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Watercolor loose florals : painting a snapdragon

teacher avatar Sarah Van Der Linden, watercolor artist & nature enthusiast

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Colors

    • 4. Brushstrokes

    • 5. Painting the flower

    • 6. Finale composition (part1)

    • 7. Finale composition (part2)

    • 8. Project time

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to this class about painting a loose snapdragon with watercolor!

This year, I started a 100 day project about the color pink and it made me fall in love with this color and also paint more abstract flowers. I love this process of getting inspired by nature and adding my own personal feelings to paint something not just as it is but how I interpret it.


Today I’m going to show you how to paint an abstract loose snapdragon with watercolor. You will learn how to mix your colors, paint the petals using simple brushstrokes and I will show you how I use water to my advantage to add some looseness to my paintings. We will also create together a composition from start to finish and at the end of this class, you will be able to replicate the entire process.


Each video is in real time so you will be able to observe each step of the process and paint along.

So, grab your brush, your watercolor palette and let’s get started!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Van Der Linden

watercolor artist & nature enthusiast


Hi there, my name is Sarah also known @mirglis on instagram. I’m a watercolor and gouache artist living in the French countryside.


I believe that nature, inspiration and imagination are deeply connected, and for me, creativity is a long road leading to a better observation and understanding of the world. I'm most myself and happier when I'm in a forest or in the middle of nowhere, and that’s why all my inspiration comes from nature. I love painting landscapes with watercolor, playing with water to create textures, and patiently adding one layer after another.


