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Watercolor landscapes using a reference photo

teacher avatar Sarah Van Der Linden, watercolor artist & nature enthusiast

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 59m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Step 1 & and 2 choose and observe

    • 4. Step 3, 4 and 5 format, lines and shapes

    • 5. Step 6 colors

    • 6. Step 7 painting (part 1)

    • 7. Step 7 painting (part 2)

    • 8. Step 7 painting (part 3)

    • 9. Exercise 1 thumbnails

    • 10. Exercise 2 paintings (part 1)

    • 11. Exercise 2 paintings (part 2)

    • 12. Exercise 3 color palette

    • 13. Exercice 4 simplify

    • 14. Exercise 5 lines

    • 15. Exercise 6 horizon line

    • 16. Exercise 7 monochrome

    • 17. Project time

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About This Class


Hello everyone!

I'm so happy to welcome you in this class about painting landscapes with watercolor using a reference photo. This class is a bit different from my previous ones because I will not teach you how to paint a specific element of a landscape but rather how to get creative when you are looking at a picture.

My name is Sarah and I'm a watercolor artist from France. I really love painting landscapes and creating atmospheres inspired by what I see around me.

This class is divided into two parts :

  • a step by step process on how to find inspiration when you are looking at a picture : drawing thumbnails, creating a color palette and painting a landscape
  • 7 creative exercises to implement these techniques and play with different pictures


This class is great for anyone who feels stuck when looking at a picture and doesn't know where to start.

You will find here my others classes about watercolor :

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Van Der Linden

watercolor artist & nature enthusiast


Hi there, my name is Sarah also known @mirglis on instagram. I’m a watercolor and gouache artist living in the French countryside.


I believe that nature, inspiration and imagination are deeply connected, and for me, creativity is a long road leading to a better observation and understanding of the world. I'm most myself and happier when I'm in a forest or in the middle of nowhere, and that’s why all my inspiration comes from nature. I love painting landscapes with watercolor, playing with water to create textures, and patiently adding one layer after another.


