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Simple & Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners

teacher avatar Yoga With Dakota, Health & Fitness Coach, Yoga Certified

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Yoga Breathing: How to Breathe Properly


    • 3.

      Standing: Mountain Pose ~ Tadasana


    • 4.

      Standing Forward Fold ~ Uttanasana


    • 5.

      Cat-Cow ~ Marjaryasana-Bitilasana


    • 6.

      Downward Facing Dog ~ Adho Much Svanasana


    • 7.

      Warrior 1 ~ Virabhadrasana 1


    • 8.

      Warrior 2 ~ Virabhadrasana 2


    • 9.

      Wide-Leg Forward Fold ~ Prasarita Padottanasana


    • 10.

      Crescent Lunge ~ Anjaneyansana


    • 11.

      Chair ~ Utkatasana


    • 12.

      Tree ~ Vrksasana


    • 13.

      Seated: Comfortable Seat ~ Sukasana


    • 14.

      Staff ~ Dandasana


    • 15.

      Seated Forward Fold ~ Paschimottanasana


    • 16.

      Head to Knee ~ Janu Sirsasana


    • 17.

      Seated Twist ~ Marichyasana C


    • 18.

      Bound Angle ~ Baddha Konasana


    • 19.

      Hero ~ Virasana


    • 20.

      Thread the Needle ~ Sucirandhrasana


    • 21.

      Happy Baby ~ Ananda Balasana


    • 22.

      Simple Spinal Twist ~ Supta Matsyendrasana


    • 23.

      Child's Pose ~ Balasana


    • 24.



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About This Class

This 33 minute sequence is broken down into 22 individual poses.

No prior yoga experience is needed to perform these beginner yoga poses.

Start with the breathing technique to incorporate throughout the class, then skip around to create your own custom routine!

Whether you are completely new to yoga or a seasoned yogi this 33 minute full body sequence is great to incorporate into your daily routine. It will certainly leave you feeling fresh, relaxed, and ready for anything!

See you on your mat!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yoga With Dakota

Health & Fitness Coach, Yoga Certified


Health, Fitness and Yoga have been a part of Dakota's life for 10+ years. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless. Dakota encourages her students to be creative and challenge the body. She seeks to inspire every student to feel refreshed, nourished and balanced both on and off the mat.

