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T-shirt Design in Canva for Non Designers

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Overview of the class


    • 2.

      About the class


    • 3.

      Tools we need


    • 4.

      Overview of Canva


    • 5.

      The Start


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    • 7.

      Project 1 Design Process


    • 8.

      Remove background


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      Upload the file


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      Project 2 Design Process


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      Upload the design


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      Knit pattern


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      Cross Stitch Effect


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About This Class

Do you want to learn how to create a graphic design? Do you want to create a cool and trendy shirt design without using an expensive editing graphics program? Well, you're in the right place. In this class, you are going to learn how to design a shirt using canva, a free cloud-based editing application.

I will show and teach you how to get an idea for a project. If you haven't designed before, don't worry I designed this class for people who have no background in graphic design and people who have not touched any editing software like photoshop. All the tools that we'll be using here are completely free, no cost at all. If you are ready to learn how to design your own graphics, enroll now and see you inside the class.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Overview of the class: Hello and welcome. Thank you for checking on this class. My name is in just Tony. I'm a freelance graphic designer and an instructor. Do you want to learn how to create a graphic design? Do you want to create a cool and trendy shirt design without using an expensive editing graphics program? When you're in the right place in this class, you are going to learn how to design a shirt. You think Denver A free cloud based editing application every show and teach you how to get an idea for a project if you haven't designed before, Don't worry. Designed this class for people who has no background in graphic design, and people who has not touched any anything suffers like foot shop. But the ones that will be using here are completely free. No cost at all. If you are ready to learn how to design your own graphics and right now and see you inside the class 2. About the class: Hello and welcome. Thank you for deciding. Toe. Take its course. I'm happy that you are here, and I will try my best not to waste your precious time. All right. Ah, this classist on just about taking you out to design a shirt. But the main purpose is to help you get started and insane or creating your own design. If you remember in my opening message to you when you Enron the makers I asked you about what are the obstacles are challenges you want toe overcoming design in some off. You answered that the main obstacle is, uh, it's don't know how to start insane. Others answered and that not being confident Oh, great one or a good and finish what us started. So in this short less I will show you the proper steps that I believe will help you took overcome these obstacles. And mainly this class is good. The words dear the words helping and designers or people who s not was not touched any profession and anything programs to get started. And I know what you feel. You feel that that you're not that creative at all. And that design is not for you, you know. Ah, forget about it. I mean, don't overthink it. Everybody can learn art, and everybody can make a good design. Just spend some time learning it. And, you know, I love your own saying, Of course, In the Indus class, I will have you toe flow, the creative uses in you. And before we start with the other lessons, let me show you the finish. The science that you are going to do for this class and that this will be our class projects. All right. And I advise you, toe follow along with me when I'm deciding this projects. All right, So we'll be designing two projects. The first project, maybe this one. The ugly sweater designed Ah, sweater for Ah, Christmas. This is the design that we're going to do in Ghana. And I created a another version for this, This one for a hoodie. Uh, no one seems to know plane. Yeah, I'm trying my best, you know, to make it ugly, but well, then it doesn't get at all, but, you know, but yeah, I guess when I said I mean, I see it in the department store on probably, you know, by it, but it doesn't me, you know? So this is the design. We start with this one, the official at this weather for Christmas, and then for our next project for a T shirt project and be doing this the don't worry. So yes, a baby shark that this is the design and all of this will be doing in Canada. It's a free program. It's only based program, and I'm gonna show you how you can, you know, work on that online. And I don't need to install anything, but I'm gonna show you a program that also that you can use its Ah, free one. Later I'm gonna show you on the upcoming video of that was or the things that that we need . Toe design, insure. And I repeat, this not just mainly focus on T shirt design, but also helps you helps you toe get started in deciding. You know, like I said that he read the night off messages Emmanuel in drug May course you will Uh huh . See, A you know, you will receive a question, you know, in your inbox. And some of you answered that they can start deciding, you know, it's like some of them trying to design years ago, and they couldn't, you know, finish. Nick couldn't focus on it. It's like they get lost in the middle off design e. And I'm I'm trying their best to help you out in this short class. All right. So, again, this is these are the products that we're going to do for this less. And I don't need to buy anything at all. The tools that we are goingto need are are free ones. So this all for this video and, um, a few in the next one. 3. Tools we need: Hello. And welcome back in this video, I'm gonna show you on the tourist that we need to create a nice ah Fisher design in Denver first, of course, winning a Canada. And if the website is the can vies a free only BC program on unities toe, create your account and I already have it. So I'm gonna just plug in. And it is the program that we're going to use for our Fisher insane. Alright. And later, I'm gonna explain everything uh, about Nisa program in the you know you're not gonna is not only for t shirt, You know, if you haven't seen the convoy a you better go toe 34 devolution. That can. But that that come And that is not only for teacher designed, but you can do you know, a lot of things right here, and I will explain to explain it to in the upcoming videos. But the next one that we need, it's in the engine. This is a, uh, open source program. It's a free one. I already, uh, stole did on my computer. And this is the interface. I'm gonna show you why we need this program. All right? It's a free. It's a free program in the in case you don't want toe down on the Adobe Fort ship or and they're being program, Um, I know something that a good program program. If you don't want toe be for monthly subscription because Saddam May 40 Job is a subscription based program where you need to pay, for example, for 1/4 shop for foot ship, you need to pay, like, $10 a month or or for their complete programs. There are created club waiting cloud programs like then 15 of them, and gets 15 programs. You need to pay 40 or the dollars some month and, uh, and in you're asking yourself if you really need the program, you know, uh, the best alternative missed the gym, and then the other one is the affinity designer and I also have a affinity course about the affinity designer program available here, and, uh, it's a one time payment on He don't need toe pay every month. So one time I came in, I think it's only $49 here, and you can get the trial for that. It's ah, one of the really one of the best donating for fourth shop in the street or the affinity designer, alright. And just disclaimer you. No, I'm not affiliated with them. I'm just ah recommending what? I think it's a good program for my students. And, yeah, you can get down the gym. It's Ah, Britney free. Eso you if you like, the unit will donate something forget because they're awesome And for creating this program and condoning that, Yes, click on this intimate right here. And I also meaning something like If you don't want to style the gym, there's an alternative. It's a lunatic known a peak, and it's a London based background them over, and I will show you later. Why union toe him off a back around on your insane. All right, it's very important for teacher design. Okay, so this are they think that we need or tools that we need to create our design in Canada. This is where we're going. Toe designed our shirt and Jim, and also you know nothing. All right, so get all this toes, and in the upcoming videos, I'm gonna show you how you can use this con va. All right? So in the sun for this video and see you the next one 4. Overview of Canva: And so in the welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you the overview of this kind of program. It's a cloud based application and, uh, make sure that you sang up. So I'm gonna go ahead because I already have an account here on the convert. So I'm gonna click on Le Guin, and there are two types of account idea. You have a free account. When you're first signed up, he will have a free account, and then you can upgrade toe A. You can upgrade your