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Adobe Illustrator Essential Training For Beginners

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Overview


    • 2.

      What is Adobe Illustrator


    • 3.

      AI User interface


    • 4.

      Working with panels and saving a workspace


    • 5.

      Anchor point and path


    • 6.

      What is artboard


    • 7.

      Layers panel


    • 8.

      What is Appearance Panel


    • 9.

      Fill, stroke, effect and graphic style


    • 10.

      Creating and Modifying Basic Shapes


    • 11.

      Drawing Tools


    • 12.

      Pen Tool the easy way


    • 13.

      Pathfinder panel and shape builder tool


    • 14.

      Point and area type


    • 15.

      Touch type tool and other type tools


    • 16.

      Type on a path


    • 17.

      Type panel


    • 18.

      RGB vs CMYK and color panels


    • 19.

      Gradients and transparency


    • 20.

      Create color from artwork and recolor artwork


    • 21.

      Save and export file


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About This Class

-Links To Class Project Tutorials-

Easy Custom Type Design in Adobe Illustrator

Easy Long Shadow Design in Adobe Illustrator

Seamless Pattern Background Design in Adobe Illustrator

How to Add a Distressed Texture in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to design Simple Icons in Adobe Illustrator

How to Create Mandala Design in Adobe Illustrator

Interlocking Design Style

Landscape Background Vector Design Using Image Trace and Symbol Panel

How to design Stunning Line Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Do you want to create awesome graphics designs, like logo, icons and other digital illustrations but don't know how to use Adobe Illustrator? 

Well, you are in the right place. Welcome to Adobe Illustrator essential training for beginners. This is a complete course for you if you want to learn the industry's standard graphics program for design, the Adobe Illustrator. Stop hiring freelancers to design for you and save your hard earned money. Start learning Adobe Illustrator and create awesome designs from scratch.

Topics we are going to cover:

  • Adobe Illustrator UI and workspace
  • Setting up Artboards Layers
  • Creating basic shapes
  • Appearance Panel and Graphic Style
  • Fills and strokes
  • Pen tool and Pathfinder
  • Color RGB and CMYK
  • Type panel and Type on  a path
  • Save and Export Files

Class Projects:

  • Easy Custom Type Design
  • Easy Long Shadow Design in Adobe Illustrator
  • Seamless Pattern Background Design
  • How to Add a Distressed Texture in Adobe Illustrator
  • Learn how to design Simple Icons
  • How to Create Mandala Design in Adobe Illustrator 
  • Interlocking Design Style
  • Landscape Background Vector Design
  • How to design Stunning Line Illustration in Adobe Illustrator 

We will go step by step and we'll talk about every tools that you need to create a wonderful graphic design. Aside from learning the basics of Illustrator, I have prepared 9 class projects for you to study and learn. Once you complete all the lessons and exercises I truly believe that you can design anything that you can think of. After taking this class, you will never hire a freelancer again to design simple graphic for you.

