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TikTok SEO: How to Rank on TikTok's Search

teacher avatar Arnold Trinh, Marketing Director, Artist, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      TikTok SEO Trailer


    • 2.

      Introduction to TikTok SEO Ranking


    • 3.

      How TikTok SEO Works


    • 4.

      Outlining the SEO Process


    • 5.

      Explaining Rankings on TikTok SEO


    • 6.

      Finding Keywords


    • 7.

      How to find Easy Things to Rank


    • 8.

      Ideas for Topics to Ranking (Answer the Public)


    • 9.

      Captions and Descriptions


    • 10.

      How to Stay Trendy


    • 11.

      Example: Brainstorming Keyword for TikTok Video


    • 12.

      Example: Filming the Actual TikTok


    • 13.

      Example: Editing the TikTok


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About This Class

Do you want your business to get seen on TikTok? It can happen with search by ranking on SEO.

With the new TikTok update, this is one of the most effective ways to get your videos seen. Act now before this strategy is used by others!

This course will show you the best performing strategies to rank your videos on the first page!

The key to fast growth on Tik Tok is to have your videos seen. As researched by Google, many people are flocking over to TikTok for search. Think of it yourself, if you had to choice to search for the Top Restaurants in your city , would you want to see a list or videos, with reviews, voice, and an authentic reaction? 

But how do you rank your TikTok videos on the first page and be seen in search?

By following the techniques outlined in this course. We will go through step-by-step on how to research, edit, and optimize your TikTok videos so that it works with the latest SEO trends.

With over 10 years in the advertising industry, this class takes examples from how to integrate brand marketing with the TikTok platform.

Included are the exact templates to follow for optimizing your SEO on TikTok. It outlines all the steps for your TikTok for every style of page.

In this course you will learn:

•TikTok SEO

•Brand Marketing

•TikTok Marketing Strategy

•Video Editing

•TikTok Captions

•TikTok Trends

•TikTok Strategies

•Social media Marketing

•Advertising Strategy

•Search Engine Optimization

•TikTok Ads

•Social Media Branding for TikTok

Why take this Class?

  • Real proven experience from growing my personal TikTok (20k followers)

  • Secrets and strategies on how to rank videos on top of search.

  • Learn all the steps I used to see more engagement on my TikTok page!

If you're ready to implement TikTok Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , I'll see you in the class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arnold Trinh

Marketing Director, Artist, Designer

Top Teacher

I'm Arnold, a lifelong creative and have been a solopreneur for the last 7 years.

My goal is to empower your creativity and craft your skillset for the AI revolution.

With over a decade of experience in creative marketing, I've had the privilege of shaping stories and working on creative direction for fortune 500 companies to small independent brands, learning every step of the way that the most powerful content comes from a place of authenticity and shared insight.

