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Draw Yourself in Procreate: Illustrating your Avatar

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Determine your face shape


    • 3.

      Start drawing your avatar


    • 4.

      Drawing ears


    • 5.

      Drawing hair: Basic steps


    • 6.

      Drawing hair: Hair types


    • 7.

      Drawing hair: Let's practice!


    • 8.

      How to draw a nose


    • 9.

      Eyes & eyebrows study


    • 10.

      Drawing eyes & eyebrows


    • 11.

      Drawing the mouth


    • 12.

      Personality & tastes


    • 13.

      Looking for the essence


    • 14.



    • 15.

      Drawing style


    • 16.

      Conclusions & Final Project


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About This Class


In this class, we will create our own avatar to use it not only on our Skillshare profile but on any social media platforms.

The avatar we use on social media platforms helps other users to form a first impression of us, in fact, it can even influence a person's decision to interact with us. So it is important to determine the impression we want to make, create an avatar accordingly and use the same one for all our profiles in order to make easier for other users to recognize and connect with us, especially if we are trying to promote our business or services.

We are going to learn to draw ourselves and how to incorporate who we are in such a small image.

This class is perfect for anyone who wants to customize her profile and have fun doing it. No previous knowledge of drawing is needed.

I  will use an iPad, an Apple Pencil and Procreate, but a pencil and piece of paper are all you need to follow this class.



I will publish a new video lesson every other day.

I recommend you to watch the video lesson and share your drawings in progress in your project section the same day or the day after a video is released. Feel free to ask for help if you need to, ok? 

You can wait and watch all the videos together but I don’t recommend you to do that because this class will be the longest I’ve ever made and you probably get sick of me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… :) 


1. To have an Skillshare premium account.

2. Upload your drawings in progress between March 14th and April 15th in your project section, and/or your finished avatar drawings between March 27th and April 15th.

3. Stick to the theme! “Think outside the box” is always great, but If your interpretation is way too eccentric (the theme is unrecognizable), your work will not meet the rules of the challenge and you won't be able to win any prize.

4. Publish as many different avatars of yourself as you want to, but... Your drawings must be yours! Be inspired, but don't copy. Avatars creating by someone else are not allowed.


There will be two prices, one for "the most hard-working student" and one for "the best avatar drawing". The prize will be two Amazon gift cards, one for each winner. The value of the cards will depend on the number of class projects published from March 15th until April 15th (included). The more the projects published the higher the value of the gifts cards.

In any case, the minimum value of each gift card would be 10$.

i.e. I have 1000 followers. If half of them uploaded a class project, the value of each gift card would be 25$. If all my followers uploaded a class project, the value of each gift card would be 50$ each.

So feel free to invite anyone to the challenge! The more avatars the better the prize! 

Follow along with the class and share your progress in your project section to win "the most hard-working student". To be eligible for this prize you have until April 15th (included) to upload:

1. One drawing focus on your face shape.

2. One drawing focused on your ears, and/or one drawing/sketch of your head + ears.

3. One drawing focused on your hair, and/or one drawing/sketch of your head + ears + hair.

4. One drawing focused on your nose, and/or one drawing/sketch of your head + ears + hair + nose.

5. One drawing focused on your eyes and eyebrows, and/or one drawing/sketch of your head + ears + hair+ nose + eyes + eyebrows.

6.  One drawing focused on your mouth, and/or one drawing/sketch of your head + ears + hair+ nose + eyes + eyebrows + mouth.

7. Share with the class what makes you special.

8. Share at least one drawing of your avatar finished.

Follow along with the class and share at least one drawing of your avatar finished in your project section to win "the best avatar drawing". To be eligible for this prize you have to upload it between March 27th and April 15th (included).

"The most hard-working student" winner will be randomly chosen and "the best avatar drawing" winner will be the student whose project is the most liked by the end of the Challenge. If the person chosen randomly is the most liked, he/she will receive both prizes.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator



 Hey there! I’m Lettie, architect, illustrator and teacher.

I love drawing, making crafts, traveling, cooking, reading, singing, dancing, listening to music, growing my own veggies... well, I am not good at the last one, but I like it anyway, plus the snails and their bug friends living in my small garden seem to be very happy. :)

