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Microsoft Outlook: Learn Outlook Basics!

teacher avatar Bash (BizTech Matters), Online Teaching Excel Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Learn Microsoft Outlook Now!


    • 2.

      Setting Up Outlook with Accounts


    • 3.

      Tabs, Ribbons and Groups in Outlook


    • 4.

      Navigation Bar in Outlook


    • 5.

      Organizing Outlook with Favorites and Folders


    • 6.

      Additional Options inside Outlook Tabs


    • 7.

      Reading, Writing and Receiving Emails


    • 8.

      Attaching Items in Outlook Mails


    • 9.

      The View Tab in Outlook


    • 10.

      Create a Rule to move emails to a folder


    • 11.

      Insert a screen shot from Excel


    • 12.

      Thank you and Congratulations!


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About This Class

Last time you tried to make sense of your inbox, however working with Microsoft Outlook proved to be a troublesome task..

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With...

  • Learn Microsoft Outlook Basics!
  • Understand the essence of Outlook functions, without memorizing them!
  • See how each of these functionalities are used with real examples!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Actually SMILE when you start opening your Microsoft Outlook :)
  • Impress your boss, coworkers, and your friends on what you can do with Outlook!

If you're like me, you use Microsoft Outlook on a daily basis for important tasks, sending and receiving emails. Whether it's for business or personal related projects, everyone wants to be able to use Microsoft Outlook freely and easily.

Here is what we will cover in Microsoft Outlook

  • Setting Up Outlook with Accounts
  • Tabs, Ribbons and Groups in Outlook
  • Navigation Bar in Outlook
  • Organizing Outlook with Favorites and Folders
  • Additional Options inside Outlook Tabs
  • Reading, Writing and Receiving Emails
  • Attaching Items in Outlook Mails
  • The View Tab in Outlook
  • Create a Rule to move emails to a folder
  • Insert a screen shot from Excel

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bash (BizTech Matters)

Online Teaching Excel Expert


Hi! I'm Bash and over here at BizTech Matters, I love sharing what I know through online classes, with my over 10 years of IT and teaching experience. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I ensure that I will give you the tools to succeed.


My goal is to show you the essence behind on whatever I'm teaching you. Hop in for a fun ride into learning in the technology world!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Queries

- Create your own Power BI Dashboard!

