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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Mixing your greens

    • 4. Mixing your browns

    • 5. Finding inspiration and sketching

    • 6. Painting the foliage

    • 7. Adding details

    • 8. Painting the trunk

    • 9. Painting the trees (part1)

    • 10. Painting the trees (part2)

    • 11. Painting the trees (part3)

    • 12. Using unusual colors

    • 13. Project time

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About This Class


Hi everyone, and welcome to this class about painting trees in watercolor!

Trees are a fascinating subject because you can paint them over and over, and they will always look different. Each tree has its own personality that will come alive under your brush.

In this class, you will learn :

  • how to find inspiration and sketch your trees
  • how to mix your greens and browns
  • how to paint in a few different ways the foliage and the trunk

Finally, we will paint together eight trees from start to finish.


This class is great for beginners or anyone interested in learning to paint trees. You will be able to observe each and every step in real time.

So, let's get started!

You will find here my others classes about watercolor :

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Van Der Linden

watercolor artist & nature enthusiast


Hi there, my name is Sarah also known @mirglis on instagram. I’m a watercolor and gouache artist living in the French countryside.


I believe that nature, inspiration and imagination are deeply connected, and for me, creativity is a long road leading to a better observation and understanding of the world. I'm most myself and happier when I'm in a forest or in the middle of nowhere, and that’s why all my inspiration comes from nature. I love painting landscapes with watercolor, playing with water to create textures, and patiently adding one layer after another.


