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How to Draw Cute Kawaii Cartoon Food and Drink

teacher avatar Ecky O, Need help? Drop me a message :)

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Donut Line


    • 3.

      Donut Color


    • 4.

      Soda Line


    • 5.

      Soda Color


    • 6.

      Pizza Line


    • 7.

      Pizza Color


    • 8.

      French Fries Line


    • 9.

      French Fries Color


    • 10.

      Burger Line


    • 11.

      Burger Color


    • 12.

      Ice Cream Line


    • 13.

      Ice Cream Color


    • 14.

      Teacup Line


    • 15.

      Teacup Color


    • 16.

      Cookie Line


    • 17.

      Cookie Color


    • 18.

      Cupcake Line


    • 19.

      Cupcake Color


    • 20.

      Popcorn Line


    • 21.

      Popcorn Color


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About This Class


This drawing course is design for you who want to learn and create cute kawaii drawings.

Very suitable for beginner!

You will find 8 cute and kawaii foods and drinks and I will show you how I draw each of them and what colors I am going to use. The steps are easy and very clear to follow because this course is beginner friendly. You will get the PDF practice sheets and do the practice :)

Invest in yourself and this is a LIFETIME SKILL! 


***English Subtitle available***

***PDF files downloadable content and JPEG version available too***

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ecky O

Need help? Drop me a message :)


Hello, I'm Ecky O.

I've been already in Illustration Industry since 2002. I am starting to work as a freelancer.

In 2006, I gathered a team and started working on children illustration for the book industry. Seven years later, January 2013, I started another team specialized in mobile game illustration. Even though I am working with two different teams, every one of them are on the same base, illustration and design Industry.

My teaching skill is forged by becoming a lecturer in Visual Communication Design Ciputra University since 2006 until 2021. Basic drawing, Illustration and Comic are my subjects in the class.

