Drawing in Procreate! Learning the Basics. Tutorial 2/7: Layers & Colors. Tips&Tricks for Beginners | Lettie Blue | Skillshare

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Drawing in Procreate! Learning the Basics. Tutorial 2/7: Layers & Colors. Tips&Tricks for Beginners

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Looking for inspiration: Minimal Art


    • 3.

      Choosing a subject


    • 4.



    • 5.

      Drawing circles with a new brush


    • 6.

      Fill, alpha lock, recolor & color drop


    • 7.

      Creating a new color palette


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About This Class

This is the second of a ten-part series on Drawing in Procreate. In this course we will to talk about Layers & Colors.

We will cover the basics of working with layers, discover the most useful layers gestures, fill drawings with color and create our own color palette.

This time we will take a closer look at the way other illustrators use color to bring art to life. Then you will put that knowledge to work in the project section, where you will draw your colorful printable calendar of April in your own unique style.

I will use iPad Pro and Apple Pencil but it's ok if you use other IOS devices and your finger instead.

This class is perfect for everyone who wants to learn how to draw in Procreate. If you don't know anything about the App, I recommend you to take the first course: Drawing in Procreate! Learning the basics. Tutorial 1: Brushes & Gestures. By the end, you will master drawing with layers, speed up your color process, have a nice April calendar and the inspirational push to continue developing your own drawing style.

Drawing in Procreate! class schedule:

* Tutorial 1: Brushes & Gestures. Learning the basics of Procreate (1/2): Click here to take it!

* Tutorial 2: Layers & Colors. Learning the basics of Procreate (2/2): THIS CLASS

* Tutorial 3: Textures. Draw faster using preset textured brushes: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 4: Creating Calligraphy brushes. Custom brushes 1/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 5: Creating Stamps. Custom brushes 2/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 6: Creating Seamless Patterns. Custom brushes 3/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 7: Blending Modes 1/2. Darken & Lighten sets: click here to take it!

Make sure to follow me so you know when the next class is released! ;)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator



 Hey there! I’m Lettie, architect, illustrator and teacher.

I love drawing, making crafts, traveling, cooking, reading, singing, dancing, listening to music, growing my own veggies... well, I am not good at the last one, but I like it anyway, plus the snails and their bug friends living in my small garden seem to be very happy. :)