You will find here on Skillshare different classes to learn to paint landscapes with waterc... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone, and welcome to this nucleus. Today I'm going to show you out, Ben Trees with water. It's my 10th class year olds to share, and I'm really excited to share with you of shit eclipse so you can stop until you're only truth. My name is Sarah and I, my car artists living in the French countryside. I believe that nature, inspiration and imagination are deeply connected. That's why all my inspiration comes from the natural world. Trees are fascinating subjects because you can bend them over and over and they will always look difference each tree as its own person that it sees that we've come alive and your brush in this class I will walk. You assume a contact your process from finding inspiration, sketching and painting different estimates of trees. I will also talk about how to mix your rings and wrongs and out to use the New York girls friendly. We we've been together eg trees from circle finish example of this class. You will be able to use this stick next to countries in your own style. Discuss is great for beginners and anyone who want to learn toe Venturi's you will be about to observe each and every step in real time, so rather brush you what good or bad? It's on, Let's get started. 2. Supplies: First, let me show you quickly what supplies you will need for this class. You will need some ordinary paper and a pencil for sketching you in need. Of course. Some water coral paper. If you are a big now, you can use this concern. It's a great paper to begin with. What's important, It's that it's a sweet under grandpa square meter sick paper. I also like to use this from 10 by Clapham 10. It's a cold press piper, and I would love painting with this one. It's really great to Penn some trees if you have one. A tiny sponge is great by jove water. A few brushes, some wrong brushes. It's great if you have some smaller ones and also some bigger ones. We will also need a pallets because we're going to mix some Karol's. You can use a plastic pallet like this 10 you can also use a Peretz Meddoff president On then off course, you would need some paints. You can use a pen sets Lang's this one. Oh, you can use what a career in tubes. It doesn't matter. We will use a few colors, some yellow, some wrong, some blue, some green and some read, and that's it's 3. Mixing your greens: Now I want to talk a bit about the color of ring. You can, of course, use some premix green. Oh, you can create your own greens. First, I suggest that you grab all the greens you have and that to try them all to see how they look on paper. I'm going to show you my four favorite greens. This one is a sub green and olive green, the chromium oxide green and finally, hooker's green. I'm going to grab a brush and show you ours. A look on the paper. The 1st 1 is my sub green. This is one of my federal green, and I use it all the time. I think that his green feels very natural. The 2nd 1 is an olive green. This is our ape looks when it's almost pure. Now I will try the chromium oxide green. It's a more colder green and finally, the hooker's green. This is a more saturated green, more vibrant one. I can use all these greens toe pent my trees, but I can also decide to mix my own green, so I suggest that you take two yellows and two blues. I will add them on my palettes. This one is an Injun, you cadmium yellow lights, oppression loop on some integral. So first I'm going to try my Injun, you and I'm going to mix it with my Pershing bluff. I will make sense colors on my palette, so obits off in January. So then a bits of water and my pressure on roof and you can see that is curates a green that it closed toe, the only green. It's a warm green. No, let's see what happens if I add a bit more water to my mix to create a lighter shed and, again, a bit small water. I can also decide toe add a bit more blue toe my mix. So let's add a bit more Persian brew to say our my green looks. He creates a d found green. I can also do the exact opposites and add a bit more yellow to Mannix. I did a bit too much of it, so I'm gonna add a tiny bits off more brew, and I'm going to show you how it looks on the paper. You can also try to dilute this one and add more and more water to create a few more shades . Let me show you. So this is how it looks when indeed looted tiny bits. And if I add some more water, I will have a lighter shade. Let's add some more water and again some more water so you can see that by using only two different calos, one yellow and white blue. I can create a lot of different shades. No, I will show you my mother. You know the canyon yellow lights. I will add it to my palettes, and I'm going to make seats with some indigo. You can see that tree. It's already really beautiful. Green. No, Let's see what happens if I add more water and more water. And like I did all year, let's add bits, move you to see what happens. It creates a colder green, and now, if I add a bit small yellow, so Matt Canyon you, it creates again. Urge. If even green when you are painting trees, it's really great to play with the karaoke green Off course. You can use some greens that are already mixed, but you can create some more natural shades if you makes your own greens and what's pretty cool is that you can makes your green strictly on the paper. For example, you can start with this yellow and then gradually add a bit of blue and mix it on the paper to create a variety off shades. It's also great toe. Add some light and shadows to your trees. They don't for week. I will talk about that more later. 