You will find here on Skillshare different classes to learn to paint landscapes with waterc... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. I'm so happy to welcome you insist less about painting landscapes with water polo, using a reference photo without copying its This gas is a big difference for my firmness ones, because I will not did show out depends a specific element of the landscape. But whether out get creative when you are looking at a picture, my name is Sarah and I want a car or artists living in the French countryside. Landscapes are my favorite subjects because they are 100 west to paint the scenery, and I'm always experimenting and playing with new techniques. In this last, I'm going to show you out off an inspiration. Using a fucking difference without copying every details in the first battles of class, I would show is us step by step process on our to brainstorm ideas from drilling some nails to creating a color palettes and painting the landscape. Then we'll do if you creative exercises toe, implement cystic next and go beyond the picture. When you are trading or escape or photo is only your starting points. It's great to make it your own and spent what you see in your own style. This class is great for anyone who fits, stuck when looking at the picture and doesn't know where to start. So rather brush. You want to go on dates get started. 2. Supplies: and first I will show you very quickly what supplies you will need for this class. I encourage you to use what you have at all, because this class will be more about finding inspiration than painting. So you would need some ordinary paper and a pencil to sketch. Then off course, you will need some watercolor paper. You can use this concern. It's really great if you are a beginner. What's matter is that it's a every paper or sweet 100 grandpa scram eater. You can also use all the brown. I really like this paper, the front 10 by Cliff Clinton, and in this class I will be painting mainly with this paper. You will off course, need some pain. So whatever Karol's you have at home, it can't be your pants set like this one. Or it can be wetter koro in tubes. You will need a child water if you have one. Unlike were brush filled with clear water is great. You will also need some Bush's R ryo sizes and depending on the techniques to like to use, you can also take some white inch on. And if it been, and of course you will need a few photos. All the pictures that I will be using for this class will be in the project section so you can don't know them or print them as you want. You can off course, use your own photos and use them as a reference. 3. Step 1 & and 2 choose and observe: And in the first few lessons, I will be breaking down the process in a few simple steps, starting with choosing a photo onto the final step that is spending its step. One is choosing a picture. You can, of course, look online on pinch arrester instagram. But if you someone has picture always always credits the author, you can also just be tried off, taken doing a walking nature or only days, and that's the best when I'm going out. I always have my phone, and I love taking photos and use them later for painting. Choose a long escape, isn't it, spires you that speaks to you. We are all difference on. We will not be drawn to the same images for this exercise. I've transcends this photo. This is a picture after can. During my early days, I chose it because I like the kouros, the simplicity of the composition on the overall atmosphere. Now that you have chosen your photo, the next step is to observe its Let your eyes wander and see what catches your attention. What do you notice? What elements are important to you? It's can be actual elements like this guy for example on this picture I will you love the movement of the clouds and the difference between the dark blue and the light bluff. I really like the contrast with the bottom brats. The warm Karos and defense defense is the element that really catch my attention with the trees on the right. Do not overlook the step because it's as important as users. So where do you look at the picture for a few minutes on Let your eyes wander. What do you notice? What elements draw your attention? Listen to you Because everyone will see different things in a landscape. You can pay attention to cross swim of man some general lines or actually elements like this guy trees are maintains. 4. Step 3, 4 and 5 format, lines and shapes: And for the next steps, step 34 and five, we have going to draw some nails to choose a format. Pay attention to the lines in the shapes. First, let's start with the formats. It's not because your picture is or isn't all that you have to paint it the same way and pent everything that's on its changing. The format is a great way to make it your own. You can decide to use a vertical for months like this are something reasonable, like the original picture. But you can also spend something panoramic, vertical are off course or isn't all. And finally, you can also use a square. Formats and toe help you play with the composition. You can use this to L. So I could in a blank sheet of paper to L. A. And I'm going to use them to frame my picture or different with. So first, let's that with something vertical, I can decide to keep on easy spots with a lot of sky on a small piece of land, and the next step will be to look at the lines first. Look where the always online is on this picture. It will be the line between this guy and the land, so I'm going to draw it. It's almost on the 1/3 off the picture, so I'm keeping this in mind. I know that I drew my own reason line. I'm going to look for the German line. For Westerns. The fence is another line, so I'm going to add it to my sim nail. There are so also rinds created by the difference between light and shadows, like over there at the bottom. So I will adds em to I can see two on the rights and the other one on the left. And for me there are other lines created by the movement off the clouds in the sky. So I'm going toe. Add them to the reason. So this big cloud as it up and that's it for the lines. You can also pay attention to other shapes and details, and if there are some shapes that catch your attention, you can add them toe. It can be the one shape off a cloud. It can be some lines for the grass, like here at the bottom, he can be some trees. Just add every elements that you feel needs to be included in new some then and I'm this picture. There is, of course, the fence. So I'm going to add some lines to place. It's on my sim nail, and that will be it for this one. Now I'm going to do all of these steps again for each formats because it's a great way to bring Storm ID's. So no, let's that with the horizontal. So I'm going to use my two l again two frames a teacher. This time I want to keep the trees on the right. So are we. Make sure to include them in my friend, I was that my jury in my arise online. This time it's way much higher, almost at the middle, like exists. Then I will add Theo's Erman lines. I can see one over there and the results so again defense. And finally I will add my son, Connor Reliance, you can see here there is a shadow and over there, too. So I'm going. Toe adds this lines to my sim nail when he won here and some smaller ones over there. And this time there are some day I go no lines in my sky, So I'm going to add them to and finally I will look at the shapes so you can see that there is the trees on the rights. They're creating a round shape and there is also my fence. Again. Let's try your different formats a panoramic vertical this time. So I'm going to use my L to create a new composition. I think I like it this way. With 1/3 off land and to start off sky. No, I will draw my lines, starting with the horizon at 1/3. Then there were the German lines. Defense is a bit curve it this time and the reason. So find mine over there, something a vehicle exists and I will ads with smaller lines creating by shadows a year. And this time you can see that these lines are going to the left. Now I'm looking at my skies, and there are a few lines you can see there that there is some duck and they're both very some lights and again here, lights line and some doc. So I'm going to add exists to my thumbnail. You can also use your finger to follow the lines, and it will help you