My Elena&Mamma Isa's pesto

My Elena&Mamma Isa's pesto - student project

Here's my pesto and I'll do gnocchis soon. I have a small blender, so that's why I was mixing adding ingredients gradually and putting them into a jar. The problem is that the jar was too small, so there was no more place for cheese, so I prepared it apart to add directly to my plate.

Unfortunately pecorino is difficult to find, so I only used parmesan, but the next time my husband goes to Italy for work, I'll ask him to bring some or my sister-in-law's boyfriend (who is Italian :)) will do it.

I was glad to know that my pesto recipe that I used before was good and it always had the right colour but now thanks to mamma Isa's secrets it will always be perfect.

I had to taste it alone yesterday (my children don't like pesto even if they have a very good taste and love good meal) but this weekend I'll make the gnocchi and I'm sure children will appreciate it and my husband will be back from work and have the chance to taste the whole recipe.

It's strange but I adore homemade pesto even if I'm not a fan of olive oil and green basil :)

Thanks a lot, girls!


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