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Yoga for Beginners: A Full Body Introductory Routine

teacher avatar Yoga With Dakota, Health & Fitness Coach, Yoga Certified

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Welcome to Beginner Yoga


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      Beginner Yoga Routine


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About This Class

This 12 minute energizing yoga routine will kick start your body and mind for an amazing day ahead! No prior yoga experience needed to perform this beginner yoga vinyasa.

Whether you are completely new to yoga or a seasoned yogi this quick 12 minute full body sequence is great to incorporate into your daily routine. It will certainly leave you feeling fresh, relaxed, and ready for anything!

See you on your mat!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yoga With Dakota

Health & Fitness Coach, Yoga Certified


Health, Fitness and Yoga have been a part of Dakota's life for 10+ years. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless. Dakota encourages her students to be creative and challenge the body. She seeks to inspire every student to feel refreshed, nourished and balanced both on and off the mat.

What is it that you continue to say you want to do or be? Do you want to be leaner, stronger and healthier? Do you want to be more present at home, more dedicated to your work or more adventurous in your life? No matter what it is, dare yourself to stop saying and start doing. It doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to make drastic changes—all you have to do is begin. Let's begin toget... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to Beginner Yoga: Hi, everyone. My name is Dakota Carol, And welcome to this special 12 minute beginner yoga practice. I am so excited to share this video with you guys know prior yoga experience is necessary to follow along. So when you're ready, rule out your mat and let's get started. 2. Beginner Yoga Routine: to begin, we will come into child's pose. How that works as you can have your knees as close together or is why does the mat? And if it's not comfortable, you can set up on the block and then just fold forward, sending arms out long in front of you. Tailbone down and back to meet your heels, beginning to close your eyes and allowing your body to get heavy. Inhale and tear lower back, getting wide, breathing in for a count of three, exhaling through the nose or mouth for three, letting it go one more time. Just like that. Inhaling. Filling the back broaden, exhaling Nose your mouth thinking h a breathing out when your next inhale, sending the arms to the right side of your math. Stacking the left hand on the right for a simple side body stretch on the left side, anchoring the left, sitting bone down, breathing in through the left rib cage, sending it wider, filling up with air from the inside out. Good and now walking the hands to the left side of the mat, stacking the right hand on the left, sending the breath into the right side rooms. Now allowing them to get wide, filling each one up with breath. One more big inhale exhaling good coming back. Bring the hands to center. We're gonna rock up onto all fours. Shoulders over wrists, hips over knees. Inhale, dropping the abdomen towards the earth to cow. Taking the shoulder heads back, exhaling, stretching the spine to the sky, squeezing the abdomen to cat good. Inhale opening across the chest and as you breathe out, rippling through the spine. Tailbone lengthens to the space between your knees, dropping the head. One more like that on your own breath, breathing out. Drilling the naval towards the ceiling, making that Halloween cat shape, allowing the head and neck to relax. Breathin. Come into your up cat and now curl your toes under as you keep the knees bent. Sitting your seat high up to the ceiling for a modified downward facing dog. Now, if you've been doing yoga for a long time, you can play with straightening in the legs, walking out your dog, earning one foot down than the other. Otherwise, keeping the knees bent, prioritizing lengthening your spine and sending the sits bones high to the sky. Press through your knuckles spread the fingers far apart, gently dropping to your knees. We're gonna take the right foot between the hands. It's okay. We need to carry it up. Will inhale here, coming into a lunge. Modified lunge. Breathe in a way to swoop forward. Exhale, bending the elbows. Take them back. Read the day. Inhale stooping forward. Exhale. Peel the elbows back, broadening across the chest, inhaling, reaching, breathing out. Opening Brodney and he'll swoop eggs. He'll go post the arms, feeling the stretch in the lower back. Good. Now exhale hands from the foot curler back toes under step to the top of your map. Feet can stay hip with apart knees can stay deeply bent. Option toe. Hold opposite elbows and sway. Crown on the head is really pointing down towards the floor like gravity. Be your friend here, inhale. We're going to sweep the arms around and ups that we reach into prayer above the head. Same thing. Exhale cactus. The arms back showing your heart towards the ceiling could, and he'll reach up and exhale. Fooled forward, fold at the hips. It inhale halfway lift flat backs. Fine lengthens. Exhale, said the left foot. Back in space left palm plants right hand peels up to the sky for an easy twist. Firm your inner thighs toward one another, rotating the chest to the ceiling. Exhale, frame the foot. Step back to all fours, rippling through and up. Cat and it down cat to round out. Good. Now breathe in step the left foot forward this time melt into your lunge. So if you want to press your hands a little to get situated and then and he'll reach the arms up. Exhale open the heart P. Leah was down and back, okay? And healing, sweeping, exhaling, broadening across the chest, really creating strength, awakening all the muscles in the body. Good last one. Inhaling, sweeping arms forward, exhaling nice and now hands framed the foot curl the right toes. Under this time, step to the top of your mat feet, hip width, distance apart, bending at the knees and this time will interlace the fingers. Press them at the nape of your neck, right. Your hairline meets your neck and gently traction your head from side to side, lengthening the back of the neck. You can play with straightening or bending the knees. Drop the hands. The floor on your end breath. Circle the arms around, reach up good and now exhale cactus. See arms thinking the shoulder blades coming together to make a little shelf for your heart . Good than end Hail. Reach up. Exhale fold forward and he'll flat back. Spine strengthens. Exhale. Send the right foot back into space. Right hand plants left hand reaches high to the sky. Glad the shoulder blades down and back and just think of lengthening here. From the tailbone to the crown of the head, every breath gets longer. Exhale left hand reaches down. We're gonna step back onto all fours, inhaling tear up cat and exhaling back into that downward facing dog, sending the tailbone high into the sky. Bending at the knees will round out our practice today with a plank to strengthen and a little back bend to open more so as you're ready, breathe in rock forward to a plank, pose shoulders over wrists, heels press back. Joy our abs up and in turn on your thighs, your ABS option. Always take your knees to the ground. If you want to modify, we're here for three for two one good and then drop your knees to the floor. Bend your elbows lowering all the way We're gonna do a little baby cobra. I hear pressing your hips into the mat first, lengthening your lower back tailbone moves towards your heels and then on and and breath, pill your heart off the floor. Take a huge and breath here, playing with lifting your fingers off the mat. I love to interlaced my hands at my lower back, feeling the stretch a little bit deeper, opening across the chest where you are opening the shoulders in the heart. Good. Two more breaths here and on an exhale. Take the hands back under the shoulders wherever you are pressed back into your child's pose, where refers began. He can take the elbows wide, is the mat into a diamond shape or stretch them out in front of you. Whatever you find most comfortable inhaling deeply, open the mouth. Breathe it all out from here. Gently roll up to a seated position. Bring your hands into prayer thumbs at heart center. The light in me honors and sees the light in each and every one of you until next time. Nomis day