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Morning Yoga: Full Body Wake Up Practice

teacher avatar Yoga With Dakota, Health & Fitness Coach, Yoga Certified

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction To Morning Yoga


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      Morning Yoga Practice


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About This Class

Welcome to this 30-minute Morning Yoga Practice! This flow will kick start your body and mind for an amazing day ahead! No prior yoga experience is needed to perform this beginner yoga practice.

This gentle wake up flow naturally energizes the body and has many benefits such as:

  • Enhance your metabolism
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • Boost your
    • mental clarity
    • overall mood
    • body circulation

Relax and enjoy the sounds of crashing waves and soft music, as I walk you through step-by-step instructions, offering modifications and variations along the way.

When your ready, lets get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yoga With Dakota

Health & Fitness Coach, Yoga Certified


Health, Fitness and Yoga have been a part of Dakota's life for 10+ years. Her practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless. Dakota encourages her students to be creative and challenge the body. She seeks to inspire every student to feel refreshed, nourished and balanced both on and off the mat.

What is it that you continue to say you want to do or be? Do you want to be leaner, stronger and healthier? Do you want to be more present at home, more dedicated to your work or more adventurous in your life? No matter what it is, dare yourself to stop saying and start doing. It doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to make drastic changes—all you have to do is begin. Let's begin toget... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Morning Yoga: Hi everyone. My name is Dakota and welcome to this 30 minute morning yoga flow. This practice is perfect for anyone looking to get their day off to a great start. You don't need any prior yoga experience to follow along. This gentle wake up flow naturally energizes the body and has many benefits. I will be walking you through step-by-step instructions and offering modifications as well as variations along the way. All I recommend for this class is a yoga mat in something comfortable to move around in. Now that all being said, whenever you're ready, let's get started. 2. Morning Yoga Practice: We will begin today's practice by finding a comfortable seat. Placing our palms face down or up. Or maybe placing one hand on your heart. And you want on your belly. Becoming aware of your breath. Noticing if it's fast, shallow or comb, allowing it to slow down and become even. Any setting an intention for the day ahead. And now coming into our first pose, our left-hand plants on the ground. Right arm reaches all the way over to the left side, feeling a nice stretch on the right side body listing our shoulder back so our heart reaches to the sky. Right-hand plants on the ground. Left arm reaches over for a nice stretch on the left side. Exhale, come down, inhale, stretch to the other side. A few more on your own breath. Feeling a nice stretch in the side. Body. Beautiful. Both hands come down. Now walking both hands gently in front of you and gently placing your forehead on the mat. Feeling a nice stretch in the hips. And if this is teal uncomfortable placing a block or a blanket underneath your head. Inhale exhale, walking your hands to the right side of our mat. Incurring I left sit bones feeling a nice stretch in the left side body. Inhale, exhale, send any arms back to center. Inhaling. Exhale, sending the arms to the left side of our mat, anchoring our right hip. Nice stretch on the right side, body. Inhaling. Exhaling, coming back to center. One more big inhale. Exhale gently walk your hands back up to a seated position. Moving on to a ceded cat cow, placing your hands on your knees, exhale, sending your chin to your chest, inhale Archean backs into your chest all the way up to the sky. Exhale, arching your back into the following catchy inhaling. Exhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale. Coming back to a neutral spine, we're going to do a few circles. Inhale, sending the chest forward, exhale, sending it back, inhales, any forward exhale, send me. Now going the opposite direction. Inhale. And exhale. Bring kindness tier body. Taking it as slow or as fast as you need. And then coming back to a neutral spine, inhale, sweep the arms up overhead. Exhale, sending him to heart center, inhale Stephanie and up overhead. Heart center. Inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale, stretch up and exhale. Beautiful. Now coming on to our hands and knees, we're going to sit back