4. Mixing your browns: I know that we mixed our greens. I would like to talk a bit about the color brown because green and brown other two men Karol's we are going to use for trees. First, I invite you to try all the bronze you have at home. I'm going to show you the two that I own. This one is the road number and the 2nd 1 is a Rosina. I'm going to rubber brush and some water and I will show you how they look on paper. So the 1st 1 is the rule. Remember, it's a dark wrong and the 2nd 1 is Rosina. It's a really lighter one. I will add a Pete's more pigment so that you can see the color better. And here are my two bones. No, I'm going to show you how you can create your own bronze. You need to mix three corals, one red. This one is a French vermillion, one blue. So I'm going to use my indigo one off the two blues I used earlier to create migraines and finally, one yellow and I will use some in general. And no, I will show you what happens if I makes is this Rico Rose. So I'm going to start with my Injun yellow. Then I will add a bit off red and finally, as bits off my indigo on it creates a light brown. Let's see what happens if I add a bit more blue to my mix. My Brohm is a bit doctor and if I add more aid and mo blue, I will have a docker run again. So these are the bronze I obtain. When I mix is this tree close together and I can also create some brown by Nixon, some green with some red. And I can use the greens that I mixed in the produced video. So first, let's starts with this one. It was a mix of indigo and cadmium yellow lights. I will add a bit of my readiness off my French van union and if I mix the two together, it creates a beautiful brown. And if I add a bit more red, I will ask another shade. No, I will try my other green. So the competition off engine yellow and precision group remember it was a warm green. I will add again my red. And this time I obtained a warm brown. Let's see what happen if I add a bit more blue this time it's a docker Braun on. If I add a bit more euro, I will have again. Another Brohm. I wanted to show you out to mix your browns because I love when I planting some trees to makes my green using one yellow and one blue. And if I use is green with a bit of red, I can bend the trunk with my own brown, and that also means that you don't need to buy a lot off Carlos. If you mix what you have, you can create a lot of different combinations and start from there. 5. Finding inspiration and sketching: before printing are trees were going first to make a few drawings to find ideas and see I was a trunk ease with the fully edged size, the texture. And to do so, we need to find inspiration somewhere. You can look at books. This is an old book with illustration off trees and only trees. Let's me show you inside. There are drawings with the shape of the trees, the trunk and the branches. It's a great book because I can search a species, and the drawing will give me a pretty great I d. Off hours the tree. There are also some drawings with the full edge. This is a sedar. I really love this tree because of its energy war shape. I also really love this book. It's about nature in general. And of course, there are few pages about trees. There are drawing off trees with their leaves this time. It also shows me is a different shapes of the trees on. It's great to find inspiration to. You can off course, use your own photos as assurance. When you are going outside for the walk, take your phone with you and snap a few pictures and you can use them after two pence. It's better to take pictures against the lights because this way you will be able to see really well the shape off the trees. I have a few photos there. I really love them because I can observe every detail, especially the fully edge shape of the trunk, and I will use them after to draw my sketches. And, of course, you can also go toe Pinterest and search for tree shapes, and you will find there a lot off I DS to make some drawings and observe some trees. Let me show you beats what I have there. Oh, I really love this during their because it shows many different trees with their lives. You can also go to the board I created especially for this class, and I will add the link in the project section. My intent is not to make a perfect drawing with a lot of details, but just to simplify the shape of the trunk and the foliage to have a reference for when I would be painting. So you don't need to know how to draw. First, I will look out the trunk is is it narrow or large. Then I will look at the proportions. What size is the trunk compared to the full, yet the general ICT off the tree? And finally, we look at the general shape off the foliage for history. It's a triangular shape. This one here is more on in perfect sickle. Let's start drawing. So first I'm going to draw the pine tree. The trunk is large and small, and then the four. Yet it looks like a triangle. You see, I'm not adding any detail at all, just the general shape. I can also see a bit the trunk, so I'm going to add its and they're so a few tiny branches and that's it. Falls is sick on one. The trunk is Stoller and sinner. I can see some small branch. She's at the top of the trunk, so I will draw them really quickly. And as I said earlier for the edge glutes like anim perfect sickle, almost like a potato like this steak. A different picture. This time I will draw his history. I can notice that the trunk is smaller, something for the edge. Then there is almost a no horizontal line at the bottom of the free edge ends. The shape is the bits runs if I can help you. If you follow the shape of the tree with your pencil, it will help you grab the feeling off the shape. You can also do this with your finger. It's a really great trick. Let's draw a different tree. This one has way more details. So first, let's