- Use Excel Power Query to Clean your Dirty Data

- Use the Top 50 Excel Keyboard Short... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Learn Microsoft Outlook Now!: Hi, Welcome to Microsoft Outlook, wherein you'll learn the alphabet basics. So are you starting out in Microsoft Outlook? This is perfect for you. What we will cover in this course are to bother organizing using folders, read, write, and forwarding of males, attachments, rules and so much more. So learn my club Outlook now and I'll see you inside. 2. Setting Up Outlook with Accounts: Hi, this is Brian Holland. Welcome to the basics off using Microsoft Outlook 2019. Okay, so we'll be discussing primarily about Outlook 2019 because that's the one that I have installed, and we'll be showing you on how to use it. But if you're using a different version of outlook, the good thing is, what we're teaching here about outlook is applicable for different versions. A swell. OK, so to be able to look for outlook for So either you have a panned over here, right? You can just click on it for outlook. Or I can just go straight to the search bar and let me just type in outlook. Okay, if I select this and it will start up office 2019. So if you're working in a company or if you have outlook already installed and your email account, it's all set up, it will go threat here. And your email or your in buff is already set up over here. But if we're example you're trying to add a new account will go over through this quickly to show you on how you can add a new account. Okay, So before we start adding a new account. You can actually do a lot of things here in outlook. So we have e mails over here. We have calendars, right? We have to do less. Okay. And then we have contact as well. So there's really a whole lot of things that you could do in Microsoft Outlook. But we're going to focus primarily on the female side of outlook. So we'll be focusing on this side over here for emails. Okay, So since my outlook is already set up, I'll show you how it will look like to be starting from scratch by adding a new account. And in our case right now, I'll be adding my Gmail account over here. So I've created a test Gmail account so that you can quickly see how it looks like. So we'll go to foul, okay, And then I'll just select add account in here, okay, under account information. And then once you have that, okay, this my Gmail account over here. So just type it out and then just go for connect, and it will just ask for the user name and password, so you erase, so you'll just be doing the normal Le Guin process. Okay, So the really nice thing with outlook is it does the heavy lifting for you. And you could just added straight away over here and have multiple accounts as well. Okay, so once you're done adding over here so you could see that account has successfully added in case we have Brian Hotez at gmail dot com, you can add more, even addresses as you want. OK? So if you want another one, just feel this up. Go next. But we're done with this one. Okay, so let me just take this because I don't need outlook Mama. Right now, I just want to show how it works on the desktop version. So let's click that were good. And now on the left side. OK, you can now see your email all set up and just give it some time, and it will synchronize to download the existing content from your email accounts. 3. Tabs, Ribbons and Groups in Outlook: So before we dive into what you can do inside Outlook will be focusing first on the top portion over here. So we have what we call us Tabs, ribbons and groups. Okay, so it's a nice way to divide on what you can do on the functionalities off outlook. So on the top, here we have the tabs listed out over here. So we have the home tab we have descend received have folder view a cheddar. Okay, so if you click on them right, the entire ribbon over here would change. So the different options that are grouped under this specific tap OK, so if I click this right, it's a different one. So let's go back to the hometown and what you have inside the tab is what we call asked the ribbon. So this is the entire Dr Space Over. Here it is. It's our ribbon. And each ribbon is divided into groups. So, for example, right under the home tab, you can see that this is the new group. We have the delete group. We have the respond group. We have the quick steps group Cheddar. OK, so they have different groups over here, so if we jump over to a different 10. So, for example, that were here, right? You can see a different set off groups again, right? Current view. We have messages. We have arrangement. And so what? Ok, so the good thing with this one is it allows us to quickly navigate. So if, for example, we're looking for a specific function inside outlook, we can just say that Go to the home tab under the respond group. Okay, click the reply bottom. Okay. Another cool tip is if you were having a difficult time looking for a specific function because there's a whole lot right over here. You could just click on this one. You see this light bulb? I can't over here. Tell me what to do. So if you just type here, for example, and just go for let's say I want a new email, right? So it's going to suggest a lot off functionalities to you, and this is what we're after, right? So it's an easy way for us to look for a specific function if you're getting overwhelmed right on how to look for it in the specific tab. Now the whole tab is the most important one because it has the most commonly used functions in time outlook. So you're going to be working a lot right inside this tab over here, and then we have the file tab as well. So this file tub, it's a special one, OK? Because this is the behind the scenes. Okay? It's of you to see what's happening behind the scenes, okay? When it comes to your outlook accounts, so