How to make Italian POTATO GNOCCHI with PESTO just like my MAMMA | Elena Maria Manzini | Skillshare

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How to make Italian POTATO GNOCCHI with PESTO just like my MAMMA

teacher avatar Elena Maria Manzini, Passionate Italian Foodblogger

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      Mamma's Gnocchi


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      Mamma's Basil Pesto


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      Italian Traditional Plating


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About This Class

Today is your lucky day: Italian moms usually don't share their cooking secrets outside the family....but my MAMMA ISA has been kind enough to leave me her personal cookbook and here I am sharing with all of you her recipe to make amazing POTATO GNOCCHI WITH BASIL PESTO.

IF YOU LIKE PASTA YOU'LL ADORE POTATO GNOCCHI. They are a very tasty and healthy alternative to pasta, they are extremely easy to make and they can be seasoned (just like pasta) with a lot of different sauces. I've decided to choose Basil Pesto because it is one of the most superb combination that have ever been invented in Italian Cuisine.

In my MOM'S COOKBOOK I found all her tricks to prepare the recipe in the traditional way. You'll learn:

1) how to give to PESTO the perfect LIGHT GREEN COLOR,

2) how to give POTATO GNOCCHI the ideal consistency they need,

3) the only traditional way TO SERVE the dish adding a couple of NECESSARY INGREDIENTS and this is a secret mostly UNKNOWN outside of ITALY.

Are you ready??? MANGIA, MANGIA!!!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Maria Manzini

Passionate Italian Foodblogger


Hello everyone,

I'm Elena, an Italian TV presenter, foodblogger and radio host that lived many years in the States. Now I'm based in Milan and on my website "Food and the Movies" I write my views on new movies and TV series and I share fun and easy recipes inspired to films. 

For the Italian national network Donna TV I wrote and hosted the TV show "La Seduzione è servita" (Seduction is served) where I gave cooking and clothing ideas for Dinner Dates.

My blog has been featured inside a national radio show and thanks to it I collaborated with Italian and international brands writing and hosting video recipes for the web and TV.

