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Drawing in Procreate! Tutorial 6/7: Create your own Pattern Brushes

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Patterns: the basics


    • 3.

      Striped, checked & zig-zag patterns


    • 4.

      Complex seamless patterns: method 1


    • 5.

      Complex seamless patterns: method 2


    • 6.

      Creating pattern brushes from pictures


    • 7.

      Pattern combinations


    • 8.

      Class project


    • 9.

      Bonus project


    • 10.

      Q&A: Polka dots


    • 11.

      Q&A: Blurry & thick lines


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About This Class

This is the sixth course in the Drawing in Procreate series and the last about creating custom brushes.

This time we will dive into pattern brushes! I will show you several methods to create any pattern you want, from simple motives to intricate seamless patterns.

To take this class you just need basic knowledge of Procreate and an iPad. That’s all! :)

So... Let’s create some patterns!

Drawing in Procreate! class schedule:

* Tutorial 1: Brushes & Gestures. Learning the basics of Procreate (1/2): Click here to take it!

* Tutorial 2: Layers & Colors. Learning the basics of Procreate (2/2) : click here to take it!

* Tutorial 3: Textures. Draw faster using preset textured brushes: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 4: Creating Calligraphy Brushes. Custom brushes 1/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 5:  Creating Stamps. Custom brushes 2/3: click here to take it!

* Tutorial 6: THIS CLASS.

* Tutorial 7: Blending Modes 1/2. Darken & Lighten sets: click here to take it!

Make sure to follow me so you know when the next class is released! ;)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator



 Hey there! I’m Lettie, architect, illustrator and teacher.

I love drawing, making crafts, traveling, cooking, reading, singing, dancing, listening to music, growing my own veggies... well, I am not good at the last one, but I like it anyway, plus the snails and their bug friends living in my small garden seem to be very happy. :)