What is it that you continue to say you want to do or be? Do you want to be leaner, stronger and healthier? Do you want to be more present at home, more dedicated to your work or more adventurous in your life? No matter what it is, dare yourself to stop saying and start doing. It doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to make drastic changes—all you have to do is begin. Let's begin toget... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Dakota, and welcome to this basic yoga poses for beginners. Course I have broken down the essential yoga poses every Yogi should know. We will be holding each post for at least a minute to help the mind and body reconnect and feel strong and confident. As you go through this course, you can know what poses your body needs most and then craft your own customer team throughout the poses. There are modifications so you can adjust them according to your body's specific needs. Now for this specific sequence, we will need a yoga mat or a soft ground surface and a yoga block or two to help with balancing and comfort. Also a blanket bolster or pillow to rest on and some various poses. Now that all being said, let's help on the mat and get started. 2. Yoga Breathing: How to Breathe Properly: So before we get into the actual routine, I think it's really important that we go over how to breathe properly. Prana Yama Breath control is what we typically use in our everyday postures. For yoga, O J breath is performed by inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils with a mouth softly closed. This method of breathing is what allows you to stay focused when your mind starts to race or postures become too challenging. I think a large part of stress relief comes from properly knowing how to breathe properly. Breathing is what helps us to clear the chaos in our mind and return to a clear centered state of mind. Let's practice together. Begin by finding a quiet and cozy spot to tune out the day. An option ist to sit cross legged or in a comfortable chair, but making sure the spine is nice and toll palms face up to invite good thoughts in, and then gently closing the eyes, inhaling for account of four, pausing at the top and gently exhaling for account of four. Once more inhale, exhale deep in the throat. Think of H A like your fogging up window, inhaling cold air in exhaling again, inhaling, exhaling once more on your own, thinking about writing a secret message in the foggy window, one more relaxing, the mind gently opening the eyes. Repeating this for 1 to 5 minutes each day is all it takes to make a huge difference in your everyday routine. I hope you enjoy this breathing technique. 3. Standing: Mountain Pose ~ Tadasana: Let's begin and mountain pose or fastener. We'll go to the back of our Matt, grounding each foot into our Matt. We'll bring her hands to meet our thighs, palms face forward, relaxing the base of our neck. Taking a breast here, maybe gently closing the eyes, pulling the ribs in, engaging your core, standing up tall. Our posture influences are breathing digestion and moved over the time. It can even influence our joints, sending tension to places we don't expect. Every time we find ourselves in mountain pose, try to reconnect with our posture on an inhale will send the arms up into a variation for a side stretch will go ahead and graphs are right hand with our left wrist, sending the body to the right side. Good inhale. Sending it up. Grasping are right wrist, sending it to left side. Couple more on your own breath. Gently inhaling. Coming to a neutral spine will drop the arms to our thighs. Four. Mountain to Massena 4. Standing Forward Fold ~ Uttanasana: standing forward. Fold will exhale, hinging at the hips, maybe a gentle bend in the knees or straight knees. We'll place the hands on the ground. Or, if you're not flexible at this time, we go ahead and lift those hands on a block or a bolster. Whatever you find comfortable, maybe on the toes getting, um, a nice massage taking a few breaths in our standing forward. Fold hips. They're gonna be over heels, trying to get as close to your knees as you comfortably can on your next inhale. We'll bring our hands to our shins, gently lifting up into a halfway forward fold or halfway lift. Gazing to the top of our math. Exhale, bring it back in to standing forward. Fold again. Hands come to our shins, gazing to the top of our Matt, opening up the chest, extending our heart. Exhale, folding it forward. 5. Cat-Cow ~ Marjaryasana-Bitilasana: Caton cow will begin on all fours, spreading out the fingers nice and wide, grounding ourselves in our Matt shoulder, stacked over wrists, hip stacked over knees will begin and cow so well, gently inhale, dropping the abdomen. Gaze goes up for exhaling. Rounding out the spine, sending it up into are holding cat shape gently warming up. The spine will inhale. Drop the abdomen. Gaze goes up into our cow. Exhale. Press into the poems, rounding your spine into cat inhale, dropping the ant man into our cow. A couple more on your own breath. The's gentle movements can help connect us to the rhythm of her own breath, flowing like water on your next inhale coming to a neutral spine, maybe shaking it out. 6. Downward Facing Dog ~ Adho Much Svanasana: walking the hand out a few inches will go ahead and tuck the toes under sending our tailbone up nice and high into our downward facing dog, planting all 