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ZOOM: Learn Video Conferencing Basics!

teacher avatar Bash (BizTech Matters), Online Teaching Excel Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Learn Video Conferencing with Zoom Now!


    • 2.

      Zoom Intro and signing up


    • 3.

      Hosting Your First Zoom Meeting


    • 4.

      Inviting Participants


    • 5.

      Manage Participants


    • 6.

      Sharing Screens and Whiteboards


    • 7.

      More Screen Share Options


    • 8.

      Chat, Recording and Reactions


    • 9.

      Tip #1 - Virtual Backgrounds


    • 10.

      Tip #2 - Custom Virtual Background


    • 11.

      Tip #3 - Video Settings


    • 12.

      Tip #4 - Calendar Zoom Extension


    • 13.

      Tip #5 - Hiding Floating Menu


    • 14.

      Tip #6 - Mute All Shortcut


    • 15.

      Tip #7 - New Share


    • 16.

      Tip #8 - Pause Share


    • 17.

      Tip #9 - Annotate


    • 18.

      Thank you and Congratulations!


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About This Class

Last time you tried to make sense of your working remotely with your team, however working with Zoom proved to be a troublesome task..

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With...

  • Learn Zoom Video Conferencing Basics!
  • Understand the essence of Zoom functions, without memorizing them!
  • See how each of these functionalities are used with real examples!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Actually SMILE when you start opening your Zoom meeting :)
  • Impress your boss, coworkers, and your friends on what you can do with Zoom!

If you're like me, you use Zoom on a daily basis for important tasks, collaboration, whether in the office or in a remote setting. Whether it's for business or personal related projects, everyone wants to be able to use Zoom freely and easily.

Here is what we will cover in Zoom Video Conferencing:

  • Signing up with Zoom
  • Hosting a meeting
  • Inviting Participants
  • Managing Participants
  • Screen sharing
  • Sharing whiteboards
  • Chatting
  • Recording
  • Ending meetings

Also see my ZOOM Top 9 tips:

  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Custom Virtual Background
  • Video Settings
  • Calendar Zoom Extension
  • Hiding the Floating Menu
  • Mute All Keyboard Shortcut
  • Using New Share
  • Using Pause Share
  • Annotating your Screen Share

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bash (BizTech Matters)

Online Teaching Excel Expert


Hi! I'm Bash and over here at BizTech Matters, I love sharing what I know through online classes, with my over 10 years of IT and teaching experience. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I ensure that I will give you the tools to succeed.


My goal is to show you the essence behind on whatever I'm teaching you. Hop in for a fun ride into learning in the technology world!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Queries

- Create your own Power BI Dashboard!

