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Make the fantastic RATATOUILLE from the animated FILM!

teacher avatar Elena Maria Manzini, Passionate Italian Foodblogger

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      The Ingredients


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      Slice & Mince


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      Assemble & Cook


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      The Plating


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About This Class

The animated movie picture RATATOUILLE is one of the most amazing work of art ever created in the history of films. Just because it made us fell in love with the protagonist REMY, a small rat with a fantastic talent for cooking. At the same time we all got to know the tasty traditional FRENCH dish reinvented by Remy.

A rat in front of a stove is something that we could have never imagined before watching the film, let alone a a rat in front of a stove of a French Haute Cuisine Kitchen!

But, in the end we all adored the story because it talks about dreams, food, love, family and collaboration!

The same collaboration created by the producers with a very famous American chef that invented the signature recipe of the film: the innovative version of RATATOUILLE that looks beautiful and tastes like the French countryside itself.

Would you like to cook it with your kids or to surprise your friends for a special food&movies night???

Enroll in my class, follow my instructions and you'll learn all the tricks of refined chefs like the RAT REMY and the MICHELIN STARRED CHEF KELLER. I made it even easier and faster for you, but woderfully impressive! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Maria Manzini

Passionate Italian Foodblogger


Hello everyone,

I'm Elena, an Italian TV presenter, foodblogger and radio host that lived many years in the States. Now I'm based in Milan and on my website "Food and the Movies" I write my views on new movies and TV series and I share fun and easy recipes inspired to films. 

For the Italian national network Donna TV I wrote and hosted the TV show "La Seduzione è servita" (Seduction is served) where I gave cooking and clothing ideas for Dinner Dates.

My blog has been featured inside a national radio show and thanks to it I collaborated with Italian and international brands writing and hosting video recipes for the web and TV.

