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Cooking for Your Date. A HYPER ROMANTIC Menu.

teacher avatar Elena Maria Manzini, Passionate Italian Foodblogger

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
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Lessons in This Class

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      Do, Don't, Plan


    • 3.

      How to choose Authentic Prosecco


    • 4.

      Prosciutto Cups with Figs (appetizer)


    • 5.

      Shrimps with Bacon and Avocado (appetizer)


    • 6.

      Homemade Vegetable Broth


    • 7.

      Strawberry Risotto (first course)


    • 8.

      Chocolate Cake with a Soft Heart (dessert)


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      Assignment and Thank You


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About This Class

It is time to propose? To prove that you are “ready”? Or just to show off your cooking abilities to pamper your date?

Then it’s time to start COOKING FOR YOUR DATE!

Special occasions deserve a dinner date at home away from the restaurant’s distractions, but cooking for your love interest is like putting on a show and it can be nerve-reacking.

No worries! I’m here to COACH you and help you ORGANIZE every single detail.

Enrolling in my class you’ll learn how to prepare a HYPER ROMANTIC MENU with the sexiest and most aphrodisiac ingredients:

ANTIPASTO:    1) Prosciutto Cups with Figs, Fresh Goat Cheese and Balsamic Glaze

                        2) Shrimps, Bacon, Avocado and Cucumber Appetizers

MAIN COURSE: Strawberry Risotto prepared with Homemade Vegetable Broth

DESSERT: Mini Chocolate Cake with a Soft Heart

In the video lessons I will show you the STEP BY STEP PREPARATION and I’ll give you hints on what can go wrong so you can prevent it learning from my mistakes.

The class will also include a video with a TIMELINE PLANNING and DO/DON’Ts when it comes to choosing ingredients for dates.

If you are a lover of the most famous Italian sparkling white wine, PROSECCO, check out the video where I tell you all about it and how to choose it. I won’t talk about the single brands, but I’ll just teach you how to recognize the AUTHENTIC one.

Are you ready to go COOKING FOR YOUE DATE? I’ll wait for you in my class!

PS here on Skillshare you’ll also find another COOKING FOR YOUR DATE class with a super easy and fun all Italian Menu.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Maria Manzini

Passionate Italian Foodblogger


Hello everyone,

I'm Elena, an Italian TV presenter, foodblogger and radio host that lived many years in the States. Now I'm based in Milan and on my website "Food and the Movies" I write my views on new movies and TV series and I share fun and easy recipes inspired to films. 

For the Italian national network Donna TV I wrote and hosted the TV show "La Seduzione è servita" (Seduction is served) where I gave cooking and clothing ideas for Dinner Dates.

My blog has been featured inside a national radio show and thanks to it I collaborated with Italian and international brands writing and hosting video recipes for the web and TV.

I also collected many fantastic traditional Italian recipes from my family's cookbooks and I'm ready to share the... See full profile