account, and you will have this kind off options. You can ask us toe thousands off 3 4000 installations. You can organize your designs and I think the best one would be the You can easily resize your designs. For example, you can if you're planning to post for, you know, social media. You can easily resize your designs and also you can save all the colors and logos and phones. You can upload your own fronts on the cover so you can try media. Start your free 30 day trial by clicking this. All right, so let me hide, or the designs on this area, because I'm working on other projects. So our gun went toe. You know, uh, another one. Young I see some of the products that I'm doing right here. But anyway, we'll start with the left side of the Denver, so you will see your image right here and you click on the drop down arrow. You can I'm grained or against I now sign out again A did your settings right year. And then you can create your design. And then ah may not click on this plus sign right here. It will show you, or the templates that are available here on Canada. So right here near recommended. You have the social media post for Twitter, you know, for Facebook, Facebook up, Tumbler, instagram and the underneath. Yeah, you would see the day mention like here for the social graphic for sample for Twitter Post . It would see their say 10 24 pixels by 512 pixels. And then also you can do on the documents U S letter A for for a magazine cover. And, uh, like I said, the advice not only for sure design, it's just an exception that I did right here and decided toe use the account for my T shirt design, but you won't see any, you know, template for a T shirt design. But I'm gonna show you how we can get our own canvas. Or so you can use canvas for blogging or any books book over 90 year deft up with paper. And then either they mentions for marketing materials. Flyer brochure. Mr Slurred. So many more on Facebook and right here So you can pick one, and ah, on you need to do is in your self quick one click on this, for example for Ah, interesting. Raffi, just click on that and create it will create another tub. If you're using the Google chrome, I tear. And then, uh, you're readyto select for a lay out, all right? And they have a lot off layouts right here that you can, Cynic. Some are free and some are paid, Of course. For example, this one is free against the right year. This one, when you have over your mouth, it would see there's a dollar sign. It means that the image is not free and in tow pay for that. So, for example, I'm gonna click on this one and it will load when you're done. That's right year. And you would see that museum in There's a ah watermarked right here, like lying. So you need to pay for that. And yes, it's one another. And when you're done designing, you can download it. You have choices right here again. Just a PNG, which is there are recommended orange aping or pdf. All right, and then just click on download. And since you are using a paid, uh, image you need toe manually can download it would show you that you need to pay for that, like, right here. So you need to enter your credit card info. If you want to say feeling toe same some money, you can save this patient offer. All right now. Ah, let's go back for a slight tear on the ah dashboard and ah, it may close this one. So right here on the left side again, you would see that, uh, the stub shared with you. If you are working on ah, group on. You know, on a team you can use the can va for exchanging your designs. You know, you see other people's design dated him, and that your brand. Also, they are. You can click on find templates. We know we can find templates. It will load all the possible templates. And like here, it says that you can search upto 50,010 points. That's a lot of templates. So available any then place that that you can think off are available night here for, ah, bookmarks, calendars, even calendars available. Uh, let's say even I d our gift certificate. So there are a lot off templates that you can choose from. So I think this is the new new option on the gondola. So just search for the templates that that you want toe trade, and you will find it here. All right, so again, click on, create a design idea toe, go back to the initial set up off our can for and then for our official design, you won't see any, uh, template right here for ah Fisher design. All you have to do is click on the use custom they mentions when you click that you can enter your own decide with in height, and later I'm gonna show you how you can create this. All right. So, for example, it's, uh Let's select another one right here. Um, I'm gonna sitting for a magazine cover. We'll open a new tab, and I'm gonna I'm gonna explain to the options right here. Start from the top. So when you click on 10 va, it will go back right here on our dashboard. Okay. So you can see you can make a copy off your design precise neck up that I really want for you. Like I said, you need to be upgraded, and then you can rename You're, ah, project. And then you can share it to other people. Or you can hide or make public yard sign. All right, so when people search on con va, if you will set it on the make public, more likely they will find your design okay for exploration, you know? And then let's go toe left side. And we see there's a search icon. You can search for anything. Yes, but it right here all right. Free only. And then you can see the photos and installations. Layouts sees this. The first thing I guess that you and do if you create a new document. So let's send it the free one. So you would sit idea. Like I said, This in free. I says Here, three Sonus, select this one and then you can see other options. There are five available layouts. I wanted something. How this one, Frank over magazine. Go over. All right, So this is the the template that we can edit. We can edit the name and see there's available night here. We can edit the image and we can delete that if you want to, and we can zoom in so we can see closely. You can add another pinch. We can copy this page when you click that below, You would see another, uh, simply all right. And then our elements. There are several options idea. We can click on the frames eight year and then also we have some instructions that we can add. And these are free. Completely free skins right here. Free some, of course, are paid. All right. And then lines. So I mean about it and then charge Saigon's. Also, we have a some thanks idea, some premium text that we can put on our designed to say. I'm gonna delete this pressing the delete key on my keyboard hopes. Just click on this deal, if I can the element or group. So let's say I did it the element. All right? Now we can see which one right here that we like and we can scroll down, see some more, some available template for our techs and make sure you scroll down Margo's. Ah, you would see beautiful template right there. For example, like this one I e even used. This can vote for creating in Vegas design or bunching sign and that some some of the templates are a gun e and don't know why there are some cool 10 place right here. But no, I can see them anymore, maybe, for I'm grated account. But anyway, on it saying it's selling one night year when you need to do is just click. For example saying this one. No, not that one. Maybe say this one. Seems a nice big takes on you need to do is just click in the twin apply on your it will add on your canvas And then it's dough bickley. Okay, did the takes. They make it Calder white right here and there. And then on this corners even see the say that on your to this just over your mouths and then click and drug right there and then position right here. Okay. The found, I think. Then you can add it. Like I said, you can remove for edit the image. You can click on uploads and then upload your own design. OK, But you can't just upload your own or you can buy chase some images and then, ah, background. So you can set up by and background color percent One for this template. Say this strengths hopes on this one, and they're even see, the background can change in that. This one. All right. So that's basically Deacon, Va. And it's very simple in easy to use. Uh, the options are already available for you on the side, and then you can don't know the template that you created that is saying that you created by taking this download. I preferred the Benji, and I'm gonna show you later. All right. So I guess that's all for the overview of the Canada. And once again, you can use canvas for different projects. If you are a social media manager, if you're you know you're doing it off designs and, uh you feel like you're paying too much for Ah, and the fourth shelf or seen for design, you can use the can VA or offend insider. It's a one time fee only, and you'll get the future updates. Very cool. So take check Nia between affinity designer and, uh, I guess the soul for this video, and you can check out the can rub on the people w that young with that come. All right. So the soul and the issue in another video. 