As I was saying, I am a curious and motivated person, always eager to learn something new and to share what I learn with you all. I’ve been drawing in Procreate since 2012 and I LOVE IT! I make illustrations for apps, games, books, print-on-demand products... I draw A LOT every day! I've taught over 100K + aspiring and established artists to get the most of Procreate. Teaching makes me re... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Betty, Illustrated at In a vise design and software. Welcome to the second cost about drawing in procreate. This time I will show you how to use plays and colors to improve your workplace. Discuss will be more dynamic than the 1st 1 You will drop with me, your class. Burn it all. I hope you like minimalism because we will strip our design down. Two essential elements incorporate geometric forms, solid colors, unlimited color parts to create our April calendar. If you never had an experience with procreate, I highly recommend that you spent a bit off extra time watching my first calls drawing appropriate learning the basics if you already know the basis these curses for you. So grab your iPad or I devise your apple pencil or your train fingers on. There we go. 2. Looking for inspiration: Minimal Art: minimalism less is more. I'm not going to give you a lecture about minimalism. I just want to show you some amazing pieces off are to inspire the more styles you know. In practice, the easy will be to find your own. Minimalist paintings are usually precise on hard edged, referring to the abrupt transition between color areas. As you can see in this three examples, they incorporate dramatic phones, often in repetitive Parton's, resulting in a flat, two dimensional space. Some of them, like Kenneth Noland, used shaped campuses in said the tradition on the square ones. Calmer areas are generally on very on. A mixed on the color palette is often limited. Talking about color. Do you know who the administration's belongs to? It's Malika. She has an outstanding bowler. Minimal style musters the positive and negative space under use of colors. Here is her webpage. In case you like her work as much as I do, um, I highly recommend you to watch Heavy. They used to. I hope you feel inspired because we are about to start our cast product 3. Choosing a subject: it's time to choose a subject to drop. The 22nd of April is the F Day, so I've decide to draw something related to nature. I loved drawing berths on a sudden day behavior, so I'm going to draw a pair for this month. Would you prefer to do something different? It's totally fine, too. Let's look for a reference images. I usually look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Did you decide to draw something about nature? Don't miss this photographer Instagram Page. His picks are just amazing. I selected this two images, so I have everything I need to start with appropriate. 4. Layers: well, let's create a new canvas. I wanted alone, So I need a custom one. It's going to be 14 40 by 28 80 trying to choose no resolution campus because if you do on in the future, you need your drawings bigger. It will lose quality when you skated up. Let's give it the name. April Calendar. Now we are going to insert our reference images, so stop action button insert. Insert flat image, Tappan Whole transform bottom and some out with your fingers to see the whole chemist release it and transform their image. Be sure magnetic its own to get the image proportions. Was your transform in it? Let's do it again. As you can see its image, its place in a new layer. We need to re arrange them in order to see the other birth. So tap on, hold the first layer and release it above the other. Let's move these a little bit. Be sure you no longer need everything. You lives outside the campus because it will be erased as soon as you tap to transform button again in case you are not sure go to less so up to the left tapped IPIC eight top here to hide the layer you don't need to see now on. Then transform one off them, so I'm to the left. Un deleted. If you won't need it, you can rename less. This is really useful when you have a lot of thumb. Let's group them together. There are two options holding a layer or were another until the blue frame appears on. Release it or selecting the lions. We want to be grouped on top here if you tapped his but, um, you will delayed them. So be careful now. We have been grouped top here. I'm give it a name, naming reference pictures or whatever you like in case it in your mind on you. Don't want, for example, this layer in the group just stopping hole and release it up. Rivera section on the layer will be part of the group. Again locked a group to avoid elite transform or painted accidentally. Let's create a new layer. New less will be inserted. About two caraway off mike are lion is inside a group. It will be created inside, too. Just move it outside or created. Currently outside the group, name it sketch now choose a brush. I normally is six b eight B or technique open. So for sketching a minimalist for the form off the bird down to the same place on most elemental shapes, I will draw a circle for the bird's head on another circle for its body. Clear the layer on. Draw it again as many tenses you need. If you're not used to drawing birds, just duplicate the reference image. Make it bigger. Lower capacity tapping with two fingers the layer. Choose a sketch layer on and start drawing. 5. Drawing circles with a new brush: Usually my next step is thinking, but we will not use lines this time. We will draw some dramatic shapes to create our minimalist, but and then we will fill those shapes with colors. First of all, we need to load capacity off the sketch layer. I look it, create some new last for the birth head, body big and tail and group them together. I am going to show you how to make a perfect circle for the births body and head off course . You can do it with a circle template, but it's useful to know how to do it by creating a new version. Go to Process Chapter folder we created in the previous cars or create a new one. Tapping music, then topped the class. Time to create a new brush. Choose a circle for the shape source on blank for the grain source. This is too small. So top general on modify the size in Greece, it deal 300%. Mm. Now it's OK. Does one more thing tap stroke on rises space into the max, and you will have a perfect cycle gift. The brush inning, for example. Circle maker. Use the toolbar to increase or decrease the circle size on draw the body on the head. Remember to use different layers for each book. Use the gel pen to draw the pig on the tail. I used to call a selection button to quickly filling shapes. 