For more than a decade, I put my effort in this Industry and been living from it. This Industry become more greater as the time... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: hello and college stuff always makes us have beaches By seeing it in this course, I will show you how I drove to Stoute and Coy Foods and drinks like a stream, so that read pizza, French fries and more. It will be fairly easy and suitable for a beginner. Even you have no during skill experience to start. I'll draw it from a fair, simple line from simple ship step by step, until it forms the cute and our foods and drinks. I'm pretty sure that you can follow it, step without another. I also show you its colors that I'm going to use for its foods and drinks. You will see a call process and learn from it. Time to improve your droid skill. Let's stop. 2. Donut Line: Donut is my favorites Knight. And the shape is very simple to learn. Side they'll get to be the first thing to learn in the course. Let's go. First. Draw a circle. It is a bids for a given draw a big circle. And here's the train drawn first quarter like this. On at a quarter for the bottom. Not a quarter from the bottom to the upper right. And the last clause are the blows again that you might want to practice district several times until he satisfied with the result. We got to sort of go out. And let's draw a smaller some golf, right? In a male. I'm using the sage tapes. And this one is easier since the size is much smaller. So it does shape is done. That's at cream on some of these done. Sarcomere. And draw a wavy line to the middle part. When do you together? Ok. Alright. I love screen calls. Saw last added to our Donna. Just some small rectangles. Ear ache. And there are Republican. Say it again. Make sure it's looks nice. Oh, we need to add one more in here. Make sure it's not toledo all crowded auditorium. Just enough like this. Let's park at the ice. Does a small circle of are your left eye and a matter small circle, fog dry eye. In the minimum hop, less java smiley. All done. Super Qin Dan is here and ready to be color. Let's come to you that a nice video. 3. Donut Color: Okay, let's, I'll get that to be more lively by coloring. Let's go. I have prepare eight colors here. Waters along unsullied mileage. Let me expand the colors first. The first color is for the basic color of the diamond, is actually the other is for the Seattle park. After. Third and font colors are for the basic color of the cream and its shadow. The fifth is 40 highlight color on a cream. I want to make it a bit shiny. Less three colors are for the spring calls. I want it to look colorful. Okay, let's implement the colors. Start with the first color. Fill in the data only and don't overlap creamy part. Ok, use the second color and shadow at the bottom part of the diamond. From here. And leave just a little area near to the line like this. Also called as shadow near to the center of our. Alright. Continue for the third color. Let's keep this spring cos r, we will fill it with different color. Slater. Okay. You bought dollar order creamish shadow. Makes sure to continue from the dance shadow like this. All the way around England. Diamond. Nice. At the Chateau again. And the bottom part of the creamy and the border line width, the doughnut hole right now. And they highlight using the fifth color. This some dots on the Crimean area. Last, the screen calls stop with the red color. I skipped two rectangles and color it again using colouring. Continue with yellow color. And the less color, green is none. Let me remove the color chart. Some our data looks super cube. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. See you in the next video. 4. Soda Line: Okay, we are going to draw the basic shape is almost similar to rectangle. Let's go. Let's draw the cup first along straight line till a bit to the right. A horizontal line at the base of the covenant, and another long line at the right side. Okay, we can see the cup ship now. Let's draw a leaf. All right. And the top middle of the late, let's draw the straw. It's meant to write. Draw details under bending. Also troll. Next, I will draw some details on a cup stopped with the horizontal line. A wavy line near the top of the cup. Dirty ice. And the smiling mount. Alright, it always on a drawing is done. Let's color it on the next video. 5. Soda Color: This is also the dream. And right now, let's tolerate into this, I have six colors here. The first color is for the middle part of the cup, where the face is placed. Second color is for the first colours. Pseudo part. Tough teller is for the highlight of the first color. Default color is for the cup. The top area, and the bottom area. The fifth color is for the fault colour pseudo part. The last color is for the lid and a straw. Let's start with the first color in 130, using the second color. Highlight. Continue with the thought color. Below the cup. At the shadow with a fifth color. Make sure It's in line with the pseudo part from the meter area. Let's go related but are less color. And Astrology. Very nice. Bringing those would give color chart and this soda drain is done. You have any questions? Feel free to contact me and I'll see you on the next video. 6. Pizza Line : Right now I'm going to draw a slice of pizza. Let's go. Okay. The basic shape of a slice of pizza is like a triangle, but we will draw it upside down with the pointy part at the bottom. Sat with a long line to derive. Then draw a line at the bottom part of the drawn it and dip of pizza. Here's a tip for you. If you make the shepherd the end of it, rounded it with loop cuter, continue to draw the load line and the right side. Does that pizza with the MIT GF line. Let's draw the crust. One of the most effort pots from upbeats, alpha male, a gulf line on the left side and the right side. And again, these time, make the line a bit wavy. Let's draw pepperoni on it. Another pepperoni. Okay, I think it's enough. Let's add some small gains and a slice called paprika here. Nice. Go to a base year. Suddenly the ice and a heavy mouth. At some slides here. That beats our lines is done. In the next video. 