As I was saying, I am a curious and motivated person, always eager to learn something new and to share what I learn with you all. I’ve been drawing in Procreate since 2012 and I LOVE IT! I make illustrations for apps, games, books, print-on-demand products... I draw A LOT every day! I've taught over 100K + aspiring and established artists to get the most of Procreate. Teaching makes me re... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Welcome to the sixth occurs about drawing appropriate on the last one about creating custom brushes. This time we will dive into Parton brushes. I will show you several methods to create any part, and you want, from simple motives to intricate Cygnus patterns. Call the class project. We will create a seamless pattern composition on Make your design available across a wide range of brothers. There will be a bonus final product where we will apply everything with lender in the last three courses by creating a week planning page to take this class. You just need a basic knowledge of procreate on a night, but that's all. So let's create some patterns. 2. Patterns: the basics: in these cars. I will show you all you need to know to create your first pattern brushes. We will start creating simple patterns, and we will finish creating complex, seamless patterns and pattern combinations. So let's start with the basics. As in the case with the stumps, we will need a square canvas. This is agreed we were using to create stems. I've made a big, great explain you how appropriate works when creating Parton brushes on to help you think the best on easiest way to create your partner search. We will also paint in what? Everything. We want to be 100% opaque, unused shades of gray the same way we date when creating stamps. When we were creating stumps, we paste it in the shape space our joy and chose on image from prole ivory at grain. Sirs. Well, now we need to swap them so we will paste our drawing or pattern such at Grand Sirs. On we will choose a textured or plane shape from pra library at the shape sores. Our drawing will be hate like a grain, so it will roll inside the shape like a pen roller. Okay, there are a few sevens we need to modify. Let's start with stroke. We will set spacing to none. When we were creating stamps, it WAAS said to Max, because we only need one rose. It's time we talked the campus. But now we need overlapping shapes to get a continuous image of our pattern. We will increase spacing, though when we want to A texture to our pattern. We will talk about it later. Okay, shape Then we will play around mollifying scatter on rotation later on too grain. Here we will set movement to rolling to avoid deforming the drawing set it to roll in. Then we will modify the scale here to win it it and said Zoom to follow size. Um, this way we will be able to modify the size off our brush here, undersize off the rose will follow the size of our brush At dynamics, we will turn on glazed. We will do this to avoid overlapping. If you will like to know how it sadly this certain on the other ones works. Just watch the first video off the fourth tutorial off the Siri's. Okay, But justice that reminder if your partner look like this. It's because you forgot to turn it down. So don't be done on. Everything will be fine, OK? Mm. What else up, general? Here you can modify the size name is as usual. I like Orient. I bet to screen on, but it's totally up to you. Um just a reminder as well, if its own. When I'm painting on, I rotate the campus Brocade will always align my partner with the top off the iPod. Okay. If it is off, you will always spend your roses with the same orientation. No matters. The orientation off the cameras. So for me, I will turn it on on the stump. Review us in order to create apart and brush. We have to draw something first, for example, arose. These will be our bottom sort. We will copy it and paste it at the grain space. This is the same Great we have bean using to create our own brushes in the previous courses . Remember, the cameras will have the same size off these blue square. Okay. I just did the big great for you to see easily how the partners will look when we are creating a patents watch where do we place our drawing? It's not so important as it waas when creating stumps, as long as we don't go beyond the edges off the campus. If we play somewhere, rose here and create our pattern brush, that is how it will look. Procreate will take our sample on a stamp it again and again. It will also keep the distance between the drawing on the campus eighties. As you see, these is the same as these, um, the same here. So if you create a smaller rooms, the distance between the roses will be beaker. As I was saying, Why is not so important where the roses place in the canvas? Because if we place the roads here, for example, as you see, the pattern will be exactly the same. I recommend you to use a big agreed to plan how to create your pardon, sort, because sometimes we create very compass searches for very simple buttons, trying to touch the edges off the cameras. If it's not necessary, OK, keep it simple. Okay, let's do an instance size. How do you get this pattern? Do you think the easiest way will be to draw the remembers in the canvas Enter a semi circle here on another semi circle here. Well, the easiest way to get these pattern is not to draw the remembers here on a semi circle here, I'm here. But if we moved the image, we will say it. One remembers on one circle in our campus. So we will place a circle here and woke the room. This can touch the edges but cannot exceed them in this case. Okay, so a circle here under remembers here and we will get the same pattern with a simpler, such let's practice, I will show you the first easy and quick way to create a Potter. Let's call it Method number one for deception. We will only is one image or drawing that will not touch the edges off the campus. We already have a capital drawing. It will be the start off our first pattern. You can make it as bigger as you want, as long as it doesn't