look at the trunk. Looks like there are multiple trunks that they are splitting at the base. This time I can see a lot off small branches. We can see branches almost everywhere and finally e. There is not one big foliage, but some smaller ones. So I'm going to draw. Is this time many awful one on the right side, one and sit up and also a few smaller ones. I'm really simplifying what I see here. I don't want to draw something perfect with a lot of details, but just have a rough i D. And finally I will add some for yet over there. Now I will grab my book and draw of human trees. Let's find a different tree. Let's say this one Over here, it looks like a triangle without a trunk. So something really simple like this. Let's throw the one underneath. This is the home team this time the foliage is big and one at the top, and the tranq is really small, actually a bit sinner on a big forage, and I'm not sure that you can see it well. But there are also a few small branch EAS Iran there that I precincts with their lives. Now let's draw this one. It's an oak. I start by drawing the trunk and then the for Gedge. It's a really big forage, and the shape is a most round again. Again, I can see a few branches, so I will exam on my sketch. No, let's throw this one at the top. This is a beech tree. This time the trunk is a bit wider. There were some large when she's at the top of the trunk and the Ford Edge is really big again. But this time it's not a perfect sickle. Birds on in perfect one. Let's through one last. I will grab my other book. I will draw this wild sherry. This time there are many trunks, all coming from the base sin trunks on a lot off tiny branches. I can't see the fore edge on the drawing, but I can imagine it. It's like an oval with a large bays, and smaller adds it up very well. Flesh. And now we have nine different sketches that we will use later to Penn Sentries. 6. Painting the foliage: in the next videos, I'm going to show you how to pent each part off the tree. First the 40 edge, then out toe editors. And finally, the trunk depends if for the edge, we are going to use a few different brushstrokes, and that's what I'm going to show you here. I'm using a medium round brush. This is a sites 10 and some green pens. First, try using only the tip of your brush to create some round brush strokes. Then try do the something but press a bit more. You can also do some more curvy lines, so with the tip off your brush first, then press a bit more to create some larger brush strokes. This is great for printing a pine tree, for example. You can also do some more random brushstrokes, some seeing one to create a whole foliage. So first starts with the tip of your brush again and just add randomly. More and more brush strokes and all. Together they are going to combine and suggest the shape of the tree. You can try adding more water to create ladder brushstrokes. Play orbits with your brush. Try varying the pressure, using mostly the tip or pressing other to see what brush strokes you can obtain. You can also try some straight lines off some curvy lines, and now I will show you eight different raised to Penza for ledge. For the 1st 1 I will use the wet on wet technique and my sponge, and I will use it toe wet. My paper. I'm just preceding my sponge here in there and try to create a circle something like this. And then with my brush and some pens, I will just create some curvy brushstrokes, just as we did earlier. Depends is going to spread so you don't need toe. Add too much pens, just obits, where the paper is wit and though I will use another green and repeats is the exact same movement, but mostly at the bottom. Off my footage. This is great toe. Add some depths to your foliage. You won't be able to see the result Just now, you will have to wait a bit until everything is fully dry. For the next one, I will use my sponge again, but this time I will not wet the paper. Riz. It's but I will use some things just press gently response on the paper with just a bits of green pins. The sponge is really great to create. Some picture. Try to create again. A sickle is the shape of your foliage. To add some contrasts, I will add a bit off more saturated Bentz, mostly at the bottom. Um, this is my second footage. And don't forget to wash your sponge with clean water to create some volume on your trees. You have to play with light and shadow, and for that you need to use different values. The top of the foliage, usually lighter and the bottom docker So we can do this by only using one green, but with more or less water. First, let's try a very diluted green. So with a lot of water, and I'm starting at the top off my tree on I'm painting some curry brushstrokes. You can see that my green is very lights. Now I'm adding a bit more water and a bit more opens to mimics, and I have a darker green that I will add at the bottom. You can see that my dark green is blending with the lighter one at the top and already, we can see some of volume to the footage and to finish, I will add more that green and this time at the very bottom, and that's it's for this one. Another great way to create some contrast is to append you all foliage with the same green and then add a few drops of water and pence adds end. I will use the same green, and I'm going to pence a sickle further for Gedge with a few brushstrokes. This time I'm painting the old for edge from top to bottom. I clean my brush and I will add a few drops of water. Adds it up. Where are Ron toe at some lights and I will add a few drops off my darker green at the very bottom to create some shadows. The result is pretty similar to the one we painted before. It's just a different technique. I talked already about this a bit