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1. Intro: My name is Annemarie. I'm and I'm an Italian TV presenter and food blogger. Special occasions with your partner deserve a hyper romantic dinner. At home. It is time to propose or to show, I'm ready. Or it's just time to show off your cooking abilities and pumper your date, then it's time to enroll in this class. I will show you a three course menu where the wonderful finger food appetizers very impressive on your day too, but super easy to assemble. The most romantic result of ever strawberry resided, prepared with homemade vegetable breath and a chocolate cake with a soft heart that will make you and your date fill in heaven. It each reparation. I will also show you what can go wrong and how to prevent it so you can learn from my mistakes and save time and ingredients. The class we also include general doing dance on the ingredients and not to choose or to choose for a dinner date. And a specific timetable to plan every single detail of your preparations. So you want to stress out, there is also a video on how to choose your authentic Italian Prosecco. If you want a pair Prosecco with your recipes tonight on Skillshare, you can also find another cooking for your date class with super easy three course menu with Italian flavors and colors. So check it out. You're ready to start cooking for your date. Then I'll see you in the next video. 2. Do, Don't, Plan: These are basic rules in general when choosing ingredients for a dinner date. My advice, but it's actually very good sense, is not to choose ingredients that will take your breath and it will make your mouth feel pasty. I wanted to say pasty. I mean, uncomfortable in the after-dinner approach or they'll make you feel sleepy, God forbid. Don't choose recipes with onion, garlic, strong ******. Don't offer Jesus, there are extremely good but not good for your breath or done. Use those ingredients. There are difficult to digest. Them. Make you feel your belly to fool and make you feel sleepy. There are also a lot of wonderful ingredients. There are actually also enough vertices stack and the need to be used for a dinner date. And these ingredients are chocolate, red chili pepper, figs, strawberries, alcohol, and we're gonna use them all. Do leave the stress outside of your house, of your apartment. You don't need to be stressed during a dinner date. You have to relax and to enjoy your night. But of course, you need to prepare a lot of different recipes. It's important to be perfectly organized so that everything would be absolutely perfect. The recipes are two appetizers. One result row, which needs to be prepared while your date is there with you, is I think it's really sexy, but at the same time, you need to be perfectly organized to cook while another person, your date will be in the house with you. And then a chocolate cake. This is the timing I want to give you for preparation of all the different recipes tonight. First of all, make the chocolate cake door the day before. Because as I will show you in the video with the preparation of the chocolate cake, it's better to put the chocolate cake dot in the freezer. And then you will bake it during dinner. The day of your date in the afternoon, prepare the anti-patterns TO the pursuit two cups. You can prepare the entire anti pasta and just leave it in the fridge because it will be perfectly fine to prepare it in advance. At the same time in the fridge, put the winds. The winds needs to be chilled. If you choose sparkling Italian wine, Prosecco, if you're choosing any other sparkling wine, french, remember, white wine needs to be in the fridge. So the ones need to be in the fridge with the anti-positivist. The second anti-Castro I'm presenting you has an avocado cream which can change color a little bit, so prepare it before your data arrives, not too much time before. Before you data rise. All the anti-patterns TO the appetizers needs to be on the plate. Very important. Set a timer in your head. Don't stress last minute with your data writing a new steel preparing anti-particles. So aunty passed already. Wine, children ready to serve. Result tone needs to be prepared while you date is there, which is a very essential activity, I think, cooking in front of your date, but you don't want to stress before you arrive, scale all the ingredients while you're preparing the anti pass or while you're preparing the first state to pass. Whenever you have some time, kale, all the ingredients of your result. You will have everything measured, everything ready. You just need to pour different ingredients inside part and you're done. Then when you sit down to eat your result or right before you sit down to eat your result, turn on the oven for your chocolate cake. When you finish eating your result, you will have the oven ready for you to put in your chocolate cake. Hi, I'm excited. I can't wait to start cooking. I just thought that since all the recipes I'm giving you in this menu tonight, be perfectly paired, perfectly combined with Prosecco. And as an Italian, I'm very proud of his sparkling white wine that everybody loves around the world. I will give you a few hints on how to choose the perfect Prosecco. If you want to use Prosecco tonight to go to the next video. If not, you can go to the first video while I teach how to make anti-bias TO appetizers. 