Drawing in Procreate! Tutorial 5/7: Create your own Stamp Brushes | Lettie Blue | Skillshare

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Drawing in Procreate! Tutorial 5/7: Create your own Stamp Brushes

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Stamps: the basics


    • 3.

      Linear stamps


    • 4.

      Lineless stamps


    • 5.

      Gradient stamps


    • 6.

      Stamps from pics


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      Q&A: Aligning stamps in Procreate 4


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About This Class

This is the fifth of a ten-part series on Drawing in Procreate. This session focuses on how to create brushes, stamps in particular.

We will start talking about the ins and outs of the stamps (I will show you some little tricks to master the stamps creation in Procreate :D), then I will propose you four fun, quick and easy projects, where you will be able to apply all you’ve just learnt.

I will use an iPad and an Apple Pencil, but no stylus is required.

Basic knowledge of Procreate is recommendable to take this course.

Drawing in Procreate! class schedule:

* Tutorial 1: Brushes & Gestures. Learning the basics of Procreate (1/2): Click here to take it!

* Tutorial 2: Layers & Colors. Learning the basics of Procreate (2/2) : click here to take it!

* Tutorial 3: Textures. Draw faster using preset textured brushes: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 4: Creating Calligraphy Brushes. Custom brushes 1/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 5: THIS CLASS.

* Tutorial 6: Creating Seamless Patterns. Custom brushes 3/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 7: Blending Modes 1/2. Darken & Lighten sets: click here to take it!

Make sure to follow me so you know when the next class is released! ;)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator



 Hey there! I’m Lettie, architect, illustrator and teacher.

I love drawing, making crafts, traveling, cooking, reading, singing, dancing, listening to music, growing my own veggies... well, I am not good at the last one, but I like it anyway, plus the snails and their bug friends living in my small garden seem to be very happy. :)

