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Microsoft SharePoint: Learn SharePoint Basics!

teacher avatar Bash (BizTech Matters), Online Teaching Excel Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Learn SharePoint Basics


    • 2.

      What is Sharepoint


    • 3.

      Sharepoint Look Book


    • 4.

      Getting Sharepoint and Home Page Overview


    • 5.

      Create a New Team Site


    • 6.

      Team Site Home Page


    • 7.

      Uploading Files


    • 8.

      Creating a New List


    • 9.

      Adding Web Parts


    • 10.

      Reorganizing and Customizing Web Parts


    • 11.

      Republish Team Site


    • 12.

      Add Members to Team Site


    • 13.

      Teams and Sharepoint Integration


    • 14.

      Create a New Communication Site


    • 15.

      Add Countdown Timer Web Part


    • 16.

      Edit Web Part Layouts


    • 17.

      Edit Sections


    • 18.

      Add Youtube Web Part


    • 19.

      Change Page Look and Editing Navigation


    • 20.

      Create a News Post


    • 21.

      Manage Site Access


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About This Class

Last time you opened a website in Microsoft SharePoint and are overwhelmed by the number of things to do. You don't know how to make the best use of your time.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With...

  • Create your own SharePoint site from scratch
  • Design team sites or communication sites with zero coding with this!
  • Understand the essence of the SharePoint concepts and techniques, and see them in action!
  • See how it is done in Microsoft SharePoint with real examples!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Actually SMILE when you open the SharePoint site :-)
  • Brag to your friends about how you can create real-world sites confidently!

If you're like me, you want to create team sites and communication sites for important tasks and projects. Whether it's for business or personal related projects, everyone wants to be able to transform their ideas to websites freely and easily.

Here's what we will cover in Microsoft SharePoint:

  • What is Sharepoint?
  • The SharePoint Look Book
  • Getting Sharepoint and home page overview
  • Create a new team site
  • Team site home page
  • Uploading files
  • Creating a New List
  • Adding web parts
  • Reorganizing and customizing web parts
  • Republish team site
  • Add members to team site
  • Microsoft Teams & SharePoint integration
  • Create a new communication site
  • Add countdown timer web part
  • Edit web part layouts
  • Edit sections
  • Add Youtube web part
  • Change page look and editing top navigation
  • Create a News post
  • Manage Site Access

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bash (BizTech Matters)

Online Teaching Excel Expert


Hi! I'm Bash and over here at BizTech Matters, I love sharing what I know through online classes, with my over 10 years of IT and teaching experience. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I ensure that I will give you the tools to succeed.


My goal is to show you the essence behind on whatever I'm teaching you. Hop in for a fun ride into learning in the technology world!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Queries

- Create your own Power BI Dashboard!