3. How to choose Authentic Prosecco: This is a bonus video where I teach you how to choose Prosecco, not because any producer are per cycle will ever pay me for this. This is not a sponsorship and believe me, but just because as an Italian, I know that Prosecco is one of the most lab sparkling Italian wines and that is consumed all around the world. And I would really love to share my knowledge and let you know how to choose the best authentic Italian Prosecco. These are a few rules and few information I would love to let you know. First of all, Prosecco is a white sparkling wine made from a grape cold delay era and originally came from a town up Prosecco. Now, the main production is the in Italy is in the regions of Veneto and the freely financial Julia. Why am I explaining to you the regions where Prosecco is made? Because not all preceptors find in the stores out there are from Italy, but only Prosecco, real Prosecco comes from Italy. So make it an Italian Job. The label is very important to just check the labels. On the label you will find if is produced in Italy, they need to write it on the label. And another big rule, very important rule is that at least 85% of the grape that has been used for anti bottle for the production of Prosecco needs to be clearer. Grape. If it's not 85% of later grape is not Prosecco. Why did they use this grape, specifically this grape. It is green skins grape that ripens late in the season and is very aromatic, can be fragrant, floor and fruity. It can happen debt on the label you want to find the indication of glare grade. Why? Because the best per seconds usually have a quality classification. You see this AU, CG or DOC. Those two classifications means that the Prosecco is very, very good. It's been classified. A good Prosecco from the specific region with the specific grape produced in Italian. So if you check the label, you see DOC or DOC G. You have a very, very good preceptor between the two. The best one is DOC g. Let me give you a pro tip. If you're a per cycle our you know, everything about Prosecco. You probably know that the best preset or ever has been produced in the region. And actually that specific Prosecco is called the Cartesian. If you find the Cartesian, akathisia is the Rolls Royce of preceptors. It's like liquid gold because in that specific region, the hills obtain the best in the cadenza is one of the best of them, best. If you find a bottle of Cartesian, get it and just serve it to your dinner date. These are more info you can find on the label and then we'll help you to choose. As I told you, kind of data is considered the Rolls Royce off Prosecco, with the grapes harvested in the sunniest and steepest slopes. Prosecco can be brute, is one of the most well-known and well loved Prosecco. It's perfectly dry and perfect with pizza, extra brute. It's like brute, but even drier and almost no residual sugar remaining. Extra dry is a little sweeter than brute. It's elegant saddle, it makes a great aperitivo in party starter, dry. This is where you get a little confused because dry Prosecco is the most sugary one, is the sweetest of them all. It's perfect if you like your Prosecco on the sweet side, but don't make the mistake of buying a dry Prosecco thinking that it's actually dry, because the dry one is the brute. The extra brute. Exante is Prosecco grapes with a shaved last sparkle. Tranquil law is actually a white wine coming from the sacral region, but it's not sparkling. Called Fondo heritage Prosecco made old way with the East in the bottle. You can pair it with cured meat and cheese. Now you have all the info you need. If you want to use authentic Italian Prosecco for your dinner date tonight. If not, of course, it is fantastic anyway, my advice is to use the sparkling white wine with anti pasta, with the appetizers and the width strawberry reside or use a white wine, which is good also for the chocolate cake. Or you can go back to the sparkling white one for the chocolate cake. Let me know which ones you have chosen. If you're not drinking, Prosecco, know, it's time to start preparing our anti pass TO our two appetizers. See you in the next video. 4. Prosciutto Cups with Figs (appetizer): Here we are, is time to start cooking or you're ready. Of course we start with anti-particle appetizers. I chose to appetizers, there are really, really easy to prepare. You can prepare all the different ingredients in advance and they're very fast to assemble so you don't have to stress out last minute, assembling the appetizers and preparing yourself departments, setting the table. Most of all they are finger foods. Why did they choose finger foods? Because I think that they warm up the atmosphere right away. You can hit them when you have to eat them with your hands. They're very sexy and sensual and they're very convenient. You can eat them anywhere if you don't want to touch the table before the first course and you want to prepare an anti-particle corner nearby the couch or under terrorists, if you have one amid the pictures, if you do because I want to see it or in the kitchen. If you have the kitchen in a separate room, you can have your date be there we do while you are preparing result TO because the results there needs to be tended to a little bit. And at the same time, eating your fantastic appetizers. In this video, you will learn how to make pursued two cups with the fresh goat cheese, figs, and decorated with a regular and balsamic glaze. These are the ingredients to make six per shift, two cups, six per shoot, two slices, medium thickness, six, small