As I was saying, I am a curious and motivated person, always eager to learn something new and to share what I learn with you all. I’ve been drawing in Procreate since 2012 and I LOVE IT! I make illustrations for apps, games, books, print-on-demand products... I draw A LOT every day! I've taught over 100K + aspiring and established artists to get the most of Procreate. Teaching makes me re... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to the Avatar Design Challenge. Ality. Um, wait a second. That's not me. Not me. Not me either. Okay, never mind, because in this class we're going to create an original character based on our own image. Two years, it not only honest capture, but on all social platforms. How that's the challenge. Work well, I will publish a new video every over they. It's video will focus on a facial feature. We winner how to determine the basic shape or shapes off that feature. You know that the droids easily and then I will show you step by step, how to transform those basic shapes into cartoons on some really stick drawings. You will also find lots of tips and tricks to help you to develop your own drawing style. In the last videos of this class, I will show you how to create different styles off habitats from one minutes have attacked to a semi realistic one. We will go while break the rules and create some whimsical ones, too. You will have a day off before publish new content to practice what you have learned unpublished in your project section on What would the challenge baby without a prize, then will be to prices. Check out about on your promise Sections off this class to know more about this. If you want to customize your profile on, have fun doing it. This class is perfect for you. No previous knowledge of throwing is needed. I will live on I but an apple pencil. I'm procreate, but a pencil on a piece of paper are all you need to follow this class. Are you ready for the talent? Let's get started. 2. Determine your face shape: The first thing we have to do is to take a look at our face and answer a few questions. How is it? Is it round? Skinny? Do we have a square jaw? So take a snapshot of your face, preferably without makeup and wearing your hair up. We need to see our features on face shape. Clearly, Do you have a yet? I'll give them. We need to draw some lines that them in our face shape. If you didn't find any picture off yourself, you can use a mirror on a tape measure. Instead, we will start with the forehead jawline and cross your forehead from hell. I'm to Helen. Choose the why this point. OK, move on to the tick on. Draw a line across your upper chicks, starting on ending at the from below the outer corner off each other. Now on to the job. Draw another line at its widest point. I'm finally draw a line from the center off your hairline to the tip off your chin. That will be your face length. Let's practice. It's standard them in your face shape to help you with this task. I've selected a few pictures from unspool ash dot com He be mine. Most people are a combination or face types. If this is your case, go with the shape that is the most dominant. Okay, having said that, let's speaking with the square shape Raisman on these woman half a square shape. They have a square on bony jaw on their forehead. Cheekbones and jaw lines are almost the same, with the same happens when we have a rick tangle of shape like these two people. So how do we know if we have a square or a rectangle of face? Well, the difference lies in the length off our face. We will have the first type, if our faces more or less as wide as long. And if it's longer, we will have the second time we will have a round face. If our cheekbones on facelift are about equal a larger than our forehead. I'm July, which, by the way, also we have a similar measurement. No sharp July and this son, but self ungrounded features if your face meet all the criteria off the round face. But it is a slightly longer than the with off your cheekbones. You will have a new oval face. If your face is clearly longer than it is white and it's gratefully tapers toe worked the gene. You will have a long face shape if our forehead is the widest part off our face, tapering down to a narrower pointed team, we will have Ah, heart shaped or I inverted triangle face. We will have the 1st 1 if we have a widow, speak on the 2nd 1 If our hairline is either straight across or a slightly rounded, we will have a diamond shape. If our cheekbones are the widest part off. Our faiths on our Julen armed forehead are about the same length our chin will be pointing . The difference between a diamond on a heart or an inverted triangle is that the hairline is not as wide. Did you figure it out? What's your face shape? Okay, that's me again. I already have my forehead, cheekbones, jaw and face, Linds, lines drawn. So I just have to answer a few questions. When How long is my face? Let's see. My face is longer than it is. Why? So I can't rule out that square on the round shapes, and it is only slightly longer, so it's not a long face shape, either. Second question. What's my draw shape? It seems a score draw doesn't fit me. Ah, and it's not wrong, either. I have a slightly pointed to here. It leaves me only three options, then diamond heart or inverted triangle. So, for a question, do I have a widow's peak? Yeah, I do have it. So I probably have a heart shaped face. But let's answer the last question. What's the widest part of my face? Well, it seems my cheekbones on my forehead are about equal in with closely followed by my job. My forehead should be the widest part to have a perfect harsh shape. Despite of that, this is the shape I think fits me better, So I will choose this shape for my avatar. 3. Start drawing your avatar: to upload a profile image to our skin share account. It must be at least 1 51 by 50 pixels. However, I recommend you to create a larger image. This way it will be perfect for using it on all social platforms or printed products. For example, for those who are joining procreate like I'm doing so let the screen size campus on create a circular shape, modifying the settings off the monoline brush. I've done this to keep in mind that skin shipper far image is round this way. We know what part off the drawing will be visible on what part won't now. Inside your reference image or images, I moved them to one side. If you're drawing on paper, just make a circle using a compass or a stencil and create all the drawing inside of it. Having said that, let's see how to draw our heads shape. Start drawing a circle in the air. Do not stop. I'm now on the campus. These weight aware circle will look and lots better. Do you have it? Okay, then this will be our head. Now draw vertical line down the center off the head. We're going to make a front view. If we were making 3/4 or a side view, we will place a line differently. But for our first avatar, let's keep it simple. Okay, it's done to Don't our face shape. I always draw another circle, a smaller one on my place, it here or there, depending on the face length. Let's make it a bit bigger. It should be around 3/5 off the big circle. If the faces from or square, I will do it almost inside the other circle. If it's long, I will place it out or almost out for the rest off the shapes. I will draw it over here. Then we have to decide how far we want to go with our shape. I mean, if my shape where a square, for example. I could draw the school by these on the jaw these way. Or maybe draw the Joe like these. Oh, are just drawn square for my head appointment. All of them will represent a square face. So just do it as you like. I do know have a pure heart shaped face, so I will start growing the heart and then I will modify the draw on the train a little bit because my jawline it's not so weak on my chain is on this lately pointing. 4. Drawing ears: in this video, we will talk about our ears. If your ears are hidden behind your hair, you won't need to draw them, since we're going to make from you trolling if you have insecurities about your ears sticking out or if you don't like your years Jordan, whichever you want or even do not draw their matter. We'll have some physical feature than we don't like. And, of course, there is no need to add it. If we don't want it, our joins our rules. OK, remember that for those who want to draw the years, have a look at them. Are they large? Small? Are they round squarish or maybe a bit pointed? Take your pencil and let's see how to draw them to help us through our ears. In the right place, we will divide our face into equal thirds. If you have a good eye dividing things equally, just do it. But if you are not so good with that, I will show you how to do it without the roller. Draw a line and copied twice, then drawn on the line. Joining these two points duplicate these line on place it at the beginning off the line we previously drew again and it's done. We will draw our eyebrows over here. Our eyes at the top off these third on the nose, at the bottom, our lips will go somewhere between the middle on the top, off the third. And what about our ears? Well, as you can see here, they will go in the middle third. My ears are quite close to my head on A part of them is hidden behind my hair so we can barely seed shape in this picture. So I took a picture on my ear. What's its basic shape? Well, it seems it goes this way here and then straight till the low on Rome. This will be its basic shape. I'm from this point we can at shadows and as much detail as we won't. I usually draw a couple more lines on. Sometimes I add a shadow here a swell. But as I said before, feel free to add as much detail as you. - Just wrong what you see around dear square year, maybe a road low veer. This