- Use Excel Power Query to Clean your Dirty Data

- Use the Top 50 Excel Keyboard Short... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Learn Video Conferencing with Zoom Now!: Hi, welcome to learning the Zoom basics and video conferencing. Or you're starting out in Zoom video conferencing, then this is perfect for you. This is what we will cover in the course. Hosting meetings and video conferences, sharing screens and whiteboards. My top nine some tips and so much more. So learn Zoom right now, and I'll see you inside. 2. Zoom Intro and signing up: Hi, this is Brian Holland will be discussing about Zoom. Okay, So what is through mall About Zoom is the perfect tool because it issues for video conferencing and there's a global trend. Were in more people are working from home or working remotely. And zoom is the perfect complement for that. Because if you need to be ableto work, are communicate or have ah, virtual meeting with your colleagues or team members, then zoom is perfect for you, okay? And the best part is they have a free plan which will be going over a swell so that we can see how we can maximize the use of soon. So for this course, I'll be focusing primarily on using zoom for video conferences so that I can show you on what he can do. And pretty much the other function are functionalities that you could do inside it. Okay, so let's have a quick look first on what are the plans and pricing of assume? So just click on this link and for the leg, right, it zoom that USO also include this link, right, so that he can go straight to this is a website. So over here we have the different plants for zoom. So you could see over here we have the free plant, which is really cool. OK, so you could just sign up. It's free, right? You can host up to 100 participants, okay? And then you have unlimited 11 meetings, right? And then for your group meetings. Pretty much so if I hover over here, right? Pretty much if you have three or more total participants than your group meetings. Okay. Has a maximum limit. 40 minutes. If this is good for needs than the free plan is perfect for you, and pretty much there's on a limited number of meetings. So which is really nice. Okay, So if this serves your purpose, just go over here and sign up for a free account. OK? But if not, then explore the utter okay, paid options so that you can see which one works better for you. So now if we have over here, right, we just click here, sign up. It's free. And to be able to get the account, that's pretty easy. Right over here, you have your work email address. But for example, if we have a Google account that's even easier to do. So I'll just click here so that there's no need for me to do anything right. It's ready. So I didn't so I could just use this. I'll click on my account. So now we have deaths, right? Our Gmail account is good to go. The sign in and I'll just click, create account. And just by that, I'm ready. Inside zoom, Okay? 3. Hosting Your First Zoom Meeting: Okay, so we're inside soon. So let's discuss first on what we can do over here. So over here is we have a scheduling off meetings. Okay? So if you want to have multiple classes, for example, in advance, then you could do it over here. But the purpose of this course is to focus on how to host a meeting. Okay, for multiple members. So if you're teaching a class right or if you have a team meeting that you could use this straight away. OK, so over here at the top, we have multiple options scheduled meeting, join a meeting, host a meeting. But for us who want to host our own meeting. So over here, we have multiple options with video off with video on our scratcher only. Okay, so right now we'll select with video on. Okay. So we can have a quick download. Right? So we have over here, right? So once you have desk downloaded over here, so you can just open zoom, and then you can have it straight the way over here. Okay, so that's pretty quick. Okay, so now we're inside, zoom and then join me. Computer audio. And then you could just quickly test your speaker and microphone. Okay? So once we're good, I'll just click Join with computer audio. Okay, so my way of comes Not that good. OK, but you can see my face right now we're here, and I'm doing the recording, and he just click Stop video if you want to, So that's pretty easy. So now we have just my letter over here, okay? 4. Inviting Participants: There's a lot of options that you could see inside. So So if I hover over here, I'll just go over to enter full screen. So let me click that, Okay? And then we have mute. Okay, meet my audio. So if you just don't want people to hear your for now, you have other people speaking first and we just your Mike, Okay? And then we have start video. That's what we saw a while ago. And then we have the invite option. So if you're wondering on what you can do with invite right we have here, you're going to be using your default email client. You have your Gmail client or Yellow Clyde so that it will open it from there. And then Sandy Invitation male. OK, so it's a really nice way because you could just send the link straightaway two people or two participants so that they can join into your meeting. We don't much hustle over here. Okay, so we have this joint meeting. One is your justice, my meeting number. Right. And then we have a copier or elsewhere, and you want to copy the website link okay for people to join in or you could copy the entire invitation. So the difference is the URL is just the meeting link over here. Okay? For people to join into him. But you still need to give them the meeting password. Because