Over the last year I've spent considerable time experimenting with and pushing the boundaries of AI in professional creative work. This exploration has not only transformed how I approach projects but also opened up new avenues for creativity that were previously unimaginable.
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1. TikTok SEO Trailer: If you haven't been putting SEO effort into your TikTok videos, then you're missing out on a lot of audiences that could be washing your content right now, according to a Google study, Gen Z have been shifting from searching on traditional search platform such as Google and Yahoo over to social media. Now there's no wonder why Social media searches are so much more engaging and easy to understand and research. Now, we're still early in doing SEO for TikTok. So there's a lot of opportunity for growth within your brand. We're going to learn the strategies on how to research for SEO purposes, on TikTok, how to create an optimizer videos for SEO. And then finally, because of all that, how to rank on the first page when looking up your videos on TikTok. Now, if you're ready to begin learning about how to optimize your TikTok page for SEO. I'll see you in the next video. 2. Introduction to TikTok SEO Ranking: Now, to start this off, we need to first consider what our consumers behavior is like. So this has to go in and be determined by what you are trying to rank yourself for. So now let's talk about where you rank yourself for. What is your business? What type of model are you going for? Are you a restaurant? Are you a life coach? Are you a exercise coach? What type of niche or genre RUN and what type of behavior does your target consumer do? So e.g. if you are a restaurant that is in a trendy up and coming location in Los Angeles, then how would you rank? Show the people that are looking up trendy restaurants in Los Angeles, who you are. So now let's think about you as a tourist in Los Angeles. You're just bopping around. You're on social media. You want to find a restaurant. So you type in top restaurants on Melrose and marrows is a popular Street in Los Angeles. So you'll come up with this list of restaurants in Melrose. And then from there, you're going to have to look up other restaurants from this list that you get. So you're going to watch a ton of videos and eventually you're going to find one restaurant that you like. Now, if we go one layer further and think clearly about what type of restaurant you are, that's going to help you rank so much better. So now, imagine that same consumer is looking at up restaurants and they look up top restaurants in Melrose. But you have the foresight to think that I'm a vegan restaurant or I'm a Raman restaurant or I'm a hot dog stand. And you add that to your SEO, that's going to help significantly in standing out from the other restaurants. So e.g. now you're like, Okay, I'm a ramen restaurant. So you put top ramen restaurants in mirror. Now you have your ramen restaurant pop up a lot more than just having to rely on the top restaurants and Melrose SEO tag pop up. Now this is also applicable to personal brands too. Like I mentioned, if you are a life coach, consider what type of life coaching that you do. Now this can be combined with fitness life coaches. So consider what your consumers behavior is as they are looking up fitness life coaches. So for that, you can think of terms like, how do I reach my goals and losing weight? How do I reach my goals in kettle? How do I reach my goals doing blank. And the doing blank part is what you specialize in. Because with SEO, it's important to consider what the second layer of all the categories that you're trying to rank for is because the first layer is generally saturated. And even though we're early in the game, it's definitely possible to still rank for certain SEO is like how to be good at exercising or how to lose weight. Now that is just a one layer, first layer approach. But the second layer is how to get to that goal with an added layer of SEO. So how do I lose weight by eating Keto or keto or how do I lose weight by blank. So once you have that in order, you have your word for you to start considering what to build your SEO brand around. 3. How TikTok SEO Works: Okay, So this is the most important part of this whole course because we're going to talk about where the words are indexed when the TikTok crawler is going through your videos and searching up the words to put onto there algorithms so that you pop up with TikTok SEO. So the first spot that they look for is the words that you speak. So as you speak and as you talk, TikTok is actually recording and interpreting those words like they're transcribing that word or all the words that you're saying. And then they're running it through their crawler to understand what it is that you are talking about. Now, if you have paid attention, you'll know that TikTok also has a closed captioning and auto closed captioning functions so that you can have all your words that you're saying be captioned on the bottom. That's also the second part of where you are SEO comes from. So as you finished doing your video with you talking, you're going to click on the Closed Caption button, auto captions and then your words are going to pop up. Now with the auto captions, you're going to have the option to be able to change the captions to make it correct because it's not always correct. And that also goes to show you that it's not always going to be correct. What TikTok has its crawler scraped from the videos that you're doing. So it does help to have the captions are the auto captions that are slightly edited by you to be correct so that when TikTok indexes what videos are making, these are two functions that are already going into the algorithm to place your videos onto the search. The next part is the text on-screen that you use. If you are on TikTok, you know that when you make videos you have the option of adding text. Now when you add these texts, these could be or should be the keywords that are relating to the video that you're talking about. Imagine you're making a video on five steps to do certain things. Those five steps would have keywords. So within those five steps, there are five keywords that you could have labeled so that TikTok is able to pull from those words and know what your video is saying and what that video belongs to you or what category that video should be showing up for when they are searched. Now one thing to note is that you should be using TikToks native built in functions versus doing it on Premiere or on another app. Because when you do that on another app, TikTok doesn't have as much of the power to be able to go and read all the text and the fonts, while it certainly can, it's not going to be as easy for TikTok to do it as if you use their native word function or did their native texts function. The next part that the algorithm is pulling information for, for SEO is the caption itself. Now, like we mentioned, TikTok has increased its caption from 300 words to 2000 words. That has a huge potential of being able to type in whatever it is that you want to rank for in the caption. Now, if you've been familiar with Instagram, a lot of people have been doing long-form captions on Instagram. Now, you should take that same mindset and put it on TikTok and at the same time be targeting all the keywords that you want to target. Because by doing that, you have all this room to include keywords that should show up when people are looking up your videos. Now one thing to note too, is that in the comments, there has been a new update where you're able to search up names of something that in a way makes me feel like in the future words are also going to have a lookup function added onto it as well. Then finally, the last two, which are kind of a bonus, but I'm going to include it anyways, is one your name when you have your name behind it, you can include things like marketing expert, SSM a S, expert, fitness coach, lifestyle coach, fashioned nice data. All of these go into the algorithm as they are searching your name up, your page up so that they know exactly how to feed your page to its customers or its viewers, potential future customers, but right now, viewers. So instead of just having your name like Arnold, I could be Arnold dash, marketing expert, creative expert, media advisor or something like that so that when somebody is looking up something that is related to media, my name will pop up along with the