touch the ages of the campus. Keep in mind that the bigger to drawing the lessons space will be between its drawing in the pattern. So for me it was perfect before. Then we go copy duplicate or create a new brush. As you wish. Let's give it a name. Blatter one. Um, let's change its shape. Choose blank. I'm based. Oh, mine. It's upside down. It seems I'm irritated. One off the previous grains. Well, it's OK. I just have to rotate it again. It will not happen to you if you create a new brush. It's my habit to duplicate brushes instead of creating new ones to keep the same settings. It saved me a lot of time. In this case, there wasn't necessary because we have to modify them anyway. So let's start with stroke. We will set space into non shape his fine ass. It is grain. Here we will set zoom to follow size. Here. We will probably modify the skin off our pattern, but we have to see first how it looks. Assaidi's now at dynamics turn placed on. It's not really necessary to turn it on for linear patterns, but it makes no harm. So if you also have to have it off duplicating brushes, I recommend you to keep it on. We won't touch anything at pencil and a general, we will decrease the size limits under off you stump review to see here how our pardon brush is looking. The scale of our brother is too small, so let's increase it. Okay, let's see how it looks on the canvas. We have a destiny lay. Um I have the cap k drawing here, so I'm going to duplicate it and clear it. Let's hide. Agreed. Cheers. White for the background. Just a color pink, for instance. Um, this is how our pattern, Willig, this is the most basic problem we can create. We can make it smaller here, but if we want to make it bigger, as we have reached the maximum here, we will have to go to general and raise the max size limits or two grain on raised the scale. Having said that, Method Number Two in these method, we will use more than one image or joins to make department looks better. On continues, we will place a true in center at the blue crosses off degree. Now we are going to move our drawing and place it more or less in the centre off this area , then copy paste it on, placed the other drawing more or less in the centre off this other area? No. Merge less. Don't forget to do this. Okay. On again. Copy. Duplicated. Name it Pattern to, um, paste it from Clipper. Let's high this on. Go to test in layer. Um, very taste. I was second pattern. These second pattern, as you can see, is different on the other one. We cannot different drawings using the same method. Just make some drawings or use different stumps as you prefer on place a drawing on each off the blue crosses off degree. Let's hide some less with juice. A different color. Um, this is how it looks now the lemon cap. Kate is surrounded by the blueberry ones. As you just saw to add color, we just have to select one of them on just about a brush. Okay, let's talk about shapes and textures. Now, if our pardon swatch already half a texter off, if we want to keep it without it, we will have to choose a plane image. I usually choose blank, but any off these ones will look Bersih mill. There will be no difference this time because we will roll it over the whole campus. So as long as you choose a plane image will be fine when we will not. Is the difference between one plane shape on another? No. When we increased spacing here, you can see how the circles are moving away. If we use the brush now, our roads will be inside off circular shapes. You will see it more clearly if we turn the negative space into positive here. Okay, so it which is a hexagonal in shape, our partner will work like this. As you see, if our spacing is said to know, we will not. It's a current shape off the brush on Lee at the beginning on act in off the stroke. Now we're going to add texture to our pattern. We will have to increase space and to do it in order to avoid overlap in. So let's go to Pro Library and choose at Textor image. I will choose Inc Sponge, too. Let's clear these layer on by. We show you how it looks. The texture is been in the back room because we turned negative space into positive. As you know you can do it. Top in here with two fingers. Let's try now. Adan Days, Dexter to the Rose. It looks nice, don't you think? We also can do the same with a shape image, but in this case, I think it's not worth it. Let's just another image I like a lot horribly, Um, where is it? Oh, here. Let's supply it to the back room first. I think it's really good. I'm now the Rose. Here it is. Can you see it? Remember to increases basing when you are creating texter pattern brushes, because if you're spacing is set in June on or too low, you won't be able to see the Texter image anywhere. So let's Ingrid's space and again on now we're going to combine our rose with some leagues . They will live great together, play around with images that are to our join much more than texture. For example, discuss bull crystal shape or base one off your drawings. You will be amazed with the results. Remember, you always can rotate your image in case you need it, or to try new combinations. She's a color on. Let's see how it looks again. Feel free to play around more defined the shape settings, likes cata gradation, setting into for a stroke or turn own randomize let's set rotation to form a stroke on rests on him. As you see, we can also use our partner purchase and Stancik calligraphy brushes. 