Throw some details on the cheek to and the thumb off its head. Let's render the shit apart from the white area. Suddenly notes and more area. Good night. Okay. I'm heading the thoughts also on the top of its head and on up off its nose starts is toe acolyte on eyeballs. You see, like hollow. All right, love it. Let's remove the card charge and some rest. This lesson. Always planning about the color course before you color job. Small lots can use 40 years to in coloring process. All right, I also provided a video file for you to do the practice. Just let me know if you have any question about this covering process. 10. Dog 3 Thumbnail: it is. Listen, I'm going to show you how to throw a We know his name. This'll little kid. Angel has a different structure than most other. Okay, Black Other dogs that suffered head shippers cut off the head part is smaller than the bottom part. Drawn the fed little line right in the middle. Personal life market eyes and most area And here's all right. Let's do the game. This time I voted headship a bit wider. Grow to Frederick Ally and draw a little upward with Horace of the line. No tunnels in the crossing area. Ice Carl with knows Jodi Eyeballs. It's a bit tricky. Cost. There is more picture start from the nose and around that area. Grow the same for the other side. No, not a big car flying about funding us again and her chin area to You can see there are wrinkles on the forehead. So just to curb lines on the forehead years and solar park nearing the horse in the right time, I was done summarizes. Listen, always faII venture through the physical characteristics of the most part. It will make everything as simple as possible, but still maintain her. Okay, well interests me. If you have any question, let's go to the next life 11. Dog 3 Sketch: Hi. Let's go to you. Endure the skies for our pop and let's not stuff like this shoved work. Make sure that these thoughts are many estar maligns and also sure that this does basement are leads with left side right side. Let's continue the northern years. I also put some notes on it. Shoulder Okay for the face, I stop it most with just under four head. Well, all you see normalize way Don't small dots, big gust lines and the ice or the eyeballs. I decided to make it bigger. I want to make it more. All right, let's get this done. Do some rights. This lesson always remember, Just throw the dots on the cap lines on the inner peace area. I don't know if you have any question and see you on the next video. 12. Dog 3 Color: it's coloring time. Let's make our park cuter by coloring first, analysed after color that we are going to use. So there are two columns I decide teams great and like Great, Great. For years. I know there are, You know, years have black, but I used upgrade to make it more fund awards. I don't want to make it look serious. Okay, I'm great for cereal area for face. Let's start with Cito Forehead north and the ice area that grow some details on the area. Popular eyes and the forehead. I want you to check area worksite, left and right side. Let's throw some darts on the top half starts for emphasized a few civilization for the short for notice it on the bar area. Those area area did they and also on the chin area make more guts on it from you in that area. Some notes again under 30 years with that great used to send out the color around ice area, and then the more area like use like great color. It's a highlight. Hundreds and a top part and the bottom part put some light grey dots under the nose. Go to color top off years using light, great talent at some dots on it. Right, Colin. Processes done. Public's cuter. Now, some restless listen always analyzed the color first, and it doesn't have to go with lots of color. In this case, I'm just using colors for the party. It always depends on the original photo. And I always prefer stuff and passing cars for my door. Okay, this one also has a practice video file for you. Don't look, if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. I'll be happy to help. Okay. See you on the next video. 13. Dog 4 Thumbnail : Hi. In this video we'll show you how I drove Tom Nail for a long and curly for dog. Let's go to Step one. Attention to the Dogs Foot Way Need to draw the basic shift first, according to the ducks, had shape like peace. Just ignored a curly for no. Okay, next step is exaggeration. Make the basic headship looks more fun. In this case, I enrolled in a top hat but slimmer and the bottom hard, wider. That stuff golden left side first on the right side. Let's start a last year, right? You have draw a horizontal line or at a vertical. I help us throat official and tell me right in the middle. Daughter knows in cross section I on the right under the last goat eyeballs. Almost. Okay, great deal is done. Who summarized this lesson in this space? Just normal Love and early firm just focus on the basic ship off dogs like before Golden Xa gration Make the Dogs loves more cartoony and realistic right? Let's talk details in the next video 14. Dog 4 Sketch: OK in this video. Let's start the details for this. Stop. This is the time. Now let me make it a bit transparent. Okay, throat in those first leave to what area? And a top and bottom for ice