6. Fill, alpha lock, recolor & color drop: in this video, we will color our drawing. But first you need to know some things about selecting colors in procreate. This is the color range you will see by default. In case you prefer the classic one just goto actions. Braves classic color picker on charities. You will find hue saturation on brightness here, as usual. Well, this is the humoring, um the situation disk this circle. Show us A selected here on this one. This elected color. If you choose another color tapping here, you will see the current color here on the previous one. Here. Tap on. Hold the course selection button to switch back to your previous color. Okay. There are some different ways to color are illustrations. I will show you a couple of them. First, we're going to draw using only similar valleys. So we will select a hue and soon in the saturation disk. It's not possible to draw on several lays at the same time. Not even if all of them are selected or in a group. If you do it, you will draw on the land you first selected. The same will happen with this much he raised cut on copy selection and transform actions will affect all selected layers, though, so we are going to duplicate the group on much. The layers rename it bird one on high. The other group. We no longer need our bird black, so we're going to re color it. I am going to duplicate the bird to show you some ways to do it on the difference between them. - Option one. If you top on Jews feel you will feel the whole layer with a selective color. But if you top on hold on the lay with two fingers to select the contents off the lay on, then talk feel. Only the use big sold will be filled. Option two. If you swipe a lair from left to right with two fingers, you will after awful look. A checker. Bagram will appear in the layer. Some name. What are follow is active. You will only be able to pain inside the area that already has paint on it. Stop saying that. Option three Top A Dust mints re color and drag the cross over the color you want to change . Here is re color threats hole. It's like left and right toe. Adjust the affected area option for drag the color drug over the desired field area. Way to lead a big um, It's like left and right to adjust the affected area. As you can see, if you choose, the first option on all fine will appear while If you choose the others, it won't. But what happens when we have objects with different colors on a layer on? We want to change their colors. Paint the yellow Berlet on the proper one to match them. Underlies in between. Let's repeat the options, and you will see what happens. Option one Feel Option two. Alfa look Option three Re color option for color drop. We're going to draw using alpha lock this time. Top Joubert layer. It's a like a Hugh answer Mean the saturation disk. After off a look on top feel go to brushes and select a brush. I witches grown brush go to colors again on double top on various points around the saturation disk. To get pure values, I will double it up here to choose that color for my shadows. Use white or a lighter color for the highlights. I like how this look, but if you prefer a smoother finish, just uses much too 7. Creating a new color palette: Now I'm going to show you how to create a new color palette, go to color and swipe over the current color palette to the left to see more color palettes . We have said that this is one brightness too active. For example, the comic one. Just stop over the heather to change the pallets. Name top exactly over it. Strike down. If you want to import more color palette, I'm juice the source. I don't import color palettes because it's really easy to create your owns. So topped the plus sign on a new anti palate will appear. Top Hold and run it wherever you want. Name it. Birds. Okay, it's time to same. Some color as searches. There are three ways to do it. What? See letter color from the color wheel on top, in one, off the empty spaces off the color palette tree to so I to the right hon. Insert a numerical color pure blue, for example. 00 to 5 fight swipe to the left or top. Tierro. Tucson Empty space on top again. Three. Use that I drop to select a cooler from your Calmus top and hold onto the eyedropper appears. Find your desired color on Release Tom the color button and save the color. As usual, you can really tell your searches. Just top on hold and move it or even deleted double top or top hold and drug outside. Let's go. But keep in mind you cannot under the section, so be sure before they let in any such okay. 8. Coloring: I want administration a bit more complex, so I'm going to draw my bed sitting on a bronze at some water. On some details. I've added more colors to my palette, using the eyedropper to select them from the reference image, Please, once for the back room. These for the bed on days for the brunch, feel the background layer with blue. This is too dark, so I prefer this one. Choose black to draw the legs on the brunch. Create a new layer for each one. Be sure they stay inside a group if you rearrange them. - My birth is too far from the brunch, so I've selected my burlesque and move them using the transform bottom. No, the brown layer capacity to draw the legs easily. - Join the big with the head on retorted, If you need to, mine is too long, so I'm using day razor to make it smaller. Remember to tap and hold. They raise a button in case you want to race with the same brush you was painting with. Join the head with the body to hi the body layer to join the lines to just room and use the color drop retouched to tail. I'm erasing some off them because I want to create so minimalist feathers. - Let's that colors use the color. Drop gray for the beak, light blue for the head. Anti move the Baudelaire A. Vote the head one. Fill it with yellow. Great for the legs, too, and a very light brown for the brunch. Now we're going to draw on the white areas off the bare head, so also lock the head layer. Tap this election, but, um, drum with it the shape you want. A mobility is in the color drop. Do the same to act some shadows. Remember to offer local layers fest. Here's the circle maker Brust with created before to draw the eye. Rearrange players when you need it on at more shadows on retouching. Whenever you see fit, - let's that some water. Create a new layer for bed. Choose a light blue color I calligraphy pen brush and raised the streamline to do the waves . Use the color drop again. Same full. This guy. Be sure you're lying. Touches the edges off the campus before use in the color drug Transform sky on water until you're happy with the result. Let's create the bird reflection on the water duplicates and flatter the bird group. Flip the layer detail is too long. I am notifying a little bit and creative burger shadow layer again. - Don't use the color drop this time because you are not going to get a flat color. Use our for look and feel within itself. Doing it's known for their calendar. New layer for that on one full degree, we will use the green to help us to write the numbers. As we learned in the first curse. Don't forget to change your breast before a stag bright ing done to share your I wake tap actions. Sure share artwork and posted in the class project section. I'm looking forward to see your products. If you have enjoyed with this course, reward me with a number. If you didn't like it, please help me to be a bit of detail. Right, right. In a comment in the community section. Thank you. See you in the next girls