earlier, but another great way to create the free edge is to mix your greens directly on the paper. I will use the blues and yellows that I've shown you in the mixing video. First, I will do to bits my yellow by adding some water and I will pants. My old fool edge with its starting adds it up. It's really important that Ajello everywhere because you will need it to make some green. No, I will have my room. This is my pressure in brew, and I'm careful to not put some blue paint at the top of the footage. I want to have a bit off pure yellow. At the top. You can add Modelo and more blue and make them on the paper until you are happy with the color. I want my tree to be a little bit more greener in the middle. I want to create some shadows at the bottom, so I will add a bit small, dark blue. There I will show you another run, but this time with a different yellow and a different route. So this time I will start with my injun yellow and first obits off water. I start by bending the top off the foliage, and then I'm switching the bends to the bottom. I clean my brush and then I will add some indigo. You always have toe help. The color blends of its by during some movements with your brush. Then you can add a bit more blue and a bit more yellow to create a green you like. So I will, at first a bit more yellow in the middle of my foliage on a bit more blue at the bottom. Another way to Penza for the edge is to combine two different greens, some greens that are already mixed, So I'm going to create toe rings. First I'm adding some in genial with some indigo, and this will be my first ring. And then I will make a difference, one with some canyon, your alights and some indigo. Again, I would start venting with my lighter one and again I penned first at the top. I'm creating the same shape off foliage around one with some in perfect brushstrokes here and there. Now I clean my brush and I will use my second ring, my doctor one and I will add it mostly at the bottom to create some shadows. I will add some more dark blue toe my knicks to create another green, and I will add its on Lee at the bottom of this time to create some volume and some texture to your tree. You always need to use some lights and that Carlos. And finally, if you don't want to, makes your green on the paper, you can use one yellow, one green that is already mixed. And when that roof I will start with my canyon yellow lights and I will spend the top off the footage. This time I will not adds alot everywhere, but I will stop almost in the middle of the for gauge. Then I will add my green. This is my chromium oxide green, and I weep ends in the middle of the fridge again. I'm not adding green to the very bottom, but instead I will take a bit of blue toe. Add some shadows on the right side at the bottom off my footage, a bit more blue to create some picture, and that's it for this one. And if you have eight different race to Penza for glitch, you can decide to leave them like this, or you can let them dry and add a few details with the find wish 7. Adding details: three step is totally optional, But once you have painted the first layer off your fully edge, you cannot be dry. And then at some days in other to show you this are we bend quickly, a few more for the edge on meds and right. - Adding some details is a great way to emphasize the shadows. And at some volume, for example, you can use a docker and different green and add it only at the bottom. This time I won't start at the top, but rather as a middle off my foot edge, and I will add my dark green. I'm creating the same movement with my brush strokes, and I'm creating some shadows at the bottom, and you can see that the fully edge already looks different. There is more dips. You can also use your tiny spoons and some pence toe. Add some more leaves to you for EJ to create some picture. So I'm going to show you. I added a bits off green pants, and I'm just gently pressing my sponge on the footage again. I tried toe. Add some dark green must be at the bottom. I will take a big, more green and Onley. I did this time at the very bottom, and that's it for this one. Don't forget to clean your spoons just after you can also use a final brush and use it toe . At some auditors, for example, you can use another color, or I will try some wrong. So Doc Bram and I will bent something. Garvey line something a bit like this with the tip of my brush. Let me show you. I will add of shoe in the middle, off my tree and at the bottom. Don't have too much lines, just a few and not everywhere again. It's better if you add some shadows at the bottom of a tree and not at the top. You can also pent some more straight lines. This time I will use a yellow, and I will pen some lines like this again. I will not add some lines everywhere but Iran there on my footage, and it's a great way toe. Add a bit off dips and finally, you can also use your fine brush with some green and creates summed up some very close dots , just as if you were painting sometime. Natives bench of leaves so I'm starting interminable off my treat, and I will bend some cruce nuts even there but nuts everywhere. And I will add a bit more that green adviser. Very bottom if you know and that's it. So you have a few different raise toe. Add some teacher and shadows to your trees. As I said out a year is this step is totally optional. It's up to you if you want to add details owners. 