fresh black fix or six per slices. If you don't find fix. Six teaspoons of soft fresh goat cheese. Six baby arugula leaves, the nicest and the most good-looking you find balsamic glaze. Immediately we use for shooting very often in the anti pasta. Usually we just slice it and serve it with a melon or with breadth ticks. Or we just cut it into cubes and just serve it as it is. But in this recipe, you will bake the parachute, two slices in the oven. This will show your partner that you made researches that you wanted to make something original, different for your date. And I think it will give you a lot of points right from the beginning. This slice is a pursuit to you need to choose if you buy them at the supermarket in the container in Italy we have containers, plastic containers or prosciutto. Try and check they're not too thin. They don't need to be too thick, but medium thickness, then you need to cut squares of the pursuit TO I used two different sizes because I had two different sizes of Cupcake cups. I wanted to try and to experiment a little bit. I tried the two inches by two, which is five centimeters by big squares or smaller squares, one inch by one, which would be 2.5 centimeters. Then you place the pursuit two slices inside cupcake cups. If you have them, or a pan, if you already have a pan with the shape of a cupcake, and then you bake them for 15 minutes in the oven, put in the oven at a 190 Celsius degrees or 375 Fahrenheit degrees. Check because they couldn't be already a little bit before they're ready when the fat turns golden. Once they're already removed from the OVN and put at side on the paper towel to drain and cool completely. Once they are drained and cold, they're not very easy to destroy. So you can just put them aside and wait until the evening. If you want to assemble everything in deepening or this appetizer, you can just prepare in the afternoon because the pursuit two cups, one, change consistency once they have the the cheese inside. And it will help you and it will give you more time before your data rise in the evening if one of the appetizers is already ready, the other main ingredient of this recipe is fixed. Fixed not only are a super food, in fact, that they are nutritional value over all these very impressive. But why did I choose them for your cooking, for your date night? Because they are also enough redundancy it why? Because of their shape, the heart shape, because of the juiciness, because of their consistency. It because you can eat the entire fruit at the same time. There are also a little bit difficult to find if you are outside of the season, don't worry, there is always a solution. If you don't find them, you can substitute them with pairs. Or you can just prepare one appetizer. One you'll find in the next video, we've cut the fixed here too. I wanted to experiment a little bit, so I tried two different ways to cut them. As you can see, I tried to slice them in the middle because I wanted to give it the heart shape, which makes it a really sexy, always I would say sexy in this class a lot. So get used to it. I also cut into legal quarters what can go wrong in his lice into fixed because yes, something can go wrong here too. And I wanted to tell you, I tried to make the heart shape because that's what I wanted from the very beginning. But if the fig is ripe is difficult because to cut, because it's very soft. So if you cut in the middle, sometimes the lies want come out the way it should look. I wouldn't waste too much time about it. If you can make the heart shape Slice, just do, it would be fantastic. But if you can't cut into little quarters or find other ways to cut it because it will look amazing. Either way, then you'll have to prepare the goat cheese, I suggest to take it off and he container that you have and put it into a glass or a small glass container that you can mix a little bit and make it easier to spoon because you will have to take a spoon. The GOCE is it place it into the cup. And also you have to choose the nicest arugula leaves you have because this is your declaration, together with the balsamic glaze. To assemble the pursuit took up, take the prosciutto cap, which it has to be cold. Remember don't use it when it's warm. Pick the prosciutto cup, put a spoon up, Go cheese. What can go wrong? The thing that can go wrong is that you will need to use your hands because the Goto is really sticky. Don't worry. What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen. Of course, you will have your hands perfectly clean before it's starting to cook. If you need to use your hands, just do cheese in the cup. Figs on top. The nicest arugula leaves you have. And then, but Summit glaze in Italy, we have this bottles off balsamic glaze. Let me show you. I have been here bottles of balsamic glaze and you can just pour them like this. This bottle gave me a little problem because it pours a lot of, but some incoming. Pay attention because the balsamic glaze is a strong taste and can be too much. Don't use it too much. You need to put a little bit just to make the decoration and to give the kick at the end of the taste. When you eat it all you have the crunch genus of your pursuit to cup. You have the sweetness and juiciness of the fig. You have the fresh taste of the goat cheese and the kick of the balsamic glaze. So don't use too much, then you're ready to serve. Of course, I also tried to assemble the small ones, and since I had two sizes of Cupcake cups, I put the stomach glaze on the cheese because I was afraid and putting it on top of everything would ruin it. Then the fig quarter and the nice article or lead, very similar. In my opinion, they're good, but a little too small. See you in the next video for the second appetizer. 