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How to Design Retro Poster in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Ice cream vector Tutorial


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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Overview: Hello and thank you for taking on this glass. My name's stone. I'm a freelance graphic designer and establish signatory ALS here on skin shirt. So make sure to follow me looking this bottom to receive awesome clapping, saying classes discuss. You're going to learn out inside a Metro ice cream poster in the fourth shop. Can we show you and share with you? Step by step on how to create the school poster from scratch. They will design a painting she looking poster from a simple image In the bonus video, I will show you how to illustrate this tasty ice cream in Adobe Illustrator. So if you want to improve your design skills, see you in that Expedia. 2. Introduction: Hello. And welcome back in this introduction video I'm gonna show we do. You're gonna share with video everything that we are going to do for this class and that we're going to create a retro ice cream, a poster. And, um, this image, sexually from this one is invention that I got from picks obey and that the idea is to make your image look like a metro or of intentional poster. All right, And this is the project that we're going to do And, uh, also in the bonus video gonna show you or share we do the step by step, how to create an ice cream cone. Something like this one. And I will tell you, and I'm gonna show you that how easy it is to create in the other administrator. All right, but if you don't have the adobe illustrator, you can just, you know, follow along with me while I'm meeting this design in Adobe. 1/4 ship. But it's about this video. You know, this ice cream A design. All right, now let's go back to I don't mean 40 shop and that let me show you, um now thinks are on my thought process for these men. I'm creating this retro poster. Okay, let me show you my years right here. And I'm basically when? A year. When I start my design, I always start with the with the background. I always start from the about, going to the foreground. So this is the forgot idea. Background. I'm sorry, this one. And then I start working, going foreground, and then Mason birth design. And then we have the banner right here on top. Then someone takes This was composed with the there's there affects their takes effects right there. And then the image from this for image. Later, I'm gonna I'm gonna upload the files so you can follow along with me while creating this poster, right? And then this forward, we have the on layers for the texts or the price right here and then another tax. Then for a reborn right there and then on top A, uh had I did some, uh, various, uh takes years and let me enjoy the frame first right year frame and then And the takes Your That's text. Your now they're takes your to make our invention. Look, a vintage are good. This one. And then I added a grain effect green a filter effect to make it look like our like our design more ofa old. Something like that. And finally, on top of everything we have the another or texture. So that's basically the things that were going to do for disgusts inside. You know, it's summer and mystery meat. I, uh, you know, cool poster. Like an ice cream poster from the, uh, old era. All right, so, yeah, that's what we are going to do. And, um, also, we have the ice Kona ice going ice cream, going like year. And I will show you on our share with you how to create the, uh, sunburst in Adobe Illustrator. But if you don't have it, I I'm going to upload. Yeah, PNG. So you can, you know, just drop it here, and I'm gonna gonna upload this fights so you can just ah, follow with me. All right, So that's all for this introduction. Introduction video and see you in the next one 3. Inspiration: Hello and welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you where I got from. I got the idea. This poster image and the media lever I usually go is a website called Pinterest, where I get some some of my ideas. I really like this website in the rest because I can see a lot of for images based on your hockey words that you put in on the search bar. And these are the results for the metre poster design and you can see some examples in me, This one. I get the Sanders for the our design. That's where you get the idea. And then they can see some of the examples, right? Some, you know, disarticulated coolers, for example, like this one, this one as well. Um, I really like this website. This Ah ah being the rest. There's so many images that I will inspire you to create their own on designs. Our projects based on the this image is of course you don't. You know you don't want a copy. One was 100%. Just get some ideas and then put it on your design or incorporated on your own design and Um, yeah. So this is the, uh is where you get me exploration and, um, to see the other being sure. I, uh, here I I search for the vintage poster advertising and want to see the, uh, on, uh, boaster for advertising. And they're so much and so on, You know that you can now get inspired with so many when this one is like a very watched out poster. And also, you would see some, you know, dream takes your on the, um thanks. Our paper, some green effect right there. So I'm gonna show you how easy to create that in adobe Fort Ship and right there some images. So, yeah, if you have any, um, any inquiry about some inspiration, you can just go to Pinterest, and then just type it out and you would see batch off images that would Ah, you would get some ideas for your next project. So the salt for video guys and in the next video, we're going to start designing our vintage asking poster. So this old and I see you in the next one 4. 