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Street sketching, part 1 - Tricks and hints

teacher avatar Evgeniy Stasenko, Postcards from Barcelona

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Preparation to sketching


    • 3.

      Placement, measurement, outline


    • 4.

      We do sketch: when to stop?


    • 5.

      Adding human figures and cars to landscape


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About This Class

This class is for beginners in drawing. When you start to draw by yourself, sometimes a kind of embarrassment appears that can prevent you even from doing the first lines. The essence of it is a short question: what to start with? how to start?

I'll give you some hints about the consequence of the steps in working on a sketch. Ill tell you about some rules of measurement, composition and schematics. Another important thing, I will teach you how to choose the correct viewpoint to the landscape you will be drawing. All in all, Ill explain you some rules and I'll show you in practice how to build a nice two-dimensional image from a three-dimensional real landscape.

After this class you'll be able to sketch on your own with clear understanding how to start and how to come to the result you want to achieve.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Evgeniy Stasenko

Postcards from Barcelona


Hello, I'm Evgeniy.

I am an artist from Moscow but recently I moved to Barcelona. I graduated from Moscow Padagogical University, Fine Arts & Graphic Department and have practiced both fine arts and teaching ever since, simultaneously more than 20 years.

As teacher I have always aimed at creating an integral system, a consistent range of methods that would allow me to effectively teach drawing and painting to any person regardless of skills. These methods come as the result of experience; they are tested in practice and proven to give fast results. As well, I have a vast experience in creating specific short-term courses, not to mention fine art workshops, etc.