3. Striped, checked & zig-zag patterns: In this video, I will show you the method number three to create Parton brushes. This time, we will touch on exceed the edges of the canvas to make striped checked ons exact patterns to create strike. Parton's in procreate. It's really easy. Do you just need to choose a brush on draw line? I will choose the mono pen we created into Dorian for, But you can choose any birth you want as long as you keep in mind the line have to have this same with on capacity on both sides. I mean, when it touches the edges of the chemists. Of course, if you want a figure line, breathe the size off your brush. Or if you already have the lines on, just is it true storm, too on. This is how it looks. If we want a partner with different line thicknesses, we can make it by changing our birth size on, then drawing more lines or duplicating the first line of modifying its with copy paste. Now we cannot make you think of these way. We have to top on hold these blue point to do it. Let's merge the layers copy and flipped them to complete this search if you want them perfectly symmetrical. Just Murch. The first line to copy sleep on, then made them much. Okay. We can also create a sensation of death. Lightning the colors off the lines. Remember the doctor car. The less capacity of our Joey will have when we create a brush. So in these cases, the figure Sline will stand out. Okay, - let's create now checked parter. First thing we have to do is duplicate the line, then move its up. We only half so much. This blue reference point to the edge of the campus to a boy cups. I always do this. And here, too, now duplicated a move it to the bottom. Off the campus much the lines layers and I will degrees. It's a positive, too. Now duplicate the lay again. I'm rotated off course. You can keep the maximum capacity, but decreasing. It's a porosity. A little bit. It will look like a picnic blanket on. That's what I'm looking for. So marriage both less copy and paste as usual, and you will see how it turns out. - Okay , let's do it is a size. How do you get these, Patton I would give you some options. Option one. What do you think? Do you think it could be our Parton Swatch? The answer is no. If we duplicate this layer, we will see that something is missing here. How can we fix this? Easy as pie. We just need to draw the missing part here. And he as well. So these will be our option two. If we duplicate the land, we will see the small triangles where all we need to create these diagonal Potter Option three. What do you think about this option? Let's go opium based on see what happens. It is also a valid option. Another option will be option two plus option three. It will also be a valid option. The only difference with the other two will be the amount of space between lines. The easiest option, though, will be these one. If you won't let space between lines, you just have to make fickle lines. So let's make our diagonal Parton brush with this sort. Copy, duplicate and paste. I'm here. We have our first diagonal potter. Let's create a zigzag, but and brush now. How do we did? First thing to keep in mind. Don't touch the corners because if we do that, we will have to draw a small triangles to as we did in the previous pattern. So we are going to make ours exact, touching the edges off the campus, but avoided the corners. Having said that, let's create a more switch. Let's draw a line here, for example. I will wait until the quick line created pop up appears. Then copy paste, sleep and move. Make sure magnetic is active. Merchant alias. I make you bigger. It doesn't matter if you place it here or here, but he has to be symmetrical. This point has to be in the same access as this one to get as exact Potter copy, duplicate and paste. Here it is. Let's see how it looks. Let's high, some less and just different color. A swell last thing I would like to show you is how to create a part of my days. Choose a brush you like. I will choose my own open, create a new lay on, draw a straight line. That's to think this will be our reference line. They start on the vintage point off the line should belong to the same access. Okay, Now we have to create an L A. And write something. I will write love. Why not? We always have to start writing touching our reference line. I understand, for the end off the work. Now see, like their reference line because we're going to erase some off it. Then Murch, the less make it bigger. Copy, duplicate paste. And this is how it looks. If you just want to make a border instead of paste in the search in the grain area of the brush, you should paste it in the shape source like a date here. So to create our love border, we just have to duplicate these brush on base here, our switch, then go to stroke a modified spacing until you're happy with the result. Too much spacing. Let's decrease it a little bit. Now. It's perfect. 4. Complex seamless patterns: method 1: Invest media. On the next one, I will show you two different methods to create complex Inglis patterns. Let's start with Method one. The first thing we have to do is to duplicate our joint. We need four of them. Magnetic should be on because we need all our cupcakes perfectly aligned. This blue point has to consigned with the edge off the campus, so let's zoom in on make it happens. These this way to movie to the edge is to tap repeatedly with your pencil or finger top around the vertical axis off the drawing so it does not move sideways. Okay, let's do it again. Choose another layer. I moved the drawing upwards. Thes time. Once you are done, move one cupcake to the right and another to the left. We only need half cupcake each side. Your campus should be looking like this. Now we need to check if we have done a good job cutting our cupcake. It's so much. The last copy on Let's create apart and brush with it. Let's see if everything is OK. This is a pattern we've created so far. It seems we did it right. The joints are perfect So let's come back to our such unless straw along the axis. Now we're going to add some lemon cupcakes. Create any layer. I let stump one here, rotate it, make it bigger a move it a little bit at as many as you want. I will let three of them remember none off them can touch the edges of the chemists. Okay, let's continue adding some bras. Berry cupcakes. Don't forget to draw them in a new layer. Once we have covered a axes with our joints, we can start cleaning all these mess off lines. First of all, let's merch. Some lays Lemon cup case on raspberry cupcakes on. Now we have to decide which cup case we want to bring to from on which ones send to back. I decide the raspberries ones will be in