- Use Excel Power Query to Clean your Dirty Data

- Use the Top 50 Excel Keyboard Short... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Learn SharePoint Basics: Hi, Welcome to Microsoft SharePoint. Learn the SharePoint basis. So are you're starting out and Microsoft SharePoint, that this is perfect for you. Here's what we will cover in the course. Great websites. No coding. Use collaborative sites with your team and then transform your ideas into websites fast. So much more. So see you inside. 2. What is Sharepoint: Hi, This is Bryan Hall and we will be discussing all about SharePoint. So first things first, what is SharePoint all about? So the main purpose of using SharePoint is to be able to stay informed or to be able to communicate with your team. So this has pretty much like an intranet site that you will create or you can create for your team and customized with 0 coding. So that's the beautiful part about SharePoint. It also functions as a document repository and you can have shared calendar's lists or posts for your entire team. So we will be going through each one of them right, on what you can possibly do, the inside SharePoint so that you have a better idea if this would be a good fit for you and your T. Okay, so what I'll do is just a quick overview. Pretty much. When we work with SharePoint, you are working with to cite types. So we have the Team site and the communication side. So don't worry about the details for now. Just have in mind about these two types. As inside the courts, we will be creating a new team site from scratch, right? And then we will also be creating a new communication side so that you can have an idea on what are the differences between the two of them, then I want you to understand this so that when it comes to starting with your own SharePoint site from scratch, then you would be able to make that decision on which type to use. So I hope you're excited because we will be covering a lot of ground inside Microsoft SharePoint. And I'll be with you step-by-step. 3. Sharepoint Look Book: Before we get started with working inside SharePoint, I want to share to you this site called SharePoint look book. You can easily access this look book that And what you can see inside here is there's a lot of examples on what's possible inside SharePoint. So you just have a look over here so that you can have an inspiration on what are the possibilities. So if I jump over to the different examples, right? You can see there's quite a number of categories that you can have a look at. So for example, if you're working with schools, right, you can see the different types of homepages and what are different they are using inside. You can have a look and see that, okay, it's SharePoint, really a good fit for my team or department. For example. You can see over here, right? If you have conference as well, which is really cool, you can see the different functionalities that are being done inside SharePoint. So you just have a quick look, right? If you could just go to further detail than you could just have an idea of just go into finer detail but different features, okay? And then you have a preview over here, right? Then you can also mimic, you can see that there are tickets as well for the conference. So it's up to you on getting the ideas or just copy the idea. You can see over here so that you can have a starting point when it comes to working with you. Our SharePoint site. 4. Getting Sharepoint and Home Page Overview: Now let's talk about getting SharePoint and all about the SharePoint homepage. So to be able to work with SharePoint, it's very easy to do so as long as you have an Office 365 account okay, for work or for school, then you can simply go to And on the left side, if I click on this, then you would have the SharePoint under the list of apps. And you can simply click on this to open SharePoint. And I've already done that. So you can see over here, it brings you straight to the SharePoint homepage. So over here it can seem a bit overwhelming, but there are a couple of sections that I want to emphasize for you. On the top portion, you can see here you can create a new SharePoint site from scratch over here. And over here, you can also create and use post that you want to broadcast to everybody. Then on the left side you can see for following over here, right, your top sites that you have followed, you can pretty much have them over here for easy access. And then the recent sites, the list over here, the recent sites that you have gone to. So you can just click swell if you want to go back to that site, then the last one is the featured links. So you can also add links over here, right? That can be accessed by everyone in your organization as described here. And they're pretty much in the middle. You can see over here the different use or updates from the different sites that you are interested in. It's like an aggregator or a quick newsfeed. In cave, there are new updates that you want to access from the different sites, this different SharePoint sites. And then at the bottom right, you can see the frequent sites list over here pretty much the same as well as you can see on the left side. If you click on them as well, it will just bring you straight to that website. So for example, if, let's say you want to add this to your following list, then you can simply click on the star icon over here, right? And you can see that it was added our following list. And you can remove it again, and then it will get the book from following this. So this is pretty much the whole page. Nothing fancy, but we will use this to be able to create a new SharePoint site. 5. Create a New Team Site: Now we're on the exciting part, which is creating a new team sites from scratch. So our scenario is we own an online bookstore and we need to create a team that specialized keto planning to research on what our next book title would be. Okay, so let's create a new site by clicking this button over here for the crates site. And once we select this, there's going to be two options on the type of site that we want to work with. So first things first, why work with a team site? So if you have a team that's working on the same set of tasks, then this will be perfect for death. If, for example, for the communication side chain, on the other hand, if you want to broadcast information, let's say a corporate side with a wide audience than the communication side will be perfect for this purpose. But in our scenario, the team site will be perfect. It's perfect for this because we have the planning team working together on the next book title or the next book concepts. So I'll select this right now for the team site, okay, and then we will be filling up some basic information. So for example, let's say for the site name, Let's say I wanted this to the be the maxillae online bookstore. Okay. And then let's say the planning team or let's say it's just dangerous asked that Microsoft online bookstore team so that we can plan here together. So while we are creating this, what we will have is a group e-mail address that will be created for our team. And then there's going to be the site address as well, pretty much the leg that you can just use for direct access to the new site that we will be creating right now. And then over here, decided description. If you want a quick description, let's say this is the planning side for our next book. Okay, So pretty much discipline for the description. And then we have the privacy settings, okay, so right now it's set to private, but we can change this to public so that anyone in the board or the organization can access this. You cite that we are creating the language. We will set this as default for English and then let's click on Next. Now you can also add members. We have site owners and members to the team. Okay, and then right now, it's only me that in this SharePoint setup right now, so I won't be able to add new members, but we can also add psych owners as well to help you, but it comes to managing the site. Click on Finish. And then we will be able to see right away on the new site that we have. Now, there's going to be new options over here when it comes to browsing templates, you can just go for a new template as well to have like a quick starting fine. But right now what I'll do is we want to work from scratch so that you can see on how we can customize our new site over here. Okay, so stay tuned for that. 6. Team Site Home Page: In just a few clicks, we are able to create a new team site from scratch. And what we have over here is our team site homepage. So this is pretty much different from what we have shown a while ago, the SharePoint homepage. And this one is pretty much a specific site if you have created right now. So this is where the magic happens when it comes to working with your team. So what we have over here is pretty much the bare-bones side. So nothing fancy, right? You can see over here a couple of components that are being shown inside our homepage. And our main goal right now is to make our site look better and add more functionality to it on what you see as being essential for your team to work together. Okay, so I'll just have a quick overview run through on what are the components in our site homepage. So on the left side you can see the navigation over here, you have home conversations, documents, a cheddar over here, even the recycle bin. And then on the top portion over here you can add new items with the new bottle over here, right? Do you have analytics and paste details? And then on the center, this is pretty much the core content of our homepage. You have news, you have quick links, right? You have uploaded documents. And like a quick use of the different activities happening inside the site. So the good thing and the cool thing with SharePoint is it makes it very easy to customize the whole page and be able to add more components to it. And I'll show you later in the course. 7. Uploading Files: When it comes to working with SharePoint, one of the main uses of SharePoint is being able to upload files or documents for the team to use. So this is pretty much like one of the central components when it comes to working with SharePoint sites. So for example, let's say we want to upload a book template file, this Word document over here, right? And then we want to drag and drop over here to our SharePoint sites so that everybody in the team can be able to work with this file. So to be able to do that, you can see on our homepage right now, we have this documents section over here and we have drag files over here that you could just drag this specific word document, what I'm doing right now. And then I'll just leave this over here and it will upload quickly. You can see uploading one item notification over here. In just a couple of seconds, we have our new document ready over here, which is really cool. You can see the document right now over here, and you can continue to add new files to your SharePoint site in this manner. Now, to be able to check all of the files inside our documents, you can see this C O button over here or link. If I click on that, then you will be able to see the documents that are uploaded over here, pretty much the modified time, datetime. And then who uploaded this one are modified. The specific file, that specific file over here. Okay, So when it comes to working with documents, you can also check this specific menu over here on the navigation for documents if I go back to home. Okay. You could also see, aside from this section over here for documents, it can also jump over to documents over here. And it will pretty much bring you back to the same list as what we have seen a while ago. Now I can also jump over to site contents. And then over here when we go to site contents, there's gonna be a folder for documents, and it will lead S again back to the same list of files and documents over here. So you can see that there are lots of ways to be able to access our files and documents because this is pretty much a central focus inside SharePoint. So at least you won't get lost when it comes to finding all of your documents. It here. Now let's go back to our homepage by clicking on the logo and we're back here again. Okay, and then the next part is we will now be working in creating new SharePoint list. 9. Adding Web Parts: So now we're back to our homepage and that's where on customizing our homepage with wet part. So when we say web parts, pretty much you could think of it as a widget that we can add over here are different components, okay, to add more functionality to our page over here. So pretty much what they call it as a SharePoint web parts so that you would know the technical term that we use for this. So let's say we want our team members to be able to add eternity, right? War ideas to our SharePoint list inside our homepage, which means that we need to edit our homepage right now over here and then add our newly created SharePoint list of books, topic ideas. So to be able to do this, I'm back to our homepage. If you're not here, just click on the icon and then I'll select Edit, as you can see on the right corner over here. Now, I'll select edit over here. And now you can see that there's a really cool way for you to customize the different web parts or components. Over here. You can see if I hover my mouse over here, then you could add additional web parts in the middle, right? Or do you just add over here as well on any location as you see fit? So you could add as well over here at the very bottom. So what I'll do right now is, okay, let's just have some fun. This is scope for plus over here. Let's say we're happy with adding our list over here, right? Then you can see that there's the SharePoint list as well over here. But if I just quickly explore, if you could just scroll down over here, then there's quite a number of options that you could add as well. Let's say a bottom on call to action, hero, friend's house of information being displayed, an image gallery link, right? There's quite a number that you could do if I scroll down as well, Right? List sites, okay, even bookmarks over here than different feeds like Twitter. And then there's a countdown timer, right? The group calendar, org chart. And then we have planner, even contacts over here, right? For data analysis, you can even use forums or Power BI display charts over here. Okay, and then we have weather, world clock. So there's quite a number, even different apps as well that you could add over here. So it's quite a number, but for right now, you can have fun as well when it comes to adding different web parts, but we will now focus with our list. Let's select that right now. And then pretty much it will show you a quick like compilation of the list that you have created for this site. And right now we're happy with our book topic ideas. So I'll select this to add to the page. And you can see that this is pretty much the list that we have created and also the different items that I've added a while ago. So now people can just jump in and quickly click on New, then add a new item, okay, and then just contribute to the list that I have over here. So very easy, right? But it comes to adding components or web parts. Our homepage over here. Now, let's say we want to add another web part. Let's say we just want people to have a quick look at our Twitter. Okay, just like have them see you updates. I've selected the Twitter web part over here. And then for the username, let's say, let's go for my Excel Online over here. You can have different options. I'll keep the default over here. And once we have that, let's have a quick look. Okay, so now we have the quick links right on top, and then we have the tweeter web part over here and you can see it, right? It's very easy to just add additional information that we want to show to our team that's relevant to them. And then we have our list as well over here at the bottom. Okay, so very easy when it comes to adding web parts to our homepage. And next is we will be working on reorganizing and customizing our web parts over here. 10. Reorganizing and Customizing Web Parts: Now let's work on reorganizing and customizing our web part. So we're still inside the edit mode. And we can also drag and drop the different web parts to, let's say make it more prominent, are visible inside our homepage. So for example, let's say our documents right now. It's at the very bottom, but we want to move this higher, okay, Here in their page so you could see it, right? Once I select this, you can have this move wet part icon over here. So I can just select this and then drag this to a different location. Let's say we want to have this up right before our activity over here. Anybody section over here, right. I will wet part. And now you have your documents over here. So it's very easy. And then let's say, for example, for the quick links, I don't see much value for Tim. So I'll just select this right now and then our team would be happy, right? Having this discarded. So I just selected the delete web part. You could see this option over here and you can just delete it very easily. Now, let's say, I just have a quick look. Let's say for our list, right? It's being pushed down by our twitter web part over here. And we can customize the setting because right now and I say, Okay, there are three tweets that are being shown over here and it's a bit too much for our homepage, right? Let's say we're happy with just the recent, the most recent tweet being shown over here. So to be able to customize web parts, just select that web part and you could see this option over here for editing. Now, I'll select this and I could just change this to one. Okay, The most recent one to save space inside our homepage. Once I'm happy with this, I'll close this. And let's have a quick look. You can see right now, right? This is the most recent tweet that's being shown. And you can quickly see the book topic ideas list over here because we have made changes. So it's very easy to just move web parts around. It can quickly delete or edit their properties as well, true, the edit functionality over a year. 11. Republish Team Site: So since we are still in edit mode, one of the most important things is once you have made your changes and you're happy with this one, then you would need to republish the team site so that everybody can access the new updated page that you have worked on. So to be able to do this, there's the plot on right now that's showing up over here for republish. So you can see right, this will check in your changes so that everyone who has access to your page will be able to see them. So nothing fancy over here. Just click on republish and you should be good to go after confirming this. So I'll confirm this. It's now republishing. And now we have our new and updated page that's being shown over here. And you have your Twitter over here, web part. And if you have done this web part as well over here, so really cool when it comes to making sure that everybody can see your changes. 