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Chalk Style Greeting Cards - No chalkboard necessary!

teacher avatar Serafina Carlucci, Graphic Designer, Hand Letterer

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Technique

    • 4. Layout

    • 5. Chalk

    • 6. Ink

    • 7. Assembly & more examples

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Don't have a chalkboard yet?  No room for one?  No problem!

In this class, with just a few pens and pencils you can create a fun Chalk-style greeting card that you can send to your friends and family.  I'll show you the tools to use, how to layout a design and techniques to give your card an authentic chalkboard look.  

No fancy lettering skills required as the techniques in this class will work with even the most simple lettering!  I will not be going over a specific letter style - but instead give you the techniques you need to transform your lettering into a chalk art inspired look.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Serafina Carlucci

Graphic Designer, Hand Letterer


I am a graphic designer and hand letterer. A crafty soul who loves to make things. I also enjoy sewing, knitting, drawing, graphic design...and learning! I use both analog and digital methods in my work but almost always start off with something hand drawn as a foundation.

I am also a mother of two young ones and I hope that they can have a good example in me to incorporate creativity into their lives too as they get older.

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1. Introduction: I love all the Czech border you've been seeing around, but don't have your own blackboard yet. Don't have a wall to paint chalkboard paint on. No problem. I'm Sarafina Carlucci, Crafter and graphic designer and in this class, Alabi showing you how to make some fun. Chalkboard are inspired greeting cards that you consent to your friends and family. I will take you through the whole process. I'll show you techniques to get that authentic shock style look, and I will take you through layout and the finished product. It's a lot of fun, and I hope you join us on and I look forward to making some track board are inspired, no cards with you. 2. Materials: Okay, Welcome. Let's talk about the materials that will need to make our truck style greeting card project first. We'll need some sort of dark paper. Black is great. If you have black, you can find black paper. If you don't have any, Sometimes that stationary stores still have black paper for DNC writing. Sometimes in the kids department, be paper makes up a brand of black sketchbook. So black, Yeah, you'll find different ones if you don't have black paper. I just wanted to show you this one that I have. I have this one for our calligraphy, but I pulled it out because it has this nice, dark green kind of old school chalkboard color in it. And I thought that might be nice. It also has, and I start blue. Um, I think the key issues. So look for something around your house or in your stash that is a darker color. I suggest this pastel chalk pencil. Um, this is a pencil that's like a pastel, but it's in. This wouldn't buy. So it's not as messy to work with, um White is, I think, iconic. But this one in particular comes in a set. If you want to get the sit, and it does have other colors that could be fun to use. The lighter colors show up better on the dark paper. In the lighter the color, the more contrast it has. If you don't have one of those, you might also look around and see if you have a white charcoal pencil that will work a white color pencil. This color soft brand works really well on the dark paper. Then you will need some sort of a white gel pen. Um, there's different brands of those I have that one Univ all makes one. You could try a white paint marker if you don't have a gel pen. When you are doing your layout, you want to keep in mind that pencil marks don't show up on the black paper. If you're using uh, colored pencil. If that's what you have, you'll need something else to use to draw your marks. An option might be one of these soapstone marking pencils, um, or truck, pencil or chalk. Um, the cases to find something that will show up on the black paper that's a reasonable when we get down to the kind of final stages will be doing some smudging to add some shading. And for that you might try one of these trillions these air something that used to smudge on the paper. If you don't have that, you can also use your fingers or a Q tip on. A racer can be helpful to tidy up your edges If you're using one of the smudge here, bestir types of chalk in this class, which should be this shock pencil actual chalk. If you don't have one of these actual pastel for the charcoal pencil, you want to use this fixative and the fix. A two comes in lots of different brands. I think the key to look for is this workable. Matt Fix. It does, and it will just keep your work from smudging in the mail and handling while you're doing your finishing touches. Beyond that card stock, we're mounting your card on when it's all finished and you're in business 3. Technique: okay. And this lesson I'm going to show you some things