once they opened the page to join your meeting, they will still need to type in the meeting password. Okay, so it's a nice way with zoom. Okay. So that you have control on who can really join in, because if somehow your meeting, they accidentally gets posted elsewhere, right? People won't be able to join in without having your meeting, Patrick. Okay, so let's say let's just go for a copy invitation. So it's ready being copied to the clipboard. I'll exit the full screen first and let me just quickly open the note pad so that you can have a look on what it looks like for the meeting invitation. So they just paste in here, right? So I could see here that joins a meeting, and then you have the link, right? And then there's the password. A swell. But if you want to join in manually, then there's the meeting details. Okay, so I could just send this to your colleagues or whoever that you want to join inside your meeting, right? And then just copy, paste it and send it over to them. So that's pretty easy on getting participants over. Okay, so once we have that, what's were good for the invite? 5. Manage Participants: so assuming we have more people joining in right now, it's only myself over here, right? I'll go back to full screen, let me go to manage participants over here, right? We have less of participants. And you could see over here that my mike is turned on and in my videos turnoffs orders that I couldn't that he could see. And we have more options. You can rename the person you can be that person, right? Because over here I'm the whole. So I have control over the participants, and it's a really cool way because you have more control. Okay, so if for example, if you're percent think something and you're the only one that you want everybody to hear right then you could just mute everybody came it all. And then you could just get yourself, for example, because the nice thing with this oneness you have more control towards your meeting. You can have more order. So let's say it's your turn to speak or another person to speak than us. The host could Tuggle. People's mute, I conscious, felt so good control on what everybody could hear inside a meeting or what everybody couldn't hear Because if you have more than 10 people, for example inside your meeting, then it could get chaotic if you have everybody speaking at the same time. So this is where this gets really handy. Okay, so if for example, if you have a Q and A section later in your meeting, then you could do that. And then that's the time that do you turn on your mic for everybody else. Okay, so we have more options over here. So you have mute participants, an entry. That's a really handy way. Because if people forget to turn off their mike when they join inside your meeting, then you could just do this and do them a favor. Okay, so everybody that's the new participant will get their audio. You read from the get go, OK, and then there's options as well that allow participants to limit themselves. Do you want to have them control? Okay. Over the audio, Mike, if not, then just turned us off. And you have full control. Samos well for the renaming off their names and k and then play enter and exit chime. So if somebody goes in and somebody leaves the group, then there's notification that's going to be sounded off, and then we have put participants in the waiting room on entry. So you have some sort of filtering option to swell if you want to check first on who already participants right and then we have deed locked meeting. So there's a lot of options that he could do. And that's the really nice thing with Zoom because there's a big set of controls that he can do or a costume ization for your meeting. 6. Sharing Screens and Whiteboards: So let's close this. We're good with manage participants. What's next if the's share screen? So let's have a look, right. If I click share screen, there's a multitude of options that we could do. So there's the basic. There's the advance and there's the foul. So if we select the fouls, then you could just get fouls from your cloud storage. Okay, and it just upload it and share to the group. So that's a nice way as well. If you have files or exercise files that you want to share with your team, and then we have the advance option. So advanced option is if you just want a specific portion of the screen, right, he could do that or just the computer sound. Just all your music. You could do it at a swell right or even from a different camera. But what we want to focus on right now is the basic section gets for the basic right. You could share your screen. Whatever you're seeing in here right would be shared to everybody else. So that's the usual option that we could do. But there's a couple more options you could just select. Okay, a specific window right inside your computer. So if you just want to focus, let's say on your Web browser, then you could do that. Just said at the chrome, and you'll be teaching primarily inside crop. So even if you toggle with another's, then it won't be shared to the rest off the group. Okay, but one of the most common used functions inside Zoom is the whiteboard. Just the really nice thing with whiteboard issue have. Okay, so that's tried it out. It's click share. You have a really big white board over here, and you can just scribble asked. You are teaching or ask your explaining something to the group. And the good thing is, it's collaborative as well, so people can join in, for example, that say, you just want them to try to do something. So, for example, if I'm teaching a math class, that's perfect, because