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Cooking for your Date! Italian Easy and Fun Three-Course Menu (Tasty Italian Food)

teacher avatar Elena Maria Manzini, Passionate Italian Foodblogger

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Italian food fun!


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    • 3.

      Caprese with Mozzarella Mousse&Basil Pesto


    • 4.

      Pasta with Vodka Sauce&Salmon


    • 5.

      Strawberry Tiramisu'


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About This Class

"Cooking for Your Date" to me means preparing a special dinner for somebody you are sharing your life with, inviting your love interest at home for a romantic night, impressing a new flame with your cooking style....

Believe me, in all of these cases Italian food will do the trick with guaranteed results!

Since I'm a born and raised Italian girl (and you'll pardon my accent and hand movements :) I'm definitely the right person to share with you our best recipes always keeping in mind the time restrictions imposed by life or by other preparations you have to do at the same time (yourselves, table, drinks, etc...) while getting ready for a date.

Therefore I chose three extremely easy and fun to do recipes that will be tasting Italian, but also looking Italian since the main colors will be green, white and red!


Appetizer (antipasto): Tomato Caprese with Mozzarella Mousse & Basil Pesto

First Course (primo): Pasta with Vodka Sauce & Salmon

Dessert (dolce): Strawberry Tiramisu'

In the video lessons I will show you the step by step preparation of each course and a couple of different presentations you could choose to make an amazing first impression.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Maria Manzini

Passionate Italian Foodblogger


Hello everyone,

I'm Elena, an Italian TV presenter, foodblogger and radio host that lived many years in the States. Now I'm based in Milan and on my website "Food and the Movies" I write my views on new movies and TV series and I share fun and easy recipes inspired to films. 

For the Italian national network Donna TV I wrote and hosted the TV show "La Seduzione è servita" (Seduction is served) where I gave cooking and clothing ideas for Dinner Dates.

My blog has been featured inside a national radio show and thanks to it I collaborated with Italian and international brands writing and hosting video recipes for the web and TV.

I also collected many fantastic traditional Italian recipes from my family's cookbooks and I'm ready to share the... See full profile