As I was saying, I am a curious and motivated person, always eager to learn something new and to share what I learn with you all. I’ve been drawing in Procreate since 2012 and I LOVE IT! I make illustrations for apps, games, books, print-on-demand products... I draw A LOT every day! I've taught over 100K + aspiring and established artists to get the most of Procreate. Teaching makes me re... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: hi and welcome to the fifth course about Germany. Appropriate and letting illustrator I didn't sentence away. And this cars, we will talk about stamps first. I will show you the ins and outs off the some creation. Then I would propose you for assignments for you to practice your new skills, to say this class just me. Basic knowledge to appropriate, that's all. So see you, CASS. 2. Stamps: the basics: Okay, let's create our first, um, brush. The most important thing to keep in mind when we're creating sums is using a square campus . We have a present option here, but you also can create anyone tapping new canvas. I used a bigger compass when I create high detail potters, but the present one is fine to create sums. So let's open it. Another important thing is to change the background color to any color but wet. I use nature's dark gray or black because it's easier for me to get an idea how the drawing will look. We will start drawing everything in white because white is the only corner that's going to be 100% opaque. When we transform our drawing into stump, we can create and you drawing for these or use one we've done before. I've chosen this one. What else? Okay, degree agreed is really helpful here. I made it is great to help me out. If you watch the previous course, you will recognize it. But if this is your first no problem, you can download it in my project section as well as almost everything we are going to create in this class. I have to. Christie. Opacity of the greed. I'm more comfortable around 20% residue if it's too subtle for you. Here I have a group with two different drawings. I am going to duplicate them to keep the originals on touch unmatched in Let's Hide the Original and Kobe the Mitch ones. Good brushes choose or create a set on creating a new brush topping. The last time, as we are creating a stump, we are going to base our drawing in the shape space and choose a great or a butter from pro library. Most of them are great, but the ones that don't feel the square area are more difficult to fit. In the stamp area, I recommend you to use the square ones like blank diagonal, and so I will splaying you how to use the others later. We cannot see the stump shape right now, so we need to go to stroke and said Space into Max. Then go to general and after or into iPad screen uses thump. Review. Andi. Probably We will need to raise them X ice later, too, but whimsy does them previews. Here. Let's see how it looks. Choose any corner and up. That's was more. Let's single is its size. If that's not enough like now, we will need to modify the max size at general. OK, I will increase them in size as well. We don't need any tiny stumps now. It was set these two max. We get a quite big stump to mean It's fine to if you want to create it in all the colors. No problem. Just choose one on a stamp. There is a little trick to create more realistic stumps. I would show you tapping with chip fingers. Here we will obtain negative space to positive. Now, instead of stumping the lines off our brush, we will stump the back room. He's become more interesting when we choose a different grain, for example, right, This is how it looks nice. Don't you pay? We can also rotate the grain and modify its scale as well. Okay, it's time for the known square greens. I love the ink dry grain, so let's just it. If you don't modify it, it's not going to look good. You'll see all my stuff is missing. So we need to do that leader drink. I'm mollify the skin to. And now now it's looking great. Off course you can retain these two. Just remember to use the little trick when the grayness stumps. Behaves like days. Sometimes you can fix the problem increasing or decreasing this scale. But mostly the stump is going to look like this. Okay, let's clear the land. Um, no. I'm going to explain to you why is the great so important for me? I'm going to use these layer on. I'm going to decrease the rose size where the drawing is placed in the cameras is very important. Why is that? Because if we place it in the campus center, when we copy and paste it to create a stone duplicate sleep or career ivory, huh? Blank. As I was saying, when we place it in the center, our join is going to appear exactly where we talk with our pencil or finger in the cameras . No models decides. OK, that's because the uncle point off our stamp will be always in the center off the campus. But if we move our Joey outside Descente, for example, here when we create our stamp, um you see its place in the corner on top in the campus this time is not going to be where we are tapping. This was really annoying. When I created my first times. I didn't realize that. And sometimes I created Stump far away from the chemist center on. I remember thinking What's wrong with this time? So try to place them more or less in the center. If you don't want to get my okay, let's go back to the first time. Okay. How to align several stumps. Place one and then top unholy the 2nd 1 in the center. Or where you put the uncle point off your brush drug. Wait until the quick line created pop up appears on. Then align it. If I talk transformed, you will see the quick line easily. This is the uncle point off. My current stamp on this is the reference point I've made to consign with Uncle. Point off my first time. Use your finger to Luckett horizontally. As always, this Onley works the 1st 100 top transform. The next time this tool will select everything you have drawn in your leg. Let's clear the lead on talk about how to get different capacities in just one stone. Let's select this layer again. Moved to draw into the center. Make it bigger on let's chains the background color to rent, for example. Now we're going to create a grayscale rose on DSI. What happens when we create a system with it, less juice black and feel some petals? Okay, we have all the but in black. Now it's field, some of them with a dark, a great some with light, a gray color. I'm finally with white. Okay, let's go beat to placate. I'm based. Um, very dis. Let's see how it looks. As you can see, everything we painted in black is missing. This part is almost transparent on the others, but the white petals on semi transparent. You will say it easily. If I create a lair UNP, place it under the rose one. Let's choose a brush on. Let's choose a different color blue. For instance. If I draw something under the rose, be sure to be drawing