When you were in school, were you the student who raced to the board to solve a math problem so that you could use your teacher’s chalk? Or maybe you always loved the famous Mary Poppins chalk drawing scene. If this sounds like you, good news: There are plenty of ways you incorporate chalk into your creative practice as an adult. 

Chalk Drawing Ideas to Get You Inspired

chalk pastels
Source: Unsplash
Get ready to have fun with chalk! 

Though it’s an occasionally messy medium, chalk is perfect for everything from creating big sidewalk pieces on a sunny day to drawing a cozy landscape while you enjoy your favorite hot beverage. 

Ready to learn more about chalk and all it has to offer for artists? Stick around for tips and lots of chalk drawing ideas to help you get started. 

Easy Chalk Drawings Step by Step

lady bug
A chalk pastel ladybug by Skillshare instructor Doris Charest

If you’ve never worked with chalk before, you’ll want to begin with easy chalk drawings with step by step instructions. While chalk drawing isn’t difficult to learn, it’s helpful to have guidance to get you familiar with the tools and techniques. 

In her beginner’s course, Skillshare instructor Doris Charest will show you each step of drawing a ladybug and an owl with chalk pastels. She’ll also help you understand which materials and supplies are best for chalk work and offers tips for starting off on the right foot and continuing to improve your skills. 

Simple Chalk Drawings

Simpler drawings are often the most beautiful. 

Another beginner-friendly project is this simple ocean scene from Charest’s chalk pastel course. Here, you’ll continue learning the basics of working with chalk pastels and create an abstract sailboat drawing that you can hang on your wall to enjoy. 

Pastel Chalk Drawings

girl with berries
Chalk pastels are fun to work with and to mix with other mediums!

Chalk pastels are incredibly versatile—and whether you choose to work exclusively with pastels or to marry them with other mediums like ink or paint, you’re sure to end up with something beautiful. 

If you’re on the hunt for a fun project, try creating a goddess chalk drawing with Skillshare instructor Heather Holbrook. She’ll teach you how to draw with pastels, how to add detail to your goddess’ face, and even how to repurpose your chalk pastels for a little painting. 

Sidewalk Chalk Drawings

letter B
Sidewalks and chalk are a natural pair!

Though there are plenty of indoor-friendly chalk options, many artists enjoy the nostalgic practice of making chalk drawings on sidewalks. Whether you choose to hand letter an affirmation or create a fun scene, your art will be enjoyed by anyone who walks by!

To get started, check out Skillshare instructor Simone Sloan’s chalk course. You’ll learn how to sketch out easy sidewalk chalk drawings then move on to creating neat effects like unicorn and mermaid designs.

Cool Chalk Drawings

"enjoy the little things" with flowers
Indoors or out, you can create so many cool drawings with chalk!

If you’ve ever happened upon a chalk mural or have seen someone working on a public piece, you undoubtedly know the impact that an inspiring art piece can have on the community. It gets people talking and brings them together!

If you’d like to leave something uplifting for your friends and neighbors, try chalking a colorful quote mural on your street. Skillshare instructor Eline Stolp will teach you not only how to illustrate your quote but also how to put yourself in the right mindset to ensure maximum enjoyment for anyone who views your work. 

3D Chalk Drawings

sunflower and chipmunk
Source: Instagram
3D art by chalk artist, David Zinn

Ever seen a street mural that stopped you in your tracks? By using perspective and 3D drawing principles, chalk artists create full-scale scenes that come to life—and look as though they’re coming right off of the sidewalk. 

Up for the artistic challenge of one of these amazing chalk drawings? Sharpen your 3D chalk drawing skills with Skillshare instructor Brent Eviston, then hit the pavement! 

Send Chalk-Inspired Love to Your Friends and Family

Chalk Style Greeting Cards

White Chalk Drawings

ballet shoes
Source: Instagram
A white chalk ballet-themed drawing by artist Barby Jiménez

White chalk drawings can be just as beautiful as their colorful counterparts—they just rely on contrast for impact. Artists typically use black or dark-colored paper to ensure that their designs stand out, then employ blending and other techniques to create depth and detail. 

If you want to give it a try, Skillshare instructor Lauren Hom offers a great course designed to help you become familiar with white chalk. Whether you choose a hand-lettering project from the course or want to try a more traditional drawing, you’ll enjoy the tips and tricks for working in this medium. 

Black Chalk Drawings

cloudy sky
Source: Instagram
A black chalk landscape and sky by artists Bruno Mallart

Black chalk is simply another avenue by which artists can create black and white drawings. Though the material differs somewhat from pencil and ink tools, you can use black chalk to improve your linework skills and draw with incredibly lifelike detail. 

Red Chalk Drawings

sunset clouds
A red sunset sky by Skillshare instructor Peter Nagy

Red chalk, sometimes called “sanguine,” is an ancient medium used by famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci. Don’t have any laying around? Use a red chalk pastel to modernize the medium! 

One great option for a colorful project is Skillshare instructor Peter Nagy’s course for drawing a sunset sky. Follow along and learn how to draw with and blend chalk to render a ruby red sky that you’ll simply get lost in. 

Chalk Drawing for Kids

Help your child take their art to the next level with chalk drawings!

Children and chalk go hand in hand—literally! If you’ve got an artistic kiddo who wants to get in on the fun, encourage them to try this chalk pastel drawing project from Skillshare instructor Ritu Kaul. Here, your young artist will learn how to work with chalk pastels and how to create an adorable sailor drawing. 

Now, the Real Fun Begins!

Whether you opt for a big, colorful sidewalk design or want to stick with a simpler project, all that’s left to do is to pick up your favorite chalk drawing tools and get your hands dirty creating.

Incorporating Chalk Into Your Home

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