if you just go back over here and we're back inside after 4. Navigation Bar in Outlook: So the next part I want to discuss with you is about the navigation bar. So you could see the navigation bar over here, right on the bottom part on the left side. So we have this little icons over here, so it's an easy way to navigate through the main sections off outlook because it's not just all about email, right? So if we select this one, right, this is the email portion. We have calendars. Just click on it. You could see the Canadair over here, then we have the contacts right on. The most commonly email person is that you want to keep track off over here, and then we have the to do list as well. Okay, So if we have a lot of flak items, for example, inside your outlook inbox, where mailbox, right? It's gonna be listed over here with a deadline. And you could just add new tattoo spells over here. And we're not gonna be diving true. The other functions off out, but we're gonna be focusing on the email a portion. Okay, 5. Organizing Outlook with Favorites and Folders: now that stuff about organizing or email inside Outlook. Okay, so what we have over here, right? It's the test email account I have added over here. And as it grows right with your email usage, believe me, it's gonna grow into a lot off emails and folders. A swell. Okay, so what we can do right now is to help in organizing your emails What you can do over here . So we have the inbox folder, right? You have the drafts and email trash cheddar. You can do a lot of things over here is one example is just right clicking on Let's say on the inbounds and just go for a new folder. And let's say we have Google e mails. Okay, so that's just create that folder inside. And the cool thing with Outlook is, it allows you to have different levels, right sub folders or folders inside folder to just allow you to break it down right into groups. If you want to do that, so it's up to you on how you can do that, but it's really easy to do so just right. Click OK on any folder and this scope New folder and you can modify it. A smell that say, You just want to rename it. Just want to move it anywhere. Okay, it's up to you. It's just right clicking on this one. And there's a lot of options that you can try out. And as you have a lot of emails, right, and you have a lot of folders inside here, what you can do a swell is we have the favorites on top. So you could see here, Right? We have the favorites over here. So, for example, let's say this specific folder to Google emails is gonna be used a lot like most of the time for you. And you can do it by adding it to favorites to save you a lot of time so that whenever you want to go through here, you don't need to scroll down here on the left side. You just need to go to favorites, right? And then click on that favorite folder that you have and can continue working from there. And it's really easy to do. So to do that, it just record on a specific folder, okay? And then you see this option off after favorites. If I select that. You could see Google emails now being added over here. Okay, so you just add your favorite folders in here the wants that you would most probably spent a lot of time on and just added to favourites. Okay, so once we have it set up, you could just see a swell the left side over here. There's a lot of arrow, so he could also change the view by clicking on it. Right? So it hides whatever is inside it. And if you click on it again right, it's gonna show on what's inside it. So you just click on any of the errors over here, right? And you just have it expand or just have it hit in a swell. Okay, so that's up to you. 6. Additional Options inside Outlook Tabs: Now let's talk about additional options in D tab. So what we have here are the taps, right? We have a lot of bottoms over here, but you would notice that for some, off the bottoms is there's another arrow I could in there, right? So, for example, inside home, we have the new items. If you click on this one, there's gonna be a lot more options for you. It's not just about creating a new email message, so there's appointments or meetings to chatter. So just be on the lookout off some of the bottles over here. So if you click on it, there's gonna be more options for you to choose from. Just explore it, okay? And you could just see a lot more possibilities inside Outlook. 7. Reading, Writing and Receiving Emails: Now let's talk about reading, writing and receiving emails. Right straight inside. Outlook. So when it comes to receiving emails out, look, what it does is it will automatically retrieve right and send emails on your behalf at regular internals. But you can do this on demand. So, for example, if you don't want to wait for outlook to automatically get the messages are the latest emails for you, right? There's a couple of ways that you could do this inside out to trigger this. So one of the ways is just on this left corner, upper left corner over here, right? You could see this icon off sand and receive all folders, or it can actually press f minus. Well, we could see over here, So if I click on this right, it's gonna be forcing so you could see over here, right? It's sending and receiving. It's gonna be forcing a retrieval off all of your messages and whatever spending to be sent it both sent it a swell not away. If you could just go to the sand, received tab over here and just click on this button and it will do the same thing. Okay, so that's four triggering or forcing outlook to be up to date. Now that's tough about the fun part where and become to start reading our emails. So when we want to read emails, it's just a simple that's clicking on the folder, right? Told them your scroll down a bit. We have our Gmail account in here, so I'll just click on inbox, right? And