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How to Design an Effective Business Card

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      2 Introduction


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      3 What makes an Effective Business Card


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      4 Project 1


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About This Class

In this class, you are going to learn how to design a business card from scratch in adobe photoshop and illustrator, You're not only going to learn how to design business cards but you will also learn how to structure properly the elements of Business Card to make it an effective one. I will show you step by step on how to create these class projects.

By the end of the class, you'll have the confidence to design your own BCs on photoshop or illustrator. If you haven't designed something like this before, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. I hope you're excited as I am and if you want to improve your designing skills enroll now and let's get started.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. 1 Overview: Hello and thank you for taking on Discuss. My name's Andy Stony. I mean, freelance graphic designer and I post quickly decided classes here on skin shirt. So miss your father Me? By clicking this bottom in this class, you're going to learn now to design a business card from scratch Job 1/4 ship in a straight or you're not only going to learn how to design business cards, but you will also learn how toe instructor properly the elements of business card to make it an effective one, I will show you step by step or now toe great this class projects. By the end of this class, we have the confidence to design your own business cards in Fort Ship or straight or if you have been descend something that before. I'm sure you engage us. What eye opener, Excited as I am, and if you want to improve your designing skills right now and let's get started 2. 2 Introduction: Hello and thank you for enrolling in for this less main aims. Yes, Tony. And for this week's graphic design, unless we're going to design a business card. Well, business card is a very important for a company, Of course, for everybody you know was working for a company. Or if you have a business, you need the business card. Right? And we have a couple of business going to science right here. And later on, I'm gonna show you how I designed this. But before that, we're going a talk about for us what makes a good business garden or an effective business card. And, uh, not everybody can design business card on. They know it's just put a name on it and the seat Or and the other creative designers, You know, this They designed business cards, like deciding something like a portfolio or anything. You know, they forget the basic idea of a business card, and we'll talk everything about that here in this class. So again, thank you for enrolling in. I hope you finishing the glass and let me know what you think in the upcoming videos were going toe learn the most important stuff about the business card. Business card is not just a piece of paper. You know, Mr Scared, it's Ah, it's a very important thing as well in a company or in a business because it represents you or your business or your company. So it should be Well, uh, design and on the information are right there. So make some time. You know, when you design your business card because it's really important. And, uh, like I said, it represents you. All right. So it should be presentable, nice and everything that ah person holding your business card knows everything about you are about their business. I should be right there. You know, we'll talk more about the business card later and discuss is requested by one of my students. Jamie, I thank you. And now you can regress a glass sightless, I guess. You know, posing in one of my classes. I have 70 classes right there. So just, you know, post one there and the and I know I'm gonna see it. I get a new email from skills share about that so you can post anything. You can ask me anything, and I'm gonna actually look for it within 24 hours. All right, so the for this video, I opened on something, and, uh, see you in another one. 3. 3 What makes an Effective Business Card: Hello and welcome. Before we start designing our class project later, I'm gonna show you. I designed this simple class projects for our business card, right? It's no back to less. So let's talk about the what makes a good business card are an effective business card. I have seen a lot of them and somewhere playing simple and somewhere to creative in a way that the most important information on that available I'm not available there. There's nothing wrong with being creative in your business card, but the problem is, sometimes we forget toe include the necessary information. Other designers tend to focus on the great inside of the business card, but there are more significant planters in business card than the designs. At the end of the day, your business card should deliver the real 4% fit. The purpose off a business card. The store to present you, your brand, your company or to provide a contact information about you Nowadays, business card are being revolutionised. Most designer strain toe to be trying to be clever in their designs, and it's like the same first in the purpose later or information either. I can't agree about that We like receiving Katie business cards. Right? But they have to remember the important thing. Important information you need to include in our business card. You may ask, what are the important stuff for the essential information we need for our business card? Actually, there's no specific set of rules off what you should put in your business card, but there are important the important elements we need to make an effective business card. All right, Um, I'm gonna show you for some Great. The, for example, this is a business card. All right. Just may presentation, of course. The important one. The name your name. All right. The name of the card holder should be the biggest fun size in the card. Our ice attracted the biggest element on the design. That's the first thing we want. Our business card viewer, not protease. Our name, the position. If it may differ based on the design, but I think the best one should be a right here on top, left of the guard. The main reason is really from that, right? So it's okay, toe. It's really important if we put the most important one right here on the left leapt up here . And it's obvious not not to put on the below. Maybe something right here. You know, it's not idea. Put it there. Okay. Or maybe here. Right. So you should put your name right here on the top left. They