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Watercolor landscapes inspired by the four seasons

teacher avatar Sarah Van Der Linden, watercolor artist & nature enthusiast

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Colors

    • 4. Winter

    • 5. Spring

    • 6. Summer

    • 7. Autumn

    • 8. Project time

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About This Class


Hi everyone, and welcome to this class about painting watercolor landscapes inspired by the four seasons!

Watercolor is a great medium to paint landscapes because it allows you to create many different atmospheres with just a few colors. You can play with water and texture to capture the feel of a place and let watercolor do its magic. Every season is different and brings a specific mood, and if you used them as inspiration, you will never lack ideas.

In my previous classes, I talked about how to paint specific elements of a landscape, so today, we are going to focus on the atmosphere.

In this class, we are going to paint together 4 different landscapes from start to finish and each one will be inspired by a different season. I will show you how to paint the sky, how to create an abstract background, how to paint the moon and add stars, how to use salt to create some texture and I will also share a few tips along the way. 


You will need only 8 colors to paint these landscapes so feel free to experiment with what you already have at home!


Each video is in real time so you will be able to observe every brushstroke and replicate the entire process.

So, grab a brush, your watercolor palette, and let’s get started!

You will find here my others classes about watercolor :

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Van Der Linden

watercolor artist & nature enthusiast


Hi there, my name is Sarah also known @mirglis on instagram. I’m a watercolor and gouache artist living in the French countryside.


I believe that nature, inspiration and imagination are deeply connected, and for me, creativity is a long road leading to a better observation and understanding of the world. I'm most myself and happier when I'm in a forest or in the middle of nowhere, and that’s why all my inspiration comes from nature. I love painting landscapes with watercolor, playing with water to create textures, and patiently adding one layer after another.


You will find here on Skillshare different classes to learn to paint landscapes with waterc... See full profile

