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TikTok for Business: Trends for Brand Work (UGC)

teacher avatar Arnold Trinh, Marketing Director, Artist, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      TikTok Template Trailer


    • 2.

      Goals of Business on TikTok


    • 3.

      Voiceover Template


    • 4.

      Voiceover Tutorial


    • 5.

      Unboxing Template


    • 6.

      Unboxing Tutorial


    • 7.

      Testimonial Template


    • 8.

      Testimonial Video Tutorial


    • 9.

      Product in Use Template


    • 10.

      Product in Use Tutorial


    • 11.

      Trends Template


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About This Class

TikTok is one of the best ways for a business to get DISCOVERED. As an advertiser, it's the best way to get discovered without an audience.

But many businesses make the mistake of doing what they did on Instagram and Facebook on TikTok, and looking out of place. To be successful on TikTok's algorithm takes an understanding of what belongs on the app. 

Whether you're a business, brand, or someone who wants to promote a product on TikTok, this course is for you! We will go over templates of trends that will work for any type of product while being native on the app. We'll discuss the new buzzword of UGC (User Generated Content) and the templates for creating compelling UGC for brands. 

In this course you'll learn:

•Content strategy
•TikTok branding
•Digital Marketing
•Social Media
•TikTok Trends
•Going Viral

With over a decade in the advertising & branding industry, Arnold provides a winning TikTok formula for businesses and branding work. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arnold Trinh

Marketing Director, Artist, Designer

Top Teacher

I'm Arnold, a lifelong creative and have been a solopreneur for the last 7 years.

My goal is to empower your creativity and craft your skillset for the AI revolution.

With over a decade of experience in creative marketing, I've had the privilege of shaping stories and working on creative direction for fortune 500 companies to small independent brands, learning every step of the way that the most powerful content comes from a place of authenticity and shared insight.