under it. Okay, I won't be able to see anything through the white petals because everything we painting white will be 100% opaque. But I will see the blue line better when the great gets darker because the darker the color , the less capacity the drawing will have. On off course, Everything in black will always be 100% transparent. This is great if we want to act textures or colors toe our stump. But it's not. If we want to add a background on, we don't want to see through our rose. So if we want to keep our grading intact, just top on hold with two fingers over the Rosalie until selected less contents pops, then create a new layer. Um, place it under the roads were I'm feel or painted with any color. This is a quick option to greet the mask. Okay, I will paint in black because I want to keep the shades of gray. Now. We're not painting the flower, but because it wasn't colored before. No problem. Just dis elect and add color to it. When you finish just Mitch down and that's it. The Blue line won't get in the way off are doing anymore 3. Linear stamps: it's stand to have fun creating sums. So first thing I need you to do is to to something you will enjoy drawing. I have chosen Cap Kate's. I enjoy more eating them than drawing them, but nothing is perfect. So let's go straight to the point. I found four mouthwatering pictures on Pinterest that are perfect for this curse. One is this great blueberry cupcake. We will use it as a reference to create our first to Simon, which is too great a linear system. I don't want to bore you watching me draw just land. So my linear drawing is ready on its only three fingers down. Worse, copy duplicates or create a newest Come as you wish I'm pasted as useful. Now create a new lay had to play around with it. Let's hide these two less with a needle. Let's see if we don't have to increase the mass size. Well, it's okay. You already know how to change the color of your son. But if you got up lazy or you just don't remember in which set off brushes, you place it. You always can go toe adjustments and use three color. We also can change or at our texture to it. I would show you two ways to do it. 1st 1 active Alfa lock and choose a brush you like. I'm going to change the stump name first. And now let's use newsprint to city from color, and this is how it looks. You also can use that you raise her to the this. Try both options to see which one you prefer. The second way is to modify the stump grain, as we did in the previous video, so let's duplicate it first and then I disagree. Any of the squares ones will look fine. Just lay around not only changing the grainy image but also changing the grain size at the brush sentence. Okay, this is not looking very cool and pink. I think you should try with a little cooler. You can use your linear systems to great coloring books, cards, stickers, lots of things. Thanks to procreate, you will no longer need to bring them to make them look like a war Connor drawing, for example, you can create a full collection, just stumping and then adding different colors or styles to your drawings. Here, for example, I am showing you how I created a watercolor illustration using the cupcake stump, the circle maker brush we made in the second cars and 2% brushes There were a brush will find at the paint and set on the war flicks you will find at the water set. Hold. You have enjoy watching this video because now it's your time. Can't wait to see What are you going to draw? Is it butterflies? Maybe flowers keep things cupcakes. Can you imagine the process section for off delicious cupcakes? Your me. 4. Lineless stamps: in this class we're going to create Linus Stumps. Once you have your line are made, create a new way above your cap, Caylee. Then choose the cupcake. A woman on top reference. This is a really useful feature when you want to have your ink on color. Feels separated like we do now. So choose white and use color job to feel the drawing. In this case, I will not feel little. But it is going to look great. You will see once you're don't make sure to the activate reference or you Onley will be ableto paint inside off the cupcake. Okay, No go beat. Duplicate these paste. It modified the grain in this case on Let's see how it looks. Okay. Genuine color and size. Um, it's so bassett eels. The great thing with this kind of sums is that the different areas are not in contact so we can change its color really quick. Just using color drop. Or we can even at some texture, just using on for luck choosing a color pink, for example, and then a textured brush. I think the Victorian brush will look great in this paper cup. We always can go back to our linear drawing to create more landless systems. Now I am going to create anyone feeling on Lee the lemon part on I will lives both stumps too great. A minimal illustration. So let's dump the cupcake in white first. And then the lemon, less juice A nice yellow for it. As you can see here, I didn't place the lemon in the campus center before creating stamp my butt So we will have to wait till the quick lang created. Papa appears to release our lemon in the right position. This is nice, but it needs something. Mills. I will use the flat market to a texter to a lemon. Don't forget to rt felt Alec to avoid drawing out. Okay, I will add some texture to the lemon skin. They were never brush is great for that. Yeah, I use it a lot. It is one of my favorite present brushes. I don't know if you can say it in the video, so I will publish all my finished drawer wins in my project at the party section. OK, let's speak white and at some highlights, Onda let's add so more with the flat market okay, It's looking good. I'm going to write something now. I'm going to ride Lemon. It's not right in. So I'm sure I have Alfa lock activated. No, I just need to add color to the cream on and I think it's done. Now I will show you how different is aimed. Drawing looks if you change the hilarious colors and textures. As you can see, I used just dumps here. The first is the one we've created in this class. On the other is made by feeling the empty space The 1st 1 left I needed to stumps because the lines in my linear drawing are very thing. Because of that, the space between two different areas are not enough to fill them. Separate Lee. Not even more refined the threats off. If you use thicker lines, you will need just one stump. But the different areas off the drawing are going to be clearly separated. Okay. In this example, I used color drop to add color to the different areas on three preset brushes born of a chalk on artists Crean From this getting set, I'm flat marker from the engine set off course You can use this stuff. Just using one color are in Texas in the brush statins or playing with its opacity to create shadows or watermarks. Now is your time to create a line less