10 fingers into our Matt, maybe gently walking out her dog, placing one foot on the ground and then the other remembering to breathe. This pose creates harmony between the upper and lower parts of the body, opening up the chest while lengthening the back of the legs. 7. Warrior 1 ~ Virabhadrasana 1: for Warrior one will keep our feet parallel hip with distance apart towards the back of our Matt will step the right foot forward first. Sending it straight out in front of us will rotate the back left foot, 45 degrees, keeping our heels in a straight line, and we'll go ahead and gently bend the front leg, squaring the hips and torso towards the front of the room, maybe gently guiding the hips in that direction who gaze forward, dropping the tailbone, lifting the pelvis up, and when you feel nice and grounded will go ahead and raise the arms up overhead. Act as if you're grabbing a beach ball above your head, taking a few breaths in this warrior one. Sending the tour so nice and tall Exhale. Sending the arms to our hips will gently hot to meet our top foot, taking a breath here, shaking it out, and then we'll send the right foot back, pivoting it into a 45 degree angle, squaring the hips and the tour. So sitting in nice and tall facing the front of the room, bending the left front leg until it's parallel to the ground. Still being able to see your big toe, go ahead and send arms up overhead, grabbing that imaginary beach ball, remembering to smile, Exhale, bringing the arms to hips will gently hopped in front of our Matt. 8. Warrior 2 ~ Virabhadrasana 2: warrior. Two. We'll start with our feet parallel hip with distance apart. Well, step are right leg forward, sending the left foot at 45 degree angle Heels air in a direct line, gently bending the knee over our human. We'll keep a neutral pelvis here, not shifting forward like he did with Warrior one for warrior to will keep in neutral pelvis relaxing. The lower back will send the arms parallel to our Matt, gazing over our front hand, keeping your weight in our front heel and maybe shifting it back to our outer edges of our back foot, keeping the shoulders away from our ears. And welcome to worrier, too. On our next Exhale will go ahead and send our hands to her hips, straightening out the front leg, pivoting her feet to the back of our Matt, Making sure back foot is at a 45 degree angle. Gently bend in the front, me being sure our pelvises over a neutral spine, sending the arms out parallel to our Matt, gazing over our front, sending the shoulders away from the years where you're too. On the other side 9. Wide-Leg Forward Fold ~ Prasarita Padottanasana: why I'm late. Forward fold. We'll start with their feet parallel and one leg length apart from each other, rooting into the outer edges of our feet, sending the tour so nice and tall, placing her hands on her hips and gently folding forward, hinging at the hips and then placing one hand on the ground and then the other. Now option here is to take hold of a yoga block, a bolster or a blanket. If you're a seasoned yogi, you could go ahead and walk the hands gently back, placing the head on the mat. But if we're not quite there yet, we'll go ahead and place your hands on a block or maybe reaching her head to the block, working on flexibility inhaling, extending our chest, exhaling, folding forward. You can leave the hands on the hips if this feels good for you, or maybe gently placing them on four. Finding what your body means right now, 10. Crescent Lunge ~ Anjaneyansana: Crescent lunch will begin in mountain pose towards the front of our Matt poems face forward , inhaling, rooting into our feet, sending the tour so nice and tall exhaling, sending the left foot back about one leg length apart from each other, rooting into the ball of the feet. So it's kind of like a low lunge were in here bending the right me over the hew, still being able to see our big toe, sending it out a little bit. Now here we're in crescent lunch. The weight is rested in the heel of our front foot and the ball of our back foot. It's made a tour so nice and long option to keep our hands on the hips or maybe lifting them up, grabbing that imaginary beach bowl. Now this becomes too much, for you will go ahead and drop the arms down, lowering the left foot down, and then we'll go ahead and go right here into our low lunch. Exhaling son in the arms down will go ahead and lift up that back leg. Send our right leg back to meet our left, studying the left foot forward. We'll drop the back leg if we want to do a low lunch, bring any arms up shoulder with apart, grabbing that imaginary beach ball. If you want to take it to the crescent, lunch will go ahead and lift that back leg rooting into the balls of our feet in our back foot and are hell in our front, engaging our quad. This poses great to boost our bodies awareness and our mental focus. 11. Chair ~ Utkatasana: chair pose or both. Katarzyna will begin at the back of our Matt in mountain pose, grounding out our feet well, bending our knees, setting the torso nice and tall. Sending the weight to the heels of our feet will gently bring the arms up, grabbing that imaginary beach ball, pressing the lower legs back so we can see our toes dropping and tucking your tail bone in relaxing at the shoulders were here for three for two and one inhaling, sending it up. Exhale arms, come to our thighs. 