then I just start clicking on the messages. And then it will now show the contents off the emails that you have right now and nothing is just click on a different folder, right? This is D folder that we created, and since they're starting in here at the moment, there's nothing to show here. So, for example, let's say one of the emails that say this Ron that outlook test message we just want to move it to the Google email to get just drag this all the way here, and it will go straight to that folder. So once I click on that folder, right, it now has this test message that I moved in here. Okay, so that's four reading emails, and one thing to take note off is for this specific email, right? You could see this excess over here because outlook does not download the pictures automatically for use. And you could see her that it's saying that it's click here to download pictures to help protect your privacy. Outlook prevented automatic download of some pictures in this message. So let me just click on this. So if you want to change the settings by the fall right, you could just select this option. But for now, we just want to down to the pictures for this specific evil. So I just click on this and just wait for it to load, and you will be able to see the full email. Okay, so now we have our images loaded, so just scroll down right now, it's the full email that you can see, and you can also double click on this one, right? If you double click on it and we just open it in a bigger view over here, right? So it's the same email, So let me just close this, and you can also change the size off your pain. So, for example, if you want to move this right to the left King, you just make it bigger or smaller than we just drag this. And same goes as well for this one. We just drag this as well. Another thing we can do inside outlook ISS. We can also sort and filter emails. Okay, So much We have our evils in here. We could just do a quick sort by clicking on this bottom overhears you could see here that it's sorted by date right now. If I kick on it right, there's gonna be a lot more options so we can sort it by from OK or two. Who is it sent to? We have decided Subject Cheddar. OK, so for example, if I sorted by from right, it's gonna be sorting it by off medical order based on who set the email to you so you could see your letter B, G and and followed by letter M and canned. And you just change this depending on what you need. But pretty much the useful sorting that we need is by the date so that you want to see the latest emails on top and then the oldest emails at the bottom. Okay. And you can change the sort order a swell. So For example, if I pick on this one cane Darrow, it will be arranged in the opposite order. Okay, so it's up to you on how you want to do this. And then you can also fill there. So, for example, if I go here, same bottom, okay, You can also feel there it buy and read email. You could see here that I only have one unready email, so I'll just select this, for example, and it gets sorted out to this one. Okay? And and if I select this again, then there you go. And you could also do a filtering by doing a search. So, for example, I just want to find specific emails for data to Google. Okay. And then it's gonna show me right off the email. If that has Google inside it and just click necks right and it brings me back to the original view that I have right now get well, that's really handy. So we're good with writing, reading, emails, sorting and filtering. Let's now go to composing your email. Okay, so how do we compose a new enough? So it's pretty easy as well. So let's go for a new email, OK, and then what I'll do right now is just start typing in on who do you want to send it to itself? Or in my case, let me just send it to myself right now. And let's say for the subject test, you know, there are a couple of options that you could do over here. So, for example, high Brian, how are you doing? Okay, and then you could pretty much do the same editing that you do it. Let's say in a word, document or next cell, because pretty much the options for editing your texts or your email message over here is the same. It's consistent across the Microsoft office suit. So we just good because it allows you to have that consistent fielder. For example, if I tried the highlight, it's a I'll just highlight this again. It's changed it to call a red, making bold underline. You could just do anything that you want, okay? And then say justice and this has Thanks. Okay. Now you can also do. Here is half the cc option over here. When we say see, see, this is carbon copy. So if I click on this right which means who do you want to send a copy off this email to? So you could feel up the CC field over here. We also have BCC. So this is the blind carbon copy, and this is pretty much sending a swell a copy off your message to that BTC receive payment . But the difference is other recipients in the email the two and a C C field will have no idea that this person that you place in the B c c I received a copy as well. So it's like a secret recipient. OK, if you put email addresses inside the BCC because others won't know about it and it won't show up in the email, Okay. What will show up in the email? Only are the two. Okay, what place in there for two and C. C. So I think we're good with this one. So let's send it and let's have a look. So what's gonna happen afterwards is if we go to sent emails, right? It's gonna be in there spoke because right now it's dealing out about. So there you go. So it just showed up right now. Hi, Brian. How are you? doing right? It's ready in our sent email. So if we receive a notification that was quick over here, let's go back to Inbox and you will now see your email. That's well over here. Okay, so now we've done sending a