Over the last year I've spent considerable time experimenting with and pushing the boundaries of AI in professional creative work. This exploration has not only transformed how I approach projects but also opened up new avenues for creativity that were previously unimaginable.
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1. TikTok Template Trailer: Hi, are you growing a business on TikTok or are you working with a brand to grow their business on TikTok in over a few months, I've gotten to grow my count to tens of thousands of followers and reached hundreds of thousands of people. In this course, I include tried and true templates for anyone that is trying to make business videos on TikTok, I break down all the steps on how to record it, the mindset behind it, and even how to put the videos together. I formulated this course to be a template of plug-in and play ideas so that you can take your business on TikTok as well. I truly believe in the power of TikTok for businesses. So if you're ready to begin making TikToks for business, I'll see you in the next video. 2. Goals of Business on TikTok: Let's talk about the goals of a business on TikTok. Because as a business on TikTok, your priority is not to make sales. You're not there to sell someone TikTok as a platform of authenticity. So the reason why a business would be on TikTok is to be able to be on top of the consumer's mind when they are ready to make that. By now, let me explain. When somebody is on TikTok, they're going through for entertainment. They're not going through to look about new things to buy. Well, sometimes they are, but with those content as well, we'll go into it with another lecture. But with those contents, they are going in looking for authentic reviews as well. We are on TikTok to be as authentic as possible because the platform and to be native on that platform, Which be native on the platform is the best way to grow your account. Being native on that platform needs to be wrong in authentic and real. And people are able to sense when something is not real on TikTok, It's just the way that the platform is. If you are scrolling through an ad, you see an ad you're gonna know right away, right? But with the templates that I have laid out in this course for making TikToks that are very on point and genuine with the language of the platform. So what I mean by that is that when you make these videos, they are with the trends. They are with the same voice, they are with the same type of authenticity of rawness that the TikTok platforms users are here to expect. So as a business, you're goal is really to connect with these people, to show these people that you are more than just a brain, that you are a brand that understands them, that cares for them, that caters to their needs versus just another soulless corporations out there. Now, now over the next few videos, I'm going to show you the TikToks to make this show that you are more than just a corporate brand, you are adhere to humanize your brand and through the use of TikToks. 3. Voiceover Template: Okay, Let's talk about the first template that we're going to use, which is the voice-over template. Fastest way to get your caffeine fixed on the go is these jetpack law to add milk, ice, and the contents of the packet and blend in your blend jet shop, the back-to-school sale right now on Blend jet.com. Voiceovers are a very common type of TikToks. They're very native to the platform. They've been there as long as the app has been around. Well, maybe not since musically, but they've been there very long. And the reason why voiceovers are very popular is because as a rod genuine platform, people like to share their experience. Now not everyone is able to just go on camera and just talk in front of the camera because it is very uncomfortable when I first started talking in front of the camera ellipse top. So a good way to circumvent that is to talk through your microphone and to still be able to share your experience without showing your face. So people would talk through their microphone. There's share their experience and velocity. This is the TikTok voice over template. So people would make videos with a voiceover. 4. Voiceover Tutorial: Okay, so let's talk about how to make a voice-over video. So we have the TikTok app open on here. Let's go and navigate to making a video. Okay, so we have our video pulled up, and now we're going to put on headphones because this is the secret to making good-quality sounding audio. Now all you really have to do is just pull this up to your mouth and it's going to sound significantly better. So with the video on, I am going to navigate down to voice-over. And then with voiceover, I'm going to talk and discuss about whatever voiceover I want to do. So let's say, for example, I want to go and say, well, let's go back. For example, I want to talk about the self and save that I really like this. So if I just discovered, I would go and record that. And also I would uncheck the key original sound. So then here I would do this. This is a new soap I just discovered. It has been so good for my skin because I had been using every day. And I've noticed that when I use this soap, I just feel so much better. And if we play it, will get to hear our audio over and see if you like it or not. Now, a good thing that I like to do as well too, is to add captions to it because captions on TikTok just make it so much more engaging. The platform loves captions. So you can have something like that. And for added effect to, you could even add text to it. So I would add new you. So I would make it a font that I like. Maybe even. Okay, so here's New Soap. I would also add some southern else to make it discovery of the week. Just to make it more interesting. Now, since that is all caps, I would make this cap as well. So something like this would be much more engaging of an element. And if people would like type, type of voice-over videos like this. So now I have the texts discovery of the week and then I have new so under it. So this is how you go and make a voice over video. 5. Unboxing Template: Let's talk about the unboxing video. And now this is the video that shows a box of package that is at your door, at your house, anywhere that shows in and boxing and unboxing have been a trend for probably the last decade now on the internet. So with that trend being on TikTok, It's only native to be there because unblock scenes show the experience of what it's like to get a package and your door and open it and feel the joy of opening it. And in that way, it kind of shows and shares the experience of what someone would feel like when they go and buy a certain product or package. Now with unboxing, so we can do two types of unboxing, which the first one would be a full body and boxing, which is an unboxing with your body in it. You're excited, you're opening up this package and you are smiling and having a good time. It's like Christmas morning. And then there's the other type of unboxing, which is unboxing with your hands. This is very easy for someone to do. If you're a camera shy, it's super easy. You just shoot at your hands close up and have this unboxing experience be on your TikTok. Now, unboxing is a really fun because in some ways it's kind of like a review video without being a review video. Let me explain. Because when somebody shows an unboxing video