is a sketching face, so I will keep all my features as simple as I can. We will decide later what features we're going to keep, which is style of drawing. We're going to choose on how detail we want it to be. There is no right or wrong way to draw cartoons because it's not really so. It doesn't matter if you keep the face proportion. It doesn't matter if you draw your ears or your eyes to be or too small, or even if you drawing doesn't have ears or nose or even eyes if that's what you want, so feel free to follow my way. All draw your features, whichever you want. Justin Joe drawing yourself okay? 5. Drawing hair: Basic steps: it's done to do our hair. The first question is, Do you have hair on your head? Because if you don't, this will be a super easy for you unless you have facial hair. In that case, you will have to answer almost the same questions. That is to say, What color is your hair? Is it blanc? Black, Red, gray, colorful? How long is it? Is it really long short. Do you have 1/2 shaped head like this girl? What's your hair type? Is it straight? Wavy, girly? Coyly On What about your hair style? Do you still you her messy? Or go for a more polish? Nick, Is your hair tied up? Do you also wear your hair in a bun? Do you wear banks on boys? Are you clean shaven stubble? Do you have a beard? Write down the answers to dis questions or just keep them in mind on Let's draw her. Now I'm going to show you this steps I follow to draw the hair. You can follow all the steps to create a realistic or semi realistic her, Or you can stop adding color on the day whenever you prefer. Once we have the outlined off our head drawn on located where the hairline is going to be. We will draw the overall volume off the hair. If you want to create a simple enjoying, you can stop at in detail here, for example, from here you can also create a plane color drawing. You raise the outline if you're on minimalist or Atmore. Definition on Textor experimented with different brushes. Let's use the grunge breasts, for example. Do not forget to decrease the brush capacity when you're shaving. You know, though, to get a smoother result. These that's no look, really, But it looks nice anyway. Okay, let's pick up right where we left Stuff. I'm break up the basic shape into pieces. Observe how their hair folds over the head. One tapes to concede the drawing arrows that show us that hair direction. We also have to pay attention towards parts. Overlap each other, start to the find more pieces off her on after that, in a different layer. If you're doing digitally lay down the base color, then we will shadow beneath the pieces of her to show depth on overlap. We will also dark in the area where day taper. Now they look like solid chunks. If you lie how it's looking on. You do not want to draw hair by hair. I recommend you to, said the line work to multiply on. Start adding highlights on more shadows. Use a blend into this much, too, if you're using procreate so soft in the intersections, off shadows, midterms and highlights. If you're looking for a more realistic look that we go, the first thing we have to do is determine where we can distinguish between one her on another, Um, where we only see chunks off her. We are only going to draw Strong's off her where we need to, but how do we draw it? This is not an easy task, so why don't we simplify drawing first Ah, hair on a strong and of her to learn how to master this 6. Drawing hair: Hair types: not all her is the same. So we will use different techniques for different her textures. Hair types generally fall into three categories. Straight way be. I'm Currently we are going to create the coalition off a three dimensional her using a simple technique for drawing shading. Imagine, this is a single straight her and this will be our light source. Okay, What part off the hair will be in shadow This bar, right? Um which will be the lightest part here? Right. Okay. This Waas really easy. Let's do the wavy hair. I will draw the light direction to help us with this desk, so this area will remain us before. But now this area won't rece ive lights either. So let's shave it. We would roll highlights here and here. It's time for the curly hair. Let's start drawing the light direction again. And now the shadow area here. Andi, as the lightest coming from here. These area will be a light area. So the shadow off this far will be here. Deal here. Something similar happens in these parts on these areas. Won't reside light either. What about the highlights? Let's draw them now You are ready to draw a strand of her. What happens when we have a strong Tove has straight hair. Well, now is when cast shadows appear. Cast shadows will be darker than the shadows we drew before. Let's give it simple. First, these her this one and this one will be at the front Are these waas will be behind so these ones not only wondrous a flight, but also they will receive the cast shadows off the first ones. You already know how to draw shadows and highlights where they should be. So let's draw a prop, a strand of hair. Choose a range of values to use. I will use white black on this different shades of great because at the end of this video, I will show you how to change easily the color off the strong season. Blending modes. I usually choose a brush from the Incan set, but you can choose whichever you want as long as its changes its size with pressure, do not hold a pencil. Live days or your stroke will not be fluid. It's better if you hold it this way. See, we will always draw keeping the next three rules in mind one draw following the direction off, the hair draw arose over the reference image. If you need them to draw, pressing hard on the cameras and gradually re listen the pressure this way Great started strokes in the dark areas. Unfollowed the flow towards the lightest. The question is what color we have to use to start. Well, if you're doing on paper, A. Recommend you to start using the lightest color on Go from lighter to darker, using the razor to create highlights at the end. But if you're a digital artist, it really doesn't matter. You just have to find your way. I usually start color in the whole section with a media nor dark term, as you saw in the previous our work. In this case, we are going to start with a light color, then go with the next darker value. Answer one USA's much to to blend them a little bit. If you are not happy with the result, repeat the whole process again. Un again until your the her is never perfectly straight. So do not draw them all following the same direction. Draw some news, Hoerster. It will look more natural. Some people have wave some girls in the hair on the turf A Sometimes that waste girls at the end of the strong or somewhere in the middle or both. So let's see how to draw a curly history off her first on. Then we will combine the Carly in a straight throwing techniques to get away this drunk off her. We can break down the structure off coal hair into simple as shapes. This will help us to draw it easily. We will draw the lines from the corners to the center. Off the S on the corners will always be the darkest part off our s shapes. In this case, X practice. The first thing we have to do is to loosely draw to waive alliance. This way we will connect this lands differently. We want to create a wave or occur. We're not sure we will draw DS shapes. We will talk about before now. Phyllis, run with gray. Let's start drawing hers. We are going to go from lighter to darker again. - Blend the colors a little bit un repaid the process to create a wavy hair. We will draw the wavy lines again. But this time we would join them this way. Now show some different wavy lines inside. On outside, too. Wavy hair is halfway between straight and curly, so we cannot to the makes straight on curve lines. - Be patient. If it does not. Look how you were suspecting. Blend the colors and repeat the process again. - Hair is my double 1000 off stunned, layered on top of one another. So try to create shadow areas with the darker values off your chosen palette to show that on overlap. Once you have don't wait several times. You won't need to draw its individual strong. You will feel the overall months use in a midterm, for example. Then pain shadows hung. Highlights on finally draw some hairs and it will look awesome. But everything expected. So don't dis spur. You will have it totally on the control sooner or later. Okay, how do we change the color of our hair in procreate? We can change the color in a few seconds. Just just a color from for example. Now go to brush us on cheese. A brush. I will choose more line, then go to general on top blend moon. Here we have a lot of Clement's. But this time we are going to use color now, see like the layer Were you drawing? Is on Activate Alfa Lok sweeping with two fingers to the right. This way we will only add color to our joing, not to the background on Let's spend easy as by. If you go to adjustments on top hue, saturation and brightness, you will be able to modify these parameters on your hair will look even better now. Let's just purple changed the brush underbid the process, the Christa Brosseau opacity, this time to get different shades of purple. And finally, let's that some light pink? Why not? This is so fun. 7. Drawing hair: Let's practice!: it's time to put into practice all we have learned in this video. So let's come back to our other to join. I've skated my side. Butto, understand my hair direction. So let's draw some arrows here to help us with this desk. I dyed my hair in a ponytail so all the arrows will be pointing at the same spot. Now let's draw them on the pick. The point in time is not too tight, so that's why I'm drawing them. Curve. Here it