 In Barcelona I organise sketching workshops for tourists. We are sketching the architecture landmark... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: way. My name is Eugene. Is that Simcoe? I am an artist from Moscow and now I live in Merciful. Here in Barcelona, I organize sketching or shops for tourists. The arse kitchen, our detector about marks over city, including such a complex building. Sagrada Familia. My students mostly, are people leave zero or close to zero during skills, but everyone creates nice looking sketch from the first lesson. What is the secret? The secret is in live demonstration, step by step instructions and some cheeks and hints explained in the process. So I invite you to try pencil sketching, Leave my way. 2. Preparation to sketching: way. I'm glad you're with me. So they're going to sketch for his kitchen. We need we're bound sketchbook. A five phase If a big car Verburg verify pain to with age believed and reason sharpener for it also very may be replaced by mechanical pain show. Provide painful with soft freebie or for being lied and snap off knives to sharpen it a razor. So we need measure into a consistent off. Great on with transferring base this tomb On transparent days, we are going to make by ourselves have into it. First, we need an exercise class book. We have greeted pages, a ruler, terminal marker paper, scotch tape and late of transferring plastic package. So the six hour transparent lead toe greeted page leave scorch and using the great on Page B do our own greet. They've marker and ruder on our transparent lead. So now we have perfect read it lead and we at some numbers on the side and on the bottom toe make counting easier. These two safe a lot of off your time and efforts in process of sketching and help to use it. I'll tell you are next video, so see you soon. Bye Bye way 3. Placement, measurement, outline: way everybody this time of you make a reporter the sketch people measuring and schematics work for our first cage. Being is very simple shaped building. They begin live some lines on the page to mark place for our house. We've took horizontal lines. We deride page into free parts. Other part for sky lover Bart for Earth and meat of artful house itself. We have two vertical lines. Remark a bit off our 1,000,000,000 letting some space from the left from the right. No, they have to find more exact proportions. We do it using our greeted device. We move great closer to our eyes or forward to feet. Even quantity off clears to reveal off a real house. We prefer simple counting. So forced wears in the and for the squares to fight is very convenient. Quite is illegal. Lisbon free. We just remember it in our sketchbook remark. Middle off of it over house and after middle off each off two parts. Now it is divided into four equal parts. We put free of the same birds in pride and after do proper part, a little less for beginners to draw a direct flying is a hard task. So I give you a hint. We can use an age off our sketch book like a ruler. They put our hands close to the age of sketchbook and start to move behind along the edge. But we do not move. Repents you by fingers until lightly touch surface over paper by keep over lead. We repeat movement several times, and you we are satisfied. Beautiful line over schematics. Work we do with age being bent ill. Not, they've solved. We have eight b. So now the hip on our page, nice greed and let's put some details inside Locos. So let's put a roof center of the roof is one filled lower than Topol upper square, and side birds are 1/3 higher. One Putin, part of Top Square. Now, using our great, we can easily find plays for windows and the door. No, the drool number post, and we grow it not only its original place, but we shifted to the right to let the window and the door be more visible. No, the true benches basis of benches are over one day's over house because benches are closer to us than house the boot with them. over tree over revenge to the right and dro it's grown free. Garlic line the birds off houses toe lived in to the right, not measuring but using our eyes only and over the roof. The boot outlines off some distant houses and some details. So the finished our schematics and next video will be dedicated toe artistic part off work . See you soon Way. 4. We do sketch: when to stop?: way. Hi, everybody lives continue. They have a range of schematics off landscape, and now they are going to finish our sketch. If you take a look at the photo The discoverer, thousands off details and shades, even if used the shades of grey only there are thousands, so let's simplify every picture. Here is the photo shoot made version. He's the only general shades and shapes, but it's enough to understand what exactly is depicted. So we'll be using this approach to give of your general impression, not getting deep into details this time you not measure anything, and we will not try to make idealize some girl business not supposed bedroom. On the contrary, it gives a thing off lightness and artist e so you can drive the protests off really in creative for this time, we use soft pencil and the sharpen it dif a knife. We do it very sharp because we'll be using not only deep off the bench, you but side part off it. These shirts leave a shade on the distant house and this state. We do very, very lightly, and we do it very uniform, he wrote. Any outline because of distance it must be just a pale Syria it and now I'll show you another chick. Then the lands in control are the same thickness. It gives a boring impression and doesn't give much information about objects depicted. This streak helps us not only to make our sketch more beaded, but to show direction over light in our scenery, the owner drome stronger alliance from the shadow it but off objects. These lines are from the right and from the bottom for windows. They are from a top and from the left and the don't touch distant houses. The side part of lit the boot darker shadows on the three grounds, and we put light shadow on very close. We lived in our central house because they are in shadow, the do darker windows and some objects over the roof off our house and now the TRO. Dark shadows on the earth, from trees from the benches from house generally very, are two kinds of shadows form shadows in the gusts. Fellows form shadows we see on the opposite side off any lighted object. It is only the object. The cat's shadow is when an object blocks relied and cast a shadow on some other object. It falls, thrown the object form. Shadows are lighter in value and softer. Lancaster lose the gut. Shadows are darker as a whole because shadows show us clearly very vertical surface of the vote end and very horizontal surface of the earth begins. So no. Now we are done the general shades and shapes what else we can do. They can add some details toe, bring more life in tow our sketch and to give food to yours. Imagination. The used HB pencil to drove details Because we have to be seen light and precise. We can't be here. General shades. We drove brick pertinent whole branches in victory Ground TV and then the roof. But we do not throw details on the distant houses and buries one thing overlooked. 03 grounds are two fled. So the at a whim, shadows and lights. And no, our sketch is the radio, and now I answer regression from the topic of a lesson when to stop. It's easy, these top in general shades and shapes, and some details are done. So he finished the Listen. If you have any question, don't date to our community. Good luck. We've sketching way 5. Adding human figures and cars to landscape: way. Hi, everybody. They stalk about during human figures and cars in the landscape. Speaking of human figure, it is one of the most complicated objects to dro. But in landscape ratio in fear is not remain attention point. It is more like decoration, and the size of a human figure in a five sketch is so small, but you can draw it a couple off lines. Only I show you how to do it. Usually in landscape or standing figures are more or less or the same height as you, it means, but we're hits are on with level off your eyes. One of the horizon lane here in these landscape bika raising lane is a little longer than the bottom off induce. So we start from head first to the drawer whole overhead, on the level of a raisin van V Step outside. It is the shoulder. Then we go down. It is our Vander step. Inside a little, it is a neck. Let's repeat the same from another side. We can add change in inside the body and toe. Do it less transparent, and the draw a short prison tow line on a level over sheet. It is a cast, a shadow from sugar. Have a person walking inside direction the drove if a tilted line from head to toe earth and in the media off this line, the at shorter one for a second leg. If you want to draw a bigger figure closer to us, we start again from drawing head on the level horizon. But we do it. Bigger arms reflex must be bigger, too, and we can add some lines between the legs. Toe do then finger over the years over different sizes and heard you get us its trunk on the operation line proportions for over Huber's. It will give the same. The off shoulders hit six times in a fight over sugar Length. Off arms is ego toe length over Lex. Now let's strike and elevated brokers. In our sketch, we use more rest the same approach. Us who used in term human fears. Cars are less invite in comparison to human figures. We are one or two heads, weatherman figures. If we are in the same distance from us, the start river reason toe lying to mark car bottom, it will be on the level off feet off human fears Vidro on outer shape. Viva had like lime when the car reviews. If a dark, thick line, Vidro shadow under the car and the very peak short lines, the drove in chilled and side in tow and recovery is ready. Yeah, in this manner, Vidro cars in any position. Over the need is to distribute correctly space busy in Real's and to put the windows on the proper place. So now you can practice drawing cars and human figures on your own. It is a really fun to depict such complex things. We've wanted a few lines. Good luck in sketch in Baby Way.