8. Painting the trunk: know that we saw our dependent for the edge. I'm going to show you a few ways to pay the trunk. You can use a large brush and mostly the tip. Oh, you can use a fine brush as you want. I will start with my large brush and some wrong with a bit of water, and I would start by painting a few branches and sends a drink. So as it up with a tip off my brush, I will pence line for the branch and I will press other at the bottom for the trunk. Let's do another one on if you are the small ones. No, a bigger one, Um, scenes of every bottom off my trunk and again I will add a few more small wrenches and that's it's. You can also choose to pence only and drunk without branches and which were you? A few options first with the weapon with technique. So we some water. I will wet my old drunk and remove the excess water, and then I will use some very saturated brown, and I will add it on the right side, off my trunk. So just on the water and I will add a few drops. Then I would bend zeros aside exactly the same way I will let it dry, and you can also do the exact opposites, spent the trunk with some brown and then add some drops of water. So first I'm painting the tranq. Then I can my brush and I will add a few drops off water. It would creates a nice picture. You can also use two different grounds. First, I was that with the light brown. So that will be my rule. Sina and I'm going to pence the old trunk with its. Then I will take a darker brown. It would be my room, remember, and I will add its on the side off my trunk with a few drops off events in the middle. It's really great to create a shadow on one side of the trunk. You can also makes your own wrong. I will use the green I mixed earlier and add bits off red and a bit more until I find a shade that I watch and I will bend my trunk visits. I will add a bit more red to my mix toe, obtain darker shade, and I will add its on the right side off my trunk, and again it will create some picture. And you can also do something a big difference and pension drink with a few lines, A few separate lines, let me show you. I'm just venting some shorter lines and leaving some white space. Iran's there to create something a bit wilder, and we can also toe the same thing that we seek Ryan's. So by pressing other on your brush on it, we create something like this, and now you have a few different ways to paint a drink. 9. Painting the trees (part1): Now we are going to put together everything we learnt and Penn some trees. I will use the sketches Aditya a year. But I will not draw on my wetter kowtow paper. I will just keep them close to me so I can have a look when I need toe, I will start with this one A tree Reza round shape. I will grow my brush. And for this 1st 1 I will makes my green directly on the paper. So I will do it a bit my yellow by adding some water and then I would start venting at the top. I will spend my whole foliage just as we did a year. And I'm trained to use some random, curvy brushstrokes to create a bit of a wide movement. I will add some yellow at the bottom. You can see that I'm leaving some white space on purpose. No, I will take my blue. This is my indigo and I will bend in the middle off my tree. Remember to leave a bit of yellow at the top toe. Add some lights and to do some back and first movement with your brush to mix the colors on the paper. I will add a bit. No yellow toe evergreen warmer and I'm continuing mixing zocalo on my paper. I'm adding a bit more, you know, adds it up. And I'm trained to pants on in perfect shape because the tree is never perfectly perfect. No, I'm adding some blue at the bottom toe. Add some shadows and a bit more blue again, and that's it for the foliage. I won't let it dry before printing the trunk. I want to paint it straight away, so I will take some wrong. Some already mixed brown and I was that by painting a few find run she's and then the trunk , starting at the top, inventing a fine line for Children, she's and then a sickle line. Further trick, you can add as many branches as you want, but try toe. Add some fine ones and some bigger ones. I will add a bits Ma Braun, darker brown on the right side toe. Add the shadow. It recreates some volume on my trunk and some that drone on the foliage to must be exhibit um on. It's a great way to connect your trunk and your village. It will also add some shadows and that's it's for this 1st 1 for the second, while I will bend the tree that just next to it. So this well, this time I will use a green that is already mixed. I will use some sad green, and I will add some water to dilute it. Toe. Have a really light green again. I'm starting to upend the free edge, adds it up. And this time I'm using some more vertical brush strokes. This week creates a different feel. I'm not following exactly perfectly my sketch. It's just you to give me an I D. But once I'm venting and following what happens on the paper, no, I'm adding some mo DACA green to my mix, and I'm still pending some curvy and vertical brush strokes. I'm going toe. Add some footage to the bottom. Still, Wisma dyed green. Now I will use on even darker green and a weapon. It's very bottom. When I look at my sketch, I can see that it's a most of flight line at the bottom, so I will try keeping this periods. I will add again, a bit more that green toe at some picture to my footage and finally really saturated green at the very bottom. I want to add a bit more texture again on this one. So with my doctor green, I will add a few lines even there and they will blend with my background. I will spend my trunk trade away, but this time I will mix my Rome. I'm using the same green that I used for the Forget the submarine Emam, adding a bit of red to create the brown. I was that again by pending first the top off the trunk and then the bottom. I'm adding a few small run. She's at the top and then my trunk is larger at the bottom. The outline of the trunk doesn't need Toby to perfect and that's it's I will add a few more details when it will be dry. No, father said