balls. Now let's focus drop love and courage for how we use shock kerf lines to draw dogs. For this time stop formed a muzzle area near laughed like this so I didn't control the balance off overall shape off the muzzles for been left side on the right side, under her nose, close to get under muscle. OK, continue to draw the for between the eyes under the nose. No, let's start a big and take Rose from you right side, Some details near the eyes. You don't for a top hat but part off tills on right here. One year the sketch is done to summarize this lesson for long, and curly hair can only use to cover lines to ship dogs, for you can be sure are long depending on the job you want to drop. All right, let's go to the next step coloring the top 15. Dog 4 Color : As you can see, the dog has some colors on the far. Let's on the life and prepare the colors for the dog. I divided the dog into six colors. First of four colors are for the for 1st 1 is for the second dollars highlight, and the colors buckle. The second color is for the gray area. Took color is for the prone area. Four color is for the darkest area. Fifth color is for the tongue, and the last color is for the color. Let's start using the second color. Fill in tow. Older ducks for used it, the other. Then use it for the ice area muscle years tonight. - Okay , let's tell her the dark area you see the fourth color Something in the ice period. - 100 nose years must area and winning. - Let's make the eyes and the nose darker. Anything that color also at the mouth area. All right, let's highlight you seeing the first color with the eyebrows. Maria. Top of the head around the muzzle broth, 100 miles. In the years, let's use the fifth color for the town in the six color. For the color, use the first color for debacle. And what color for highlight off the ice he knows. And the buckle. Okay, I'm going to use back collar again. Besides the for, especially on the dark Maria Black on the till, tick near two years, - muscle under nose and nearly all right. It's all done who summarized this lesson? Just the colors first. Before you do the coloring process, you can use the wrong color shape to create the curly for on your droid. Also, pay attention to where the cars are. Your book has more than one color. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to help you. 16. Dog 5 Thumbnail: In this video, I will draw the thumbnail for adopt width, a long neck and ears. Let's start coding the dog's head shape and the ears. The basic shape is like this. The next step is to draw the curtain had shaped top hat part slimmer. The bottom part, horizontal line, the eyes. Optical light. Dad, left ear. Sorry, I totally make this ship on the photo. Go to the long-neck, the shoulder. Okay, great. The thumbnail, it's done. Let's draw the sketch details in the next video. 17. Dog 5 Sketch: Okay, let us draw the details further though. I have made the thumbnail a bit. That's fair. You get erased the thumbnail a bit. If you are using pencil and paper. Head shape with short lines like this. My step under myself area, the area the eyeballs in, it knows. Now, let us draw the long ears. Last one using the combination of short lines and make it a bit curvy. The same for the right ear. Let's draw some details on the BRC. Continue to the light. Got a color first at the bottom part of the name. Continue the drug name. Shoulder with sharp lines combination. Again. Let's add some details on the muscle, a real area. All right, let's go to the next step and coloring. 18. Dog 5 Color: There are four colors that I will use on the stone. The first one is for the muscle area and that color area. The second color is for the base color on the top. The pump color is for the shadow area. Dollar is the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. Let's start using the first color. I already know hustle tip and the mouth. The second color, and use it for all the data is fair. Let's color a shadow area using the tough color. Stop with the ice. Near the gears area. The muscle area, more on the eyes. Continue to the left ear. Derived ear. Under neck area. The shoulder area used unless color for the eyes. A small circle. It's eye. This is for the highlight on the nose. I already highlighted area first by this dollar device. The modern area to like the photo. Nice, orderly does under color. Maggots involved just draw some boxes using the first color, black. This is all done. Looks finding in this garden style. I hope you enjoy this time. See you in the next lesson. 19. Dog 6 Thumbnail: Okay, this session, I will show you how I draw the Tamil for a spot at the top. Let's stop. This is the basic shape according to the fall. And we need to draw the basic shape of the dog's head in a carton, fair share of stock at par, slimmer. Let's start on the left side first. And the right side. The job part is on the line for the eyes placement of the line, burden, nose and mouth. Let's draw the left ear. The right ear. Last name. Very nice. Stan. This session we only focus on the basic shape of the dog. Let's draw the details in the next video. 