front off the rubber ones, so let's use this election. To be sure. Automatic is own tap on the background under top inverse selection. Now we have these cupcakes selected, so go to the blubbery cupcakes layer, keeping dear. The cap case selected. Three fingers downwards. Uncut as you can see. Blubbery Cup case on Raspberry Cup case no longer overlap repeat this process under your sort. Look like these were known off the drawings overlap with this image. We will make the edges off our pattern switch. In order to do that, we have to have four of them, so let's duplicate it first. Now we're going to move one image to the bottom left corner off the campus on Make it much with the blubbery cupcake with it before our bottom left corner is them. So let's choose the next lay tuck turns form again and hopes. Now I moved the image to the bottom right corner and make it much do on Repeat the process with the other two. Okay, it's time to check again if we are on the right path. So Murch the less and create a new pattern brush or just space. The new image in the pattern we've created at the beginning of this video. Let's see how it legs it seems we've done. It's nicely. All the joints are perfect so we can finish our button switch. The last thing we have to do is to feeling the empty area. I will add more cupcakes. I will solve the overlapping problems using the selection to as we did before. Try to keep the cup days in different layers until you decide which ones you bring to the front on which ones you will send to back. If the drawing gets too messy, you also can use a race or two. Once you're done, don't forget to merch less. Okay, let's create our first complex pattern. Brush copy brushes duplicate. Name it if you want. Um, pace from deport. Let's see how it looks. Hi. These active white background testing on Let's juice a Color And here we have our seamless and complex pattern off course. We can make it bigger. Just go to grain. MM raises scale, and you can also enjoy adding color to eight using color drop or creating a lab below. Amusing your favorite brushes. Just play around. 5. Complex seamless patterns: method 2: Now I will show you the black point method. First thing we have to dio east to choose at drawing I will stump on lemon cupcake this time. Let's rotate it a little bit. As you already know, you can rotate it. Tap in here are using two fingers. Now we are going to add a small black point to our drawing. These will be our Reference point droid in the same way. Okay. I will use the circle maker brush and I will decrease its size. We only need four black pixels. It doesn't matter if you're drawing is not center in the canvas. We just need to draw our point in the drawing area. I will draw it here, for example. Let's zoom in. Here it is. Oh, I've got great pixels as well. No, mine. I will only use the four in black. I usually make it black because everything in black will disappear when we create our pattern. Burnish. But you can choose any color. You want un erase it later. If the point is in a white area off your drawing, you can turn it white when you're finished. Okay. We need five cup case to create our pardon search. So let's duplicate the last four times. Just one off them are moving here. Let's zoom in and look for the black point up free form to move the image easily. Um, Peritus, as you can see here, I only live one black pixel at the cone. Let's just say differently under the same in every corner. - Okay , we already have our corners done, so let's rotate the center cupcake this way. There will be a row off lemons cupcake facing right on another one facing left. I will place it in the camera center, but place it wherever you want. If you want to erase the reference point now, it's the time. Just stop the razor to just any brush. Decrease its size to avoid erasing the drawing on Erase it. Let's combine the less and create a new one toe at more drawings to our search. Let's add some lemon slices, but first we have to modify the lemon brush. Let's hide this layer. Andi Stump the lemon apps Black. We needed white. We just have to draw the missing part. Let's make it bigger. Place it in the campus center on a copy to create a stun brush with it. Duplicate paste. Now go to shape on active randomized, then go to pencil on. Raise the pressure size. What are we going to get with this view? Change its I will show you. Let's create a new layer M. Let's hide the lemon. Now I will show you how it works. If we had pressure, we will get a big lemon on. If we just stop softly, we will get a small women. Also, every time we top the screen, our lemon will be in a different position. Okay, it's clear this layer the lead, this one on active. The cupcakes were, and let's add some lemon slices. Store Parton switch plays the lemons wherever you want. You will have plenty of time to mollify them later. But don't touch the edges of the chemists, OK? Because if you do it, you will have to use the black point matter again. It will look better if some off our lemons go beyond the edges off the cameras. So let's do it. Create a new layer Stampa lemon less rotated on. Make it bigger. We are going to place it here, for example, So first thing we have to Dewey's right to add a black point. Let's throw it here, for instance. Um, let's duplicate delay. Now. We have to move these to the right well active magnetic first, because we need to keep both players in the same access. But now look for the black point here in this move the other layer to the left. Now, okay, it's stand to get rid off the black point so to us white and draw over it. Time to rearrange some off the lemon slices, using that selection toe and, at some words, to our bottom brush. Once we're happy with the result, combine all the layers on. Copy this watch and pasted as usual. Let's see how it looks. Hide this layer new layer on. Let's see if everything looks good. All the joints are perfect, so our potter is ready to use 6. Creating pattern brushes from pictures: Sometimes we want to reproduce apartment we have at