one, I will try something a bit different with them are triangular shape. I will makes my green on the paper again, so I will start by adding water to my yellow. This is still my cadmium yellow lights and I'm starting at the top and this time I will use some long brush strokes starting with the tip of my brush and pressing them obits. Other, and you can see the shape of the kind off Tyrone grass shape here. No, I week in my brush, and I will add a bit off a difference. Yellow Iran There, this is my Ingenio and I will add it mostly at the bottom. It would create some violations in my green. No, I will add a bit off pressure and brew. A diluted oppression brew on I Would makes my green on the paper. I will have my blue mostly at the bottom and in the middle path off the tree, and I will does a movement with my brush toe help the color mix. You can see that green is different, depending on its mixing with cat urine, yellow lights or in January on. It's a great way to add some interest to the footage. I will add some more yellow at the bottom of a tree. It will create the warm green close to an olive green, and I'm still paintings. The footage and that's it's this time I will bend the trunk when the full edge will be dry . Let's move on to the next one, and this time I will pen some seeing a bit different. Oh, it bends, is gay 10. Painting the trees (part2): I was that by paintings of for the edge, with some new I'm going toe add a bit more in Jan yellow to my palette. And then with my brush and some water, I'm going to duty to bits. I'm starting by painting the foliage adds it up. Who is my Injun yellow and I will create a bush of lives. I'm switching my pence on sees a bottom off this for the edge and I'm adding more water. No, I will spend the 2nd 1 exactly this in way and then is user one. I will pence all my foliage is in yellow and I would add the brew at the end before my parents stuff too dry. I will take some rule. Some indie goes this time, and I will add it on my footage on all my footage because I want to make sure that my yellow doesn't start to dry and then I will makes my blue and my yellow. This time it creates a docker green than friends use or trees already different green. Off course. You can add more yellow if you want to have something a bit warmer. Omar Blue, If you want to have something a bit colder on this one. The foliage started to dry. That's why I'm adding moe yellow. I tried to pence really, really quickly because I won't be able to add any details when it will be dry. Now I'm adding a bit more, you know, adds a bottom on a bit more blue to create some shadows again, I will spend my trunk straight away. I will makes my bronze this time. So I'm adding a bit of Jell O to my Angie. Go to create the dark green and then I will add a bit of red and this creates a beautiful brown. I was that by benching Zubrin. She's so first, the ones that are at the bottom on I would couldn't exam to create a trunk. If you feel more comfortable to use a sin brush, fine brush. Don't. Is it dates? I will also add a few more branches as the top so that all my different full edge connect to the trunk. I would add some a brown on the footage to it will add a bit more shadow and finally I would add a few drops of water, so I'm using some clean water. And I'm just adding some time. He drops at the top off my different footage and that's it. Let's see now we are going to bend. Is history here a wrong tree again? This time I will makes two greens, so one who cares. Green weighs one sub green to create a unique shade. This time I want to paint a tree that is a bit more crazy. So I will Penza for Dedge with some Rome and curvy brushstrokes. I'm using mostly the tip off my brush again, especially to pence the top part. And then I would add some more water. Depends Zimet Middle and the bottom off my tree. Just create some random brushstrokes. I'm adding some more water at the top to lighten obits. Migraine on it will also helps me create some texture. Now I will add some saturated green at the bottom, and finally, I will use some pure hooker's green and add a few drops here and there to create some picture. It will add some contrasts to my footage. I will have the dry and I will bend the trunk after that. No, let's spend our family tree for this last one always makes again the corals on my paper. So first I'm using this yellow, the cadmium yellow lights, and I'm painting my footage. I want to add a lighter yellow at the top. If you think that you added too much shallow, too much pigment, you can use your drag brush to remove the excess spent. Now I will add some yellow at the bottom. Other for match. I will take some blue. This is my India. Go again. I'm adding a bit of water to dilute its and I'm going to addicts, mostly as a term and in the middle. Off my footage again, I'm using my brush to mix the yellow ends. Abreu. I think it's a bit too blue, so I will add some more yellow on. Makes the hooker Ross together. No, my green is a beats warmer, and I like it. More exits. And since I mixed my green, I will use it to create my Braun. So I'm adding some indigo to Matt Canyon lights on a bit off. Fred on. It creates a dark brown. I will pent first the branches at the top, some fine brushes and connect them to the trunk, remembers as this tree as multiple trunks, so you can add a few at the bottom of humor branches in the middle. I sink my trees, missing something. It's a bit flat, so I we create so more texture, and I will use some nights indigo mixed with my brown, and I will add a few drops, mostly at Sabetta on Iran's there on my foot edge, and I think it would be great toe at some picture. I will also add a few drops of water, adds it up to finish. You need to clean your brush very well and use clean water. Don't add drops everywhere, but just even there and then let it dry. I'm going to wait a few minutes and then I will add some details. 