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Draw on the Streets - Fearlessly create Sidewalk Chalk Quotes

teacher avatar Eline Stolp, @elinestolp on insta

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro: What & Why

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Technical points

    • 4. Mindset Matters

    • 5. Closing words

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About This Class

In this Class you will not only learn about some nice techniques to make a sidewalk chalk drawing that exceeds the 'usual' kids' drawings - you will also learn about my experience to overcome nerves and feelings of shame when drawing in public. We will tackle the inner critic and push our boundaries with this fun and harmless but ever so fulfilling project: drawing an illustrated quote on the streets. I hope you will join me in this one! 

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eline Stolp

@elinestolp on insta


Hi, I'm Eline. I'm an art teacher and mom of two in the Netherlands, taking up illustration as a side thing because creativity is THE way to find a balance in a busy life, I'm sure you agree :) 

You have to know that I have recently launched three different Skillshare Classes on creative subjects: Making a ZINE, Painting a Wheel of the Year with watercolors and Drawing fearlessly on the streets with sidewalk chalk.  If you'd like a notification when next classes go life, make sure you follow me here on skillshare. Thank you for your support!!  

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1. Intro: What & Why: Hey, I'm Alina. I am a Dutch illustrator and our teacher. And today I will take you with me to the park to make a sidewalk chalk, uh, quotes on the streets for bip ulcers to enjoy doing this project's gonna be bits curry because we'll be drawing in the outside public space so they'll be puzzled by who can watch us draw and think, Who knows what on top of that Bashar in a critic, that's whenever you feel watched you get uncertain off yourself. So I want to share with you the things I did to gradually overcome the nerves of drawing in public. Other things you will learn in this class are technical. How to space out your letters off the quote more evenly. How to create a more opaque layer off sidewalk joke and what materials you can use. Additionally, to create more contrast for your class projects are really want you to actually go out there. You can make something that you think will make passes by smile, Then take a picture of it and uploaded in the project gallery and tell us some things about your experience. I'd love to know how it was for you. Uh, what? How do they go? And what comments did you get? What were the best comments or that people just walk by? Um, how did you deal with your inner critic? I will give feedback to all of you. So you could also ask questions off things you encountered during the process. It really is a beautiful day today, so let's get out there. 2. Supplies: I have this bag with my supplies. It's, um, not very heavy. It's easy to take with me and it contains far away items I need. That's for kneeling on the ground. There's actual job, of course. A bird it from my kids. Um, a cloth are rag. I got my charcoal. This is picker sticks of charcoal that are suitable for drawing on the street. There's also the thinner ones, but they like instantly when you draw on the sidewalk. I'm also bringing my soft pastels. I'm not using them very often, but they can be nice to make certain details. Pope are at just a little bit of extra collar to the roaring, having trouble opening its casserole, jumbled. Uh, there. There we go. So let's put them back neatly, like they belong in a second. What else I'm bringing a sponge is a very important item when we go drawing on the streets and really big chunks off charcoal because I like using black in March. Waring's they they add that extra contrast that we need against all those pastels and what else? An old toothbrush. Um, I'm using this together with a spray bottle of water which I still have to fetch, Um, when I make mistakes that I need a raise, Um, also borrowed from my kid's little Penan duster. If the area is a bit, um, there's, Ah, little stones or send on the place where I want to be drawing, I can just him away also afterwards, when there's, uh, broken off pieces off the charcoal or and during I conducted by the way as well. And lastly, I'll bring a measuring tape because I want my drawing to be 1.5 meter by 1.5 meter. And that's because our government has decided that we in the Netherlands need to keep 1.5 meter distance S o. I thought it be a really nice idea to make the drawing 1.5 by 1.5 meter square before you go check the weather forecast. You want us any day, but also no rain for a couple of days ahead, Right. If conditions are good, make sure you've got your sun cream on because you don't want to get burned and bring a bottle of water and the snack so you can take a break when you need one 3. Technical points: first, let me get into some practical tips and tricks to get your artwork done. In preparing this artwork, I only briefly considered what to make, not overthinking it much because my time without kids with limited I felt like throwing galaxy themes. Quote with stars and planets surrounded. So I googled briefly for a shorts