I'm pretty sure that At the end of this course, you’ll be able to create any vector design or illustration in AI. If you don't learn anything or not happy at all, you can ask for a refund. I'm so excited about this class so enroll now let's get started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Class Overview: Hello there. Thank you for checking on this glass. May Name is near Stony and a graphic designer and then online instructor. Do you want to create awesome graphics signs like logo icons and other digital instructions , but don't know how to use under being straight or where you are in the right place went, um, toe, Adobe Street or essential training for beginners. This is a complete course for you if you want to learn the industry's standard graphics program for Design, the Adobe Mistreat or we will go a step by step and we will talk about every tools that you need to create a wonderful grabbing designs. Aside from learning the basics, I have prepared then class projects for you the study injury. Once you complete all the lessons and exercises, I truly believe that you can design anything that you can think off. If you don't learn anything or not happy at all, you can ask for a refund. I'm pretty sure that at the end of the scores, you will be able to create any vector design or illustration in Adobe Illustrator. I'm so excited about this class, so in Run now and let's get started 2. What is Adobe Illustrator: hello in Welcome back. You may be wondering what this under administrator is, and they're being straight towards one of the many products off Adobe, including the popular graphics editing program on Don't Be a Foot Ship. There are two kinds off on graphics formats in use today. Those based on pixels as the primary output from Adobe Fort Shop, where you have a great up squares toe display, an image and Victor's from Adobe Illustrator. And this kind of graphics isn't limited today. Same greens con trains that pixel based images are. If we change our view to outline, we will only see bath lines throughout the glass. We will be working on vector format vectors and, like pixels, can be used at any size and most ideal for creating graphics. Losing its quality in straighter is a vector drawing tool, and it can create both vector and pixel based output files that can be used in just about every kind of situation. If you think about W straighter, it's mainly used in no good sign or chart and graph. Well, you're wrong. You can create impressive illustrations using this vector editing program. If you are confused about four shop in Adobe Illustrator. There's a simple idea that I always follow. I used Adobe Fort Shop If I want to edit photos like the lighting in the fourth or manipulation and off course mark ups on the other hand on obi in straighter and use it in creating a vector. Art words such as logos, posters and icons. If you want to see what you can do in Adobe Illustrator, go over toe Beyonce and Click Search and Filter Toe Adobe Illustrator or and get inspired with amazing designs. 3. AI User interface: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going toe talked about the user interface off Adobe Illustrator. All right, I'm gonna use a cc version of the Adobe illustrator, and you can use any version. Let's say, sees six or 65 and I doesn't matter. Reach version using because I believe that everything that that I'm going to talk about right ear like 95% are also available on your illustrator. All right, so we will start from the top portion of the user interface like this one. Here, you would see the menu bar, and every time you click there somewhere, um, you know that they're being applied for you. All right, under that. This is the option. Where and this option bar changes every time you use a different tools, and I'm gonna show you that later. But right here you will see the truth bar. Okay. Toast bar. And then on the right side. These are your opponents and idea what you can see. It's the icons of this finals, and you see, there's a double triangle right here. You can click on that to expand the panels and you can see the different panels, and then you can drag it out. Yes. Click and hold on the name. Don't get out it here. And then, of course, you can customize your user interface. Okay? Then you can collapse that you can hide. And Anderson X bottom right there. You can close and close that. And you want to see that again. You can goto window and then cooler right here. And also you would see the shortcuts of the different parents. Okay, I think that and then you can bring it back right here. Once you see that blue light, it means it will attach. Also on this side. 90 year by release, it will attach on decide and data again. I'm gonna put it out. Yes, I got and then bring it right here. Now I can collapse this or hide the, uh minus. And then on our tools, our toolbox, we can click this double our double triangle on top of this toolbox, trying to have a bigger working area. Okay. And then on the tools you would see when you hover your mouse, you will see the, uh, keyboard shortcut of different to his. Okay, so there's a young corresponding letter in every do is, for example, destination tool. You would see there's a letter V on that they're extension. Told you need to press letter A for the short that and then when you see there's a, uh, a little triangle on the corner off this, uh, told you can click and hold to see the other option right here. And also, you can click on this arrow to make this a, uh, fly out at the ones right here. Okay. Also, this one right here in the column wraps. Yes. Click and hold. And you can see different tools under off that. Okay, Yes. Click and hold when you see that A triangle on the corner, right. Triangle on the corner. Click and hold. All right. And then we can close that. No, Let me open a document right here. Let me put it right here to attach to our document. Now, every time I look at it closely right here on the option bar, every time I'm gonna escalate and your tools, it will change. Okay? So, of course, if you are select which one right here and you would see that's a different options, right? No, depends on the tools that you use that you are going to use. Is he great? So there's a corresponding options on every tool that you are going to use. And we're going toe talked about everything that you need about the tours in the upcoming videos. Okay. And also, you would see right here the name in the document type or the color mode. Right now it's on the same like a Okay. And then also the name the document name a human. See right here and that 83% is the assume. Also, you can right here the zoom rate and we can is don't mean you see genius, right? Right now it's 159.66%. If he's so mean more right now it's 271. Okay, so decide for this video to in another one 4. Working with panels and saving a workspace: Now let's create in your document by going to file and right here you would see the different short. A kiss on the right side. I'm just middle. Okay, let's click on this one. You and right here. You probably don't have it. If you are using the lower version, say six and six pipe. But don't worry, it's not that really important. And, uh, is to show you what we have an idea on decc version. And ah, some are preset. Ah, that gives you by an administrator that where you can start with and there and some are available. Advice that you can download, my dear. Okay. But our unity is this area right here where you are going, toe, start putting your numbers for decisis for the with and height. And for the measurement issue least I usually use the pieces, but sometimes in just But it depends where you are familiar with Mimi. Bike us for you or points mcf armies, Putin's. And then we have the orientation. The art board, the leading area. We're going to talk about that in another video on the color boat. What you need to know about this are the rgb used the RGB when you are going toe. I mean, your document is for online viewing only, or for screen viewing only, and usually seem like a If you are going toe, print your document fight. All right, so it's very part important. Um, before anything is, make sure that you get into a thing where you're going to use the fight for online viewing or for printing. Okay, give me and same make same reggae and then just click on great. And there it's our campus. And, uh, let's talk about departments e usually, um I don't need everything right here, but when you click on essentials, you would see other options. And ah, adobe illustrator already created something for you. For example, if you're going to paint, I will. Your Highness will change 70 right here. There are about his now in the high next the color okay for printing or for typography, of course, for the character right here and then, um other three things right here. But let's start with the essentials is the most basic one. I don't usually use everything right here, but I need are the ah appearance Panin right here being respond in the layer span, and all you have to do is just clicking drug, okay? And then you can put it right here now, via via ah, duck Right now and then I also need a Pathfinder. If if you don't see it right there, you can go to a window and then, yes, browse right here, Pathfinder, And need that. So I'm gonna put it below right here. Okay? Or a minute goal. But he trained their Soviet. Move it. That's one. And I think that's I order need right here. And I put it on the left side. Yes, like that. And then I can pull off this. All right, so this is basically my working area, okay? And then if you want to save these this setting and we can close this So we have a bigger document right here, Working area. You can click on this essential or drop. So we conduct. And then you can, um, save. You're, uh your workspace may clicking this new workspace, and there and then you can rename it I'm gonna rename it and then just click on. OK, All right. And then this You are working, uh, workspace. your workspace, where even if you click on essentials in there, just click on your name and everything will go back to where you are. Set it up, all right. And also the preferences you can create. And we can click on the control, OK? Or Command K. If you're using the computer and you were and you would see right year or the preferences that you want to set it up, I usually don't, you know, change this, but getting you give you some example this value change all the the units. So the greed color, you prefer that one? I don't have some of this smart gates right here, the going as well. And then the u surface user interface. We can change the color defense. Oh, which one you like to use, But I I prefer using the dark, okay. And basically, that's it for the preferences and that the cable increments, I only use one pixel. So when you use your keyboard arrow up and down, your object will move only one pixel. All right, up or down. Okay. Speak on. Okay. And just like that. All right. So this is our working document, and that's all for this video and see you in another one 5. Anchor point and path: before we proceed to other lessons, let me tell you two terminologies that you really need to know when working in Adobe Illustrator. Right? First, that there's very say your path in an anchor point. All right, let me show you what I'm going about. Let me get a rectangle a jungle tool. And here now, uh, let me get made their egg selection tool. Now, you would see a night here. This line, this is a path, all right. And this corner it was a is a square. That this anchor point if you work in Adobe Fort Shop defies that we're working on that. We call it pictures in Adobe in straight, or we call it path. And, uh, Victor, what makes a victor are the path and points. OK, four point or points. Okay. Now, um, let me feel like order with this one. Surveyed one right now if I click on this on war point on the top left, you would see still a blue, right? Right Now, the other three points, three uncle points. This one is white. What it means is that this one is selected and the other three, including this one, is White Miss is not elected. All right, that's it. And you can edit or manipulate this point. Make sure you click that first. All right? You can money play that. OK, that's basically in the anchor point and path. So remember that, and ah, we will talk about other Does almost everything idea that you can see. Okay, so remember the uncle Point in the past. Okay, so it's like, you know, think of the, um but in Victor, I'm in the bath and upper point as the skeleton off your design, for example, this is your design. Let's say getting trying is so much better may put it right here. All right, so this hour, trying in this our design right now think of the path in a direct path and, uh um, four point. Like a skeleton of your design. I can actually swap the feeling cooler. And this is the skeleton of the triangle. Now, of course, we can also are they feel any stroke or weaken? Vice versa. Africanism of each one of it on saying this at the stroke of agency. We can see it much because it's only one point at me. Put it in tow. 10th. Or we can see it properly there. Okay, So this is our design, and they scared tone is the path and, uh um, four point, right. And in port shop, it's the pixels. You would see so much squares on the Texas. But here, if I pressed my controlled by the outlying view, you won't see anything. Only the scary Don't know this insane. All right. And you see your they like, second to none. You can see the points of this that you can manipulate. All right, So those are the two terminologies that you really need to know when working in here on the demonstrator, right? So the soul and the ceiling rather videos. 