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1. Intro: what is a great manager to paint landscapes because it allows you to create values that most fears with just a few pearls. You can play with water and picture captures a few off place on net. What color do its magic? Every citizen is difference and brings a specific would. And if you use them as inspiration, you will never like ideas. Winter mix, missing cough, long nights and this deep entries. Spring is all about the corrupt pink and ground new leaves summary. Manzini off long walks in the countryside while auto is a momento, observes the forest changing corals. Hello there and welcome. My name is Sarah in the little escape artist living in the French countryside. Today I'm going to show you how to pants. What a cholera escapes inspired by the Four Seasons in my produce. Less is, I talked about our to bend specifically mounts off landscape. So today I will focus on the atmosphere In this class. We are going to spend together four different landscapes from start to finish, and each one will be inspired by differences in you. We just need any girls for this paintings and we are going to combine them to create four unique sizzle coral pallets. I will show you out. Ben's this guy out create on abstract background. I will depend on the moon and at staff. I will tell you side to create something. Sure, and then you also share tips along the way. Each video is in real time, so you will be able to observe every brush stroke and when he gets the on the process. So wherever rush your water going about it, let's get settings. 2. Supplies: first, let's talk a bit about the supplies you will need for discuss you. We need somewhat Takuro paper. Four sheets off. What? A coral paper you can use any brand new lodge I really love Is this foot in paper? The bone is collateral then and I also really enjoy painting with this. Actually spay per. But I will invite you to use the paper rose the most and get four tiny sheets off paper. You would need some brushes, some room brushes, some Mitchum ones and also a bigger one. This one is a size 12 and you will also need a fang brush. This is a tripper. Zero You believe A know, Rog or some paper toe world Two jails off water. Want to clean your brush? And one with clear water. Off course. Somewhat ago, I will talk a bit more about the kouros I'm going to use in the next video. You We need about it, some kitchen salts. We will also use some asking freed and you will also need an old brush to use it. I will also use this camera. Dash Nicola one. It's a permanent works pastel and will use it to drop someone on my venting. If you don't have one, you wouldn't be able to use some white ink also to Penza moon and sign it. He something to that your sheets of paper on a cardboard and that's it's. 3. Colors: No. I'm going to show you what Caracas I'm going to use in this class. So first I will use this greenish amber. It's a gray that is a bit green. It's a color made by Similarly, the French weather caught a wrong And this is one off my favorites. Great. We will also use some numbers. You know, my brush was not really clean. Let me try again. So some lepers You know eso from sooner? Yeah. We will use some sub green. This is one of my favorite green and I use it all the time we will use. So you win. This is a green that is a bit warmer. Exists we will use to different brews Some turquoise. This is still some pens from sinner You I really, really love the stock rise. We will use this So some indigo. So already that blue I would use one pinch this one This pink a school flammer holes in French. It means flamingo. And it's an unmade water coro made by your French browned cold liquid over with. And I really, really love menting with that pink. If you don't have this exact same coral or it doesn't matter, Phil. Free to use any Think you are at home and finally you will need some brown. I like to mix my own brown. So I'm going to use is this French via media, and I'm going to mix it with bits off submarine. Oh, that's were creates really lovely brown places. Begin Fif free to use any wrong you want and that's it's I will use only thes eight kouros toe pants, all my long escapes. 4. Winter: way we're going to start by painting a winter landscape and for me that they work soon. And that night's pine trees and drunk girls. I want to paint a steri night sky, so I'm going to use some masking fluid first to create the styles, and when it will be dry, we will spend around escape. So I'm using my masking freed and remember to use untold brush because masking freed can really we know brush quickly. I'm dip in it in my masking, freed and using my finger. I'm just creating some stuffs, take you time and try to create a room down bottom and at styles. Musty adds it up again. I'm dipping my brush in my masking freed and I'm using my brush to create some styles. I want to do some bigger ones, so I'm adding more musket freed on my brush. If you are tiny stars here in there and that's it's no, I will let it dry and then we will step ending. You will need only two girls, one brown and one indigo. My masking fluid is no dry, so I'm going to start painting my landscape. I would follow the same process for every landscape. First I will bend this guy, then the very bottom off the bag room. The first layer will be more on abstract one. Then I will let it dry and add more details after that, such as a fan. So some trees, some pine trees, ex cetera. So first, let's that with this K, I will use a big brush. This one is a size 12 and some clean water, and I will wet my skies in different areas. So with my clean water, I'm just continue some lies on the top, but off my bending that