I could just type in right. They want us to, and then you just have tree over here and then you have your equation, for example, a step by step to show to the our gets okay, because it's a lot different if you're showing people okay on how you're doing it asked. You're explaining it and and the teaching potential that you can do. OK, it's a lot easier for them to understand that way. And there's a lot of things that you could do in here. So, for example, for text, right? Just type in Texas. Well, okay, for you don't want to scribble or right thinks. Okay. Just typing. Hello. World in just four met us. Well, there's a lot of things that could do, right? You could change fawn, make it bold, right? So you could do a lot of text you could draw. So this is what I've been doing right now. Okay? But there's a lot of our options if you want it to be a straight nine. If you wanted to be an arrow or something, that's a border that you could just use it to emphasize things in here. Okay, so there's a lot of cool stuff in here, and then we have stamps as well, right? I don't know how we're gonna use this, but it's just something that keeps the audience engaged as well. So we have the spotlight, so let's try it out. You could just see over here. Right. And then let's see Variety, have your focus. If I'm kicking here, you could see the spotlight moved to a different location. So if I try this right, you could just use that razor. A swell. That's self explanatory. You could just removed. Thanks a swell over here. Okay. And then we have the form adoption on do we do, and we have the clear. Okay, So here all drove ings pretty much the entire thing. Okay. You want to start with the kids late? Clear my drawings. Okay. So just my things that I've done in here or clear the others drawings. Okay, You're reviewers drawing so their step. OK, there's that distinction between the two. So that's really cool as well. And you could save us. Well, okay, so if you want to say this as part of the class notes or as part of the meeting notes, meeting minutes Okay, you can do that as well. So that's a really nice thing with whiteboard where everybody could just collaborate gay and then do or work within a single whiteboard. Okay, so it's not just the instructor or just the host, but pretty much everybody can join in and contribute, and that's a really cool thing. Okay, so once we're good with that vicious close deaths, they were happy with the white board and we're right back inside the zoom. 7. More Screen Share Options: The good thing is, once you're done sharing the screen, you could just close it and it will go straight back to zoom meeting. OK, so it won't stop it, and it's still in progress. So the next thing that we could do, let's have a quick look over here, right? So now that we're done with share screen, let's have a quick look at this one. US? Well, there's more options. One participant can share the time, or you can even have multiple people sharing simultaneously. Okay, so you can have that option. Let's go to advance quickly. So we could also do that as well. You can have control over here that you can start sharing when someone else is sharing. Okay, only the host, or can it be utter participants as well? So it's really nice right now on what you can do inside, Zoom 8. Chat, Recording and Reactions: Okay, so next thing is, we have to chats over here if we have people. Speaking of, for example, if you were the one explaining things, if your participants have questions, for example, or if they have a conversation, then they can do that over here so that it won't distract ADDers us. Well, because if you have Mike's right, um, if you have questions in that you have the mikes all muted at the moment, they could just power in your questions. Over here, right, Let's say, Hey, when will we do this? Okay. And then you just leave the questions over there so that once we have the Q and A section okay, and then you could just jump over to the group chat, have a look and then go over to questions one by one. So that's one way off using it. But there's also cool thing over here, right? The two you have the option of sending because it's only me right now, this inside the meeting. But you can have private messages sent out to the other participants in the meeting, so that's also a nice way. So, for example, if you have sudden idea than just send a quick message to another participant inside the meeting. OK, so let's have a look at the other options. So we have control as well as the host. You want to save the chat, right? And then you have control that the participants themselves do you allow them to child with nobody? OK, do you want to disable that? Just the host, Everybody else, publicly or both publicly and privately. There's just a lot of options that he could do over here. And it's up to you on how you want to manage your meeting. Okay, so we're good with group chat over here, and we have another option record. So this is also a nice way. So, for example, if you're doing a town hall or if you're doing a tutorial, for example, you can also record your session over here so that you won't have to do it over and over again. And a good thing with this oneness once you start recording this, Okay, so let's try it out. So, for example, I've started recording, so I could see on the upper left corner zoom. It's recording my session at the moment, so if I have my webcam on. I have my screen share on everything is going to get recorded inside the session along with my audio. Okay. And once you're done with this, you can just click here to stop right over here. Or