You will find here on Skillshare different classes to learn to paint landscapes with waterc... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this class about pets in your new snapdragon. My name is Sarah and then we went to Kyoto Baptists living in the French countryside. This year I started the project about the color being, and it made me fall in love with this girl and spends more abstract florals. I love this process of getting inside by nature and letting my own personal feelings to bend something that just as it is but our Brigid's today I'm going to show you how to spend the next track through snatcher again with Dakota, you we learned out so close friends of petals using simple brushstrokes and not be sure you are you sweater to my advantage to add some looseness. My, we were stopped ready to get out of this composition from start to finish. And that's the end of this class. You will be able to replicate the entire process. This class is great for everyone who wants to stop anything loose forward with just a few of your strokes. Each video is in every time, so you may be able to observe each step of the process and mentor. So whoever rush your what? Burnett on, Let's get started 2. Supplies: first, I'm going to show you very quickly what supplies you will need for this class. You will need, of course, some water corner paper I'm using. This is from 10 by Clapham 10. It's called pressed paper, and avarice equals three urgent Grandpa Square knitter. It's important that you use 100% cut on paper because we are going to add a lot of water to create our flora's and you need paper that is sick and old. The weather very well. You can use a pad like this one. You can use a sheet of paper and some type two star kids to abode. You will need to jazz off water, one to clean your brush and one with clear water. Two different rushes. I will use this black velvet from silver brush. It's a room brush with very fine tip. This one is a size eight, and I will also use a bigger brush. It's still a round brush, but this time it's a size 16. You will need, of course, someday built a well, and the water cooler planets and we are going to use is street different. Carlos a pink or dark pink this color is called Cobalt violet Light shoe a yellow. I'm using some nipple zero deep. Um, a submarine. All my pence comes from scenario because it's a bone I really love, but feel free to use what you already have at home. I will talk a bit more about the corals in the next video, and I'm going to show you how we are going to exam to create a coup is if Cora pallets. 3. Colors: way we're going to use three different close to pens is for us. Alex is being very much because I think it fits the color well. You can see that the flow as some spots of yellow here and it rates of regions zip. It does Al Docker at the bottom and lighter at the top. Ends of stem is really green. I will not choose this girl's pure straight from the tube. But I'm going to make them. And that's why I'm going to show you in this video. So first my pink. I'm going to read it to my pets and I will show you our groups. So if I use it pure, it looks nexus. I think it's a car. Oh, that is a bit too cold. So I'm going toe ad so numbers. You know, I will add a bit of it, and it creates a while. Male shade like this, and it's a car we are going to use to. Pent is about Emma's a flower, and we're also going to duty to bits. Two creates a lighter shed. Again, I'm adding some more water and then creating a lighter shade. Again, we would use these three different shades falls a flower, and we will also add off course. Some numbers yellow on its own like this. And for systemic, I'm going to use a mix of satyagraha so sad green looks Lexus when it's pure and I'm going to add again. Obits hopes to put too much. I will other bits off, never Zillow, to create something that is warmer and like we did before, I will add a bit of water to the village. It's exists so it too much water for this one and again, a bitter water. This way we are going to use on Lee Street corals, but with its record lows, we're going to create value shade, and it will add interests to our floor. 4. Brushstrokes: way start to bend the floor. Oh, I want to show you which brushstrokes we are going to use in order to spend a loose flora. We are not going to be too detailed and two pence every petal as it is. The goal is more to capture the shape and the gradients without using a fine brush off. Too many brush strokes. Focus on what you feel when you look at this flower and get carried away. So let me show you. I'm going to use my room rush with a fine tip and some pink and to create this petals. Let's say we're looking at this one. I'm going to create a stroke. Alexis so lets me use a bit more things we like so you can see better. So I'm going to use a stroke like this, so to create it first, amusing the tip of my brush to create a line. And then I'm pressing a bit more. Let me show you again. First, use only the tip toe, create a fine line and then press a bit more and creates a curvy line exists, so I'm going to do the same movement. But on Zeos aside so again. So I'm saying curvy. That is this. It's a way off creating a little and I will add, as a bottom the sentencing. So again, a curving line, Um, gavel line. Let me show you a bit more so you can see that I took my time to President Tibbs and President, Body of the brush. But to have something a bit more real, I will bend it quickly to create a different movements. Okay, let me show you. I was sure plexus more quickly, and I'm edging zeros a stroke again. I will pens about, um, book of line like this and the carving nine legs. ETS To add some interests, I will add a drop of monopolies. Yellow just in Azumi did Nisus. Let's try a different but all this is a flower assing face on if you looking at the petals from the side that look a bit different. So it's a bit the sensing. It's occurred land starting