5. Shrimps with Bacon and Avocado (appetizer): In this video, you will learn how to make the second appetizer. And ingredients are shrimps, bacon, cucumber, and avocado that will be mixed with lime or lemon and sold, but it's better to choose climb. These are the ingredients for a sixth, shrimps appetizers. Six shrimps, half cucumber, three backends, lysis, half ripe avocado, lunges, and trains and bacon are always very, very nice combination because there is a swiftness of the shrimps and the juiciness and savory of the bacon, which is good with everything. I love bacon in this specific appetizer, you also have the freshness and crispiness of the cucumber and the roundness of the avocado cream. So I think that it's a fantastic appetizer you should try. You will love it. It explodes in your mouth. How do you prepare it? My advice is to cook the strings. Even if you buy precooked ones, I will put them in a pan just for a minute. A minute and a half. Not too much because you don't want to make them become to DUE, but you want to be sure that the shrimps you serve to your partner, to your date and night are good shrimps. Cook them a little bit. Then once you're ready, you have to cut the cucumber slices. Cut a lot so you can choose among them which are the best looking ones. Then you need to prepare the bacon. If you want to prepare it at the same time as the parachute two cups that we did in the previous video. Fantastic. That's what I did. So I turned on the, the OVN once for two recipes. The temperature is just fine for both. If you have a big oven, just put everything in together. If not, you can do one before the other. Just put the bacon and the oven and wait until it becomes crispy and then you turn it off and you make it drain and a cool for awhile. And then you can keep it aside with appreciative cups. If you want to do the bacon last time, on the last moment before assembling altogether the appetizer just use the pan, the avocado cream like a guacamole, but Whac-A-Mole doubt is just with avocado lime and sold. You cut the avocado in the middle. If you have a big knife, try and do this to remove the bone, it's really fun. You peel it off and then you cut it into little cubes. And the more ripe the avocado is, the easier will be for you to make it. Yes, The only thing that really go wrong in this recipe is choosing the wrong avocado. Because when the avocado is not ripe enough, it will be impossible to mix and make a claim with it. Whatever machine you use, whatever force you put into it, you season it with lime and salt and just start crushing it with a fork, you crash and mix, Krashen, mix, crush, mix. Pay attention that the avocado green changes color quite fast. It is best to mix it up just a little time before you date arrives. It is ready when you get this consistency. Then you assemble everything together. A cucumber slice, bacon on top, avocado cream, and a shrink. I like to put it flat, but you can also try to put it on top. Try both. Send me pictures, send me pictures of your appetizers, of your anti-patterns though. I want to see how you prepare them. I want to see are you sat the plate with the appetizers? I want to see everything. The next step will be to learn how to make result TO with strawberries and Prosecco to prepare it. And the perfect way you should prepare at home your vegetable broth if you want to do it, go to the next video, if you will, by your vegetable broth, just skip the next video and go to the other one for your result tone. 6. Homemade Vegetable Broth: This is a bonus video where I teach you how to make a vegetable broth at home. Because if you want to make Italian traditional result of the way my mother, my grandmother, the mother, my grandmother, all the Italian ladies and all the Italian gentlemen, because everybody can prepare a result, not only women, also men, it's really easy to make. A lot of men love to cook. But if you wanted to prepare the perfect result, you need to prepare your own breath. If you don't have time, don't worry about it. You can buy breath, vegetable broth or chicken stock or beef stock at the supermarket. Why do I use vegetable broth for this specific result? Because this result is resided with vegetables, with fruits, with strawberries, you need to have a very delicate taste. Don't use chicken or beef stock to prepare this specific result because it will cover up the taste of the strawberries. The ingredients are from vegetable breath are three liters, 12 cups of cold water to carrots, three celery stalks, one zucchini to onions, one potato, parsley. Pepper grains. Insult. The ingredients you find here. And in the class materials are enough to prepare 2.5 liters, which is around ten cups of vegetable broth. Of course you want to use that much to prepare resulted tonight, but it's easier to prepare a lot of breath and then you can store it and keep it for other preparation sites, soups or other results, or to cook your vegetables if you add a little bit of vegetable broth in your zucchini or in your egg plants. It will make it much, much tastier. Let's start with the preparation, which is super-simple. Build the onions and cut them into big chunks. Then