showing the whole experience of getting that package. So they get the package, they open up every single aspect of that package. And then they're gonna show round of what that product looks like without really having to sell that product. So whenever the viewer watches it, they won get to experience unpackaging, which is the fun part, to seeing the product right out of the box without any edits or filters or anything. Then at three, finally, they get an understanding of what that product feels like. Because with a packaging kind of experience, there are many ways to deliver your package. Like packages come with branding, with little nodes, with thank you's with bunch of extras. So a lot of that goes into the full experience of a brand. And by sharing that through an unboxing video, it is able to connect the audience with what that brand genuinely is like. 6. Unboxing Tutorial: Alright, so now let's do an unboxing video. I'm gonna show you how I set it up and how to shoot it. Now, what I like to keep in mind is as I'm doing this, where your source of light is. So here in this scene, I have two sorts of lights. So there's this window right here, and then there's that window right there. Now, I want my video to be super well lit. So what I'm actually going to do is open up this window so that they're there, so that there's more light coming in here. Now, let's do that. And then as I am opening up this window, I am thinking about my shot. So where I'm going to shoot the product is going to be on here. Now what we're going to shoot with today is this Laugh go my box. I got it yesterday. I opened it already, but we're going to simulate the experience of what it's like to do an unboxing video. So I also have with me is this Joby Gorilla Pod. It's very helpful because you could just set it up anywhere and just record with any type of maneuverability because it's so easy to just manage. So I'm going to actually make this vertical analysis we are doing TikToks and vertical is the native way to shoot TikToks. So it's vertical. And now I'm going to figure out where I want to frame my shots. So I think I want to have this up there or I can even have it on the bed, but I kinda want a up to down shot where it's showing my hands opening the product. So I'm going to set this up on the window sill. Now. Now that it's on the window sill, I'm going to adjust it a little bit so that it is pointing down at this. And as I notice, it is a little bit zoomed in that start the screen record. So here I am setting it up on the window sill. It is kind of showing a lot of extra cylinder. Okay? It is showing a bit of extra. Let's just move closer so that it shows a whole scene. Okay? So I'm setting this up. It shows a bit of extra around that you don't really want. But we can zoom in. Then. Once we zoom in a bit, the shot could be just opening it here with my hand. So I actually do like this shot. It's well lit. The product is right here, perfectly just in-frame. So I'm actually gonna do this shot. So I'm going to do this shot right here with my product in frame, know Mike cable. We can even get down on our knees so that it's easier. And are we ready to shoot? We are. Okay. So I am going to record and here's my product. I'm going to show the product off the box and then rip open the package. Rip open the package, pull out the product. And then here's my bag. I'm going to show off the bag a little bit, show them what type of elements are in the bag. And then finally, the big moment, I take out the product which is my lavalier mic. And then I would show off the miter bit, just giving it a little run through, maybe even on hook it from the rest of the product so that they get an idea of what it's like. Then I would bring it back down, maybe show everything again, and then just show off your product. Basically, you want to be able to have a canvas so that when your clients, or if you are your brand, you're able to add a voiceover or add something on top of this video afterwards, just to have the flexibility in case you want added elements to the TikTok. So here we have a long recorded video of all this product already in my hand. And this would make for a good, productive video because there's so much extra room that someone can have as they are editing it. So there's our project video. And I'm going to save it. Then we'll look at it and it looks good. So there you have it. That is our product video unboxing. 7. Testimonial Template: Let's discuss the testimonial video because with TikToks, it's all about authenticity, right? So having a testimonial type video is probably one of the most powerful types of videos that you can do for a product. Having someone talk about your product and talk about it in a loving, appreciating way is how to get your TikTok to do well. So imagine this is again, you FaceTime and your friend or you just discussing to your camera, sharing something new, that exciting, that is exciting that you've just discovered. And there's this new product in the streets that are like, whoa, really rocks. There's OK, That really makes you interested in it. So you wouldn't be here giving this testimonial talking about why you wish you learned about this earlier, what this has helped you with. This product has been doing in your life, what it's doing now, how you use it. There's many ways to discuss how this product has been helpful and when you are working with a brand. Or if you are the content creator working with the brand, it's important to think about how this would communicate to the audience that is a useful product. It's also important to keep note too, that when you are making these videos to have a very high energy level. Because if you don't have a high energy level on TikTok, they are gone in a second. You need to be very excited for your on top of it and just be like full of energy so that when they are Washington, they're like, Whoa, I'm excited about this product as well. 8. Testimonial Video Tutorial: Now let's talk about the testimonial video. For this video, I am going to use the AirPods because it's a lot easier to be able to talk to it without having something in the way. Now, of course, we do have our microphone, but I'm going to give a testimonial on the shorts. So let's go through on our TikTok and I'll show you how. Now that we have the app open, I'm going to go and create a new video for these testimony videos. It actually is a lot easier because you could just do selfie style videos. So first things first, make sure you click 60-second because you don't want to go too long. And then your 15-second video ends at 15 and then you're like, Okay, I just wasted a few minutes shooting these 15 seconds. Now, with this already set up, ideally, I would have a different outfit, but this is, for example, only. So for this video, I'm going to do a selfie style thing and go from here. Now, first of all, I would be like, these are some of my favorite shorts. Take a look at them and just go into some of the benefits of why you like this. Give it like a testimonial so that the viewers can kind of understand why. So you could go on and say, I wear this out everywhere because they are so comfortable, like literally look at them. When I'm at work, when I am gone to the gym, when I am. So I started a bit. So when you said or you gotta go back. So I'm going to delete the last clip. Literally everywhere I take