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Microsoft Forms: How to Create Online Forms and Quizzes!

teacher avatar Bash (BizTech Matters), Online Teaching Excel Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Create Online Forms and Quizzes Now!


    • 2.

      What is Microsoft Forms


    • 3.

      Where to get Microsoft Forms


    • 4.

      Forms Home Page


    • 5.

      New Form


    • 6.



    • 7.



    • 8.

      Form Settings


    • 9.

      Previewing and Testing the Form


    • 10.

      View Results and Export to Excel


    • 11.

      Sending the Form Link


    • 12.

      New Quiz


    • 13.

      Quiz Settings


    • 14.

      Previewing and Testing the Quiz


    • 15.

      View Results and Export to Excel


    • 16.

      Sending the Quiz Link


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About This Class

Last time you opened a new form in Microsoft Forms and are overwhelmed by the number of things to do. You don't know how to make the best use of your time.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With...

- Create your own Microsoft Form from scratch
- Manage real world forms in Microsoft Forms with this!
- Understand the essence of the Forms concepts and techniques, and see them in action!
- See how it is done in Microsoft Forms with real examples!

After this class you will be able to:

- Actually SMILE when you open your Form :-)
- Brag to your friends about how you can create real-world forms confidently!

If you're like me, you want to create forms for important tasks and projects. Whether it's for business or personal related forms, everyone wants to be able to transform their ideas to forms freely and easily.

Here's what we will cover in Microsoft Forms:

- What is Microsoft Forms
- Where to get Microsoft Forms
- Forms Home Page
- New Form
- Branching
- Themes
- Form Settings
- Previewing and Testing the Form
- View Results and Export to Excel
- Sending the Form Link
- New Quiz
- Quiz Settings
- Previewing and Testing the Quiz
- View Results and Export to Excel
- Sending the Quiz Link

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bash (BizTech Matters)

Online Teaching Excel Expert


Hi! I'm Bash and over here at BizTech Matters, I love sharing what I know through online classes, with my over 10 years of IT and teaching experience. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I ensure that I will give you the tools to succeed.


My goal is to show you the essence behind on whatever I'm teaching you. Hop in for a fun ride into learning in the technology world!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Queries

- Create your own Power BI Dashboard!