that will help make your truck style or work be authentically chalk looking. When I look around at the chalk art Pictures and Shah part, once I catch my eye always seemed to fill the page. So what I mean by that is something like this. Maybe doesn't fill the whole page that's filling up more of the page. Or maybe choc style Art is all hand drawn, so doodles are completely fine and encouraged, so you don't. Embellishments don't have to be complicated. You can feel free to use simple shapes. Um, can use little accents like that. Uh, dots can be fun swirls the nested swirls and what every which way that you want. Um, teardrop shapes, squiggles, lips. There's lots of different little kind of simple Julie shapes that will work really well with this chalk start. Banners are also pretty common. Um, here's some simple shape banners that you can dio straight with a couple of curves and banner edges. You might try more of a a pennant style, and these banners can be filled in with words added. US accents had his decoration. There's lots of different options, but the's are some kind of simple shapes. I see a lot in chalkboard art that will add a lot to your designs. You can use frames and corner designs. Also, frames are something you draw around the outside of your artwork, or maybe outside of a section that you want to emphasize. Something like that. I'll just draw a little partner. You could dio like a leafy style frame and put your words in here. You could put your design in here. You can dio something like that. Here's some ideas, which you're welcome to use any of these in all of these, but you can think of anything you can think of for a design will also work, so frame various corners. So if this is my page, you can put corners in there just anything you can replicate. So I decide we'll work. You come up with a corner design. You can add that in all the all the different corners and add some lines in between. There's a lot of different options here tonight. Something like that might look nice in the corner. You don't have to do it at all. Four corners you can. You could do one of the top of the bottom you could dio once just on the top. Um, it's up to you. Sometimes it's more along said when you're doing the layout processes, when you would decide what goes where, depending on the space that you have next, let's talk about shading. There's shading on the outside, Evan objects. So here is my shape, which is in this case, it's just a rectangle. But I can add a drop shadow style shade, which can do just a simple line on the one on two of the sides of the object. I can do a similar type of thing, but with a little more when asked by adding parallel diagonal lines all around the object on those two sides. And I can also do kind of a similar drop style. But with this smudging, if I take my chalk shape and then my blender, I can add a little kind of hazy, hazy shade. You could do similar types of shading on inside, Um, and what I mean by that is actually the fill of the shape so I could add a line accent inside the shape of my letter or object. I can add a fill like this or any kind of shape line you want, and you can also fill in your shape this away and leave it either. However you like it. This looks pretty chalky just as it is. You can do it like that, or if you feel like you need some flooding, you can are some blending. You can also use your blending tool when I am during a design, often times there's a picture that I can think of that represents the design pretty well, or like. Or if it's a card for somebody, there's something that I know they like. My brother isn't Captain America. So a birthday card I made for him. I included the Captain America Shield in my chuck design because that was pretty iconic. And so that could be fun to do. And again, all this trucks out our is hand drawn, and I see a lot of doodily kind of, um artwork. Not very, Um, yeah, simple. So something for a birthday card, you could add a cupcake to say for, um, you know, a Valentine's card. You might at heart shape somehow. Um, or birthday card, you might add a balloon. Just think about the person that you're sending it to you, or the message that you're sending and see if there's, Ah, image that comes to mind that you can draw in a simple fashion because even in these simple ways, once you once you get them drawn and and filled in, they can look pretty dynamic and really add a lot to the the picture and also help you fill out the space as we talked about before. This last one I've written down here think negative. What I mean in our terms, is that you can choose what section of a designed to fill in I can fill in the letters here , which I think would be the positive option. But I can also choose. I could also alternatively choose to fill in the manner and then have as the letters B on the negative. So it's just something to think about as you're designing, because something like this might make that banner stand out more against a black background and the empty banner all right, I think that about covers our techniques and in the next video will move on to laying out our design 4. Layout: OK, in this video, we will be going