videos that I have my SEO optimized for. And then the last thing is hashtags. Hashtags is something that we already know that hashtags or something that is also go into curves, going into consideration as they are digging and scraping through your video. So they'll look at the hashtag to know where to place the video. And then because you are having the correct hashtag, it's going to show up on the correct search part. 4. Outlining the SEO Process: Let's talk about the SEO process. The overall process of setting up SEO is a long-term process. And why is that? Is because when you set up SEO, your goal at the end of it is to have people reaching your account when they search something up. So since TikTok has been increasing, so many people searching on the platform, you want to pop up when somebody searches for something that is in your niche, say like are examples of having a restaurant in a certain location or a restaurant in a certain type of food category. When you can have your business or your brand pop up to a certain keyword in the first few results that is winning at SEO. So that's why winning and dominating at SEO takes time. Because in order to fully get all the benefits of placing on the first page of SEO, you have to have a lot of videos and a lot of different hits for when somebody searches you up or searches your category up. And what I mean by winning are dominating the SEO in your category is imagine when somebody looks your business up and in that keyword that they search, your business at, your TikTok is the one that pops up the most frequently. If somebody searches up for a certain type of yoga as another example, and your videos are the top four or your videos out of the top ten results of most relevant results, your videos take up half of that. So what that does is when somebody views those listings are those videos, they're most likely going to click on one of your video. And when they click on your video, that means you get the impression of them going on your video and watching your video. Now, if they don't like that certainly video than they might go and check something else. And once again, since you are popping up so much, they're more than likely going to watch another one of your video. And potentially this video might be the one that they like and might be the one they consume to the end and start following your brand. So maybe they liked this video and they're like, Okay, I like what this person is teaching. Let's follow them. And when they follow you and you get that follow, you win because one you have this new follower. And also because whenever you need to push out content or to make impressions on someone, you have them your potential reach. Now here's another example to take in mind. Imagine you are somebody that's selling a car cleaning product. And when you do videos on cleaning or on how to work with car maintenance and have it properly optimized for SEO, when somebody searches you up and finds these videos and you dominate that category, most of your videos are on the car maintenance section, then people are most likely going to follow you, are going to trust your advice and is also going to see and get the impression that you are a market leader in that space. So when you are a market leader in that space, people are more than likely going to buy from you than the other brands that are your competition because one you're trustworthy to, you've been proven to have good quality content because the TikToks and videos that you're making are very relevant to the subject. And three, other people are also watching this video and giving you tons of view. So when somebody sees that, and aside of this video has a lot of views, it gives you a trustworthy reputation. Because if you think about it, would you follow an account that has only 1020 followers? Like it's too small. But when you go and look at another account that has 20,000, 30,000 followers. You're like, Okay, I'm probably going to just follow them. That's not a big deal. A lot of people are following them, so I trust it to. So it all plays into this site perspective that will ultimately help your brand in the long run. Now this r, Now this all plays a part in the process of bringing this audience, this newly found audience, all the way to the end of their purchasing funnel. With SEO, one of the key strategies is that you're able to reach out to cold leads, meaning leads that have no understanding of you. Never heard of your brand before and don't really know anything about you. So once you are able to get in front of their screen and have your content shown in front of them, they become a warm lead. And with a warm lead, that's significantly more likely that somebody is going to buy from you or is going to help support your brand. Because now they have an impression of who you are. And the thing with SEO and the power of that is that it helps you reach out to people that weren't in your radar before or that you weren't in their radar before. Since they're searching something up, they need help or advice or just like knowledge in this certain area. And if you pop up in this area, you're also filling the need that you are a thought leader in that space. So when they see you and see you as a very influential, a very trusted figure. This all helps you go all the way down the line to be able to sell a certain product or to just have support. And really the goal is not to sell someone right away. The goal is to establish yourself as a trustworthy liter, as a trustworthy brand and to build awareness. Because at the end of the day, what you really want to do is just to build organic awareness because you don't want to be constantly having to sell someone. But if you have them as a following already and they're aware of your brand, they'll just by whenever they need what you do. And this way it's a lot more authentic, real and honest as well, because this is a relationship that's been built and curated over a great amount of time. So when somebody actually makes this decision to follow through with whatever you provide, it's done with a lot of thought and it's done in a way that Is because they need what you provide and that they understand what you provide. So the goal of doing SEO for TikTok is really to bring awareness and drive credibility to your brand so that when somebody is ready to make a purchase, then you're the first person they think of. And since you've positioned yourself as somebody that is a credible, trustworthy thought leader in the space, then you are going to get their support. 5. Explaining Rankings on TikTok SEO: Okay, So I'm going to talk about why becoming the number one search result on TikToks, SEO is important and what it looks like to be the number one SEO result. So the first main reason why it's important and good to be the number one search result is that the SEO algorithm will start working for you. What I mean by that is that once your categorized as a certain type of content creator, as a person that makes this type of content, the SEO, we'll actually start pushing more content to your page. So e.g. let's say we're continuing the example of being a robin shot. Once you run and are known for the example of being a ramen shop, the SEO actually is going to refer more viewers to your shop for your page. Because when people search a Brahmin, they are going to see your page and they're going to want to watch it because the algorithm is actually pushing your page up. Now, as you first start working on optimizing your SEO, like we mentioned, that we need to do more categorize types of keywords like maybe Raman in Los Angeles, Robin with a certain type of ingredient, Robin with maybe a Marcia broth or something. Something helps you stand out because in the beginning, the word Raman is going to have a lot of competition and you're going to have to compete against all of those people. But the key is to start establishing yourself as you build yourself more in the SEO keyword for Raman, whatever SEO keyword that you're going to be known for, your gonna start climbing your way up into where TikTok sees your page. And as i, okay, this page is actually very engaging. This page gets people to stay on the platform and watch the videos for a long time. So we're gonna give them a higher ranking. This is kind of like what Google does as well, where they give every webpage a certain type of ranking, like an authority ranking where this page is more important than another page. Now, content-wise, you never