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Yoga for a Restful Nights Sleep: Bedtime Practice

teacher avatar Yoga With Dakota, Health & Fitness Coach, Yoga Certified

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Bedtime Practice


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About This Class


This gentle and calming practice is a great way to find your natural breath and relax into a restful nights sleep.

We all have busy schedules, family obligations and responsibilities, putting relaxation and rest at the bottom of our to-do list. This course is designed to combine breath and movement which activates your parasympathetic nervous system, helping to counteract stress from a long day.

When you're ready, put on your pj's and lets get comfy!

Meet Your Teacher

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Yoga With Dakota

Health & Fitness Coach, Yoga Certified


Health, Fitness and Yoga have been a part of Dakota's life for 10+ years. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless. Dakota encourages her students to be creative and challenge the body. She seeks to inspire every student to feel refreshed, nourished and balanced both on and off the mat.

What is it that you continue to say you want to do or be? Do you want to be leaner, stronger and healthier? Do you want to be more present at home, more dedicated to your work or more adventurous in your life? No matter what it is, dare yourself to stop saying and start doing. It doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to make drastic changes—all you have to do is begin. Let's begin toget... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Dakota, and welcome to this yoga for rest Full Night's sleep course. This course is a great way to find your natural breath and let go of the day's events. Sleep is so super important when we sleep better, we tend to have more productive days and feel less groggy. We all have busy schedules, families and responsibilities to take care of, thus putting relaxation and rest at the bottom of our to do list. This course is designed to combine the breath and the movement, which activates your parasympathetic nervous system, helping to counteract stress from the day's events. Now, as you go through this course, you can note what poses your body needs most and then craft your own custom night routine, skipping the intro and returning night after night for a great rest full night's sleep. For this sequence, I recommend a yoga mat or a soft surface and maybe positioning it close to your beds. So when you're feeling tired, you can just hop in. Now that all being said, let's put on some comfy clothes and get started 2. Bedtime Practice: we'll begin this bedtime routine in child's pose, gently sitting back on your heels, extending your spine nice and tall, taking a breath here, you know, in your next exhale, gently walking your hands to the top of your match, resting your forehead down. This poses great to help the body start to relax and catch your breath, softening your jaw and on your next inhales only. Coming up onto all fours. Your hips are over your knees and gently walking out one hand, then the other. I'm talking the toes, sending it up into it down facing dog. Staying here for just one breath, gently coming down onto your knees. If you hear a bit of cracking, that's okay. I'm talking the toes, sending being left foot in between hands. We're dealing it out and then gently walking the left foot out to the left side of Matt. Gays goes to the top of your mat. We're gently closing the eyes, feeling that stretch, taking your hands onto a block here elbows onto a or onto the floor, your next inhale coming back. I want your hands arms your parallel. I'm generally walking the left foot back into the center of the mat coming into lunch, inhaling, exhaling, sending the left back to meet the rate generally going back into child's pose. Forehead comes to you're nailing, coming up until fours walking. Hand out Matt, this time sending the right play to the top. Walking it out to the right edge of the math hence can stay right here or lowering down. Feeling a nice stretch. Relax, maybe gently closing the eyes inhaling. Coming back onto your hands, walking the right foot back to the center, coming into lunch, exhaling, sending the right leg back and gently lowering down volunteer belly. Now, once you're here, option to take your cheek to the map, your breath gently in relation your fingers behind your back. You can exhale, lifting the chin towards the top of our matt, routing the feet into four in hell, Gently lifting the chest. Kays goes to the top format, gently closing the eyes. This pose is great for the back side of the body, not going too far, hovering right here, routing your tops of your feet into the floor, breathing gently opening the eyes. Exhale, lowering down. Bring your hands to the floor. Breath. Here and on your next Exhale pushing back into child's pose. Inhale. We're gonna come on to all fours, shifting our weight to our heels and moving into a seated forward breath your shoulders coming into a nice straight spine. Gays either goes forward or gently closing the eyes. Hands come to our lives, maybe giving them a nice massage, lengthening the spine, flexing the feet, gently folding forward, receded forward. Full placing your hands wherever you find comfortable and on your next and nail extending this fine up nice and tall. Exhale. We're gonna scoot our bottom gently placing your elbows on the map one of the time flooring all the way Town coming on to our backs. Can I come into a natural lumbar spine? So fitting your arm all the way underneath your spine, your lower back and then hands come to either side reclined big toe will lift up our right leg, clasping her hands behind her right thigh, moving your leg away from our chest. Straightening the leg disposes great for the hamstring and the low back exhaling bending the knee unq lasting the leg, lowering down inhale, bringing the left flank up to the sky clasping the hands behind that by pulling the leg away from you. Straightening lank, keeping a natural lumbar spine. Maybe rolling out feet exhale, bending the knee, sending it all the way out in front of you. It's come nice big stretch, sending beat for going to the side of your choosing Lift coming into a seated position, either crossing your ankles or sitting. However you choose option to sit upon a blanket or pillow. Pull behind your back. Inhale what they must find up nice and tall. Exhale. Taking the left hand to the right knee in the right hand, gently behind us for support. A nice twist and now sitting up taller. Exhale, twisting a bit deeper. Exhale coming out of a twist. Inhale sitting up nice and toe. Exhale. Taking the right hand to the left. Me in the left hand behind us for support. Inhale. Sitting up a little taller. Exhale, twisting a bit deeper. Exhale, unraveling. Now our next pose. We're going to get into his legs up the wall. If you want to go ahead and skip this pose and go straight for corpse pose, you can do so now. If not, we'll go ahead and get into legs up the wall. Popes. How they're bringing a blanket or a pillow or Matt close to the wall. Option to bring a blanket right underneath. You go back. Disposed is wonderful for helping the body unwind and blood circulation. Gently closing your eyes, bringing all worries to an end. Replacing your thoughts with dreams. Bending the knees, sending your weight to one side. Gently lifting up jelly, making your way back to our Matt to the bed. Coming into our final resting pose, Mayor thought spear placed with dreams and your body relaxed, letting the feet fall open. - Sweet dreams, my friends, I promised.