over. How did you delay out of the card? So I'm starting off with the card back that I am going to use actual greeting card. And then I have have a piece of paper that is the size that I'm going to want to glue on there. And you can decide if you want. It should be all the way to the edge. Or if you want to have, ah, white border around, that's up to you. Um, but cut it to be the size that you want. So you know what size you're working with that aside, Um, now I'm just gonna take us. He's a scrap paper. Now that I know what size I'm generally working with and do a couple of thumbnail sketches of the design that I'm interested in doing. Um, I was thinking that I would make a happy birthday card and that cupcakes on the brain from that last video, and I was thinking that that might be a fun picture to include, So let's see, How do Happy birthday and with a kick coming, care fun? Or I could dio a cupcake on the side. Happy birthday or I see. Now there's a cupcake down front and you happy birthday like that more in jail thing on the side. Ah, you can see that These are very rough sketches. I'm just trying to get a little sense of the layout that I might want to do. I like the idea that the birthday is on the bottom, cause Birthday, such a big word for these small cards. And then maybe I'll do a nice big happy here and fill up that space. I don't always do these thumbnail sketches, but if I have just a couple of words, some options that could be fun. To get you to fill the space, we'll meet a have your shape of your cart and then just kind of draw some sort of a dividing line. The line wouldn't be there, but when she erased the line that add some shaped your your image when you get right, the whole thing here, something like that. So that's the idea that I'm gonna go with right here. No, I've got the general idea, my design that I'm gonna be using. I think I'd like to add a little banner around this birthday hand. We'll see what we go from there. But, um, I've got the general layout, so I'm going to start putting that on to my people here. Um, I like to draw a little border around the edge. Just I have a little margin. I'll draw my banner shape, maybe down here, her birthday and a line from my happy which can fit in there. Let's see, Have. And then I have I think I have enough room for my cupcake here. Let's fill it up there. There's my cupcake and birthday. Uh uh. I will often write my words piecemeal like this, backwards in front, switching back of forces that I make sure have enough room at. The only trick with that is making sure that you have gotten all the letters that spelled right, because that's an easy way to misspell something. All right, I've got my happy. I think I will do that. That will feel the chop better. And would you happy like that and whole switch there and then maybe some little us kind of frosting squiggles in there would look nice to fill up that space and are maybe around I've got a little space over here that could use something. So I will Adam, maybe a little candle flame sparkle something like that in there. 5. Chalk: Okay, so I've got my roughly out of my decide. And now we're going to start filling in with our chalk. So I will go over my letters here. I'm just going to start building up the thickness of my letters. However, I know that I want them when you're working this way, you want to be sure to try to work in a way that you don't smudge what you're doing because I'm right handed. I usually work in this direction trying to just get a consistent looking line with with my script letters, building it up as I go. - All right, now, I'm gonna move on to this birthday section, and I'm gonna do the negative That I did. I talked about earlier in the doodles. This one here, I think I'm gonna do this stuff because I think that will show up really nicely. Me trying to get the outline of my block letters and filling in around them. Okay, so I definitely have my solid banner. Okay. And I'm gonna try to start to fill in my chalk, taking care around the edges. You can race a little bit here in there. We need to, but and for a little shading on the cupcake. Yeah, highlights here. When you're working on black paper, Um, it's opposite of how you would shade normally when you're shading on like paper. The dark parts are the shadows. So if my light was over here, I would be adding my shadow here, but with black paper, I'm typically adding highlights, so I'm adding it kind of counter to ugly on the side. I'm just gonna blend then and a little bit. Maybe Allah, I should You know what I think I'll take? I'll add some Spiegel's and then cupcake wrapper. So simple drawings, but to great effect. And then for my candle little hash filler on my flame. Actually, for the flame, I think I will go to a different color. So if you are using a different clank all right, like that. No half of color that way, Men, I have left this section here, and you can decide if you want to do these accents in your truck pencil or your white pencil. It's up to you. Um, so I've got all of my chock filled in. I'm just looking at it to see what I might like to. And? And I think I now that I've added that yell, I