6. What is artboard: you know, in the welcome back in this video, let's talk about the art burden here in administrator First you would see the art. But when you create and document like what we saw in the other videos, so may create creating a document. A demonstrator will ask you how many heart burns that you won. You know you can create this mini as ah 100 but I personally I don't create us many Yardbirds. I just one is enough for me on a saying It's great. A two armed guards, for example, right here. And this is your heartburn. OK, let's go about my dear with examples and now all right here I have three art boards together with the different projects when we create separate at bars. But I just think about on art. But like a piece of paper, you know your one piece of paper in one document and you can create us manioc one, for example. First I was creating a administration, and then all of a sudden I realize that I need to do something like a logo, and then I would create a not another outboard, and that's where I'm going to create a logo and then just the same time and decided to great another document. I mean another art. Good to create a infographic on the same. So right here. So that's basically how you use on at birth in that dorm it straight, or it's like a piece of paper. You know, it's not a layer, you know, compared to Adobe, fourth job where you have a time. So players, you know, it's different here, Spencey in ours layers panel we have only one layer. You know, it's a different happy. But here we have three heart burns in one document, and we can create more like using our our garden or press shift. Oh, in your cable. And then you click on that, you would see that this one is selected, all right? And then we can resize our the selected dartboard. Or we can create another harbored. No, I'm using the space bar toe. Move this document and you will see there's a handle when I hold my space bar. Okay. Now, on the options bar, we can see we can create new at board right here when we pick on this. And then also we have the sizes that we can input manually right here. OK, so let's say let's create a new art bird. Make clicking on this one. And what will happen is that the one the one that you selected It will just like a copy or something on onto the same size. All right, so I'm gonna click on You are bored. I tear now there's an automatic art bird that it's up to me where I'm going toe put It may be right here. It's like that. Or I can manually while still selecting my heart. Bertel, I can still I can not great. Another hardboard manually. It's like urinating in shape, you know? It's like that. All right. And then, of course, we can delete that because there we have so many at burns night here. So again, get your button Said which one you like. Total it on. Also, you can move it, you know? Okay, yes. Click on this, then it on bird. Or you can see there's an X icon next to the on the top, right from garden born. OK, now toe, go out of the harbor Tool. Yes. Select the silicon doing like that and then Of course. Like I said, I don't usually create us. Many are birds on my dog Meant what I do basic, Elise. I hide all the art board by pressing control Shift in each. Yes. Like that. You know, I hide them. If you are following me on in on my classes about a demonstrator, I usually hide this and then work from this stating because, you know, I have a very big document or 10 of us that I can work on. I see. Right. But let's go back to that control shift each. All right, now, let's open our hardboard panel. You even see a 90 year? Uh, if you don't have it yet open, you can go to window, go on art boards right here. Okay. And then you you can rename each of the art board right here and just take a look closely right here. When I click on this one automatically, the art board will be selected. Just tell me which art but that I'm working on. Okay, you see? And of course, you can rename that say, for this one. If I double click conduct automatically, um, the illustrator really show me they'd worked the whole document. The old art bird right here. I can rename it logo and then also in this one hardboard number for it's got nothing on that right there. And then you even see you. The changes it will doing the zoom in or ah or ah, Administrator will show me the 100% viewing. Like what? You can see right here, 101%. And I can rename that and say info, rain data. Okay. And then I can go back to our board. One double click on that minuto press outside of the hardboard Endemically there, and it will go there. Se illustration. All right. On your that. This just double click on the name to go back to die, Uh, art bird that you're working on. All right. And then, of course, zoom in, zoom out. Have to say everything. And they This makes Kelly the art bird on. Now, if you want Oh, export everything in one in one than in one step. Just goto file. Can you go on export export for screens right there. And then you would see all the art books that you have and you can inject which one that you don't like. But let's say we want everything. Then just click on the file. I fear, for example, in this folder, check that open location after expert and then export that bird. And just like that, we have these exported already, right? Is he? That's ah, very nice off the administrator. And I know other designers working with the icons. They prefer using different outward art. But in one icon. So you can do that, of course. And then this exported us ah, screen. And then all the art birds. It'll be exported. All right, so that's all. So in the next video, we're going to talk about the layers. Okay, See you in the next one. 7. Layers panel: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going to talk about the layers panel in Adobe Illustrator. Like I said in another video that the layers in the administrator is quite different in Ah w 40 shop. Okay, so let's open our layers panel. I'm gonna get right here. If you don't see it in yours, you can go to window, click on layers or press F seven. All right, now, this hour layers panel. And, uh, I don't remember that I created as many more than, ah, five layers in my project before in Adobe Illustrator. I usually use most of the time like 95% one layer only. And I said them, you know, add another layer unless it's quite different. And I'm there's some effect that I'm going to use. Probably. I will create another layer, you know, But most of the time for me, when in creating a logo or icons, Um, only in one layer. But of course, it's different. You know, every person is different. Maybe some of you are quite organized than me. So you can create a new layer. It's click on that and then you can double click on it and rename it or we can ah, click on the layer and then this option on top, right leg on that And we can see different options right here. You can click on the options or abandon options right here and say this one options or retro. And, uh, you know, we can rename it again. We can change the gold Or that we want to say green for that Mukendi Um, the object, they say, Uh, actually, you use this for Ah, tracing. You know, your new, um, import, Um, a fine or identified and you want to trace it? You are going toe, you know, Clayton, outline line work. You deem your design in 50% All right, But I'm not gonna they deem it s cake on, Okay, it's like that. Then we changed in the cooler, right? And also, let's talk about the art are getting in. Other administrator we can tell get any object or elements in our design by clicking this circle on the right side and say I'm gonna select the high quality I can actually select. Or maybe the onda. No word that in there selected right, And that that's a good thing about the demonstrated that you can get each one of it. Say the background. You know, you would see design being selected and the bank said and don't create us many layers. Um, yes. Click on the great new layer toe. Great one. And also, for example, you want Oh, send this background. This, uh, this one. Did I another layer. Just get that click on that. And then you're speaking drug in there, Another layer. And of course, you know, when you understand the layer, it's like a stocking off the design. Um, what's on top? Really? Look over what's on the bottom part. All right, so that's basically okay. I can get that again and then drag it. I here if they got, we can ah, collapse, Lee, click on, drop down at all so we can see the elements inside of it. And like I said, but what I did right there, I feel like the bill a year. And then I move it, you know, they're gonna actually said, like, only the the element and then move it. You think that? All right, so that's basically the layers in. Ah, the administrator. So if you have any questions? Yes, I let me know. And And one more thing, you can actually select everything. Not by your doing. The, um, elastic sanction may not only be my not only doing that, you can click on this stuff right off the, uh, layer. Click on that. And everything will be selected inside of that layer if he right, uh, the soil for this video and see you in another one. 8. What is Appearance Panel: Hello and welcome in this video, we're going toe talked about The appearance spanning appearance panel is my favorite panel in Adobe Illustrator. And, uh, I will tell you in a bit, So open up your appearance panel, you can click a 90 year. You can see the, uh yeah, I got on the Apprentice partners like a serie Gil. It's like a son, you know, it's click on that, and you will have it here. And if you don't have it open yet, you can see it on your panels. You can goto window appearance panel right here or press shift at six. All right now, it's actually I put it right here. Okay. Now what I like about the appear span, it's like you can see everything on all of the attributes off one element or an object, for example, we're gonna create a rectangle. All right, now, we don't have any stroke, and we don't have a feel, so let's discreet one. All right? And make sure that that in order for you to see the whole attributes on the overall, um, feels feel and strokes off the object, make sure that I used to like first All right. Make sure you select that first. Before um, a respondent. We show you what it is, all right. And right here on on my appeared despondent. He would see that the timeline. And it is It is a path. And in Afghanistan in what you would see is the stroke they feel in the FX. All right, now, we don't have the effects, but I don't worry. We're gonna talk about that in upcoming video right now. Um, we can apply. The FX are already I mean, the stroke and feel by clicking on this stroke, my dear. And right now we don't have it, so slash. Right, That's life right there. It's none. And when we click on this drop down arrow, we're going to see the We're going to see the swatches span in that located somewhere. All right, Here. Right on your sweat responding. So that's the same thing right here. Okay, so that's your slightly spinal at me. Put it back right here. And also, when you click on the stroke, your stroke planet will pop up and show. And almost the same thing with your, uh, options bar here on these. Throw the new weight. Of course. Right there. Also available right here. It's do it and some options, like a dash line. All right. And then the profile also that actually right here we don't have it tonight. Thou and ah, in the field. Um, it's the same thing with these. Large is now we can add a, uh in appearance planet can actually add as many feels or strokes that we want. And we can apply that using the appear despondent. And let's try to add a stroke right now, They said, the green color and ice quite, uh, thin. You can see it but that we can add more My clicking this drop down our or we can enter the value that we went Let's say you're 20 and there and then press ender and you would see and make sure that Are you always Ah, the item is selected or highlighted in order for you to see what the attributes right here . And right now we don't have the field so we can add they feel so I just to show you that it is not selected, even though you can see that you know that this stroke and there's no feel. If you add a cooler on the field, it's not gonna play. I guess it's not selected. All right, so remember that. Always select first the ah, the element and then go to appearance, man. And then, you know, just like the strokes and the bowlers. All right, It's like that. Okay? No, Like I said, we can add more, um, feel and stroke. That's more more of that later. And on the bottom part of the appearance panel right here, we can see that we can add another stroke. May clicking this at new field and off course. Off course. There's a effect. There's also available the courtship affects and, uh, you straight on FX, all right. And right here you can remove or delete or clear the appearance pan and all the attributes of this Ah, stroke and feel. You can just click on this one and began right again. We can. And if it's if you're about to span and is selected, if you highlighted the stroke and you can just grab the gold right here, you know, in the same brown or maybe red and then yes, cynically feel and then just gets to get the weather right here and this one. All right. Now remember that every time you create a new shape a new element in your canvas it will apply all the stroke and feel in the new shape. For example, I'm gonna create get your tongue and tool there another shape. And there you see the blue feel in the rain stroke. You can guess at Moore's read a stroke so we can see it properly and there. OK, even it's not selected. You know, I don't like anything right? If I get my, uh, circle and it's stool for a draw, it's still available, and it will apply the, ah, the previous stroke and feel all right. And what you can do is just click on these clear appearance, or there's another fly out, meaning an idea that you can remove near are clear appearance as well and that Okay, so that's basically the appearance panel in three me handy. You know, if you're studying some shape some installations and, uh, let's see what we can No night here. And the good thing about the respondents Well, that, um, like light here, you would see it's only a path right now and the time they also show being the strokes and feel the attributes of that. And if I select these two shapes story tankless, you would see that I in appearance Panin shows you that there's Ah, Bath. There's a mix appearances. And then there's a feel blue, uh, mix of genesis because these two shapes rectangles, the other one has no feel. Another one has no stroke. Our different stroke, um, stroke points or stroke, stroke, wheat because the one is 11 points. Another one is one point only. So when you select these stories dangles it Z makes appearances. But if they are both, uh, and see 11 there's something I have an idea. Or maybe we're gonna guess. Input the Leben right here. No, if I said Agnes, too now, you can see that the and showing me the stroke. Both are 11 points. Both field with the blue collar, right, and they're both up us. Okay, so that's the, uh, the good thing about the appearance appearance span, and it shows everything that you need to know to an element that, you know, just take on it and you would see, for example, this our custom type right here. You would believe that. This only, um I didn't throw anything. I just one type when takes. And then I did many strokes in fields. Okay. And, uh, if I click on this and you would see what build in this type right here, you will see different feel in strokes. Now I can see I am understand. What is this? You know, and it's ah, component path, all right. And everything is unbeatable idea. We can change the Golar and we will talk more about this. I Also there's another project that I created for the so in the project section. You would see you learn now. I created this stuff right now you can click on the canvas or and you want to remove this because you're going to create another shape. And you know you don't want to apply this. Yes. Click on this to remove everything and then you start from zero stroke in zero. Feel all right? So, yes, that's all for this happy and expanding. And one more thing, maybe it's in a The elements have been responding me tell you that this there are path there makes appearances and, uh, also even the groups it will tell you from some point this to untangle. Sit by press control, G. The respondents parents are planning also tells you that this is a group. All right, you can double click on the contents. And you would see me. What? What? I It's in the inside of that group. Okay. All right. So that's 20 Medio and I few in another one. 9. Fill, stroke, effect and graphic style: Hello And welcome back in this video, we're going toe talked about more of the appearance panel and that you can do a lot of things in appearance panel together with this kind off design. And if you are not good in nattering or you know you want to create her or in a custom type , I think one of the best is the appearance Pandin. That's unless you have a good type or typeface. You can create a nice custom day. Okay, open up. European responded May going toe window and the Venus panel right here. Now, Like I said, you can get eight. Or you can add as many strokes in friends that you want and that you will find it right here