are business card, and we have the jump Titan. Okay, So, so important. If you're working for a big company or corporation, the person holding the person holding our card will have an easy way to contact us because of our job position. You know, maybe you have. Maybe there are other people in the same name like you in the different deposition. So you better put your name. You put your name, Palestinian job, title position in the company. All right. And it was should be right here. I'm not really sure if it's going to work about right here. Right. But I should be about under your name. And, uh, the smaller one size compared to your name should be a not bigger than your name. Okay. And then you have the company logo. My urine ups right here on your company logo. Company logo and name. Here's one element off. Ah, good business card. being left out the name of a company. Some designers usually just. But I know, but a logo on there and forget toe or toe Don't at the company name. You know, um, unless if you have a very popular brand or logo like you know, for example, that Nike, you don't have to put the name Nike under the logo. Yes, I put it right there, and everybody knows. That's Ah, Nike logo. Right. So make sure that you put the company logo in name right here. And, uh, if I look for you, I don't know what to call your office or your business. So you should stay that God regardless. Well, or a company logo, your business or contact information. And they're your logo. Maybe a website about right here on the logo. Right? The you know, frequent W that logo that come your your ah company website right there. And then, Of course, the important one. Very important contact information. Very important. One. A business card is not a business card. Without a contact information. You can include your social media hundreds, but yes, an option right here. You know, under the job title, I'm there for example, have Right right here. You have the, uh, social media handles accounts right there. So, you know me, trying to promote not only the company itself, but your account as well. Your social media handles right there. All right, in the at the bach and see what we have. And here, at the bottom of your logo off your missus card, there should be a grayscale and logo like something like this. And we have Ah, we can add a QR code. And here on the down left side of your business card. Okay, um, as much as possible. And make the bomb the guard less in design so other people can scribble or write any other information about you are the simple reminders or notes, you know, and they want toe, take some notes. I e never receiving business cards. And sometimes I I write something the bulk of the business card. And if you put some in from different designs my theory of the you know bc, designed in the front and then also the back you know, China. I don't over to put me my, uh, me notes. So many signs should be left. He left something I give me the desk, a logo and then pure gold I've here. All right, so this is basically the business card that I usually follow. When in when? I'm tryingto rate May, uh, business card for my clients. I usually follow this, you know, in the knee. Right here. Me? The logo right here is in a contact information. It's up to you how you design you, but just this. Ah, this This urges reminders that, you know, they inform the important information that you need to put in your business cards. And for our examples, I'm gonna show you later how I designed this. Although the design is not the main focus of this tutorial or Lisa sketcher glass. But just about the important are the, uh what makes an effective business card, right? First, we designed this in Adobe Fort shop. Right here. Thank. That's against in the back of the card. Have the scale logo. You are good. And then another one we've seen. We've been designed this in Adobe Illustrator, the one in four shop and the other one in I don't mean the state also, whichever you want to use you can use any foot shop or in the street or so again, These things are the important, that stuff that you need to go, including your business card. All right, so it's not that, you know, difficult. Difficult to remember. But you have to remember those kind of things I'm seeing. I received one time my business card. This a logo in the name like I'm gonna demonstrate. Right? Do, uh, I ain't here. It's like that. And then this name, it's like that, You know, there's no ah, there's no information, actually. And and they know how to contact that person. Yes, a name that gets his name and then I company logo. And I don't know how to contact them. I had toe go to Google and search for their company company. Ah, company names so I can get the contact information. That was a really bad the business card, you know, So you better put on the inside information. So if someone ah, should the contact you immediately, You know, I need someone. Issue Tocantins immediately. Just put right there in your business card on guess. Sony, your logo, your name, my thought. The important information about you All right. So in the upcoming videos were going toe designed this and some insights about outdoor design. Um, some designs in the administrator of For Intended for painting. All right. Also in courtship. Okay, so that's old in this video and see you in the next one. 4. 4 Project 1: hello and welcome in this video, we're going toe design, our first business card or class project. And this is the design that we are going to do the final, essentially something, something like this. This is the front card in the, uh this isn t about design in the back of the business card, but let's go back right here. Now, the idea idea is we have the i. D company. It's called Arconic, and you can go crazy with the design. Or you can go, uh, minimal ease are very simple design. But just to so to show you that even you have a very busy business card, you can put all those, uh, uh, necessary information. They're in your business card for something. Get something like this. Even we have a bargain drop off background off building where the company is located in the Thistle business district. Right here. Some buildings in the background is actually some free image from Piece of May. So I think it's a New York place or building something like that. And then we have this kind of, uh, some polygon backgrounds right there. Polygon lines. Then simple takes on the they face that I used my theories knee. I think it's Merryweather. It's only free they face from Google. So I'm gonna show you in that later and then on the banks gets on a sensitive simple nearly scale the off the logo and then knock your gold so you can scream all it about. You know, when you give your business card, people