to draw them on your paper. Angela Step is adding shapes. There is the wrong shape of the cloud over there and some lighter clothes there and at the bottom misery, some wild herbs so I would draw them to very quickly. I don't want to add details on to finish. I will add my fence. Now Let's try formats. Horizontal panoramic with my L. I will change my composition. Let's try something with a lot of grass and a smaller paths for the skies this time. So again I will draw my always online first. And it's really ises times There is to certain of land and 1/3 off sky. Then I will add Zemun Nines with defense ons, user small lines created by the shadow. You can see that there is a big shadow under the tree, so it's creates on their react. And finally, the Langs created by the tractor at the bottom. Um, I will add the lines in my sky. There is a dark area, and then there is a small lying created by the lights. And finally I will on my shapes. So the tree is a bigger one. Um, my friends. This is the element that really caught my attention on this picture. And that's why it's in all my some nails. And finally, let's try a square for months. I will use my elegant, creates something square, and then I wish that and draw my always online. It's almost in the middle this time. Then I'm adding defense. The shadow at the top. MZ Ozer small lines. That's a bottom. Hear, hear! And there and again I'm looking at the movements in my sky. So the lines that I can see in the clouds created by light and shadow. And finally I'm adding my fence so you can see now that with one picture, we can create multiple composition and play with lots of ideas. You don't that to use every element of the picture, for example, is the trees onto always in my composition 5. Step 6 colors: So now our next step before starting to pence is to choose some Karos. You can decide to pendulum escape with totally different grows and make it more you own. Oh, you can decide to use some Karos from the picture. What I like to do is find Carlos that I already have on my pallets that are close to the Carlos on the picture there first thing to do is to pay attention to what clothes struck you the most. And for me, this is can be different for you. It's that blue here, Anzai lighter blue over there, and it took so the contrast between this guy and the warm Karol's at the bottom. So I'm going to look for these girls on my pallets. I'm not looking for the exact cross, but Dick arose that make me think of the picture. Let's try this cerulean blue for this guy. It's not dark enough, so I think I will add some cobalt. I think it's closer to the blue off this guy, and I can also try to mix these corals to see I was a look together. So let's try the Cobell first and then some cerulean blue and I want to make it darker. So I'm adding a bit smoke a belt and some water to the little bits. So before deciding which blue I'm going to use, I will wait for the schools to dry. And only after that I will be able to compress them for the lighter part off this guy. I think I'm going to use very light or crows. It's a corner are really love using to paint landscapes. And I'm going to add a bit of water today. Little bits. My goal is never to be accurate on finds the exact colors off the picture but rather find a color combination that I like and that its spires me. Now let's look at the bottom bots. The corals really are warmer at the bottom. So I think I will try a yellow. So I have this poker on my palettes. Let's see how it looks on the paper. I like you too. Lots. Maybe I will try. Thats one. This is the Naples yellow. So maybe I will use both off these yellows to upend my landscape. I don't form to use docker yellow because when I see this long escape. I see the light and the sun and I can almost feel the wind. So I want to create a color palettes that his lights And finally I will add to my corporal it a bit of gray for the shadow and the trees. So I will try my pans. Great. Maybe it's too dark, So I will try with more water. I think that's better. I really like this, Carlos. Together I sing that if I combine this blue zika belt with the gray and the lighter blue ear for this guy, it can create a nice atmosphere and further bottom. I will use a combination of these two yellows. This is my interpretation off the corals off the picture and use maybe difference Fee Frito experiments and don't get stuck by train. Toe ripped. It gets the exact Karos. If you don't know where to start, you can also try adding your picture in. Up on it will give you a career pallets. Let me show you so you can go to corrode dot adobe dot com slash creates and you can change the language over there. You just have to drag and drop your picture. So Let's add, it's and you can see over there Akono, pallets it or so propose you different mood so you can try bright, muted dip duck and it would change your bits. The corporate that it's over there another website that I like is this one. It's in French, but it's almost the same things and adobe do just of to drive your picture over there and it will give you a Kona pallets to get creative. You can also decide to pension on escape in totally different Karos than the picture. So, for instance, you can decide to pence the bottom part here with greens. Oh, you can also spend something monochromatic with only black and white. So use the Paynes. Grey and bent also landscape with its so know that we have difference in theirs and that we chose a coral pallets. We can stop venting. I will be bending most off the Sooners with different girls to show you that with only one picture, there are a lot of possibilities 6. Step 7 painting (part 1): And so I guess that with me, all my elements there is off course. My photo. My son is on the corner pallets so I can start painting my landscapes. I like to keep my son. There's close and my Karol's, but I'm going to put the picture over there to not obsess with every details. Remember that the picture is only an inspiration and you don't have to copy it exactly. So I'm going to start with the horizontal one. I'm not going to use a pencil to sketch the lines on my watercolor paper, but I'm going to stop venting right away. I would start by painting the sky, So using my aqua brush filled with clear water, I will wait a bit. My paper following the lines I drew on my some nail. And now with the brush. It is not to be because this is a small piece off paper. I'm going to take some cobalt and stop venting my sky. I will add Blue Pent where there is no water. So again, I'm were flee following the lines on my some nail. But don't try to do everything accurate and perfect. Follow what's happening on the paper and I was a blue and the water are blending. No, I'm adding some lighter blue that is my turquoise at the bottom of this guy. I am adding a bit motor course year so that in blends obits, physical bolt and some water to finish my sky, I'm adding the water just where the top off my meal will be and that's it's No, I'm taking some leper. Zillow and I will draw my arise online. I tried to follow my son El, but if it's not exactly, perfectly that, it's OK with some Docker jello. I will add the line where there is defense. Using my aqua brush, I will add a bit of water following these lines on my seven l. So the tracks of the tract Oh, and I will add some typos, yellow again, followings, the same movement. I'm adding some more saturated bends to create some contrasts on a bit of water and then we will also create a bit more shadows. So I will use my pens great and I will repeat the exact same movement. So I'm using some light and some duck your great I will let this part dry and I will add the details, defense and the tree at the very end. And meanwhile, I will stop panting user ones first. I'm looking at might some nail and I will start by venting this guy to change. I will start with my blue. I'm following my sketch. So weapon things this part first and I try to get the same movement in the sky. I'm adding a bit small blue. I will add a bit more blue at the bottom of this guy and now I will add some great toe. Add a bit more contrast to my sky so you can see that I'm adding the gray where they roast some whitespace lifts. So I'm creating the clouds. I'm adding now some more cobalt blue to create a movement and a bit off wetter at the bottom of my stay so you can see that my horizon line is almost in the miller. This time I will use my Akwa brush toe wet a bit the bottom broth, and this way I'm making sure that I always use clean water. I'm adding a few drops as a button off my sky to to create some picture and now I will let it dry and move on to the next one. This is another horizontal formats. So what? We try to make a different benching, and this time I will change the color. I would do something really different from the picture, but I will still be using the same some nail that we created. So this is the one at the top over here. I'm starting by adding of bits of water on my sky, not everywhere. I'm just waiting my paper here and there. And with my brush and some gray, I'm creating the same movement. Other year father clothes. I'm just changing Zico's. I will add a bit more water to create a lighter shade of gray and keep that move months in my sky and now froze over here. I will use some green first. I'm venting Z horizon line almost in the middle, and I will add a bit more dark ring. I just vented this part over there, and now I'm going to bend the bottom bots. So I'm taking just thereon grin and I'm creating some lines. I'm still looking at my son El and I tried to keep the spirit of the drawing. So I'm using sometime green and some lighter green to create a bit Morgan interests. And now I will add some water where there is some white space left. Just as with you don't hear. I am adding a bit more water to create some picture and now we let it dry for the next one . I wouldn't do something that around this time I will create something in black and whites and I will only use my pen. Zgray. But first I will wait to bits my paper. So 1/3 off the paper with my crab rush. This time I'm waiting for the old arias. So the old 1/3 off the paper and using the medium brush and my great I will bent some clouds. So start with the grace that's not too dark. I will penned some clothes first. So just a few lines to create the clothes. No, I'm adding more saturated gray and I'm still doing the same movement with my Akwa brush. I will add a bit of water. Where is they re some white space and I will do a clean a line at the bottom of my sky. I will add a few drops off water. This is something are really left to do to create some picture. Now I'm really focusing on what's happening on my paper. Hours A pence is bleeding out of the water is creating some picture zan to follow. Exactly. My son El. Try to paint what you feel. It's totally okay to get carried away and though we let's my skate dry. 7. Step 7 painting (part 2): So let's move onto the next one z panoramic vertical. First I'm looking at myself male, and I can see that my sky is the most important parts off the benching. I would start berating my paper here and have so here and here I will use my aqua brush to wet my paper. So adds it up. I'm creasing the large space and them are just waiting a few lines in the middle. Now I will take my brush and some group. So this time I'm using my tacos blue and I'm creating the shape off the cloud so you can see that depend is reading your bits when it's touching some water. So I tried to follow again my seven l for the clouds. So first I'm petting zoo being one, and I'm adding another group to create the decker pots I want to. Other proves that it's a bit more saturated, so I'm the king, some pure cobalt, and I will bent nose the lions that they're under my clothes. I will also add a bit of wetter to create some movement on a bit more blue. I don't want my lines to be that shop, so I will add so water. So that's it. Blends a bit. I added too much water at the top, so I will use my paper too well on remove its obits. So I'm just stepping at the paper to remove the excess water and to finish my sky. I will add a bit more water at the bottom. I think this part is to be to light, so I will add some more doctor blue and now I will pen the hill at the bottom. So this time I'm going to use my neighbors yellow. And first I will draw the or raise online. So again I'm looking at my son El. I will create the lines that are adds a bottom. So first I'm using some water and then I'm adding some pigments. I am adding a beat, more nappers yellow to create some of months. That's a bottom. I will add defense and the white herbs letter. When my background will be dry, know that the first layer is dry. I will add some more detail, starting with the water cooler at the tip, I will arm my fence and the trees that were on my sandals so this time I'm using a final brush and some pains great and that we just spent defense first, inventing of shoe wonky lines. And then I will add some very, very smaller ones to kind of them. And I will pen the bush of trees That's on the rights with my pens. Great. If you remember my photo reference, the Bush of tree was really worried. Acts. So for this one, I would use the same Colorado. I'm not for accusing of the details on just venting a big bush off trees with some different tones off Ben's great to connect obits, the trees and this guy, I will add a few drops off cobalt and some water at the base of the bush. I'm to finish this little guy. I will also add a bit off white ink Fif. Free to use whatever technique you wants and get creative with my friend Rush again. I will think some ink, and I'm just going to pence a few lines toe at some light at the bottom. I'm still following my some nail, and I'm adding some white lines. I will add a few more lines on the rights to finish is this stunning landscape, and that's its first, This one. Let's move on to the next. I will bend the hell. No, that's my scary is dry. I will use my nipples yellow again and me, Jim Brush and I will Pence is a a rise in line first, So it's almost in the middle off my paper and inventing or curry line. No, I will wait a bit my paper with some water before reading some leper. Zero again. No Ambon. Sing the line where my friends will be still following my thumbnail and I'm ending some water again. You can see there that a letter space for the shadow. So I will add a bit off cobalt to create this area on my landscape. And now I would just add the lines still with my light cobalt. And then we let this about dry before I think defense. Let's move on to the next one. The green one. I will add some more details, starting with my friends, so I will take my fine brush and my Payne's gray again, and I will pens. Offense is the same way that I did for the 1st 1 adds it up first, inventing a few lines, and then I'm going to connect them with some final lines. Now I will paint again. The bush trees adds it up. But this time I will use some green, some sub green and then creating a round shape for the trees. Just a wide wrong shape. Nothing too precise, and you can add a pizza. More pigments exhibit um toe. Add some contrasts. No. Using my acquire brush, I will add some water at the bottom to make sure that's the background and the trees are connected and there is no clean separation. And to finish, I will add a bit more green abs. Uber term. So the same green that I used for the trees, My son Green will spends a few more lines again. I'm still following my some nail with my a quick brush. I will add some water too soft in my lines. So no, the lines are there on my painting, but not too much sad. Just creating some shadows on my painting. If you think you can see them enough, you can add a bit more rain. Now that your paper is weights, it's just finding the right balance between pigments and water. And that's it for this one 8. Step 7 painting (part 3): Let's move on to the panoramic horizontal in black and whites. And since my sky is dry, I would stop painting the ill was my pens great. I was start with a lighter grey, and I'm painting my arisen line set up off my hill. I'm adding a bit more gray, and I'm still following the line. Now I will add some water and I will deal a little bits, my gray. Now we use a darker gray toe, penned the line where my friends will be, so to create depths. I'm making shoes as this great is a big doctor. Then the one I used before, and I'm painting with the same Great, if you more lines. I'm trying to follow the spirit of my son El, but it's OK if he's not exactly perfectly that you can get creative when you are painting with my friend Rush and some doctors rare again, I will bend the trees. This is the same movement, Xander year. I'm just venting the wrong shape, and I'm adding a bit more pigment at the bottom. Since earlier, with my hair has not dried, it will blend a bit with the trees. Now I'm adding a bit more darker grey to create the shadow. And I will wait for this layer to dry before adding defense. And let's move on to the last Wana, the panoramic vertical one with my friend brush and some cobalt, the same blue that I used for this guy. I will bend my fence. I'm still following my some nail and not so much The reforms photo. If you are not looking at the photo, you will feel more free toe. Add some details that were not on it or to use some different clothes. I will add the wild herbs still with my friend Rush, and I'm using my numbers yellow. I will just spend a few straits lines. Falls of herbs take you time, toe adds the herbs. I will pen so more herbs with my cobalt blue to create some shadows. So my blue is really diluted where the pale and I'm just spending a few more herbs with its I will end this dry of few minutes again and then I will finish this too. So let's on our friends here. I will follow my thumbnail, So I'm using my finals brush and my cobalt blue because I want to use the same blue that I used for this guy. I'm painting a few lines from defense, and then I'm just connecting them. Defense really is my favorite elements, and I think it adds some character with this landscape, and that's it for this one. Now let's finish the black and white one, so I will spend my friends following my some nail and then you're seeing already dark raises time. Some of months. Every year I'm just painting a few vertical lines, and then I'm going to connect them and that seats. You can see that by only using one picture. We can create a lot of different landscapes. I only friends. Photo was this one and each step that we took since observe in its was aware to get to Greece visits. So first, remember, we did house. Unless then, Zagallo's then a few different paintings. Off course. You don't need to take all these steps every time. You can only play with some nails, always the colors and finding expirations. This week 9. Exercise 1 thumbnails: And as I told you earlier, you don't have to follow each step every time you can use one or two and select what specific parts you like in a photo. In the next videos, I will propose you a few creative exercises toe implement this techniques, using different photos and off course you can find them in the project section of this class forces first exercise and using this photo reference, I invite you to create eight different some days to find eight different ideas for the composition. First, I would take a few seconds to observe this photo and see what strikes me the most. What I'm noticing first is the movement off the heel and the past at the foreground, just in the middle, off the landscape. I also very like the Carlos. The general atmosphere is a big gray, and I also love that pop of blue at the top. I will use my two l's to try different formats first. I think I'm going to create some saying Vertical Andi. I will keep the path just in the middle at the bottom, so I'm going to do great. I'm starting with the horizon line on I'm the sky text. ERP were flee once sold off the space them I will look at my oh's Irma lines. So obviously the result pass at the bottom And then I can also notice that the eels are creating some lines. There is also But they are gonna line in this guy created by the clothes. And now we look at the shapes on off cruce. I see the trees that are a bit triangular. I don't want to add each and every tree, but instead we just creates a shape that includes all the trees. I can also keep the original format. Andrew my oh resin line almost abs a middle. Then there is a bus. I will add the line created by the clouds. And I can also add a line here again. I will not drew all the trees, but I will focus on a few ones. So I really loves the one that's above the bus and also the ones that are on the left. So there is one ear and they're so one over there. And that's it for this one. No, I would try a different format this time. I want to try a more panoramic formats with a lot of land and a smaller sky. This time, my horizon line is a bit kurji. Towards that up there is just a bit off blue sky at the top. This is a more abstract composition. There aren't many lines, so I will focus on the shapes and mostly on the trees. I'm drawing some lonely trees, and some bush of trees look really adds the shape. So sometimes there is many, many trees and creates a bush, and sometimes you can really see distinctly the shape on only one tree on. If I wanted to Pan's this, I would be focusing more on creating teacher than painting details to change obits. Let's try something square, and I will place the past on the bottom. Right parts off my composition. I'm going to draw my square with the past on the bottom right corner, and there is almost a line just about the bus. It creates a bit of movements, and I will draw my arisen line. This guy is mostly gray. There is just a small piece of proof on the rights and that's it's I will also add, of course, a few trees and especially is this big one, the bush of trees at the background. And to keep it simple, I will not add more of them. Let's try another one. Maybe something panoramic verticals. This time I think I like it like this with just a few trees. So let's do it. So my all rise online easel, most in the middle. Then there is so lying created by the clouds in this guy, something like this. And of course, there is the big tree on the left on the smaller one. All together that I do background, and we'll also add, Is it toe tiny ones? This one could be painted with a lot of details, whereas the other ones that turns your background could be just suggested using pictures. This time I want to try something horizontal, but without the bus, and I want to include just a tiny bit of lands, but a lot off Skay. Let's sketch that I will draw my arise online ads a bottom. Then I will add. This guy saw the movement of the clothes again. I can really see you lying, going toe What The bottom. Where is something like this? So I'm going to include that in my some nail with the trees on the left, on some smaller ones on the rights so I can play with that movement by including more trees on one side. Unless on user one. And there is also, of course, the movement in the sky. Now I will try it again. A more vertical composition. So I'm using my els and then we'll try to do was the same seeing that is to say, a small portion. Fatherland, Um, a big sky my door is in line is very low this time, and the most important parts will be this guy. I have always the movement in my clothes on the results, So the shape treated by the trees at the bottom left on just a few lonely trees on the right. It's very close to what I drew earlier, except this time it should be more dramatic because there will be more sky more clouds. Now let's do one last that knows a square. Who is the bus. This time I'm starting with my own resin line again. It's a bit curvy. Then, off course, I will add the bath just in the middle, Um, Zola on the hill. And of course, this guy. I will also add a few trees, and I think I will leave the middle Embassy. And now we have our eight difference. Um, there's using only one photo difference. 10. Exercise 2 paintings (part 1): And for his next exercise, I invite you to pence three landscapes, using the same nights you've just created and try to bend each landscape a bit differently . First, let's ever look at Zac arose. I really like that green that it's a big gray I things that all atmospheres will be great on this picture. I'm going to mix my sub green with some pains. Great, and it creates a more muted green. I really love this shade of green. I think I will also use my sub green alone. And so this guy, I would use some things great and some cobalt. I like this color palette because I think it really fits the atmosphere off the picture. So let's see. I sing. I'm going to start by paintings this one z panoramic one. So my always on nine would be here. I think first I will use my blue and I'm going toe ad. It's on this area. So with the medium brush and Michael belt, I'm start seeing toe bent on the white stop corner. No, I will add a bit of water around Michael Bolt to create some texture for the clouds. A bit of water are so at the bottom. I will also wet my paper on the shoe proces. But a neat is the sky. Where's my pants? Gray? I would continue panting this guy. I will not add great everywhere and I'm for accusing. On the left top corner, I'm adding a bit of gray and a bit of water to create a lovely picture in my sky. I want to keep that line that I drew on my son El toe have some movement in my sky. So I will add a bit more great over there under so abysmal gray at the bottom. Then I will clean my brush and add some water to the always online Be careful toe, add some clean water and you can also add a few drops if you want to create more picture and I will add a few more drops because I really love creating teachers this way. I think my blue is a bit too light, so I will add So mark a bold here and there. But I'm still trying to keep this. Is Diana gonna line in my stay now? I'm going to pence my always in line with some green. So first I will use a mix off green and Ben's gray and I will Bence Align depends week sprint a bit in the water, and it's this is exactly what I'm looking for. I will add a few lines at the bottom, and then I'm adding some are such rigid pens. Don't pens everywhere on your hill and try to keep some white space. It will help create some contrast on your no escape. Then I'm going to bend the bush of trees so I will add a bit more green and or so some drops of pure sap green. Instead of venting individual trees, I'm adding this doctor green toe. Create some picture. I would do exactly the same thing where these two trees are. So I'm creating the shape of a treat. And so for the one on the right, and to finish, I'm adding a bit of water at the bottom. Um, well, it is dry. I will move on to the next one. So theoretical one. On this time I think I'm going toe bent this some nail so my ovaries online will be higher at this time and I would bend this guy first and I'm using my kebab blue. I'm following my thumbnail, so I'm adding brew on Lee on the white side and I will add some gray on the left. I'm still looking at my son mail and I'm urging a bit more That great. Just between the great and the roof. No, I'm adding a bit of water to my a resin line on a few drops of water here In there, they will help me create the flu if it picture off the cloud. So now I won't wait for my sky to dry. But instead I was stopped venting my heel right away. I will add some green and some great I will let some white space at the bottom for the bus . But I will pence all around it with my sub green to create the past. And we just add some clean water to sustenance the edges and creates a white area on my landscape. On my sketch, I noted wrong shape over there. So I will add a bit more gray to create. Is this area on my benzene? And I think it will help me toe add some dips. I think this long escape will be a bit more abstract. So I will wait for this rail to dry and bent's Ilona tree. After that, No, let's spend this square one. I will still be using the same color. But this turn on using this some nail. So you cannot just said there is a lot of land and a small sky. I'm going to place my own resin line on. I will start with my sky with Michael Bolt. I'm betting at the bottom first to create this kind of training girl that's on the rights and then I will add some water. Two creates a cloud. As always. I'm adding a bit of water on my horizon line and a bit more great in my cloud. And before we dries, I will add green. So a lighter green foresee background. There is a bit too much water, so I'm going to remove it with my paper toe. Well, the path is on the right corner, so I will leave some white space again and I'm adding more green, more DACA green around it, and I would I'll order on my bath. I will wear to beat to let my paintings dry, and then I will pen some trees 11. Exercise 2 paintings (part 2): let's add some final details, so I will plant a few trees over there at the bottom so you can see that the trees of an oval shape and that we trying to respect it. So I will use my sub green with some water and a little bit off. Great. I will pen quickly. Three trees, one ear, one there with a bit of water because I want this green to be lighter, and I would also add another. There. I will pens the trunk with some pens. Great. So one trunk year, when there and Zula swung in the background and, of course, I will add a bit of water at the bottom. I'm adding a beats more water at the top of my tree to create a lighter area, and we find the shape and I also want to add a bigger tree year. But lighters this time. So if we had the same shape with more diluted green and that's it's for this one, I will pence a lonely tree, just like I did on my son El it the same nail on the top left corner. So first I'm venting zoo for the edge with my green and so that my tree stands. I would better. I will add a pizza off cobalt to create a shadow. It's also a great way to connect my tree with the blue off this guy and that we also penned the trunk with the same blue, and I'm adding a bit of water at sea bottom. I think my tree is a bit too alone, so I will also add some grass, just a few curvy lines to create some grass on the right and on the left, off the path. Let's finish this square on for this last one. I want to try something a bit different because I like our abstract kitties, so I will just spend some Bush's with a very light green. And where is this line is supposed to be? I will also add a few more Bush's so we just the same movement with my brush and again to finish. I will add some clean water, and Maestri landscapes are finished. This exercise is great because it's a quick way to play with composition and textures. You can also play with I DS and see which one you like the most, because it's always possible to penned a bigger printing, using one off the sketches 12. Exercise 3 color palette: And for this next exercise, I invite you to choose the core a palette using one image and the competition from another . I'm going to use this photo, Father Karol's and this one as an inspiration to Penza landscape. Let's that by creating a corporal, it's using this picture. The main color is off course, this yellow. So first I'm going to try the heroes I already have. I think this ILO is cool Gum bush. It's so light yellow and I also have the snapper Zillow that is a bit more saturated, and I can use both off these Karos to paint my landscape. There is also a green, and I think I'm going to use a sub green. And there is a so some light gray in the sky. So I will use my pants gray, but with a lot of water, a very diluted pens gray. I will add a bit of water to make it lighter. Michael O palate is ready, and I think these colors really match the picture. I'm going to put this picture away and take my second image. I really love this part here in the middle of the picture, so I want to keep these clouds in my composition. This time I will bend. Some seem square. First I will draw a quick sketch. So this is my square and my overs and line is very low at the bottom. No, I will add the German lines. So there is a line created by the trees and there are a lot off smaller lines on the hills . And there is also a bigger line created by the trees at the bottom. There is also the clouds and they really have a beautiful shape. So two tiny clouds at the bottom and a bigger run just on top of them. I know that I have my skitch and my cargo pallets. I will stop venting. You can see that the brew is docker at the top and becomes lighter toe. What? The bottom there will try to pence. Is this gradient for this guy? I'm going to use my gray and I will start with the darker grey Adds it up. I'm adding a bit small gray and now I will add some water to create a gradients. I am not loading my brush we spent, but I will add more and more water each time. My horizon line is very low, so I'm just going toe. Add water until I which that line just some water to create a very light gray at the bottom before it dries. I will take a bit of green and I will start venting the clouds. I'm just creating the wrong shape off a cloud with my green. I'm starting by painting the very big club that's at the top. I will add a bit more darker green at the bottom to create some contrast and I will. Pens is