do the same with the celery stalks. And the zucchini. Remember to wash very well the salary stocks and the zucchini before remove the skin of the carrot, then cut. Do the same with the potato. Remove the skin and cut in big chunks. Some keep the potatoes skin, but I prefer not to. Then remove the parsley stocks. Now it's time to put all the vegetables inside a big and tall pen. Also the pepper grains bottle like this will be very, very convenient for you to have the exact amount of water you need to put inside the pan to prepare your breath. Because in Italy this is a liter and a half. But I'm sure that you have anywhere. You are looking from a bottle of water with exact ounces, pins, whatever, you would never is your measure or literals. And it makes it so much easier. If you do, you need to have three liters, two bundles. You cover and bring to boil. Once it boils like this, let it cook for a half hour and a half or two hours, better, two hours. This period of time, the budget balls will release all the flavor. It takes a little time, but it's super easy and you'll obtain a wonderful breath like this. Homemade. Next step will be to remove the basketballs and filter. As I told you, I'll use only part of the breath to prepare the result TO. I have a pan with a scale which is very convenient and I use it when I have to make my result is I'll have the exact quantity. Here. I fill it with 750 milliliters or three cups of breath. For the recipe I'll prepare in the following video. Strawberry result. The rest you can store. You can put a container like this small one. You can put it either in the fridge or the freezer. Big bottle, this big plastic bottle to you can put it in the freezer. Or you can freeze little cubes, little cubes of vegetable broth. That, as I told you, you can put in your vegetables while you're cooking done. You don't necessarily need to add salt. Taste your breath once it has been filtered and then adjust with salt if needed. To fill the small container, you can use a funnel and filter directly from the pan. To fill the ice cubes container. It's easier to pour the broth from the bottle. That's it. Your vegetable breath is ready. So you are perfectly ready to prepare a traditional italian risotto. A strawberry result of actually is not that traditional, but we want to make it a little different. We wanted to make it original and exciting for your date. So this is what we're serving tonight, strawberry result. In the next video. 7. Strawberry Risotto (first course): This is the video where I'll teach you how to prepare the most romantic result or ever strawberry result. These are the ingredients for a struggle result of two people. Actually is a little more abandoned because you want to have a second course in my menu, but it's super good. So it's better to A-band. 100 grams or one cup of Carnot, Raleigh rice, 750 milliliters or three cups of vegetables. Breath, 200 grams, seminar ounces of strawberries, 75 grams, 300 of butter. Half a shallow it, 25 grams, one tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese, one glass of Prosecco. Salt, pepper. Mental lives. For a special and romantic night, you absolutely need to try result of strawberries for many different reasons. First of all, the smell, the perfume of strawberries in Italian strawberries are called fragilis, which comes from latent. It comes from fragrant because the smell of this fruit is wonderful and it will emit create you and your day to during dinner. Then the color, the dish will come out to this pinkish, reddish color of passion. And another very important reason is that during preparation, you will use Prosecco. Yes, Actually in result or you use wine, you use either white wine or red wine. For this specific result, you can use a glass of Prosecco. Result needs to be done last minute. You will cook this result of a strawberries when your date has arrived, which is a wonderful central activity to do together before dinner, you can have your appetizers, as I told you in a previous video, in the kitchen sip, the Prosecco is the appetizer chat and then stare the result of if you know that your data loves to cook, you can have him or her help you during the preparation. The big advice I have for you to cut all. The most annoying part is to prepare in the afternoon all the ingredients. You will have to scale, the rise, the broth, everything needs to be ready. You cut the shallow, and you cut the strawberry. So it's time to start preparing our result of, we will start by cutting the shallow. But let me tell you a few things about this ingredient. In a previous video, I told you that there are few ingredients there are better not to use during dinner, during the date dinner because they contained a little bit your breath and make you feel uncomfortable in the after dinner approach or make you feel uncomfortable in general. These ingredients are onions and garlic. Don't use garlic during dates shell. It is a type of onion, but has a sweeter and a lighter taste. And so we will give the right taste to the result. But it will not taint your breath. It will not be heavy on your stomach. Let's start cutting into very thin bits. If you prefer, you can even use half of the quantity I indicated. Remember that old ingredients are written down in the materials attached to the class so you can download them. It's strawberries time. Of course, before cutting the strawberries, wash them and remove the green part. Keep the best looking