12. Add Members to Team Site: As our team girls for the bookstore team, then we would need to add more people to be able to access the website and contribute inside the different ideas or documents that we would need for our bookstore. So to be able to add members to the team side, it's very easy to do so you just select this member like link over here on the upper right corner. And if I select that, then we have the group membership. Now, we can just select Add members and you need to be aware of site owners and site members when it comes to the different roles that we can give to people, our site. So for site folder is pretty much if you have like an under admin that you want to work with you, but it comes to maintaining the site. So CYP holders would be perfect for this as they would have full control of the site content team, right? Permission settings, everything when it comes to your specific site, when it comes to sight members than they're pretty much the contributors. They can edit and view side Content, files, pages, lists, and navigation when it comes to adding content to your website. So you can just add them over here by typing the name and just click Save to save them as well. But for example, if you have existing members are ready inside your site and you want to say change new rule, then you can just select the drop-down quickly and then you just select member or site owner over here, or you can also remove them altogether from our side. Okay. Just in case you need it. So that's pretty much it. When it comes to adding members to your website. 13. Teams and Sharepoint Integration: Let's talk about Microsoft Teams and integration with our SharePoint site. Because right now, Microsoft Teams is widely used for communication purposes amongst your team members. Okay, So the question right now is, okay, is it possible to integrate this with our SharePoint team site? So when it comes to Microsoft Teams, It's very easy to do so because you could see over here on the lower left corner, there's that option of adding Microsoft Teams. So you can see that, okay, do you want real time chat for your team members? Then select this option to create like Microsoft Teams for the SharePoint site. Now I'll select this ad Microsoft Teams name. And there's pretty much a quick overview over here, right? When it comes to setting it up, I'll select Continue. And there's pretty much some like starting options that you want to begin as tabs inside your teams right now. So if you want the homepage, okay, or our SharePoint list to show up quickly over here. I'll unselect this right now because what I want to do is I'll just show you quickly on how to do this manually inside Teams. If you want to add further customization, we can do this quickly with a few mammals steps. Now, I'll select, add themes over here, and it will just take a couple of seconds when it comes to setting this up for our Microsoft Teams. Now that Teams has been created, you can just, for this icon over here showing up right now inside your SharePoint site, you can click on this link to go to the new channel that's being created for you. I've read it, click on this, and it's pretty cool because now we have Microsoft Teams working right now. And you could see the name of our SharePoint site that's been created over here, right? The Maxwell online bookstore team, which pretty much this site that we have created. So now you can see that it's already been linked to Microsoft Teams and you have your new team created over here and our general channel that we can work with. So that's really cool. There's that integration right now. The question right now, Let's say we want people to also access our SharePoint site quickly over here, okay, so I can just click on the plus icon to add a new tab over here. And you can see right there is that option for SharePoint. You can see the different options over here, but let's focus first with SharePoint right now. Okay, I'll select plus over here. And let's wait for it to load my Excel bookstore team over here, right? And then let's go for, let's say the specific page of our homepage. Right now. I'll click Save, right? And you would now be able to access the homepage off our SharePoint site straight inside Microsoft Teams. So if I scroll down, you can see are documents that TBD or did you speed? And then you have the Twitter right? That we have set up a while ago over here. And we have our book topic ideas less. So it's really cool right there. Just click Dismiss over here. And it's really cool because you're now able to jump over right inside Teams. And there's no need for you to switch from this tab to the next, but it really depends on your preference. But you can also just add this inside Microsoft Teams for your team to access. Now, you can also add a SharePoint list. So let's say you just want to focus on that specific list over here. So let's say, let's just type in SharePoint and see what we can add over here. So for example, let's say let's add another SharePoint. Nice over here, I'll select SharePoint. Right now. I'll select our site. And okay, it's already selected over here. And let's go for less. Which means you can just add that specific list inside Microsoft Teams, right? And I'll click Save. And now we have that specific list for people to add more ideas inside quickly. Now focused on just the list instead of a div for the whole patient. Let's say there's just too much content that we're displaying for our team. So we can just focus on that specific list by adding that S and you tab over here and then people can just continue to work with inside over here. So that's really cool because it just allows you that level of customization or detail that you can just focus on when it comes to working inside Microsoft Teams. So you could just feel it right now, right? There's that blurriness when it comes