on our heels, coming into hero pose. Inhale, sweeping the arms up overhead, exhale goalpost, Amy, I'm saying it shifts up nice and tall. Inhale, sweep, exhale goal posts. One more inhale, sweep, exhale, goalpost. Again, inhale, coming into child's pose, extending the arms out nice and long in front of you. Place in your forehead on the mat, finding your breath. And when you're ready, coming into tabletop, shoulders over wrists, hips over knees. Taking as much time as you need to get there. Spreading your fingers nice and wide. Getting ready to come into cat and cow. Inhale, dropping the abdomen, extending the gaze, extending your heart, exhale, rounding your back into that Halloween catch. Inhale, extending the chest. Exhale, inhaling, taking a few more on your own breath, going as fast or as slow as you'd like. Keeping your hips over your knees and your shoulders over your wrists. And on your last cat come into a neutral spine, maybe shaking it out. Knows to hip. Walking the hands forward, we're going to draw circles with our hips. Inhale, setting the hips forward, and exhale, setting them back. Inhale forward. Exhale circling them back. Doing a few on your own breath. Feeling a nice stretch in the hips and now go in the opposite direction, inhale and exhale. Inhale, send him forward, and then exhale saying them back. And on your next exhale coming into child's pose, taking as much time to get there as you'd like. Sending the knees as wide as the mat to get a more intense stretch bringing that they chose to touch. Resting your head on the mat. Option to bring the poems face up. Or to come in a triangle above your head. Or interlacing the fingers behind the neck. For a nice stretch on your shoulders. On your next inhale, come into table top on tucking the toes and descending it back into downward facing dog. Now it says our first downward facing dog this morning. Baby walking out your dog one foot at a time. You need bending the knees, sending your tailbone even higher. Making one big inhale. And exhale. Inhale. Look in between your fingers sending your right foot up to the hands, lowering down the left leg, coming into a low lunge. Hands can come to your knee, to the ground. Inhale soup and the arms up overhead lunging a little bit deeper. As always, you can come down resting your hands on your knee. But staying here if this feels good. One more inhale. Exhale, send any arms down to frame the foot. Lifting up the back left leg, pointing the toes outward, inhaling, sweeping the arms up overhead. Exhale, bending the front knee, coming into our warrior to checking our arms, making sure they're forming a straight line. Our hips are squared to the side of the room and our gaze goes over front arm. Inhale, flipping the right palm over, coming into a reverse warrior, sending it back, feeling a nice stretch on the side body. Inhaling, coming back to warrior to straightening your right leg, shifting your weight forward, sending the hips back. Coming into triangle pose, touching the ground. You're sharing. Your shoulders should be stacked on top of one another. Opening your chest, reaching your fingertips towards the ceiling. Exhale, bring it down, framing your feet with your hands coming into a runners lunge, into a low lunge. Bring your feet back to touch and up into downward facing dog. Walking out your dog. Inhale, sitting the left leg up in between the hands, coming into a low lunge, lowering down the right knee. Inhale seep in the arms up overhead. If this feels good Staying here or if it's too much bringing the hands to the knees. Inhaling, exhale hands come to frame the foot, but taking up the back leg, pivoting the feet, inhale, raising the arms up overhead, coming into a warrior two on the opposite side. Hands a parallel to the ground. Gaze goes over your front hand. Relax initial doers. Inhaling, exhaling, sinking deeper into the pose. On your next inhale, flipping the left palm coming into reverse warrior, feeling a nice stretch on our left side body. Engaging your core muscles, lifting your chest as he come into the gentle back bend, exhale as you come out of it into a warrior two. Inhaling, exhaling, inhale, straightening the left front leg, coming into triangle. Hands can come to your shame, to the ground or to a mat. Shoulders are stacked on top of each other. Reaching your fingertips towards the ceiling. One more inhale and exhale. Bring the hands to frame the front foot. Lowering down the back leg, sending the left foot back to meet the right, coming into child's pose, extending the hand in front of you, resting your head on the mat. Taking one breath here. Inhale, come into a table top and sending it back into downward facing dog. Paddling out the feet. Looking between the hands, inhale step or hop to the top of your mat, coming into a forward fold option and release the