1st part of Design: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going toe, start designing our vintage or are retro ice cream poster in Adobe is don't be 1/4 ship. All right, so this is the final design that we're going to do and that we're going to recreate it again. I'm gonna show you how I designed this is in the basic tools in Adobe Fourth shop. All right, and, uh, yeah, if you already it's doing. Now, let's go. Don't find click on new or breast controlled end for the shortcut there. And then we're going to use a letter size off 8.5 by 11 in just right here. April 5 in with On 11 inches in height, 72 insurance. A solution. I just used the RGB when I get up playing it anyway. So just for example, project and then an excuse. A background going over. This is the corner that I use. It's ah, the e CD 90. Like they're going. Okay. And when everything is okay right there, just click on. Great. It's like that and it is our canvas is where we're going. Toe design our retro poster. So now we just pull out the image. This one is from the picks Obey. And I'm going to upload the resources fight or as well as Nia Link. So this image so you can download. But I also like I said, I'm going to upload. The source is fine so you can get everything right here from the take Stewart the images right now let's go back to your foot shop. And I already cut out the part of parts the ice cream. But it's to show you how I created that. I used the, um, quick selection tool and then, uh, on the right layer. We're gonna do this, just click and select this image. Just paint over on this subject. It's like that. And once you selected everything you yes, making. I'm gonna cynic everything right here again. Goto filter. I e surely used the fine age. And as you can see, there's no ah, right here on the select silicon. You know, you won't see any refinish like the old fourth ShopRite. What we can do is basically, just select and then over your course or to silicon must and then click on, press the shift key and then click and you would see your financial This the old, uh, you know, on the foot ship. I mean, you and a lot of people like this one, because it's easy compared to the current one. But Ah, and, uh, I also like this one. You're fine age. And what? We're going to do it. Just click on Smart Radius and you can see, like the, uh, them you view moon, which one you like, but I prefer the unlock, and then you can see average incident, the radios you can play with that. You can see the effect, your image and what I really But I really like about these fine age is by you. You can brush on the edge and then the since you turned on the smarter. You use the Ford to shop and select the the, um, possible in just the part of the image. And you cannot define the agents of the image. And this thing will work especially for the hair if you're working on a, um, heady subject, like forced the hair or the, uh, dogs for something like that. But this one is quite easy because our subject has a on a just so we don't have to go, You know, put so much effort on the unifying. They're just But when you are done, you can just click on the output to you can see, like the layer mask you layer, it will cut out and pasted on the it will cut out and placed on the new layer. Or you can select the new layer with a layer mask. But, I mean, selected there must all right, and then just they don't know gay. And you can see the outcome. And then you can guess, click and drag to your, uh, new layer. I mean, the new document, something that right. But I already have created one, this one, so almost the same. But that's when they put much airport compared dio toe the last one. So I'm gonna click and drug all right there. But let me, um I get that person because we start from the back. Like I said, I just showed you the resources that we have. All right, I'm gonna close the other windows. So, um, maybe I'm gonna delete this one things. I already have a copy of that. All right, so let's start from the back going to the foreground of our design. Let's start with the the sunburst the sunburst effect. If you don't have the adobe illustrator I uploaded on the resources folder the San burst a PNG when you have to do just click and drag your adobe food shop just like that and, uh, you can put it right there and then Yes, I see it. It's controlled the make sure it's beyond on the injuries off. You're insane. Control t And then on your shift key just like that. Yes, it is. I see it. And until you are satisfied media, the setting of your, uh, sunburst legal No gay. And then this move forward. That's Dodi Bonner on top right here. You can see right there, or I'm gonna blow this. Well, the E. P s file of the adobe illustrator he wanted I'm gonna upload it on the I'm gonna put it s well on the sources folder, the EBS file idea. Okay, now, in this koba toe put shop and then let's see what we were going to do next. It's the banner. Okay, let's define the right there. End up and then I'm gonna go back right here. Now let's get a square. We're going toe create a square and just click on the canvas. This study with it's