- Use Excel Power Query to Clean your Dirty Data

- Use the Top 50 Excel Keyboard Short... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Create Online Forms and Quizzes Now!: Hi, Welcome to Microsoft Forms, great online forums and quizzes. So are you starting out in Microsoft Forms them? This is perfect for you. Here's what you will learn from this course. Great online forums with no coding, ideas from your team. Online quizzes, surveys, and a whole lot more. So what are you waiting for? Master Microsoft Forms now and see you inside. 2. What is Microsoft Forms: Hi, This is Bryan Hall and let's talk about Microsoft Forms. So Microsoft Forms is used to analyze results of surveys and quizzes. And it also gives you the capability to export your results into Excel if you need further analysis. So you might be wondering, okay, what can we do with Microsoft Forms? So to show you the capabilities of forms, what I'll do is I will show you right now and the end result or the goal that we are after when it comes to creating our own formed from scratch. And you can see over here, right, there are multiple questions that we have different ways of answering for our users, okay, if you could see different types of inputs over here. And this is what we will be creating insight forms. And another one is we will also be creating a quiz as well. So that we can also explore on the different types of forms that you can create over here. Okay, so I hope you're excited and we will be creating this from scratch step-by-step. 3. Where to get Microsoft Forms: Where can you get Microsoft Forms? So the best part of this one is that it's very easy to get forms and it is free as long as you have a Microsoft account. But if you don't have one, don't worry, you can quickly sign up for a Microsoft account. So once you have that ready, just head over to And over here with the different apps you have forms shown over here, you can quickly select that and be able to start working in Microsoft Forms right away. So what I've done is I've already opened Microsoft Forms over here and we can now start creating our forums. 4. Forms Home Page: Right now we're inside the forms homepage. And a question right now is okay, what can we do inside? So pretty much we have new form over here, right? And then new quiz. And the different templates that we can use to give us a head start when it comes to working with Michael to forms. But don't worry, I'll be walking like in detail with you on the differences between the new form over here. And with the new quiz, there are some distinctions, but more or less there are a lot of similarities between the two of them. Now, let's explore the different templates that we have over here so that we could just have a quick like starting point over here. So e.g. for our standard templates, you can see customer feedback survey, event registration, employee satisfaction survey, right? There's a nomination survey, parents satisfaction survey, etc. Okay. So the good thing over here is okay, if there's specific template that's really close to what you need, then we can just simply start from here. Or if you want like fully customizable, then you just start with a new form or a new quiz depending on your needs. So what I'll do is let's just try a template. Let's say I just want to explore the event registration over here. Let's see what we have if we select this template. Okay, So now we have our event registration. So you can see there's a background and there's already multiple questions that are set up for you. So as you can see, there's a quick way for you to get inspiration when it comes to working with templates. If you're unsure on how to start with Microsoft Forms. 5. New Form: Now let's create our first formed from scratch. So I'm back to the forms homepage and I'll select new form so that we can create our forms from scratch. So the goal over here is to create a feedback form for our Excel books. So let's say we have the one-on-one Excel book series. And we want to get like a survey or feedback from our users are readers on what our next book title would be and how our books doing. What's your favorite XL topic, e.g. then we can ask all of these questions inside Microsoft Forms. So we have untitled form right now. So let's just add a title to this form right now. I'll just type in Excel looks feedback over here, right? Pretty straightforward. It's just double-clicking and typing over here. And let's say four to form description. Let's say, let us know what you think. Okay? And over here, right, nothing fancy, just a title. And what I can do as well while editing this one is you can also insert media over here. So let's just search for an image, let's say related to excel. This one looks good. So I'll just select this and I'll click Add. And you would see it now shows up as an additional image over here. Okay, now let's start adding our questions over here. So let's go for, let's say, a choice. But if you notice as well, there are quite a number of different types that you can use over here. Insight forms. You have choice. We have texts, rating, date, ranking, likert, not sure how this is pronounced, but you will see how this is used in a short while Net Promoter Score and section, but we will be going through this one by one. So what I'll do right now is I'll use the different options one by one, right? When it comes to filling up our feedback form, as you can see how this shows up inside Microsoft Forms. So let's select choice first. Okay, so nothing fancy over here is just a choice questions. So let's say which one-to-one X0 book is the best. Okay, and then now we can start adding the options and let's say macros