system. You can use the ones you've created for the first assignment. So there are no excuses. I want to see your landless system in your produce section, OK? 5. Gradient stamps: Okay, Race. Do you in this rowing, we're not going to use black and white Onley shakes off great Harlem because we don't want anything missing or 100% opaque. We're going to use a light great for shadows on dark gray for highlights. Remember, the darker the color, the less a passage the the door one will be When we are creating stamps. The first thing we have to do is feeling the drawing, So choose a great from the color palette, create a layer and place it here, then say, like the cupcake layer on top, selection to automatic on top. Inverse. Choose visibly. I'm feel we don't want anything in white, so we need to recall er the line off the drawing. Make sure you're in the right way. If you want a Linus drawing, duplicate the layer first to use it as a reference on use the same color for the line on the feeling I will use one. It's slightly different this time. It's going to be a bit lighter than the other ones. I'm going to duplicate the linear layer on merch. These allergy I will paint in this Lana so active Alpha look, I will use selection to to create shadows and highlights. You can use any brush you like instead. No problem. These are the shadows, so let's choose our lights. Great. Um, I'm going to retouch them. Just give me a second. Let's do the same. But now, with the highlights, sometimes it's easier to use a brush to add some more once you're done much the last. If you want to keep the lines, we don't need that for luck. OK and copied as usual, Go to your stem set, duplicate and paste. Let's see how it looks. Hi, new layer. Let's staying the bun grown corner too white, for example. Let's go to the empty lay on juice a color, for example. Orangey. There it is. Highlights and shadows are now how they should be. This kind of stamps looks great when they have a cool grain instead of blank. So let's change. It's green, but spray looks good, for example, but my favorite is ink dry top over it with two fingers. Okay, the grain is too small. Let's raise it now. It's perfect, it seems, on oldest dump. Remember to change positive space to negative because if you forgot. This is what happens now. We are watching a video where I'm painting in colors the drawing before creating stuff, I drew everything in different lies. Um, we will talk about later, because what I want you to show you with this is one that you cannot as much detail as you want to a draw when you're going to use a system, I don't think, as some has to be the essence off something okay to It's okay. If you don't want to use a great scale, I will show you how easy it is to transform your color drawings in shades of gray. Three. You can also add as many colors is you want. We can transform them easily later on. Having said that, I use only two different brushes here. Yes, that's correct. How Use burnable Chalk for the cake on the self airbrush for the rest. Okay, we're back to procreate once we have to drawing down. Or if you already have a colorful drawing from other project on, you want to create a storm with it. It's it's fine to, and we have to adjust the drawing colors to this. Tom's requirements because if you just copy and paste your drawing us, it is now. The highlights are going to be the shadows. As you can see here, Procreate House already transformed your drawing. The only problem is this work we were talking about before. Here you can see the problem. So what we have to do to solve this? Well, you can t saturate the Roman first in his saturation and brightness if you need to see more clearly what's happening with your drawing. But we just really need to go to curbs. A move on Lee. Two points to solve them convenient, it seems it's not going to work, I know, but if you go here on de saturated, you will see E teas. So let's go cope eight and create our stamp. Let's see how it looks. I will just a pinkish color again. Well, let's use exactly the same color to see the difference. Um, there it is perfect. Let's talk about why I drew the different parts off the cupcake in different less. I did that because that way I can create a stump for their raspberry. Another stample, the mainly the different layers off the cream the cake on the paper cup. So if I want to create different colors for us very quick, I just have to choose the rescuer stamp, which is the color I'm stomp it again and again in the campus. I can even create a BlackBerry with the same stuff. If I create different fruits, cakes and toppings, I can combine them and create drawing like this really, really fast. I just added some Sprinkles using the driving snow brush that you will find a D elements set. Okay, you can imitate chocolate powder use in Bern tree. Andi, I added small circles to my paper cup with the decimal brush. You just need stump Diverse in orange and active outlook Selected decimal brush Change its collar to white. Now we're it's a passage e on draw. Okay. For dis assignment, you can choose between three options one drug raid in stump in different shades of gray to choose one off your colorful drawings and transform it into system or three creator collections off stumps on show us how to combine them 6. Stamps from pics: Okay. This is our final lesson about stumps. If you fall in love with her big on you want to stamp it everywhere. Just insert the picture in a new layer. Tap selection to freehand on. Draw the outline when you're finished. Top here and it will copy. It's something a new layer. Here it is. Hi. The other one you can copy right away. But it looks better if you use the little girls. Streak these up. And these them Thank copious. Usual. Go to stamps. Duplicate. I'm paste on. Very taste. Super easy. It is going to work exactly like the other Stumps. You can change his color, texture everything. Okay, find on a Simon. This is the easiest assignment ever. Just choose the picture on created stun with it. That's all for now. See you in the next last Baba 7. Q&A: Aligning stamps in Procreate 4: if we're using appropriate for and we want to align two or more stumps, the first thing we have to do is to go toe actions. Preps on activate brush cursor It will be a lot easier. It is way tap on the campus and place the first stump, now tapping whole anywhere on the campus dry. I make the shape off the breast cursor coincide with the first time. Wait until quick line created pop up appears now. Tap turns form a line will appear. Connecting the uncle points off the stumps dragged the second stump from its uncle Point. I'm place it wherever you want it. That's the screen with your finger. If you want to align it horizontally with a specific angle or vertically, we will align it horizontally. Captain's form again when you are done.