or that same gonna create the shape they say are tangle gonna do a rectangle right now I don't have a feel in stroke, so I mean drew a rectangle. And there all right now in its ad a color so we can see it. Maybe read right now it's one point. Let's on day Ah, if 10 points in there. And also let's add another feel off yellow right now, OK? And in appear respond, and we would see that in our time. Then we have a yellow field in red stroke and its path okay. And we can actually duplicate. This is stroke and feel. Make clicking on this. I can duplicate selected item. Now, I'm gonna select this a stroke, Make sure you select the stroke, and also, the element is selected. Click on this one, and it will duplicate. All right, It will be duplicated, and it will go on top of that. Just think off this appearance panel. That's a layer. Okay. Every time you had something, it will go on top. And the good thing about it is that you can rearrange this view. Like I said, it works like a layer. Okay. On distinction to go in yourself, you can see properly maybe, um, discolor green right now, we don't We can see the red stroke because they have They are at the same point. So maybe I mean it. This, uh, if five this help, and now we can see and we zoom in, we can see the green color and also the red stroke. And if we click on our stroke panel, we can arrange the alignment off that stroke begin right now, It's actually on the sender, but we can do the inside or outside. It's like that, You see, So you can Ah, you can do a lot of things in a despondent just by opening it right here. That's why I You know, when I arranged my Panis, um, I put it right here together with my, uh, layers may not. Not so much about the airline but me. Uh, that's fine There. All right. Those are my favorite panels in appearance, pan, and I mean in the end administrator. No, let's open again. The appearance panel. All right, Now we can add another strong color. Also, if it adds untroubled the layers right here. Ah, now we're attributes weekend, this ad, different color. Say this collar and get smother. And right there, also in a stroke panel Made this in the inside. All right, you see, now we build up our where at the same, although it's not that idea. Right town, But it's just an example. All right. And, uh, this is our attributes for this element. We have the strokes, we have the feel, and of course, we can add more feel make clicking on this one and no feel it will go on top of that exchange the Goler. So something. Ah, it's milk. All right. Okay. Now we can see the other one because it covers the feel the yellow feel. But the everything about it is that I you can do an effects to it. For example, I can do a year click on this FX a new effect. It's like that. And then we can see the straighter affects. And then the fourth shove affects. Okay, make sure that I said it. This one, this yellow feel. So it means that everything that I'm going to add or, ah, all the effects that I'm going toe do will apply only on that yellow feel. All right, so remember that I like the one that you are going toe edit or toe. Apply some effects. So again, let's see, in the, uh, start and transform, I'm gonna goto this form right here. Silicon preview and see what's going to happen. All right, I'm gonna move right now. You would see right here. It's moving. Okay, so that's ah, basically thinking idea and other ah videos on our class projects were going toe talked about more of this transformer effect. Yes, I'm going to show you. I'm just showing you that you know what you can do in the effects. All right, let me cancer and that. And that's like this blue astride the fourth shop of eggs and say the sketch and I'm gonna apply the say, the charcoal. It's not gonna show. Maybe it's still make another, I think right here. Film green from the artistic saying that. And I'm gonna click on the green so we can see properly. It's much, uh, green, that applying to our wearer there are our element. It's click on OK and idea it would see the grain effect. OK, And when you click on this drop down arrow, you would see that there's a yeah affect later. FX infield green, right? Yes, I'm feeling green and you can apply this film green toe. Other stroke. Yes, by holding her click on that, uh, affects and then drug the neighbor. Ah, whichever you want to apply that effect may be owned it on these stroke top stroke just like that. And me, Whitney, drop down arrow. It would seem that say that there's a another feeling grain effect. And let's zoom in so we can see properly right there. You would see it's quite excited right now, but don't worry about it. What you can do is we can go toe. We're gonna fix it, Dad. Document resting effects. And then here you get, um, and right there began. Just fix the green. Well, ago, it was totally, um, pixellated right now. It's not that much, because so you have to do is just to go to effect, and then no kim interested or fx settings, so you can see. And maybe you can just go high 300 b b i Reagan under a less nico, No gay. And right there. See the green. It's getting better now, all right, but I don't worry about it. You know, um, I believe that most of the I think that they were going to do right here are vectors. So you're not gonna worry about the, um the effects are the text. You're And mostly I do the texture on the and of 1/4 ship. And also I play some textures right here using the bit map, text your and I'm going to show you that in some last projects. All right, so that's basically how we a baby, the baby responded with the strokes and the, you know, feel. And also, we can just save this, for example. You want toe? You know you want to use this? Maybe this one. I'm gonna zoom out right here. I'm gonna select this. It's example. And we can see the other The effects that I, uh, put right here. They feel the strokes all right. And that I can say this so I can use it on other design, we can open our graphic style 90 year the next day. If you don't have it open yet, you can go to window and then right here, shift a flavor. All right. Now we can save this by clicking drug toe that panel graphics times panel, and it will apply right here, you see? And that you can rename that Ana, You can apply that on every element that you have on the adobe illustrator. Okay. For example, the one toe at me just cleared the appear despondent right here so I can start from this grudge. Let's say I have a star that I want to add. The not the thanks. So I have to do is yes, you know, played a star click on that style. And just like that, it will apply on that element, right? So that's basically simple when you want to save or ah, reserve that the ah parents are attributes that you created, right? So I hope you guys learn something from this, and I fear Bandy questions, let me know, you know, posting the discussion board and the I'm gonna after eight million, 24 hours. All right, so the city for this appearance panel and let's go to another, the ones in the administrator or 10. Creating and Modifying Basic Shapes: Hello and welcome to the new section of discourse in the industry video. We're going to talk about the two spanning and then and then the creation off simple shapes . All right, And we're gonna talk about everything right here, because I, um a gated videos dedicated for some of these tools so we can see them, You know, properly how the truths works, All right. And let's start from this, OK? And you would see on the top that left there's a to trying I so we can click that toe, collapse the doors, all right? And that let's start from the selection tool. Or you can press that Ravi in your gay bird beyond that. And then what does this actually, you move one element so you can move element. All right. Right now, this a group, when you click on the element you would see right here and they're being straighter tells you that it's a group right now, you can move it. Okay, You can move things and the elements inside off your document. The other one is the that exit. I can do it. And you would see there's a, uh, triangle on the downright going? Er, I mean locally can hold. You would see the other tourists. Right now there's a group selection tool. I don't usually use this. I prefer using the on the same thing with the and that the selection done. But then let's start with the selling their ex selection tool and what it does, especially you can move, uh, or edit the path or the points. For example, if I click on this group element, you would see that I highlighted the path. All right, there's a but this a bus, and then on this corner, you will see that, like a square that that is a point. All right, Now we use direct selection tool to edit the point in a path. So let's get our their explanation tool. No. Although, Aiken, move this. As long as I selected on the, uh, all the parts for this shape now, I can move these. All right. You see, I can move that, but mainly we use the direct selection tool for for editing points like that Point now, you can only about this this point, not the whole shape. Right on. Like the selection tool, we can only move the whole shape. All right, you see, let's go back to your neck selection tool we conduct and then you can move even even this elements group again. Select one When there plane and ended that seven c. I can even if it's on a corner corner point. I can edit that you're seeing this Ah, new feature of the administrator. You get where you can Ah, make the corners curve. Uh, if you are using these c six RCs five, you probably don't have these, but I It's okay. What you can do is you can go to effect you can go to effect and then style ice and then wrote garners right round corners. So this Ah, another tool that you can use your Derek Silicon told you can make the corner curve something like that. Right? So that's the difference between the selection tool and then the next election told us more off like a When you're trying to edit something, for example, you know you can make this Ah, corner plane. Yes, like that. And I can only edit this corner point. Yes, up licking that one only. And look at this corn. The star point on this rectangle, I can only enter decent, because I This is the only one that I selected using my Derek second door. All right, you see? But if everything you selected, for example, I'm gonna cynic, I know it's showing me the, uh, corner point that I can edit. Is he all right? So it doesn't, uh, Nestor like this. All right, so that's the value off your identix and controlled in editing your design. Okay, Now, let's move on. The only creating big basic shapes now considers a rectangle right here when I click and hold, and then I can see other ships. And also, I can click on this one to make it a fly out panel right here. Now I can create a Tongan in creating around the tongue in or so it keeps. And if I hold my shifty, your shifty, you can constrain the perfect shape, circle the same thing, of course, with the rectangle. And if you hold your shift key, you will only create a square, not a rectangle. All right. And also, he started all we can create any star Now they are fine. Gordon points right now. Or, uh there are five corner points right now. And if we press our cable data down, we can reduce that. And if we press our cable data up, we can add more, You see? And then also I can hold May control key. So you can I can make the corners slimmer or make it the this kind of shape. You know, you can play me that. See? All right. By holding my control key. All right. Now again using my Derek selection tool, you can see there's an option for me where I can make the corner surrounded. Yes, by clicking the direct selection tool and these options for me Are they the but all right, You think that select And I You know, your menu. You would see that it's like this and I right there that I can click. Okay, now, let's more want to the free transform tool, and you will have it by oppressing letter E right here. Click on that and you get nationally. Uh, not really going that do and see the other options. Right here. First, me have the, uh, free transform began exporting the shape Something Agnese and also weekend. Uh, let me put it back began also used me a perspective distort and we can click on this corner . And then you would see what's happening right now. And ah, also we have the free distort tool. I mean, you click on that, you can distort this corner. It's like that, right? Quite the handy. Say this one issues our free transform. Okay, so that's India free transform that you can use in other creating shapes at me. So, like that. Now, this shape, this ah, design or element, it's actually on a group right now, but you can do is you can right click on group. All right, so select every element on this design. Okay, See, and then gets press control Z to undo that. All right, And then again, select everything right? Leak our group, or you can press control G, the group that now it's one element that easy for us to move. Okay, so this is basically the to span in, and then the other videos in and other videos. We're going to talk about the other tools that we need for creating our design basic shapes . So see you in another video 11. Drawing Tools: Hello and welcome back in this video, we're going toe talked about the drubbing tools off the adobe illustrator. All right, in my opinion, and the baby straight or it's not built for, ah, drawing or painting. Although if you look at the, uh, working workspace, you can see there's a your painting right here and on a side. Then the administrator will give you everything that you need for painting or for doing all right. And that was that we can use and, uh, trust that we are going toe talked about right years, the on the line tool. Also the painting total, my dear, and the brush bean brush tool. All right, Like he said, For me, it's not a painting, you know, program. If I'm going to paint or draw, I'm going to use the ago Bay fortune because on the report it is a very, very good men comes to a painting or drawing. And although of course, you can use a graphics tablet or been graphics tablet where you can, I used a wake, um, tablet to draw. Of course, you can do that. The swell here. If you are going toe line work, you're doing? You can do that. And also a vector droving. And it's in the brush tool right here. And we can double click on right here. Tosi the some options for our paintbrush store. Okay, you can set it toe When you when really said this, the identity is actually in the sender, and then we can move to its most and wasn't going to happen. Is that when you move this later this month, the demonstrator automatically smoothed in. You're driving or your line, Or if you go toe accurate, whatever you draw, that's it, you know? Ah, don't be straight. Win that. You know, uh, modify the line that you created, All right? And then also, you can click on feel no brushes, keep selected few and toe draw a, uh, in line or ah, in brushstroke and also still selected. Click on that and then just gonna gain the same. Let's put it, undersander. All right, thinking okay. And then this draw. First, let's create a sad a stroke weight off at least 10 so we can see it right now and then Right now you can see there's a feel, and then there's a stroke. We can remove the, uh feel only Stoke. It's like that feeling this. Put it toe, then. All right, Now it's think selected, right? Because on our option, we take the keeps. Elated if we can take that going, okay. I mean, we draw, it's not selected the right. And, uh I mean, you you would see an idea