ah, pick to fix by 79 pixels. Really going. Okay, It's like that It zoom in. Now what we're going to do, issue, we're going toe make the ages around. It s against you right there. So make sure you open your properties Rapid despondent. And Ah, and Jake if it's ah, Jake right there so you can put it manually. Idea. Yeah, I just about that. This may be 36 pixels on the on. Decide the left side that left side down and then on the right side. It's also to make it 36 soon. All right, And then I'm gonna that I get up and here on, let's see what the right there does no feel. There's no stroke. So we're going to remove this trope. Get your eidetic selection tool and then remember the stroke. We're going to add a cooler for this. No need to get the gold. Or on this, that the a pink color or fuchsia. We going OK? It's actually e f for a five a That's the X code. We're going, Okay, It's like that. And then we're going to duplicate it on your health. And then drug was the holding a shifty oops accent. Mentally select dia our necks. Either you can move it using your keyboard arrow, and then it's a change in the cooler. The color is the B B A to five be or the ex code of this second Golar going okay. And then the selling this to we're going toe a duplicate it until we reach the end of this the end, the DOJ and then just rugged wanting your shifty it's like that sending this four rectangles, Sanjay again. And just like that, this our bonding for that and we're going toe Look this So we have a nice and neat and a respondent andrology. It's like that and then we're going toe type the techs for ah, for something that needs the issues. I usually you can use any typeface that you want, but I have a value takes right here. Gonna type the It's only one word. I'm gonna start with the letter d changed it to color white. It's ah, 34 points regular. I'm gonna assume in the needle. Then we're gonna position it nicely right here, and then I'm gonna duplicate it. Control L and then she fee and then drug. It's like that, and then I'm gonna rename it. All right, so that's our takes. And I'm gonna group this drog and then, like the another group One thing, my shift key Control G again and then rename it. All right, so that's our, uh, Bonnie right there. We're seeing police in it, and then next minute, start doing the techs ice cream. All right? Like this one. So I'm gonna go back to our design, our working project, missing it. Our thank tool. You know, they ice cream. Let's make the one size off 124 and then should be left her toe. Bold. Another 24. All right, we're going. Okay. And begin. Ah, making this one photo. You don't see it yet. Let me put it right here. Now I changed the if you were tracking. It's actually on something that then something like that is make it into a zero and also the leading right here sexually. And there's a big up CNC so making that all right, that's better. And this is my settings. Lobster too bold. Ah, 124 points. 74 77 points for ah ah! Leading and the And then it's ah, teaching the cooler. So something this one late cream cream color, they're going. OK, um let me show you Day hex code. It's f four e d. D nine. We're going. Okay, it's like that and then click on ah district to commit the decks. All right, now in its position in nicely It's about time to add our tech Civic Now we're I screamed x open your legs spanning, my dear me putting summer met me bucket right there. All right now, this May nurse panel, it's just click on just one on this side number click to show the layer style window, and we're going to add a stroke. Click on the stroke, or you can click on plus sign right and we'll add another. And that's the good thing about the adobe and forth shops. You see, you can add so many strokes in one object or element in your design, so I like before that you're limited the only one. But right now we can add as many. It's mini stroke you want. Like, yes, you can see you in my example. Right? So we're going to add it, our stroke cooler. And it's at the, uh, the same corners of this one. Or maybe like a fuchsia holer like that, and it's making the sites off. Eight. I think that should be outside position. Then just click on the plus sign toward another stroke. Yes, like that. Exchange in the cooler, changing the cold air to ground. And should be a piece about 18. All right. Yeah, I think we can just All right, then. Yes. Ah, position. It's nice that I dish knee. Do you think one should be on top of the brown Golder? Right and ifs Nat'l that the thing in the same position as mine you can just click on this arrow can see again changed the position of those stroke effect. All right, let's click on the store. Oh, so you can exchange the position in another stroke, said another one really going last sign in there. It's changed the gold or toe orange on that. The stroke. I'm sorry about that. Should be the drop shadow right click on drop shadow exchanged the corner, toe, orange. Then we're going to edit the the setting for these. Make sure the capacities 100 the Stance 12 Spread this 100 and the city saves off during the one. Make sure the blend mode is normal, and then the angle you can play with this one. It's like 49 degrees. Yeah, it seems fine with me. You can click on the use global light. So, um, everything that they were going to add the drop shadow, the angle will be 49 degrees. Okay, it's just click on. OK, All right. So this is me Takes a break. It's Ah, century should be about right here. All right, Now, let's see the finally saying that we have and what we're missing is the ah, ice cream. All right, then I'm gonna sport it right here. Like this one. Ice cream. Put it on our design. It's quite big, so you can right click right year converted smart object. So there's no loss. Maybe scared don't or up controls d We're going toe skate down. I You should notice also by pressing the shift key so it won't go a wonky or something like that. Call your shift key about that size Seems finding me in the little smaller All right, It's about it. It's like that. 5. 