and people receive it, They and scream one something like, you know, taking down notes, something like that. All right, this is a simple design that we're going to do. I feel free to design yours. All right, um, you can watch this, or you can follow along with me. I'm gonna do it very slowly so you can post the video on and follow along. Okay. So again, this is the design. Your friend in the book Later, after this video over goingto do another one for, Ah, Adobe Illustrator. But first we'll do the design in Adobe 40 shop. So open up your fourth shop and let's do it. Okay. So first goto a new file new right here. You can use any force your version and then the fourth ship, I mean yesterday. Yeah, put shops easy. Okay, so the typical difficult business card is actually three point the changes 0.5, my door in just alright. Nissen idea landscape. We don't have to click on that bird right there. Okay? Yes. Make you It's 3.5 by two. And then since it's for friend, it's so like, let's type 300 for a solution. Are you because or make it seem like a And then background doesn't matter. Just take the white color. All right? And then click on. Okay. And there we have a canvas this hour. Gamba's now we can add, um, a bleeding area beating any eyes. Basically, when the computer cut out, this are the safe areas were, for example, I'm gonna go back right here on our someone design. This is the bleeding area in this area. When the machine cut out right here, all those beyond on your canvas on your document will remove. Okay, so it's better to design. I mean, they accept something like this on my 1st may take on the sign. Okay. You can design access on the other boat. So manual, then you paint your design. You won't see any white space. You know, Don't do something like example. And this is your canvas. Don't create a very except, my dear She, for example, like that. All right, Don't Don't do something that, except on this edge, make it at least excess on that. Make it idea on this bleeding area. All right, so you have to remember, And that's so this. What do you consider right now on my design idea? I have very, uh if you look at the if you look at this the science, it's like, you know, kind of messy. What's actually Ah, this is the proper way to design when you have a design intended for printing and make sure it's ah beyond on your canvas is actually on the bleeding area. All right, so when you bring the design, you won't see any white part on the age off your business card. So that's basically the bleeding area, so make sure it's beyond its OK, It's over on the edge of your canvas. Okay. In vote shop. Ah, weaken at a guide right here. If you If you don't see it, you can go to view, and then rulers or press controls are or command are okay. And then this click and drug on the edge off your gun vests so you can but the guys right there and we can go toe image, canvas, ice right here. Click on relative. I mean, nobody can really relative it will add on both just on the gun vessel. Make sure I'm gonna click on in just yes, I'm familiar with. And then I'm gonna buy 0.1 to 5 right there and then we can and they go under on the additional, Uh, I inch additional space on our canvas. I'm gonna sing like this color, and then just click on, OK, right there. And that's our leading area in that age. All right, so it's just a reminder. That's why we create this kind off our ruler. So we remind ourselves that if we design, we can. So let me get the shape right here. We can make it. Ah, beyond on our canvas. Something like that. Okay. And, ah, just to remind you that and you you mean you have a shape? Yes. Go over on the age. Don't just go exactly. Finish on the, uh, on this ice off your canvas. Make it beyond. And also another tip for type. Just make it another at another guideline. Don't talk close on the edge of your gondolas. Makes them, uh, space. Yes. Like that. All right. So that's how it's very you are going to, ah, design in this space right here. Okay. In that area, that's Ah, Say zone for your design in that area. Okay, So we can start now. Our design. Let's see, once again, our design. Okay, we start from the back. We can use the image right here. Basically what I did right there. And me put it here to create that, we need to make a base first for our image where we're going to clip our image so you can get our square or a triangle tool. At least maybe 1/3 of the gun breath, Something like that. Okay. And then get your, uh, their extraction tool tonight. Here are pressing press letter A and then you can money plate the shape. Yes, Like that. I think he's the other underway nineths. Alright. Okay, Now we need an image for this so we can get an image in picks a 1,000,000,000 and it's right here Yes, Greek on that. And then click on free. Down. You should be At least I think you need. You don't have to be a man member of this site. Much better if you will sign up its frequent completely free. Okay. And, ah, says writer is easy. Okay, Did governments no attribution required? So just click on free download, all right? And then you sit on our foot ship. I'm gonna open it on. Ah, new tab right here. You know, we know. And then yes, click and drug on our god of us. It's actually really quite big. It's okay. You begin this although our out and then click clip inside of the cheap that ah ni rectangle that we created All right, I'm gonna zoom out And while the layer is still selected, I can press control the so I can resize the sheep My no Lima Shefki to constrain the perfect shape. Okay. And then it's up to me how I went toe position it properly. Maybe something like this. All right. If it's still quite big for you, you can adjust the, uh shape, get your that excellent condoning. And then this click on this point put it right here. All right, then they Mir on our God bless everything that then you can edit the inside image. Make sure your click on the image and then that I get this will be our back on for our no go upset here. And then we can just drop a year. He's only going over, get the black owner, and then we can play with the settings or the endings. I mean, in Goa multiplying. But I prefer normal. And then over down the opacity top like this old color should be a clip on this image. So all you're out and then click on the in between these two layers, okay? Something about just like that. All right. Now we are ready to drop our image. Hopes on here. Actually, this eight thinks it's ah Merryweather sense you can use any image are no go that you have on your computer. But I'm gonna blow this in case you want toe follow along with me. I'm gonna say like this and then they'll get here in May, though before ship, like in Reece. I see. I want o holding my shift key to make any quince trainer. