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How To Draw Cute And Kawaii Cartoon Cat

teacher avatar Ecky O, Need help? Drop me a message :)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Cat 1 Sketch


    • 3.

      Cat 1 Color


    • 4.

      Cat 2 Sketch


    • 5.

      Cat 2 Color


    • 6.

      Cat 3 Sketch


    • 7.

      Cat 3 Color


    • 8.

      Cat 4 Sketch


    • 9.

      Cat 4 Color


    • 10.

      Cat 5 Sketch


    • 11.

      Cat 5 Color


    • 12.

      Cat 6 Sketch


    • 13.

      Cat 6 Color


    • 14.

      Cat 7 Sketch


    • 15.

      Cat 7 Color


    • 16.

      Cat 8 Sketch


    • 17.

      Cat 8 Color


    • 18.

      Cat 9 Sketch


    • 19.

      Cat 9 Color


    • 20.

      Cat 10 Sketch


    • 21.

      Cat 10 Color


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About This Class


This drawing course is a perfect for you who want to learn and create cute drawings.

In this course you will find 8 different cute and kawaii cats with their unique pose.

I will show you how I draw each of them and what colors I am going to use.

The steps are easy and very clear to follow because this course is beginner friendly.



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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ecky O

Need help? Drop me a message :)


Hello, I'm Ecky O.

I've been already in Illustration Industry since 2002. I am starting to work as a freelancer.

In 2006, I gathered a team and started working on children illustration for the book industry. Seven years later, January 2013, I started another team specialized in mobile game illustration. Even though I am working with two different teams, every one of them are on the same base, illustration and design Industry.

My teaching skill is forged by becoming a lecturer in Visual Communication Design Ciputra University since 2006 until 2021. Basic drawing, Illustration and Comic are my subjects in the class.