know which pages are the best. But essentially this is just like giving a ranking of how valuable this pages or how trustworthy this pages. So e.g. let's say the New York Times, it's a major publication in the US. That page is going to have a much higher authority ranking than just a small town newspaper or a blog. So on the scale of everything, if New York Times is ten, your local small town personal blog or maybe just like a small community blog has 123. So TikTok does the same thing where when they see certain creators start getting higher and higher views and more engagement, they're gonna be like, okay, this page is actually getting a lot of engagement and people are watching it. So we're gonna give them a higher authority ranking. So in that case, they're going to start being able to rank for more popular keywords that are not exactly long tail like that or just general because their page is higher up there on the authority scale. Now, that also leads into SEO bringing in the relevant audience as well. Because SEO is targeting the people who are searching up what you're trying to rank for it. So what are Raman example? The people that are going to be watching the page are people who are already looking for Raman. So the search, whatever keyword they want, maybe Raman hacks, maybe Raman ingredients, and then they're gonna be funneled into this whole group of Robin videos. And since they're in this group of Robin videos, are watching more and more Raman videos. They're gonna start being fed more Raman videos because the algorithm says, this is what they are interested in and this is what they like. So with that, when they are fed more and more of this video, they're going to end up. And because you are starting to rank your own page as a high-ranking page in that keyword, they're going to end up back in your video. So this has a win-win for everyone. So TikTok gets these people engaged in the keyword that you're targeting for and you are getting views and engagement time and an audience for this keyword that you are engaging in ranking for. And as that is happening to your page, your page is authority ranking is getting higher and higher and higher. And TikTok is going to be like, okay, we liked this creator, so we're going to push more and more people to it. And when more and more people go to your page, unlike your content and because it is so relevant and is perfect for whatever keyword that they are looking up is only going to bring you more views, more engagement and more higher authority ranking. So what that does is just build your overall page to be a page that TikTok is going to value a lot and is going to send more people to. Now, let's segment on to how we can make this good for our page. Now, since everyone is already gone onto your page to watch our other videos because it's so relevant to what they landed on your page. First four, you have the option of being able to upsell your viewers or bring your viewers into certain programs that you're running. Like, there's a lot of power being shifted onto. Because now you have the opportunity to open this entire world up to your viewer. So if you are the ramen shop, you can take the viewer into this whole depth of how Raman is made, how Raman is distributed, maybe a do at home Brahman kit that you could all incorporate into your page. So because these audience that are newly coming in from your SEO is so targeted, you're able to be creative and bring in value to these custom audience. Whereas a new page that doesn't have that much authority and isn't very trustworthy in the eyes of an audience that is looking at a small page. They're not as trustworthy. Whereas now you are a thought leader in this space because you have so much clout, so much views and so much people giving you feedback on what they like, what they don't like about your page. And you could improve your page and make better and better TikToks based on that and also the beauty of being an authority liter in this certain category you keyword is that people are going to refer other people to your page. Now because you are in a certain niche, that niche potentially it could be very small and I definitely do recommend trying to work in the rankings for niches that are smaller because you just have the capability of ranking so much easier on a type of niche that is not super competitive. Like e.g. if you're going into the wellness and productivity space right now, it's very competitive. There are so many creators out there that are already creating four years, already optimized their whole publication like content media schedule, and how to deliver the media. So you'd have to compete against all these people and it's very tough. Like you need to either be really, really, really good at making the content or somehow be famous and collaborate with some of the biggest people to stand out. So it's really tough to be able to compete in a ready competitive keyword space. So ideally, you want to be the only one in that space are like one of the earliest people in that space creating content and material for that space. Now, if you successfully do that, and people are coming back to your videos, they are going to refer other people to your page. Like e.g. when I first got into budget traveling were certain service was able to find cheap flights at certain places. Like I remember, a flight from the US to Africa for around 300 round-trip and even US to Europe for 300 round-trip. This page, this blog was like the number one liter in sharing those deals. So I would always refer this service like I actually paid $50 a month for this service, are referred it to all of my friends because they were the only one in the space doing it and they were like the leader in this space. So I looked up to them. I saw them as the leader, as the most trustworthy page. I refer to them. This is what's going to happen when you are building up your page and are known for that certain keyword and are placing for that keyword. And finally, this is the fastest way to grow. They, once you are locked in on a certain keyword ranking for that certain keyword, the algorithm or TikTok, is going to know that you are making videos for this particular subject and keyword. And whenever somebody is interested in that category or is looking for that category, you are the first page that gets shown or at least one of the top few pages to get shelf. Thing with TikTok is, even if you're not on the first four results being on the first scroll or so, like if you still show up, There is also very good because videos here are short, like 15/22 short-form video. So if you can even just show up on there when somebody searches a certain keyword, you're about to go and be shown in front of some people. If you're showing it in front of some people, that's gonna get you more views. More views means more targeted people coming into your videos. More people coming into your videos is only going to feed the algorithm and say, Okay, People liked this video, so they're going to bring more and more people in. So once you become the number one liter in this certain keyword that you're trying to rank your TikTok SEO for your only, not only going to build up your page faster, but you're going to have an engaged audience that essentially goes into your funnel to whatever service or product that you're trying to build and whatever ecosystem that you're trying to build on TikTok. 