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TikTok Growth: How to post Trendy + Relevant videos Consistently

teacher avatar Arnold Trinh, Marketing Director, Artist, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Consistency on TikTok Video Trailer


    • 2.

      Frequency & Timing of Posts


    • 3.

      Secret to Consistency & Success on TikTok


    • 4.

      Content Cheatsheet


    • 5.

      Project: Using the Cheatsheet


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About This Class

You've heard about posting 3-5 posts a day on TikTok as the best way to grow!

But you're stuck coming up with consistent content every single day. What if I told you that with a clear concise strategy, you no longer have to create a new idea every single day but instead just need to refer to a template. 

This course will teach you how to work on the branding of your TikTok page so that you can have a cohesive digital marketing strategy to make the account grow in a clear concise way. We will go through:

•Finding out your niche

•Creating content that fits into your content theme

•Specific prompts for you to model after while creating templates

Included for students of this course is a Content Cheat Sheet used with my professional clients! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arnold Trinh

Marketing Director, Artist, Designer

Top Teacher

I'm Arnold, a lifelong creative and have been a solopreneur for the last 7 years.

My goal is to empower your creativity and craft your skillset for the AI revolution.

With over a decade of experience in creative marketing, I've had the privilege of shaping stories and working on creative direction for fortune 500 companies to small independent brands, learning every step of the way that the most powerful content comes from a place of authenticity and shared insight.

