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teacher avatar Elena Maria Manzini, Passionate Italian Foodblogger

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Bake the Pumpkin


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      Knead Your Fresh Pasta


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      Roll Fresh Lasagna


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      1st Version with Fresh Pasta


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      2nd Version with Squash Slices


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About This Class

Have you ever dreamt of knowing all possible secrets of LASAGNA MAKING? 

Now you can! In this first class on my new LASAGNA SERIES you'll learn how to prepare fantastic PUMPKIN LASAGNA perfect for your halloween party, THANKSGIVING or for any other occasion you wish. 

Moreover I'll teach you all my grandma's tricks for KNEADING and ROLLING FRESH PASTA.

In the class I'll show you two different versions of Pumpkin Lasagna:

1) Lasagna with fresh pasta made with your own hands, Pumpkin cubes, Grain Hazelnuts and Cream Cheese.

2) SUPER HEALTHY Lasagna with sliced Butternut Squash (instead of pasta), Béchamel sauce and Grain Hazelnuts.

BELIEVE ME: you don't need to be an expert cook to make Lasagna at home, just follow my instructions and have fun!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Maria Manzini

Passionate Italian Foodblogger


Hello everyone,

I'm Elena, an Italian TV presenter, foodblogger and radio host that lived many years in the States. Now I'm based in Milan and on my website "Food and the Movies" I write my views on new movies and TV series and I share fun and easy recipes inspired to films. 

For the Italian national network Donna TV I wrote and hosted the TV show "La Seduzione è servita" (Seduction is served) where I gave cooking and clothing ideas for Dinner Dates.

My blog has been featured inside a national radio show and thanks to it I collaborated with Italian and international brands writing and hosting video recipes for the web and TV.