home. Or we have found through Google at butter like this, for example. Well, off course, we can use the picture as a reference on Try to Kobe it in a newly But when the pattern is too complex, like this one or if we don't have time to do it varies another option. We just have to look for the repeated element. If there is more than one, choose one. The chosen one should appear at least four time. I'm before Mina beautiful square like these four. Then create a perfect square to join the same point off each of these four elements. You can do it using the black point method, drawing the square with lines use agreed, or like I'm doing using the selection to we have to select always the same big so okay or it will not look perfect. I will copy and paste the selection on Get rid off the rest off the image basis our Parton switch. Now we have to make it fit in. The chemist Now go to Gers that moved thes up and these them in order to keep the dark on light areas off the original Potter. I'm finally copy and pasted as usual in a new or a duplicated potter brush. Let's see if we have done and can jump. Oh, it's looking good. Let's see how it looks in red. Nice. Our new pattern brush is going to look great on these dress. First of all, I want to keep the dress lay on touch so I will active reference and create a new lay a buck job. Kohler. I have chosen white, so if there is any transparent area in the pattern, it will appear white. Next deactivate reference on active Al fellow. Here, Choose the button brush on drove these look great. But if we want a more realistic appearance, we will have to this door to patter Let's do it. Let's create a new way. Andhra with your partner brush. Okay, lets see. Start our pattern using the transform, too. In order to really start an image, we have two top on hold at any off the blue points and then dry. As long as I have magnetic active, it will only move along the axis in blue. Doing this and adding a few lines will make the fabric clicks gathered to make the rest off the dress. We just need to copy paced, flip and moved the pattern. No merchant delays. Merge down, see like the dress Lead selection automatic on top over the dress. Then go to our pattern layer can't and paste militarists off the fabric on Douala much better. 7. Pattern combinations: in this video, we will talk about how do you several pattern brushes to create more elaborated patterns? Let's start with adult that pattern brush. Make sure you are drawing in an empty lay, Tu said. Color and draw whenever we want to add another pattern toe our composition. We must create it in a newly so create a new layer, change color, change, size and drool. Having the pattern in the different layers allows us to change its position. We can also mollify, delay, opacity here. So the doctor who pattern will stand out over the light one We also can at at dot it background create a new layer and place it here. I'm with the same brush but topping here with two fingers We will create a partner, mate by trim circles. I will choose Think for these background graze the scale. Let's make the circles bigger up grain. Let's see how it looks if you are happy with the composition but you want to change colors , Just go to recall. Er um play around. Mm. What else? Oh, we can create a potter inside the pattern. I'm going to use the dotted pattern brush again on then I'm going to draw different Parton's, but this time on Lee inside the orange circles. In order to do that, we have to select the layer contents. So top hole with two fingers here until next. Selected legs contents pop ups and then create a new layer to draw the pattern for the circles. Let's select a different color. I will big white and she's a pot and brush you like. I will choose diagonal. Mm, too big. Okay, we can apply a Potter Onley to this circle all of them. Or apply this Parton to these road on a different one to the others. Okay, that's where we are going to do to apply a different pattern to these road. Select a different pattern brush. That's again. Why not? Let's decrease its size. Andrew. This is really easy. We can even create a potter inside a Parton that is already inside. Another Parton. Just select the lake contents, create a newly on, apply a Parton to the white circles. This time, we can also combine patterns with sums. I usually create this kind of illustration with this great underneath, define an illustration will be inside the light blue square on the margins will allow me to mollify the Parton size or position without redrawing them. So let's draw sums exact butters in different layers, of course. One dark blue, another light blue. Since we have each button in a different layer, we can easily move this one, for example, and see if it looks better here. Or maybe make it bigger. Since we have margins, there is no problem. If any, off the patterns doesn't feel all the campus as long as it feels. All the final illustration. Area. Okay, let's use some stumps Name. I've chosen attack, but it is too small, so let's make it bigger. Now. It's OK, Let's fill it with white. I'm based in a new layer, the BlackBerry cupcake with it in the previous course. This image, as it is, is perfect for a postcard or oclock backroom or a concussion, for example. But if we want a seamless button, we will have to adjust all the less. Let's active the light blue square layer. I move it here. I will deactivate these last two. This point off This pattern has to coincide with this point Here you can take the blue square as a reference on. Then make the whole illustration bigger or use the cameras edges. It doesn't matter. Tap. Transform a multi fight. AM delis perfect. We have to repeat this process with each layer. If you want to create a Parton classes stamp illustration to create products. But you don't want your stump appears more than once in your design. Just create a bigger canvas. This one, for example, has 1000 for 6500 pixels. I've made this illustration with this tribe brush we created in the second video, and that will stun brush first. I feel