I could just also pick here to stop. So there's two options that you could do. I can pause the recording a swell and then rush Umit afterwards. So right now I'll do a stop and could see here, Right? The recorded file will be converted to the MP four format when the meeting and so we could just uploaded to, for example, in YouTube or two example in a facebook page, whatever that you want or whatever location that you want to share to other people so that you don't need to do this over and over again. Okay, so a lot of functions and take note. This is the free plan of Zoom. So just out of the gate, you're able to do a lot of things with. So next thing is we have the reaction. So you could just also have to some fun part over here. A case of just selectively Tom's up are selected this icon as well. And you just have other participants do do reactions as well. So OK, so we have pretty much the basic functions off the meeting covered of inside Zoom. And once we're done with the meeting, we just go to and meeting over here and there's a couple of options. So we have and meeting for all so pretty much everybody else in the meeting with half it and that this well for this one. Okay, so pretty much you and the participants and the meeting for everybody else. And we have the league meeting if you want to leave the meeting, But you want the meeting to continue, then you have to assign a different person to be the host because there has to be a host for the zoo meeting. OK, so for right now, we just want to end the meeting for all Okay. And once we're done, it's gonna be saving the recording because if you remember right, we have a recording that was stunned inside a meeting. And then once you're happy with this, you can just select a folder, click OK, and then it's gonna be saved. Death D and p four file. And if you enjoyed? Okay, this session, this tutorial. Just let me know in the comment of swell on what else you want to learn inside Zoom. And I'll be more than happy to create more videos for you to learn from. 9. Tip #1 - Virtual Backgrounds: hide It is Brian Hall. And welcome to the course. The top zoom tips that you need to know. OK, so what we have here right now is I have the desktop client open for resume. Okay, so we're not starting any meetings yet, and our first tip is to use for 12 backgrounds whenever you're doing your presentation or whenever you're hosting a meeting. And this is really cool, because what you can do is we'll just have the desktop client open its go straight to settings. Okay? There's a lot of options, but we're gonna be going straight to virtual background. What's gonna happen over here? Right. So we have my web time right now, okay? My integrated webcam. And then you have a choice off virtual backgrounds. And what I can do right now is I can just select one anyone of dese, right? And it just changes your background automatically. So whenever you're working inside a home, for example, or anywhere in a cafe in ABC Cafe, and then you don't have time to set up the background at the back, right? So that it will be cleaner so you could see there some quirks happening though. But it does the job, right. And this is perfect so that it can get you quickly, right? Ready for your meeting right away. OK, so it gives you a better, more of, like a more professional look. Okay, so there's different backgrounds that you could try over here so I could just change them. OK, so that when you start a meeting later, if you want this right for more serene setting, okay or more vacation feels okay. You can change as well. And there's also setting over here at a major video so you can have your costume station. If you have your own image or video, you can use that as well. So, for example, if you want a more professional setting like that's a nun office, then you could just grab a picture. Okay, so if you have a picture or photo off inside office, you could just place it inside a background and that would look direct. Okay, And then there's another option this fall. I have a green screen, so if you have a green background, it's gonna be looking a lot better, because over here, right, you can see it's not exactly perfect. Okay, but because it thus, it's best to try to feel they're out the background, but it's not 100% perfect. But if you have a green screen at the background and that's gonna be looked more polished, okay. But this is a quick way off using the virtual background so that it will make your meetings look more professional. 10. Tip #2 - Custom Virtual Background: Okay, so now for second tip is showing you on. How can we change the Verdell background to our costume image? Okay, so if we want it to be, like our full control, OK. On what we see here in the background, we can do that quickly. So what I usually do is I just look for free images across the web. Okay, So, for example, what we have is the picks obey. So this is just a side that I use and just a quick way for me to get some free images. So, for example, if we want it to be a more professional setting, like we're working right now, right? So we go for getting an office background. So what I did was just doing a quick search. Okay, Dan, just scrolling down than picking one of thes step I want. Okay. So if I go for this So I just downloaded this one in case I just pick a random backer on the image and ready, have it in my computer, and that's gonna be straightforward to do. What i'll do is let's go over here. Already shown you on how you're gonna be getting the virtual background setting. Let's go to the plus sign, add image, Okay. And then we just look