I also collected many fantastic traditional Italian recipes from my family's cookbooks and I'm ready to share the... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to my kitchen. My name is Elena Maria Manzini. I'm in Italian food. Blogger, video and radio host the region I come from in Italy. Emilia Romana. It's very well known all around the world for the most amazing recipes Balinese, assoc tortellini and the Queen lasagna. They all come from the media. Romani and I come from three generations off lasagna makers. My mom is a fantastic cook, but my two grandmothers were the best of the best of the best. One of them actually had a restaurant where she was serving home made food. What? I can tell you more in my veins run the genes of lasagna making, and I want to share all my knowledge with you. And you don't need to be an expert cook to prepare lasagna. You just need patience and a lot of love for cooking. Because if you follow my instructions, the results would be perfect. In this class. Always show you how to prepare a special kind of lasagna, Tom King lasagna. Because this is the right season. And there are a lot of fantastic occasions you can have to serve your pumpkin lasagna. What about pumpkin lasagna for Halloween or for Thanksgiving, go for Christmas or for whatever you like. I will show you two different versions, the 1st 1 with fresh pasta made from scratch, like in the traditional recipe off those onion in the second version, Army substituting fresh pastor with allies bunking as a class project, I will ask you to invent your own prom King lasagna recipe or to try either one off diversions. I'm showing you in the class. The only requirement I have is that a month ingredients. You will include punking. If you can't wait to know all about lasagna, police click on the Your role bottom and I'll see in the next video. 2. Bake the Pumpkin: thank you very much for a rolling in my class In the previous video, I told you was going to show you two different versions off punking lasagna for both my lasagna recipes. I need to cook the pumping into the open for the first version of my pumpkin lasagna, amusing a slice of bunking that I'll be seasoning with garlic and rosemary for the second Virgin Ah, whole butternut squash that I walked very, very well because I was keeping the skin itself for both recipes. I'm toasting hazelnuts because their flavor combines perfectly with pumpkin. I am cutting the punking into three portions and the butternut swash into to house. Then I am arranging everything on a baking tray using aluminium foil. Punking is in the over, and it will cook a 345 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes. This is a result. As you can see, both of them cooked very, very well. You contest how tender it is with a fork, and it needs to be tender, like the one I'm showing you right now. And for the butternut squash. This is the right consistency. Now we start with the first version made with pastor sheets, so let's make fresh lasagna from scratch in the next video 3. Knead Your Fresh Pasta: first of foremost, we need to learn how to make fresh faster, but I want to be extremely thorough with you. If today you don't feel like making pastor from scratch, you can buy lasagna. They come in a box. They look pretty much like this. You just need to boil them into salted water for a few minutes and you're ready to assemble your lasagna. So skip the next to videos. Well, I'll teach you how to make fresh faster and be ready to put together your list. If you feel like learning how to make fresh past, they're good for you because it opens. Ah, world off possibilities. Lasagna sheets are the basics From there you can do. Can you tell pappardelle tortellini stuffed, passed anything you like? So let's start from the very beginning. Let's start from needing white fresh pastor. The ingredients are extremely easy. You need to use flour and eggs. Usually they're proportion among the eggs and the flour. It's one egg per cup off our as you can see here, I have two different kinds off flower. This is a secret that comes from my grandmother. She doesn't use Onley old purpose flour she adds, also during wheat flour. So instead of using one cup for AG, we use 7/8 off a cup off all purpose flour and 1/8 off a cup off doom with flower for each egg and needing five hacks because it's gonna be easier for me on the dough to show you how to move your hands. But for one baking pan, usually you will need a couple of eggs with a couple off cups of flour off course. If in your house you have any type of machine that with help, you need the doll, just poor everything inside and let the machine do its work. If you don't watch me and I'll show you how to do it. Poor old purpose flour on a wood board and make a hole in the middle with your hands than add also the Dharam wheat flour. Now it's time to break one egg after the other. Inside. A hole very carefully makes all the eggs with a fork. Then close the flower on top of the eggs and star needing with your hands. This is the part where your hands get very, very dirty. Keep putting together old ingredients and in a few minutes, don't worry. Won't take too long. You will have your door if in the meantime you will feel that the dog is too wet at a little bit of flour. If you feel that it's too dry, add some water room temperature. And in a few minutes, as I told you, you will have this. What you have this consistency you need to need to the door for at least 10 minutes. So start counting. From now, I'll show you two different ways off new dented all in the 1st 1 You will use one hand after the other. Use always the bottom part of the end with the wrist and push the wrist inside a dog. It's like going to the gym. You need to use your whole body. You need to use your whole power in your whole weight on that doll. Then you can use another way off needing. Just used both your hands on the door, one after the other, always the same part of the bottom part of your hands with the wrist. Push with the rescue, weight your body and then fold the dog and start again after 10 minutes of this, you can make a bowl with your dough rapid and save it in a Tupperware. It's very, very, very important to wrap the door before putting it inside the Tupperware, because otherwise it creates a crust on top of it, and it will makes it almost impossible to roll it. So wrap it, put it inside a topper word. Live it to rest for at least 30 minutes. In the next video, I will show you how to roll it. 4. Roll Fresh Lasagna: Traditionally, our grandmothers used rolling pins for rolling the dough, and they