2nd part of Design: before we continue that. So let me move it up a little. Not that one. The ice cream right here. And then also, let's edit the drop shadow. That's too much for me to say, at least 95. And then for the angle that's make it 34. All right, that seems better. No, they're going. Okay, it's like that. And then we're going toe Make this image off ice cream to look like Ah, a bit old are something like that, right? This Ah, a metro field for our ice cream image. So let's click on our layer adjustment or an adjustment layer. Just click on that one. Let's start with the firm's Let me put it right here. And then, um, it started with the read. I'm gonna mean the red color. Be a little bit. I'm gonna a little bit of bread. It's like that. Yes. So you can follow along with me with this one with the green. I'm gonna Yes, India degree in something like that. And then for the blue, we're gonna make it like a letter s for this. It's like that. All right. And then I'm gonna click on this one toe to apply only the FX on the ice cream. Not not on the whole elements of the design, right? It's quick on that one. It's like that, and it will apply on the on the ice cream. You can see the before and after. If it's too much, you can use a double click on Lisa. Um, some name and I can show you that. And there's a too much red you can get and just the red. And also for the middle, all right. And it's too white for me. It's too light. So I'm gonna open the other layer. Adjustment the 11th. It's like that. And then you move this block slider. All right, some you can and then also click on this one. The only the effects will apply on our ice cream image. You think that and then I'm gonna close this properties. All right. Next, let's add a go Schindler on the ice cream image. My going to filter you're go, Sammler. It's like that. Make it at least point line. So the emission that you're strong press or maybe begin this March 7 making CD before and after really going. Okay. All right, you think that? Yes. At a stroke color for this ice cream. It's global number. Click on this layer to show the nurse Stein we know. And then the selectee stroke should be called, right? And then at least five pictures between 5 to 7 seems fine with me. Should me Outside in the position we're going. Okay. All right. Can you can adjust this? Okay, now you can. Ah, this Ah, clean up our their spinal bake grouping ordinance on the same, uh, elements, you know, on my shift. Key control G the image. Next we're going toe. Add a this number this price CNC it's Ah, I think the type is It's a v boldly. 61 points. Ah, yes. So let's try that una get the type to order record click on the canvas. Now you can use any typeface idea. It's envy. Bony right here and then state when the other. And then we're going toe change the point size too. 6 to 1. And then let's add this candle for, uh, element. It's actually this element is available on the courtship, and I'm sure you already have it. So let's get that were custom shape tool. We're going to select that one in socially right year like a bunch or seal click and drug your canvas. Not Did what? Nothing. In on your shift key. You think that and then I'm gonna get the owner of this one is the same in different on our techs. So I'm gonna Yes, I dropped disco or dysfunctional gold right there and then some of the strong corner position nicely right here. Yes, like that. And we have a stroke color for that. So we're going to double click on the shape, going to add the stroke cooler about this, um, brown quarter. And you think all right, when the our ice cream you're going Okay. All right. And then you can maybe lessen the I just throw, uh, excels about So the three or something like that we can Okay. And then the drop shadow. We're going to add the drop shadow. Regan, drop shadow goingto change the corner door. I'm duck. Let me see that again. No, it's actually just great. And we're going toe trade. The same takes your is to get our shape layer again or not, This one. I understand this. Just don't great under one brigand. Drop shadow should be this block and make it one to play. It's why I should be 42% for the opacity, and this one's should be serving only size. It's, uh, so much about fine seems finding me and see for all right, this is the These are the settings. It's a block. I mean, they're lending more than multiply 42% capacity. That that were degrees seven for the stunts spread for 100% sizes. For because all right, I want to follow along with menaces is our mayor settings. And then it's, ah, collision it nicely. It's quite big for me, So I'm gonna recites that controlled the and let's do Another one should be this one premium quality. And for this one, I used to be, um, lobster front and also shapes. Also a precept from Adobe. Yes, right or adobe? A 40 shopping mean no. Let's get our type tool click on the gun of us and then in