to that distinction between Teams and SharePoint, because that's pretty much the main idea when it comes to collaborating with your team members. Know even the uploads when it comes to files, they're pretty much integrated as well when it comes to Teams and SharePoint. So what I'll do right now is I've selected files inside Microsoft Teams. So what I've done right now is I have my files over here. Let's say we're working on a book cover and I'll just upload the first draft over here inside Microsoft Teams. So I've dragged the image file over here and you could see that I have uploaded inside Teams and to prove okay, That pretty much the files and documents are well integrated between teams. What I'll do is I'll just jump over here to my SharePoint site. I'll go over to documents right now and let's see what we have over here. You can see in general, this is pretty much the general channel that we have inside Microsoft Teams. And now I've selected the general folder. And you could see the image show up over here. So pretty much they're integrated across, right? When it comes to our documents repository, you could see it as well. When you jump over to SharePoint, you can access it as well over here. So that's the really cool part when it comes to working with documents between Teams and SharePoint. 14. Create a New Communication Site: Now let's work on creating a new communications side so that we can have a better idea on what are the differences that we have with team sites versus communication science. So what we'll do right now is on the upper left corner and select Create sign over here. And then we would see the two types come up once again, the team side and the communication side. So this communication side, I've selected this one and this is perfect for broadcasting information to a lot of people. So for example, let's say you want to share more information about our existing books of our bookstore. So this communication side would be perfect for this. So let's give this a name. That's my Excel Online Books, right? So you would notice as well that there is no group email address that's being created, right? Because you are not working with a team right now. So that's one of the differences that you could see with the team size. If you're happy with this font for the site address, you could see that link over here, that URL that's being created by prescription and you can add quick description for this side, let's say our existing best selling books. My Excel. Now, we have the language is English, so we're good. And that's finished. Now, once our site is created, it's going to look pretty similar with a team site that we had a while ago with some minor differences. So the same thing as well. You could browse templates or we can also make the changes manually. So I'll just select maybe later. So if I just have a quick look on what we have, right, the editing process is fairly similar to what we have experienced with the team site, and we'll go to that in a short while. But if we scroll down, you can see that over here we have events and then we also have documents as well over here. So pretty much this bare-bones template right now is a good spot to start communicating are conveying information to your target audience. So we'll be going through the editing process so that we can add more web parts in enhancing this page. 15. Add Countdown Timer Web Part: When it comes to updating our homepage, editing is very straightforward. So for example, let's say we want to add a new countdown timer, maybe somewhere around here, wherein we want to tell people, okay, this is going to be the launch date of our upcoming book. So to be able to do that, let's just select edit over here. Once we select this, it will be fairly familiar to you on how we have edited the team site as well. So the process is pretty straightforward and similar as well. So for example, let's say over here, we want to add our timer countdown over here. So I'll just select plus over here and we have our list of web parts. Now, let's look for timer, maybe count down. There you go. So we have this right now if I select this, okay, so we have our web part being shown right away over here. Now, we're able to add further customization as well. Let's say that's working on a new book launch. And then as they add description, make sure to our database. Yeah, it's coming very soon. Okay, now we can add further customization here, because right now it's traded three hours and let's say, okay, it's going to be launched in two months. So what I'll do is let's select the edit for this specific web part. Okay, So that's like that right now. And then we can just move it Let's say move it about two months later, right. Then I'll just select this date right now. Okay. So we have 61 days and then pretty much a time. And you could also make changes on how you want the timer to be displayed. Which format, for example, they hours or minutes, or do you just want over here? But let's say just to make it cooler and you could see the second sticking away. Okay, so let's select this one, call-to-action. And if you want to add a bottom number here, and then there's a specific link, let's say for a pre purchasing or just signing up to a newsletter you can do it at as well. I've just turned that off and then you can also make changes to the background image. Now, for the background image should say I'll just go for stock images over here, and let's search for books. Now, let's say we're pretty much happy with this one. I'll select this, I'll go for it, insert. And we would have our updated countdown timer over here. That's pretty cool, right? So it's also able to change the font of wine to match the background as well. Now, once we're pretty happy, you can also make changes on the overlay color. You can make changes as well, right? Then once you're happy with this one, I'll close this one. And there you have it. There you'd have for your new countdown timer that you have added to the page as well over here. So it's very easy to just edit and then just try it out on the different web parks, similar to what we have done before, to our team site. 16. Edit Web Part Layouts: So right now we're still in edit mode. And for example, let's