goes straight, so my ponytail will start over here. The next step is to draw my hair line. I have a heart shaped face so it will look live ways. Next step does the basic shape off my hair. The basic shape is done. Now let's break it up into pieces, withdrew the arose before. That means we already knows the direction off every stunt of her. So let's get down to work. I am keeping the mobile app in parts in mind on hatching this traded areas. - Okay , the sketch in far is done. I will keep it as it is now until I have all my features. It's get if you are not a fun off realistic hair drawings. I highly recommend you to use preset brushes in procreate. I will show you here I used the old brush to draw the her line on all the brown her They want to brush for the red hair on day all brush again to draw some curves. In this case, I use on Lee the oil paint brush. It is wonderful, the Oriental brush. It's perfectly draw straight hair. You can also use the flat marker for this desk, as I did here. 8. How to draw a nose: the nose is that part off our face? We do not pay too much attention when drawing. In fact, we can actually get away with not even drawing it. Which one do you like best? The 2nd 1 right? Well, after watching this media, you maybe change your opinion about drawing noses because we're going to learn how to draw our own nose properly on. It will look amazing. They're don't have ways to draw news. We can create a nose using just one basic shape, a triangle and Noval these weight or does win small or big a circle a semi circle these way for an upturned nose of these way for a downturn one, for example. We can also combine to more basic shapes. Choose my own circles for the nostrils, a circle and two semi circles juice, Um, circles three and choose more circles. There are many combinations. Yes, In just a few strokes, we can create tones of noses in no time changing only the nose. We've just created 20 different captain faces, but the question is, how do we draw a knows that reminds our own? Well, the first thing we need to know is if our facial features much this so cold ideal. Do you already have your face divide into equal thirds? Right? Okay, then it's supposed distance between the forehead. Hairline to the eyebrow line should be the same as a distant between the I Brolan under Bolton off the nose between the bottle off the nose on the bottom of the chin. So it seems I have an idea forehead, but my nose is a little bit shorter than it should be because, according to my face length de Botton off, my news should be here instead of here. We also have to Dubai vertically our face into five parts from ear to ear. Our news. It's supposed to half about the same size off a night. If your nose fits here, it's supposed to have an ideal knows. If it's a stick out the line, you will have a wide or a big news. And if your news does not touch the lines, you will have a narrow or a small nose. Okay, now I will show you the steps I follow to draw my nose on. After that, I will show you how to draw yours. First thing I did was to determine its basic shape. Then I'd be that rough sketch. I think that it, um, finally added some shadows to give the three d effect. As usual, I will keep just the Incan part. You know, there's a drawer knows easily. We will divide it into three parts. First, we will talk about the apex or deep off our news on the septum that is the part of our nose in between the nostrils. After that, we will talk about the wings on the nostrils and finally about the bridge. Okay, lets start drawing the deep on the septum. What basic shape or shapes Good feet in this part off our nose here could be a novel on small semicircle for the septum here, a medium size oval for both of them. I see here kind off a diamond or a square, clearly a circle. Here, a small drop is like maybe on and un inverted triangle. Yeah, trying to determine his eyes off this part compared to the overall knows OK if you see, for example, on oval, you also need to know if it's tiny, small, large or has a median size, because you will get totally different noses, depending on the size off your basic shape. - It's okay if you do not see the same shapes you could see here a big circle or hear a square. It's completely okay. Just drop what you see. It's time to talk about the wings on the no stools, but let's talk first about the health of our news. He knows how to understand why. Sometimes we do not see the nostrils. We will have an upturned nose. If the tip is higher than the rear off the nurse, the nostrils on the septum will be totally visible. This kind of nose is more common in women on kids. Some men you can see here, two examples of upturned noses. We will have a straight nurse when the dip is even with the rear off the nose, we will see the septum slyly on. We will usually draw the nostrils using narrow ovals, and we will have a downturned nerves if the deepest lower done the rest off the news. In this case, we wonder the nostrils nor the septum because they won't be visible at all. We also have to determine the with on the high Tovar wings, for example, this girl has its molding with I'm tolling high winds, whereas this one has large and with unsure in high ones. Now look at the wind off your bridge un compared to the overall no shape. If it is close to the with off the boat in off your nose, you will probably have our white bridge. That case it will be very close to these lines. These are the lines with beautiful to divide our face into equal fifth, so if it's narrow down the with off the bottom off Younis, you will probably have a narrow bridge. In that case, it will be far from these lines. It also can be the fine or undefined. We can also have a bump here, or it can taper towards the tip off our nose. Simplification off the shape of our nose is the key to draw. It is easily so. Let's practice. Don't win some noses 9. Eyes & eyebrows study: This is my favorite part. I could be hours and hours drawing eyes with you, but let's start from the very beginning. The eye is made up over round or de able. The UAE pond off their Aibel is called this Kira innocent. Off the I, there is a black circle, the pupil and a colored area around it. The eyes. When we look at the iris, we see like fibres that tantalize unready eight from the people to the edge off the eyes, some off them also circled the order Age. The Aibel is covered by skin in the form off eyelids. The apple Arlette with its supper. Late grace on the Lower Island with his lower lip, Greece attached to the edges we have in rows short, sick anchor of hers. The eyelashes in the inner Kona. We have a small, ready, Schauble shaped piece of tissue. Call Karen Cola. Some people referred to it as the tear duct, I suppose, because it is much more easy to pronounce that Karume core, but that's not correct. So we will stick to core uncle okay, and finally, were the eyeball meets. Take a wrinkle. We have the semi Luna fold to draw on a accurately or to be able to reduce it to just a few strokes. We need to determine first its shape tilt islets appearance if it's sizing proportion with the rest off the face on also where it is placed in relation to the other. I let's start with its shape. The eye shape is not symmetrical. The upper under lower legs are very different. The up early line goes more or less straight about 1/3 off the I from the Caracalla until this point and then arcs towards the outer corner. It also overlaps allow late in the other corner. I'm in the inner corner. If you have an every can pick fold, the lower layer goes more or less straight about 2/3 off the I from the Konkola until here in my case on. Then it arcs towards the outer cone. Depending on how curved or straight the eyelids are, we can divide the eyes into three types of shapes. We will have round eyes if our apple laid lines looks like a semicircle on the lower is curved. You will also be able to see the whole or almost the whole eyes. In this case, I'm looking a bit upwards. It's OK because I clearly have brown eyes, but it is here to determine your eye shape. If you look straight ahead to the camera when you take your picture, we will have almost eyes. If both off our lines look curved or if the upper one is curved on the older almost straight. In this case, we will see about 3/4 off the ice. We will have narrow eyes if both off our lines look more straight than curved on. We only see about half off the heiress to determine the tails off our eyes in relation to the axis off our face, we will draw a corner to corner line. If the our Kona is higher than the inner, we will have a nocturne. I if they're roughly equal, we will have sundered eyes. I'm finally, If the outer Khan is lower done, the inner we will have down turned eyes. Now let's talk about the islands. He will focus on their police on Stipe's generally fall into three categories. Mama Lee, Partial Montali on double In. Among that basically means that there is no visible crease line belong. There broke area, so we will see a single line frame and the eye here, a partial monolith is an eye with a broken or known continues Crease like this one, usually in modulating a partial monolith. Guys haven't be can pick full. That is a skin fold off the upper eyelid cover in the inner uncle off the I A double eyelids. I is a night with a chris between the upper laid line on the Bronco. This Greece can be low media or high. When the craze is partially or totally hidden, we will have who did eyes. As for the lower Lin, it can be smooth when there is no visible crease or the Chris is difficult to notice. Medium when there is a light Greece or puffy or prominent, when the creases quite pronounced so doubly die with a medium size crease on a big puffy lower. Late for me. Okay to wrap the eyes and study up, let's talk of all day idea proportions again. It's supposed that to have ah, well proportioned face. The distance between the Akona off our eyes should be one eye wide. If the distance is shorter, we will have close it eyes on If it's larger, we will have wide set eyes. And what about our eyes? Size? Well, as you can see here, my eyes half the ideal size in proportion with the rest of my head. If I had these eyes, they will be to small in proportion to my head size. So if I have these all the eyes, they will be too big for my head size. Keep in mind that the head is supposed to be five. I wits why the Isis study is done but before to draw our eyes. We need to talk about our brows because they also play an important role Talking about proportions again, we will said this point of our knows where our wings ends to the demin where our around hostile start art I'm in So draw vertical line. The iro should to start here, then drawn a line to find your arch. This time it has to pass through the people and finally draw another line, joining the point with the outer corner off the I take a look at your reverence. Are they seeing or think Messi or Groot? Are they straight? Slyly Kerr Or do they have, Ah, high Arch? Do they go upwards or downwards? Keep only 1/2 learned in this video in mind because it's time to draw some eyes on Cairo's . 