message. And then you can reply about a swell if you want to respond back to that message, which is pretty easy to do as well. So let's say we have this email. Let's reply all or reply. Okay. The difference between the two is for apply. You will only reply to the one who sent you that email when we say reply. Oh, then if there's multiple receivers in that email, you're going to be sending a reply to all of them. Okay, so fiscal for reply, Okay and say, Hey, I'm doing great. And once we're good, let's go. Send right and then it's gonna follow the same process again. And then we'll be receiving it back because we sent it to ourselves. Okay, so that's Let's wait for that. Let's check. He sent emails again. There you go. So we have our sent emails in here, and then if you go back to Inbox, then I've got in the reply to myself a swell 8. Attaching Items in Outlook Mails: So now let's talk about the patching items inside your email. So one of the cool things with outlook? Yes. You are not just limited to sending text. Okay, Just typing text in your message. You can attach files. This will where did be images but B or P s right? Or were documented. Just insert pretty much on what you need to send to your receipt. So it's gonna be very easy to do that. I'll show you quickly by going to hope. Let's create a new email in case so they just select this and then what we have here in the message tab is under the include group. Yes, we have attached foul and attach them so disorder to things that we want to focus on. So when we say attach foulest click on this one. Okay, so it's going to show you the recent files that you have been working on. Or you could just go straight to browse these PC and then look for a specific file inside your computer and wants to select that it's gonna be attached to your message over here. But what I want to focus on is something really cool. is theater catch item. So if I go to attach item, you could just attach a business car calendar item or out. I am. So what I want to show you quickly is let's select this one, right? And then I'll just go to my Gmail involves over here. Okay? And then the cool thing is, he can attach your email messages a spell inside this email. Okay, so inside my inbox, let's say I just want to share the notification that Google sent me on how to finish up setting my Google account. So let me just select this. Let's go to Okay. And now we have your attachments. Well, over here, if I double click on this right is going to show you the exact same email that Google has sent me on how to set this up. And you can forward this as an attachment to your recipient. So, for example, if I send this again to myself, okay? And say Google notification, Okay, see, attached. And then obviously the messages emptiness school to send. Maybe I'll just say Hey, right. Check tench. Okay. Want for good? Let's go for sent. Okay. And then it's gonna be sending that attachment straight inside that email this well, so let's just wait for a couple of seconds and it will show up. Okay, so now we see our email coming in, and if we click on this one, you can see that the Google email is already attache in here, and you could just double click on it and it's gonna open up the same email us well, so you can do this trick, okay? And then just attach other emails for whatever falls that you need for your intended recipient. 9. The View Tab in Outlook: Okay, so now let's talk about the View tab. So the view Tavis Very handy if you want to customize on how you read your emails. So for Tampa, let's go to the View tab. Let's focus on the layout group over here, and we have different options. We have the folder pain, which would hide this one. For example. Let me click on this and let's select me mice you're going to see on the left side, right? It's very compact right now. You have your folders over here very small, right, and it's nice and teen if you want that. But if you want to hide it completely, you just turn it off and it goes away completely. But don't fret about it. Let's select normal, and it comes back as what we expect it to be. OK, so that's where the folder pain the reading pain, on the other hand, so let's have a look. We have the bottom, we have the off. So, for example, if I select bottom the reading pain right now so you could see the contents of your email right? It's like half half now over here, and it's at the bottom so it really depends on your preference. If you're happy with how this looks like, then that's perfectly fine. So, for example, if I select reading pain again, turn it off and all we have right now is a less affair email. So if you prefer to double click and just to read the contents right, but if you want a quick preview, then it's really nice to set your reading pain to either right are but up. OK, so if I said that right again, then we're back to a normal same goes 40 to do bar. So, for example, we have different options. You want to have a quick view of your calendar, people tasks. Then you could just selected as well, and it will display us well over here in outlook. 