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Watercolor Basics : Create Your Own Watercolor Chart

teacher avatar Artjourneywithme Heidi, ARTIST AND FACILITATOR

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Grab Your Supplies


    • 3.

      What is Watercolor?


    • 4.

      Types of Watercolor


    • 5.

      4 Ways To Create a Watercolor Chart


    • 6.

      Your Class Project


    • 7.

      A Last Word For You


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About This Class

Welcome to Watercolor Basics: Create Your Own Watercolor Chart with Heidi Seidl, in this fun and easy Skillshare class we are going to take the first step into this amazing magical world of watercolor to be able to create beautiful pieces of art that expresses itself better than words, at the end of this class you will understand much better your fabulous chosen medium,  Watercolor.

Watercolor can seem intimidating and for that reason, I created this very easy to follow class to take it to step by step and be willing to dive in and to know this amazing medium better.

This class is designed for beginners level although it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned artist this class has interesting facts that may be interesting to you and you are welcome to join.

 The supplies you will need:

This class we are going to need this material, and please don’t worry use what you have that is similar to what I have:

  • Marker Paper and Watercolor paper, best if you have a 140 - 300 grs cold press 
  • A glass with clean water.
  • Paper or a clean towel.
  • A Brush. I will be using a Princeton brush number 6 
  • Color mixing pan or a ceramic plate.
  • A paper Perforator and a Piece of string 
  • A pen
  • A cutter knife or scissors
  • A ruler
  • Watercolors: Grab all kinds of watercolor you have in your studio/desk/house because we are going to have fun without fear of messing up. 


It is best if you take pictures of your process to share in your project. Walking through your process and reflecting on it is good for you as an artist, and great for the community to be inspired by. 

The first action to take: Gather all the material, take a picture of them and Please Create a Project to share them with me. I will check all the projects and leaves comments.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • What is watercolor?
  • What is a pigment?
  • Categories of pigment
  • Types of Watercolors
  • How I do  my watercolor Charts

I will share many examples so you can get a better idea of how to create your own charts. 

You’ll be creating:

  • Your Own Watercolor Chart 

Follow along with me and let’s make art!

Get in touch with me on my Instagram: Artjourneywithme 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Artjourneywithme Heidi