5. The Start: Hilo in the Welcome back. No, you know the application that we're going to use. It's about time to get our feet wet, the first step in creating a design. It's not going to your decide or, ah, favorite program and make one. Well, that's what you see. Mostly unusual, you know? No. So YouTubers doing Ah, speed the speed video that has been growing or time lapse video? Well, in reality, that's not how it works unless you are a pro, so you can skip some steps to If you are planning toe, create your design without a sordid idea off what you really want. Your just hurting yourself. Aside from wasting a lot of time to get a good idea of what you really want, you need an expiration. And before I proceed, let me tell you that getting inspired and cap copying a different it's a deep anything, and there's a very thin line between the two. You know, I'm not gonna explain it in depth, but just remember, tapping is copy, all right. And if you make it hard, don't cap in the exact color exam typefaces. Informer from your reference. If you say a good design, Don't copy, get inspired by it and make your own. And your you will be fine, all right. And we will start redone inspiration by the way, we don't have. We don't have a topic yet for our sweater design To get an idea of what to design, I think about the season we are in and the Christmas is coming. So it's no brainer. You know, s o do a design for a Christmas. So that's your tip. Guys think about off upcoming season or currency zone or ah, holiday. And then you can have an idea for your next shot design. And the next time I will release a complete sure design, you know, probably for fourth shop or a stranger. I so complete that they should sign. All right, And then now we have a happy Christmas design for this class on descend. Something simple, right? Something that we can design using an online based program online based Cloud based. Now we have a happy increase must design for this class ill designed something something simple and something we can design using a on cloud based application. Can va in the next video, we'll look at some designs for our project 6. Ideas: idea comes from inspiration. Without earnings. Without an inspiration, it would be difficult for us to make a design unless you're a pro. When I see good design, my brain gets excited and lets off ideas coming in. You will get to this stage when you keep repeating this steps. Now let's see some Christmas designs for our inspiration. I will show you three websites to get an inspiration or ideas for your shirt design project . Now what I'm going to show you, it's like a you know, it's like spying sank tips. You know, uh, look at the popular chair designs so we can come up with our own design. So the 1st 1 is the, uh, the spring. So this one is a shirt bender. How will you have to do is just upload your design, and they when you get an order, they will print or design, and then they also delivery your client. So the sampling simple right. And this is where we are going toe upload our design and, uh, under I mean fish. Under our website, you would see the recommendation. And these are not only recommendation, but also some of the best. Sending shirt designs on this website. So they're giving you some ideas, you know, for some point. Some shirts. Thank knees. All right. So we can get some ideas from from this website. So it is now holiday. So definitely a good idea to create a ensure design about Halladay. You know, something, going designs. And then we'll probably do something like this since I think we can play this one some ugly Christmas short sweater design. So let's see, maybe any day stuff picks. All right, So we can create our own ugly sweater design and then begin upload it right here. So the springs giving us, um, India's for our shared design. All right, so I say from t spring where you can go, you can go toe the view that urgh and, uh, give you. It's like, you know, giving you the overall look for the best selling show design with the teacher campaigns in the spring. Or son Frank. So let's see the spring, Then we will see. You can see the top companies right here on the spring. Sweet the load it right there. Some, uh, up T shirt design when this is not a great accurate, and it is giving us some ideas. Some seem by design. All right? Yeah. Uh, let's see one more so you could see some, you know, topic that you can The great our design for your own, uh, T shirt campaign. So many sometimes Ah, most government campaigns are, you know, shirt about animals? Uh, young Scots, I So if you prefer ah, do something like not what we are doing the Christmas you can goto Ah, the view that organ and then sees um you know, topics are ideas here and then later own. Let's see some India's from San Frank. Some are pretty. Some are very simple design. Some are statement should design that you can just hear and then try toe one that copy, of course, but put your own India brainstorm on something. All right, so another one is the interest, even goto increase. And then on the search bar can, ah, type the Christmas sure design. And then here we can see some of the, um, sure designs that are very popular because ah, it shows on the page for the beach right here and you click on it. You would see against me the numbers off. Ah, shares and the beans. Isn't that right here, considering this one, Then you can see some inspiration. Some takes shared the same. All right, and then we can go back right here. See some should the saints again? When you need to do is just, Ah, browse site here and then take note all off all the ideas that you get and then put it on the note, bud. Okay, so let's see one more on that. Say, this one sees that it's ah, they're selling it for $11 on stone dollars, all right? Or a simple assured statement design. All right. And no. Once you're done browsing for all the shirt ideas, what you need to do is yes, sir. Put it on the note. But like I said, uh, Celik, all the designs and then this down or the things that you want to include or you want to put on your own design. For example, I'm gonna do a sweater design on the D string. I see some designs right here that I think it's good I said the view right here, right here. And then I put down on the ideas that I think would be good for my sweater design. Like lines me takes. Probably highlighting the one that are you, like, for me, it is the word ugly. And then freeze. Since it's Christmas, a medical cooler, full should be corner full, trying to make it look bad. That design and yeah, I'm in best, mate. Look bad on. And then Santa Claus. Snowflake. That's Noah. Christmas balls. And then came the gain. So these are the, uh, elements that I one door put on my May sweater the same. All right. Of course, not all of them. I'm gonna probably, you know, like, two or three. Ah, and then incorporated on my medicine. And I'm gonna show you how I design a my sweater design step by step. All right, I'm gonna show you later in the upcoming videos, but again, they steps, steps are very simple. Go toe toe the spring or review our interests and then take note off the popular shirt or the shirts and that are you think it's ah, It's good, for example, for this one. And like the design right here and ah, don't don't copy. You know, it's on tryingto create your own as much as possible. Okay, so I guess that's all for this video and you in another video. 7. Project 1 Design Process: hello and went number in this video. We are going toe. Start designing our sweater design or a T shirt design. Okay, so sign in your convoy account. Okay? So we'll make a T shirt design, but unfortunately, there's no, uh, template for T shirt designers right here or any closing canvas right here on camera. So we need to create our own dimensions. Okay. Lucky leaders and option idea that we can create our own custom dimensions. And, uh, we'll be uploading our design toe the spring and the spring. The idea dimensions. He's the India. Dimensions are 3000 by 3000 pixels right here. And we'll be uploading our designs toe the spring. Okay. And again, make sure that you made the least. So it's easy for you to add on the elements for your design. Okay? And I don't try to make a, uh you know, Santa Claus that you need to pay for something. I know you don't have to pay for something. We start with the basic ones, I'm gonna cross out the Santa Claus, But later I will show you how you can upload your own design toe our your own graphics toe can va later on our second project. Much for now. These are the least. The elements that I'm going toe are put to my sweater. Design the lines, the takes, the, uh, goat and trying to make it colorful. And then, ah, what says, uh, that's so Those are the elements that I want O include on my sweater design. All right. And then I will go and created already designed. And this is the design that we're going to go. Very simple design that you can actually create using Nikon. Okay, Not much especial. Nothing. Expansion will be. This design just, ah, seem pretty statement that we can, uh, could eat inside the Denver. Okay, so this will be my reference. I'm gonna put it right here, so I'm gonna be a reference. And, uh Okay, so let's start. So we'll, uh, Let's click the use custom dimensions it here may start typing the 3000 by 3000 picks us and then click on design. It will create it will open a new tab. So it's a clean converse. All right. And then let's take a look off our design. We can usually start from, you know, top to bottom. But for for these I start with the biggest one in the world ugly. All right. And then the if you want to follow along, you can see the typeface that I used. Its undone me. There are 239 uh, one stays. So I'm gonna start me the can You can. Actually, baby this you can. Ah, great. A bigger design. For example. You can create the, like 6000 between me. Your ah, you are another canvas. Hopes too much. Should be at least 10,000 only and doesn't pick system by 5000 pixels. Is this your, ah, trial and error or kind of us, uh, where you put everything and then try to make it trial and error or something like that? Put it right. Year. Any designs that you want, you start from from their era. It's, uh let's get some, um, template type thing blade, my dear, just click on that and then, you know, ended them, put it right here and then