once for the plating and cut the rest in little cubes. Let's talk about rise. For the creaminess risotto, you need to use carbon narrowly rise are barrio would be your second choice. But Canada, Raleigh is the best because the grains are bigger and they will give you the thickening effect without losing the general structure of the green. Most of all when they cook low and slow and liquid, actually a big, no big dawned in preparing the result is to cook the rise in water or broth and then rinse it. Before adding the SOS, this is a node because you will lose all the criminals. The best way to prepare a traditional Italian resides is the one I will show you in this video. In a large pot over medium-high heat, melt half of the batter had shall it and cook, steering occasionally until softened. About five-minutes. The shallow it is ready when it turns golden, transparent, like this. The second step is to toast the rice. Just steer it with a butter and shell it and cook for a few minutes. Here to the rice is perfectly toasted. When it becomes a shiny and transparent, you'll be able to see the white core in the middle. Check this out. Poor Prosecco into riots, mixture, mallet. You'll be able to smell it because you have to cook until almost evaporated, about thirty-seconds no more. Then it's broth time. This operation is what makes the result of cell creamy because it leaves the rights the time to absorb the flavors. You reduce the heat to medium and pour a few lead falls of warm breath into the pan. Cook steering gently until breath is absorbed. Every time that the breath is absorbed, you add more breath. This is the rule. Easy as it is. Then check the cooking time on the box. And half of the time. At most of the cuts, strawberries, The rest you use for the plating. The meantime, if you need to sip some Prosecco, Just do. I'm sure you have a lot of bandwidth your partner now, slipping Prosecco and eating your appetizers. Continue to cook, repeating, adding a few lead folds of warm breath and steering until breath is absorbed. This you'd do until the rice is identical. And rice is a dentist. When you reach the cooking time, you'll find on the box, be sure tasted the rise. Now is demand. Take a tour of time, the greening golf reside. Remove the pan from heat and stare in the remaining butter and the Parmesan cheese. Stare steer vigorously. Taste again. If you look slightly needs some salt. Edit. Also ask your partner, have him on her, have your date tasted. Look how beautiful is this cream. Also the color and smell are perfect. You can allot this season with pepper. For depleting idolized. My best to look in strawberry. Place the rise in the middle of the plate and clean the plate if needed. Then top with cut strawberries and mental needs, time to eat and synapomorphy Prosecco. The only tricky part in preparing and resided is the part, well, you put the growth and lead to rise, absorb until you put another little bit of breath. So it's best to be close to the pan. Of course, he didn't need to be there and watch it all the time. It will cook by itself. But just remember that you have the rise in the pen even if your date will be there with you. So if you put a little bit last breath, the needed actually the rest will stick to the pan, which is not good. If you put too much growth, want to give the rice the time to absorb it slowly. So remember that once every two to three minutes, you will need to watch your resides and maybe add a little bit off broad. If you have any questions, if you have any doubts, if you think about something that I'm not telling you in this explanation, please come to me and I'll answer your questions as soon as possible. One thing I would really love to know is the way you set the dish, the way you use fresh strawberries to decorate your result on, please send us pictures so you can give ideas to me and to all the other students, of course. Now that you're fantastic, wonderful. Result over strawberries is ready, it's time to prepare desert care to try a soft heart chocolate cake. See you in the next video. 8. Chocolate Cake with a Soft Heart (dessert): Chocolate cake with a soft, hard, with a soft core, or how much, how much I love it. It's one of my favorite recipes ever. I think that ending a dinner with a chocolate cake is the best way. Because chocolate, We always make you feel happy. Moreover, it will wake up all your senses because chocolate is very strong, aphrodisiac. The fact that in this specific chocolate cake, once you put your spoon inside, you will find a soft heart that will melt in your mouth, will make you feel in heaven. Believe me. Let's start preparing it right away. The ingredients are a 110 grams for her chances of dark chocolate. 