12. Tree ~ Vrksasana: all right and now moving on to my favorite tree pose or over Costinha will begin in mountain pose. Feet are hip width, distance apart, taking your breath in, exhaling little head and lift up our right leg, bending the right knee, grabbing our right foot with our right hand, gently placing it either inside our left by by against foot, foot against thigh where this is too much. We'll go ahead and modify it, and we'll gently place are right foot on our left ankle. May be on the floor, toes on the floor, maybe on our shin, but avoiding the knee. This can cause tension and pain in me, so we'll go ahead and avoid me. We can place a chair, maybe stand next to a wall. But this is a balancing pose, so option to take our hands to prayer, maybe putting her hands out, score up and gazing forward to work even more on her balancing, engaging, our core standing, nice and tall exhaling, will place their hands in prayer position well, gently remove our right leg from our fi ankle wherever it waas, gently rotating our legs and then taking tree on the opposite side. we'll go ahead and place are left foot on our right inner thigh or ankle, but of wedding than me. Opening up the left knee. Sending a tour so nice and long option to have your hands wherever you feel comfortable, if extending them up, placing the hands above the head and shoulders away from the ears again. Option to do any modification or variation. You choose maybe having your tree blow in the wind, but never feeling pain. If this is too much, always take your modification. 13. Seated: Comfortable Seat ~ Sukasana: our next that opposes will be instated. Positions now see it poses are wonderful for flexibility. They released tightness in our hips and tension from the daily grind that we often oversee throughout the day with our body and mind. That being said, let's begin in a comfortable seat option to take a blanket on our hips or, if not, will be in a comfortable seat with our feet flexed, keeping the spine nice and tall, taking a breath here, either placing the poems up or down. Whatever you feel more comfortable, maybe gently closing me eyes, relaxing the job, releasing any tension. Your body has me rolling out the shoulders, maybe rolling out the neck, staying in this pose, however long you feel comfortable. 14. Staff ~ Dandasana: our next pose is staff posed, or the fastener we'll begin stated with our legs together extended in front of us, flexing the feet and rooting our hips into our Matt. And if this isn't comfortable, you can always have an option to place a blanket on your mat to make your hips feel more comfortable. But extending the torso in the spine nice and tall, placing our poems right next to your hips will extend through the spine, pulling our front ribs in and our shoulder blades down. Gays goes forward. 15. Seated Forward Fold ~ Paschimottanasana: moving into seated forward fold will begin from staff pose so legs are extended out in front of us. Feet are flexed and said the palms facing in towards our ribs will extend our arms out to meet the outer edges of our flexed feet. Now this is working on flexibility, so if you don't have quite that much flexibility right now, option to put a block right here and just stay right here. If your arms don't quite reach the outer edges of your feet, finding what feels comfortable for you, inhale as we extend our chest up exit without rounding the spine will leaner torso forward folding over our thighs, relaxing the base of the shoulders and the neck. Now this is too much for you. Options and modifications are, too, of course. Put a blanket underneath the hips as well as use a strap and making sure the strap is on the balls of the feet, extending the torso nice and tall, lifting up the sternum. But if not, you can always, of course, use a block or a blanket to set up on 16. Head to Knee ~ Janu Sirsasana: begin seated in the middle of your mat for head to me. We'll place our left leg out to the side, bringing our right foot into our left thigh. Inhale, extending the spine Nice and tall. Exhale. Spinning our chest over to me are left leg grabbing the outer edges of your left foot. We'll bring your head to Arnie. Go ahead and inhale once more, extending the spine, routing the right hip down to meet that bending elbows wide, relaxing the base of your neck, keeping the gaze slightly forward, gently closing the eyes. Taking it to the opposite side now will go head and extend our right leg out in front of us , hugging the left leg in bringing the soul over foot to our inner right thigh, extending the spine. Nice and tall, exhaling. Spending the torso over our right leg, this time grabbing the outer edges of our right foot. Bring your head close to Arnie as comfortably as it will go in. Haley explain chest Exhale holding your torso over the straight leg, bending elbows wide, relaxing the base of your neck, keeping the gaze slightly forward. 