6. Finding Keywords: Okay, so let's start and talk about how we can find what types of words that we want to do and what type of words that we want to rank for as we are building our social media page on TikTok and as we are trying to rank for these certain words. So the first thing that we need to consider is what our anchor keyword is. Now an anchor keyword is the key word that is relevant to your subject, your topic, that people are looking up. So e.g. if you are someone that does marketing for brands on social media, you're probably going to be doing copywriting. So with copywriting, that would be your anchor keyword. So we'll look up copywriting and we're going to see what type of other topics are in copywriting so that we can start to rank for those words. Alright, so first of all, we're going to go on and type in copy writing. And then with copywriting we see things pop up like copywriting side hustle, copywriting for beginners, copywriting tips, copywriting hacks, copywriting, explain the copywriting salary, and then so on, so forth. There's a lot of these. So when we look these up, we see all these words that we could potentially make videos about. And if we make these videos and we use these words, it's going to help you rank onto these search more efficiently. Now, we want to take this one step further. Like I said, it's important to have a long-tail keyword or key phrase for you to associate yourself with because people like to get specific. So we're going to type in copywriting for and then we're going to see copywriting for businesses, for Amazon's, for real estate, for hustlers, for money, for TikTok routines. Now, you have a second layer that you're able to rank yourself for. So we'll go down and we'll see copywriting for marketing. And we'll see a ton of different examples for copywriting for marketing. So these are type of words that you're able to start ranking for once you start considering adding these words to the types of topics that you are doing. Okay, now let's go on to the example of having a restaurant, because restaurants are also very niche categories. So let's go and consider what being a restaurant is like not to do SEO for a restaurant. Let's consider the restaurant that we talked about before, which is a Raman restaurant. So imagine you're a Roman restaurant in Los Angeles. Now we're not gonna do Robin restaurant in Los Angeles just yet, but we're going to type in Raman just so that we have a list of ROM and things that pop up. So first of all, when we type it Raman and we see ramen noodles hacks around the new recipe, Robin noodles, bath. You Robin hacks with egg. So these are pretty general things about Raman. Now, let's see Raman, how it is made. So we have a couple of examples on Robin Howard is made, but this is not too many examples for us to go on. So this reward that and start with how Raman. And then we'll have a big group of different subjects to do. So. How Raman is made, how ramen noodles did, just how Noodles was invented. So now let's consider marketing for a ramen restaurant in Los Angeles. So we're going to type in Raman restaurants in Los Angeles. Now, we search up, we have a few searches, but we'll just leave this here so we can see what other things pop up for that. So as we have that pop up, we can see that there are keywords such as affordable, good, maybe for birthday. And these are some words that we can also implement into our Raman SEO keywords. So imagine Good Robin restaurants in Los Angeles, affordable round restaurants in Los Angeles, ramen restaurants for birthdays in Los Angeles. And then we can make videos that go off of these words, these keywords, and then try to rank for that because these show that it's getting pretty popular and that it's something that we can potentially want to rank for. 7. How to find Easy Things to Rank: Okay, This video we're going to talk about some easy ways to make your videos pop up on TikToks SEO Search. Now in this video, I want to show you five different ways for you to come up with an easy idea to talk about to implement so that you have some ideas when you're making videos that you want this pop up on TikTok search. Now, simply put, all that is, is answering the five W's, who, what, when, where, why. So let's go back to the example of the ramen restaurant that we are running. Who is the founder of this robin restaurant, who created Rahman, who made Raman famous. These are all questions that are able to be answered if you want to talk about Raman. So that is who? Now what, what is maybe, what type of Robin there is? What is Raman? Maybe you can describe Raman as more than just the instant noodle robin, that most of the western world, no. But in fact talk about Robin from the eastern world, where Robin is an entire culture in Japan. And then you could also go on to talk about what types of Raman is served at your restaurant, what types of Robin broth is made? What types of ingredients are in Raman? There is a huge list that can go on and on. But if you answer who and what and the other WE, then you're going to have topics that are key that people search up for. Now next is when, when did Raman become popular the USA, because Robyn was not always popular. And over the last 2030 years, Robbin has started to rise in popularity. So you can talk about the when of that or when Rahman became popular in Japan because apparently there's a huge history of what Roman was like in Japan. Maybe it came from the Chinese, maybe it came from the Italians, or maybe all of these different influences came together to make Robin the modern-day interpretation of what it is. So you can talk about the when of something and then give an understanding for people to know a time period about the thing that you're talking about. Now where, where you can talk about where Robin was made originally, where Raman have different styles. Where Raman can be found in Los Angeles, which is tied back to the restaurant that you're doing. So then now you have something that points to your restaurant with a lot of other videos that are gonna be searched up that will gain a lot of traction because they're getting a lot of search volume going through that video. And then your other videos, which is the ones that are directly marketing your website and your brand, your restaurant. Those are also getting traction because there are people from that location, that area that are looking you up. And since your other videos are viral and popular, this video is also going to get pushed by the algorithm as well. Now, the last one is y. So you can talk about why Raman is good, why Raman is important to consume, why Robin is a reflection of culture. There's so many different things that you can talk about based on the subject that you are selling, that teaching that you are describing. In a way you can dig into your insides, like what inspires you your y, on why you are doing this? And you can answer that for people. With that answered, people are more likely going to understand and appreciate your brand. So an easy way. So to summarize, easy ways to answer questions that will pop up on SEO more is to answer who, what, when, where, why of your subject. 8. Ideas for Topics to Ranking (Answer the Public): Now this next tool that I'm going to recommend is pretty helpful. Now this next tool that I'm going to recommend is very helpful when you are struggling to come up with types of ideas on what videos that you want to make. And when you make videos answering these types of questions that people have, it's most likely or more likely going to pop up on the search, because people are going to want to search these up. And this website actually pulls from the top questions that people are searching up. So the website is answered the public.com. Now answer the public is a service that shows you what people are searching up for certain keywords. Now if you type what your subject is about and go on this website, you'll see that there are a lot of questions that this website populates with pertaining to your keyword. So you have this list. Now you can answer things on this list and hope that on TikTok, there are also more people searching up these types of questions. And they're most likely will be people searching up these questions because these are the top performing questions that are being searched right now on Google and other search engines. So let's go on the website and take a look around and see how it is used. Okay, so here we are on Answer the public.com. And answer the public is a site where you get to put in some words and they'll figure out a bunch of different things for you to answer. Basically the most important and the biggest ones, like questions that are asked on the Internet. So here, let's talk about Raman. Since we have been using that for our examples. We're going to search a Brahmin and then we're going to see what pops up. So once I type in rum and here's this visualization that they made for me. And it's super convenient because here you actually have a lot of the questions answered like who can and when and how and which, where, why, what are will, which are questions that people generally ask pertaining to a certain topic. So we're not gonna go through all of these because there are so many, but I'm going to read a few out just so you can get an idea of what questions pop up. So here, There's will. Will is I will rum and make you fat. Will Raman make me gain weight? Like questions that people might ask? And this could easily be answered if your brand is a robin restaurant, you can, you can answer this question