on the, uh don't garner. Right corner the centers. Another option. You're seeing them. Rashed own. And so this is the same thing, and I don't usually no niece. Can I get this? Ah, through a some lines, but almost it was the same thing. And the difference I see right is that if you Steve dubbed brush tool uh, twin BME shape right here, one shape, although I e do several strokes, for example, an idea. It went through another. Even the stroke line. It's only one ship. I like the, uh, in breast. Only you would see right here that I there several. Ah, but our lanes You see even a for use again, the being brush Let's say 10 points by add another. I use my selection tool and then select. You see, they are safe money, But all right, Compared toa blob brush. If you draw using the blob brush, don't go. Only, um yes, one shape. I don't see any, you know, advantage of that. Unless you want toe, you know, individually. And it this. Ah, but write something like this. All right, then let me believe this. Now, let's try the life segment like you click and hold. You would see different. It was their Ah, let's start with the line segment. Like what? The, uh The name suggests you can create the straight line so you can use the heart tool right here. Or the curve can when you want to create e curve. All right, all right. And then, of course, the same us The tools you can click on the, uh on the shapes. I mean, if you acidic the one of the tools or the basic shapes, you can create a shape when you click on the kind of us find anywhere you can input the with and they hide. All right. The same thing with the the line segment on the our tool and also the spiral Tuell can create expire in you can hold your shift key. All right. And there in the firm that in these. And now let's see the pension tool. All right, click on your pencil tour and probably have this shape or told the just click and hold and you would see the pencil toe. All right now, I don't usually use dispensing tool. I use this only for creating lines, you know, because it's easy if you use the a painting toe compared to the you know, although, of course, you can use the mental and the brush tool. But creating a nice square beeline using the mental toll is quite easy. You know, uh, we can see the options ideal by double clicking on that bench a little, and you will see right here it would start from the This is slider from the center. And if you want to have a smooth line, go to small, it's all right if you want a great they call me a great night here. Okay, let's see the smooth line and the good thing about it. Let's start with the accurate. Everything about it is that, um, you have some options right here. If you want us supports, most Adobe illustrator will help you with that. But first, let's start with the accurate and see what's going to happen. And for android a lane, you see, you know, it doesn't look good. The there's some like, where is going this right here, you know, And we don't like that. So we can added the pencil, told you they, uh, clicking the fidelity to its most all right. We can end it also the the big cells right here and it selected path to six pictures and get at least five only click on OK, and now I just know the same thing again with the smooth fidelity I'm using Mouse, you know, an idea. It would see the difference this most nous of the slain compared to the you know, and it's quite fast comparing. We're going to use me pendulum, you know, because you have to do with these and that and ah, and you would see it's quite easy during this month. Nine and the I mean the pencil total and ah, also the pencil tool. You can correct lines or path, for example, I have these one, then that one that I created using the pencil tool. Once I draw over again for example, night here in you can do that, you know, it's ah, you know, correcting the lines that I created. It's like that. And also you will have here the small stool and I wasn't going to happen to that. You're going toe eyes more thin. It's not the right word. And you can smoke the this line, for example, the one that I created using the mental. I fear this like a bomb played that I don't want that I can use the small stone and guess brush over. It's like that. You see getting better, isn't it? So just make sure that I, of course you see like first the element before you're seeing these Mostel right again. Small, thin, this one or Aiken. Usually I can actually great using the I can use the passing total first before going that it's like that now, using the Smith told, as you can see, you're using several tools, so correct our design and that's actually great. You know, I don't want to use only one dole and hoping to hit 100% and you want to use different tools, you know, to achieve what you want in your insane. All right, so this amazing ending for the all right, So I guess the soil for the droving tools And, uh, you know, um, the next in the coming videos, we will talk about the mental. If you're worrying about what this dependable And now to sit, I'm gonna show you the mental in the upcoming videos. All right, So the salt for this video and, uh, see you next thing. 12. Pen Tool the easy way: Hello and welcome back in this video, we're going toe. Ah, you're going to learn how to use the Bendel. So first, let's create a your document by going toe file, click on you and then the select the common document with the 13 66 by 768 pixels. Select on the landscape orientation one that hardboard only silicon the RGB cooler and then click on create. And that's our goal of us, right on its hide. The art bird. They're going toe view. Click on Heide Edwards right there. All right. And now let's Ah, yet our pencil. You can get your pencil by pressing. Be in your keyboard or click on this icon right here. Penton. Now mental, is a very important in logo design. You can create any shapes. Uh, you can create a lot of illustration using the pain toys, so it's very important if you are going to learn. I think if you're going to design a logo or become a common illustrator, all right, so how it works, it's actually very simple. Yes, make a point, and that's a point. To create their paths. You need toe, create another point right here and you can create many points as he won 1000 points. And if you want to create a shape unit to a close the path and you can know that by clicking on the same on the first point that you create great idea and you would see my pen told there's a yeah, like you circles next to my mental. All right? Yes. Click on that. And there you can click on this arrow. Just watch the color. The block. Yes. Ceremonies Don't colder right there. And I'm gonna put it right here to create a side or the busier curve on you have to do is yes. We gonna by this point in the second point, I'm gonna click in drug right here. Wait. A basic er right there. All right, now there. Grady said again. And then you can still any idea when you're trying to close the path, you can still I did it there. Now you can manipulate this shade this, decide them in the shape, decide you're seeing the X direction. Don't can manipulated this handle. This is the handle I theater. Just click and drug. And how you, uh, depend. So now you're edited, you can click on the point you can drug up and down NTT aside again. And also in the mental you have, ah, several options Idea some tools that you can use you can at the shape by, uh, selecting this a dunk or parental or deleting another point. All right, so we can try this weekend at the point right there. And then you can delete that using the lift anchor point. All right, data. And another one is near convert. Uh, Uncle Point all essentially used to be converting PowerPoint all Now it's on your point all and saying that you can also manipulate this side only compared toa their ex selection tool . If I select the Derrick second told having a cynical India this point, you can actually move everything right here on decide ship this one because we that summer right there the only moving the decide not decide. But this one we don't add the a point and deleted it deleted that one. So we can when we mom Diese handle, decide and decide a move. But I've used the anchor point tool. We can actually I guess only decide No good here right. So there's a difference between the, um, anchor point told any their extraction tone and also, for example, this our corner we can convert it and make it a, uh around there, I'm gonna click on it on this point and then drug right there. I can hold my shift key to constrain a straight line. All right. Are appointed by vagaries, All right? Yes. Like that. Yes, the, uh, less depend toe. And, uh, the best thing that I can ah, I recommend in practicing the mental is by tracing some letters on the gulf of it. So I just get the our title make contact told you are feisty on your keyboard, click on the canvas, and then the idea s right there. Control A doesn't like that type, and then begin this on more right here. Say, Sam Alito, That's really small. Make it bigger. Selling a point with the nice girl. All right, in the net. Dress or you on. I'm gonna select the the fatture. Lt. Heavy. Select that one. And then what you need to do is tow Tracy. That that would be your assignment. Right? So I'm gonna first unit toe like that, uh, element you can goto appearance panel, go to your ah, layers. I mean, the, uh up in our layers panel right here. I'm gonna put it right. They're on my, uh, duck. And then we can Not that. All right, So you want ableto move it in? Other being straight, or you can only you can have only one layer. All right. You can only have one layer in great, different hundreds off elements on that layer. And like in adobe foot ship you need to create Every time you know something, it will create a new layer, right? But administrator, or you're gonna have to do it. Usually I have only and, you know, four the, um I think the biggest number would be, like five for me. And I don't usually create layers in the double straighter. So, for example, this one for ah, tracing or lines. And then from the shade shady and highlights. All right. The your assignment would be traced. This one I'm gonna show you how I gonna trace it on a new layer. My dear, I'm gonna get my mental, and then I'm gonna trace it. Yes, Klay And then don't don't create a point so far and then try toe, bend it. That's west. That's of really difficult, right? So I don't know something like that. This much was much responsible. It's just a little closer. So it's easy for you to hopes. Yes, much possible is much us possible. Gets closer. No one so easy, Toe added that one right. And if you want to start again, you don't want toe have the kind of quirky lines you can press your alky and you see your paint on their say like a Nikon night there So you can click on that one and you will create another shape. Another line. All right. It's like that. All right. Impressing may alc alc key on my key word and then make another shape right here. It's saying good parties in creating a year in mental. So on more I right here you don't have to be, you know, for a pick. Everything Ah, what you can do is you can actually aided that You've seen your convert anchor point all or their exit. I conclude later, I'm gonna show you how you can know. I'm just having some points right here. it made him off the field corner. Make it a stroke. Hi there. And then close that one. I'm gonna change. The color of this is stroke toe read. We can see it clearly. And then on European respondent, it's ah, make it five points. All right, Now you can edit this one, the shapes using the decks and I condone or your anchor point all Enough. One point told you can bend this. Let me zoom in right here sampling this one. I wanted to make it curve. All I have to do is using my uncle Point all I'm gonna click and drug. All right, easily, right? Very easy. That's the, uh for Adobe Illustrator CC I and I think si se six is also available. Something like this. All right. And you can bend, my dear, you want, though you can click right there using your directs selection. Bindle can position the point right there. So this one can you see me encore parental right there and then drug this handle mishandle . All right, also decide and we want toe Put the point on the right. The right direction. Just click on the point first before dragging it out or else in your ship, Will, uh, will move. All right, now, let's get our I'm core point going again. An idea this once already. Men's on this property. Is this a good Probably is. Actually. Suppose he should be tried here, Uncle Point. All is very good in bending a straight line. Ah, parts line. I mean, and right there. And we want toe smooth, small, Terry or, um, you're you're a part of that. You can use the, uh it's most under the, uh, shaper tool, My dear, you have to do is just make sure you select the shape. All right, get your small toll and then, yes, Drover have been selected it the shape right there. Natore smarts. Total then drove over on it. And there, you see, it moves, right. That's how you most the, uh, the bump on this. Ah, on the shape right there. And it was easy for us. Toe ended that. So there's another bump right here. Right there. Also on the side. Right. All right thing, that's Ah, this fine. There's a bump right there And get out. Get our smart total. All right. On its zoom out and then we can compare it into our net terrorists. I'm gonna feel it. You dread there. All right? It seems fine. So there's some Of course. We connected that any time. And, um, that's your assignment, Guys. You can, ah, practice with the letters on the alphabet. Netter. You and never s and the other w if we want the curve on the devil, you. So that's it for this video. And in the next video, we're going toe talk about the Pathfinder. All right, So see you in the next video. 