she's my sky. I'm going to use some indigo, But first I will deal with you to bits and who is my big brush? I will bend some lines in my stay a bit more indigo. Um, maybe it's more at the very top of my scary. The goal is not to add some indigo everywhere, but just he runs. I will add some more saturated blue, so I will do it it a bit less, and I'm edging again. If you more lines. I'm cleaning my rush very carefully and I would use something. What's up? That's the butter off my skay because I don't want toe the line, but blue line at the bottom again with some clean water. I'm adding a few more Erin's there in my sky, a bit more here and sanity with some back into, I would add a few lines. Don't overwork you panting because you can see the result until everything is dry. Don't spend too much time on your sky. Just a few minutes are enough to bend the whole sky. Then we would Penza, But, um, on let it dry, I will wet a bit more is the bottom of my sky, and this time I will use some grown. I want a broom obits ness red, so I will add green to my mix. Maybe I added too much rain so I would add just a tiny bit more red and I'm aging's up wrong. That's the bottom off my sky. I am just fencing allying with my brush. I will dilute a bit my room by adding somewhat toe. I'm cleaning my brush and I will use some blue again with the tip of my brush. I've been seeing a few more lines a little more. Yeah, I'm cleaning my brush again And I Would you some clean water? I'm a Dinant. Where the re some white space on my background. So a bit more as it up. A bit more here, Um, but was there before nothing's this layer dry. I will add some kitchen salt I'm going to use just if you grins off Sense owns a button not too much like this. And again I will let is this layer dry. And after that we would bent some pine trees So everything is dry. No, I can remove the cept that is accessible from And I will also remove them asking Freed I'm going to use a tiny piece of plastic two up on my finger Everywhere. Okay, so to finish is this winter on escape, I will add some buying trees at the bottom. I'm you're going to use a smaller size. It sees a size four and some wrong hopes. Next I need to mix a bit more grown. So with some red and some Seth green a bit more sub green again? Yes, beer of my grown. So I will do t tribute toe have lighter wrong to begin, and I will spend the pantry here. So I'm starting by venting line for the trunk and with the tip of my brush, I'm venting forage just like that with the life room, I will spend a circum treat still with my lights. One. Uh, yeah. Again, the surgery. This time I'm decide. So I'm starting with the line for the trunk, and then I'm plantings of forage. I would add a bit off clean water at the bottom of my trees, and I'm going to spend a few more. But this time I will use a doctor Brown one over there. So first a line for the drunk and then inventing the food. Yet do not try to pack two pens. A perfect tree, but something beaten. Perfect. We look more real, I would add a tree. Yeah. So again, line feels a trunk. Dozens of 40 edge. It's great if your treat blends with the one that under NHIS just make sense. And with add one more. So again, I'm starting at sit up and I'm venting some footage to finish and we'll add the bigotry es or Vigo line and then I'm paintings of for the edge. Okay. Oh, Well, um, if you there's there with a bigger brush and some clean water, I'm going toe wet. The areas that is at the bottom of the tree creates something in perfect. Where's my Bronco gang? But to be diluted and still with my brush, I would spend shorelines. Zubieta thinks it. I'm cleaning my brush and I will add a bit of indigo, Some movements. I'm just venting a few lines a bit. You know what year and that's it's for this winter on escape, I suggest that you let the opens in dry before removing the masking tape. 5. Spring: way. Use three Karol's, this time to greens and a pink for spring around depends a pink sky with the full moon and as a bottom, some green grass and trees. Frozen moon. I'm going to use my payments, walks Buster and the inside off a date. So adds it up with my tape and my pencil. I'm just drawing. It's more and that's it's I know you can see anything on the video, but I just drew a sickle with my pastel, and my morn will appear when I will add some pains on top of it. The pastel is like a repellent, and that's why you can see it through the paint if you don't have a permanent works. Purcell skips the staple, and, as you knew, some white ink toe Benziman this time I'm going to use a big brush, and I would start with some clean water. INGE's eventing, Silver strokes here in there to let my stay. My goal is not to wait the old area, but just a few spots I would grow up some think with, with a bit of water to duty to beat. I don't want to have the coral that is too saturated. Um, I'm venting my sky and you can see that's where I did some best in zip ins. Does not stay a bit. Law. Aunt Izzie cheese. Now I will clean my brush and I would use some clean water toe wet, a bit more. My paper. It's more ads it up. Who owns it up? Lift cola, I will add. The beautiful grace was This is my greenish member. Just you can see. I'm just venting a few lines with my brush and then I will let the pens blends. I am adding a bit more clean water as a very bottom off my sky, and I will opened Zubieta first with something, and I'm just adding some pink. Well, the paper is dry, so just under my webs area, then you can see that's where the pent did. She is the water. It's bleeding obits. This is something I really love to do because I love observing Suppan's spread. I'm going to paint a light background, so no, I'm adding some water to