that that's how you, um though, like a scratch something. It's a me, me, me, your scotch paper, and then put everything together. For example, I'm gonna I'm gonna get this. Yes, everyone. I'm gonna make a copy of this right here. And then they didn't The things that I don't want toe saying they warn I'm there, and then we can copy this one. But the trait year it's removed that. So I think this is basically a, uh you know, like a your scratch paper. Mary, we start meeting all the ideas This where I start, Actually, you get the idea. Okay, so let's go back on my canvas. And I started doing this, So let's get our takes. Nick on these takes option pecan and heading. And here I mean, sitting the and done. Thanks. Right there. Then I'm gonna take my thanks. I like your texts and then tryingto get the, ah, being a science right here. Ain't making beer. Just enter d takes and then position it about the center. And there, and then I'm gonna attention the card in tow to Greenland, said Inditex again. Highlight flattening green. All right. And then I will love played me the other takes your efficient Now, since ah overlapping the bigger one. The ugly Tex We can select the official. I can select the official texts. So I have to do is I'm to move it. So I am to move it so I can select this, my dear, it's advice. Loved one mithi 83.7. Uh, wants ice. Okay, so I'm gonna Selig when the ad heading again Since the tech store Proficient hi night. And then, uh, I have ah, on a nice loved one in the 83 point seven right there and then put it right here next next door. The another one. It's the word my Now I can select it against I need toe will be down It's Ah, rusher 83.7. So what we can do right here is that we can copy this one. Click on copy twin create another copy, but it right here and then the Berkeley so we can edit that x insignia forever they face. It's ah, rusher, Meet here. Okay. On this, uh, station the caller door something scholar. My fear. All right, in Position it nicely. Okay, So my official ugly, whether for a christmas. So I'm gonna said Agnes s matter. It's ah, a real footrace in 3.7. Again, I'm gonna flip this one. Make a copy. Uh, bring it down. It's Ah, Bring foot base right here. And then it's Put it sweater. You can put any takes you want. I mean, I sweater and it's changed the caller to block right here. Okay, You can use your keyboard arrows moving slowly. Something that needs to make sure that I will align on your tex. The takes are aligned. And then in San Agni A for for Russia again with the 63.8, we can talk to get this happy and then that I get down and you would see that there say, Ah, it's aligning properly. That's the guy. That's the, uh, the beautiful thing about the convert. It will guide you properly, even if you don't use any guidelines. So right there again, what's nothing in its brush or 63.8 Gonna send the Russia. I mean putting Yeah, tested 3.8 and then I'm gonna some luck weather right there. Now you can select everything and then, uh, unjust or moved him. All right, Now let's finish our takes. Even the Christmas. This oneness actually against Reckit, many door Mom, some parts in there it's Ah, big break Shire swash with the 71.71 size. All right, so I'm gonna, uh McNeese made a copy. Put it down. I think the forever they face much, uh, here. Idea merch. Ira swash. It's 71.7. Let me type it right here. So, like all, then select the red color right here. Are you getting click on this plus sign and then you will see that there is a, uh, um, color wheel right here. So it's up to you. I called her. You choose? I mean, syndicate Red gold are in there. Okay, so that's basically our takes. Let me fix it. Property the same. Move them. This one Any tall? My tear. Now I can cynic the but a new way Since we're working on this one's, this one should be, Should me? Ah, more important. All right, now I start adding our elements, so we start with the from the top. You think that's only that I don't remember right there, You know, it's only that's so and start with the you know, that's click on elements right here. Lines and then the sea. I learned that instant this one right there. There's some course sores. Course or on the left side again. Get smaller and make it shorter. Then this pretty 20 year Minto, zoom in properly so we can see closely. All right. Okay. Good. And then this Get the next one isn't the diamond. So I'm gonna okay, right here. I think it's here, right there. So I'm gonna make it smaller. And then this one, the stretch between make it shorter straight to make it equal length of the circle. I think the sign should be bigger. All right. Singing seen there's like a god on the diamond. You can fix that. All right. Seems OK. The position it properly. Okay, then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select this too. No, I already selected. Also selected the word My So I'm gonna help May shift key and then click on the word my. Now, I'm only selecting this too, so I'm gonna grope them. It's no one object right now. I'm gonna copy that so I can put it on these side. All right. Great. I'm gonna center this one. He is the sender, So take your time doing this. Ah, you can't finish it in this government flowers. I'm in couple of minutes, so it's okay. This is your first time to do this? Um, I think some time, you know, Don't worry. If you Harry a design, it will look terrible. So spend some time, anything. Your design. So it doesnt, Aggie, don't try to make it like, you know, in a few minutes to our time means you're done. All right. Now this does something else and see these arrows on the left. And then it's fine. That one. Anything is. Here we go on that rotated even. See right here. Say so. Tight lead on that and then drug and then make it longer. Okay, I think it should be. You mean, smother. All right. And then when I stretch it and you can see a net up on the top, that there's no find the arrow some, you know, I stretch it on either hopes, you know. All right. It seems a good So it's quite long, so I'm gonna make it. I showed her. Okay. I wonder why Again The kind off. Okay, I'm going to duplicate it. Select that. Make sure you click on copy in 11. Other copy and then but it right here. All right. Now, let me say that this door elements on the machine fee so I can press making more dough down . All right? Now need Leslie. You need this element. So I'm gonna select on that one. Should be unite here. Okay? And then with a right here, I think should be here and a museum in All right, in the city. Basically, how I design may. Uh, sure. Design. Okay, so I hope you guys follow along with me, so I'm gonna know it's about anything. I tear now me put everything on the elements that we need. It's about time toe. You know, take a look closely on your design and see if you get ended some or you're going to see there's something wrong in your design. The you know, the spelling or the the position of the takes are the elements. So it's up to you guys, so just take a look closely, closely on your design, man. Before you, um, you know, upload them or Ah, I don't know. The file. Okay, so now we're done with the design. We're going toe, remove the background, and I don't know this. Okay, so that's what we're going to do in the next video. So that's all here in the next one. 8. Remove background: and welcome back in this video we're going toe continue our lesson about creating a T shirt design. And so make sure you open your design and this only recon condemnation of what we did in the other video. So now we're done with our designed. So So take a look closely when your design you can don't mean by clicking this glass saying , my dear, and then can screw it up and known So you can see closely your design in there something that you want toe had again. You can goto elements Click on the shapes right here or it could be lines. You want that one? Some borders are, you know, lines. So it's up to you. You can follow along with me or you can create your own. You can put your own text and hear your own coats, right? So once you're done for our T shirt design, meaning a being with a transparent background. But since we are using only a free can of account, you need toe. First. We need to download this so we can upload it to our spring around. So click on download right here and that we can take this transparent background because, well, we're only using a free account so you can click on learn more so you can see the, uh you can try it for, uh, today's there's a trial right here. So I'm gonna click on PNG or opinion. It's ah, this the recommended find type, click on download right here. And then just so made a couple of segments, All right. And, uh, it's about the night here, so I'm gonna open it. So right here. This is the design, and I want to upload it, but I mean it a transparent background. You don't know how we don't want to have this kind up our white. So we need to remove that. There are two ways that we can do. We can install the free software. It's an open, open source application. Scott, the jump you condone noted it's a free tool three program, or you can go toe. I'm gonna pick and then, um, remove the spot. They remove the white background because we need the transparent background. Right. So I will show you first. The dona pick and I don't recommend it. I prefer the gym. If you want toe, have a free software. Use the gym. Okay, but first, we'll start with the Luna pic. So I'm gonna click on, browse some, Yes, search on Google, the Luna pic, and it will show up. Right. And then click on browse. Then I'm gonna upload here. All right, so this is the design that we have, and then we're going to remove in the white background so we can go to edit the