and talk about how you use it. Healthy and safe ingredients, how your ingredients might be good for anyone that's trying to lose weight. I've also had vegan Raman. And you could maybe talk about the vegan Robin options that you have there. And then there's the WHO section. So there's questions like Rahman, who prize. But it's not always exactly 100% perfect. But right here you can see who invented Robin, which is more related to the subjects. So you can start talking about who invented Robin, where the history of it came from. Then Can, can draw them and do certain things. Can ramen noodles go bad? You can answer that question and talk about how your refresh ramen noodles last few days, how it's made and a cane Robin be healthy, may be how your Raman could be healthy. Maybe, as I just mentioned, that you have a vegan Raman option or something that is more for the calorie conscious consumer. So there's many different questions here that you can answer that will pertain to what people are asking about your certain topic. So essentially, you really have topics that would go on forever if you just keep answering these questions. Now, if you go down, there are a bit more to where there's like without Robin, without the packet, Robin without broth, there's a lot more things that could get a bit more technical. But for the most part, up on top with these questions, these are the ones where you can just answer and have plenty of topics that you can consider ranking on the SEO for because people are looking up these questions. Now, you can still continue scrolling down and there's a lot of other suggestions that you can have as well. Things like Robin versus Don, Robin versus noodles, Robin versus fella. A lot of different, different things that you can look up. This website. It's just a great resource for you to look at and refer to when you're trying to come up with ideas. If you're feeling lost on a certain subject. 9. Captions and Descriptions: So let's talk about the captions on your TikTok video, which is really important because it plays a huge role in categorizing your video and putting yourself up to the TikTok algorithm as a video that is for a particular subject. Now since this class is about optimizing your TikTok, Let's first dive into the caption and how that optimizes your video for reach. Now when you do a caption, you get to describe your video. And when you're describing your video, you can actually go into a long form type of writing for your video. Now, if you're familiar, there has been a trend or a very popular type of video style to do on TikTok, where it's a seven second video that is a wall of text. So the formula behind that, how that video works and how it drives a lot of views. So that video is because it's a short video and there's a long wall of text. People are actually reading the wall tech slowly and they're just reading down the whole texts. Now since the Texas so long, it's gonna take a while to read. And as people are reading it, this video on the background is still constantly playing. Now what that does is it tells the algorithm that this is a video that gets a lot of watch time. A lot of re-watch is, so the algorithm starts pushing this video out to more people because it's been proven to be a video that is popular, a video that people want to stay engaged on. And the goal of TikTok really is to keep you on their platform once they see a video that is like this and has been proven to be working so well. They're gonna be like, okay, the algorithm will just push you on to other accounts. Now, this concept can also be applied to the description. Because when you're doing a description, if you have a long form description, people are going to read it. And as they're reading it, your video in the background is still playing. Now, it's going to play over and over and over again, Asda reading this description. So it's very beneficial to write as long of a description as you can. And at the same time it can be very descriptive with your description. This is where you can do research. This is where you have the most precise information because in a video sometimes it's too quick. You can't give their full in-depth talk about something. But if they're interested, they can press the expand and see the rest of your description. And they can just read the rest of the description in a very in-depth analysis. Because as you're filming a video on TikTok, right? Sometimes it's tough to remember the core concepts of something where it's like a very tough scientific term or there's a lot of academic jargon in there that's used and sometimes it's not easy to remember, but to be able to have a pre-written out description and place it somewhere where someone can read. You're able to utilize these big confusing concepts and words and put it somewhere where one it helps you be organized and have a place to put an end to. It, helps someone else be able to see it and to look back on it as well. Because one of the biggest challenges to videos on TikTok is sometimes the words pop up and disappear too fast are a lot of things are going on at the same time that it's kinda confusing for a viewer. But to have it in a clear, concise space, like the description is going to be very helpful for them to refer to when they're trying to get more information about what you are talking about. Now with the description as well, you have the option of putting hashtags in there. And these hashtags are going to help place this description where it is fitting. So when the algorithm is scraping through your description, they see this hashtag. They see maybe another hashtag of yours, and they're going to place it towards that certain subject. Now, imagine how all of this goes and works synergistically, because now you have this hashtag and you also have all of these keywords in your description. It's going to work together where the algorithm, the crawler, sees all these words working together and sees that it make sense, is going to be like, Oh, this video, very in-depth and very targeted towards a certain keyword. So when somebody looks up your keyword, and that's why it's so helpful to have a long tail keywords is that when somebody looks it up and is in death, then it's going to tie back to your video because it's so in-depth and so targeted. Because we've put all the description properly and had the keywords used in the description. And then we have the hashtags that are perfectly placed so that it ties into what's in the description. And then finally, it links back to the captions that you have on your video, like the ones in the videos, the titles itself that's in the video, That's all being scraped as well. So you have many of these factors working together so that when the TikTok algorithm is going through your content, they are like, okay, these check off all the boxes. So let's place this video in front of somebody else that needs to view this. Now, finally, I want to end with saying that TikTok itself has confirmed that if you put more searchable captions, then your video is more likely going to show up on a For You page. 10. How to Stay Trendy: Let's talk about how to stay trendy and relevant. Because on this app, the most important thing to do is to be able to earn your audience's trust. That's the most important thing. This platform is about authenticity. And to be able to earn your audience's trust and to show them that you are, one of them that you're relevant is one of the key factors to being successful on the platform. So I'm going to tell you how and why to be relevant and trendy. But most importantly, how to stay trendy and how to stay on top of it all. The first part is you need to stay relevant. And that includes taking note of your audience, where they're from, what they are like, their age, and how to relate to them. More. Because there's nothing worse than you trying to push your ideas and thoughts on somebody, but they are a completely different category of people. Now, a lot of people that are running social media campaigns and doing social media work are millennials. And as millennials, we are very used to thinking where young. But there's a problem and issue with that is that we're aging now and a lot of millennials are 30 enough. And TikTok is a younger platform. So with millennials trying to fit in and doing things that they thought were cool might not actually be very relevant to the times. It's sucks to say because I am myself as well and I do still feel very young. But the