light and man pink. I'm cleaning my brush, and this time I would use some olive green again, agreeing that these bits did it shed and you can see said then just been seeing some random lines. I'm sending my brush again and that will use something and wings a sin movement. I'm just spending a few lines from it is a very bottom remembers. As I said, this is just the first layer, and we will add a few more elements after. That's so you don't need toe over rocks repenting. Let's weapons do its magic and you will see that you will have a beautiful results to finish. Is there I will add some clean water where there is might space. So at the very bottom here and a bit over there, and that's it's now are we? Let's is this layer dry? Inner. We'll add a few more details later. This layer is no fully dry, so I'm going to add a dissidents tree off the right side and a bit more green at the bottom to disease. I will use a slightly smaller brush. This is a size six and my only green diluted with bits of letter to bend my tree. I wish that that's it up, and I would spend some curvy brushstrokes. So for no I'm using my only brain. And this time I did a bit of water to agility to bits. So just some curvy wound. Um, your strokes. No, I would grab a bit off Sabrina toe, add some shadows. That's a button. And with my submarine again and the tip off my brush, I wouldn't bend if human She's a few more on the white side. And no, I weapons the tranq off my tree. So with some light green again, I am adding some oberyn. She's one all the ear. I'm attending my brush and with some clean water, I will add of shoe drops to create some picture on the foliage of my tree. No, I will take a bigger brush. This is a size eights and some said green again, you know, with bent za bottom. Who, just if you brush strokes as a bottom and if you rush is starting to dry, you can on something. Sure. Humans here. No, I would do the sensing, but with my olive green again, you can see that I'm just venting a few more lines and a bit more. Is it a two? Okay. And finally, with some more saturated Sabrin. So Docker suffering again. I would add a bit more shadows and that's it. So this one, I just want quickly to show you how to upend the moon with white ink in case you don't have the permanent works. Vestal I used all year. I'm adding a bit of ink on my palette and my meskini tape with the major brush. Make sure that your brush is clean. She's already lights ink on a truly with sit everyone on social deal. But I'm just adding some ink to bend the silhouette of the moon. We'll add a bit right in once goal. Your area is wet. You can add a few more drops of your white ink to create some thick chur. Oh, no. And it will be another beautiful way to Penza Moon. You just have to do this. That's a very end. I'm not sure you can see 12 with Sure you're pit closer and that's another way to Penza Moon 6. Summer: my summer on escape I would use to greens and a turquoise. Let's starts. I will summer long escape. I want to use some turquoise and some green because for many summer is old about long walks in nature in the Ferres in the countryside and 210 some sunshine and some loose K. I will use the same technique as earlier. So first with my big brushes is my size 12 and some clean water. I'm going to wet my paper. You're over there. I'm not thinking too much and just adding a bit of water just on the top. But off my paper to bend my skay. This time I will use something, of course, opened my sky, so I'm diluting it a bit. And now with bends someone's hearings there again. So where the pent mitts the water, it's breeding obits. Who's wise? It is. It creates a lovely picture. I'm cleaning my brush and I videos something what, to wets my paper a bit more somewhat. You that's a very top and I'm that gonna, too, by adding some water on just being is a pendant. Spread a bit more okay, and I will add a bit motor guys from that corner because person, it lacks some proof. Okay, At my tip, I'm adding something What at the bottom of my sky. And this time I would use some green to Penza bottom first, some believe green. So I'm adding some things on my dry paper just under the wet area A bit randomly. I'm using my brush to create the lighter green. I'm cleaning my brush and this time I will use my submarine. So first I devoted to it with some water and I will use the same process Some painting some 19 a bit more submarine at the bottom And I want this to brings to blend a bit more So I'm adding a few drops to combine both off my greens. I will add a bit more Sabrin at Zaveri Baton exists. I'm cleaning my brush and with my clean water I'm letting my paper, uh, just a bit more and I will add a bit more saturated sub grand. So a doctor shared That's it said that, um and that's its forces first layer. No, I will let it dry and we will add a few more details later. So to finish our similar escape. I will penned offense at the bottom. So I'm going to use a very fine brush this time in some submarine. Oh, is that on the left side? Since I'm right, ended and I'm just going to pence. So nice first, some tool lines for the fence. And the more happens to rob the right, the smaller my lines will be. I'm training or so two penn some lines in different directions. So, no, I'm venting some smaller lines. Maxus and I would use a bit of my greenish and there to add some shadow to my fence. So I'm just adding some greenish member on the left side off all my lines. Take your time. Just, uh, obits. Both quit. Okay? I'm cleaning my brush. And with my son green again, I'm going to connect all of these lines. So using Onley the tip I'm connecting my lines to create offence. And I would do the same thing again with physical name. Take my greens or goods, pay just leg sets. And to finish this one, I will add someone herbs at the bottom and I will use this time my body cream still with my friend brush, I would use the tip. Um, I'm just venting some lines to create some herbs. I'm not going toe ad them everywhere, but maybe here because there is a lot of white. Some did your lines. And again, if you rush is starting to dry, you can use it to create a bits. More picture I'm going to do to get my green on ad some smaller herbs year. So I'm just venting some sin lines, and that's it's for suspending. 