Over the last year I've spent considerable time experimenting with and pushing the boundaries of AI in professional creative work. This exploration has not only transformed how I approach projects but also opened up new avenues for creativity that were previously unimaginable.
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1. Consistency on TikTok Video Trailer: Growing on TikTok is to consistently post every single day. Now, I understand that the challenge of that is to always have something to post. It's not every day we can come up with new novel ideas for content. You just turn out. Or is there, what have I told you? There was a way that we can customize and make this process a lot easier. Included with this class for a class project is my topic template cheat sheet. Now along with that, we're going to talk about how to constantly, continuously come up with different ideas that is going to help your brand. We're also going to dive into how to create your branding. So there's always constantly grown your brand for that. Every move that you take, every video that you want is always only going to help your brand get better. Now all of these tips and strategies are taken directly from how I grow my own personal account so that you know that they're trying to improve it. So if you're ready to begin, I'll see you in the next video. 2. Frequency & Timing of Posts: Hi students. So let's talk about the frequency and consistency that you have to have while you're growing your TikTok channel. So frequency and consistency is very important because as you're building your account, you're bound to have videos that are picking up some traction. While these videos have some traction, the algorithm on TikTok is going to push a lot more viewers onto your account as these people are coming into your account and seeing your account for the first time, you should have content ready for them. There's nothing worse than having one. Do you like your first video pop up and you don't have enough videos to bring in more audience. So as new people come in and they are seeing your page, they should be able to look at the different videos and be like, Wow, I really liked this content creator. I want to follow this content creator. So after they do that and they look at your content and they have subscribed to your brand, your image, what you're selling, or what it is, your stories, what you're talking about, then they're going to expect some more stuff. So you need to continuously be on their radar because with TikTok, people lose attention really fast. That's the unfortunate thing about the platform, but you need to be able to follow up that initial contact with a lot more hot it that way when people are already subscribed to you, they're more invested into your brand. So I found that the magical formula for a lot of these viral creators is that they post between three to ten videos. Now, it's not a path to do this. But if you keep this up, it tends to be very beneficial to your account. It of course, it's very hard to keep up with so many videos a day. So you don't always have to do that much. But if you are able to do one video a day, that's going to help and then once in awhile, throw in three video day batch. Now, let's also segment into talking about the timing between your posts. Because if you made a ton of videos, you don't just post them all right away because the TikTok algorithm needs some time to process everything. And also it's to your benefit to not post all your videos right away. Like maybe spread out throughout the day. Because if one video picks up, then you want it to be starting to build some more momentum. And then when people are following you because of that video, but they don't know that the content is coming. So as they are following you, you drop some more content on them throughout the day. So now, instead of having three videos that just come out right away and only be shown to a certain amount of audience. You have three videos that are spread throughout the day that some new audits might be able to see. Like once they followed you in the morning and the afternoon, they're back on TikTok, they see your new video. And then finally as they're scrolling through again at night, they see your third new video. That really helps with the engagement because it keeps bringing them back by surprising them with more good, amazing content. And the disadvantage of just posting it all at once is that if you post it all at once, people are only going to see one video and then be like, Okay, I'm done. Because when they go on your profile and they're interested in your other videos or less. All three of these videos are very good at getting their attention in which most likely isn't, because videos now are competing with each other based on the thumbnail. So they're probably only going to click on a few videos. And what throws few videos? They're gonna watch those few videos, only. Having them spaced out would give you that video more of a chance to be seen by your audience. But the key to having a good growing channel is to be consistent. And as you're consistent, be able to have videos completely come out on a good time basis so that everyone that follows you knows what to expect. 3. Secret to Consistency & Success on TikTok: The secret to consistency at TikTok success. Now, first of all, I have to talk with a disclaimer because with this, we are not looking for instant virality. We're not looking for a video to just blow up and to continuously do novel things that make your account blower. Now, we are doing an authentic brand building. This exercises are all going to be authentically good for your brand. Because ultimately to build a brand on social media these days, it's to implement authenticity because with platforms like TikTok and reals, It's really planned your stuff to different types of people and new people. And we've been so trained throughout the years to be able to sniff out BS and to sniff out when somebody is selling something inauthentic to us. So first things first is that we have to be authentic to our brand. So if you're watching this video, promise that you'll be authentic to your brand and then we are going to continue. Okay, promise. Great. So let's talk about TikTok first and how TikTok really blew up on the scene and how it really is for millennials and Gen Z. And we're the most part being the bulk of the audience being Gen Z. Now, Gen Z grew up in the time that we're, everything sold to them was social media. Like they grew up with social media. Whereas a lot of millennials like me, we grew up like pre-internet and we had to learn the ways of the Internet. Well, Gen Z grew up with the internet. They know the internet. They know when something smells fishy. Since this platform these days are kidding mostly to Gen Z and TikTok especially is catering towards Gen Z. We have to really focus on being authentic with their brand. So how do we become authentic with their brand and to create a meaningful type of brand so that other people want to watch your content. First of all, we need to consider three things. The first thing is our interests. The second thing is our expertise. And the third thing is our history, like our story. And why are these important? Well, these things tell the reason why you