demographic of these days of social media, the whole landscape is changing more to be towards the younger audience of TikTok. So how do you understand the language of TikTok? So what you need to do is to spend more time on the platform, understand how to communicate with people, understand what they value, what kind of thought processes they're going through. Because as, as millennial, as someone that's older, definitely a, you have went through a lot of things as a kid, teenager, mid 20s, early 20s, all of that changes. And many people on TikTok now are kinda like the people who were on Instagram way back in 2006, 2010, between those days when it was so new, everyone was still young and it was like high schoolers coming out, high schoolers in high school. Like the whole platform, is very different from what the typical marketer is used to, from Instagram, from Twitter. That whole landscape is different from the TikTok landscape. Now the next thing to how to stay relevant is to know proper visual signals, how to properly edit your videos, how to use the right fonts, and how to make it look like. It is part of something that is contemporary, modern, or at least fitting to your brand. So if we go and think about marketing from way back in the day, advertisements used to be very long. Like from our parents generations, maybe from the 50s, 60s, 70s, even up to the eighties. Advertisement verse was very, very long. So you would see these long-form texts in ads. Copyrighting was huge during those days. I have a client who was the creative director of the sharper image, which whole business model was really sending out magazines with these long form at. So when I was talking to him and working with him, he would have a lot of script to write out for his video content that he was marketing. But these days, as we are approaching more of a quick, quick, quick ADHD kind of generation that short-form content is really the king. We need to be able to understand what is correct and timely for this period. And right now for this period of time, editing fast, fast cuts and being able to just like be right to that point is very important. More so than back in the day where you build out a whole story, you build out the whole scene. It's all done through texts back in the day nowadays, you could actually do the same thing. Those concepts still apply, like bringing your audience to a certain state of mind to envision certain things. Those are still very useful marketing techniques, but it has to be done in a different way from back then where it is very relevant to today. That's why visual techniques are very important. And you might see from my videos, my courses that what are the visual techniques that I do a lot is jump cuts. So when I talk and sometimes in-between my talks, I pause and I am thinking about what to say next. So the trend these days and it's been going on for at least the last five years, is to cut in-between when you start talking. So it is always quick, quick, quick, quick. Like there's no really even pause. Like I remember meeting a YouTuber and then she has a maybe 200 K last time I checked. And she was saying that she had to edit out even breaths because you lose attention every second. That is not as engaging. So it's very important to know what type of visuals match with the audience. Now, another example is when you're shooting these days, like shooting on your phone is actually more effective than shooting on 1,000 dollar camera or multiple thousand dollar camera or cinema cameras. That's way too much for a platform like TikTok, which promotes authenticity and to have a phone. Is going to be a lot more effective in your marketing work and how to stay on top of relevancy. And with that comes the last point that I want to talk about, which is asking for follows, which is like the call to action at the end of videos that are common in Youtube, tiktok videos. And it has a place like if you are making a video without asking people to interact in some way they might forget. So it's good to ask for an interactive, but do you have to know when is the right and proper time to ask for an interaction. Now, with TikTok, a lot of earlier TikTok people would do the YouTube formula where they would say, hey, this is so and so I teach, just make sure you click on the Follow button and then go into their lesson, go into the video. But as we've moved in, as the platform has evolved, we're learning that that is not the best way to go about it because people want to get some value before they are asked to do something. So a good way to actually make your call to actions is just to have a little GIF at the end point to the Follow button or quickly mention it at the end. I'm doing the point because I'm used to when I'm doing TikToks, I'll be late. This button to follow me. So make sure it's subtle. Make sure it's in a way that is fitting to the platform. People on TikTok don't want to be gets sold to all the time. And if they get an impression that you are selling to them, they're really not going to like that. And you lose the chance out on a follower or somebody that's engaged with your brand. And finally, the most important one really is to stay up-to-date. Watch content that is new and relevant because you want to know what people are talking about. You know, you want to know what's on top of their mind. E.g. last year 2020, BLM was a huge movement and a lot of corporations actually took on the, the topic and was making campaigns based on BLM and was making ads based on BLM. And it was on top of everyone's mind. So both for the company's standpoint, it makes sense to include something that everyone's talking about because that's more marketing. And at another standpoint, it actually helps with their PR because this company is saying that they relate to this, they understand what this topic is about and they want to contribute to this type of movement. And everyone on the Internet at that point was really just watching and talking about PLM. So if a business was talking about BLM, which is very on-point at that time, is irrelevant, then they're going to get a lot more points from people who are interested in this topic. And at the time, basically everyone, I'd like to remind you to stay up-to-date by practicing. Because when you practice, you're able to really hone your skills and to make your videos a lot better. If you look at a lot of TikTok occurs and a lot of their accounts, you will notice that in the beginning, maybe one out of five videos actually do well and are actually relevant and look good. And practice is something that's really important before you're able to make a video that's really good and stand out. And it's actually relevant because there are all these little pieces to a video that make it good and good relevant. So just like I mentioned, having the cardo action be placed correctly, having the topic that you're talking about be done right? Having maybe your edits be done in a way that is true to the scene of the people that are watching. All of this goes together into making a good relevant form of content. So the more you practice, the more you're able to be making something that is Going to garner people's attention. So make sure you follow these few tips so that you can stay relevant with your audience on TikTok because it's the most fast-changing platform. It's the one that's going to keep going super, super fast. So as long as you stay up-to-date making relevant content, you'll stay trendy. 