10. Drawing eyes & eyebrows: Now you have a deep knowledge of the characteristics of your eyes and brothers. It's time for you to this on which ones, if any, do you want to use in your avatar design? Let's come back to our smiley face. Two ovals or two circles are probably the easiest way off representing eyes. These could be anyone's eyes. How can we make them look like ours? Well, if, for example, we have be guys, or if our eyes are stunned out among our facial features, we can draw them bigger. We also have, White said, dies we cook Luke Levis. Or, if we have small on closer ties like these. And what if I draw the eyelashes? Would it be representing a man or a woman? I'm sure most of you have thought a woman off course. Massive men did not have eyelashes. People tend to draw eyelashes to distinguish women from men when using basic shapes. It's okay. Everything is for when drawing cartoons. Look how different they look. If I transform or erase parts off these basic shapes, The oval in this case represent the whole I. But just adding another basic shape. We will transform it into the Paris. We can make it bigger, place it here or there, make it even bigger. I think it's gunner Shadow Wheat draw highlights at some eyelashes this way or these way or even this way. Why not? Well, you can get many different eyes using Onley to basic shapes. Having just one more line. We get the up a lead, and if we make it darker longer, we will get the eyelashes line. This throwing could represent our person with deep eyes. I'm in with double violence on Hi, Chris. We can modify the Chris shape at the end of the line for the lower Chris changed the crease position to create a different that will lead I or Jesse raised the line to get a monolith . I lets go of this a little bit. Now it looks better portion monolith, as you see, changing their position on the shape off just a couple lines. We get tons of different eyes in no time. So have fun playing around with this. What of all the eyebrows? Be careful with how you draw them because so much of facial expression comes from the I brands. For example, if we point the I rose downwards in the middle. The occur to will look angry, skiier if you draw them this way, Brian Well, as with my eyes, there are 1000 different ways to draw them. Just made them look like yours. - How do we draw a more realistic I? Well, we will start drawing the eyeball. Then we will draw the corner to corner line. My daughter Kona is higher than the inner because I have upturned eyes. Do it horizontally if you have center eyes or this way If you have don't turned eyes now draw your upper I laid line Mine goes almost a straight deal Here on then round practice first throwing on your picture If you are not very confident Drawing your eye shape Lower eyelid line It is almost straight till here on kerf from here Now the op agrees if you have it minus medium So I will joint halfway in between these two lines. If you have a low crease, draw them about here. And if you have deep eyes around here drawn extra line If you have good eyes. My lower eyelid crease is a bit pronounced, so I will joy to swell. Now the Karume Cola on the similar Luna fold, the iris is roughly 1/3 the with off the eyeball. So should be about these size. You can see almost on my iris because I have brown guys. Remember that if you have arm allies, you will probably see only about 3/4 off. There is on half of it. If you have narrow eyes, people size very. It dilates in the dark on constricts to direct illumination so joint coldly the illumination off your drawing. I will draw it relaxed. Finally draw the shape of your eyebrow. Now we have our out line drawn as usual. I will keep my drawing as it is at this point, but I want to show you this steps you have to follow in case you want to feel in the drawing when shaping the eye on in general, when we are shading our face, we have to deal with the cast shadows off our facial features, So I'm the typical lighten. We will shadow our face a nice this way. I am drawing a sharp shadow. You can live in this way or use a blend in tow to soft in it. Also, the apple lead Cast the shadows on the eyeball on As you see here, this part on this part are in shadow. But almost a whole lower lead line is not. We will draw more realistic Iris in the last video off this class. So let's start now. The eyelashes. There is not just one row off eyelashes, so we will have to go over on over the islets line, drawing hers in different directions on sports. If we want them to look realistic. The trick is in how we withdraw the hairs. We will draw them curved. How much, girl? Well, it depends Here we will cover them a little bit. Here we will make some off them straight. I'm here. We will curve them in the opposite direction. Let's practice first road next room. Remember this much the lines a little bit to blend them with the rest off the drawing. Not is that some hairs gross. Throw them a swell and continue drawing until George, satisfied with the result to draw the eyebrows, we will do something similar. I studied in direction off the hair and then start feeling that I brought with a light based own you can use on her bra's for this task or, if you are drawing on paper, you condone raw in a flicker emotion, always in that direction off the hair on. Then use a blending stump. Now we will dark in the areas that need to be darker in the reference picture. This part is quite dark, so let's do it. Keep your stroke in the direction of the hair flu gold side the line a little bit. At this point, it begins to curve, so let's do it this way. You have thrown hair before, so you already know the steps. Euro lines blends draw more lines on so on. In this case, I drew just one I to show you how I draw it to step by step. But when drawing poor trades, try to throw both eyes at the same time. It's easier they look alike. If you do it that way, don't worry if they don't look perfectly symmetrical. And symmetry is a part of what makes a portrait realistic. If you're drawing digitally, you can flip the cameras horizontally toe test. If there is too much a symmetry, use a mirror. If you are drawing on paper off course. You can also draw on Lee one eye and then copy paste and flip it to get the other. Or, if you are drawing on paper on one off your eyes look amazing on the other. Awful. Just raise the awful one on. Draw some strands off her instead or ah, heart or a huge lollipop cover Knit one. Do not get frustrated. OK, you just need practice. 11. Drawing the mouth: less facial feature leaks. It's one of us has a different set of lips with different shapes and color, some half thick lips, something which means there are more than one type of lips in human beings. But what we have in common is what our mouth is made up of. Usually when we talk about the lips, we refer only to the reddest area. But the lips are made up not only off that radius part, but also there's a running areas. The upper lip extends from the nostrils on wings, ways off our nose. Unterman eights literally. At this crease called the nasal labial crease, is some people have these. Greece is more pronounced than others, but there they are. The apple. It is divided into three parts by the filtering columns under central depression. Between these columns is called the filter group, or dimple. You do not need to learn or use these words off course. The point is to have some understanding off how everything is connected in order to draw everything properly. Okay, What else? Mm. Oh, this is a cubit spoon term. A. Such because its shape resembles the mythological characters. Weapon nitpicks off the boat coincide with the filtering columns. These protectorates in the centre off the apple leap is the tobacco. This is the white world. It's diapers. Toe work to come assures. That's where the upper and lower lips join. And finally, the lower lip. It has a dip in the center called the group, which that vocal fits into or overhangs. And between the lower lip on the chin is the mental lady a crease. Now it's time to determine how our lips are in order to draw them right. The shape off our lips change when we smile or make faces. So for this a study we need them to be in arresting position. Let's start with its thickness. Those are my lips. They are not particularly thick or thing. So I suppose I have median size