125 grams, 4.5 answers of butter. Two big eggs, 25 grams, one tablespoon of flour, 40 grams, three tablespoons of sugar, cocoa powder, rat, chili flakes, icing sugar. The ingredients are gave you our 434 mini chocolate cakes or two big cakes inside a ceramic pot. Why? Because it could be tricky the preparation. So if you make more cakes is best, you will have the perfect cake to serve and the cake for the next morning. We're not. The first step is to melt the chocolate memory with butter. You can melt it in the microwave if you have one or under stove. To melt it under stove, you need two pins, a big one that you fill with water, and a small one you can put inside. Pay attention to choose wisely the small container, because if it's too small, the water could drip inside and ruined the chocolate. God forbid. Melting the chocolate memory is perfect for a desk ingredients because the chocolate 1-bit touched it directly by the flame, but it will melt lowly thanks to the boiling water, the butter will melt faster and will transmit the heat. The chocolate. As you can see, the water underneath is boiling and the chocolate is perfectly melting, and it's done. Now the chocolate needs to cool for at least 2025 minutes. If you're experts in Paris, ray, maybe you love to know that the chocolate for the perfect recreation needs to get to 30 Celsius degrees, which is around 86 finite degrees. If you have the thermometer, that is the temperature the chocolate needs to get to. If you don't have a thermometer, don't worry about it. Just wait 2025 minutes, it will be enough. While the chocolate is cooling, you can prepare the containers of your cake. I had two different ideas. One is many aluminum cups, the other one is big ceramic pots. You can put in the open. Both ones, of course, you need to put in the oven. So remember this. Many aluminum cups will give you the opportunity to invent, create lovely plating. I will show you the way I plated I set my chocolate cake layer when we finish this video, when we finish the preparation, big ceramic pot is nice because you have one chocolate cake for both. And you can share. In both ways. You will find a way to serve chocolate and ends at dinner and start the after-dinner activities at the same time. The best way not to have the K-T stick into the cup is to spread some butter on it and cover it with the cocoa powder. Do this for each cup. The cup, you can just spread with butter. Then you beat dx. The easiest and fastest way to mix all the ingredients is to use a mixture with blades. Believe me, the cake dot will become perfectly homogeneous and it will take just a few minutes and you pour chocolate and the container and a start the mixer. Add the sugar and wait till it's perfectly blended. Then dx mix for one minute and add the flour. Keep mixing until the dot will be uniform and smooth. Add also some chili pepper if you like it too hot. Now you're ready to fill the cups. Use a sucker punch or a spoon, and remember to fill the cups Ali for 2 third, same thing you do with the big ceramic container. The most difficult step of this preparation is to obtain a poor fit soft core, a soft heart when the cake has baked. The first trick I'm giving you is to freeze the door for a few hours, maybe six hours. If you can leave it overnight even better, then you can bake it. To freeze the die, you just need to put a plastic film on top of your Containers. Once you are ready to bet your cakes, you just set the oven at 200 Celsius degrees, which is around 390 farenheit degrees. The small containers, this one should bake about eight to ten minutes. It's tricky because it all depends on how big your containers are, how effective is your oven. So I have another trick for you, the trick up the toothpick. Yes. You can check the inside of the cake with a toothpick while the Kcats Bacon, once the top part of the Kcat solidified, so the top part needs to be perfectly cooked, perfectly baked. You just put a toothpick inside. Now, I took it off the oven to show you, but you have to do it when the cake is Inside the oven. And the toothpick needs to look like this. If it looks like this, it means that the outside is ready by the inside is still solve. For the plating. I have a heart-shaped cutter and a big white plate. I poured cocoa powder to make it look like this, but you can unleash your creativity. I say sugar looks amazing on top of a chocolate cake. Shall we see if our chocolate cake has a subpart? Here it is. Check this out. This is how it looks from the inside. You can also add to the pepper flakes on top of it. The subtract located in the ceramic container looks like this after baking it for at least 12 minutes. Here too. It always depends on how big your container is. Mine is nine centimeter, 3.5 inches in diameter. Sprinkled the icing sugar and chili pepper flakes if you wish, and share. What can go wrong in this preparation? Well, the preparation of the Darr is super-easy. He used seen it. The only thing that can be a little bit tricky, of course, is the baking of the cake. Because if you bake too much, you want to have a soft core. You won't have a soft heart in your cake. If you break too little, is going to be melting in your plates. So if you want to use small, small cups, try all the tricks I gave you. Just freeze the draw, then use it to speak to test how soft is the inside. If you want to be absolutely sure and don't stress too much about it, Just use big ceramic containers like this one, big ceramic pots because you don't need to hold this. You have so much fun tonight. Please send me pictures of your preparations. Counted me if you need any questions. Remember that attached to the class, you'll find all the materials with ingredients. 9. Assignment and Thank You: Thank you so much for watching all the videos and the preparations of this cookie for your date class. As a class assignment, I want you to know how it went. I would love to see the pictures, videos, read comments on the recipes you prepared for your date. Remember, I'm always here for you. If you have any questions, if you have doubts, just can't take me. Don't stress out, download the materials, prepare well and just enjoy cooking for your date. Have fun.