13. Pathfinder panel and shape builder tool: Hello. And welcome back in this video, I'm gonna show you the power off Pathfinder told right on. Also, you can see year. There's a ship shape, builder toll and, um, Shipbuilder Tool. You can found it right here. She's been the total or a press shift em on your keyboard and that it's like a simplified Pathfinder, But I'm gonna show you how it works. All right, So first, let's create some shape, so get your rectangle tool. I'm gonna draw two ships right here under one right here. Distinction the colder. So begin, uh, see the difference, right? And also in this great, another one right here and and there So we can see the changes, and it's open our Pathfinder. I'm actually ah. Already have it here. I'm gonna put right, but right here so we can see it. You can open it on window and then pathfinder right here. All right. No. Let's start with the shape Bender. Shipbuilder, you can cut out something. You know, shipbuilder in Pathfinder. It's like a puncher. You know, when you cut out the hole in the paper, it was something like that. So first toe to make this happen in toasting the shapes, the shapes first using the selection tool. And then get your shipbuilder told and I went toe cut out this area, or we can start with the cut out. I want toe cut out this portion off on the block shape. All right, I can do that by holding my key on my keyboard and then drug on there. Now we remove all right in, but find there we can actually do that as well. Um, it's like this two shapes and I want to cut out dispassion on this light 1,000,000 right here. I can do that by clicking on this minus front and data. All right, And let's say everyone tojoin shapes and want to join shapes. So let's first, that's great ups several shapes. So right here. And you want tojoin these these shapes using the shape builder tool you can just click and drug. All right, you can see there's a plus sign. A while ago, it was actually a negative or a minus sign. It means that when you press your alky, it will change to negative. Something like that is even see if I released the multi on making bird it will become a plus. Sign it, miss. It will combine shape. All right. So I'm gonna click and drug right there. That's it. And but finder, we can know that by using the past, find their told by another right here. Because you could we can use the unite, and there it will become a one shape. All right. Very simple, isn't it? Now, there's something that we need toe do in the Pathfinder that we're only a limited in the ship builder told. So I'm gonna throw another shape right here and that Megyn Jeannie caller either. Now, um, this another shape modes on the Pathfinder that actually also available in shape builder. But I think that that weaken dough, it's ah, we can do, like, a speck work or something. Like a trial. I'm gonna show you what I mean. Write that about that social. I called the shape. Now instead, off. Say, I want to see how it looks like when I got out this portion on the green shape, but I'm not yet. Uh uh. I decided yet so what I can do. Oh, it's my I can hold my alky on the minus, friend to make a your compound ship and data. Then I realized that no, I don't want I don't want Did this cut out? I wanted somewhere right here and the beauty off the Pathfinder. It's actually don't We don't have toe press the, um and do button we can guess, since it's so compound ship and we haven't expanded, expand the shape to make it one only sheep. We can double click on it on this one double click, and it will go into the inside of the group, all right, in the companionship. And now it's against the when they over my mouth. That's Nike, uh, another shape right here. It's actually called her white so we can see it. But many hope breed. It's another ship, so it means that I can move it right here, and then we can double click outside of that and, uh, and and I think it's it's quite OK for me, but not yet. I'm not satisfied, so I can double click again again. Put it right here. There. Now that's what I cut out that I want. All right. When I'm satisfied with it, I can just expand right there and now it's only one shape. Even I double click on that. There's not seeing any element, right? Them that I can move. All right, so this is the beauty of my fine there. You can see what it looks like after you made the I'll cut out on these shapes and the the other the shipbuilder tour. There's something that we can do it right here that we can do in the Pathfinder unless really door, the other options. But I'm gonna show you later, Uh, what I'm talking about this knee in the big was the individual, um, cut out. So let me feel some shapes right here, purse and find any other night one here. All right. Now I can get my ship builder tool if I hold my hey out at me, he said, like all of the spurs, my dear, get our shape being there. Tool. Now, if I hold my key on my keyboard again, see, there's a minus sign. Now we can click and drug to remove some shapes that we don't want we can cut out. For example, I'm gonna cut out this one also. I don't I don't want this shape right here, right there. And also this one. I don't want it. Maybe I'm gonna include this portion. So I would just like right here, like, right here while holding my ultra key on my keyboard. Right. And then we can also finally about right here and then I want to join the stool shape. I'm gonna release my alky on my keyboard to make it, uh, join shape plus sign on my shape builder. I'm gonna click and drug right there. Also this one to make it one shape. All right, now, in Pathfinder, we can actually do that using the divide option. The other options. Right here. Um, let me show you. So it's greater some similar shapes. Yes, door. Show you some examples. And there another color right there. Okay, Now, let's sell a lot of this now. Weaken, Divide this right here. Divide. It's like that. And then it's actually on the group. So you need to do is just right. Click and then a group all right toe on grouped the elements. And now we can select individually. All right, but yes. Praising your daily botton in your did it button on your keyboard. Select the shape and then press delete. All right, so But you can see it's really easy using the shape builder told compared to the Pathfinder told All right, there's, um, Like I said, it's a simplified toll off the Pathfinder, the shaping their toll. But the shipbuilder cannot do. Uh, you're seeing the, uh, compound shape. I mean, so, yeah, I think that's the ah, the Deaconess between the shape builder Tool and the Pathfinder. But it's up to you how you use both. I usually most usefully Pathfinder. I really use the shape builder tool, but that sometimes I use it. But now you know the difference. But they believe me, the the more you usually a doubly straight or the more Ah, you're just me but finder. But the defense on the design there, right? And what else we have on the. But finally we have the dream in the marriage. Almost the same thing, actually. So it's an Ignace two shapes. It's ah, make it. No, it's actually merge. It's like anyone shape now, all right, but it's not united. Unlike on the shape modes where you unite, everything, become one. This one is just merge. You can double click on it and move it. You can see there's a hole right there. All right, double click outside now. It's the one shape still all right. And then the was right here. The corrupt we can from dispersion example. I want to crap this portion of the blue shape this personally. No, let's scrap it. Yes, like that. Come up that area. Right. But this time we can, uh, there's no option here that we can expand the shape the compound ship when we hold the alky . Don't. It only works on the shape modes. All right, let's actually do see, like, a scary don't on that ship. Who kind of weird thing here on the Illustrator. But anyway, that's how you use the Pathfinder and the shape builder tool. All right. And let me put it right here. And I hope you learned something from this, and, uh, please let me know if you have any questions. I'm gonna I'm happy to help you out. If you have any questions about the illustrator of the are the designs so gets posted in the comments section. So that's all for this video and see you in the next one 14. Point and area type: Hello and welcome to the new section of discourse where we are going to talk about the attacks in Adobe Illustrator. All right. And now you can get your, uh, type tool make clicking Step 30 or placing net 30 on your keyboard, okay? And that there are two types of text that are You need to know the ethics in the 0.6. And when you click on this type tool, you will see some other tools not available for you. We can click on this one. So we have a, uh, fly out panel right here that I really but for us. And don't worry, we're going to talk about some of the some two and steptoe that are available for us. All right. Like I said, there are two types up the text near area takes and the point X We start with the point takes basically point Takes like a using your type, Tony, when you click on the canvas. Yes, like that. And, uh, you will have a fix. All right. I guess I Straight line. Thanks. Right here. Horizontal, Tex. You know, it's like you're when you're using a Microsoft Word. Something like that. you know there's a coarser for you and that you can double click tothe like a word and triple click. So select the, uh, the paragraph for Ah, yeah, a paragraph made I make clicking three public. All right, that's the point X. Now the other one is the, um any ethics? Anything. Basically, it's like your first You are creating a frame for your text, so just click and drug you're creating now. A frame toe. You want toe? Feel your text. Right. So I guess like that you have now a genetics and, uh, again at the administrator Rubin supply a damn. It takes are simple. Thanks for you to use in your Ah, um, area takes. Okay, So that's basically the area takes. And, uh, if you want to commit on this, takes on Europe produced, Yes, press escape. It's like that. And when you place escape the tool that will be selecting the selection tool. Okay. Now you can move these and ah, of course, you can transform the takes. Yes, like that. If that's only the the sites that that you want only and you're with the right here on the corner. The right side don't garner that there is a red box. It means that they're hidden words that's not included on this frame. And what to kind of basic Elise, that Inter you, um nice form the frame to show everything. It's like that. Now it's a gun. Pregnancy, okay. Or for example, if you see something like that, you can get your derricks and control and then click on that square and you will notice that your course. Oh, it's like there's a, uh ah paragraph right there. Now you can create another and he thinks, And inside of this heretics, this frame those not included on the 1st 1 when go right here. All right, so just like that, you see? And you can see there's a you a line a guy that tight. It means that, you know, um, I don't me straight or being straight or not stutter. You didn't, you know, finish the world right here. So we know. Click on that. The continuation. We'll go right here. Yes, like that. All right. So that's Mace Kelly the, uh, ethics. Okay. And, uh, you can do it. It takes, for example, if you're doing a later lay out there a only and given space for you where you need to put your text so you can get your type tool and then put your text idea and you will see my cursor from square. When I over it on the, uh, side they it will be on me circle, right, Something like that. So when you click on that, it will become now this square nice rectangle mean become a, uh, Any ethics? Yes, like that. And of course, there are some options on our options bar or context. 12 bar again used the line left aligned center, a line right and also available for you the characters, the typefaces that you want to use, the, uh, one style and the phone size. All right. And it's making me the ah, uh, any ethics and for the, uh, fine, thanks. And basically, just, you know, you just point, you know, and, uh, you can start okay again. And even if you are using the selection tool And if you want to select this on reputation, just double click as long it's it's inevitable. It's still in a type two. When you open your appearance spanning when you click on this, you will see it's a type as long as it's ah type object. You can double click on that. And ah, all upside than your selection tool becomes a ah type tone. All right, now you can select it. Okay. Again? Yes. Click on escape to apply that text. Alright, so that's all for this video and the other video. We're going to talk about other tech tools. Okay, So you in the next video. 15. Touch type tool and other type tools: in this video. It's talked about the other type. Does that available for us except the type on a path tool? All right. And I forgot to mention in another video in the last video that you can actually convert a , uh went right toe a area type. Alright, so first, let's start on. Let me show you what I'm talking about right now. Let's say we have a, uh, point type. Thanks. Right here. Now I can actually press escape toe commit that takes. And now all of a sudden, I want toe convert it into a area type. We can actually double click great here on this circle on this age right here. The Berkeley conduct and it will become a very ethics. Okay, Now I can double click, and then you would see I can, uh, is getting down or make the point smaller and I can add more techs may going to type toe if , like me. No, I mean and then filled with the placeholder, Tex or some damn it takes, You know, I shouldn't need that if do it again. But the type field with placeholder tex, okay. And then, of course, for example, you want to convert it into and yet point X or point type. What you can do is actually the same thing. Let's click on the circle and the difference that this one is like there's a feel on the circle. It means that this is a, uh, area type. Just double click on that. It's like that, and it will become a point. I write our point X All right now let's move on to other tools. Now, basically, the other tools are honest the same, you know. But this one, it's like a vertical type tool. I mean, you click on that. You know, the letters are arranged in vertical, okay, and the other one is near vertical area. Time tool. First, you need to create the shape. Thank Dangle if you get this. Now, when you use your vertical area title on, the words are basically in. Ah, vertical. That's again. See right. So other one is the vertical type on a path we will talk about in the type on a path on the next video. But let's move on to a touch type toe and what it does, it's actually you can edit every Tex or every letter. I mean on your text. For example, night here, when you click on your touch type told, you can manipulate or edit or arranged the position of your letters individually. So let's start with the letter D Select that. And as you can see, I can now move it in the Bidwell Nature's, you know, So make it first and then just move. All right, So it doesn't make skinny for the touch title. And, uh, you can, you know, make it tunggal some point something like that snacker d I'm gonna a bigger rotated, different angle. It's like that. All right, so that's basically the type dog. All right, so in the next video has talked about the type of the parts, which is very very, um Well, not really difficult, you know, But it's quite easy, and ah, it's very useful. What I'm doing since very useful in draping badges Logos. Okay, make us you can I can type on a single path. Right? So that's all you in the next video 16. Type on a path: Hello and welcome in this video. We're going to talk about the type on a path to write, and you would find it here type in the past, but let's start with the typed. Oh, okay. When you want to create a text on a path, basically, your idea is, uh right now I have a, uh, circle right here in the one point stroke. All right, now, when you get your type told in your idea is basically too great a takes, something like that. I've been the decks, you know, But when you remember in other videos, we talked about the ah area type. When you're click right here on demonstrators being feel this circle, it takes something like that. And that's not what we want. Right? See, let me and do that. And what I want is to create a take something going from here here. You know, I premium I will type a premium. Thanks. So in there. Okay. What I need is a year type tool type on a path in basically type on a path stool is one of my favorite tool, one of my favorite tools in administrator, because I e. I always use this in no ghosts and badges, so Okay, enough for that. Let's get our type on a path and you can follow along with me by, you know, just get your, ah lips told and then throw is here again, right? So you can follow along with me again. I'm gonna get me type on a path, and I want to create it. Takes right here and that you would see makers are from square. The course are. So it's like a a dash line on Ah, letter I or something like that. Now I can discreet on this, and other administrator will feel with that Takes