7. Autumn: this landscape, I will use four calls some brown, some green, a bit of yellow and the bit of gray. Like the other times I'm going. So with my bit for Iran's their defense, my sky and I was that with my napper zero I will deal with my yellow bits and I'm going toe pens some random brushstrokes exactly as we did those eurozone. This case I'm cleaning my brush. Use my greenish number. I was bent for a few more strokes. I need to use more off this gray. That's it. Up on a family. It's more and so bottom. I'm cleaning my brush and I will you some clean water to have my Bentz spread a bit. And it took first before my great and my yellow start to dry and then owns it up, lift corner and finally, as a bit of my sky, I want to add bits more great, the bits saturated grace, this time with my brush again, I'm just venting if shoreline and then I will let the pent spread as a bottom. I think I want to pence, but for rests with the field at the very, very bottom. So I will use first some euro. I'm killing my brush. And this time I would bend some curvy brushstrokes as if you wanted to pence the 40 edge off a treat a bit more. You know, I do not think too much, but But what's Rod Wing? Just use a tip. Oh, your brush to create some curvy brushstrokes. I'm cleaning my brush. And this time I will use a wrong the dynamics. Yeah, and I will do. Is the sentencing some curve? It strokes Beerens there. And you can see that the room is bleeding and blending with the, you know. Thanks. This and of course, I will add a bit of grand. So my sub green again do it. Seats some curve it brushstrokes. Kieran's there. Okay, I'm cleaning my brush and they're with you. Some clean water again. Adds a very bottom. Perhaps I added a bit too much. So is my bush. I'm removing is the excess water. Remember, this is this is just the first layer and we will add some monitors. After that, I want to add a bit more water toe my pen spread and that's a bottom I will with my paper. But just in a shoe areas. And this time I'm painting some vertical lines. I hope you can see 1200 video. I would use my napper zero again in the events. A few more strict lines like these on all the bottom part of my escape. I'm cleaning my brush and then we'll do the sensing with my Braun. Just a few lines here and there it is more brawn as a very bottom. I'm cleaning my brush again and I will have just a bit more nappers yellow at the top of my treat. So just orbits more operas. L o Erin's there and on the left side, too. And that's it for this first layer again. Let this. Now you're dry and we will add a few more details just after that To finish this one, I will depend first, few more trees. So I'm using my size eight and we saw a number zero again. I will do exactly as we did when we painted the bedroom. I'm venting some qwerty brushstrokes with my yellow. Maybe a bit more pence because my yellow is a big two nights a bit on that side, too. I'm cleaning my brush. And we do exactly this sensing that was my Braun using Is it seep of my brush? I'm venting some curry brushstrokes, but not everywhere just on the shoot areas and sang Really? I will do the same thing again. But with my submarine, some curvy brushstrokes this time I will have more green at that. Over. Yeah, except a bit more. Green year adds a bit, Um I'm kidding my brush again and I would have been a small brown. So first, a bit more as a but yeah, I'm just not over there. I'm cleaning my brush and I will add some clean water at the bottom off my four gauge. If you added too much, you can use your brush and your tower to remove excess. Now I'm adding a few drops still at the bottom off my footage. And to finish, I will add a few more lines at the very bottom. Starting with some wrong. I'm painting some lines going from bottom cooked up chamomile here. I'm cleaning my brush and I'm going to do this in seeing with my napper zero. I think I need to add a bit more. Ditto again. Yes, it will be bitter. So of shoe lines with my little this insanity. I'm kidding my brush again and I will use something Water toe ad. That's a bit, um it will ever my brown and my yellow to blend and is this way. My lines won't be two minutes. There were federal bits. I'm adding a bit more submarines this time a very saturated one. And we spent a few more lines, but just on one side, and I would used to tow add some green over here. That's its for the bottom. But to finish a will, use my fine brush with some brown to pend Huber's using the tip off my brush. I'm just venting a small silhouette of a broad like your V one wing and Sousa. I will add one over. Yes, Likely be here. Um, already bigger one over there. And I think this terminal escape is them 8. Project time: and that I hope you enjoyed painting landscapes inspired by the Four Seasons Fish Way to show your paintings in the project section of Discuss. I would love to see what you creates if sure twisted and nothing more about venting landscapes. You can show my also classes about by trees, night sky hiss and more. And if you want to be notified when I published a new class, please kings a follow button noses and waste your son.