10. Create a Rule to move emails to a folder: Now let's talk about creating rules to move e mails to a folder automatically because as you go on with using your email right, it's gonna be a lot, a lot of emails to get Peter from newsletters that you have subscribed to, for example, or you have specific people or clients that keep on emailing you. So it's really up to you. But the good thing ISS instead of everything being dumped into your inbox, and then you'll have to sit and fill their true with one by want right, you can create rules to allow it to filter to you right away to specific folders inside your email. Okay, it sounds complicated, right? But don't worry, it's very easy to do, so I'll show that to you. Could be. So let's say this Brian home test. Okay, let's say you're thinking that, Hey, this person is sending a lot of emails to me and I don't want this to clutter up my inbox. So for the present and the future emails from Brian Hong test at gmail dot com. I want to move it automatically to respective folder, and that's very easy to do. So what I'll do right now it's Let's go to inbox, right? And let's create a new folder, okay? And then I'll just type in. That's a selfie Emails. Okay, because I've been sending emails to myself. OK, so what I want to do right now is let's move all of these emails ripe to the selfie emails folder. Okay, so it's very straightforward. Just right. Click on one of the emails that you want to move okay? Or create a rule on just right click on it. And we have rules over here. Okay? And then, let's say create rule. Okay, so that we have more control on how it will happen. So let's select this one. Okay, there's a couple of options. Either you want to base it on the subject. If you're looking for a specific keyword, you can do that right. You are from a specific sender, for example, from OK or to seek in this. Well, you can change that. So what I'll do right now is from if it's coming from this person, always. Then you can do developing so we can just display in the window, play a sound, for example. But in our case, we just wanted to move to a specific folder. So a lot will do is let me just select a folder, Okay. And then let me just grow over here to in bumps. We have the self emails folder that we created. Select this fun and click OK, okay. Once we're good, let's go, OK, and it's gonna be saying that Do you want to run this rule now, on the message is a swell in the current folder. Okay, so that you can apply it to the current evils that you have a swell. So what? We're happy. Let's go, OK, and you could see our inbox. It's a lot keener now. And if I jump over to the self cumulus over here right, You have all of your emails now a swell filtered out over here. And this one this Well, I'm not sure why this waas include older ago. Yeah, that's the one as well. It's bright home tests, which is why it was included, he said Name that's different, but the even others it's exactly the same. It's really cool. So outlook was able to determine that and everything in here. But now let's go back to in bucks. Let's do a quick test. Go back to home. Right. Let's go to you. Okay. And let's send ourselves another, even because we want to check. Okay, Tests testing. How the rule. We want to test out the succeeding emails that were getting with it. Also go straight to our new selfie folder. Okay, Would that work or not? So let's just wait for it to synchronize and and send it out. And there you have it. You have yourself emails. We have the one, which means we have received our new email and it went straight okay to this folder because we have our rules in place, which is really nice. So if you have your rules in place and then you want to modify it, or let's say don't want it to be filtered out anymore automatically rerouted and just go back to get home. Then under the move group, there's the rules. And then you can go to manage rules and alerts, okay? And then it's up to you on how you want to change the rules. We have our current rule over here. You can delete it, or you can just modify it. Okay, 11. Insert a screen shot from Excel: Okay, Now let's talk about inserting Screenshots from your application to In our case, we want to insert a screenshot straight from our excellent document, and it's really cool because you can do that inside Outlook. So what will do right now is just opened this Excel document. Okay, this is the one that we want to send a screenshot about. We have a list of names, right? Your employees over here and in some details about the employees. So nothing fancy over here. So let's go back to Outlook and then let's go create a new email and let's send it again to ourselves. Okay? And then, let's say C attach or that a see screenshot from spreadsheet like being shot below. Thanks. And how do we do that? So let's go to the insert tab over here, right? We have a lot of options that you can play around with it, but we want to focus on the screen shot option because what we have here, right, we have the available when those and you could see here, right, we have the excel over here. Let's select this, and we just want click. You have your exact screenshot right now, over here. It's really cool. There's no need for me to go to the Excel spreadsheet, right? And then do some prints green or whatever Did you need to do to create a screenshot just by doing this and out that was able to retrieve a screenshot right away? And once you are happy with this one, you could just go for send and you're good to go. And since we have our rule in place, that's going to route all of the selfie emails, right? The one that we sent to ourselves. It's gonna go straight here, in which it just did. You could see the number increment from 1 to 2. And if I select this one can now see your screenshot straight from excel. 12. Thank you and Congratulations!: Thank you and congratulations on completing this course. So I hope that this has helped you in learning Microsoft Outlook basics. So you can also leave an honest review of this course by clicking on reviews over here. And you would have the leave Review button enabled for you to click and then leave a review on this course. So please, please leave an honest review as I would love to hear your feedback, you can also check out my profile by clicking on my name over here, this link to check out more Microsoft related courses. And once you click on the link, it will bring you to this page and you will be able to continue your learning journey by clicking on any of my top microsoft courses.