the Senate knee, lobster, lobster regular. And then it's changed. If one size too 21 and then let's type premium quality quality, spot it right years. The quarter should be the theme of this one. And they were going to add a custom sheep. I think this one I used. So I'm gonna click and drug. And there just put it down and then the gold or it's Ah, this light. Same off our not ground. So I'm gonna get magnetic second door. I ended up this one. It's like that and then we're going to add a stroke. It's already stroke there that we can adjust this one. I want my stroke to be on the layer on their effects. You can see right now there's nice stroke. So double quick on that one. Que in stoke. And there you go. There are is brown and three pictures. Seems okay with me or let's say, but for 3 to 5 pixels, you can Okay. And that takes is quite small. We can make it be your exchange takes toe a bigger one. Endurance between seven seems seems perfect going. Okay, we're going check. Check, Mark. All right. And going forward with this one. We're about to finish the design, so let's see. What do you are? Amazing. Oh, the reborn missing down. All right, so it doesn't mean, we That's what we are going to do next, Get our type tool, Click on the canvas Senate name Blue they beast and make it 44th e points. And then I'm gonna take basin down. Gonna drop the corner of this like, brown goal right there. Please go and check on that check. Mark, I should be cream. All right? It's like that. Then we're going to create a rectangle, and then I'm gonna change in the cooler toe. Nice and brown Goler. Smooth it down right there. Okay. And then took. Great. This are quite a freeborn, so actually very simple. And I'm gonna show you how easy. So let me zoom in. I think I have these trope, right NYSE. There's no stroke right now, so I'm gonna remove that stroke. I'm gonna add a stroke once I once I'm done with the the whole reborn at me up. Put it down right here. Right. And then let's get Eric Dungan and I'm gonna attention That guard our door on darker Goler and the ex Cody's five F one for 06 and should be at the back of the biggest rectangle. All right, sizzle mean Let's get our their extraction tool mature is selected yet our No. At what point? All we're going to add another point on these, uh, left side. So began adjusted using our Derek selection tool click and drug The band on the side. So that's it, guys. That's how are you? I That's how basically create my reborn. It's actually essentially on top, so I'm gonna There are get up. If Linda and then duplicated control J and then control the right click and sleep horizontal. It's like that. You holding your shifty with drugging. All right. And this just like that. Now begin. I select everything right here, group it druggie, and then we can add the undergirds stroke. Should me should be darker. This one. All right? At least four points for pictures. I mean and great. This kind of ah, are It's not our something like that. Uh, what we can do, It's actually controlled the we're going toe skew this one. We're going to school, and then you can make this side up something that all right, And that's how I basically so that design click on this check Mark. All right. If, like that very simple, okay? And we're about to finish our design and what we are amazing right now and believes in the textures. And we're going to just dab on our design to make to make it look like a right through our vintage. Okay, but our first we're going toe add a frame for our design. So again, that's sucking up our I'm gonna clean up for us. My, uh, Miller, your spaniel. Now, let's at your frame for our poster design and get our make tangled story. I'm gonna click on the age stop age and then India bottom right side like that and we don't want any Phil Corner. So yes, it none. And they were gonna had a texture again. They takes you right here on top or again, just at the texture on the layer style Stride. With this one, I'm gonna the six points you think that and the corner should be It is something like this one can the orange And then let's see what we have. Two small, the stroke older, the stroke with its quaint theiss morse over going a change that please for me, this 20 pixels or may make it two into one. All right. And then some elements. Quite the nearer to the edge. So we're gonna move them, all right? That seems Ah, find me. So it's about time, too, And it takes your on our insane, Like what we have right here we're going to start with from, uh, we're gonna start from the dust text. Your and you can use any takes here that you want. Probably that, uh uh, you download it from the other sides. You can use that. There's no, uh, the wrong from this one. You can use any textures PNG or ah, vector or any file type that that you want. But, ah, I uploaded a design. The sources fight so you can get used to seem finds that I use for this project. I'm gonna click right here. And then do I get to my canvas? It's like that. This a PNG file, all right. And if it's too strong for you, you can, nor down your pass ity. So it's not not quite strong. At least about 50% or 40 for little 50 seems fine with me. And then we're gonna I upload another one another take store. It's added to our insane. This one should be on top of everything as well as if that's text your the texture should be Multiply Bossidy about this, you know, you decide which one you like. It's 40 to 50 for me. Things fine with me. And then, um let's