Now remember, it's like a, um, point type right now. We can remove that, because does not what I want. I want a premium. So I'm gonna type it, bring you. All right, I'm gonna click escape on my people toe, apply that takes. And now it would see you right here. We have a three week. It's you can see right now as much as I probably um, skway he then with the bounding box. But you can get our data extraction tools. And, uh, right now, my take seating on the line center. If I click on a line left, it's been going there. A line right there? No, basically, what I always do is line sender. Click on the line center and you would see their say. Ah, we jet right there. It means not your your takes its seating on the center of this. Ah, both. All right. Now I can click on this, and you see, when I over my mouth course our turns into Lega turns block, and then I can see that there's a ah, at a war over the line. Now I can click on that, and then I can position nicely my Tex And then and then the, uh, smart Guidice guiding me that Ah, um and gentle holler. All right, I can put in right ear. All right, now, what if we want toe? Uh, but our takes inside of the circle. Now there's a, uh, a trick on that. Probably this what? You think it's getting flipped like for getting flipped. And that's not what we want. We can Actually, there's some options that we can use. You can goto type, type on a path and type on a path. Options right here. Make sure you're always click on preview so you can see you. What's going on on your design? And now on our aligned towpath, it's now on the baseline. What we want is a sender inside of that silly girl. All right, click on that. And just like that, we just moved our takes. Okay, now we can see others The sender. Sender. Let's Ah, let's go back to baseline. That's like that. And then the spacing of the takes, you can actually, you know, believing this. I mean, we talked about that in a panel, um, my panel in the upcoming video. But let's go back Toe auto, click on OK, just like that. And that's basically your type on a path, all right. And then you can duplicate this like this and then to create another one on the, uh, bottom part of the Knicks badge. Okay. And of course, this works as well with the shape. That's what meeting the shape are the mental, using the path from creating a mental. It's click on a great on a path. It's like that all right at me. Remove the feel. All right, And then let's get our type on the bus. You can it's type thing that all right, That's basically where you use your, uh, type on a path. And, uh, it's based. Basically, uh, a point. I point I told. And you can put this pain? Yes. Make as many takes that the U. N Again, I always before I do something, I always want my takes to me in the center, so I'm going to find that being it, and then I can move it. All right, so in this, missing only for the, uh, type on a bus and train doing some of these on ah, circle or Triangle Square. And then the next video, we're going to talk about the type panel off the adobe illustrator. So see you in the next one. 17. Type panel: Hello. And welcome back in this video in this final video of the type section, we are going toe talked about the type panel in Adobe Illustrator. Right? So open up your type panel by going toe me no window under the type in, click on character or press control t there and you would see this panel, okay. And you want to see some more of this option. So click on this show options there. Okay. And basically, some of some of these are also available for you when the options were when you click on your type. And there have been a example and a click when they click on sticks and you will see the, uh, my place the up one size a point size and up one style. All right. Also, you have the paragraph alignment center right and left. All right, so that's basically all the same. But of course, you can weaken dome or some of these on the type panel, okay? And just put it on the nipple and position. Okay, So now I have some samples takes right here, and, uh, it me let me put it in this area. Okay? No, um, let's start with our, um leading leading is basically the spacing between the paragraph off your, uh, off our text. Right. So, for example, if I'm going toe like everything and then right now it sits on the automatic 84 points on those are, but you can see the fantasies right now. It's actually on auto when we can Ah, try out some, um, points right here. Let's see the 10 points and I dairy would see the spacing or weaken edited manually. We can input our own value, baby clicking on this, uh, space right there, right here and, uh, using your keyboard arrow up. Now you can see the spacing. You can input it manually. Okay, Right now it's a 77 points. Now, let's try the other saving that we have. No, Let me put it right here. Okay. Let me zoom in so we can see it properly right now. Let's start with this one. And it's called a turning Kernis. Basically the spacing between two characters right now. Let me zoom in one more. Okay. What? I'm going about this the spacing between two letters or two characters. Right now, we have the for example, in the letter L O. And are you can see the spacing of the letter l and O. It's almost close to each other. And we can edit that by using the turning. And right now, it's actually on auto. And what I can do is get my type tool click on the space between the L and O put my course or there. And now the automatic setting is actually negative 60. What I can do is click on drop down arrow and see the negative 50 and you can see it moves right? No, again, we can input our own value manually. You begin, click on here, press our cable narrow up. It's like that because he aggregating more space. All right, so this may skinny point attorney the spacing between two letters. Okay, And now let's try the this one for our, um, talking right here. Tracking is actually on zero right now. It means the automatic and, uh, we can space out on the letters. If we feel that they are too closed to his other, we can try the value off 25. You can see it moves right one more time. 50 now, that's quite a lot. Right now, let's look at the letters between the letter H i N c is quite too much right now. That's where we are going to use the turning and get your type tool and then click on the between the H and never I Now we can use a, uh okay, Berkey. I'm going to use my hold, my alky. And they may left Roky to reduce the space. This ascendancy, i e I overdo right here. But you get the idea right now again, It's like that. All right, so that's where you use your turning and, uh, talking right earnings for the individual characters. If if you want toe, remove those spacing or and more space between letters for the whole value of the text, you can use the trucking, okay? And what? That's my dear And see some options. Let's go back on our part. And enough right here. A select NIFX is I pressed it four times to select everything now way Have here some options on cops. You know, it's the names. A guest. Small caps, right. Superscript has substrate. Matanzas, go back, toe this one. All right. Okay, That's Ah, yes, that's about it. For that character. We don't usually use all of this, but I let me show you something. Uh, this one, the great hope I needed that. But that's okay. So let's goto this one style. Now this open our cliff Funnell. If you don't have it open yet, you can go to window again. Type lives. All right, Now, I like this, uh, this option every time I do a, uh um custom type? No. Right now I'm so actually nothing right here. What we can do, It's actually we can select individual letters. For example. Let us and it will show me the alternatives. Alternates for current selection or weaken, uh, see everything. The entire foreign connection. It's like that. All right, Now, you would have this options if you buy a premium phone, especially if it's open type, you will have this option. Okay, so that's the good thing about when you when I mean buying a here, a premium for NT will have so many options, but this one is a preformed. Actually, it's a street. Were type peace that I just don't know did and, uh, and probably used this on the other projects on the other videos. All right, also, we can style begin Segni. When I I highlighted, you're wincing options below. I can see like that also here. So it's up to me how I style eyes my, um, a text. So it's good thing for ah, for a custom type, you know, very nice. It's my I don't like that one. It's quite big. Oh, let me know that again. Right there. Now, I would do this on the other sexual other projects, but that's basically how you customize your attacks. So I give the soil for this type panel. I hope you doing something. And, uh, if you have any questions, that's Ah, yes, let me know. Right. And I'm gonna insulate within 24 hours. So the soil and few in another videos 18. RGB vs CMYK and color panels: Hello and welcome to another section of the soccer's in the intersection. We're going toe talk about the cooler in Adobe Illustrator. Alright, color is a very broad topic, but we're not gonna talk about that. One of them we're gonna use. We're gonna talk about the tools that we're going to use in other administrator about me cooler. All right. But first, let's talk about the RGB and seem like a all right. There's a seam point rule that I always follow that if I'm going for it, I'm going to make a design that intended for online viewing or more screen viewing. Only I use the RGB colder mode, all right. And if I'm going to make a magazine design if, let's, um some flyers use the same y que because they said this thing called or in printers that not available in RGB All right, there's a broad spectrum color spectrum in RGB compared toa seem like a all right. And then let's that's opening your document right here. And you would see an idea that adobe in straight or and say, um, if you're going to make a design for print, yes, nest. I'd spent right here and you would see the color mode. And they're being straight or suggest you, Yeah, making deciding seem like a all right. And then if you're going to me, a design for Web only for, you know, for social media design only for web and then the straight or suggests that you used the RG because although, of course, the new technology And, um, there are other banking company that accepts, um, any quarter moon you use like even if you send them RGB colder moda design, they still print it in Ah, very vibrant color, you know, on, like before that their companies that printing companies that only accept, you know, find that if you give them ah rgb corner and it will be ah saturated, you know when you bring them. So that's why this I just that you create first your design in seem like a so I think this one of the very important step, you know, always ask yourself if you are goingto make a design if we're going toe, print it or for, you know, Skrine only more. My skin only. But sometimes we say if you make a joke happy, so that What I do is, um is a great day deciding RGB because even if it's for, um for clean, I used a very wide spectrum, you know? And then a I copy that toe a new document and save my document and then trying to tweak or the seem like a color, right? This just in. And then you would see something. Some points where you use me for a plane, some posters, you know, guards. So you usually use the, uh I seem like a gold are also for logos, of course. All right. Okay, then let me close this one and start about the corners idea. Let's open up our So I just learned in right here, Okay. And then it's, um start about it first. Now you can I drop the colder right here? And when you click every caller, it will apply on your our field. Right here, filled cooler. Right? Then you can swap the Goler. Okay, the feel and then stroke. And then you have a an element in your canvas again. As long as it's Ah, it's selected. You can just click one corner right here, and it will be automatic materially applied on your element. All right. Next, let's open up the adobe, uh, color things right here. If you are using the lower version, it's OK. Um, if you don't have the color themes that it's available that's available right here on the extensions, not the extension Matthey color teams right here. Okay. If you don't have this, you can open And you, um you can open a browser and then just type this cooler, that adobe that come. And then you would see these are color Well, because a real all right and basically there some ruins scholar, other ah, rules that you can select right now it's analogous. It's ah, it's a pilot with the ah only colors are bit related or close to each other, something like that. And then they can try name monochromatic in their triad. So there are many call or a rule that you can dry out right, And also you can explore. I just start any keyword that you weren't and then in the site will give you all the related he was because you can publish your own cold or other designers publishing their ah color palette right here. Then you can get up some use on your design. All right, let's go back. Idea Almost the same thing. I know you're gonna You can search as well. And then, um, some available right now, some are trending. And once you like something like this, like from this you can click this tree that right here if you want to use that and add to your swatches spanning beyond that on dislodges. And I did Okay, now you can You can use this for your for your project, of course. OK, then save this example. You can delete everything and then save this. Saved much memory as a I All right, and then upload, then loaded up again. Then you have some preset colors available for you. Night. So let's say food. Um maybe I guess night, Some police it that would be straight. Added your in your straighter program. Then you can just click on this folder and it will be added on this. Watch it again. Okay. And another one. Let's try the at me. Let me close this one. Let's open up the corner guide. All right. Color gates on was nothing. It was the same like the the cholera rule. I fear the color wheel, like the analogous. Some related, um, colors, for example. Idea. We have the base color, This one. I can click on that one, and this will be the base. And the color get will give you some shades and tense right here on the right side. The things in the left side, the shades. Okay, now you can see this and at all. So this is your base color, and then some oil related to that. Now you can select the, um can edit, actually, right here in the Senate. The warming cool BB. Then muted some options. Right here. Congregate options like check on that one. No, we're poor steps. And I states, it's actually right here. This 1234 He said 30 steps. Now you can add them so you can see more. Are, um my drink off. Beaded and muted color inebriation weaken. Thanks. One. But I said it in 200%. Then step. So you have a lunch up? Um, vivid color. They go on. Okay. It's like that. All right. So these are your Ah, but I'm not really call or tools that you can use toe, of course. Cold or your artwork. Here, here in an administrator. Right. So we will talk more about the culture in the upcoming video. So in the next video that start about the gray agent and then the transparency All right, so if you in the next one 19. Gradients and transparency: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going to talk about the region color and the transparency panel. Right. So let's start with the Regent while region. Um, if you are doing some designs in straight or