and that we have option to four formulas over here. So it's very easy to add choices as well. You can add option, just click on over here. You can also add other option as well, right? So that the user can just fill it up. I can delete this as well. You can see the trash icon over here, so it's very easy to just modify, like your choices for the question. Okay? We also have the option for multiple answers. So e.g. if they can select more than one answer, so you can just enable this. And if this is a required question, then you can also enable this as well. So the good thing with shuffled options is that if you don't want the order to be static and you're okay with shuffling the different options over here, right? Then you just enable this so that every time a new person comes in and opens the form, then the order of your choices would be randomized. Now we have drop-down as well, right? So if you want a drop-down menu, show up, you can see this drop-down over here. Then you can change that as well. And then they also have the subtitle. If you want to add additional information regarding your question, you can do that as well. Okay. And then branching, we'll be discussing that in a separate topic because we want to show you that you can also add like conditional logic when it comes to the branching off your questions. So stay tuned for that. Okay, So that's pretty much for our first question. Now, let's add another question. Let's say, let's go for texts. Okay, Let's go forward to next time. So let's say that's asked the reader know, let us know what should be our next Excel topic. So right now, you just want the reader or whoever the user is to start typing in their ideas or their preferences for to Excel topic. Now you can also select Long answer if you think that it's going to be a lot of characters of texts, right? Same thing required, and it pretty much restrictions as well over here. So e.g. restrictions, if you want a numerical answer, then you can have that selected. You have greater than, equal, not equal between. You can have those restrictions as well. So you could see right over here, it's also shown that the value must be a number. But in our case, we don't need that. You just want the person to just answer and give us ideas on what our next Excel book should be. Now, if you notice as well, there's the insert media option over here. We can also insert image or insert video. So let's just go for insert image. I'll just type in question similar to what we had from a while ago. So let's just select this. This one looks good. I'll click Add over here. And we have that image as well, right next to the question. Okay? If you notice over here, right, you have copied question. If you want to simply duplicate the question quickly, you can use this. You can delete the question altogether, and you can also sort or move the ordering of your questions up or down if you need to change this. Now let's go for Add New, have rating. Let's try it out. Now. Let's say for the rating, that's a, how would you rate our formulas book? Okay, now we have our number of stars, it's 5-stars at the moment, you can change this to any number that you wish. Let's say I want ten stars, okay? It can also change. The symbol. Starts, look good. I like this better, right? And then pretty much the same options that we have over here. Now, let's go to Add New and let's try out date for the date. Let's say when did you first hear about books? Okay, and then what the user can simply do is they can add or insert the date asked their answer over here. Okay, let's go for add new. What else do we have? We have ranking. Okay, so this one's really cool because let's say our question. Let me just click on this. And let's say our question would be, which Excel topic do you like the most? Please arrange it from the most to list, okay. So it's like highest to lowest. So it just depends on your wording. Though. Let's say our topics would be formulas, okay, and then we have macros. And then let's see, PivotTables. So the cool thing with this option is the user can simply drag and drop the different options to show their preference from the highest to the lowest over here. So when it comes to ordering, you're just asking the user, here are the answers, right? And then just order it in whatever manner that you wish, okay, depending on the question. So that's a really cool thing. You can simply add more options right over here, or I can also delete them as well. Now, let's jump over to the next type which is Likert. Let's just see how it looks like. So over here for Likert, I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing it well, but it's a really handy way to be able to gauge, Let's see opinions or what the user thinks about themselves or their stand on a specific topic. So e.g. let's say how confident are you in this Excel topics? Okay? So let's say for the topics that I want them to evaluate themselves, right? Somehow I click extremely confident. So you've got added over here. But the cool thing is with the different options over here, right? What forms has done right now for me is they have also suggested if I want to add this options over here. So let's just click very confident, somewhat confident, somewhat not confident, extremely not confident, right? I'll just click add all over here. And we have immediately the different options as well. Extremely confident, very, somewhat, somewhat not, extremely not. So you can see right, from very, very confident to not confident at all, but you can simply change this option. That's the nice thing about here. But what forms has done for me is maybe this, are they useful setup options, so they