drop another text. Your and this one to make it Really no hold. We're gonna set toe soft light and then opacity No one down there. Capacity amid. All right, so that's it, guys. As you can see, it's very simple too. Great. A retro poster from a simple image. Ask me again. See, uh, we saw from the example image that we had and the the city guys and we can see the thanks. Yours except you. If you want to lower down some areas for me, this one seems okay. I guess knee the red one seems to me so strong for me. Also, that thanks tour. Um, I think we can rotate the text. You're sort of the layer takes tour, controls the sequencing. There's too much dust on the top part so we can rotate that. So the best part, you go on the down part all right, Just like that. And the city this hour, Um, I throw takes your on it through poster, and I let me bring up my working area. And this look at our design seems perfect with me. And before we finish this video, I forgot to add the grain texture. And actually, you can I stuff right here on this? This one And you can add a text. You're You don't have to put this one, I guess. Let's create a new layer. Fill it with gray color about that angry, and then you can feel the corner of that new there by pressing your and then delete and then go to filter filter gallery and then on the text you're click on green. It's up to you. How much intensity that you want to apply? Uh, well, at a 100% of intensity and contrast with 100% in large green type. Click on OK, you think that and then you can see you can see anything so we can play with the blending modes and some want to play, click on a pass iti and then reduce that do have toe about, You know, at least 23% Seems cool with me, right? About doing the 1% and you can add the, uh now you green ethic on your image. All right, so the song for this video and see you in another one. So you know the sort for this video, and I hope to see some of your designs. If you have any designs or questions, it's a posted in the discussion of class. And if you have any questions, I'm gonna answer it within 24 hours. Or if you post any questions about the the project or if you want this file, I'm gonna send it to you. Yes, I'm gonna upload it on the example on the discussion. So the soil and see you in another video. 6. Ice cream vector Tutorial: Hello. And welcome back in this bonus video, we're going toe design a, uh, ice cream again. Now, this time it's ah, illustration. Right. And last times there's an image. So in this video, we're going to create a administration using the le brush and the other basic tools, like a circle or a leap stool and then being told for some other stuff that complicated. But the major thing that we can use right here is the blood brush, right? And if you haven't used the brush is very, very useful. If you are using Adobe Illustrator for your designs are great teams. And I'm gonna show you how easy to create this kind of demonstration. Like this ice cream. You see Niebla brush. OK, so let's start. I'm gonna create a design on this art bird. Make sure I'm on that art board right there. Okay. Now, if you Antal follow along with me, the strawberry going over is F seventh e A B f the chocolate ice cream. It's, um, three C two for 151 to follow along and then from the cone, it's a C 14 f 27 All right, now and it's Ah, doing so we're gonna pay for us. The, uh Now, let's start with the chocolate. Yeah, I know. No, it's driving the Cohn. Get the start. Will now. When? Your first time. I used a startle. You will have a star. Right now. I see nothing. There are five for five corners, and then we want to reduce that. Press your cable dato down. Hey, Daniel, your shifty became trying in, and then I don't want the other points. So I'm gonna delete that, using the little more pointedly, yes. Click on this point that I don't want toe and then get the slimmer and longer. It's like that on the machete What they did and they have a cone. Seems moving for me. All right, thing that's Ah, finding me and I right now. Still, uh, me. But it all right now a distinction. That color that is going cooler seems great. So much for me Made darker. All right. It's 84 01 f. Okay. And then and it's Ah, start getting our chocolate ice cream. So yes, to get our an external, get a circle holding your shift key to making a constraining Perfect circle saying that it's either of the corner. I say, let me put it right there. Make it a meager on the ice cream on the going. I mean, And then it's to get our that EC selection tool. Click on this point on the bottom point. Pick that and then click and the drug up. You think that All right, now we are going. I mean, the high school, but I like it. I keep on saying gone. It's an ice cream, all right? And then make sure selected get our grub brush tool. And here and then I know we have a small brush size we can make that bigger. May clicking on the those, uh, rabbits were rabbit. All right. And what I'm going to do is I'm gonna create that kind off dripping epic. As you can see, it's a dripping effect right there, and we don't have to do it like manually using mental again. Just use it by using the lab brush tool. All right. And then I'm gonna draw something, that niece, and it's like that. All right. And second seed say one object only. You know, that's the beauty off the blob. brush, you can create them. Ah, complicated stuff using just, you know, just brush, right? And if you want someone dripping effect the small