with the fine line and then suppress the body a bit more and I will do the same. Seeing two creates another line, and then I would just press my brush nexus two other patrol in the middle. Let me show you again. I will use the same line then we painted before. So first with my tea I'm creating the line ends in I'm fencing lit up. I will add the same thing. Answer. But, um Axis and one more mark in Zinder, as we did all year. I can also add a bit of zero to add some interests. And we are going to combine all these different strokes to pent off lower using values shades off pinch. And this is all we need to capture the bottom part off the snapdragon. This as if the world that I that our will you open But there are so some birds on the top soup, we can just create them. It's a big Clyde, Serie. We can just treat them with some simple brush drops like this, a bit more curvy. And if they are smaller, I can create some smaller brush strokes. With only one brush, we can bend the old floor. It's just a matter off practice, too. Know how to use it to create big ghettos and smaller ones. I suggest that you practice a bit to create these trucks obits fester. You will see that the more depend them, the more you will feel that is. And your potatoes will feel a bit more alive and old different. Let me show you one last time exist and you can have son with the shape and creates a lot of different max. If I tries his ones again, I can make them longing, curvy, but are so smaller. I know it doesn't feel like much, but you will see that we are going to combine. Courses were strokes to create a flower, and it will look beautiful on the page. 5. Painting the flower: And when I'm using a well floor er as inspiration, the first thing I do is those having the corals and try to recreate them. That's what we did a year. Then a practice beats and try to find some brushstrokes. Creates or marks depends abettors and finally, I'm combining. Everything depends a flower. So first I'm going to show you our weapons is floor, and in the next video we are going to make a composition with its and at some water and some looseness. But I think it would be easier for you if you practice 1st 2 pens is for our very simply so Let's use the columns we created a year. So I'm going to add my pinch with I'm beautiful. Upper Zero exists, and I'm going to add some water. I would use this mix very saturated in pigment first, and I will add more water after that's two penned the top off the floor. Soon it's that obits advisable time. I'm going to create some brush marks, as we did a year. So first I'm creating too curvy lines and how we add two miles Anzio, Bataan, going toe. Add a bit more water Then I will make a pivotal scene from the side. So again, one cover line Lexus and one exhibit Tom and I were on. If you marks in the middle, let's do another one on that side. So 1009 another one, Um there mark in the middle, I will do in the capital seeing face on So again one rock. And I know the one took three at the top and then I will add So sensing at the bottom, I tried to use some very saturated bent for the bottom. So I will spend another one here, one mark and those a while. Um, so bottom I'm going to clean my brush and use some napper Zillow toe add in the middle like this Obits. Um oh, my petals and I would bend. I think maybe the human rolls on the side to create the white shape so some bit owes a bit more. What thing from the side like is this These Americans and middle end of the one here Exactly the same thing. I'm cleaning my brush and I'm adding some ripple zero in the middle again. Now I will Penza petals. Ceta adds it up under this time, I'm going to add somewhat to my mixed agility to bits, and I will do exactly the sensing. First I will spent some beetle seeing face on, but you can see that I'm treating some smaller petals because this former is wider at the bottom and sinner as it up. Tepito Seeing from the side axis I would do one more set up, and now we create some simpler brushstrokes. Lexus. Two pens. Is it up off the floor? I'm going to clean my brush to use a lighter shade of pink again, and I will create some smoother brushstrokes. That's it. I will add a bit of Jell O on this one's, um, a bit on this one's too, But I'm living zip. It does at the top without you. No, I'm going took in my brush again and use mics off sap green. And never I will penzance them starting as a button. I'm just going to use the tip. Oh, my brush un creates a curvy line for the stem and it is it up. And then I'm going to connect all my flowers to commenced him back. This is so I'm just using the tip off my brush and I will add some more small Vince and it took laces. So this is how we are going to pent the flower, creating a gradients from the bottom towards it up, then adding some smaller petals and Huber's and finally venting system for our composition . We will pan three or four off this for us, and we will use, or so some water toe at some looseness and a lighter feeling to our venting. 6. Finale composition (part1): no lets the sun pats begins so already requirement that you use a paper that is taped to something, and this time we are going to use our two jobs off water. And it's really great if you have one with clean water, so we will spend the same floor as a year. But this time we will add some water, and I will show you how to create a composition using this timber floor. So again I will create to start Dr Shed with my pink and man leprosy rope, and I will start by painting a flower on the left side and starting as a bottom. I'm going to create the sim brush marks as a year to create my floor. So first I'm starting with some petals in the middle. Then I'm adding ones seeing from the side. He's don't try to create something to perfect, but the goal is to affirm and to enjoy the process. A bit more petals, adds a bottom. Nice is one, though under the right side, and now I'm going token my rush and add