for that foul and just go a little bit. I want her good's gonna get loaded. And now you have your new virtual background right away. OK, so it's up to you to your imagination, how creative you can be with your virtual background. And another tip is sometimes if you have a brand, you can also make this a more solid background, right? And then you can have your brand a swell in the background so that he can have it a more keen in a professional look. 11. Tip #3 - Video Settings: So now we're inside our zoom desktop client, and we're gonna be talking about our next tip, which is right inside thes settings. All just click on this and then if we check the video, okay, there's a lot of settings in here. Okay? And one of them that I really like to use is just with a click single click, right? You could just enable HD in here so that it looks a bit better. Okay. And then we have even a beautifully often in here. So if you just select this, you can touch up your appearance. Okay, So there's a lot of options right inside here and one of the main tips that I want to show you inside the video settings ISS this one turn off my video and joining the meeting. So this is a good setting to always enable and came because if you enable this, okay, and then you join a meeting, right? Or your whole stay or when you're joining different meeting right inside. Student. The good thing with this one is it won't enable your video your webcam right away, OK? Because if you want to join a meeting, it's better if you have full control. OK on when you want your video to show up because there are times where and you're not ready yet, right? Whenever you join a meeting. And then let's say there's still some BC things that's happening in the background birds, your kids running in the background, for example, or there's something happening. Okay, you don't want it to be enabled automatically. Okay? So once you have everything prepared, you have everything under control. Okay? And then that's the time that you start the video. Okay? The video sharing on your own, the court. So always enable this because it's gonna be a bit easier to use with soon. Okay, once you have this end 12. Tip #4 - Calendar Zoom Extension: Okay. So for our next tip, what I want to show you is the list of add ons that we have with Zoom. And there's a really cool calendar at on that you could use so that it's weather inside your Google calendar are right or inside your Microsoft outlook, you can quickly create zoom meetings from there. Okay, so let's jump over to zoom that u s slash download. Okay, so this is pretty quickly to access. And inside the download center. Okay, So what I have here, okay, there's the zoom extension for browsers. So if you using Firefox or for use in chrome, right, they can just go for the quick extension here, and I'll be showing to you quickly, okay? And then there's also the outlook so he could see year, right? If you're using Microsoft Outlook for email, you could also down and then install it inside outlook and game. But for the purposes of this type, we're gonna be focusing because I'm using firm right now. OK, so we'll be going straight from the chrome Web store case. All kicker at right. And then we have over here, right? The extensions Zoom scheduler. Okay, so I'll just click. Add the crow pretty easy at extension to confirm. Right. And then it should show up later with a new bottom over here. Okay, So Zoom Scheduler has been added to chrome, right? And then, if you want to use the extension, just click on the icon. So since I'm using a Gmail account right inside chrome Okay, so I'll jump over here already have my Google calendar open case. So if you have a Google account at Gmail account, you could just go straight to the calendar. And what I'll do is I'll just create, right? I'll just create a event. Okay, So let's go for more options so that we can have a look. Okay, so I'll just click here. Right? So sign it with Google, because it's a new, like a new extension over here. Right? So it's ready. Signed in. Okay, so over here, if we go here new meeting, right, So it's still not here, So let me just do a refresh. There you go. Because I've just added the extension. It's not appearing right away if you notice how long ago it's still not here. Right. But since already installed it. Did it refresh? Now it over here. The cool thing with this one is, let's say, meeting to discuss the examination. Okay, Details. So once we're good, right? And then over here may get the zoo meeting. Because what's gonna happen next if I click on this? Okay, there's a one time meeting, right? Require meeting password over the This is just the basic settings, or how you're gonna be setting up a meeting. So once we're good with this, Okay, I'll just click. Continue. And just like that, you instantly have a meeting, Lee that you can send out to your guests or to the meeting recipients over here. So there's no need for me to go to the zoom website anymore. Schedule a meeting or set a meeting up, right? You can do it straight inside the Canada, and that's really cool, because over here, once you send the meeting over right, there's no need for me to copy links. There's no need for me to find out where the meeting invited us. You can do everything straight inside. Okay? Inside the Google calendar because of the extension. So it's pretty easy, pretty straightforward. And then, after afterwards seems to really have the zoom link over here, right? Once you have the meeting invite, show up when it comes to the the exact time, right? You just click on this one to join the Sioux meeting, so