20. Dog 6 Sketch: In this session, I will draw the details for this bottleneck, make the thumbnail a bit transparent. If you use a pencil, you can erase a little bit. If you use digital drawing software, you can set the transparency of two per cent. Okay? Notice sharp for on top of the head. The combination between dots and sharp lines for the size of the head. I tried to follow the original contour after dark in the photo. Spark. This area, this a bit in and come out again, phone the mouth, the chin. Go their left ear, and dry eyes on the horizontal line. Girls, I'm also calling for each. I asked the highlights. Good luck on the rest. Lift the white area at the top for the highlights. The mouth. Now, let's focus on the color based on photo. But it doesn't have to be a lot of details. Keep it simple. It's been cut and style. A affair underneath. The sketch is done. Let's go to the next step. Coloring the duck. 21. Dog 6 Color: The uniqueness of this stuff is the spot of colors on the firm that's analyze and fit better colors. I have three colors here. Let's color this bond is yet a part of the white for the second color is for this product, for the top color is for the color. Let's start with the first color. Analyze the photo to see where all the shadow paths are. Sadly, the forehead checkbox. It's almost four on the right side. My left. Your right ear, and the neck area. Great. Now, let's use the second color for the spot of the left. The photo for our friends. You don't have to draw this product exactly the same as in the photo. Your idea? They just do decision what area at the time. Okay, Let's kept three dots on the muscle here to draw the Spotfire on the neck area. A spot color and the color. Right? It's all done. We have our spotted dog in a carton style. I help you into it and see you in another lesson. 22. Frame Line Art: Alright, guys, in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to create offense. A crime like this, I will create a friend around the top. First, you have to create a very soft in line like this. Sure, the cuff size is not too far or near to the door. Just enough space to draw the pour pattern. Okay, let's total marks for name take. It's precisely under the dog. Make sure life is enough to write down the name Golden and check in the bullshit. Pay attention to the ship. It's in the horizontal orientation. Suddenly, the top part first continue with the bottom part. Next is to draw the whole pattern. Let me show you how to draw the basic composition. Drawing of trying, though it's for the center part off the pole like this. That's why Paul Corner, a bit funded. Let's tow lines for the fingers. Throw around here. Yeah, here and here. OK, we have a basic conversation in front of Paul. Let's draw the center park. Make sure it's corner around them. No, the fingers in awful shape. All right, that's how we throw the pole. You can skip the physical position. Park when you get used to draw it. Okay, let's get back to our dog. I use the kerf line as the guy for throwing the whole pattern. Start to do it on the dawn. Left park. Don't matter. One under, right Next ball is a bit smaller and always told him in pair. Last and right. Remember, Paul's are getting smaller to the top. - Okay , nice. Let's some arrest This lesson always told the kerf lines as the guide for the pattern. Sure, and that is in the center position under the dog. You can just better with anything else. Maybe something that terrible for the dog, for example. Ah, ball display and have fun with it to you in the next video. 23. Frame Color: in this lesson, I'm going to color afraid, you know, on cars and colors in general. This diagram show you warm colors and cool colors. One colors are often said to be used from yellow, Broad 10 and some greens. Cars are often said to be used from blue, blue, green, purple on most grace included in this trade and going to use from colors. Mostly so. These are the cars, I think. For a friend you can rent for cars that you are going to use by doing some color combination to see its fits to your dogs. Car reddest color is for the ninth time you are creating destroying your seminal tools. Make sure that you have a white in color panic to write down. The names are. If you only have black in color, you can check the greatest color with light brown color. So the naval standoff yes, the second color for the first poll. Under simpler for Paul underwrite, give Paul's and cover the LegCo with the same color. Multiple under right. I skipped out of Paul. Do it again until you reach to the top off friend. Okay, let's use the took color for the second fall at the bottom Left Carbon Paul under right Skip Falls. Do it until you reach the top part off frame again. All right, color. Other falls. You seem less color. Very good. Heading the name I name it My love. I like it. Let's see how it looks with our get Russell. Yeah, it fits perfectly. How about I think all colors, the world's better. Let's use cars this life. I pick some colors. Let's do it again like before and see how it would look. All right. I love it. So to summarize. Discolored present use one cars or cool colors. Met up with your droid. You can play with the color combination to create your muscle piece. You can know. Not a practice video filed size. Doing a prayer. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to help you