From Plant to Cup: Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee | Michael Phillips | Skillshare

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Michael Phillips, Director of Training, Blue Bottle Coffee

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11 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project: Brew a Cup of Coffee by Hand

    • 3. Coffee Theory

    • 4. Brewing Tools

    • 5. Grinding Your Beans

    • 6. Selecting Your Ingredients

    • 7. Making Your Recipe

    • 8. Brewing Your Coffee

    • 9. Tasting Coffee

    • 10. Enjoying Your Brew

    • 11. Hungry for More?

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About This Class

Learn what it takes to brew an amazing cup of coffee by hand! Go behind-the-scenes with celebrated California roaster Blue Bottle for a one-hour class on sourcing, brewing, and tasting everyone's favorite bean. From the plant to your cup, Michael Phillips brings every lesson to life while also offering options — giving you a process for making a simple cup or going the distance with pro equipment.

Filmed on location at Blue Bottle's original roastery and cupping room, this class is designed to be both enjoyable while also deepening your knowledge of coffee in everyday life. From your morning ritual to even hosting your own coffee tasting at home, these insights will come alive in your own experience.


Blue Bottle Coffee is an Oakland, Brooklyn, and LA-based coffee roaster specializing in single-origin beans. Michael Phillips is Director of Training for all baristas and winner of the 2010 World Barista Championship.