I could just see how easy it is because you have the zoom extension right inside the Google calendar so I could do the same thing. A swell for outlook just by installing the plug in from the link that I showed you a while ago. 13. Tip #5 - Hiding Floating Menu: Now let's talk about our next tip, which is hiding the floating Manu. Okay, so I need to show you first on what the floating Manu looks like. So we have these, um, just up kind. I'll go straight to a new meeting, right? It's just gonna be me alone in here so far. Okay, So what I'll do right now? Yes. I will be sharing the screen of my computer. Okay, so I'll just click, share screen. Okay. And then it's kick share. So the participants of the zoo mating would be able to see my screen right now, but from a host perspective, right? So for example, let's say I'm doing a screen share on my google chrome and just want to click on the tab, showing them one by one on what's going to be done. OK, but this is the annoying thing. Sometimes when you have the floating minute, because once you go through somewhere in the middle, then the floating my new just pops up and I couldn't recall like I couldn't count how many times exactly where. And I had the accident off trying to click. Right. So if I over away trying to click on this one, and I ended up clicking Stop share! Okay, that's a bit embarrassing to happen, Okay? And people won't see it because they won't see this floating menu over here. But from a percent ing or from a percenters part point of view, it's a bit annoying because it sometimes gets in the way. So what we can do right now is there's a setting. There's a shortcut to swell that. We could just use dis so that we won't bother us anymore. Okay, so over here in Moore, you just select hide floating, meeting controls so you could just have the keyboard shark of handy as well called control out Shift H over here. And then once we click on this, okay, it's gone. And you could just do your screen share and say, if you're just using your computer Normandy and you sold a reminder over here, right? If you want to access the floating Manu again, just click escapes. I'll do that now I'll click escape right, And it shows up again. And if not, right once, you're good, and you could just hide it again. Okay. And then just continue on with your presentation 14. Tip #6 - Mute All Shortcut: so I'm inside the meeting right now. Okay, So I'm hosting it. And one of the cool tips that I want to share to you. OK, it's how to mute all of the participants with just a keyboard shortcut. OK, And that's out m because one of the things this, for example, I'm speaking over here, right? And then people start joining in because not everybody is going to be on time. And when I click on manage participants, right, you can see a list off members or participants over here. And sometimes if you look at the microbes you could see I'm speaking so you can see the point going up and down. But if I stop speaking, OK, then that's gonna be not moving anymore. But the problem is, for example, if you have 10 or training or 30% participants and and some of them forget to get them back , that's gonna be cumbersome for you. Because if you try to percent at the same time and then try to look at settings over here one by one and then try to mute them right, and then check on who is the noisy participant, okay, and that's gonna take forever. And it's gonna distract you from doing a professional in a clean presentation. So what you can do? Yes, get all right. But not all of us would have the extra time to be able to go over here and click me it. All right, because sometimes, right, it's not open. So the good thing is, I'll just open this right now so that you can see I could just press out them. Okay, If I press out them, you could see over here, right? It's all right away. So it's a handy shortcut. So if you don't have this open a spell, just click out M. Just press out M. And then it will just mute everybody. Right? Except you, Of course. Okay, so that's a really cool tip. And then once you're done right, and you could just press out them again, we shall do now, and it gets removed. Okay. So if you just use that shortcut, if you want to meet everybody right away so that it will be focused on you, ask the host or the percenter and then you just continue speaking to the organs 15. Tip #7 - New Share: Okay, So for our next time, we want to discuss about a share screen tip over here, so I'll just stop the video and then we can focus on using these share screen, so I'll share my screen right now inside my meeting and then let me just go for share screen. Or let's say we just want to share about Google Chrome right now. Right? So one thing that's gonna be helpful when it comes to making your presentation more professional looking ISS. We can use this option over here. New share. So, for example, that say you're using chrome, right? And then you want to share something inside a note pad or a different application, right? It looks a bit clunky if you try to jump from one application to another because you're gonna be hovering here right on the in the task bar over here, and then you're going to be looking for that application. So to make it more professional looking to your audience, what you can do is you could just go straight to new share because they won't see this screen. OK, your audience won't be able to see the floating Manu over here right. And then this window as well. It's only your view that can see this window. Okay. And then over here, you can make that choice on which one do you want to share to the