Level: Beginner

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1. Presentation: what I have for that That bus. Very intense and commitment. And I have a brother Carson lettering. This is the first step we're gonna be learning about. What is with governors. How come we use them? A. What is the difference? The dives that exist in the market and every which any with you, My moss. Important advice about whether, from my own expedient I have heard that lend some things, we need to take action another way and pointing actually what we let so we can embrace it. I will be going to they hope class to take actions. Please do so, I hope because being off this class will be creating your own weather color. This is the very first step we need to stay toe no, or maybe or media. Whether Gordon is very important. As you know, this class is the sign it for begging or celebrity. If you're a billionaire off your assistant, every time we learned something everything we are using or means we learned something you discover your chase knew whose new and it weighs to use them particular meeting were using . So don't limit yourself in this class can help you You are very welcome to join us, Charlie stuff. So just sign up for this class and grab a coffee duty. You walk there where? Like, I am so excited to see what your final grade for this glass looks like. See you in the next You 2. Grab Your Supplies: Hi and welcome to this class. I am so super happy you're here, my lovely. For this class, we're going to need this material in. Please don't worry. Use whatever you have that is similar to what they have here. Market paper. This paper is very soft. Embodies more. This is special for markers. And then we will need watercolor paper. You dismiss if you have 100 42 300 grams, call press one with a color paper that are a variety off good quarter color paper brands in the market. In this class, all would be using corporate counsel paper and royal talent mixes media both in 300 grams. You can use whatever round your legs, a glass with clean water. This is to clean the brush and toe. Help to dilute the watercolors paper or a cling towers to change the color on the brush and to remove excess off water if needed. I do prefer to use the clean Miglin tower, a brush which, ever to have at hand will do. I will be using a Princeton brush number six color mixing pants or a ceramic plates so you can go to your kitchen and take one plate and use it for mixing the colors. A paper perforate er in a piece off string A been a cutter knife or scissors in a ruler. And finally watercolors get up. All kind of what recorders do have injuries to their desk or house Because we're going to have fun without fear off messing up. Okay, That s all we need to stop this class. And it is best if you take pictures off your process to share in your project, working through the process and reflecting on it. It's so good for you as an artist and great for the community to be inspired by your first action to take these, gather all the materials, take a picture of them and please create a project to chair them with me. I will check all the products and leave. Nice comments. Did you see you in the next video? 3. What is Watercolor?: Oh, you are really fast. Welcome back. I want to share with you. But I have learned about watercolors so far. And believe me, there is a still too much I need to learn. And for the purpose off this class, we're going to keep it. Same play fun and colorful. I do, baby, let's begin. When I started my our journey, I was using my old cheap pan off watercolors. This one that you see here. If you go to my star Graham account, you would see my fears, tries with watercolors and you know I with magic with them. The only struggle form Iwas that when I starting learning and trying to replicate reference , I saw Internet owning classes I took. I couldn't get the same results. What painting Galaxies, For example. The colors were not aspirant or they didn't blend us beautiful us. I saw in those reference pictures that they my interest in the question and how many types were available. Wake up in me and here is my learning. What is whether colors what in the most theoretical definition, whether color pain is made from a colored pigment despairs of in a suspension that beans the pigment and allows it to up there to a surface when rise. There aren't many types off watercolors, and the fierce thing to know is better student and artistic watercolor greats. The difference between them is the artist Watercolor. Half more pigment. What s Pittman's? You may ask. This is what bring the color to your paper. There are different categories off pigments the fields one natural, inorganic, scientific, inorganic, natural, organic and last scientific, organic, most commercial artists pains so they use scientific pigments. The pigment doesn't itself in water. For that reason, the manufacturer used a being there that does the being. There is a natural gum, Arabic or synthetic black holes. I really knew all off these when I started, and I wish I did back then for that reason, I and sharing all off this with you in a diluted version because it can get really scientific. Did you knew all of this information? Send me in the common section off your product. I will take a look Now, in the next review, I wouldn't tell you all about the types off. Wasn't colors that we have access to today. So excited to Teddy with you see, doing the next video 4. Types of Watercolor: There are many times off Weather Corner, and there are fascinating the little three case to try them or and then decide what fits. Ask more. What do you like better work? And this is we're gonna take a look at what are they with quarters Type 04 months. Then we have accessed weather colors in 54 months. I think this is the most common format for watercolors, and they really look like to space. I love this format, very committed to use very easy to hold the colors, and they don't go dry. Another well known for months for watercolors are the band set. These are the most frequent to use US double kids very convenient and easy to carry on, and they also have the mixer fun integrated on them. On this one, you can also remove the corners and to enlarge the mixer surface. Another former is liquid watercolors. These are super rich in pigments, and they can also be diluted with more water to get lighter chased this fund format are dots most off the hand makers off watercolors for traditional or artisanal makers. Off watercolors used the's US examples or off the brothers and I found this so clever because we get to know the brother before investing on four sizes. This one that you see here is