these with me when I'm at the gym, when I'm at the movies, when I'm at the bar with my friends, I go everywhere with these shorts and then maybe switch up the angle a little bit there, just so comfortable because they're made with these recycled fabric from coconut husk and from recycled water bottles. So when you wear them, you know, you're doing good at the same time. So as you see, what I did there was gay but testimonial on how it felt like, how it felt good on me, and then how I support the brand because it is very sustainable. And at the same time like why I believe this brand feels good. And then you could also end by saying something like check this brand out here. So maybe I'll just be recorded that to check this brand out on their website, it's worth it. And maybe give a call-to-action at the end so that people who are watching will understand where to go next. So that's how you make a testimonial video. These are some of the videos that are easiest to make because you could just take selfie style videos and don't have to set up too much. 9. Product in Use Template: Let's talk about using the product in a TikTok. Now this is probably a given, but we need to talk about the caveats of it so that it is very authentic to the platform that it performs well. So the first thing we need to consider is how to make this using the product video look authentic. And we need to think about it in a way where if this was sent to your friend, this would be a video that they would think that you are genuinely sending to them. So imagine you are sending them a TikTok or on WhatsApp or on FaceTime. That is like, Hey, I just discovered this brand is really cool. I'm excited about it. Here. Let me show you how to use it. So maybe some lotion on your hand, you're using it and showing like what it feels like to use it. Or maybe it's something like a tool that you're using in the house. So think about it in a way that is kinda like for you to send it to your friend. And next, you can show in a point of view aspect as well. Point of view is like with your camera looking at your hand as if those were your eyes or your camera looking at the tool as if those were your eyes and maybe pan around, move around a bit, give it some motion. You could also put it on a tripod to now that's not bad, but make it look as authentic as possible. Then finally, you could also slip in how it benefits the user. A lot of times business TikToks would add in like this. Lotion helps with moisturizing skin, with illuminating your skin with hydrating, and they will just throw it at the bottom of the video that showcases using the product is a very good way to have a canvas like this type of video is a canvas and then having some texts to follow along with that video. 10. Product in Use Tutorial: Okay, so for this next one, I've also used my handy little guerilla powered. I've set up the angle already because it took a while to set this up and I didn't want to bore you with it. But this one, we're going to use a we're going to do a using the product shoot. With this one. I'm going to be using this hand soap from this village handwash, like it's like a new hand soap. And we are going to pretend that we're using it. Washing her hands were actually actually where we are going to wash your hands. But it's going to showcase this product in use. And it's going to be something that is like kind of a point of view, but kind of not really something that shows just the whole product. And what we wanted to, just like with the unboxing video is we want to be able to create a canvas for the video to have words or to have voiceovers on, just to have something that you can possibly add elements onto it later. And also just to show the product in use. Alright, so now I have this bit framed up. I am going to bring the product of when I shoot in a sec. So let's go and start the shoot. Alright, so I'm going to bring this product up, show off the product, and then I'm going to wash my hands with it. Sometimes it takes a few takes. It felt like with this one, I didn't use the product to generously. So let's do a nother. Now, you want to make your video. Just have a lot of room for people to add extras onto it later, just like a canvas, like I said. So we are going to bring this product up, show off this product is beautifully made product. Now, there's actually a period of cell phone there. So this process does take a long time sometimes because you have to do a lot of prep work and to make it look good. So I got a bit of soap on there from the last video recording. Now, let's clean it off, make it look a little better so that we can go about it on another round. Okay, so as you can see, this one to two tags, whereas some of the other ones might be a lot quicker. Okay, so we have the product. I'm going to see my hands for the cleanup, okay? Alright, so here's a product. We have the product. So we have the product, we're going to bring it up, and then we're going to use the product and just show what the product is like during use one to elongate it out so that when you go and edit it, you can have a lot of space to add in words and customization. So I like this frame. I thought I like when it sits there, maybe even like this. So alright, let's begin the shoot. So I'm going to grab the product, bring it up into view, show off the hand soap, and then start washing my hands with it. And clean. You should have Charlotte's good. Washing my hands with it. And what we wanna do here is just to have this long, have the video. With this video right here, you can have some texts show up in the middle that creates something that is just interesting. Another element to be take top. And we have this 30-second video. Thirty-seconds is plenty of time for you to add whatever you want to it. This is the shot there we're going to use and we're going to save this one. 11. Trends Template: Let's talk about trends. Because when you falling the trends, you are able to connect with the audience in a way that's authentic to the platform. So TikTok always has new and upcoming trends depending on sounds, depending on current events, depending on something that just goes viral. So when people as a brand are able to connect with others on the platform with the trend. Maybe it's get ready with me, or maybe it's a point of view video, or maybe it's a video that is doing a certain challenge with the brand. All of this goes into play to creating that brand that is authentic so that whenever a customer is viewing this or a potential customer is viewing your TikTok, or if they're just a big fan of your TikTok. They are able to understand that this brand is very human eyes is understanding of their consumer. So that began when they're ready to purchase. They are able to recall that this brand is the brand for them. So being active on TikTok scrolling and following the trends and noticing what the trends are is going to be very helpful to your videos. 12. Ending: Congratulations on finishing the course. Now if you could do me a big favor and spend 30 seconds to write me a review about what you thought was helpful so that I can continue doing more content like that. That would be so, so, so helpful and also helping this course be seen by other people as well. And if you enjoyed the topic, I do have many other courses that cover a similar discussion. So I'll see you in the next course.