the canvas with the potter, then placed it there all in a differently. And finally, I use this election to to cut a small area off the button under transform to to distort it . We also can combine Parton's and stumps with images on preset texter brushes, faces a work in progress where I am using preset texter brushes like charcoal. For this end, I made a seamless part and brush for the stones on stone shadows. I did it, just drawing some stumps on stumping them, mollifying its size. I also did to stump for the biggest seaweeds unused a trig brush from there, Gunny set for the small ones. I added some pictures, too, to create the fishes. Shadows just super K. The fish layer active alfa look. Use color drop on degrees, the layer opacity. I also added the leaves off the water lilies using stumps. Sure, you already know this prison brush for water. It's a matter off adding more and more layers and did you're happy with the result? 8. Class project: for the cast product. I will like you to make a seamless pattern composition and create one or more profits. If you're really happen online shop, you already know how this works. And if you don't just go, for example, to read Bubble that come follow the instructions on you will bring your art to life. In no time, I'm for free. I've created that 6000 per 6000 big So Candace and I've chosen one off the pattern brushes with created in these cast. I will combine it with the picnic blanket pattern brush. I will choose pink, a big lighter. I think it will look better this way. Let's see. Remember to use a different layer for each pattern. Okay, let's have some color and texture to the cup. Case brought earn, but first, let's super cable A. Just in case, I will add color to the lemon slices. So let's choose a color yellow, for instance, and a brush active Alfa. Look on the start coloring off course. You can choose a texter brush or are different colors to the lemons. Let your imagination run free. Now let's add some pink hearts to the cupcakes. I will use the heart spent we created in the fourth tutorial off the Siri's. It would look great. I will choose talk toys for the yams on and let's juice a texter brust this time. Mm. This one will be perfect. I think I will hide a picnic blanket Lay. Yeah, it looks better without it. Okay, now it's your time. 9. Bonus project: for our final project, we will make a weekly planner page. We will practice everything we've learned about creating our own brushes in this project. So this is really the final project off the tutorials. 4 to 6 for this bait. I've chosen off. Okay, Present canvas. I drew my sketch in the screen size campus first, but I think it looks better here. So once you have your camera selected on your sketch done, go to your sketch layer, decrease the capacity, unlock the late to avoid drawing on it accidentally. Then I will create a great lay. This is completely off show. No, but it is really useful to give everything organized to make it. I'm going to go to the Dexter, set on, choose great, then decrease its capacity and look. The late to the first thing I have to do is to place the calendar on the moth name to see if I have extra space for the Stunt off cap case. I've written all the words and numbers with the moment when brush with created in the fourth tutorial. Then I've made Stam brush for the numbers on another one for the month knee. Remember to stun them in different less. It will be easy to change anything. If we have, it's drawing on its own layer. Okay, I will draw a line to divide the calendar from the week panel. And now let's start having cupcakes. I will stump first they want for the Sunday because it is the only one that's not understand. As you can see here, I've created so more cupcake systems. These are the ones we've created. In the fifth tutorial on I've Just Erased some lines in orderto have an empty space to write down everything we have to remember vests on the cupcake Is the bitten one Why? Well, I don't know how busy you are during the week, I hope, know too much, but I am super basically trying to get a lot of projects off the ground. So I made it as a reminder that I have to allow me to have free time, at least on Sundays. So Sunday's bidden on out of distant okay for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday cupcakes, I will use the raspberry cupcake system. Degreed will help us to place them center on, lined up on the composition for the Tuesday and Wednesday. I will use the blueberry cupcakes. Dumb on. Finally the lemon, Captain. Some four day Monday. Okay, Once you have done the cap kits, let's start drawing the stand first. I will do the plates. I will do a kind of a doily for each plate on. Then I will degrade them, using one off the bottom brushes with creative. In this curse, I will choose the Mona Prem brush for this task and used agreed as a reference This is too thick. Um, now it's better. I don't want the leader curves to be perfect, but if you want to get purpose semi circles uses circle maker brush or a circle template. Okay, My status them now I will add some words to the composition. I've already created a new layer for each work, so I just have to choose the right land. Go to stems. As you can see, I've already create all the systems I need to make this plan a page. Choose one off them. In this case, work Stam bit unmodified its size. If it's necessary, repeat the process until you have all the words in place to have the colon. I use a circle Michael Brush we created in the second cars. And I also made another cycle maker browse by emptying the 1st 1 on used it to keep organized. The task we will bright on on each plate. Now I will add some lines. I've been notes section, so let's go to lettering set on. Choose stitches. Create a new layer. Lunch is a dark gray color. I think they are too dark, so I will adjust it brightness to make them look later. Good. I've added more lines and dots inside the cupcakes, too. I refused us Tom for the Cup case dogs on another one for each day off the week. The raspberry cupcakes Haas