11. Example: Brainstorming Keyword for TikTok Video: Okay, In this section, we're going to talk about how to create some content for an airline in Asia. And we're gonna go through look at the SEO words that we want to target. We're going to do some research. We're going to find what things we want to cover as we're creating this content so that they get the most bang for their buck. As we create this content, that this content is able to reach a lot of different types of niches and also rank for certain words that they want to rank on. Now with the landscape being so new and small, It's actually very easy to be able to rank on certain keywords because not too many people are actually paying attention to the SEO that they're doing. So we're gonna go in and research. Now I've already searched a couple of words up, so it's easy for us to peek through. But e.g. we are doing a budget airline for Asia and we're looking through some of these words. So I put in traveling through Asia just to see what pops up. So there's travel tips, travel packing, travel destination, travel essentials. Just looking at things that we might want to include onto the video that we're going to make. So this has some destinations, this has Southeast Asia. Okay, let's go on and look at our other keywords. There's a budget airlines. So the anchor keyword that we want to do is cheap airlines, budget airlines. We want to target those keywords because this airline company is branding itself as a budget, as a cheaper alternative to other high-end, expensive airline brains. So I'm going to go and look at budget airlines in Asia first just to see what pops up. And as we look up budget airlines in Asia, we get a couple of words that pop out. So low budget airlines traveling in Europe, Europe's a word that pops up. She places to travel in Asia. Budget airlines in Asia, flying budget airlines be like. So these are a couple of the ideas that we're getting. So I do like the idea of cheap places, destinations that we can talk about in Asia, e.g. first-time flying, maybe flying what flying his life. But the food is like seats. Okay, So we have a couple of ideas. Basically, what you want to do is take mental notes of what we can talk about later as we are putting content together. Now, I'm going to exit that. I'm going to click on cheap flights. Now. Originally add typed in cheap flights. And the first thing that popped up with cheap flights to Bali, cheap flight hacks. These are two things that are on top of their list, or at least are pretty popular. So I'm gonna type in cheap flights to Bali just to see what pops up. And then once we have cheap flights to Bali, and here we see from the UK, there is cheapest flights to Bali. Bali is a very popular destination, so this is something that we could probably ride the wave of. Now. I'm gonna go back and look at the other thing, cheap flight hacks just to see what pops up here. So she flight hacks 2020, a cheap flight hacks international, cheap flight travel hacks to find cheap flights. Okay. Couple of things like travel hacks to find. She flies international 2022. These are keywords that we wanted to take note of so that we can use inner video as we make these videos. The more that we can implement these words and the more that we're able to expand our reach out into audiences that potentially might not have seen or might not be able to see this content. So as we're making it, this is going to help with the SEO because we know what they're looking for, we know what's hot. So we want to rank for that. 12. Example: Filming the Actual TikTok : Okay, so now that we have a couple of things in mind, let's go and start planning out our videos so that we can go and record it. Now, for this example, we're creating a post for Air Asia, which is a budget airline company in Asia. So I'm going to mention the product in the video somewhere just so you can get an idea and understand and take note that we are doing a promotion for them. Okay, let's begin. Now. First things first, I'm gonna make it 3 min, so I don't like record Halfway through 15 s and it ends and I have to start over. It's happening a lot and I've learned the hard way that make sure you have a long video limits so that you can record as long as you like. Essentially. Now we're not going to hit 3 min, but we are going to, of course has 15 s. Just to be safe. I'm going to have it 3 min versus 1 min. Okay, so let's begin. Now for this example, we're creating a post for Air Asia, which is a budget airline company in Asia. So I'm going to mention the product in the video somewhere, just so you can get an idea and understand and take note that we are doing a promotion for them. Here are three cheap flight hacks for Asia. One, if you're in Europe or Australia, one of the easiest ways for you to get to Asia in a budget way is to fly to Bali because there's so many flights going into Bali since it's a popular destination, that means the price is going to be a little lower than other places in Asia to companies like Air Asia. Now actually I remember I have a ticket, so I'm going to implement this ticket into this video. I want to delete this last scene and then re-record that to companies like Air Asia, make it easy to travel around Asia on a budget. Three, a cheap flight hacks that you can do is actually to search up on Google the flights that you want to do, and then scroll up and down on the dates to find the best price for you. Now those are the three that we're doing to break it down first and third, I'm actually giving some tips and some hacks. And then the second one is where we plug in our product. That way it's kinda seamless. There'll be really notices, but it is plugged into the product. And then once you put this video out, there are many things that are going to target the keywords that we want to target. So it's actually perfect and in a way suddenly added where this will both help SEO and at the same time be genuine, authentic content that people want to watch. Because TikTok, again, is one of the apps where you need to be as genuine as possible, or at least make it look like it's a raw, real, genuine video versus something that is a paid promotion. 13. Example: Editing the TikTok: Now this is the video. We're going to edit it just to have the right STO on there. So I'm first going to start off by going onto the text and then I'm going to add the texts because Texas pretty important or it's one of the places that they index. So I'm going to put three flight hacks. This is going to be indexed by TikToks algorithm essay crawl it. Then next I'm going to add in for flying in Asia because this is also something else you're going to index. Let me give it a little bit of color so that it pops out. And having this design like this, having our words separated and bolded and in a design makes it a lot more visually appealing to people who are going to come across this video and who are watching this video. So I'm also going to add on the bottom the captions, which is what they also are indexing. Now this is not to be confused, the in-video captions. So this is where you go in, type in something like a subtitle type of caption that goes with your video. So right here I'm writing number one, fly to Bali first for cheap international flights. And then I'm gonna give it some color just so it has a bit of pop to it. And of course, green is not that good. So let's switch to a brighter color. Okay, So now we have orange, and I'm going to change the time so that it only pops up at the proper time. So it's not just there the entire time of the video. Okay. And we want to end right where the second tip begins. Okay, now we'll go in and write the second tip, which is Air Asia provides budget flights and add some color and then make it pop. And then we're going to drag it down to where the first tip was. Now, we're also going to change the duration of this and have it only pop up when it's being mentioned, which is during number two. Now, we're going to have the timing just perfect. So it ends For number three comes in. Then with that, we're going to add number three, which is the third tip. And the third tip is checked Google Flights for cheap flights by moving the data around. So we'll write down the captions and then we're going to give it some color again. Now, after giving it a bit of color and looking at the other two, I realized that this bold blend color doesn't really pop as much. So we're going to add in some outline to it, since I think that stands out a lot better in a video. So we're going to add this outline or look around at the different options. They're all really good options. But as long as it's not just what we had originally, it's going to pop and look better. So I liked that outline and now I'm gonna make sure the time is correct. And we'll just have it start where number three is mentioned. And then perfect. So we're also going to go back and just change all the colors of the first few, the first two that we wrote, just so it's more bold and pop it out for our viewers. Now that looks good. Number two, number two doesn't look very good, so let's change it up and make it look better. Alright, our video looks good. Yep. Give it a preview. Okay, now I'm also going to make the introduction, the main thing on the top and 4 s into the video 4 s is generally a good enough time. From my experience in the advertisement industry. They say having words pop up 4 s is for or heavy words pop up for 4 s is the perfect amount of time. And that is our video.