say we want to change the layout of a specific web part. Like for this one, we have the hero web part, right? We have five tiles over here, and we can change the layout just by going through the edit web part process. Okay, so it's very easy. Just make sure you have the web part selected and we have this edit web part, like icon over here. If I select that right now, then we have multiple options for our layout. You can change the number of taus. For example, let's say just one tile, right? Then gets changed to tiles, three, etc, tau. So it really depends on what you need, but you can have this level of cost to the session. So for example, let's say you want to try layers as well over here. So you have one layer, two layers that we have three layers. If I scroll down right now you can see there's three layers that we have right now, or even five layers, right? But if that's too big for you that you can just go back to towels and it's saved just 13 tiles being shown over here. And that's the really easy thing with web parts because he could just modify them right off the bat. Then once we're happy with this, so for example, let's say you also want to make further changes. You can also select individual towels over here, I'll select Edit. You can change on where it's going to be linking to. So for example, you can change the title. This is a new article, right? And then you can change the leg as well. You can go for the background image, let's say let's change for a specific color or a custom image as well. You can just change them over here. So the cool thing is, if you see something that you want to try to modify with chances are if you click on it, there's a way for you to add further cost of the station. 17. Edit Sections: So when it comes to editing sections, you can pretty much do this on any SharePoint site. So if you want to change the look and feel of entire sections, then we would go for the different section options on the left. So for example, if I click on this specific web part, right, then we would see the different section options on the left. But first things first, how do we determine what comprises section? So the hint that SharePoint would give you is pretty much the plus icon over here. It's like if you see the plus icon right then until this plus icon as well, then that pretty much ASD start off a section. My goal down over here for the new book launch countdown timer that we have. If I scroll all the way down over here until people profile. So this is another section because that's where we see the plus icon as well over here. Now, let's say we want to change this section to a two column layout. So to be able to do that, I'll just select any component or any space inside this specific section. And you would see different options. We have added move, we have duplicate, and we have deleting the entire section. Now let's say we want to edit this one. You can change the layout options to two columns, three columns, or two column layout we're in, the first column is smaller, or the first column is actually larger. So let's say I want the two column layout and I'll just close this one. And let's see Next. Now, we have the first column show up over here, right? It's looking good, and then the second column is pretty bland. So let's select Edit section once again. And let's say you can also change the background shading as well, okay, on how you see fit. Okay, so I just changed this right now to the blue-green color, right? Let me just close this. And we have our two column layout with this background color. Now, once we have the section layout like sudden place, of course our second column right now is pretty bland. So the next part right now that we need to do is now to start moving the different web parts, let's say adjust that. And I could just drag and drop the other web parts to the second column. So let's say for the documents, I'm happy with this showing up over here. Right. And then let's say for the people profiles, that's this to our second column. So you can see that you could just combine or mix and match when it comes to editing section over here. And now you're editing the page by just drag and drop different web parts just to make it more compact and easier for people to read. And of course, if you're happy with this one right, then you could just stop making changes or you could just add more sections and then use that to organize your web parts inside the pig. 18. Add Youtube Web Part: So now let's just explore on, okay, let's add another web part to further enhance our page over here. So let's say we want to add a new section, right? And then let's say, I'm happy with one column over here. And then I want to add a new YouTube web car or a new YouTube video over here that pretty much features the latest book that we have launched for the hour, my Excel online bookstore. So what I'll do right now is okay, I've edited a new section, add it over here, and let's select YouTube for our new web part to be displayed over here. What I have here right now is I've already copied a YouTube link of our launch video, and then we can pretty much just embed this over here for our latest book right now. So you can also change the start time. You can just play around with the different controls are the different customization options that you have over here. Once we're happy with this one, very easy, and you've now embedded YouTube video over here. You can add further customisation is to just play around with the different web parts just by clicking on the Add web part option over here. And you can just try out the different ones. Just have fun and see which ones would best fit your communications site. 19. Change Page Look and Editing Navigation: Once you are happy with the changes that you have done to the page, so make sure to republish that so that everybody can see the changes that you have made to the side. So what I'll do right now, as I'll select republish, right? Then, pretty much once we're happy with this, I'll select republish. To confirm. Now we have launched the changes and we want to change right now the page look and be able to, let's say, change the navigation options as well over here. So to be able to change the look and