have already suggested, and it's just a single click for me to add everything in a single click. But e.g. let's say you don't need this, you can simply delete this and you can add more options as well as you see fit. Okay, so that's the really nice thing about it. Now, over here for the statement, you can also change this to say formulas, right? And then we have macros as well over here. And then you can add another statement to write if you need more options over here. Let me just delete that. I'm happy with this. And pretty much for the confidence for the Likert. This is pretty much what we have. Last but not least, let's go for Add New and let's try Net Promoter Score. So Net Promoter Score is like you have the default statement over here. How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague? And it's just a scoring system, 0-10 aswell. So really cool. Okay, so nothing fancy over here. And for the last one is, you can also add new sections if you had like different sections for your survey or feedback for it. If it's a pretty long form, then you can simply add a new section and then add more questions underneath. But the cool thing is you could just simply delete the section or remove it altogether. Okay, So this is pretty much our form. And we have gone over the different question types. And I hope you're excited once you start testing this feedback form. 6. Branching: Let's talk about branching because branching is a really cool way. If e.g. you want specific events to happen depending on the user's answer. So e.g. let's say for our form, right now, we want to ask permission from the user if they're happy with answering the form. Okay. Yes or no question, right? Very simple. And if they answered yes, then we simply go through our questions for them to answer. But if it's no, then we simply jumped to the end of the form. So pretty straightforward, but it's really cool when you see how branching works. So what I'll do right now is let me just click here. I'll insert a new question and let's just type in. Do you comply to answering this survey? Okay. Now the cool thing is Microsoft Forms is able to suggest as well the different choices for you if you're tired of typing, right? And if the choices forums has offered to you makes sense, then you can simply click on them. I'll click on Yes, I'll click on No. And you could see our options are now populated. There's even maybe, but we don't need that over here. Now. Once we have this, we can make this required, right? And now I'll select this. We can add branching to this specific question. Now if you notice, we have our yes, we have are no over here we have Goto. So if the user has selected yes. What do you want to happen? Do you want to jump to a specific question? Because we have all of our questions setup over here. Or you can just simply go next, which means it will jump to the next question. But if the user has selected no, I don't want to answer this form, this survey. So you can simply redirect the user to the end of the form. Okay, you don't want to answer. No problem. We simply add the survey. So that's the really cool thing. So you have that capability to jump to different questions as well with branching. So if you need additional logic that you need to add throughout the form, then you can simply add branching to the other questions as well. Once you're happy with the setup of branching options, we just simply click back and you're back to your form. 7. Themes: Now let's talk about Teams. So Teams are a lot of fun inside forms because they just add some life to your font because this is pretty boring at the moment. All we have is just this single color backgrounds. So I'll select Teams right now. And there's quite a number of teamID is, and there's also like different options that I can select. Just make this more lively for the user to fill out. Now let's just select this option over here. Let's have a quick look as well. It looks good, right? You could just change the teams, just go over here, right? And then just keep on changing them or even add images, customize it even more depending on your needs. 8. Form Settings: So now let's go over the form settings. So over here on the upper right corner, right, you have the three dots. You can simply select that. You can duplicate this form. We have the different settings. You can also print it. Now, let's go over to settings and have a quick look. So you have accept responses over here. So once you have this tick, right, then for the people that are accessing your forms, they can submit responses. If I untick this right now, then you could see, right, recipients aren't able to fill out and submit this form, then you can simply place a message shared, sorry, it has closed or registration has closed, e.g. and show this message to your users. Now, if you accept responses and can also add a start date and an end date as well. Which is really cool, right? So that you can have some level of control on when people can fill in their responses to your forearms. Now we have shuffled questions as well. You have show progress bar. If you have a look over here, right? It's only available for a multi-page surveys forms, or quizzes for the progress bar. Now, also e-mail notification. So if you want an email notification, right? If somebody submits your form, you can also get notified of this and you can also customize the message because once you complete the form and submit it over here, right The reached the end of the form. Whoops. Let me just reopen this. And you can simply change the thank you message as well to the user. Okay, so this is pretty much for deforms settings. 