the two tiny clouds. Same saying I'm using my green and I'm just creating two tiny clothes. I will let the sky Lexus and I will start painting the hill. This time I will use my yellow. So the bottom one This is my napper, Salo, and I'm painting your line the TC horizon line. And here on my son l I true some final lines. So I seem I'm going to bend them to just like this with a very light yellow. You have to bend quickly so that your yellow doesn't start to dry. Now I'm adding a bit of water as a bottom. And then I will add my Ozer yellow, my gumbo. I am adding it on these doctor parts. Just a bit more over here. And then we add again some knepper, Zillow at the bottom, some more saturated Napa Zillow. I'm just creating some fine lines with my brush Iran there because I want my two yellows toe blend of it. I'm cleaning my brush and I will add some green toe connect this guy with the hills because I think that my green cloud is a bit alone. So I want to add the same green to create shadows at the bottom of my landscape and that seats for this one I created a very simple escape again. But I just wanted to show you with this exercise that you can take any inspiration you want from a photo. You can use a musical open, let's or only the composition and create something very unique. 13. Exercice 4 simplify: This next exercise is about simplifying the composition to create and the most abstract landscape. First, I will be using my heirs to create a composition, and I think I want to make something vertical. I want to focus on the right side off the picture because I like this bush at the bottom. There are three men corrals green, yellow and first I'm going to make my some nail. My door is online is very low this time. There is just a small portion of land. Then, of course, there is the bush on the bottom right corner, and I can also see a movement in this guy created by the clouds. So I'm going toe ad then to my some there. Let's move on to the Carlos for this guy. I'm going to use this cobalt blue further hill. I'm going to use some napper Zillow with maybe a bit off that poker and some chromium oxide green fulls of bush. Now that I've got every single Reggie, I will stop venting. I will keep everything close to me. I will spend my landscape in one layer to create something more abstract. I will beef accusing on pictures and Karos and I won't add any detail at all. First I will wet obits. My paper depends the clouds and I'm tryingto add water Where the clouds will be My always online will be very low Remember And now I will take my brute My Coble blue and I will add it on my sky. So I'm trying to Ben quickly with just a few brushstrokes to create this guy. I just want to add some movement, but no detail, Ato. I'm adding a bit of water, then a bit of blue and I'm creating my skies. This way you can see that there is a darker spot on the right, so I will add a bit more open there and then bits of water. I'm adding some water just at the horizon line and then I will use my own apple zero. I will pence one line to create the top of the hill. I'm trying to create something a bit soft at the background, and I will add more yellow more Dockery ago at the foreground. Now I'm adding a bit of water and I will add my poker just a few lines off Oakar and to finish, I will add a bit of green, two pence the bush that's at the foreground. I'm adding also a bit of water to create some picture Onda bits off Dhaka green and that's it. This is ready and that's work. Long escape. I just took the Karol's and simplify the composition and it creates a different atmosphere . 14. Exercise 5 lines: and for this next exercise, the goal is to focus on lines, and we're going to draw them with the for pence before printing. I chose this photo off Lake because I wanted to try something a bit different. First I'm driving it, and what I like is the lines that are at the foreground, creating by the herbs. And I think they created pretty atmosphere and at some movements to the picture. First I withdraw my some nail and choose a composition using my ares. I would do something vertical again, and I want to include a lot off white herbs at the bottom. First, I would draw my arisen line at the top of the trees. Then off course, there is a line created by the water, and there is a small island just in front. It's. There were also some lines created by the clouds in this guy on a bit fat cloud under right . I can also add the small horizontal lines on the water created by the lights. There are mostly on the left side off the picture, and then, of course, I will add my herbs with some straight lines and at the top There is also some flowers, some kind of flowers. So I would draw them toe next. We're going to look adds a clause. There is mostly one color on the picture and that the proof There are a lot of different shins of blue between this guy and the lake. For this guy, I have a light blue and I think I will try to use my cerulean blue. No, I think this will be my lighter scholar. I'm adding a bit of water to dilute it. Then I will add my cobalt for the bottom bats of this guy and to upend the water. I think I'm going to try some indigo. This is a really nice dark blue, and I can also add a beat off. Great to make something doctor. This time I will not bend right away. But before I will draw the lines using the same nail adjusted with my fet been. It's exactly the same. Process them for during system nails. I'm going to start with my or is in line, so it's almost at the middle and I'm drawing as a top off my trees. Then I'm adding the small island and Zuerlein for the shore off the lake with some smaller lines. I will add some of months on the water, mostly on the left side. Take your time and drew Cem smoother lines. And now off course, I withdraw my herbs. I'm starting at the bottom and I'm drawing a line towards it up. I'm trying to add a lot of them, and I will draw the top off the herbs. It looks a bit like your flower. You can create a loose throwing by not adding too many editors. Just a few here and there. I will add a bit more black on the island so that it stands. I woods a bit more and I would not draw anything in my sky. I will create the clubs with serpents using my Akwa brush. I will wait a bit my paper to create the clouds, and then I would create a gradient starting from the top towards the bottom so I will use my cobalt. I'm adding a bit of water toe village it, and I'm starting to pent at the top, mostly where there is no water, and you can see that Spence is spreading obits when it's touching a wet area. I'm adding some more water towards the bottom. This guy is mostly dark on the left side. So I'm insisting on this area and witty and sit up. Then I would use my cerulean blue mixed a bit with Michael Bolt in the will bend the bottom or vice guy just to Z or raise a line. I want to create a bit more movement and that seats for this guy. Now I will penned the bottom, brought the water and I will add the trees after that. So I'm going to use some integral and some things great. I'm ending off course obits off water, and I was stopping teaching at sit up in inventing the old area, including Z herbs. I'm adding a bit of water, and the bits of indigo and Ben's great is the right side, his brighter. So I will add a bit more water there and more pigment on the left side with the final brush . I will also add a Pete more indigo where there are some lines created by the Fed, Ben. So mostly on the left side of my continue just a few fine lines off indigo. No I will pence the trees with really dark grays this time. So my pens great. And since neither musk I know my water are dry, it will spread a bit. I will add some darker grey on the tiny island. I'm dragging it a bit in the water to create some shadow. I will let the dry and penned the herbs in a few minutes. No, that's it's try. I will pencil herbs to change the bits from the photo. I will use my light blue. I think it would create a nice atmosphere as something a bit more colorful. Who is my small brush and some cerulean blue? I will pence some curvy lines to create the herbs. I will do the same thing, but with my cobalt and I will also pence differ worlds with the same color. I will not spend every floor world, but just a few and mostly on the right side. And that seats for this one 15. Exercise 6 horizon