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1. Italian food fun!: Welcome to my class. My name is Elena Manzini and I'm in Italian food Blogger and radio host. In this class, I will show you how to prepare an Italian three course menu for special date. So if you have invited somebody you like to dinner or you want to prepare a fantastic night for the person you're sharing your life with, this is the class for you. The three recipes I've chosen for my men you are as an appetizer, tomato caprese with mozzarella, moose and basic pesto. The first course is a pastor with vodka sauce and salmon and to close the night, a strawberry tear me. So these recipes that sound very impressive, which there will be on your date. But they're also fun, easy and fast to prepare because I know our everybody's life is busy. At the moment, the collars will be in Italian style. In fact, the main ingredients are old reds, whites and green. In the last project, I will ask you to cook with me and to share with me and everybody else in the class the way you presented your dishes for your romantic night. I hope you decide to enroll and to see you in the next video 2. Tools&Ingredients: thank you very much for enrolling to my class. This first video is a summary off the tools and the ingredients you need for each recipe. If you have doubts in the class Project section, I have a bloated materials with everything written down. You will notice that I have chosen to use the same ingredient for more than one recipe, so it would be even easier for you to shop and prepare in advance. As faras presentations, I will show you two different ways to present each recipe. My ways to present them because, of course, you can create improvised experiment wherever you like, and with whatever you already have a whole. So you can share with us your way on this table. I have displayed the tools you will need to fight it into three sections on the right, a good cutting board and good captain knives and two mixtures with their blades. The biggest one is for most around the moose and for whipping the cream, the smallest one. It's better for preparing pastor for two people. But of course, if you decide to make a bigger quantity of Pasto and keep it for other occasions, you can use the biggest one. In the center, you can see bowls of different sizes, a big pot for pasta, a pasta strainer and a pan for the past. The SOS if you can use on lee wooden spoons on the left, I displayed everything I used for the presentation of each recipe. As I told you, I'll be showing you two different ways to present them. You can see a jar with a red ribbon and heart and a martini glass for the appetizer, a big red plate and a smaller white plate with a heart shaped cutter and the food ring for pastor and a lovely red cot for to me soon in the back. There is also a bigger trade for Jeremy soup because you will use it. He heard the basic ingredients of our appetizer, which is a caprese with mozzarella, moose and basic past, and we have tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella. But you can also use the cow one and basil, then to season the tomatoes. You would need oil sold and pepper for the mozzarella moose. We will use fresh cream and sold, and for the basic pesto you would need grated Parmesan buying. That's I'll insult thieves are the ingredients for pastor with vodka sells for the SOS, a spoon of oil to make toe Fred that salmon fresh heavy cream. But for the past, uh, I've used pennant big grain sold for the boiling water and four decoration, minced parsley and whole parsley leaves as the third time proposing strawberry term ISU. Then, of course, you will leave strawberries, mascarpone achieve meant for decoration and lady fingers that sugar for the strawberries green. I see sugar and acts for the master pony cream and lots of sherry. Now I think it's time to start cooking in the next video. Always show you how to make the appetizer tomato caprese with mozzarella, moose and visit best. 3. Caprese with Mozzarella Mousse&Basil Pesto: The appetizer, which in Italian is called anti Pasto, is a caprese in the traditional way to do it will be to slice the tomatoes, sliced the mozzarella and put some basil leaves on top. My way is a little bit more creative, but as fast as the original one. He should actually take you 10 to 15 minutes to prepare it, depending how fast you are just like the tomatoes. If you have doubts in the class materials, you will find a written chart with old ingredients and the preparation. At the end of the video, I will show you two different ways to present it. But in both ways, your guests will be able to see the three different layers for the three colors or Italian flag green for basic Pasto white for mozzarella, moose and red for tomatoes. Let's start with tomatoes. You just have to wash them kathem into tortures, then removed the seats lytham and make little cubes with them. Season with oil sold and pepper and leave aside. Then we make the base of past Oh, my grandmother would prepare it with a mortar, but with a mixture is match faster. You just have to wash the basil, remove old lease and save the little ones like this one's for decoration. Makes the leaves with finance, and we've graded Harmison. But remember not to add the oil right now. You would any later if you make more past of that. What you need for this appetizer, just keep it in the refrigerator or in the freezer, and then you can use it to season your past and other occasions. Mozzarella Moussa sounds complicated but is actually the easiest preparation to make. You just take them with Carella, cut it into little pieces, then put it in the mixer and mix for 30 seconds. But 30 seconds on Lee. Unless it cooks and lose it. It's four. When the consistency looks like this, add the fresh heavy cream and mixed for other 36. There you go, you have you Mose, I told you. I'll show you two ways to present it, because who knows what table you're preparing for your dinner tonight. To compose the layers, start with a green basil pesto. My advice is to use three different spoons, each one for each layer, unless you will mix the colors I decorated this one with a red ribbon and a little heart. That, of course, you can do whatever you like. Martini glasses. Next. These are my two suggestions. The jar with a martini glass. If you have more ideas, please share them with everybody in the class project. In the next video we prepare passed up with vodka sauce. 4. Pasta with Vodka Sauce&Salmon: pastor with vodka. So says many variations. You can prepare it with bacon or you come prepared with fish, shrimp or salmon. I've chose Saimon more over. The source can be just white or you can not to make him. And since I've cut little cubes off tomatoes for my previous recipe for the CAPRESE, I'll be using them in the closet materials. You will find a chart with written ingredients and step by step preparation. But don't worry. This is such an easy dish to make just because you're preparing the source Express, as they say while you're pastimes cooking. So let's put the water to boil and prepare the source because the quarter centimeters off course. If you do both recipes, you can cut the tomatoes while doing the caprese so you will have or ready little cubes. Remember to take off the seats, or else he can use cherry tomatoes. Cut him into half, but remember to remove seats when the water is boiling at bickering Solt in past. To prepare the soc, use a spoon of oil. Then you add shredded Saimon. Let it cook for two minutes, tops. Then you put the box. The Balkan needs to evaporate, so you can actually smell it. Why is evaporating? Let it go on a higher flame for 23 minutes. When the vodka has evaporated, you add fresh cream and tomato. Mix everything while together and turning off past that has to be eaten. Invented to check the timing on the box. If it's 10 11 12 minutes just strained the past two minutes before the cooking time. So if it's, for example, 10 minutes, just training at eight minutes. Finished cooking the passed out inside the saucepan. Mix very well together and add some personally, as I've done with the appetizer, I'll show you two different ways to serve pastor, because you need to a pop Shin's for the 1st 1 I've used the collard plate, fresh tomato cubes and whole parsley leaves for the 2nd 1 heart shaped cutter and the food ring. Now it's time for the dessert Strawberry tiramisu. In the next video 5. Strawberry Tiramisu': tiramisu is an Italian dessert. Or, I should say, Dolce Italiano very much loved all over the world, but were used in the original version off Jeremy. So the one with coffee and cocoa powder on top. My version uses strawberries and liquor instead of coffee. This particular recipe is a little bit longer to prepare than the others, because he has to rest in the fridge for at least two hours. So my advice is to prepare it in the afternoon or the day before. I will show you how to make a single small portion off Jeremy. So in a rant, Kat. But since you will love it and you will want to share it with everybody friends, family, people you meet in the streets at the end of the video, I will also show you how to prepare a big tray for tear me soon in the class materials in the chart concerning the Jeremy, so you will find ingredients for the small portion and ingredients for a bigger portion. First step is to prepare the strawberries, wash them, remove the green part on top. Remember to keep aside to the most beautiful ones for the decoration I would say the 30% then cut them into little pieces. Pour the sugar on top, makes very well, and live in the fridge while you prepare the mascarpone cream. So they released a liquid for the mascarpone cream. Use one single mixer. Start by whipping the cream, then live it aside. Maybe put it in the fridge or while you prepare in the mosque opponent Master Opponent has for mixed with ag jewels and icing sugar. It will take you two minutes to make it into its muth cream. Then you mix the two together whipped cream and mosque opponent. This is how much liquid they have released. Filter to separate it with the strawberries than mixing with sherry would use it for the lady fingers. Since the Kolkata musing is a single portion, you have to do 21 for you and one for your guests. Now we make the layers lady fingers with a liquid muster upon a cream, strawberries, more mascarpone cream on top. Leave the Truman Sue for a couple of hours in the fridge, and when you're ready to serve, just decorated with lies to strawberries and mint leaves. Now I'm gonna show you how to make a big tray of Jeremy Sue and how to present it. - This is the way of presented it. But please share with me and everybody else in the class project section how you presented it for your night. In the meantime, one a potato. 6. Conclusion: thank you so much for being part of this class and for sharing with me and everybody else in the class the way you prepared and presented this recipes for your special night. If you have doubts, scroll down and check the class materials or contact me and I will answer all your questions. I hope you enjoy it and I hope to see you in the classes are be uploading soon.