Trump off knuckles yellow for the center off the floor. Next he's I'm adding some yellow toe every when you forever I've been Did I'm cleaning my brush again and I will lose the same pink but with more What? To pence zipped up of my flower so you can see that my brush marks a smaller to what's it up? And they are so lighter. So this time I'm going to pence some florals that I'm not open yet. And again, my brush marks I smaller towards it. I'm killing my brush to add a drop of Naples yellow. Um cool zip. It does that. That's a bottom. And this time every grab my green and wondering to Penza stem with is the tip of my brush legs is no. I will add, as we did a year, some smaller birds at the top, and I'm going to connect every flavor to this them to using a mix of green, um, numbers, you know? So I'm taking my times to connect every floor to them. Instant. No, I will use my was a brush and my kamata and I'm going to add somewhat. That's a little, and you can see that it's make dependence spread. This is exactly what they're looking for. I'm going toe Edward on the list side, too. Texas and beat small huts. Sit stuff. Yeah, and they're so maybe tomorrow on a side so you can see that I'm dipping my brush in water. But I'm trying not to use to maturity. It's because I don't want to create any Beddoes on my paper and a bit more towards it. I really first so on a bit of water on that side, I went in my paper here, but the spots is dry and that's it for the water. No, I'm going to repent a second former straight away with my other brush on, and I will use again two starts movie. Oops, saturated bends. So it's still a mix off pink and yellow, and I'm going toe pence the bottom of the floor first again so you can see that the dependence is pretty in your bits because this era is wet. But is the area on the right is dry, so my potatoes are not spreading as much. I'm edging some of it here. No cleaning my bush to grab a lighter pinch. This time I won't Ajello in the centre off the potatoes because I want each flower to be a bit different. We create some more potatoes here. Next and again, my petals are smaller. Two words is it? I'm cleaning my brush and I will use a mix of sub green, an upper zero two pens system. I will add some birds and set up, and then I'm connecting every flower to does this thing B Tier two. No sensing as a yeah, I would use my Rosa brush Can my Kenyatta and I'm going toe to it to I had some looseness to my flower a bit more. That's a bit on struggle to be too much. So I'm going to remove the excess, and this time I will add water at the top off. The from I, like with one's event, is pretty. I think it treats literally picture. So feel free to add water. Unseals it up if she wants all not if you prefer to let something a bit moments, so no, we let's this first layer dry and then we will bends to more flowers 7. Finale composition (part2): so know my first layer is fully dry and I'm going toe Add one or two more flowers. I'm using the same brush as earlier. And I will use, uh, very saturated bends to begin as I did. Oh, yeah, I'm going to start almost accessible term and entre getting this shame shape as a year. I'm going to pence her shoe petals, seeing from the side one's rights and one on the left. If you Oh, here, then I'm kidding my brush and we'll add drops off Naples yellow in the center of the floor . This time I'm going to use a lighter shade of pink. Two pence a few more. It does towards the top of the floor. This fellow is not going to be as big as this one. So I'm already starting to bend some birds, and now I will use my green two pence, just them. All right. Uh, if you begin ma goods and sit up, See, I'm using most feet the tip of my brush. Now I'm connecting every flower. Every petal does a mince them and I will use exactly as I did a year. I will use my other brush and makin water and I'm going to quit around zip itto zip un's will spread obits. And that's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm a gene or so a bit of what? That's it up, um, stretching a bit my wetter because I don't want it to stop and Nic marks on the paper, I will add just a tiny bit of water in the middle area to that's It's I'm waiting this baths because I would bent one left flower, and this time it's going to be a smaller one. So I need to start with some saturated bent again. This is my pink is a bit often that Brazil Oh, and I'm going to start at the bottoms event is bridging because the area is wet. That's perfectly fine. This time it's going to be a very small one, So I'm already starting toe. Add some birds. I'm cleaning my brush. This time I won't add some leper zero, but I would bent this Tim straight to it. Using on it is a tip coming. Create my stem and connect very petals. I would add a bit of water met up much just a tiny bit is the top in the tiny bits. Absolute Um, and that's it. Wait until your painting is fully dry to remove the tape or otherwise he can damage your paper. My weather color is fully dry, so I'm going to remove the masking tape to show you books, and now you can see the final results. I hope you enjoy treating this loose from Earls, and you will see that it's always fun to play with water to create a very effect. 8. Project time: I hope you enjoy paintings instead. Dragon, Enough female. Can she done to play with weather? You will see that the more you practice, the more rich feel that is with creating this. Lose brushstrokes And don't be shy. I know Catching to a meeting Toe some water at the end of repenting But you will see that it's a beautiful process. Feel free to share your project with me. The project section will discuss I would love to see what you creates. If you're interested in learning more about painting lose fly wells You can shake my previous less about pens in your next record. And if she wanted to notify when I publish new class, please kings for orbital, the roses with you and I will see you soon.