11. Painting the trees (part3): Now that my trees are dry, I would add some more details on a few off them. On the 1st 1 I would add some Moshe do so with my brush and some green, a very diluted green. I'm just using the green that's already on my palettes. I would add a docker area at the bottom. This time I'm starting to bend at the very bottom off my tree, and then I'm adding some green in the middle. The goal is not toe adds details everywhere, but just on the shoe spots. I will also add a bits off water. It will help me creates on uneven picture. So again, I'm not adding water everywhere, but just Iran's there. I will also add some more details toe my trunk. So, using a dark brown, I will add a few fine lines on my trick, and that's it's for the 2nd 1 I want to add some more texture, so I'm going to use my tiny sponge and some things. So first I'm waiting a bit my sponge. Then I'm dipping it in some green bands, and I'm just being my paper. Try to add some picture on the sides to to create a more wild foliage. Orbits had that up, too. You can use one green off to different greens as you wish, and I weekly in my sponge. I will also add a few lines on my trunk. So with my brush and some dark brown, I will penned F you lines if you find lines on my trench, and I'm being careful to leave some space between the lines, you can use a fine brush if you prefer. Um, that's it. No, for the next one is this time I will pence someone. She's on top off the for the edge and then the trunk. So I will use Doc Brown, and I would start by painting zebra, and she's from top to bottom. I'm using the tip off my brush, two pens, one branch and then another and another. Add as many branches as you want and then spend the trunk. I'm using the same brown two pence everything. I must wedding some more fine branches as a little and one more in the middle. I will also add some darker brown on the right side off my trunk, and that's it. I really like how this one is just as it is, so I won't add any details and I will move on to the 5th 1 I will add some blue toe, my green, some Prussian blue. I will use this color to repent. If you go, she's off leaves Iran there on my footage. I'm trying not to add them at the top because I want it up, Toby, the lightest bots. But I will add some blue in the middle on the bottom, off my tree, and I'm insisting on the very bottom. Now I will bend my trunk and I will use the wet on wet technique. So first I'm using some clean water, and I did to my drink. Try not to add too much water, and then I will add my brown and you can see that the brown is blending in the water. I will also pants a few runs. She's adds it up with my run again. One more tiny branch on the left. I did too much water, so I am removing it with my dry brush, and I will other bits of my situated Braun on the right side to finish this one, and that's it and fills this last one. I will use my fine brush and some that green and I'm just going toe. Add Aaron Za if you straight lines on one side and then on the user and, of course, at the bottom and that seats. 12. Using unusual colors: you do not always have to use some greens and rounds you can also use. Some are unexpected close to pension trees. For example, let's spend first a tree with some pink and green. So I'm going to plant a tree that as a round shape like this, I will wait my brush and I will take something again. I'm starting. Adds it up, and I will on my pink. I will not add it everywhere, but mostly on the top part off my foliage. Now I will add some green, so I'm kidding my brush and I will use this sub green. I'm venting the middle off my foot Reg and so bottom, and you can see that my pink is still wet and the two Karol's are blending obits to make sure that the two cardinals really blend. I will add again a few drops off my pink in the middle and on the green and depends a tranq I will use. This is great. This is a greenish member. I weapons first zubrin. She's exit up and then I'm venting the trunk. I'm using a very saturated gray with just a tiny bit off water and inventing Zibin. She's with the tip off my brush. I will add a bit more off this gray on the right side, off my trench to create a shadow, and that's it's Let me show you another trees. It's time I will plant a tree that has a triangular shape and I will use some tacos roof. I'm starting. Adds it up, and I'm paintings. The left side of the footage. I'm just venting the left side. Now I'm cleaning my brush and I will add a docker brew. I will plant the middle path off my foliage with its and the top right side. I'm making sure toe ad this dark blue also on top off my turquoise so that the to call a splendid bits. Finally, I will add some great two pence the bottom right bat off my tree, and I will spend the tranq with some green. I'm going to use some chromium oxide green. First, I will bend the branches, adds it up, and then I would bend the trunk and that seats froze. History 13. Project time: and that's it. I hope you know FEMA confident to pence your own trees. Your projects will be to pence a few trees using the techniques of choice. Be free to experiment with different girls and makes your old rings and drums. If you have any questions, just ask them in the discussion world, and I will do my best to answer them. If you're interested in learning more about painting landscapes, you can check my older Prosise about pine trees, Nice guys pills. And if you want to be notified when I publish a new class, please click the photo better because you do and that.