17. Seated Twist ~ Marichyasana C: seated twist. We'll begin in staff. Pose legs, air extended out in front of us. Guys are flush on the mat. We'll begin with the left leg straight. The right knee bent foot is placed flat on the floor. Inhale. Extend the left arm all the way up. Exhale. Twisting towards the right side will go ahead and engage our left arm with our top of our knee, sending the right arm back for a gentle twist. Making sure twist comes from our upper back and not are lower to prevent lower back pain. Left hand is pointed up. Gays goes to the side of the room, pulling our right shoulder back to broaden our chest and get a deeper twist. And on Exhale, go ahead and release our bind, taking our legs out in front of us, maybe shaking them out a little bit. Repeating on the other side will gently bend, are left leg. Foot comes flush on the floor, extending nice and tall, reaching the right arm up. Exhale. Twisting towards the left from our upper back will place our elbow on our left knee, placing our left hand behind us. Roll are left shoulder back to broaden the chest. Now modification here is just to extend the arm down, placing it on our hip, maybe giving in a little massage. 18. Bound Angle ~ Baddha Konasana: bound angle will be unseated, bringing the soles of our feet together, bending the knees, bringing theme heels of our feet towards our pelvis, facing the toes out towards the front of the room. We'll sit up nice and tall. We'll grab a hold of are soles of our feet and pulled apart like we're opening up a book. We'll keep a hold of the soles of our feet and will gently bend forward, keeping our gaze forward. As we pull her belly towards our feet and our head towards our Matt. We'll have allayed rounding the spine by straightening or torso and gently bending towards our feet. We'll use our elbows to Pinar needs down, getting a nice deep stretch, extending our heart and our gaze. 19. Hero ~ Virasana: hero pose will begin sitting on our lower legs and feet with our knees touching, facing the front of the room, gently sitting up, moving out our feet from underneath us and gently getting our bottom to the floor. Now, if this becomes too much for you, you can always sit upon a block placing the block in between and sitting up, pressing the tailbone down on the block, pressing all 10 toes down to the floor. Really your hips and set up with a tall spine resting our arms on our thighs, palms facing down, relaxing the base of the neck, maybe ruling out the shoulders, taking a few grounding breaths. 20. Thread the Needle ~ Sucirandhrasana: thread. The needle will begin lying on our backs with our feet on the floor will begin by lifting a left leg up. Placing our left foot on our right quad will rotate our hip open by gently pressing the left knee away from us, sending the right foot up, flexing the right foot pollute far left hand through the gap between our legs. Meet it with our right, flexing both feet. We might even send our right me closer to our face too deep in the sensation. And if this is too much, go ahead and enter lace. The fingers behind the right PFI relaxing are neck and shoulders, feeling the deep stretch using or left elbow to send out our left leg, gently placing the right foot back on. Our Matt will pick up our left foot, placing it back down as well. Maybe shaking out, lifting up one foot at a time, circling her feet and we'll thread the needle on the opposite side, taking the right foot up, placing it on our left quad, sending her left leg up. Deter. Both flexed. We can loop our right hand through our legs, meeting at the top of our left knee interlacing our fingers here, bringing it closer. Or if this is too much, of course, modification ist to interlace the fingers behind our quad, relaxing the shoulders in the neck. 21. Happy Baby ~ Ananda Balasana: happy baby. We'll begin lying down on our Matt, placing both feet up, bending at the knees so the soles of the feet are facing towards the ceiling. A pie. Well, either grab the outer edges of our feet or the inner soles of our feet and send the knees nice and wide, gently pulling down on the feet to get your knees to come closer to the outer edges of our Matt. Keeping the hips heavy and the tailbone extended forward towards our Matt, relaxing the shoulders, keeping the head down on the ground. Maybe rocking from side to side, I lost the happy navies. 22. Simple Spinal Twist ~ Supta Matsyendrasana: simple spinal twist. Well, lie back on our Matt, hugging our knees into our chest, interlacing our fingers around our knees, maybe rocking from side to side to give our spine a nice massage. Well, gently send our knees over to the left side of our Matt, extending our hands out to a T palm facing forward or down. Routing are right shoulder down, maybe gazing over a right shoulder, inhaling, bringing your knees back into meet our chest. Exhale, sending our knees to the right side of the mat. Arms come to a T, gently gazing over my left shoulder. Option to close the eyes. Inhale bringing our legs back to center, arms interlaced around our knees, gently rocking from side to side. 23. Child's Pose ~ Balasana: child's pose. Sit on the lower legs and feet with knees touching, holding your torso over your thighs, arms walking out to the front of your mat and resting your forehead on your mat. Another option is to lay your arms along the sides of your body with your poems facing up, melting your chest to your thighs, relaxing your shoulders. 24. Savasana: and now our final resting pose, She Lawson. We'll begin by lying all the way back on our Matt, letting our legs fall open or feet fall open towards the mat. Arms can face up or towards a T. However, you feel comfortable gently closing the eyes. Lift your chest to snuggle your shoulder blades down to release any tension. Maybe placing your head upon a pillow covering up in a blanket, using your mind coming to our final resting pose.