audience, Right. So, for example, if I want to jump over to a folder or if I want to jump over to a whiteboard, Okay, you could just do over here for a new share so that it looks a bit more fluid to your audience. Okay, So in their perspective, right, All they can see is this one still the chrome window right now. Okay. But over here, from here, and you have extra time or just just the time that you need to be able to jump over to a different window to share. OK, So use that for new share and then jump over to a new one. 16. Tip #8 - Pause Share: So for next tip, it's going to be a screen share tip. Right? So we have on existing meeting right now, and it's ongoing. Okay. And then I'm sharing my screen a swell. So over here, Right, right beside the new share, I want to share to you the pause share. Okay. And then the keyboard shortcut for that IHS Al t. So the good thing with this one for pause share, right, because new share is crucial is pretty handy. If you want to jump from, let's say one window to another. Okay? And then Paul share, on the other hand, will pass this one. So if I pause share right now, if I click on this right, what the audience would see iss, whatever the last thing that you have shared. So they're still stop in this one. But for me, I could just jump over to utter right screens over here, right? So it's kind of similar, right? In the movies, if you see the CCTV being frozen right, it's something like that that what you're doing to the audience. But the question right now is why would you do something like that? Because, for example, if you're doing a presentation right now, and then all of a sudden you forgot something, and then you want to check your meeting melts quickly. It's gonna be embarrassing if you do that immediately during the presentation. But after I did the pause share, Okay, I could just jump over to my note pad, for example, Check my meeting notes out, and then once I have bread, that okay, I'll just minimize that and then jump over back here, right? And then I could just go for assume share. And just by doing that right, your audience doesn't see a thing, doesn't know that whatever happening in the background. Okay, so that's a cool thing. And it's pretty handy. So if so that you don't need to hold her up and then click posher right. If you need to do something, it's kind of like offline. Quickly. I just salty paws your share, right? And then after that, you just, um, pause it and then carry on with your presentation 17. Tip #9 - Annotate: So another tip. I want to share its A share screen teapots. Well, because we're gonna be using a lot of that when were doing zoo meetings. Okay, so over here, right now, I have a screen share session ongoing and what I want to show us deaths de annotate. And this is something that makes your screen sharing stand out. Because if I click on this right, there's a lot of growing tools right now that you can do on your screen. So, for example, if I want to say, focus the audience right over here. So I have my draw tool and you just draw on top off my screens and that's that's really, really powerful became because it gives you that sense or that control on. Whenever you want to focus on something right, I want to emphasize something. You could just use this to get the attention off your audience. So, for example, let's say it's just use attacks over here right and say, See this setting? Okay, so it's just like I'm drawing on top off the website or micro mindo, whatever applications using and there's a lot of options. So, for example, if I used the spotlight, right? There's the red dot That so that the entire audience can quickly focus on where your mouse is going. Another option over here. Right? This this arrow. So, for example, So if I click here, there's gonna be that arrow, that emphasis arrow so that people can see. So if I click on another spot right, it jumps to another spot kick over here. Right? So it's a really handy way off emphasizing stuff on your presentation. So you have the air ager as well. Just remove, right. The other things that we have been doing, there's the undue and reduce artists and do this right, So they come back here and the setting, right. If you just want to quickly clear the drawings, just select this one. Clear old drawings. Okay, clear my drawings and clear your viewers drawing. So, for example, if they are joining in a swell and then doing some things are sketching over here so that it sees a troubleshooting session, for example, you can clear their drawings to swell. Okay, So the status over here is pretty much the same as what you can see inside the white board . Okay, But the good thing with this one is you can do the same thing. A swell right on your screen. Okay? So used the annotate function during your screen session so that it will be a lot more interactive. 18. Thank you and Congratulations!: Thank you and congratulations on completing this course. I hope that this has helped you in learning the video conferencing basics in Zoom. So you're also able to leave a review on this course simply by clicking on this link, this link over here, right? And then you would have the leave Review button enabled over here. So just click on the button and leave a review on this course. So please, please leave an honest review as I would love to hear your feedback. You can also check out my profile over here by clicking on the link, my name to be able to view more Microsoft related courses. So once you have clicked on the link, you can simply view my profile and continue your learning journey by going through my top microsoft courses.