For more than a decade, I put my effort in this Industry and been living from it. This Industry become more greater as the time... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: hell there. That is one off my favorite animals and often fascinating me with their behavior. So in this course are really broke our cats in several poses and angles to make it easy. I will show you how I drove this cats. You seem just to Ellis is help you create poses off cap. Hopefully Indian off this course, you can get more and more on cute and copycats using his metal. All right, let's dive it to you in class. 2. Cat 1 Sketch: all right, This is our 1st 10 The post is very simple. Do you think straight like this? Let's start. So we need to ellipsis the drug cap. Let's create the first ellipse or invasion is horizontal. Let's get another beliefs under the 1st 1 A bit off living like this, you can make the Tooele apps is not off slapping and you're get look taller. It's up to you, this one. Do you like whether it's taller or shorter, like mine. But off them we look okay, Let me make it a bit transparent. If you're working with pencil and the lines are to take, you can hear is the line a bit to make it. Tina. Let's throw the year stopped here. Just follow the line from the Ellipse and right here. Nice. Let's told torso stopped here. Go along with it to the bottom part off the second. Alice, Do the same for the right side. All right. The ice most in big eyes. Just a simple w later. No, no. He scores me daughter for only some under the last another like here back leg here The bottom off, the tour soup and the right place almost done. Let's throw the till from here. Nice. Remove the elites. And so this to ellipses will help us to deter mined. What is the ship and post for the cat? After you know the elections, you can doted years and finalize the tour soul toe. Clear up the ship and post. Let's color this first in the next video before we do so you can be more familiar with this metal. 3. Cat 1 Color: hi. In this lesson, I will make this get looks even cuter by putting simple colors on it. Let's go. I have two colors. 14 gets cooked color and the other for the inside part. Off the years. Let's start using the first color. Make a cuff line from here to here. Let's fill it. Okay, another here on the torso, unless one on the tail inside off the year using pink color. Very nice. Get looks cute. Or now let's throw the second post for the cap in the next video. 4. Cat 2 Sketch: Hi. This time I will grow a standing post for a camp like this Southern and Ellipse objective. Don't war to drive. And she should. Nice. Make it you English straight to draw the left leg. Right. I fully, - uh , Northern tail. Let's go to step in a night video. 5. Cat 2 Color : All right, let's put some colors on the skip. I have three colors here. First and second colors are for a coat for and being color is for inside part off the years . Let's start with the first color dro occur flying here a lot of smoke of flying here and fill it to another on the tail, even smaller this time. Nice use the second color on drove a coastline here coastline here, another coastline on the tail and the last coastline. Here you spin color drug inside part off the years. It's tough. That's right. Another post in the next video. 6. Cat 3 Sketch: Let's play a little bit in the previous lesson. The cap is just standing this time. Get. It's not only just standing, but it's running happily like this. Let's stop like before. Draw the first lives. Wait a second. Eli's is the bit to the right. Make it before I always start with the here. Off and on right here. Draw a short line here and drove a long line here on the right site. Continue the door from the shot line. Earlier. Draw the left late. Make sure it's horizontal in the same position, then drove the right late. Nice. Continue to draw the left side off the torso. Cited bag, leg at the bottom. Ah, a short coastline and let's throw the last late. Like this ally, right, Brody Ice is different expression, so the ship off the eyes are different, too, at a U letter discourse. No detail here. Nice. The cut is happy and ready to be card. Let's go to the next view 7. Cat 3 Color: Let's do another simple colors. But the result will still be maximize for the acuteness like this. Let's stop. Like I said, Way just needs to both dollars. So I only have two colors here, one for a coat and the other is for inside part off years and more with a car flying here and here. Will it with the first color. - Let's draw a long cough line from the Life Lake. Go through the left side of the body bottom part, Go up again, Dr Late and fill it again with the first color. Yeah, till let's make it off. Bring and off white for the years in the month. Very nice. It's older. Dollar are simple. Still can make killed result. Okay, let's do another post in the next video. 8. Cat 4 Sketch: Hi. Let's not a tap in a different position now. I wanted laying down on the floor like this Your first lives The second lives is smaller before don't head right. So so And in the end of it called continue from here. Grow front late. Enclose the bottom part on Drove the big play Growing ice re scores right here. Less tell So the ellipses are very useful and they help us to maintain the post. And this ship the cat. I believe you are already aware of what I'm talking about. And we still have more poses to go to make you more family er and use the creation metal. Let's continue to color. Stepped in the next video. 9. Cat 4 Color: Okay, let's have some fun with this good kept play. Coloring it. I have three colors. 1st 2 colors are for a cut for unless one is for years. Let's stop. Used to for scholar Village into all over camp. Use the second color and drove and he lives on the cat's face. Years, way and color. Old tools to you've been color for years. Nice. It's done. Let's continue to the next video and don't matter, kid, both foreign cap. 10. Cat 5 Sketch: this time the tempest in laying down. But it facing up like this Lester way like before Leicester are ellipsis is still done. Work to the right side, and the same goes with second ellipse. Nice. Make it transparent. Jodi, right here, off the head on the left. Here it's a bit different style. Look at this stuff. I will start the drug here from OK, continue to draw the head here today. Go to from like here and here. Let's close the bottom part by following the second Ellipse and drove back. Lay at the end of it. Does it back away from here? Nice. No de ice the most. That's a fish in here by adding a tongue who is cursed to. And it was Duke on this incident line. Very