have value to provide someone else. So take story, for example. When you're able to share your story with your audience, the audience understands where you're coming from, how you gain your experience, and why you are a thought leader that they should listen to. And then with your expertise, many of us have expertise in certain fields that were in say for me, I'm a designer, I'm a brand professional, so I've had years of experience doing branding work. So when I go and talk about branding work, it makes sense for someone to listen to me because I've made millions of dollars for people doing branding worth. And then finally, interests is important because interests is what you're actually interested in and that you care about. So when somebody knows what you care about, they know that you're authentic to what you're talking about, so long as it fits into what you say you're interested in. And so that leads to the good content triangle, which is a Venn diagram of our interests, our history, and our expertise. Because what do you make content that is within the three factors then that makes for the best content for your brand. And also if you continuously create stuff in these three factors, you're going to make consistent content because it just goes on brand with who you are and is authentic to who you are. Really the secret to being consistent on social media is to understand who you are, where you're coming from, so that you can provide value to whoever's listening to you. Because the platforms these days really weird reward people for being the authentic them. 4. Content Cheatsheet: Alright, now let's talk about the secret weapon that you are signed up to this class for, or the secret weapon of having a content cheat sheet that consistently helps you come up with content to talk about that fits on your brand. And that also helps you make videos that could potentially go viral, like giving you the best shot at making your account blow up. So I'm going to talk about this cheat sheet, and I'm going to talk about how to make the most of this cheat sheet. And then finally, we're gonna go through examples of how to do this cheat sheet. And the benefit of this is as you have this cheat sheet, you're able to use these topics consistently and reuse them over and over and over again. So that essentially you would have like unlimited supply of content. So really it is a cheat sheet for you to make good content that is everlasting. Now first of all, I need to go back to the best content triangle that we talked about. And to bounce back on the fact that we need to still consider the three important factors of a good brand, which for you is knowing your story, knowing your expertise, and then sharing your interests. So as you're going through this cheat sheet, when you're answering these questions, you need to look at what you're interested in, what your expertise is. And finally, how that correlates with the story you live. So that when people are watching this, they can understand that the value you're bringing them is all real and is all authentic. And the best way for you to make these content is to actually dig inside you to find answers, to answer these questions that are prompted up in the cheat sheet. Because if you're just sitting there answering questions superficially not digging deep in for some answers, then these are just like videos that anyone can get somewhere else. When you can actually dig deep inside and have these like heart-to-heart with the viewers. This is what people benefit from and this is what people truly valued. If you think about how form works, like how TikTok works and how Rails works. It's kind of like a FaceTime video. When you are talking to someone on FaceTime, then you are learning from them. You are close up to them. You're talking to them one-on-one. And this is really good for creating a bonding experience. So as you're talking about this, think deep. Think about how you can help answer people's questions and how you can enlighten someone. Because every video that you make should, at the end of it, helped this person benefit in some ways. So let's go through an example of one of the questions that would show up on the cheat sheet, okay, So one question that will show up is, Here's why you don't need blank, which is a myth to blank, which is one of the goals that you're reaching. So personally for me, I would answer that by saying, here's why you don't need Instagram to create a successful, fulfilling business. And then I would go on to talk about why that would not be true. So I would dig in to my past and I dig into my story, which I am a brand builder. I do branding and marketing for brands. And while my profession is actually so closely tied to Instagram, I can explain that it's not actually necessary and that you can build your brand on other platforms as well. Specifically how we're doing it right now, talking to each other. I'm talking to you through many other different platforms that this class is hosted on. And I can skip Instagram because Instagram these days don't work with creators. It doesn't reward creators for constantly creating new content. It's actually really tough for creators because the algorithm does not push your content out to new people. Then I can talk about my interests, how the interests of working with different platforms come into play. And I have to learn how to use different platforms to create content in a way that matches with whatever audience is watching my content on that certain platform. Then finally I could tie it all back into my expertise, which relates to the story being a brand person and then teaching people how to brand themselves, whether it's aesthetically or whether it's through videos that they're making or how they're presenting themselves are exactly like how this class is doing. And just combine them all into a package that answers this prompt in the cheat sheet. There I would have a video that went, somebody washes it, has a lot of value in them. And they can go away and finish this video with a good, solid takeaway. 5. Project: Using the Cheatsheet : Alright, let's talk about the project for this class. So with this class, you're getting a cheat sheet of different types of prompts and questions for you to be able to answer. That it helps you build a brand and have topics that really help you consistently build a brand. Now the purpose of this sheet should really be something that is everlasting so you can reuse and reuse and reuse other prompts on this cheat sheet. So this project, I want you to choose one of the prompts on this cheat sheet, make a video, and if it helps you list out the different answers that you might have for this video and then go and film the video. Now, I also went through an example of how I would personally answer one of these questions. I would like to see what you have as well. 6. Final: Congratulations on finishing the course. Now if you could do me a big favor and spend 30 seconds to write me a review about what you thought was helpful so that I can continue doing more content like that. That would be so, so, so helpful and also helping this course be seen by other people as well. And if you enjoyed the topic, I do have many other courses that cover a similar discussion. So I'll see you in the next course.