Catch the last rays of the sun - Paint with soft pastel | Peter Nagy | Skillshare

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Catch the last rays of the sun - Paint with soft pastel

teacher avatar Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. 02 - Introduction

    • 3. 03 - Composition and aspect

    • 4. 04 - Define the main colors

    • 5. 05 - Add details

    • 6. 06 - Final steps

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About This Class

How to draw sunset with soft pastel?

If you are interested in classical drawing tools and techniques, try this course and make your own painting with soft pastel! The course is for those, who are already familiar with soft pastel, not a beginner course! 

What do you need for the course?
In the course I've used the following colours for the picture. (FYI: Of course, you don't have to use the same when drawing.)

  • bright red earth, burnt sienna, burnt umber, deep violet, deft blue, ivory black, krapplack, light orange, light oxide red, naples yellow reddish, permanent red 1- pale, portioli red earth, prussian dark green, purple, sky blue

Use a dark blue toned paper, not a white one!


Structure of the course

  • finding the aspect for the composition
  • sketching the horizon
  • develop the picture using dark colours to the brightest ones

Come and join to the course and create amazing classical illustration! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,


Hello everyone,

my name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer and 3D artist for 20 years. My playground are
Procreate/Photoshop/After Effects/Blender/Cinema 4D I live in Budapest, Hungary.

The framer /

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I create digital paintings and illustrations in Procreate, Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with iPad and Wacom tablet. I Usually create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D and Blender. 

One of the most important things for me is to create atmospheric scenes with impressionistic lights and lovely stories.