9. Previewing and Testing the Form: Now for the fun part, Let's talk about previewing and testing the form. So we want to see the questions now in action. So let's go over the preview option over here because it's very easy to do that inside forms. I'll select that. And now you have our form in action. So over here we have computer. Like if it's shown over a web browser, you can also test it like inside a mobile phone. So let's try it out for computer. Okay. So do you comply to answering the survey? Remember that we have branching. So let's say if we select No and go for submit, right? And we're done. Okay, thanks. Your response was submitted. So we're simply done because of the branching. But let's say let's submit another response and let's go for it. Yes, if I select Yes, Okay, it now jumps to the next question. Okay, so that's the really cool thing because Microsoft Forms has this branching functionality which we have used, and we're able to utilize this to change the outcome depending on the first question to answer. Now, let's jump over which one-on-one Excel book is the best, right? Let's say formulas. Let's say for the next e-book topic or next book topic, right? I don't have any answer because everything is optional. I can just leave some of them black. So radar formulas book ten stars, make it nine. We did a first here. I'll just put a random date over here, right? And then which Excel topic do you like the most? Please arrange from most to least. So we can just drag and drop the ordering of the topics. Let's say I like PivotTables the most, so I'm placing them as number one. How confident are you in this XL topics? I say I'm very confident and macros, not really. So I'll just place extremely not confident. So how likely are you to recommend us ten? I'll give it a score of ten, extremely likely, right? And click submit and you're done with the form. So it's very easy to use S and end-user, e.g. when it comes to filling up the forums as you have seen over here. So what I'll do right now, Let's jump over to mobile and then let's see what it looks like. Same thing, right? You comply and I say Yes. Okay, Which Excel Macros. Next book topic. You can see the image as well over here, let's say I wanted to be PivotTables, right? Okay. How many stars? Ten stars, right, and then ready the first year. It can also select the dates, same thing as well over here. Which XL topic do you like the most? So I can just drag and drop or I can use the arrows or swell to organize the different topics. Now how confident are you in this Excel topics? So you can see that you can collapse as well, right? The different topics over here, right? This am very confident if macros somewhat confident for formulas over here, then how likely are you to recommend that, say a score of eight over here and I'll click Submit. We're done over here. And once we're done testing, we can simply go back and we're back to edit mode for our Microsoft Forms. 10. View Results and Export to Excel: Now if you notice a while ago when we previewed and tested the form, we submitted three responses. And the cool thing is, it's immediately shown over here as well on the responses tab. So we can click on this and then have an idea on how our users are doing. I did this three times so you can see through your sponsors. And it took 50 s on average to complete the form. Okay. So now you have a summary of the results over here. Okay. Two people answered yes and then one answered no, which we did. Right. And you can also click on More details if you need that. You have the names as well and the responses over here in detail. But over here is just a quick way for you to have a summary of the responses. Next Excel book topic, we have PivotTables, one responds and then the rating, we have our average rating over here. And responses for the dates as well. Alright, two responses, and then the arranging of the top choice and the lowest choice, right? You have the breakdown over here. That's really cool for the different topics. Okay, Then how confident are you in? And you can also see right, on how confident are people with the different topics over here, okay, and then for how likely are you to recommend to a friend or colleague, you have your score like, okay, where is the gauge pointing at when it comes to the recommendations? Are they promoters? Passives are our day detractors. Okay, so that's the really cool thing with this one because it gives you in real-time, It's pretty much immediate when somebody submits a form. And then the results are aggregated in like shown in a summary over here. So another thing is you can also open in Excel over here and can also delete all the responses, print the summary, or even share a summary link. But what I'll do is let's opening this in Excel. So now I've clicked on open in Excel and it's simply downloaded. Summary, pretty much all of the results actually inside an Excel spreadsheets. So e.g. if I have further processing to do like e.g. a. Park query or maybe creating charts that I need to cost them IS over here. Then pretty much this is a really nice way to get all of the results in one-click, right? So you can see our questions over here on the top. And then the response is pretty much like tabulated over here. So you can just simply use this and perform further analysis inside Excel if needed, straight from Microsoft Forms. 