I also collected many fantastic traditional Italian recipes from my family's cookbooks and I'm ready to share the... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to my kitchen. My name is Elena Maria Manzini, and I'm in Italian food Blogger video and radio House. This is my fourth glass here in scale share, and I'm having a lot of fun shooting with you. All the secrets. Italian accusing in this class I will teach you how to prepare Italian potato gnocchi with pastor. And there's a specific recipe. Comes Roaming moms Personal cookbook. You heard it right? Usually tell your moms don't share their cooking secrets outside the family. But you have to consider yourself very lucky, because in this class you will learn whole her tricks on how to prepare pastor with the perfect light green collar, how to making yucky with perfect consistency. And he has a lot to do with how you cook the potatoes and how you mix the doll. And most of all, you will learn how to present the dish in the original and traditional way. As a class project, I will ask you to cook with me, and I will ask you to prepare Naki with Bester. That will make my mom proud. Are you ready to start your journey into Mama? Jesus Personal Cookbook was click on the role bottom and I'll see in the next video 2. Mamma's Gnocchi: thank you very much for enrolling in my class and this video you will learn how to make potato Janke. Put it on Your key are very healthy and tasty. Alternative to past Um, and just like we do with Pastor Weaken, season them with many different sources. Balinese the souls tomato, mozzarella, bartering sage or with best, This is what I'm teaching you in this class. So let's prepare the potato Naki following the step by step preparation I found in my Mom's cookbook, and there will be fabulous to make potato gnocchi. You use flour, boiled potatoes, beated egg and salt. If the dog is too wet, don't use more flour at potato starch. Now we'll show you my mom's secret toe. Boiled the potatoes into the perfect consistency. Bring the potatoes to boil in a pot full of cold water and cooked till tender. Peel the potatoes when they're still warm. He will be the rial threat to your hands, but that's the way you have to do it out. Ouch! Oh, now crush the potatoes with a fork, make a fountain with a flower and two spoons off bigot egg, and the potatoes now need very well with your hands. Keep needing to yo u for mobile like this one. But as I told you before, if the bold is too wet like this one actually eats too wet you and potato starch in not flower Much better. I would feel it with your hands. No dyes. Perfect. Captain. The dog into portions. Work with your hands. You will obtain very long snakes off dull If we can call them like that And they all have to be of the same size. Keep on doing this. The old in Yankee are ready. Cuts in your cave. When you're done, roll them lightly on a greater This will help then Yuck! To retain the source then leaked Rest for 20 minutes. Watch the next video And Italian traditional pastor won't have any more secrets for you. 3. Mamma's Basil Pesto: and this video, you will learn how to make pastor Best was originally invented in the regional Longoria, specifically in the city of general because that's where the most amazing basil is produced . Best is in fact, the mixture off very few selected ingredients, the main one being basil. You can mix them either with your hands. It's a with a mortar or in a mixture. One of the most important features that you have to remember when you prepare in the Italian traditional pastor is the color. The color needs to be very light green. How do you do that? You will follow all the tricks that I found in my mom's cookbook. Now I give you a list of ingredients. You will notice that my mom doesn't add salt if you want to, because you like it best. You can do it. But police remember to use Onley big grains of salt to make a fabulous pastel. My mom uses thes ingredients. First of all, of course, Basil, as you can see amusing a plant, this plant I'm keeping and the window off my kitchen is an amazing is now to have in your kitchen. I tell you that and this fantastic that you can use some fresh basil, whatever you want, then pecorino cheese and Parmesan cheese, both great it Oil is difficult to say how much oil you will actually need, So just keep half a glass, maybe even a little bit more, and then edit while you are mixing everything I'll show you later. Pine nuts and garlic. There are some versions of the past two without garlic, because garlic can be heavy for some people, so you just decide whatever you like best. But this is my mom's recipe. I'm picking the basil directly from the plant, as I told you then we're gonna wash it and great sit to be absolutely sure that the basal doesn't change its color and it becomes too dark. You have to leave the container and the blade in the freezer before mixing. Another trick my mom uses is to add an ice cube to the other ingredients. Let's make his best. Oh, the mixing procedure has to be extremely careful at a little bit of oil when needed, and never makes for more than 30 seconds at the time, because otherwise, the blades with warm the basil and that's it will become darker as you can see the color. It's very light green like you should be. Now it's up to you if you want to mix it every more, or if you like it like myself a little bit rougher. If you want to prepare, pass till the week before the day before even the months before you can, because you just have to follow simple rules on how you preserve it. You can preserve it either and the freezer or in the fridge if you keep it and the fridge. Just remember all the times, and I want to stress this. Remember all the times you use a little bit of pastor to add oil on top. The pastor is ready, and the next video you will learn how to present the dish in the Italian traditional way. 4. Italian Traditional Plating: In the previous videos, you have learned how to prepare Italian traditional potato gnocchi and Italian traditional pesto, thanks to my mom's cookbook. Now it's time to learn how to present it in the Italian traditional way. Every time you go in Italy to attract area or a restaurant and ask for this dish, there will serve it to you, adding two more ingredients potatoes and green beans because they enhance the flavor off faster. But first of all, you have to start by cooking. Then Yockey. Use a large pot full of water as much water as you can salt it, then bring it to boil and then cooked in Yockey for 3 to 4 minutes. While and Yockey are cooking, you cut. They're green beans and the potatoes into little cubes. Little pieces and you start preparing the dish. Put some off the pastor on the dish at potatoes and green beans and mixed together, then strained and yucky. Very well. Use a ball when you will put pastoral and mix Naki with past him, then add gnocchi with pesto on the plate. Add more potatoes and green beans, then decorate with a couple of basil leads. If you want as a final touch, you can add oil. I want to keep you any longer because I'm sure you can tow wait to begin into my mom's gnocchi with pesto. But before taking the fork, please take a camera or your phone and take a lot of pictures on what you did so you can share them with everybody, as in the Glass Project section. 5. Conclusion: I really hope you enjoy the class and that you found useful all the tricks and secrets I'm sharing from my mom's cookbook. I was actually turning pages of it, and I found a lot of recipes I want to share with you. So stay tuned for my next glasses on Italian cuisine because I'm pretty sure I would start with lasagna. In the meantime, if you have any questions or any doubts on how to prepare gnocchi with pesto, get in touch with me and all answer right away. If you like to the class, please leave a positive review and share it with anybody you could think could be interested family, friends and other fellow students here on skill share, Thank you very much and what are critical.