one yet or ah, brush again. This time we get a smaller rushed ice. Me a saw? It's Ah, It's a, um, open square brother to make the size smother. Yes, pressing that and then get the drawing, you know? Okay. And then let's do it again for our star Barragan. We can actually you know, I'm thinking of duplicating that one, but I'm gonna get another one. Get the ellipse, stoner Another city girl. It's like that inside of this trouble color. Get your direct selection. Dole, Click on this bottom point of it up. It's like that and then make sure it's like that. Get their blood brush tool. I'm gonna throw a dripping effect, Andi, Then ah, they don't look like the same but the because they do it from the scratch again. It's better if you spend some time. You know, doing that kind off that it be effect. But you know, like if you spend more time, you know, in doing some stuff like this, you know this corner I met her. Okay, Now, let's add a, uh, highlight and eye shadows. Let's start with the shadows from the strawberry. Now we can use our parental printer is quite simple. I have some stories about you're seeing mental. And if you're not confident that this follow along with me and what I'm going to do, Seo just like right here, right here and then click and drug so you can see that. It's like, you know, elastic. It's like a band or something, I think a robber. And then we're gonna, uh that this anger so I can create another one right here and then and I'm gonna cut again . Or so another one. And then you over up everything on this side exchanged the cooler toe a darker color. I'm disc, uh, going or and data. And then let's select this ship and also this shadow shape. Get our ship builder tool, and then just remove dispersion by holding my alky. It's like that. All right? I told me our shadow. So this one, I'm gonna make it like, um, you can train, multiply ben landing moans and then no down your capacity about maybe about 50% you know, 50 to 60. I think that's enough for me. And then do it again on the chocolate. So get our mental, Let me zoom in so I can see better. And then it's ah, you know, seem corner shape right here. And you someone ah, cover decide. Changed the cooler toe. Change it to brown. Make it darker. All right, And then select is too. Get your shit. Been there doing molding Malki and then click right there so we can remove that. We can see that this shadow hope in our transparency panel make it multiply Party off a lease, but say about, you know, pick 2% for trying for me. I'm gonna bring it back right here on this side and a success. He should be on the backup decides Strawberry. So I'm gonna group this one. It's a strawberry ice cream. Try G. I'm gonna send the friend. Yes, like that. And now we have a nice ice going back there. All right? And then, um what's next, Weaken? Try to do. So were ah highlights. And we can apply highlights on the portion where there's a shadow. So I'm gonna apply to right here using my mental again. You mean great. The white color number don't capacity and may put it here at least 70%. Seems fine with me. All right. And then, for some clean constraint here on top eyes easy. Guess are, uh, from the dick Dungan that you can use a different colors. Let's do it soon. Let me the around the tangle can apply different colors se and Bill. All right. And then I'm gonna so like this and put it right there. Gate. And then what? We are meeting. So, actually, the pattern and pattern is quite simple. Uh, we can do a X simple X. For example, I'm gonna of I'm gonna get my line segment. I'm gonna zoom in on decide nine segment lending my, my, uh, 50. Just like that. I'm gonna add the appearance stroke gonna goto my appearance panel and then had some stroke . At least made me three. I'm gonna change the quarter of that. Something's brown. Right? And then stroke panel. Sure. It's a rounded All right. Every I'm gonna meet longer, all right. And then it's duplicated. Gonna control policy and then control f right now we have some letter extract here. We're going to make it papa pattern by opening our, um, so I just spanning right here. I'm gonna liken drug our swat. Despondent. And it will become a pattern already right here. Okay, so that's our butter. And then, um, I'm gonna select this cone, make it a copy of that, and Rosie control F and then insure the foreground selected. Click on this bother. It's like that. That's our butter. All right. And then let's ah, take a look at our our pattern. And there's say, like, some space, same Don't want that. What we can do if amazingly, even just double click on our pattern. And to Alicia up, uh, on ah, anything mode and selling these two lines, maybe we can add more weight right there so we can remove that. Maybe 3.5, I mean, before yes, for all right. Four points. And when you're done, yes, click on, then it's like that could be removed. Okay. And if you want your, um, button to look like more, uh, smaller and cilic our pattern click on our skeletal And then that said in the uniforms, Should the trust form, objects should not be selected, right? Only transform patterns. Okay. So we can make it our pattern bigger or smaller. All right. And it seems this basically, guys, Yes. Ah, this hour I scream restriction in adobe, you state or all right that you guys are enjoyed this and learn something, you know, I want to see some of your designs. Please post them in the discussion of this class and the soul for this class. See you in another one.