11. Sending the Form Link: So let's say we're happy with the form and we're ready to go live by sending this form link to our readers or users for them to start filling up. So to be able to do that, it's very easy. You just click on Send over here, right? So you can see you sent and collect responses. Anyone can respond, and this is pretty much the link that we can use to send out. You can also click on shortened URL, right? And it's a shortened URL, just click on Copy and then we have the Forms link over here. Another way is to simply send it via email or you can even generate a QR code. So e.g. if you want to print this out and have people scan it with their phones, then you can simply use this QR code over here. There's even the embedding as well over here. You can paste it on a webpage or in Microsoft Sway as well, so that you can simply have people click on it and then fill out your forms right away. Okay, So that's the really cool thing because it's just a link that you can generate quickly inside Microsoft Forms. And he can start asking people to use your form right away. So let's just try it out quickly for this link and see how it looks like. I'll click Copy over here, right? And then let's just paste the link over here and then let's see what it looks like for our forums. So pretty much what we have right now is the form that we have created and it's now ready for use and answering by our readers. 12. New Quiz: Now let's work with creating a new quiz inside Microsoft Forms. So you might be thinking, okay, what's the difference between the query and a form? Actually, a quiz is very similar to a form. And the main differences would be that there are right or wrong answers with a quiz, because we are grading somebody based on their knowledge and there'll be right or wrong. And we can also add feedback based on the user's answer to help the person when it comes to their learning if they make a mistake or reinforce the correct answer that okay, Great job. It can add that as well. We can also assign points for each correct answer. So we have the grading system inside a quiz, but pretty much otherwise, the question types that you'll be seeing, right? It's going to be very familiar to you because they are similar with Microsoft Forms, the new form that we did from a while ago. Okay, so I'll select nucleus right now and then let's see what we can work with. So let's say e.g. over here, what we want to create is, let's say we want to create a quiz based on your knowledge of Microsoft Forms. Okay, So I'm just making this up right now. And let's add a new image, very similar as well. If you notice the options that we have, okay, Let's say we just want to add the Microsoft Forms logo over here. I'll click add as well. Okay, So we have Microsoft Forms course quiz, okay, now we have our questions, so it's add a new question over here. And pretty much the same options will pop up. Choice texts, rating date, pretty much the same ones that we have been using for Microsoft Forms. Okay. So which is why they're very similar in a way, right? And you will feel at home straight away when it comes to working with quizzes. So e.g. let's work on choice. And let's say, are you enjoying this course? So you need to give the right answer over here. Alright, I'll make this required. Okay, and then let's say I'm happy with yes and no, or even maybe the difference over here, you can mark the specific choice as the correct answer. E.g. I. Can select this as CS over here, right? And then let's say you can also select this one. It's like feedback for the user message for those who choose this. Okay, so let's say Great job. Okay? And then for no, try again. And then maybe he can respond like what? Okay, So you can add this responses back to your user depending on the choice. So you can see, right, you have our correct answer over here. Let's go back over here and you can also assign points. Let's say this is worth 20 points. Okay? He can see right over here 20 points to the specific question. And pretty much for the options, we have shuffled Options. Drop-down map, which I will be going over in a short while, subtitle and then branching as well. So pretty much the same concepts apply as what you have seen with our new form. It's just that you can add the correct answer. You can add feedback, and you can add the points system for each question. So let's add a couple more just to see how this looks like. So e.g. let's say I want to use the ranking question type over here, and let's add a basic question. Arrange the numbers from highest to lowest, okay, and just having fun over here. Okay, let's say four numbers, it's 100, then we have 60, and then we have 20 over here. So what I have right now, right, lists the options in the correct order. Okay, so this is our correct answer already. Which Microsoft Forms we'll be matching based on the user's answer, okay, so makes sure to have the correct answer because if I have this in this specific order right now, then Microsoft Forms will be expecting the answer to be hundred, and then 20.60, which is definitely not the right answer. So you can add more options and you can also delete them as well. Marketing demonstrate card, then 20 points as well. Okay, and then let's add another question. So let's add the choice again and then see what we can work with when it comes to the mat options. So let's say which equation makes sense. Okay, Let's see. I'm adding a math question over here, so I'll select Mat. So now if you notice right, we have our options right now in a mathematical format, we can add mathematical equations or formulas over here. So e.g. let's say, let me just change this. Let's see x squared. I'm just making this up. And then let's say 55 over here, right? Z to the fifth power. And I'll go for okay, now we can just type in over here, which is really cool. So let's say one. I'm just making this up over here and I'll just mark this SD, correct answer. Same thing, 20 points. And then this is a required question as well, okay, that the students would need to answer. So pretty much I think we're happy with the quiz. And it gives you an overview that there are a lot of similarities with the forms, right? But you just need to be aware of the specific differences when it comes to working with quiz questions inside Microsoft Forms. 