nice. Be careful when you drove legs. Park. Pay attention to their position and this size, let's continue to color it in the next video 11. Cat 5 Color : okay, Forest Air. I wanted to be a strike camp like this. Let's stop. We have three colors here. The 1st 1 is for the cut, for the second color is for the stripes and less. One is 40 years and the town. Let's make the line to march off the white area off the can start here. Okay, market processes stuff. Let's fill it with the first color. - Use the second color for the stripes. You need to draw them first to make sure the position and size are nice. Okay, they're nice. Let's fill them with colored now. Drone out of true stripes on the bay. Nice. Let's fill them girl. Two stripes on the tail. No, great. You speak color for the inside part off the years. Tom, it's tough. Shrive can is my favorite. Could color. I love this one so much, but this is not the end off the course. Cuter and coward Cats are incoming. Let's continue in the next video 12. Cat 6 Sketch: in business. And let's draw a legendary kept both. You will see this post often from any kept around the glue. It's sitting and do nothing while staring at you. Let's start the first day lives here, the 2nd 1 on the bottom, right? It's smaller and offer, like being with the first Phillips last year right here on stopped at the second Ellipse. Continue to draw car flying at the last site threat to the bottom. Okay, dirtbag part by falling the second Phillips and stop here go lunk of flying for till, like this Continue to formally, not firmly. - You know the shape I wish course. Wait to color this duty. Let's continue to the next video. 13. Cat 6 Color : Mm. For this little one. I wanted to have a dark coat and combining with stripes. Let's do it. So we have three colors here. 14 for one for the stripes and less 1 40 years. Animal. Let's start by using the first color. That's but what area First start from the moat, and it here do the same for Dr Site, but her flying to close it. Same with the left side. Nice. Now we can fill with first color toe, all averted. It's time. That's sort, of course, money for just strike. Another striking on the back. Another two again on the tail I used to drink. Other years, I'm thinking about a more challenging post. This is also a force that you often see from a camp. It's stretching. Folks messed of it. In the next video 14. Cat 7 Sketch : Okay, let's do stretching post this time. It will not be a conflict course without this second legendary post. Let's stop There are first Phillips here on for the second. It's a tough right side from the first way left following the second I loathe going from, I don't know and along you later, who is start? All right. Legendary poses. Let's gallery in the next video. 15. Cat 7 Color : this time I want cut for Toby, a combination off what we already did before like this, Even though we are going to make a combination for we only need three colors. First color is for the cut, for the second color is for years and stripes. Less color is for inside off the years and the mop that's start using the first color to make a mark for the white area. Start from the nice. Let's use the second color. 40 years and girl two stripes, none of stripes on the back, two until pink color. For years. I love it. Let's go for the next video for a different angle kept. 16. Cat 8 Sketch: Like I said in the previous video, the angle after kept will be different. It's from below. Let's don't, of course, of the last time. Second, it's smaller than a tilt to the left side, too. Go to left and right. Continue to draw the right side of the head and stop at second lifts left side off the head . Like this. You don't exactly from the bottom part from Lake Huron. Here, Wait, Wait 39 Of course, in the support you need to pay attention to where you draw four legs, make sure it's light. It's other left and right. Let's go to your color is one in a nice 17. Cat 8 Color: Let's carve cap from this 20. I have prepared to colors first, as always, is for the cut firm, and the second color is for the spot on the far being colored, as you already know, is for inside part of two years. Let's stop with the first color, wrote Mark. 40 white Area. Stop here and follow my life and it here and continue again from here at less mark here, Let's fill it with first color. Use the second color to the big spot here. Kerf line first, not a spot on the back on the tell to Mike Cuter. That's not a spot doc off the left eye. Nice color for years and on its that that that looks should let me know if you have any questions. Are we glad to help you? 18. Cat 9 Sketch : In this video, I will draw acidic was like this. This is a common post that we often see. Let's draw the two basic shapes. Start with an ellipse, a bit tilted to the left. The second ellipse is smaller and modern work for the left. Yes, the overlapping part here. It's already make it a bit transparent. You can erase a bit if you draw it using pencil. Draw the head shape. Left ear, right ear, the left eye. The right eye. Month in-between. Let's go the farm late. Start from here. Stop here. Go the other from late. Spark. Now know the backhaul at the bottom flap here. All the upper areas. Nice. Go to fill. Finish. Let's go over this gap in the next video. 19. Cat 9 Color : Let's put some colors on this cat. I have three colors here. The first color is for the head and body. The second color is for the face area and inner part of the ears. Taught color is 40 years and a tip of the tail. Let's start with the first color. Draw an ellipse here. Billion the outside part of the ellipse. Continue through the body. A line here and fill in this area. Use this second color if fill in the face area. Also the inner part of the ears like this. Use the less color, the fill in the ears. Tip of the tail part is the whiskers. That's lovely. I hope you enjoyed this drawing process. Remember, the more you practice, the easier and faster this whole process will be. 20. Cat 10 Sketch: This time we are going to draw a relaxing cat like this. Let's draw an ellipse. This is for the hip. Mcguire fly on drug site. 30 years. The overlapping line. Elderly stars. Even I spin the UCF laters them out. Though the tail. Erase the overlapping lines and ready to be color. 21. Cat 10 Color: Photoscan, I'm going to use only one color. It's like Brown. Stopped with the heads up GF line here. And fill it with color. Download inner part of the gears. Not a spot on the back knee. Another spot under tip after it's finished. I love how bits around just with one color. We have an attitude and how I kept here.