responding background and then only after this gets click on the, uh, white background right here. Yes. Click on that. And, ah, known a big, really Remove the white Bogra white background. All right? And then we can don't know this, and then we will, uh that's it. Test drive the m E case. I'm gonna open it. All right. So I'm gonna open it in a drawer barefoot ship so we can see how good the known a peak, Then that zoom in. And if you zoom in, you can see this video white, our pixels, and we don't want That is a very low quality. Is he? And initial design in T shirt, friend, you don't want to have this kind of outline. They're saying white outline cooler on your design. You don't want that. So let's try the another one. The another way. Using the chimp. So goto fine, open. We can open, and I'm gonna open the file that we don't know that from, Um, gonna So yes, Double click on that. And it's here. It's loaded. So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna removing the white background by going toe layer transparency, color toe Alfa. And there. And now it's automatically remove the white background and consider preview right here. Okay, Then again, I'm gonna click on, OK, it's like that. Now we can test it. So profile expert us and then I'm gonna Yes, explain it right here. Make an export. Make sure you change the, uh, that PNG Alright. If it's on gaping, Yes. Like that being g, click on export export. Make sure you check the this one Same background color, save resolution saying regulation time. Also this one and then click on export right there. Now let's see the file. This is the one I'm gonna get toe Adobe Fort shop and let's see. All right. And then I'm gonna zoom in and it's doing it better job on Bear told on a pink We don't see any weight. White collar. All right, you see, compared Toa Luna pic. And then this is the known A pick, and it's terrible, right? But in the gym hopes in the gym right there, it's better. Okay, so I'll be using the day file that I, uh, uploaded toe Jim using the gym, extracting the new white background. All right. And also, you can, ah, again make a mock up. You can download some shirt design on google and then uploaded. I'm gonna like this one What I did. And then I also uploaded the, uh, the respondent file. Then this put it right here so you can see even have the feel the design, for example. This is for a T shirt. And then yes, put it right here on top of it. And you get up and you can click on the present at the back of the image. You can click on this one and then click on a range, and either you go forward but backward. Yeah, I think that. And if you don't see it, just click on this shirt an inch. The book, all right, So that's it. And then the next video we're going toe upload our file toe the spring. All right, so that's all for this media and ah, you in the next one. 9. Upload the file: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going toe. Start uploading our design, and I hope you are designing your own D shirt or sweater design. So in this video, let's upload. I would sign toe the spring. There are other vendors, like sun frog. Or you can even create your own website using the Shopify or go homers. And then, um, blow your own design from there. All right, but I think this is a yes, a basic glass. So you'll be using a spring. All right, so sign up if you don't have any accounts yet on the spring, so I'm gonna click on start designing, Okay? Here you have several different types off canvas that you can select. You can canvas print beach double iPhone for, ah, phone cases, you know, poster, even subs. But what we need is the apartment right here. Okay. So this is our, uh, and the daughter T shirt and a total and, uh, he will We will have some options right here. So here we have some of the first step three. Great. And then we had products and then add a description, but that we start with the great And then on the right side you would see different types off T shirt right here. Different by faith, of course. But what we need is a, uh in hoodies and sweatshirts. So let's click on that right here. And then there are different types off who? This. But what we need is this one by Haynes Unisex clinic stretchered. And right now this. Ah, well done. Heavy blend hoodie. It's ah, $19 for 19.86 When we make on hands, it will be 18.17 All right, so this is where we are going to design. And you would see this A border. So this is the printable area you're saying should be inside off this box, Okay. And then on our text, we can, you know, put our text right there. Everyone just, um, takes, uh, you can select the different, like basis, but what we need if the art, because we're going to upload the design that we created using Denver. So click on upload your own click here, top alone and right here. So I'm gonna click on this one. The your design should have a transparent background. All right, so you can paint on different colors. Oh, are you sure you later, but that it's great for the final to be uploaded. And right here Now, we can have some options. Weekend on the top left. We can move our design. And on the, uh, bottom left, we can increase or skate up our design. So remember, there's a border right here. We can, uh, go beyond that border. Then it's gain anything right here and then make it sender. All right. Okay. Good. So that's our design. Now we can see different in different colors for me stuck birds from the white color. And then it's crawl. For now, let's use any white and then click on at Brad Ox. Now it's up to you. How many, uh, how many sweatshirts you want still start winning at least 16 right there. If we said all the 16 you mean have a doing at $51 profit, it's Ah, 33 bonus for the almost $34. Now we can add different colors. Click on this one This use neon light colors and then another one nine. This can be so much. Um, this When you click on x it during the remove that this one it's that swell. Sing green? No, anything we just used for the right and then agree one there's no other. Go this right here. You can go about to create one again. You in there something that that you missed And then you can select the other times off police again Seems finding me So let's go about Oh, and paradox. You cannot click on a Einstein the different uh, as I say so idea. I mean different if you want opening it on the music. These or also you're gonna and see, uh, long sleeve this right here. All right. And then this creaking next. Now it's up to you how you create your campaign title. My time in the idea. Ugly sweater. It's your own dicks, right year and then you're dedicate category Gordon survival on mis available. And then if you're, uh, you're all right, you don't have to click on the show the back side of that backside because we don't design any. We don't have any design at the buck. It's ah, just click on lunch. Right? Click on that. All right, so this is it tastes I and our congratulations that you created your first design and make it into a sharing design. So, uh, I guess the soul, you know, and make sure that you repeat the process and, uh, the simple steps, you know, just follow along with me. If you want toe, go back again, watch the video, and then do everything that I did. And I think you will be fine. You know, don't worry. Don't afraid about design and try to make it. You know, um, make it seem point at first. And then the more you do it, the more everything will be complicated. And what that means is that, um, every start from the basic one, and then the more you get experience doing it, you can create more complicated stuff. Complicated design. All right. And then in the upcoming videos will do another one. Another one design that would be using that will be doing, I mean, in Gunvor. So yeah, let's go auto another video and do our second should design 10. Project 2 Design Process: Hello and welcome to the second project of this class. And, uh, in this ah, video, we're going to start designing our next project. So that decided that we're going to do is something like this this baby short and nice, quaint, scary, right, but the same steps. But this time we're going to upload an image and free graphic that we don't have to draw something that this. But again, those steps and we used it will be doing it in Canada. Then remove the background, the white background using the gym. All right. And then the mark up something like this seems pretty cool, right? Yeah. So open up your conv again, and then let's create a new Converse recon. Use custom dimensions on top, right Here we go on that and be using a 3000 made 3000 click on the sign. All right, so this is our done bus. You can zoom in or zoom out and then, um let's see already saying right here. This is our design. Now everything is yourself playing simple. There's we just added a like a drop shadow idea just to add some FX. So when we put it on a shirt. It will be summer. Something like this. Make it way or cooler instead of just, you know, plane takes right. So before we start doing it, let me show you dealing where I got this free shark, you can go toe free peak. And then this search for the shark design. And here. All right, And then once you have it ah, you can You will have the, uh, and see zip a file and then just get this gaping. Alright. Later, I'm gonna show you. All right, so this global 90 year and then maybe start to in the thanks. First we start with this one. So it's ah released script with the 59.9 fun size, so I'm gonna go back right here, get me text tool. Lincoln had add heading ninth year and then was the one that I used. I can actually copy this. Don't worry. It's just a So I'm gonna put a 20 year based, right? And then get the