probably 50% every time you're going to call her, you will be using ingredients Well, for me, you know, 50% of the time I use a region my name when I eastern toe Collier, my artwork. So let's get our ingredient tool. You can press your letter. Ingenious. You can see right here. And, uh, it will be he's like Then don't be activate. And also, you would see a night here under off your feel and a stroke color. Remember that on top of the active, whichever is on top, that is acting right. So when you when you put a caller, it will be feel all right if you if the stroke is on top of the, uh feel color and when you put a call or it will be on the stroke only. And ah, also, you can see some options right here. Some bottoms like color, the gradient and the none. All right, Now you can access your none by clicking this one and your region cooler or panel. Well, I show up right here, and if you don't show up, you can goto window and then just click right There are control f nine R command F nine if you're using Mark. All right, Now let's get our region click on a letter G o on your keyboard and also you notice that your feel becomes region because you activate the Gregan tool and the great against basic units and gradation of quarter off to storm or for callers. Right? And what I want to do is like, I want toe a cooler or ah, radiant on the background of this landscape design. All right? I want I want toe at the gray in color to this. Now what I can do is making it open my drink and panel. And then when you drop down, although you will see some several options, this one is preset. You my idea? Don't be straight or you can select the white and black and this is it white. I'm duck or we can use this guy and that Take note that it will apply if your, um artwork is selected, right? So from something. If I click on sky since my background is connected on this, uh, last game design, if I click on sky, it will be what Masakhalia applied to my background. All right. And then you would see this lighter right here. Many of the ingredients lighter we have. Ah, for we gets all right, our slider. And when you will get your grade gentle also, it's on the same thing in this one. All right, So, uh, the same thing, and then you can play with this one. You see, you can move these, and then you can make a vertical region by, uh, click and drug. And then you can hold your shift, Gato constraint in straight line only. Okay, It's like that. All right. And then every slider, you can change the color. For example, this one, it's only it sets on the white weaken. Double click on that. And, uh, this is what you spine and me show up. All right? We can use the RGB or dislodges which one you prefer. I used the It's just me. It makes the u saturation and block, right. If I said I can the saturation. I also aided the this one saturation. The one is you on the collar and then the blood, the blackness. We don't see it right now because it's actually at the bottom part. But I begin on this one and see the one that we selected right there. And also while the Greg until it's activated, you can actually add this and also it moves right there. All right, So, like I said, it's almost the same thing. Extension a deeper and colder. So you can see Say, this color on, Let's say, get the h s. Me. I'm gonna send a K. Yeah, yellowish color there. And then I'm gonna play with the saturation, the blackness, All right. And then we can Sen Agnes slider. And you can repeat this several times again and again. Okay. All right. So that's basically the regent. And then you can click this one so we can collapsed and also see only this lighter. All right. And also, you can apply the cold or, for example, um, if you have a different color right here, I say the scholar, you can put it into your slider. They just click and drug. Then you can create the new slider, and then you can remove some of the slider by you pulling it out. All right. And then you can add another. But you can see my cursor. There's a blast sign. It means that I can click and add another slider. Okay. And then we can get it some stop. If it's lighter, click on that. Let's move it right here. Okay. Yes. Make sure that you select first the artwork if you're going to apply the color. Okay. And then there's some a type like Alina or regal regions basically like this one they can circle, You know, it's like a ring. Something that you can all right, that you can't blame in this one. That's basically the great gentle Um, that really works if you have the nicer nice afterward that you need the region. Okay, so let's go toe this one example. Now it's talked about the transparency. Let me close this one responding. See? Let me put it out right here. Okay. Now the despondency works like, um, you would see the opacity and then the blending modes off the corner or the the element that you're working on, for example, on this one. And there's a preview this the shape off the element, and then I can make it. Ah, capacity. Nether. All right. And also, depending mode the bending moment. Actually, it works like it interacts with the current object to the lumber object. All right, so let me select this one. As you can see, it's actually like a stay blue light escape blue. If I select on the multiply and see what will happen it there against because it inter interacts with the the shape underneath that this one So they combine it to make it. Ah, they're gonna colder. So that's basically how the blending mode works. Um, um, it an interaction with the over element second, so you can see everything right here and then select which one that you like. But I ain't normally like 80% by use need transparency. I usually multiply. And then the, uh, surely the screen those are And also overly? Yes, sir. The three. Ah, lending most that I play with most of the time. All right, so that's basically the transparency and the gradient tool, right? If you, um, we have problems with the how to use this? Just let me know, you know, just let me know and I'm gonna actually So the sun for this video and see you in the under one. 20. Create color from artwork and recolor artwork: Hello and welcome to the final video off the section where we're going toe call or our artwork. All right, so that's Ah, what we are going to do for us. Uh, for example, you have a an artwork that you want to change the gold and you want to see the possibilities of the other colors If you're playing so that your artwork. All right. Now let's like this one and then you would see right here the, uh on the options bar Small circle like a cold reveal right here. And it says a cooler artwork may not click on that. It's a new window right here that we show up and on the assign option, we can filic individual all or off the artwork a second. Right now we have only for Golders Okay And right ear. You would see the before and then this is the after, for example this discolor. And now right now I have a each SB and we can change that toe rgb if you prefer the RGB that I usually usually HSB and then must me selected this one, we can select the u of these All right, and then also the saturation and, of course, the block blackness. All right. And then I hear you would see there's this is the before and then this is the after the once we selected the color. Right now you can select individual color The change in that. So I accept you how you change the scholar. All right, Okay. And then also on the air did What I like about this one is that I can love this link harmony colors. And then I can just, you know, experiment with the different combinations, right? And of course, you can unlock that and then try different colors. So this one is a very handy actually compared toa the one that on the field where you click and added the color this one You can see the preview off the real time of the quarter that you're applying your design. All right? Yes. Making your click. This one, the caller art you can city before an after. All right? And they're now let's just click on. Okay, now what if you want to put it on your SWAT Despondent What? You can do it so you can actually save these. Open up your smart despondent. It may put it right here. Now it's acidic. Everything that unused go to our click on this option idea and then select all and used Everything will be selected and just click on this. I gone minutes Watch. Yes, and I didn't. Now what you have to do is get sick, your artwork, a gang click on this option Nocona group. All right, Now you can rename that, say, I'm gonna name it camera and then click on selected artwork. We can select the up convert process to Global or ah, low, but that it's a global color and I'm gonna show you That's a very, very handy. If you are working on a job in a straighter let's click on OK, right there. And you would see the corners of your artwork, right? And now you mean in tow. Put it into a global color. Well, basically, for example, if we want to change the color on this one the colder green you would see we have almost four elements 12 or three and four right for collard greens. But if he changed it into a global color You what city? Global color We did like with the triangle on the down right of the corner and your double click on that. We can change the gold. All right, here, from the green begin, it can go Something applicant. Huma, you must click on review, so even see the changes. All right, Now you would see that the easily that we can change everything that before it was green. Now he changed it to a different color. All right, Now it's a pink color. But if it's not in a global Golar Onley one item will be, uh maybe will change. All right, so that's a very handy. All right. Okay, now, also again, you can own if you have the swatches are palette that you grew up from the you know, Internet. You will have something that leaf again. You can click on this option. You call your group selected artwork convert process to global icon. OK? And it will be right there. All right. It's ah, really nice. That's how you're basically Yeah, save swatches. And then once you have this, it's clearly see this, you know, saves. Watch Gloria's ai or you can save it. Us. Ah, same Swatch library As if this the file from Adobe Illustrator that you can open with the swatches. All right, so this is for this video and I opened or something from, ah, cornering your our port. And hopefully this will be very handy also to you. So that's all. And that's you in other videos. 21. Save and export file: Hello and welcome to the final section of this course where we are going toe save our design and finally just finish some designs. And of course, you need to save them, right? So let's save this design now. There are several ways how we can save our sane or artwork in the administrator. We can go toe file, click on, save us right here. And then it would have the, um, seven other options right here. Now, we use the job for the pdf and we click on that and say, uh, we conceive idea needlessly. Uh um, you know, or the window New window. And we used the pdf if other if I were client, that's no under magistrate or end he and they say he she wants toe view our design what we can do. Aside from saving us, Ah J pig r P d j pick our PNG we can use knee pdf, and it is what I normally do. And, uh, for in the general sexual, you have some options right here, and you may want toe take this one and think I'm presently straight or anything. Gove abilities. It means that the other people cannot aided your design. So you may want toe live that dunk, right? And the other. I don't have to worry about this. A normally just usually in general and then And take this this one. And also on the baby, their preset. We can ask the likeness, the several options. You can select the custom. Yes, like that. Or, you know, it's up to if you want the high quality print. But, you know, you're not gonna paint. This is just you want toe, give it your gland. And then, um, straight or default modified its ok, or in e maybe want to email this the small despite its ice, although it's not advisable. But I think for me, it's, ah, you straight or different. All right. And then you want to see that after you saved it. Just take this one of your pdf after saving. All right, say pdf. And you think that this issue our design All right. Cool. Now, you you wouldn't see any other mark inside here because this not for print. Um, you would. You would probably see some of those if you aided the for friend. Okay, Now the other things that you need to remember is that you can off course, save this, save us, and then just save it us, you know, And that means administrator. And ofcourse, ofcourse, you can ascend it to your client as well. If if he or she has me at the administrator program installed and, uh, save it as that a in make sure that Let me guess. Click on save right year. Now, if you're going to send it to other people, make sure that diversion is that at least CS four so other people can open it. You know, in your sanity or other the other people, like your colleague or in your team, save it. That's CS four or so other people may be using, you know, CS five. And the instant, you know, open it, even if you are using it. Inventive. Use the CC version to create this design. No, Gates on this. Another one. And also this and stray the ADR. Oh, let's say if you have other, uh, art bird right here, As you can see, I have Ah, for but I only want toe save these three outwards. All right. That's Ah, gaping per sample. You usually use this type of saving, um, saving option if you how If you have designed mobile screens in a demonstrator or mobile our websites so you can goto file export and, uh, export for screens right here. And you would see all the art birds that you have, and I don't want this. So I'm gonna on on check that only these three art boards. Okay, Now, on our format, you can see several. We can see the jape, PNG, PNG eight. Now I want to get the white background as well, So I'm gonna use the J pig. So it s a gaping 100. And then the scale, Yes, one. Right. And then click on the folder that you want toe save. And then this, um, expert unburned. And just like that, this is our design. That time you can you all right and go back 90 year. But normally, if you have some design, you want to post it on Facebook and the social media Just goto file Nick export and then say for all right and that's it. It's their design that you can same on light off, say, for ah only doing purposes. Unico in this format. It Now it's PNG eight. I usually use Lee Bong, um 24 although it's quite tire, but the sometimes change eight you see, right now it's only 29.17. If I just the pain between before it's 63.6 to 3 gave me. So I accept you. Um, but, you know, just used the PNG eight or being between for all right, then let's click on Save. So that's it, guys. That's how you save your design. And, ah, don't forget to save your design because, you know, I experienced that when you're doing a design or are, ah, artwork than other side. And, um, there's a blackout in May place in and forgot to save my my design. And I lost everything. Sometimes you can save that sometimes, demonstrator. Seems you, but you know, you can, um, get buck your design, but sometimes they don't know. Maybe there's a bug in the administrator so I can get back the design. All right. So, again, don't forget to save your design. Once you're already halfway off your design, they save it. All right, so that's all parties video, and, uh, this new some projects. All right. I hope you are ready. And I see you in another videos.