lips. What if I had these leaps? Well, they will be very thing on. If I had these ones, they would be very thick. Now it's your turn. How thick is your apple leap? Very thick, I think. Media. See? And what about your lower lip? Is it very thick? Just thick media? Or maybe thing are you done. Okay, let's keep going shape. Let's start with our Aberlich. The first thing we have to determine is if either his wife or narrow on, then its shape. For example, this is a white and rounded upper lip. Um, these a cent Also around that but narrow, flat, wide slumped wine and slope narrow. Um finally pointed narrow. All lives are not the same. Some lip, so lines might not be Even if you have uneven lips and you are a woman, you will probably use a lip pencil and feel the part where your leap a line lis is its symmetry. So do you just have to draw your lives as they look when you're done? OK, now a lip. Is it Joe Lau Li Puffy. Maybe flat round Good or pointed? How is it going? Remember that you can always ask me for help. Okay, let's talk about our cubits both. Not everyone has this perfect pointed boat. Some of us have it Way be or even round. Which one looks like yours? I'm finally the inner curve or tobacco. Is it yours? Carved down? Is it straight or is it may be curved up. Okay, You already know how exactly your lips look, so it's time to know its relationship with the risk off your facial features. The button off the lower lip should be half way from the boat on off the nose to the bottom off the chin, so our melt should be closer to the nose than the chin. If we draw a vertical line from the corner off our mouth, it should coincide with eyes. We will have a small mouth if that line is close to the inner Kona off our I on a big mouth . If it's as close to the outer cone, the Appalachian ideally be about 1/3 off the entire size off delegates, which means that our lives should be 2/3. Okay. My lips are not perfectly symmetrical, but it seems they follow these room. There are difference from the ideal face two hours, so I'm very slyly and some more pronounced. Knowing what is supposed to be there allows us to see where things are different. Once we have determined the relationship in size and placement between our upper and lower lips. On between the lips on our face, we are ready to draw them properly, so let's do it. There are direct angle. It should be as long on white as our lids. Now divide it into two or three parts, depending on the relationship between your lips. Mine is 1/3 2 3rd so I will divide it into equal thirds. Draw a line. This line will be our corner to corner line. Draw it on your picture so that we can see what parts of our lives are above. I'm below the line. Look for the points at which there is a distinct change. A fungo in the line that divides the lips connected us with a straight or curved lines depending on your mouth. Now replicates the line in your drawing. Let's go back to the picture on. Look for the picks off your cubits boat. Draw the shape off your Cupid's bow. Place them in your drawing as well on connect the dots again. I have a sloped narrow up early on a wavy cubits book. I usually do not draw the filter columns, but if you want to draw them, you just need to join the bows. Picks with the septum off your nose. You can draw on L or a new instead I'm finally draw the lower lip minus curved, so that's easy. My lips and sketches them are usually ink on Lee, the line between the lips. The Cupid spoke on a small line to mark the bottom off the lower lip. If you want to color it, these are the steps I follow. First, fill the lips with a base color, then at some darker colors in the shadow areas. Blend the colors at highlights. Andi at texture and Volume two relates using this much toe this way, - as we said before, the shape of our lives amount change when we smile or make faces, when with mild amount, with its increase on the leaves for high produced tecum assures, move upwards and sideways the upper lip mistress system because of the adipose tissue in our chicks. That's why several creases half appeared here. As you can see, the nose with is increased as well. We're going to follow almost the same steps when drawing mounts that are not closed. First, we will draw the corner. Togo. No line. This line is not always perpendicular to the center line off the face. For example, if you have a Crockett smile minus a little bit. Crockett. One corner off your mouth will be higher done. The other in this case, both lips are below the line. Let's see, Chris. It's a pass ity. Andi, look for the points at which there is a These things change off angle. This time we won't get a line, but the shape our mouth shape connected that sweet, straight or curved lines, depending on your mind under the lips, as I showed you before. Our mouth is no longer close. So now we can see our teeth and gone. So let's draw them. The key to draw the teeth properly is not to make them all the same size and shape on. Don't define the lines between them to strongly. Okay, the teeth are not perfectly straight. I usually make some arrows to draw them more accurately. I also draw some reference points to know how to draw the gum. Let's get down to it. - This sketches thumb. Let's sink it. Um, let's set some shadows. Okay, I'm done. Now it's their turn 12. Personality & tastes: this still could be anyone. Yeah, you're right. Not anyone but anyone with a white heart shaped face round eyes after news, a medium thick lips. We already know how to draw our facial features. We have drawn the line, but there are many more things we cannot to our avatar to make it look more like us at this point is when we'll start adding details like our eyes, hair or a skin color, things that we usually wear like glasses, hair accessories, earings or a nose or lip ring. Mm. Also, if we wear makeup or if we have a 22 now, it's the time to incorporate all of them as we haven't decided our drawing style. Yet instead of farting all directly to our drawing, we're going to create something much more fun, a mood bore. It's important that our ever time reflect our personality and tastes, so I am going to ask you to incorporate into your clash the things you're passionate about . Are you a fashion addict at your photographer, or do you love to take pictures? Are you a pot and designer? A letter? I don't know, a sports person. It's music essential in your life. Do you enjoy cooking or reading books? Do you have any bets? Tell us who you are using us many pictures as you need. OK, having said that, let's determine our skin color. Did you know that there is a scale to the dam in your skin tone? Actually, there is the fit Patrick skin scale. Mr. Fitzpatrick says that there are six types of skin white Beijing lights brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. According to Mr Fit Patrick, you have a white skin. If you tend to have very pale or I returned the skin, you always burn in the sun on your skin. HASA naturally reddish on the tune. You have a Beijing skill if you have a fair or cream tone, unsettle Bay Beach undertones. You usually born in son, but you're able to turn occasionally. You have a light brown skin. If you have the golden or a light olive tone, you sometimes far, but you gradually get it in. You have a medium brown skin. If your skin has a caramel tone, Pantone's quickly with felt burning, you wrongly burn. You have a dark brown skin. If you're a skin to render this from radiant groans to a rich brown you really burn. I'm generally tongue quickly and easily. You have a black skin tone. If your skin tone rangers from deep mahogany too expressive, you almost never have some burns on, done quickly and deeply talking about our scheme. If you have freckles, have birthmark, molds or at the to, and you want them to be part off, you're trying make a room for them in your mood board. I've got a huge pimple on my forehead, but I hope it does not stay there forever. So I was keep throwing it. What I will add to my mood board is my skin tone. Okay, this is my mood. Poor as you can see, I added a lot of different things here. I added this picture because it represents how I actually look on a daily basis. I were light nutter makeup or no makeup at all. I never put my hair up in a ponytail on. I absolutely love hair accessories, a new huts, especially warm hats. My hair is curly, but in general item, paying too much attention to it. So I just brush it and it gets all frizzy and wavy. My favorite season is spring. I love growing my own vegetables even though backs eat more of them than me. The truth is, I'm not very good at taking care of plants. I like them, but they dont like me. So inside home, I only have capped I and Sakhalin because everybody told me that they don't I Well, they do die. I can guarantee you back. Okay? What else? I love listening to music. No music, no life. That's a fact for me. Mm. I drink herbal tea, anti everything. I have two drawers full of bags with different mixtures. I could eat pizza, everything I've never tried. But I am also sure I could do it. It is delicious. Trouble makes me happy. I would like to take a sabbatical year to travel the work. Who wouldn't? I would probably never be able to save enough money to do it. But who knows? I adore watercolors. I would like to have time to use them more often. I like all picks and picks in general. Mm. No a days. It's all digital. Don't get me wrong. I am delighted with my eye. But I have tons of pictures, several books and magazines, all my drawing tools on my beloved procreate up in it. That's insane. Do you think in the future beetles will be able to create food like the Replicator writing did in Star Trek? Well, I enjoy cooking them bacon, so I am not sure if that will be a good idea. Forget about it. It would be awesome. 