typeface. It's a released the right here in the 15.9 59.9. So I'm gonna take it right here. Yes. Click. And there, Right there then we can position it. Make sure that you over your mouth. It would say there's a for ah, does. So it means that you can move that. Okay. And then it will snap if it's in the sand there. All right. And then this global right here. Now we can select the text because the image is too big and it covers everything our canvas . So I'm gonna move it down a little so I can select this word, baby. So it's ah, Uinta types of old Dr who want to follow along with the 114.64 in size. Gonna copy niece. I can actually do. Create this one while still selected. Make a copy. Put it down. Eight year based. And then that select the They face Olga right here in the 149.61 size. All right. And then that's Ah, bring it up. Okay, so let's see what we have here Now. We have a, um I am a background color, So first I'm gonna do it one more time. Right here. I'm gonna copy that and bring it down somewhere here. I mean, so, like, this takes happy that and the same size. Of course, it's ultra maybe 114.6. So I'm gonna McNeese based right here. Okay, Now top play. That effect on we have to do is just duplicate this. So I'm gonna take this one copy, and it will add another a a copy of text right here on top of it. So what we can do is basically we can send it to buck. But first, let me change in the corner. So click on the speaker color and then we can select the color or click on this plus sign and then you can, you know, for the color that you want. I mean, just something Ah, orange about discoverer. It's I want a wall along its Ah the Golar Exco this FF 8700 right there and then I'm gonna click on the range. Send the book. Oh, and short 30 is control open square, brother Going on that right Data. Okay, one more time with this word shark. Make a gobby change the corner. Yet this this is the last quarter that they use. So just click on that Got orange going back my data and that's the basic effect that I did beneath. Okay. You know, I can, uh, select this image. I hope I can select it. And you can, actually, you know, play with this. Thanks. Um, using your keyboard, autos and say stenciled on it. Mr Like this, this black car takes again. Here's making Bordeaux's never one right. Right. The same thing above, It's Ah, this The spacing is too much. Yes, I think that takes and then move using your keyboard arrows. All right, now on this, getting our graphics se Now I can select it because the takes its on top. All right? No, I can put it 90 year. That's the problem if you are. Ah. Now you can group this, actually, no, necessarily select this. Just click and drug. Make sure you select the word, maybe group it. So when you move it, it's only 11 group now, okay? The same thing with just one. It just make sure that our you're happy with the spacing of the front and the back a text and then group it. So when you move, it is only one object. All right? Okay. Now and it's ah, you going down to the image right here. And, um, let me see this one. So I'm going to open it in my, uh, gyp Jim account program. So I'm gonna click and drug Lightyear the Open it right here now. Ah, and stand up for using the, uh there. We're going to select first, the the older that we want to remove or some pictures that we want to remove. So click on fuzzy selectable enable that and then make sure you click on the background. Now we can zoom in and say 100%. Um, the reason we don't want to use the automatic lawyer layer transparency and corner Tau Alpha. Because you can see there's a white collar on the face of the shark and we don't want them to remove. So it will select the pictures that we want to remove using the for the selected. So they say what might space on the teeth. So I'm gonna hold my shift key so I can add that to the selection right here. And also about here. My data now I selected everything the white golder on our graphics, so I'm gonna go ahead toe Ah, layer transparency. Uh, caller toe over right there and it will remove no selection with the white background, So I'm gonna click on, OK, my data. Now click on, uh, select none. Let's zoom out there right now. It's ready. Toe. Save us. Go to edit ups. Not I did. It's ah, should be filed file export. Um, instead, 19 export and then ah, necessary name. You're fine. And just rename it that Benji click on export and right data. I have something. Thank these. Although this thing white a little white right there. But I say OK, um, let's go back door to our design. Our canvas Click on uploads Click on upload your own name. Yes, click on the this one. And right there it's our shark. So cling on that and automatically be right here, So let's ah, scale it up. Could be something big and right there seems finding me I'm gonna say like this. All right. I think it's fine with me and see the reference. All right. The show. I should be on top off all the graphics. Short texts should be on top of everything. I'm gonna select this shaggy mish, make it bigger station it nicely. No, I can select O r. I consider it now the shark texts and bullet right here. All right, so that's basically basically, guys. Very simple listening. Now it's up to you how you're calling up your own design. So I'm gonna know I can select it. Yes, over against selling the tech. So the only me to do that is, uh, just move your shark image and then select the stakes and then use your keyboard arrows up and down, all right, and then sending the image, but it above of this are descended. Put it on the sender, and then let's take a look on your design. All right, so that's musically. That's how we how I created these. Um, no, not that one. This design simple. Now what? You can sell ideas like there's a takes. Your it should because of the matinee mark up. All right. Um, I don't think you can do it right here on the gym. I what? The other way around that I can see east, you know, download this file, go to gym, go to gym, and then at your takes, you right there. So that's the only thing that I can see That's how you cannot create. This takes your same self critical thanks your but so only available Mandisa markup. But anyway, that's how I created the, uh, maybe sure t shirt design. And then you can, you know, select everything, put it in the sender. I can even make it bigger hopes can silicon and go right here. Make it one group. I mean, no, we can't. There's there's an radium one depart group. So we can we can group, we can group. But anyway, that's how we designed our second project. And I want to see some of your projects that Yes, I want to see some, um, t shirt designs that you created now. And I also let me know what you think about this class. All right, so I guess that's all. And the in the next video, I'm gonna upload it also in the spring. All right. So the soil and, uh, few in another video 11. Upload the design: Hello. And welcome back in this video, I'm gonna remind you about the usage of the graphics that you can get from the Internet or from Google. All right, so the the invention that we use is this one from free pick. And I don't want you guys to get to get in tow a troubled by using a, uh, copyright in Vegas. So make sure that I You read first. How you can use the image for this event is free for commercial use with attribution So you can see right here. When you click on that, you would see how you can make an attribute, especially for free, and I Although you can buy this, I believe if you are, you know, premium member of this website three peak. And, uh, also, you can use other websites like shutter stock. You can by some in Vegas, idea for graphics that you can use for your commission projects. All right. And also, I'm using the Stock Unlimited that come, I have the premium accountant here that I can you know, um, use for my commercial projects and, uh, I'm gonna show you, but I believe you know really, how you can upload your design and think spring, right. But anyway, um, I'm not gonna completely process off, you know, completing the process off, uploading my design. That's, you know, showing you because I'm not planning door say the T shirt that I'm gonna use it from here. Although it says here that it's free for commission use, but I'm not gonna finish up. The, uh uh, the process off are creating measure designed. All right, so I'm gonna upload shirt design. I mean, the, uh So I'm gonna click on click here to upload right here and then upload your design so we'll be using a basic thesis, my dear. It's just wait for the the spring to upload our file. And there are several options that you can use. There are tank tops, uh, v neck tees, But let's use the basic This right, maybe this and the amount is only $10.20. So that's the base cost for your shirt. And you can send your design for Let's say, you know, 14 99 or 79 9 except you. And then you can position our design began skeletal by clicking this right corner both of my corner of the box. All right, that's better than see the other. I said things better with the and in gray in the greenest, they think No honest Raidi in right. And then may the light pink in degree right now and it's ah, click on Add paradox from making that leaf just 15. And then we can add colors off three and then, like pink. See this name? All right? I think we have the white gray light pink and blue. No, I think it's not a good guy. Order for these, Are you in said, you can sell this, actually. But by ah 29 2021.99 That's the same price. I mean, you promote it on your Facebook. So I was thinking about the the other way about the 14. 