feel of them. Page, it's very easy. At the upper right corner we have the settings over here. Let's select that. And then we would be able to change the look, the very bottom over here, I'll select change the look. And you can change the team as well over here. So for example, let's say for orange, okay, you could just make changes and I'll click Save. And there are quite a number of options that you can play around it. So let me just go back to change the look. We have the header, we have the navigation, we have the footer. So you could just make changes. For example, let's say on the navigation over here we want a minimal look and feel over here to just focus on the contents of the page. Also make it larger. Let's say, let's just go for then. And then you can also change the background as well. Just having fun as file over here and change the site title visibility. So there's quite a number of options, even the thumbnail of your site logo, we can change it as well over here. So I'll click Save and let me just jump over to the different settings. So for example, change the loop. We have navigation, It changed as well, and K. And then also for the footer, you can also make changes. For the very bottom, just scroll down all the way to the bottom, let's say my Excel Online. So you could see on the lower left corner is being shown over here for the display name. And it can also change the background just to make it stand out more. I'm happy with this. Let's click Save and I updated the look and feel off the page. Very easy. So if I scroll up right now, and let's say I want to add more links over here right before people pick and get more information about our bookstore, about our brand. So I'll just select edit over here, and you can just add more links over here. So for example, let's say I'll add a new link. I'll click on the plus icon for our navigation. And it sent a link or labor, let's say if the length, and then let's say it's my Excel And then let's say for display name Excel tutorials, I'll select. Okay. And there Let's say we can just drag and drop this to move at the bar most option or the leg for our navigation. Now, I'm happy with this one. I'll click Save. And you would see Excel tutorials now fill up while we're here. So it's very easy to just update the navigation options and the local field with a couple of options inside SharePoint. 20. Create a News Post: Now let's try creating a new post. So for example, if you want to announce something to our readers or to our audience than the news pulse would be perfect for this. So I'll select New over here, right? And then we have our newest posts over here. And now select that right now. There are couple of options as well. You can go for a template. So you can see the layout over here. You can also have this specific template over here, or you can also go for blank. So let's just go for a blank right now. And I'll select Create, Post. Let's say we want to announce that we are holding a big sale of our books right now, 20 personnel, for example. And then we can add the promo code over here. And it's very easy to do that. Let's say my X0 online book sale. Okay, Then let's say 20 per cent off. We just update the texts over here to any person. Use the promo code I excel to get your books. Now, what I'm doing right now is just simple editing, right? But if you have a better look on the different options over here, this is pretty much second nature to you because you have the plus icon again over here. And you have the sections as well. If you add, if you want to expand your page. So for example, let's say you want to change this to two column layout that you could do that as well. Pretty much the same options that we have done with the previous tutorials. Because for example, let's say you wanted to add additional web parts. So for example, over here, you want to add, let's say call to action. Add the bottom over here. Then pretty much everything that we have done on our homepage. It's the same steps that you can use for editing your posts over here. So for example, let's say we have this one right before our cover image. You can just change the image as well. Okay, So let me just go for stock images. Let's say we have sales, so I'll just look for that. Okay. Not what I had in mind. So let's go back to books and we can just change this to a book cover image and happy with this one. And I'll select, Insert over here. Now, once you're happy with this, you can continue making changes. And after that, we just post the news and now it gets published to our site. So if I go back to home right now, okay. So if I scroll down as well, then you wouldn't be able to see what are the updates for our newsfeed over here. And you can see the biaxial online book sale, the promo code that Chandra, Right? It's displayed right now over here. So that's really cool. Just create more pages and pretty much the editing. The editing steps that you need to do is pretty much consistent across the SharePoint site. 21. Manage Site Access: When it comes to managing site access, it's very easy to do so if you want to modify the permissions when it comes to our communications side. So to be able to do that, let's go over to settings over here, and then I'll select site permissions. And over here, right, you can start sharing the side and then adding more people to give them access to your specific site. Now, I'll click cancel, and I just wanted to go over the different roles that you can give to your users. So for example, we have site owners who have site members and site visitors, so forth. Site owners pretty much everything. They have full control of the site. Now, if we go for site members, pretty much editing and viewing site content. And last but not least, for a site visit or if it's just for viewing the website, okay? And then you can also change on how members can share, right? And then let's say once you have added people, I could just expand this and check on which members have been added to the specific role. And you could just change them as well. You can edit, it can remove, or I can just change them to which specific role that you want to re-assign them to. Okay, so it's very easy to just update the permissions on your site.