13. Looking for the essence: in this video, we're going to play a little game. It will help you to determine the s and self yourself. What makes you special? I'm to choose what part or parts of yourself you want to show the rest of the world. So let's play. Imagine you have to create another time for another person. Okay, This person is a woman. She has an oval face. First keen blonde, straight hair, blue almond eyes, curve. Eyebrows. Have it short nose with a round tip on medium fake lips. This could be anyone, so we have to determine what makes her special. We need to know more about her. I will give you a hint. She usually where's wigs? On her favorite is the black and blown one with very long banks. Let's at this feature her eyebrows eyes nose on the car off her hair will be no longer essential in our join. We only see a small part off her face, so I think we can also go without her skin tone on face shape. What about hell? It's She usually wears red lipstick so we could ignore this feature, as many people wear them or included in our design. Do you recognize hair already? Not yet. What if I tell you that she likes to wear a giant boot? Once finished, Harris gives your profile will look like this. Okay, lets play again. I a spy with my little eye. Something different in this, You guys? Yeah. Unequal pupil size. Do you know who they belong to? And what if I am this fund? A bold. I'm sure you got the answer, right. Next person. Is it the mustache? Or maybe the eyebrows off are well known artist. Yeah, that's current. It could be a minimal Alberta or Frida Kahlo. We could have included some flowers or animals on Create a colorful Abbott. Er Why not? Everything is okay as long as you recognize her on it. The next person was a scientist. I thought about just showing you his her. But maybe it was going to be too hard to guess. Besides, this person hot some interesting features that I wanted to keep. Starting with an almost rectangular face shape, I beat pointed chin. Let's see them by a ragged a moustache. Big round. No stick tire eyes on those peculiar eyebrows. So I finally decided to keep all the features. What do you think? Which features would you draw last person? When you see this profile image, does it remind you off someone? I decided that her skin was strong enough to recognize her. The Patties off the white spots on her skin are what makes her different from the other fashion. Molins. It's her brun off course. Your design do not need to be as minimal as possible. The essential thing is to create a new image in which other uses easily recognize you or the person for whom you've made the Alberta as you're going to add your state's street. Maybe it won't look as your physically. It doesn't matter. As Loana sits, represent yourself. In any case, try not to switch it to frequently because it may make more difficult for all those to recognize you. And in case you want to change, it keeps something off the old one. It could be the same join style, for example, 14. Composition: now that we have chosen everything we want include, let's compares. Our provide picture about compensation can destroy the impact we want to make. So in this video I will give you a few tips to have this totally under control. We cannot create in our work without composition. The thing is, we usually make it unconsciously. But what do I mean by composition? Well, conversation is nothing more than an arrangement off the elements off our drawing. That's make us see them as a whole. We will have a least two elements. He computes to draw enough ourselves on the frame. In this case we have around its frame. We don't need to create a finished drawing to judge its composition. Okay, we just need to make a quick sketch to see how all the elements work together. When we play some Woodrow winning the frame, we create a space between our drawing on the border, off the frame, this area around this subject off interest. In other words, our drawing, it's called the negative space on our doing will be the positive space. Let's see how the perception off, the whole our work changes dependent on the relationship between this two parts. If the positive space is very small in comparison to the negative, the background will be the start of our profile image to do. This is a mistake if you want your character to be the focal point, but it's great if you create a Bagram showing the rest of the world. What do you like to do, what your tastes are or what you're good at? If the positive space is really big and it takes up all or almost all the space, the facial features will become the stars off the composition. Play around moving your cutter, increasing and decreasing its size and create some compositions, including lettering, flowers or whatever you like. When we have several elements to compose, we can create a sense of death. Let's throw on place ourselves first, and then we will add the other element to the conversation. Okay, now we are the focal point. But what if we draw our pets head here? Well, the big and we make it the closer will look to us on. As we are smaller than our pets head, it will look that we are far from it. If I draw a cat here in a peasant here, we can think that the cat is huge or that the person is far away from the cat. Or maybe that this is not a person but the cat soy. In this case, we need to include more things so that the composition makes sense, for example, and window in the house. Now everything looks right, as you just saw. Very in the size off, the positive and negative space is we create contrast, contrast, draw our attention to what's important. In this example, I decided the most important part of my drawing was the cat. On. The rest was just background. The higher the country's, the quicker we find the element off interest. So I decided my cat was going to take up half off the frame. We find it immediately, but it's hard to find the person in this composition, isn't it? That's because, in this case, the person is not the most important part. We can also create contras very in shape, color and rhythm. If I drove my cat and I using the same or very similar shapes, that won't be contrast unless I use different colors. Look how it licks. If I use different shapes to draw my cat tonight, I will even get a more contrasted administration. If I add color to it, let's make another example here. We've buried the fish shape here, the color I'm here, the rhythm. We have to be careful. OK, because contrast needs ballons to work. Too much creates chaos on too few could make the composition look boring. So play around until you get to perfect combination for you or ask. They got for help to help you to choose the right conversation. For your drawing, I recommend you to create a few frames on the sketch, some very general versions off your ideas. This way, you can experiment freely with a wasting your time, drawing detailed illustrations again. Annika, I've created four, but create as many as you need to also write notes if you want to. Because sometimes when we look at our drawing a few days later, we are not able to remember what was that rectangular thing with that's inside or that hairy oval shape and we lose, Ah, lot of time trying to figure out what a heck withdrew. - We cannot choose the shape off our profile image in any social network. It seems it has to be room. What if we want to be different? Well, we just need to think out off the books and get the most off that circular shape. The only room here isn't everything we want, not touching the borders off the circular frame. So let your imagination flight. 15. Drawing style: it's done to determine how are we going to draw ourselves? I'm talking about choosing a drawing a star realistic cartoon. Mangga abstract. The question is, do you have your own drones time yet? If you don't or if you want to step outside of your comfort zone, get put in this video. Developing and unique art style requires time and exploration. There is no such a thing as a magical recipe to find our own drawing style. But there are some steps that can help us to be on the right track. The first and more important, that is to learn the rules if you have never drawn yourself before. If you have never studied human anatomy on proportions, don't expect your drawing will look correct, even if you are not aiming for a realistic look. I do not think that Picasso didn't know how to draw a human body perfectly. He didn't know, but he decided to break the rules more than once. In fact, throughout his life, he created his own rules and therefore his own drawing style. You may like his style or not, but when you see one off his drawings, you know it belongs to him. So that's what we have to do. Learn the rules, break the rules on create our own rules. Do not even think about to skip this step. Every style is based on rules, because rules make style repeatable on your imprint. Recognizable. No rules, no style. OK, we learned the rules in the previous review. So now you need to take your specific facial features are modify them to create a new version off yourself that how do we break the rules and create our own? Well, we won't do it as we have been doing it since we were later by watching what others did on , then trying it ourselves. So next step is Do learn from all this. The best way to find our own style is to begin with coping. The works off aren't is that you are Meyer. Maybe you are thinking, but I don't want to play your eyes. Start. Please don't do it. I am not recommending you to do that. I'm encouraging you to learn from them not to take advantage of the work copy to learn their rules, keep the rules you like and disregard the rest. Modify them combined them. I finally create your own list of rules to create your own rules. Won't be easy nor quick, but I was trying to make it fun for you with the next exercise. Write down the names off their artists or just select some pieces. So far. Do you really admire place at the top of your list, your favorite ones, the different styles you act to your list, the better. So include also need drawings that you can find interesting but seems to be difficult or unnatural for you. Just that works that you really, really love and analyze them to discover the rules they're based on on. Try to draw yourself following those rules, trying to create an endless list, or you will get water womb Okay, start on allies in three or four on. If you feel at ease with the process, draw a few more. I recommend you to start with something easy to break the ice. For example, administration made by Roeder Hargreaves with a contrasted color palette and easy strong's to create all facial features. I will use the monoline brush to greet. They'll line the line has to be thick. Any shape is valid to create the head that it's also the body off the character. 