cut the dough with knifes or with rollers. Likely technology brought US machines. They're not expensive at all, and that he do the same thing easier and faster. So if you plan on making a lot of fresh faster into your house by one of these machines, this is the machine I'm using to make lasagna. As you can see, it has three different roles on its for lasagna. One is for Tanya Taylor, wanted for totally. There are smaller here. You can decide how big the pastor needs to go through the role. So 1231 is the biggest is the thickest, and then it gets smaller and smaller. I'll show you how it works, and I block it on the table with this, and I will roll the pastor with this. The first rule about rolling your own pastor is to keep a bowl off flower next to you. You have to flower the entire table and then keep for lowering the pastor while you're rolling it on. Last it was. Stick to the roles portion apart off the dough and keep the rest of the dough inside a tougher work with flour and then work it with your hands. I told you before that every machine has a knob with different numbers. The lowest number, usually zero or one, is for the thickest. So to keep the thickness of the top, you have to roll your past up five times inside the thickest role and keep folding me one time after the other. Once you rolled it five times, you can start run it in higher numbers and then you make it last. Think. My grandmother used to say that right thickness for lasagna is in the middle. So if your numbers go from 1 to 8 like mine, you have to stop at four. Hold the sheet on the back off your hands and we made it much easier to manage it and then start rolling it on the second number, the third number and the fourth number one time after the other. If the sheet is too long, you cannot manage it. Don't worry about it. Just cut it into two house and then roll it one house at the time. As I told you before, one of the most important rules is that the table where you leaving the sheets of lasagna needs to be flower doc, and that you need to spread the flower on top of the lasagna. Now, I tell you another secret from my grandmother. Never use lasagna sheets without biting them in salted water for a few minutes and pass the lasagna sheets under cold water because you will be handling them with your hands and leave them on the Kloss to rest for a few minutes. In the next video, we will assemble our first of punking lasagna. 5. 1st Version with Fresh Pasta: Layering your lasagna inside the pan is a fun activity that you can do also with your kids . Most of all, when you're preparing your lasagna for special occasions like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or just for a birthday, why not? Let's start by cutting our baked bunking into little cubes so the ingredients amusing to stuff my lasagna are bumpkin cubes, toasted a zone, months that I ground and then soft cheese. I chose to use cream cheese because I like it very much. We start by greasing the pan with a queue of butter, or you use whatever method you like. Then we layer the first level in a sheet on top of it with puts the pumpkin cubes, grain, hazel months and green cheese. Close the first layer with another lasagna sheet again. For the second layer, you will put pumpkin cubes. Great news, Oma Entrant cheese. The third layer will be your last one. So just close with animals like a sheet and then talk with grain isn't nuts. I am making my lasagna for 20 minutes and saidi over at 355 degrees that I will grill it for five minutes before drilling add some Parmesan cheese if you like, and I added a decoration made with sliced pumpkin that I have for the next version that will show you in the next videos. I cut my sliced punking into little triangles, and then I made flowers with that, so you can do whatever you wish as a class project. You can make this version off punking lasagna or the version that I will show you in the next video or another version that you invent yourself. 6. 2nd Version with Squash Slices: for the second version of my pumpkin lasagna. I've decided not to use pastor, but you use lies butternut squash that I cooked into the open to slice it. You can use either a knife or his life, sir, if you have it at home, which makes it much easier and faster. Most of all, if you have somebody doing it for you like myself. These are my husband's hands. For my second version of pumpkin lasagna, I'm using the traditional best from out SOS. Think Wiggins are butter and flour in the same amount. Milk sold and not make in a pot. Mounts the butter, then start adding the flour a little bit at the time when the flower is perfectly incorporated in the butter, you can add warm milk. Whisk and keep adding warm milk till everything is mixed. Keep whisk until you have this consistency. At this point, you just have to bring it to boil at salt and nutmeg and let it rest. So the ingredients of my second version of pumpkin lasagna are rational. SOS ground toasted hazel months and sliced the butternut squash that I baked in the open. Let me show you the thickness. I chose for my slices and remember that I kept skin on it. This is definitely going to be delicious. Grease the pan amusing in Kolkata with butter. Then start layering your butternut squash slices. Top with Boesch, Mel SOS and grain is all nuts and make a second layer off butternut squash. A little bit of bechamel SOS in hazelnuts for the third layer. I'm cutting into house each slice, and I'm distributing this license differently on top. I will put more Basham also see, and grain hazelnuts. It's hollow in I am baking. My pumpkin was on your 4 25 minutes of 350 foreign I degrees, and then I'll drill it for five minutes before grilling. You can add a decoration. I used mines. Liszt pumpkin cut into triangles to make a little flowers. This is old folks on my part. Now it's your time to show me as a class project. What kind of pumpkin lasagna you want to prepare for this special occasions. So if you want to prepare each one of these two versions, so if you want to invent your own punking lasagna, please shared the pictures with everyone in the class and tell us for what kind of occasions you used it 7. Conclusion: thank you very much for enrolling in my class. I hope you enjoyed my pumpkin lives on your recipes. If you have any questions or any doubts, contact me and I'll answer right away. If you like to the class, please leave a positive review and share it with your friends and fellow students. You don't skill share, and if you want, you can roll in all the other classes I have about two lasagna or about Italian food tell.