less space here than the others. So I had to modify the dang Um, modify. A dag is very easy. Tap transform end up here to decrease or increase its with. And you can also tap, hold and drag here too, at some perspective to it. Now I will use one of our pattern brushes to fill our plates. I will use the checked one. Let's look for this more plate layer owned up reference, then create a new layer and fill layer with the color. I will choose a light being Okay, The active a reference I did fall for luck. Let's choose a darker color. Choose a pattern brush and playing with it. Okay, let's add color to our cupcakes. - Yeah , Uh huh. - Now let's at some shadows and high, let's to our plates. I will use the water brush on the technical pens of brushes for this task. - And finally, let's use one off our patent brushes for our background. - Last thing we have to do is highlight a week in our calendar. We can mark each day using one off the cupcake stumps. This one, for example, make it smaller on the stump it. We can also select a brust like water brush and use it as it were, stamp or just your online, for example, using the flat market brush on, modify its capacity if it's necessary 10. Q&A: Polka dots: to create a daughter pattern is really easy. Just create a new brush stop in the blast sign, then at shape. Source. Top. Swap from pro library and choose any plane shapes. For example, there, square one. Do the same at grain source and choose this time the circle image. Name hard. The pattern breast is done. Let's create a new lay on. Use it now. Let's create a storm brush to control the size off our circles. When we are creating pattern brushes, stop the plus sign again and select a circle for the shape source on a plane image for the great source. Then go to stroke and set spacing to Max. I'm in general increase the maximum size limit. Now We can't stamp a big circle for a small one, just modifying its size with the size bar. Three fingers downwards and copy duplicated, dotted pattern we made before on top on whole over the grain image until based appears on top paste. Now our dots are a smaller on the distance between them is bigger. Let's create another daughter pattern selector. Stam, Brush Honest stamp A circle here. I don't know. Over here. Three finger downwards copy duplicate apartment brush or create a new one Tabung hole in the grain space. I'm paste, and here we have a full coddled pattern. 11. Q&A: Blurry & thick lines: when we dropped using a riel pencil or watercolors or even ink. Not all the drawing gets the same amount of pain. Usually the edges of our strokes has less a passage e Well, the same happens in procreate as you can see here. Deities. A power drawings are going to change if we make an image bigger. Using the transform, too procreate creates rester images, which means appropriate images are constructed using a fixed number off colored pixels. When we stretch them to fit a bigger space there pixels become grainy on day seems to lose capacity. This is why our drawing may appear blurry. Where do you think this circle begins to fade out? Maybe From here on, where do you think this circle ends? Maybe here more or less so. We have separated pure white or completely a big pixels from the ones that are losing a pass ity on from the ones that have no to paint a little. Right. Well, let's see if this is true. Tap this election button and said the threshold to see room. We only want to select identical pixels in this case, completely white on opaque pixels. Um, well, they're less than we thought. Let's fill them with blue for you to see them better now tap inside the flower. This time there are more than we thought. Let's feel them with blue again. Um, let's stop now outside the flower and fill it with blue. So if we used is drawing for our shape or our grain source when creating a verse, we will get sicker on shaky lines. Let's stood on. Let's see how we can fix this Cobi. Create a new brush. Tap a hole in the green space top paste and there is our flower now tops shop from floor ivory at the shape source and select a plane image blanc, for example. Let's stop general on increased brush size for you to see easily the difference between the brush rendering moods. Tap dynamics. When we said the breast render into Norma, Appropriate will apply pain to every pixel within a pass ity higher than syrup, it will add more pain. It's time the brush moves, so we will say clearly the parts of the line that were almost transparent before. That's why we get fickle lines. If we said the breast rendering two glazed, we will keep the grade Ian's, so it will look as I already do, not drawing. So in this case, if we set it to glazed, our flowers will still look blurry. Um, it was said it to normal. They will look thicker and shaky. The question is how we fix this. Well, we have two options. The 1st 1 but not the better. One is to use a selection to again. Adjust the threshold on select the white areas off your drawing, then top inverse selection. Uncut. When we used this image for our grain sores, there will be no differences when we said the press rendered do normal or two glazed. The other option is to redraw your drawing with the size you need using a process that applies the same amount of pain on each stroke we make. For example, Dimona Lineburg it will look perfect. No more blurry, sick or shake lines. Why sometimes undesired pixels appear in our pattern. Honest, um, brushes. Well, that's because we don't erase completely our previous strokes. Let's make an example. Answers for this flower into a clover. Let's use, for example, the round brush to we raise the parts we no longer need, Let's see is an airbrush to draw the missing parts. Now let's check if everything is OK. Tap this election battle on top, outside on inside their clover. As you can see here, we didn't erase it properly. So if we copy and paste it to create a new brush and we said breasts rendering to normal, some parts of the previous throwing will appear said it to glazed, and you will no longer see them.