hands around the elbows, come into ankle, sprain back and forth. And these can be deeply bent. Relax your neck in your hand. Placing your hands on the mat, coming up to halfway, lift, inhale. Hands come to shins, exhale. Inhale route to rise. Hands come up overhead. Exhale hands to heart center. Inhale, sweep the arms up overhead. Exhale arms come tired, center, hinging at the hips, come into forward fold. Inhale, halfway, lift, exhale forward fold, inhale Sydney, arms up overhead. Exhale, inhale. Arms up. Exhale forward fold. Planting both hands on the mat. It's finding those feet back into plank pose. Engaging the abs, hugging the elbows in coming up into an upward facing dog, extending the chest. I'm talking, sending it back into downward facing dog. Paddling out the setting hips up high on your next inhale, raising the right leg all the way up, stacking the hips, rolling out the right ankle, going one way. And then the other. Sentient DACA Pi, placing it back down into downward facing dog, paddling out to feet. And now lifting up the left flank, stacking the hips. Go killing circles one way and then the other. Sending it up nice and high. And then back down into downward facing dog. And coming into plain pose for a chatter on the hugging. Mel goes to the hips up and Deborah facing down and rolling out the toes going into downward facing dog, coming into pigeon or inhale, send the right leg up, nice and high. Exhale, send McCain between their hands. Letting the back leg go straight, checking our alignment. Inhale, sit up nice and tall. Exhale, fold forward over the front me. He can leave your elbows on the mat or you can bring a blanket or a pillow. Replace your hands as a pillow to gently lay your head on. Relaxing the neck. Feeling this nice stretch, this hip opener. One more breath. On your next inhale gently placing the poems back on the map, indicate the nice stretch. I'm tucking the back TO sending your feet back into plank and then into downward facing dog. Pedaling at your feet. Now taking pigeon on the opposite side will inhale. Lift your left leg up nice and high and place it behind their front hands. Gently placing our back right leg straight behind us. Flexing the front foot. Inhaling, taking a nice back bend, exhaling, folding forward over that knee. Staying wherever feels comfortable for you on this side. Each side is different. Each day is different. Finding what feels good for you at this moment. Taking a few breaths, gently coming up, placing both poems on the mat. A little back bend. Sending the left leg back to meet the ray, coming into a downward facing dog. Paddling out those feet. Feeling that nice stretch in both your legs and your hips. Gaze in between your hands coming down into table top and back down onto your heels into hero pose. Take a blanket where a block in between your sit bones and sit on it. Just taking one breath. Beautiful, and now making our way to come onto our back. However we get there, how long it takes to get there. We're going to come into bridge pose. So sending our feet flat on the mat has close tier hand as you can get them. Big inhale, exhale, pressing your feet in your arms into the floor. We're going to push your tailbone up towards the ceiling and then clean my down one vertebrae at a time. Couple more inhale, sending it up to the sky. Exhale, sending it back down. Inhale setting the pelvis up, pushing into our feet. And then back down. Last one pushing the tailbone up towards the sky, holding it there. And then coming back down 133 and time, sitting a fee as wide as the mat, we're going to windshield wiper, the lakes. Sending your arms into a T. Say Nice to one side and then the other. Giving your spine, your hips nice to cij. And then planting both feet back in the middle of the mat, sending them up to your chest to chest. Hands can actually surround your knees. Any rocking from side to side. And sending both knees over to the left side. For supine spinal twist. Sending the right arm out to a T, maybe gazing over the right arm. Breathing in, breathing out. Breathing in knees, back to center. It over to the right side. Suny New Left arm out and do a tea. Maybe gazing over the left shoulder. Breathing in, breathing out. Bring your knees back to center. Giving him one last hung, sending out one link. And then the other. Final resting pose. One last stretch out the ankles, sending the arms up overhead. And coming into our final resting pose, Shavasana, allowing you links to follow them. Nice to relax. Your hips, to relax, your shoulders, to relax your neck, and your head to relax. Coming into stillness. Later in your fingers and your toes. Coming back to your breath. Gently coming on to one side and pushing up, coming into a seated position. Hence come to heart center. The light in me honors and sees the light of new knowledge. Say.