19 or 17 99 for Ah, if you're using the shop, if I you know you can design something can create your own Now websites in your shirt on See, you can see the ad style thing. Click on it making click on plus sign there contempt tank tops going on Plus and there and then one more. Let's see the other blue. It seems good with the color blue. We begin target right here, then in blue. Seems so really small. No, What's happening? Right here. All right. And then this one. Send an undercover off Cities one? Nope. My degree. All right. And then one more time in the SE, Um, see Meena and the colors off gray and, uh, through royal, we can read the tech, so cities one. All right, that seems good. Now, let's see, we have the target saying of 15 click on next, and I dare. So this is the final step. So you can rename your campaign at the cool description instead in the category off Carol and I want to say, you know, finding an idea campaigning four days. All right, so I guess that's it for this video. I hope you learned something from this class and let me know what you think about it about this class. And I want to see some of your designs coming from the from the essence that we had and gets posted in the description on the gallery of this class. And if you have any questions, let me know, right? May teach me being me or, you know, puts it in the discussion of this class. And I will answer it within 24 hours. Once you see your restaurants or you know, anything that they want to know, I'm gonna answer it once I see. All right. So the soul and, uh, have fun learning how to design. So that's all. See you next time. 12. Conclusion: congratulations for finishing the class. I hope you learned something. I noticed that it's quite sure, but I hope you get the idea off how to start your design. If you keep doing this steps and pretty sure that you'll get improved in creating design, no matter what it is, you can check out some of my glasses toe. Continue your journey in design. So good luck and see you in another class. 13. Knit pattern: hello and welcome meanings into stony. And in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can create a neat pattern here in Adobe Illustrator. Alright, So neat pattern. If the pattern is very popular during the holiday Christmas as days. And, uh, it is the pattern that I created this sample pattern later, I'm gonna show you how I created this kind of pattern. Probably different one. But I just to show you that that's really nice. Bothered and creating pattern, you know, um, trading pattern in illustrators. Very easy. And I'm gonna show you how you can get this. In case you have, ah, some apartment designs that you're you're working on. You may want to add a neat part on design. All right, so the pattern that I created so actually something like this This is the pattern in the I mean, sure, you how you can create their own pattern if you have the other main street are All right. So let's do it. So first. Great. You can create your document goto filing you and then just like the 1500 pixels idea on with a night rgb click on. Ah, great. There you can start from here, so I'm gonna do it right here on my canvas. Now, um, I hide my canvas, I can press my control and then she if an h and then you can see this is my gun that may canvassing mean I hide I hided by a pressing control shift in each to hide it. I prefer working one with a larger a larger canvas so I can just move it. And then, you know where underneath summer, um unknown gunmen s, you know, on the one document. I mean, I can or everywhere. All right, so I'm gonna start right here somewhere. Here. Okay. So you can work on this kind of us if the same 1500 by year, 1500 pixels. OK, so now let's get our rectangle tool thing on that click on the canvas once right there. And then the Sandra a, uh, with off 10 pixels and I off also. Then pixels click on OK, right there. And it's quite small. So let me change the color toe or something. Something Derek, dear Oh, maybe some on See this one now you can follow along with me you want. If you want, you can. Ah, Is this hex code zero A for 363 So that's the corner. Good. And then let's get our mental. We're going to create a like a hardship inside of this fact Dungan. That means no mean right there. Now, if if the uric Nanga if they're Ganguly selected hopes Hold your control key on your keyboard and then click ones on the canvas and you will see that your a girl surgeons store on the X election. Yes. Click on the gun Busto de Select their Tunggal. I don't know this The control button on your keyboard. Now let's athlete a V V shape. But my data all right, And then, ah, get your selection tool click on the canvas And then they said, Then select this again The path it's here. Yes, I like that. You can see there's a blue Um I feel we don't need a blue feel. We need a stroke. So click on this swap toe to remove the feel and then change toe stroke All right. And then a strange the color so we can see it properly. Something like and me this one hopes that made a move. That again I can see the scholar My data again, if you want. Toe follow along the Exco. These 0067 a d. All right, and then it's a some stroke points. Um, I'm gonna buy dope. When? Five. Right now, the price and data make on this uniform. Look on this hour with profile one and then click on stroke panel. Next. Select this in these middle option the around join. So we're gonna have that. Ah, wrong rounded corner. Gonna do mean hopes. And then I'm gonna make it smaller as long as it feeds on our Daniel. See? Good. Then it's center it on the rectangle. Said a garden like this, too. And then one more time click on this rectangle so it will become the center off the, uh, the V shape click on this one. Horizontal alliance ender. All right, And data now and then I'm gonna make it anything in this mother again, both of you. And then they're not from the, uh it's not the big said. If it's, ah, if you're having a hard time ingesting your your ah v shape path. All right, all right. And then gonna click on this V shape. Goto object, Expand appearance. All right. Okay. So I hope you got the same shape that that I have here. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm gonna select this two shapes and then drug it to my swatches panel about this right here and then just Lincoln drug right here and then drop. All right. And that it needs no, you can remove this again. That in this shape now I'm I'm going to do is I'm gonna zoom out, and then I'm gonna plate a ah, in a tangle. I'm something I me, me decide right there. And then I'm gonna click on this field. Got to go there, slash span. And if it's not open, you can goto a window and then clicks right here. This legis All right, we going down and then I'm gonna click on this pattern, and it will apply now. Are Arne Duncan right here? And then you can off course edit the pattern that you created us double click, and it will show the pattern that you created. You can edit that. You can adjust me with a night, but that for me, It's Ah, and fine with it. So and then you can I save a copy? Done or cancel? I'm gonna click on a concert right here. Now, you can see it by zooming closely aggregating this kind of for half off the shape that we created. Get your selection tool, and then you can edit this also on the side. And then, ah, if you need more space, you can, Yes. Ah, drug it up in the same height. Something like that. But I'm not gonna create that. Too many designs, just so I'm gonna show you how I connected these. So maybe somewhere right here. All right? And then that See, at the bottom something that there's all cut out of the shape, so I'm gonna fix that. All right, So, district angle where I'm going, toe create my pattern. Okay, So I would start first with the, uh, First, I'm gonna expand this so we can sell it individual heart shape, so I'm gonna go toe object, expand. Click on Mitchell. It's ah, date the feel we're going. Okay, right. Data. And then we can go toe and group or person. I'm gonna release furs release. Go toe clipping Mars clipping mask released. All right. And then I'm gonna on group this very state selected. I'm gonna unlock this twice. So goto object on your one more time yet and group. All right, now you can see they're saying like a shadow rectangle. This Ah, let green Dungan. Yes, I like that. And then press your delete bottom from your keyboard, right? Data and then this a Ah, these are a group of ex. Now we can select individual shapes and even the background. Actually, you can select that. But we only care about this hard, hard, cheap. That's what we are going to work. We're going to hold our and I thinks about timeto call or our Let's put our button on this , uh, McDaniel. Right. So I'm gonna first, I'm gonna I start td a, uh, face must three. So I'm gonna make first make sure it's you start from the bottom, and it should be Ah, at number. So I'm gonna select maybe nine or 11 So I'm going to start somewhere upside. I'm gonna I'm gonna delete the yeah, there any and I tear I wanted in even so I can put the center line. Now, if I am going toe, count the shape. I mean, have a, uh, 2468 10 12 14 16 17. So we have 17 hardships about the night here. I'm gonna start with the, uh, on the ninth shape. I'm gonna add the ruler or a guideline, so you can ah, view your ruler about the view guides own against rulers. Click on Ah Roeder's right here. Or Presque Control are all right. And then I'm gonna Yes, just make sure that I'm on the same their line right there. Okay. You know, I'm gonna start creating my pattern. We start with the Christmas tree. Are you have to do is get Sokolich one on the one heart shape. And then when you're going to say the second shape, press your shift key on your keyboard so you can ah, select many her chips. No. Once you are done a