think I'm gonna add a little more color to this. I could add more white. I think that would do the trick. Us? Well, if I did this white and that white either way. But I do have this color, so I think I'm gonna add a little Ah, pink frosting just for a little extra something. E feel that right in. And then I think I will. I had just a little bit shading, maybe under a little extra dimension to this, and I can always Okay, I like the way that's coming along. So I'm going to go through, and I'm going to just erase any layout lines that I have left. So this baselines and top lines and any stream marks that I don't want and then I'll go exist. Being careful, not just much anything. Okay, I do think I want to add some shading to the word happy. So I'm just gonna go through here with my pencil and add a little simple drop shadow to these words. You could do this in a different color if you want that. My look nice. Okay, So I've added in my drop shadow where I want them. And I have erased all my layout lines, and I think I like the way the chocolates, for the most part. So I'm going to go, and I'm going to go outside, and I'm gonna use my fixative and just quickly spray it with my fixative. Um, and that will allow me to work on my next layer with the Joe Penn without smudging anything , so I'll be right back. 6. Ink: Okay, here we are. Back. I have You can see a little bit of a sheen on this. I have just sprayed the fixative on the card. So now all of the Chuck Martz won't smudge anymore. Um, it doesn't actually look very shiny in natural light, but the light is making it shine a little bit. And now what we're gonna do is we're gonna move on to our gel pen. Um, this is optional, but it does add a little emphasis and Christmas to the design. And usually what I like to do is go around, um, any letters in particular or any other big shapes? Um, anything that looks like it might be a little muddled. Like e think this candle looks a little soft and it could use just a little extra emphasis . And I might add some Sprinkles here, so I'll show you how I do that. It's just really makes that letter shine and stand out from the background even more for that crisp edge That's hard to get with. Just the chalk pesto. It's easier to do this after you've done your choc lines cause doing the chalk first allows you to build up your letters really easily. - You can see this really just makes it start to come to life. I would like this to jump out a little bit more, so I'm just going to go over. This is well, so I could have left this as just a light little layout line and then gone over it. Either way is fine, but I think this will help. Just bring it onto the same level with everything on there you have it. Just give it a look, see? And if there is anything you want to had some shading two. Or add a little more choc color too. You can do it at this point. Um, you can, you know, if I wanted more shadow under there or something or some different lines, I could definitely add something in at this point. Ah, you would just have to go back and spray the fixative on it again, which is fine. You can do that. You don't need to spray if you don't add anything else. You don't need to spray anymore fixative because the pen will dry and won't smudge on its own. 7. Assembly & more examples: Okay, now for finishing up, we've got our card stock base on attention. We've got our finished card, and you can just take any glue or glue stick that you have that you like to use and add it . Offic Sure design onto your pieces onto your card, and this is a glue. It use a lot. Um, it's a quick dry check Igloo and I a glue sticks works well as well, But I do like this one call that dries pretty fast and holds pretty well. Line it up lap and well, uh, chap style known cars. Now, I just also want to show you some other examples for inspiration here. Swan. Very a simple kind of lines that I drew and building with color. Here are some that are almost more poster size. Or if you get a slightly bigger piece of paper, these air like half letter side, you can even go. I'm megafon post a restyle card. Have the look nice shading in the rope with the chalk. It is a good effect. And these two are both just with black and white. And you can see I did some blur shading there, and some soft shading under the letters here and actually these letters. I ended up coloring with the gel pen to make them really show up. Now that all that's left is to pop it in an envelope and send it to your friends. 8. Final Thoughts: thanks for taking the class. I hope you had a good time sided as making these trucks out Greeting cards. I think it's really need to see projects go all the way from the sketch Teoh finished products. So take a picture, a quick picture of your sketches and post them on your project page. And definitely before you mail these out to your friends, grab a little picture and posted on your project paper. I'd love to see what you make my takeaways for. You are. I hope that you know that you couldn't practice. Chalkboard are any time you don't need a chessboard, you just need a piece of paper and a few simple tools. Get creative, make your cards and have fun.