line: and for this next exercise, I invite you to move the horizon line. It can be higher or lower and it's a great way to get creative with the composition. So first I will draw my some nail and I will use my l. I think I want to put the always online IRA, so I would like some space at the bottom. Let's that with the vertical for months I will place my always on lie very I and this time my sky will be very small. Then there is this big wave on the wave That's a shore. So imagine that I will be adding more papers at the bottom. I can see a line between the wet papers and the dry ones, so I'm going to draw it and then off course. There is some light clothes in my sky and I can see that there are a lot of vertical lines in this composition. So let's spend this escape and I will use mostly some roof. My always online will be there. I will wait to beat my paper using my aqua brush. I am adding water where the clothes will be and then with my Midge, Um, brush and some cobalt. I would bend this guy I'm starting again. Adds it up. And I'm just doing some oh presenter movements with my brush. I will do the same thing. And she was a side on the right side and until my resin line, I will add a bit off more darker blue at the bottom. This is the same blue, my cobalt and they're so a bit more ads it up and I'm trying to create a really horizontal line. Now I'm cleaning my brush and I will bend Xerez online on the picture. I noticed that there is a bit off purple, so I will at some and then I'm going toe. Add some water to dilutive. It's for the water. I will use the same blue as area Michael Bolt and again I'm venting Align. I can feel that this long escape will be a bit abstract. Let's add a bit more dark blue to create some depths a bit more dark blue again. Before my sky starts to dry, I will add a bitch off water and especially where they re some whites to create some picture. Now I will continue painting the sea, and this time I will add some turquoise. I'm trying to add a different route to create interest, and I'm adding it mostly on the rights and at the bottom. This time I'm making occur, relying. That's the wave that's above the shore and I will take some way to pence the papers. I'm being careful to leave some white space between the sea and the pay bills because I want to add some water just at the end. First, I'm creating some picture at the bottom that will be the papers. And then with my Akra bush, I'm adding a line off water. A few drops just between zoo turquoise and depends gray. I will add a bit more details with a fine brush. So this time I'm using some very saturated bent. It's my cobalt, and again I'm venting some lines first on the horizon, and then I will add some blue, too, as if a grown I'm adding some off turquoise. I will also penned a few more lines with my dock cobalt always on the right side, off my painting. Now I'm just for cruising under pending. I'm not looking Nizer at my photo nor at my some nail. I'm just following what happens on the paper. This is a but when you can really get creative and pence what you feel instead of what you see, I will add a bit more water to create a wave and to finish, I will add a beats more gray. So this is some that gray and I will add a few small drops on the right side because I seem there is not enough picture and we can't imagine that there are pebbles at the bottom and that's it. 16. Exercise 7 monochrome: and this is our last exercise for this one. The goal will be to pens is not escape in black and white. First, I'm going to choose or formats any composition. So I'm using my two l's again, and I think I want to keep these trees at the bottom. I really love the shape off this pine trees, and I think they can be great in the bottom left corner. Lexus. Let's roll Awesome nail. So I will be creating vertical formats and my horizon line is wary, weary, low. It's not even assert off the picture, so I'm placing Nick at the bottom. Then there re some those German lines under the trees created by the foliage and the herbs and off course, the clowns. There are some really big clouds in the sky, and they are creating some really interesting shapes. Finally, I will add the shape off my pine trees, so there are mostly on the left, and I won't add the bush on the right. There was one big tree there, and sweet, smaller ones just on the right. This time, I don't need to create a horrible it because we will create all our weather Culo with the great with different shades off pains. Great. So let me take my watercolor paper and my great and I was that off course by paintings? This guy, If we take a look at the picture again, you can see that there are a lot of different values in this guy. Some white, some light gray and some DACA Great. So we try to add all of them first. I'm starting with my water toe with my paper and I tried toe edit Where there is some whites on my photo. The clouds are so white year So I will add some water on my paper and they're so a pizza over there Now I will, on my brush with gray and I was that by venting adds it up. And I tried toe regret where my paper is still dry so that it just blends a bit with the water I did earlier. You can see that my great becomes lighter when I put it in the water. And it's great to create picture in my clouds. I'm still following my picture toe. Add some darker pigment. I will add a bit more water to dilute my great because it's a bit lighter at the bottom. I will add a bit more that gray on that spot and a bit more over there. I am adding a Pete more dark over here to this is Z area. You can see here on the picture, and before it dries, I will add some water at the bottom where my Torres online is under. So a few more drops to create some picture in my stay. Remember to relieve some white space on your sky, because whites, the white of the paper will be your lighters value, and you won't be able to remove the pens. After that, we can always add Dr pens but not light events. I will spend the hell, so this time I will take a darker gray and AM paintings, the bottom butts off my landscape. I'm just following the lines I drew on my cell nail, and finally I will add some more water just below my great as always. I'm adding a few drops of water orbits over there, too. Just a few more at sea bottom. I will let my background dry, and then I will pence zip entries. Let's move on to the pine trees. I will take a 1,000,000 brush and some dark gray, and I'm going to start by painting. You line for the trunk. I'm starting with the pantry that's on the left is a big one. No, I'm adding some footage very quickly and I'm going from top to bottom. I will add a bit more dark ray to the for the edge to create some contrasts. And then I will add a bit of water at the bottom with my aqua brush and that's it for the tree on the left, I will repeat the exact same process for the other three. First, I'm painting a line for the trunk and then I'm adding the footage very quickly because I don't want my country to start raining the 2nd 1 in the middle again. First the trunk, then the fridge. I'm adding a bit of water at the bottom to create something less perfect, and I want the bottom of my tree toe connect a bit with my background. Now I'm painting my last reason, said one with a lighter. Great, and I will add some more water. I did a bit too much some going to remove the excess with my paper toe. Well, finally, with my brush and a bit of way, I will pent these lines at the bottom. Just some dark lines toe. Add some interests to my landscape carefully. Just add a bit of water and a bit of pigment until you are happy with the results on. That's it. This was our last landscape. 17. Project time: I hope you know female confidence to spend a long escape using a photo reference your projects will be to paint at least one month's K in your own style, get creative and not just copy your picture. Feel free to start with photos I used during discussed. You can find them in the project section. If you have any questions, just ask them in the discussion board, and I will do my best to answer them. If you're interested in learning more about mental landscapes, you can shake my also class cities about trees. Night sky hails more, and if you want to be notified when I publish in New Class place, Clegg's a follow button closes with you and that we see your son.