7. Pizza Color : Alright, let's make this cute Baeza mortal life by adding some colors on it. Let's go. There are seven colors. Let me explain it first. The 2 first color is for the cheesy part on the pizza. The top and foot are for the crust. The fifth is photo, pepperoni is. The sixth color is for the myths. And the last one is for the paprika. Let's start with the first color. Fill the park and use the second underside part. Also in a middle part as the details. Cholera cross with tarp color. And the shadow part with an odd color. When you do the pepperoni. The paprika in creating color. All that very nice. Happy, bizarre is here. Next Seville, dark matter acute and how I see you there. 8. French Fries Line : In this video, let's draw a cute guy, friends fries, and let's draw the pie gets photo fries. Stopped with a long curve line. And it's a bit too derive at the bottom horizontal line. Another long cuff line on the right side. Photo tough side. Draw a sharp line from here to here. And draw it again on right side. Let's close the gap by drawing discharge and a long horizontal line. And another shut line to close the gap. Continue to notifies on top of the webpage. The rectangle like this. And a one. And another area where the fries, you can play with the height of each of them. But try not to far different in height. We win them all. Okay, the brightest done, let's put some details on a package. Draw a horizontal line here. Hurry ice. In the next video. 9. French Fries Color: This is our kid, Kali french fries. And let's color it. I had prepared for college now. The first one is for the fries and the bottom area of the package. A second color is for the shadow part of the first color. And font colors are for a package. Let's color it using the first color. Ok. Here's the second color. It's a book details on a price like this bell area on the left side. And some that underwrite site. It doesn't have to be neat. The second color and the bottom part of the package, the left side and the right side, continue to color the package using the third color. And the fourth color, CTO, CDO at the left side and the right side. Let's put some small details at the top of the package. Okay, it's done. And laughter result. Let me know if you have questions about this kid. Frye's shear on the next video. 10. Burger Line: Murder is my favorite food when I was a good, less throw it off. A burger. Bread is very rounded, destroyed it first, and then close it with a long curved line. Okay, make sure it is not quite to eight on a bread. Under a great donor letters. Long wavy line. Burger made under the lasers. And a SaaS, RTS under Mitt. Don't forget to make them melding part like this. I know there are more ingredients or I just want to make it simple. And then let's draw it at the bottom right. It's much smaller compared to the top right. Let's throw some small dots on the burger Min. They are unknown and it doesn't have to cover all areas. Early eyes. And smiling Mao with new shape later. It's done. Let's color it in the next video. 11. Burger Color: Okay, in this video, I will color this murder. Let's go. There are colors. The first two colors are for the bread and font color are formulated. The fifth, sixth color are for Duverger knit. The last two colors are for cheese. Some countering the brand. You sing the first color. It's the second pillar for the shadow. Details on the breath. Does some dots. Continuing with the calendar lets us and the shadow on it. Then some notes for the details. The scattering process. For the men. You sink the fifth color as the face, and the six colors for the shadow and the tails. And last in color and melting cheese. And use color to add some like I had been. Burger is done. Let's continue that in next video. 12. Ice Cream Line: Most people love ice cream. So I put it on my list, that's rho. Less than now. I love ice cream. Good, cool. Let's start a converse along line, curved line at the bottom part. None of long line. Note that top part of the cone. A small cough line on the left. Another underwrite. Let's close it again with a long horizontal line. Now it's time to draw the ice cream. Let's draw the bottom part first of curved line on life. That a higher cutoff line under ri. Do it again with a smaller size, decide closing. Ok. Let's draw the top part of the ice cream a bit different, but fairly easy to follow a small offline on left and drop a bit much higher for the right cost line like this. Draw the last line to close the gap. But pointy at the top. That said, now, let's draw some sprinkles on the ice cream. Just some small rectangles. I can draw it anywhere you like on the ice cream. And make sure to erase the overlapping lines. And the right side. Let's draw the waivers. Doubt a tariff lines for the chocolate. And the most exciting part, dirty ice. And at the moment, I stream is Finis. Let's consider it in the next video. 13. Ice Cream Color: Okay, this is the ice cream. Let's make it even cuter with colors. I have $6 now. The first second color are for the cone and a waiver. That color is for the mouth and the sprinkles. The fourth, fifth colors are for chocolate ice cream. And wherever the less color is for the shadow part on vanilla ice cream and highlight on chocolate ice cream. Let's start with the first color on a cone. Then the waiver. The second color, photos shadow part of diagonal lines, colon, text search, bar, under labor. The sprinkles, color, sort of middle part of the ice cream and a waiver. But using the fifth color. Unless toddler is for a shadow on the ice cream. Also, 40 highlight PAR. Nice. The color chart. It's done. Let's continue to the next video to drug teacup. 