from a stocky recorders on RT Sana brand created by Stacy in New Zealand. And they are many hand Mayweather colors that are awesome out there. I also go thes thoughts for free. And they're from shrinking a German bran and one off the most known and used for artists we can find. Also, pencils, watercolors. These are so much fun and easy to use. I found it perfect for easy breaks and for Children because once half more constable painting any three outs exactly like all the weather colors just add water and lets the magic happens. And finally, we have markets. These are amazing for hand lettering or other products, and Berries are great variety off brands in the market. Right now, you can get addicted aside. I love toe alternate between all of them for my different pieces off art. And normally it depends on what I want to create that I choose the type off watercolor format to use, for example, for handed during. I prefer to use watercolor markets. Oh, liquid for months for Flora's. I love to use tubes, plans and liquid for Galaxies. I prefer to. The big meant is richer. I don't really to discover which one do you prefer for? Did you know already? Don't limit yourself an experiment. That is the key. I am bite you to chair a picture off their water colors with me injured breaded sections. I am eager to see them. Please don't skip the next class. It's an important one. The core off this class. Something that has helped me a lot. See you in the next period. 5. 4 Ways To Create a Watercolor Chart: back about, my dear, I hope to a rendered in this class as much as I am enjoying Cheney with you. What? I went to church now in this class is very important. This can help you out. So please don't skip. Enjoy it. Whenever I'm I buy a new watercolor set or tubes. I make a small color chart. Tried Why? This gives me an idea about what the corner will look like when it is on paper or when it is dry. How I do my weather color chats. I was told you three ways to do your water cooler shot for fierce example. We need to cut strips off watercolor paper they size off the strips will depend on the number off quarter. Do you have? I am doing small ones because I have many quarters to use. I would be using the tubes for this example. Now we have our thrips straight. Every weather color comes with a number or a name attached to it and to have always organized before doing or whether color chart we need to write the names or the numbers off each water cooler on the strips. I will lay down all the weather colors I have for the tubes in my Keramik played and then I will be transferring eight to the s trips I had cut earlier. You can follow me along or you can do it after the video is vantage. I will start with this Who's off? Water cooler in Asta Quincy I add more water to make the transparency effect and to see how the color looks like when I add more water in the water color pigment deserve more. These colors are very, very vibrant and beautiful. I will make examples off all the colors I have on my ballot on my tubes. This will help me to create a more comprehensive palate before creating a piece off 100 a ring or a paint. And it is amazing how I always discovered new chase and I learned so much just from this little fun activity you can't thes for them on off color to half also. And when there to push us a new tooth or plan, you can make a new strip and up to these. So you know the exact color. It wa s for future use. Okay, We have all the colors lay down and they are dry. Now we need the paper, but for day and my house a stop on it to make the holes and the other one is circular and this piece off thing. Now we need to make a hole in everyone off the strips. Now we tied them up with this trip, and we have our weather cooler chat the second way I do a water cooler chat. Peace for these examples with markers. I just do a try off every color in a loose teeth off market paper. In this case, without cutting strips, it is super simple. Just take a paper preferable a markets paper for this example with markets and just try all the course on them. And for the field and last examples, I will do a will water cooler chat with liquid weather colors. This is very easy. Just take a piss off watercolor paper and make a wheel, and then we will be putting all the colors on it and see how it looks. Another helpful. Actually, I think it is. I do some blends ingredients strips. Try to see how the big men's looks together and how they react to each other, but blending weather color system next class I would be teaching. So stating for that it would help you creates on beautiful pieces because do you know how they the colors looks together? How they are harm harmonizing the palette? It is really helpful I used. I used that very often before I create every piece, so he had to have it four ways to make your weather color charts. I can't wait to see what you create in the next class. I will tell you what is your product for this class. And I assured you, it's a very fun and youthful one said you in the next video. 6. Your Class Project: Congratulations. You made it through the through the whole class before we end the class I want to invite due to do the most important part off every singular I have learned that you lend something winning two. They actually your product east to create your own watercolor chapped and to share it in the underclass product section, it is easy to simply just follow these three steps. First, create your own water cooler chat to take a picture off it. Three. Create a class products and share it with us. It is best if you take features off due process to challenge in your product section. Welcome through your process and reflecting on it is good for do as an artist and great for the community to be in spite and fight. Now it is Stone. Thank you for telling and keep planet in creating. I can't wait to see what your weapon color chart looks like. See you in the next video. 7. A Last Word For You: So this is it. Thank you so much for taking my class. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Did you learn something new? Did you established your knowledge? Please? Chairing with me? It will help me a lot. I will love to see your review off the glass. You check your class. Paraded me, please back in your poll so I can see what a beautiful piece you create and use the hashtag my home Whether color chat for this in my next class I will be. Thank you. How troubling with colors for beginners and I hope to see do that. I stopped excited to see your final grade for this class and I hope to see you in the next . Keep learning and keep creating. I missed you want them for one day and I hope to see you by