I also collected many fantastic traditional Italian recipes from my family's cookbooks and I'm ready to share the... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Oh, my God. There is a ready my kitchen. Off course the race. Because in this class ill will show you how to prepare Director Choi from the beautiful animated picture Ratta. Chewie, my name is Elena Maria Manzini. I'm an Italian food blogger, video and radio host. And one of my biggest passions is reproduced the recipes from the movies I love and I love very, very much Ratta Cherie. Because the protagonist, the genius cook, the little rat that's preparing all these amazing dishes believes in one of the truest models about cooking. Anyone can cook anyone if you put your heart in it. A little rat. Me. And of course, you. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I saw the film and directed Chewy. The little chef for me created looked why difficult? It looked difficult because it was invented by a very famous chef. Chef Thomas Keller is one of the biggest experts off French cuisine in the States. He has two restaurants with three Michelin stars. Each sex mission stars altogether. But if you roll in my class, you follow all my instructions and you apply my tricks. It won be difficult at all as a cost project. I will ask you to prepare the rest a chewy with me and to try and do the same plating that Remi and originally Thomas Canada invents it. Imagine watching the movie rectitude and eating the same dish that is served on screen. Isn't it fun, just like on the bottom and roll and I'll see you in the next video. 2. The Ingredients: thank you very much for a roller in my class. Let's talk a little bit about the gratuity to recipe. The chef Remi changes completely in the film. Traditionally is a vegetarian dish from the south of France basically of vegetables to then you can eat either hot or cold. What's the difference between the traditional version and films version? There are two main differences, first of all, the way of cutting the vegetables, then the way of cooking the right. Actually, because instead of put it on the stove will be using an open. The ingredients are the same ones, but when you go grocery shopping for the vegetables, you will need to take care about a special detail in order to prepare the perfect Ratu to it. Based on the version created of a chef, Thomas Keller, you have to carefully select the vegetables you're going to use. The most important thing is that the vegetables have to be very similar in size. Therefore, I looked for zucchini very similar in size to the EC plans, long EC blends, and I'm using pallor mobile peppers. We will cook the vegetables on a base off tomato, so so season with oil, pepper sime sold Mr Garlic and Minced Shallot If you like, You can also use white onion instead of shallots in the next video. Always show you the easiest way possible off slice and the vegetables with the same thickness, just like Chef Remi Command. 3. Slice & Mince: the writer to is served in the film looks beautiful, first of all, because all the vegetables as I told you in the previous video, they're all on the same size and most of all because there always lies at the same thickness. You can do that with a knife if you're expert enough, but luckily we have this tool, which is called mandolin, to help to do in this fast and easily if you don't have it by it, because it's precious for a lot of recipes and is not expensive at all. There are six numbers here behind the mumbling 1 to 6. One is his smallest, and six is the thickest I'll be using six, and I'll be slicing all the vegetables with same numbers, so they will all look the same. Another very important thing to remember is that you always have to keep the vegetable straight. Otherwise, you will have Ellen gator shapes. You see perfect is Liszt. Start cutting the bold peppers from the bottom and then, when you get to the seeds, removed them for both sides. The mandolin comes with an accessory, this one, which is very important for your safety every time you're dealing with a blade off a knife or blade like the mandolin. One. Be very, very careful now that we're done is licensing. G Act Blends Anibal Peppers. We have to be dealing with shallots and garlic that we would be using to season the Tomatis owes. They have to be minced very thinly in Italy. We were used this to the Mezzaluna. This one is my grandmother's one, and I keep it very, very dearly. Or you can be born and use a mixture. We start by slicing both shallow and going. I'm seasoning the tomato so swee shallot and garlic that I missed with the magical medicine A life oil and then sold pepper and thyme mixed very well and leave the site that's in the next video. I will show you how to assemble old ingredients together before put in the baking pan in the open 4. Assemble & Cook: the moment off the preparations when the real fun happens, My advice is to use a round baking pan on the bottom. You will put the tomato Sosa, but save a couple of spoons for later on the top. You would create circles off vegetables, alternating ekland, the Keeney and bull peppers of different collars. Enlist your kids partner of friends to share the fund and to make everything faster at the same time, you will have to preheat the over at 380 foreign I degrees. Eggplant. Okay, read full pepper and start from here. Yellow ball doesn't look amazing is a real joy for the eyes season everything with the two spoons off tomato sauce that I asked you to save for later. Three spoons off oil and then you can add more sold fine and pepper if you want. The real genius chefs touch for cooking. The rotary is to use the theme from the vegetables themselves. And how do you do that? Youth. Parchment paper. Take a sheet of paper with a pencil, create the same shape off the baking pan. Then Katia with sisters and then put it on top off the rectitude E Before put it in the open cook for 35 minutes and I'll see you in the next video 5. The Plating: after now, everything was pretty easy. Right now, you're almost ready to serve your repertory. That will look just like the one in the film. Follow my instructions carefully and you do a great job. I swear. This is directed to Lee after 35 minutes in the over in take two forks and when these forks select AIDS to 10 pieces of vegetables, move them carefully from the baking pan to the center off the plate. Then select other three or four pieces of vegetables and put them on top. Uses more spoon to decorate the plate with the tomato sauce, and if you want, you can add some tomato on top with vegetables looking as beautiful as this one's, you can invent so many ways off. Serving director Chewy would never stop experimenting. I invented this different way off blade in it, and I wanted to share with you. I think it looks pretty nice and pretty dramatic. Trickle decorate with a couple of basil leaves. I'm so proud of you. You made it. Can you really be just finished? Preparing a dish that was created by a Double three star Michelin chef, Rimi was right. Anyone can cook 6. Conclusion: thanks so much for a rolling in my class. I can't wait to see all your projects and the way you presented your attitude to your family and friends. I really hope you will have fantastic nights watching the film and eating the same latitude you see on the screen. You need to contact me or after questions. Just send me a message and not answer right away. I hope to see you soon in the next glasses that be uploading. In the meantime, I'm finishing the record to is too good.