14. Teacup Line : Let's draw a teacup loan. Rounded shape is the measure of the shape of a detail. Let's start with the row the first health and draw the other health. Doesn't have to be perfect. But make sure it's still a balance between the left side and right side. Let's draw the top part of the teacup where we put our lives, a small curve line and another on the right side. And the bottom part of the teacup as small cough line again. And another underwrite site said, Let's start a handle under eyesight. Long coast line from the top to bottom. No dinner partner. Make sure the width of the handle stays the same from the top to the bottom. Draw horizontal line here. And here. Very ICE. Eyelids. And a smiling not coded in the next video. 15. Teacup Color : Take-up is ready to be color. Lets go. This is going to be very fast. We will use three colors only. The first color is for the sheriff part on a partic up body. What is the best color? The second and took colors are for the slip playas. That's it. That's not using the first color. Almost that we unequipped the shadow around the site of the fetus. Makes sure the lift, a small space, and the edge around the teacup. The same steps for the handle like this. Alright, continue to fill the strip with the second color and used it that color for its shadow continues with the shadow from the teacup. Okay. All done. That a couple of skewed and ready the reserve. Let me know if you have any question. Go under Next one. 16. Cookie Line : In this video, I will draw a chocolate cookie. And this time apart of this cookie had been eaten. Less code, the best of this cookie is rectangle. But I don't want this ship in calm. So I choose cookie with bumpy shape. Instead of straight line. I draw bumpy lines to make the shape of the cookie like this. Rod. Another bumpy horizontal line. D2 is on time. And another vertical boundary line. And make sure that this one is higher than the left side. Okay? And none of them be horizontal line but shorter then the bottom one. So let's close the gap with matter. Don't belive that lecture at tariff is flip. One plant. And now the cream on the left part from here. And the latter bumpy lines as the black part of the cookie. But there are some crops here. Probably ice, rowdy, Happy Mouth. And last, add sum, a cookie dough. And that's unlike this landscape, the face area is 99.9%. And then the happy cookies here, let's color it to make it more yummy. In the next video. 17. Cookie Color : Hello, Gucci. It sounds will make you look more deletion. Let's stop. I'm only using two colors. The first two colors are for the cookie, and the last one is for the month. Okay, let's go over the cookie using the first color, the back part, and the cramps too. The second pillar or the shadow, color it at a set area of the cookie. And also at the back part. And the crumbs. On. The less color is father happy mouth. Okay. A good employ heavy cookies done. Tried to practice it every day. The more you do it, the better you must have a good and Coinjoin. Let me know if you have any difficulty in the drawing process. I'll be glad to help you. 18. Cupcake Line: It's sweep. There are so many variations and all of them loads of fun. Let us know, compensate. We've talked about grim and white sprinkles. First wrote about him pop off the complicate. The holder, subform the left. Derived the pod. Close to the bottom. Float to the top bar of the beholder. Let's draw some lines like this. To start with the first bar. For nice, note cream, undertake this a wavy line like this. There are three goals. You can put them randomly. And through the cherry on top of the dam. It looks yummy already. It's time to draw, to get a nice endosome details for the holder. Combination of sharp lines and dots like this. For me. To write. All done. It could yummy, tough gig. Let's continue with the next video. 19. Cupcake Color: Okay, Let's coloring it. I have prepare five colors here. The first color is for the holder, the second color is for the cake. The top color is for the green. And the pattern on the holder for color is for the 0 part, only chocolate cream. The fifth color is for the Cherry. Okay, let's implement the colors. Start with the first color. Fill in the holder. Use the second color, thought of the third color voted to. Be careful, don't color the sprinkles. Nice. Edge shadow, but then part of the chocolate cream with the fourth color folder cherry, use the less color. Drop a small circle here as the highlight after for column address. Okay, Let's go back though the holder. And let's make it more interesting. You still talk color and there are a stripe at the bottom part of it. And it popped around the coastlines. Let's draw small heart icons like this. All right, I'll cupcake, looks good. You can play with the shapes and colors to make NADH curve takes off your all and see you in another lesson. 20. Popcorn Line: I'm not a snack that I often eat while watching movies. Yes. It's particular line here, a bit tilted to the bottom. Another one in the opposite angle plus the bottom. Let's draw some lines at the top part around five lines like this. Yellow lines and dots based on the cuffed lines like this. On the top part. And sample again. Yeah. Don't make it more interesting. Let's start a popcorn here outside the box. Down the mall. It's done. Let's color it in the next video. 21. Popcorn Color: Hello, good book. And I'm going to color you with four colors. End up being for the books. Like yellow is for the popcorn and the darker area of the box. For the darker parts off the bat costs. Let's start from the box with being lifted here, right? These three up with, again. Just start at the bottom of staying power. You can add some dots here to make it more detailed. You select yellow, the color, but I'm part of the white area under f, some dots again. Dollar Aldi popcorn at some random shapes using the less color on the popcorn. I really love how this car is ready to continue. What a cool movie.