20 both for the eyes, a circle for the nose, a semi circle for the mouth and a few more strokes for the hair hens in feet. I will be Miss blue so my skin will live blue on. I will add contrast, feeling my nose were red. Now I will reduce the size off the drawing on at the rest off the elements that will compose my profile picture all the illustrators like Dick Bruna que no or chance. And truth will be a great way to start with these exercise to notice that very styles sheriff some rules. But despite that, they are very different. Let's keep going on allies in The Simpsons. I recommend you to take a look at The Simpsons handbook because in it you will find all the rules that Matt Groening follows. Two Great, his carrot test dedicating. It would probably be hard for you to distinguish between what's the rule on what's only a part of a specific drawing. So I hope this isn't size helps you to develop an eye for rules. Having said that, let's since the NYSE ourselves. His cater's usually appear in a 3/4 of your uncle, so I will draw mine in a 3/4 beauty he always uses. Beiges shapes full. Takata's heads most off the male characters, half a longhand, while the female half a small and round one. So if you're men, you can start drawing your head using two circles or our rectangle. And if you're a woman, one circle the her shape is also made with basic shapes or the outline on a few more strokes, depending on the current, they all have big, boggy and close that eyes Iris does not exist under with off the I is about seven times the width of the people. Eyelashes are only for women. I'm they look like this. Most of the noses are drawn using and see or U shaped the apple. It is always wave bigger than the lower lift, and it is usually triangular no trace off the reddish parts. There is not such a thing as a gene, either. The es around with a curvy D shape here. Next step in gin and then at colors, playing colors for everything on, of course, yellow for the skin. Neither shadows, no highlights are usually present in his drawings, but when they appear, they are very simple. Less is more in this case, so keep it simple on draw us few. Lanza's possible. Okay, How did you feel drawing yourself following mats rules that What's fun, right? What do you think about theme? Barton's joins. Do you think months and teams drawings looking like? Not the chance, Right? Well, they both half a few rules in common. The way they draw the eyes is pretty similar. Round, small pupil. No worries eyelashes. Only four female current is but tens. Carter's also have a shadow under or around the eyes. So if I separate the eyes a little bit on at the Shadow, you would probably recognize Team Borden's style. Here we have just Barton eyes our since the night version off ourselves. Now we have a combination of two different styles in the same drawing, so escape Bar denies in our profile picture. They both use basic shapes for the Countess hits. It seems Tim prefers draw triangular Rhone or a combination off these two basic shapes so I can keep my head as it is now. or other boy energy. Hey, is that it draws on Lee the nostrils or pointy noses on. He also droves the mouth these way. Sometimes he draws the teeth as well. But for female cart is he is that he draws harsh shaped leaps. The skin tone off his contest is very pale or completely wife on. They have a skinny and long neck or known a candle. They often have frizzy hair. Most of them look like they've been electrocuted. What do you think about Quentin Blanks? Drawing style. He also has some rules. Incoming with Tim Burton. I'm sure you can see similarities between this two drawings, but still you can. This sandwich Which one belongs to Tim on which one to Quenton, Right? That's what we are looking for. We need to create something uniquely ours. Select the next. I work on your list on repeated process. If you love bright colors on Kalash, I recommend you to analyze Eric Carle or the the amongst. If you prefer to you softer or more dis saturated colors, you probably should take a look at theatrics. Porter joins Andi. If you love more realistic illustration, you probably shooting to grow well on your list. You want to say if you're interested in animal illustrations. If you lie, Disney make artists. You can analyze Crist undersea illustration. There are tons of different styles. The more information you absorb, the more different styles on rules do soak up. The easier will be for you to develop your own style once you have done it, stand to their conclusions. 16. Conclusions & Final Project: during the previous exercise. We've learned about what we want to draw on what feels natural for us. So it's time to ask ourselves a few questions. Question number one. Do you prefer to use bold outlines or no one lines at all? Do you endure drawings? Do you use watercolor, pastoral, graphite? I don't know what medium or mediums do you use on why I am not comfortable? We use in bold outlines. I feel finance in Know what line zero. But I prefer to draw some lands to mark out some areas of my drawing. I absolutely love digital drawing because I can get the best of my favorite mediums and much more when I'm drawing on paper, I used water colors and combined them with colored pencils. Question number two What part or parts off the drawing really grabbed your attention. In my case, the eyes on the hair are always what grabs my attention. Independently, off the way the artist that I am analysing used to draw them. The more detail really look, the more I enjoyed drawing them. I always start applying a base color using the soft brush from the airbrushing set. - Then I add to the mix all the colors I see in my iris Auker dark brown, a little bit of orange gray. I also see, like yellow. Wait, so I will draw them to the border off. My iris is darker than the rest on my upper leap. Cast a shadow over it. So I will you start crate too dark in those parts. The small fibers off my i r a. Been sick, so I will use a fine, deep brush to make them look more realistic. Once I have all the colors I need in my Paris, I will use this much tool to blend them, dragging the colors from the oak apart to the border and also to the pupil on, then the other way around. Final touches. I just need to aunt a few Oakar fibers. Some like yellow waves and blue shadow. Here, think over here. You can also use the HB pencil to draw their theme veins. If you want it, let's not a speck off, like on the eyes. Done. So next question. Question number three. They feel comfortable creating realistic known realistic drawings or both. Do you need to add a lot of details to your installations, or do you enjoy keeping them a Samos possible? In my case, I turned to create realistic drawings, but I do not feel comfortable drawing for a realistic our work. I need my drones to be a combination of both words. I always start drawing basis shapes on. Then I have more and more detail until I am satisfied. Question number four What about the colors? Do you prefer to use bright colors or though maybe a combination of both? If the answer is a combination of both, do you use the bright ones for the background on the dole for the main subject or the other way around? Do you enjoy using different hues and turns? Do you prefer to use Onley primary colors or different tones off just one? Q. In general, I do not enjoy drawing black and white ministrations. I feel like something is missing. The color is missing. I don't like to use only dull colors, so I tend to use a combination of both. When I am joining something from my imagination, I tend to use brighter colors than when I am creating an illustration from a photo question number five. What about the shadows and highlights? Do you consider your joing finished? If you don't add shadows and highlights in case you like to at shallows Howard them. Are they sharp? Are they realistic? For me, shadows and highlights are a must half. I prefer saddles, shadows and highlights, but I feel fine as long as the drawing half them. These is a size is not meant to represent the endpoint or finding your own style but the beginning. Now that you have discovered, what do you like and what you're good at? You have taken the first step to the will of your unique style. The style that you will end up with will have many different influences and it will probably continue evolving over time. Like because is, allow yourself to be curious on display lore. And if you get stuck, take some time off. Drawing it will help you to approach your art with an open mind. Be patient and enjoy the process. Rome wasn't built in a day