selecting on the heart shapes or the pattern that I created, you consider the Yes. Ah, select a color that you are that you want or you have on your swatches panel. So I'm gonna start with the green. Let's say this one so I'm gonna zoom out so I can see it properly. All right. And then I'm gonna start adding a something line night here, neither bothering so again. I'm gonna get me here selection doing and then start selecting the heart shape. And now, in case you want toe changing the holder, Uh, but you already put something. And of course, it's better if you are silicone once and then select. Click this point right there. And this option said examiner objects, and then it will select every object with the same color. Right. Then you can change the Golder again. Maybe something like this one. All right. So, for example, this is my pattern. And then it seemed maybe I'm gonna had something more in this area. All right, so let's say I'm done. I'm done with. My pattern on I have to do is yes, Put it on my sweaty span in, and then our first before we do that, let's ah group this first. So, like everything. No to object and then group, okay? And then open your a pathfinder. You can go toe. Ah, window but finder right there. And then let's select the emerge. I going right here. All right. And now I'm gonna say this butter and then put it right here on my soul. Just fun. And and he said, I dinner. And then all I have to do is get sound, create a shape. Let's say you're Dungan. I'm gonna draw your rectangular 90 year and then click on my pattern. And just like that and yesterday did our pattern. We're simple listening. And then, of course, the ah, you are a creativity is the limitation. You can, you know, get some ideas from the Internet from Google and then at their own something, uh, your own pattern for your needs. But in effect, here in, I mean in straighter, I over your guys are learning something and ah, I can't wait to see some of the patterns that you created. So let me know if you have any questions. Are you know, if you have any topics that you want me to cover, just let me know. Message me or your sports in the discussion of this class, and I'm pretty sure that I can see that. All right again, let me see some of your designs. So the salt for this video and fueling another one 14. Cross Stitch Effect: hello and welcome in this video, I'm going to show you how you can create a cross teach effect here in Adobe Illustrator. In the last video, I am showing you how you can create a neat pattern. Also in this program, this traitor. If, in case you have the administrator, it's a good idea to create some design, especially for Christmas odd days, something like the pattern of this hostage pattern, something like that. And this is the design that I created a while ago. And the basic idea here is to create an ex father. So it's easy for us to create our design. All right? And, uh, of course, it will take time. If you do this one at the time, it's not Rex may putting, then your design. So this is this is where we would be creating a agreed that toe help us to create our design using the X pattern that will be doing first. So in this video, I'm gonna show you how you can create your own. So first, let's get our get in your document by pressing file, click on new or press control end when thrown end on your keyboard I usually start with the 1500 in with and also in night both 1500 pixels. RGB one on board only play contrary. I don't know. You can start right here, and I'm gonna I start from here. Um, it's just making the most socially I hide the canvas, but I was the same with the night 1500 pixels. All right, so I'm going to start with this, uh, I hide my canvas by pressing control shift and h All right. Okay. So I'm gonna shoot me in the ninth year. Now, if you can follow along with me because I'm gonna do it very slowly and I will do so I'm not gonna do everything right here. Just do some poor design, I So let's do it. First. Make sure that you'll set your agreed breath control gay, and you will the preface it preference preferences Window will open up and click on guides and grids. Might hear. Agreed. Line every 10 pictures, right. Subdivision one only. And then just click on OK, there. So set up our agreed first Now go to view, and then you can show breed and then you would would see our grid right here. We have a 10 pick sets greed. Okay, so this is where we're going to create our pattern. Now get our rectangle tool or press them on your keyboard. Click once on the canvas and then this, um, enter the open fight on with and the 10 pixels on, I they go on. Okay, Right there. And while still selected, rotate this our jungle and hold your safety. All right. And then a And now let's ah, so like this, too. And combined them open your pathfinder and click on United, and it will become one object only. And now we can set it toe. Ah, proper grinned in there. Now let's all rotate it. Let me, ah, go to view verse and then inject the snapped. Agreed. So we can rotate it properly at least something X and then hold your 50 No constraint a The position off letter X right there. And then if resuming a presuming, it's not actually, uh, touching the green, right, we can, actually, and just that may goingto window click on Thomas form or a shift. If a right there, and you will have these Okay on. Don't mind the x and y what we get about this deal with a night. Okay, so we'll make it 10 pixels by 10 cents in prison and there and there you can see that just the they didn't know. So that's what we want, right? And then we can zoom in. And like, then that's our pattern. So now you can open the It's like a spinal. I think it's not open yet. You can go to window, so I just all right. And then all you have to do is just, ah, clicking drug. I even actually, uh, expanded first if you want to, and then click and drag right here and to be an idea. Now you've been changing the goal or off this by double clicking on the So it s some water right there. And then select this change to go to something, maybe. And then the school either. No, that's too much. Maybe just it's brown, all right? And they click on then and then and we have a an ex father in. And then it will be easy for us. Toe great. Our design, their our go station design. We can. Actually, Yes. In a moment. These and then all we have to do it once and make sure that they are You. You snapped. Agreed District. It's not the green. So every time you create a shape, for example, um, it will snap on the green sea. I'm there And then it's up to you how you can create your own about there in the same and of course, much better If you have different colors for this and, for example, you only have one pattern. What you have to do is just click on this new while still selected, click on this new to duplicate that. All right, and I'm going to name it. Seven really going okay. And then make sure there's no selected design. Click on the second that on the duplicated color brown X pattern. Double click on that McNeese pattern. Attention, all learn to something gray. All right, The next Lincoln done and they're off. Stand into place. So this one. But anyway, you get the idea, right? So that's basically how easy to create this across teach effect in. Ah, and they're being straight or so I'm gonna create One is to show you simple bother and say Christmas tree. Um, let me zoom in right here. It started with the longest shape. Should be decimal. I should be. I mean, should be a number for 689 The reason for that that we can get this stop. Ah, one greed there. And then I'm gonna do more and finally up, and then you swing that. All right, we have seen border. And then beginning, we can select this design and then change the judge to different colors of the different patterns, Right? Quite simple, isn't it? And then I'm gonna select this. Maybe it's got our night and then tore him off. The greed you can goto view the high grade is they control, and then dish this quotation marks, right control, quotation marks. It's like that. All right. And then, um, when a few guys you're design, I want to see some of your caustic design in the gallery of distress. All right, disposed any questions that you have in the discussion board of this class, or are any off your graphic designs? And I mean the best toe check on your designs, okay. And the coordinators, I think the 1st 1 would be the letter. So you have to do is just, for example, you can create your initials. I'm gonna say it's a matter if you have a a point with the rectangular phone so easy to create, let's say this one and in this one and then you have to do is just click on type, get it out lines right there. Okay. And then, um, great. In your window. I knew, Layer. I mean, click on great new layer. Put it right here. Well, once still selected you, it's right there. Doesn't icon of the blue click and drug on the new layer, and it wouldn't go into this layer, All right. And then when it stays like that, goto pastie make it at least 40. And they're so you can see and then locked and then open the great again. And, ah, again, start creating your own bothering in these letters. All right, that actually aligned. So when I make it aligned, the view is not Toby's already on, All right. And then it's up to you how you can create your insane. And then I'm gonna start with the bone one in the city guys, Um, just get your rectangle tool and then select the colors of the expert on that you want, and then start building our crossed each effect because teacher the same. Okay, so I guess that's all for this video. And I can't wait to see some of your designs and let me know if you have any questions. So this old and see you next time.