13. Quiz Settings: So if you want to customize your quiz, you can simply go over to team and then select the teams available over here. And I'll just select a random one over here, city park and K. And then once we're happy, we can just simply go over to the settings as well over here for further customization. So we have showing up for salts. Responders will see the results and correct answers immediately after submitting the quiz so you can enable this. And then we have the different options. When do you want to accept responses for the start date and end date? Or if you want to close the quiz as well, we can simply take this as well. Now we have shuffled of questions. We have email notification. If somebody response or submits a quiz like resolved, you want to get notified. And then you can also customize the task queue message as well once the user has finished submitting or answering your quiz. Okay, So pretty much a lot of options that you can also change. And pretty much similar as well to D form settings. 14. Previewing and Testing the Quiz: Now that we have our quiz all set up, now let's try to preview and test out our quiz and see how it looks like. So now there's going to be scoring involved. I've clicked on preview and the same options would show up. We have computer over here. And how does it look in marble as well? So it's trial computer. Now, are you joining this course? Definitely, yes. Okay. And then arrange the numbers from highest to lowest. Let's say, I got this wrong over here. Which equation makes sense? I'm just selecting what? And I'll click Submit. Now, your answers have been submitted successfully and I can view the results. So you can see over here, right? We have correct 20 points, right? And you see the feedback being shown as well over here. Because this is what I've set up in our quiz awhile ago. Now we have incorrect as well for the numbers from highest to lowest, and we have the correct answers being shown. Then which equation makes sense? And I've selected incorrectly, so which is why I only have 20 out of 60 points over here. Now, let's go back to the thank-you page and submit another response. I'm just randomly selecting answers over here. I'll click Submit. This question is required. I'll click Submit over here and I can view my results again. And now I only have 20 points. Okay. Now, let's go back to the thank-you page and let's see how it looks like for mobile. Now, let me select that and submit another response joined the course. Let's aim for a perfect score. Okay, and then let's just erase this from highest to lowest. And I'll select the mathematical equation. Even though it doesn't really make sense. I'll click Submit and view the results. And now I have 60/60. Everything's correct over here, right? And now let's go back after we have done our preview. And now we can check the responses as well. We have submitted three responses and they are now shown immediately over here. 15. View Results and Export to Excel: Now let's have a quick look on the different responses that we have gotten with our quiz results. So you can see the average score, right, 33.3. And the quiz is still active, right? You have the answers from the students. Yes, There's 21.0 maybe. Okay. So he can also see which one is the correct answer as shown over here, right? And there's a statistic like, okay, how many got it right? And how many got it wrong, okay, And then same thing as well over here we have the breakdown of correct and incorrect answers. And then for this one as well, we have similar eye chart on how many got it right, and how many got it wrong. So it doesn't really way so that you can quickly assess. If you have your students or users, you can simply see on which area are they struggling in. You can review the answers over here, right? You can just see them like in detail over here we have respondent number one, can jump over to respondent number two, right? And you can just jump from one to the next. And you can also post the scores. Same thing as well. You can open it in Excel. Okay, So we can also select open in Excel if you want all of our results in a spreadsheet format. And we can delete the responses, share summary link if you want to share this, and also print the summary out. 16. Sending the Quiz Link: So once we're done with our Quiz Setup and testing, then we can simply start sending this out to our students or users. And it's very easy to do so it's the same steps when it comes to sending out forms, which is true, the send button over here. Now, let's click on send and you can simply shorten the URL again. And this is pretty much the URL that we will be sending out to our users. Now you can also email them over here, or it can also generate a QR code that people can just scan and start filling up or answering your quizzes. And if I select this one that's selected shortened URL, and I'll click Copy. And let's just paste this over here to see how our form will look like. Now, we have our quiz over here, right? You can start answering. Yes. Okay? I'm just randomly doing this right now, but this is pretty much the same as what we have seen when we started previewing our quiz, which is really cool. This is live, pretty much live. And you can start sharing this to all your users. And they can start answering your quizzes and checking their knowledge against the results.