My Behance portfolio here 

To follow my work you can view my portfo... See full profile

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1. Promo: It's way going to work with these. Best recreate this on this. Let's go outside Sunset and painted Tweet. Best does. I'm going to show you how. 2. 02 - Introduction: Hello, it's Peter. Before we start to draw a beautiful sunset, let me show you some tips and techniques for the process for showing them. I'm going to use the same paper or like in the drawing Glisson. Grab a crayon and use its bigger side when you try drove softly. At first, we can see many empty parts in the patch. Nice method. If we want to, Makes more crayon layers. No, try it. We stronger pressure. There is much more pigment in the paper now. It is bright and more saturated, but we have less choice if we want more layers on it, because the too much and thick pigment now use the edge of the crayon on blurry it with your finger. I've seen this mess on many times. To tell the truth. I hated because the surface off our finger is not dry is just much. On the other hand, we can see the texture of the paper anymore. It doesn't looks nice, I guess if you want to get blurry patches, you some soft layers or used issue, maybe spawned after the blurring, let's draw another patches on it. We can play with the directions of the drawing. The result is a different effect. He's the crayon horizontally, the west. A copy after that mixed it with another color. He is the crayon, with low pressure on its side. I love when the color paper appear between the small patches, youth heart pressure, the stuff pressure with another color. Now let's paint a radiant. I'm going to use light purple first, and then I blend it with orange. Looks good. In the next step, I'm going to use different pressure. When I defined the ingredient softly, Mood first and do it harder finally tried this method with light blue and orange, maybe fine. 3. 03 - Composition and aspect: Okay, let's start to draw with Pastor Korean. It is my choice off the paper. This is a dark, greyish blue paper which is nice for sunset them. Actually, it is a dark indigo Fabbiano, so it is dark on a little bit warm. At the same time, I'm going to start. We define the frame of the picture and the aspect ratio. I choose the burnt sienna. First, I'm going to leave some empty space outside the frame. It will be my desperate. He is my less gay format. The ratio is approximately 86 I want you sky in the background with big, fluffy clouds defined the horizon line, which is in the lower part of the picture. Because I want to focus on the clouds. I'm going to draw the biggest cloud in the sky. Use the crayon softly with low pressure. He is on a smaller part, Joe. Another one like this on some small profit parts. So this is the main composition for the sunset. I want some color contrast, so I'm going to cut the clouds with this line. This will be the border off the bright and darker sites. The Sun race cannot touch the clouds under this line, Do you, the pastor to burnt member and defined the ground under the horizon line. Use it with lower pressure to draw this guy the next crayon. I'm going to use his depression. Dark green. Mix it with the burnt amber. Good. It looks like a dark, bluish ground, but it is warm as well at this color to this guy. Do crayon change? The next one is the party early Red Earth with a brilliant name for a crayon. I love it for the cloud, so with it I never care with the counter lines. For me, it is not important. I always tried to focus to the war picture. The temperature of the colors were composed. The shapes? No, I'm going to define the horizon. Better that contest to the frame we ivory, black pastor. I'm going to work with the ground. The direction of the drawing is important, so I'm going to use radical movement. I tried to define some trees in the far background. They are also dark. It's not necessary to draw a perfect trunk with thousands off leaves, son, quick wretches will be absolutely enough at this time I use more pressure when I'd throwing dro some bushes, Do good grab D chairman and red and add darker tones to the clouds. Don't forget to keep the border we defined earlier looks better and at some patches for the ground as well makes it with these guys Good. 4. 04 - Define the main colors: in the following steps, we will work with this guy. We need some bluish colors for it. The first choice is the deft blue. Use radical movements with lower pressure so we can give nice mixed colors in the top. I'm going to use this crayon with higher pressure to add more pigment. Also, it can have me to define the silhouette of the couch. I can use this pastor on the ground because the leaves on grass reflect the color of the sky. The result is a warm, bluish stone. No change. The crayon do sky blue. I'm going to further invest space of the clouds. I use it with more pressure. What a nice effect When the called blue meets the warm, dark red. The red and blue are complementary colors and it always looks nice. As you can see, I always change the direction of the movement. You can add more details to the trees. With this blue next to the horizon line, I'm going to use the highest pressure. This will be the forest. Part of the sky looks much better at some self patches to the clouds. I mean, do the doctor part at Sam blue lines to the ground as well. Maybe it will be a little lake or I don't know. Okay, crayon change. The next one is the deep violet. I'm going to meet the colors of the clouds and sky with this violet. Actually, I can use this crayon like a finger or tissue. So I try to represent a blurry effect mixing with this color. I'm going to draw some hard lines on the ground with some sharp lines. I can represent the grass or bigger leaves. No. I'm going to blend the colors with this crayon. Use large, radical movements with very low pressure. Go back to the burnt ember crayon. I will use it on the ground on down the border. A few patches will be enough. Paint some clouds with it. These clouds are in the far. Okay. No. Grab the light. Arrange crayon. I'm going to use it on the brighter parts of the clouds. Also the clouds in the far right ground. With this additional contrast, we can add more details to our picture. The next best a will be the bright red earth. He was it in the right parts of the clouds. Music for he was it? We'd higher pressure now dowith it above the violet. I like the results and at some small patches to here, okay? 5. 05 - Add details: Now grab these beautiful crap like pastor. Sometimes we need to scour the crayon. I'm going to use this crap like for the clouds to add more brilliant tones to it. Now I'm going to add more color contrast to my work. My next choice is the permanent red with this crayon at highlights to the clouds so defined its silhouettes in the upper part. I guess this will be the warmest colors in the war picture. Because I want higher color contrast. I use higher pressure. When I drawing. It looks burning like fire. Good. I wanted to see some similar feelings. Like here. Add some small but hard lines to the threes in the far. This will be the last rays of the sun. Now grab the bright red earth. I'm going to use it under the orange. Also, I try to blend these colors with it. He was it in the smaller clouds as well. Feel free makes it with the orange. There is many pigment on my finger now it is dry as well, so I can brandy colors a little bit with it. Maybe the clouds are bright in here in the following steps. I'm going to add some darker but warm tones to it. Maj. Better earlier in this picture, everything was flat, and now we can see special forms. We can't imagine how weak our these clouds at some want batches to the ground. I tried to create kind off connection between this guy on the ground. Unfortunately, I cannot continue to drawing because there is much pigment on the paper. Every additional pastor lines will be work as an eraser, but I can fix it easily. For this method. I'm going to use strong hair spray. I always used the cheapest but strongest product, or you can buy Pastor. Fix it if, too. But it is perfectly good. I guess he's the spray two or three times and try to add 10 layers. It is important if you don't want Matt colors in the picture. The distance from the paper is approximately 40 centimeter after the process. Who ate 10 minutes for drying Good. It's time to make a strong coffee 6. 06 - Final steps: the coffee was good. So let's go back and check the result. It looks nice and we can continue to drawing with a beautiful sky blue because we freeze the pigments. We got a kind of brand new paper, but now the surface off the paper is rough. Fortunately, the new colors will not mix with the other colors that we use before this guy blue works fine. Oh, what? This guy? I'm going to work with it in the center of the picture. Teoh, enhance the focus. You can see the details of the clouds blurring with the fingertip just a little bit when a drawing with pastor crayon. I like to work as a sculptor. I don't care. Perfect shapes of the trees, for example, feel the invest base. We take color and you will get the shapes that you want. I'm going to paint the sky with blue on ditz patch will define my trees. The direction of the crayon patches like arrows shows the most important elements on the picture at some reflections to the ground and grab the permanent red again. It will add more atmosphere to our sunset, but good. We need more orange to the cloud. So I'm going to use the light orange to add sunset feelings to the clouds he has. That was I wanted to see Good. My last color is the neighbors Yellow radish. I only use it in the edge of the clouds because this yellow were represent the Penis part of the clouds. I guess it is absolutely enough. Finally, with a blue color, I'm going to make the color softly good. I don't like if everything has sharp edges. I don't like if everything has sharp edges on the picture. Good. - And here is our final result. Actually, I please with it. And I hope you enjoy this course. I know this is not so easy, but with the steps you were drove better and better, I guess by