quote to fit in our settles for Give me some space as we have to get used to keeping our distance since covert 19 is out there. I wanted to add a fun twist to the new obligatory 1.5 meters, and this quote refers to social distancing perfectly. All I did was sketch out in pencil the center off the words and take that with me. You find the center off your quote by counting the letters and finding the middle one. Draw centerline and then draw the words from the middle lines to decides. Then when you're on the streets, outline with dark. First step back for an overview because you're working big size now. This way, you won't get lost in the details. - Regular is head work. Drunk is very powdery. It's just kind of lays on the streets you need to rub it into texture off the street to make it stay better and to make it more opaque and let the street surface despair. For biggest surfaces, I use a sponge. It works well on the big lettering, but even better on the background that I add to this quote later on. You can also use it to let colors mix and blend after the big colored area. Sir Don, we can add the line work. I would recommend doing dark contrast ing outlines off letters or giving them a shadow to make them stand out more in this guise. I decided to darken the background with charcoal and make the lettering pope. That way, I'm drawing contour lines around the letters, a feeling in a bit more lightly, the rest of backgrounds with black and purple, blending it with mess punch. Then we can do the details. I add planets and a rocket to the drawing, erupt them in with my fingers so I can work more precisely. Give these a charcoal outline as well that highlights with White. In this case, I had fun creating stars that also rubbed out a little to give the impression off shimmering some stars are six pointed stars as a burst of light and shine. I'm very happy how they turned out, just like those in my watercolor paintings. If you are interested how I do those, I have a close and skill share in which I explained, creating extra shiny stars in a what color galaxy next down below. 4. Mindset Matters: remember my quick preparation face. This kind of quick designing proved very help helpful to me as often it is better done than perfect and endless. Sketching can be a form of procrastination. So please be mindful of this and try to get yourself out there even when your plan is not very well thought out and we'll run away eventually. Anyways, I have chosen to draw in the park because it is a quiet place where there still are a lot off posses by to enjoy the work. My first Croat I did on the sidewalk, informed of our house together with my neighbor that made it easier for me to dare. The 2nd 1 was close to the supermarket, but I drew that one in the evening when not many people were out on the streets anymore. After that, it got easier and a bit less awkward, and I learned a thing or two regarding my mindset. Whenever I draw in public, first of all, I repeat to myself that it's OK and I don't need to worry about what people will think. The chances of someone getting angry with me for drawing are almost non existence. I breathe in and out a couple of times and make sure I have plenty of time to draw, so I don't need to feel hurried. I tried to see this as quality time with myself in my art. Secondly, when arriving at the sports, it still feels a little quart to step off my bike and unload my stuff just somewhere on the street. I focus hard on the work so I don't get distracted by people around me. I take my time. Once the first lines are down, I feel the flow taking me and all the anticipation and nerves full away. It took longer the first couple of times, but it gets better, I promise you. And it is so worth the trouble. It may be easier if you go with a friend, a neighbor or a family member, or where a tep and plug in your earphones with music so you can ignore the surroundings easier. And there's another thing. You may be nervous about your level of art you may have in in a critic saying that you're not skilled enough. Who are you to go painting on the streets that you should wait till you're better. Well, that's exactly why I want you to go forth with this. Let's kick that inner critic in the butts because what it's telling you isn't true. Learn to trust that whatever the result may be, you are on a journey and you're learning that every step you take and you're doing great, you are doing great. Trust me. Get out there, make art and make your heart smile. The world will smell with you. 5. Closing words: way left ours work in the park. And I was so happy riding my bike back home after having spends those 1.5 hours in the park . Beautiful. Rather having met many people who were, you know, happy as printing me happiness around. Um, yeah, it was a very good experience Once used them. You're drawing somewhere on the streets. Police take picture and upload it in Partick Gallery. I cannot wait to see what you are going to do. Andi, I I really think that you and the people who walk by are, you know, they're gonna love. It's no matter what's exactly you are going to draw, so don't worry about that. Just get out there and spread some happiness into the world. If you want a notification whenever I upload new classes, you can follow me a teacher and I'll hope to see you in just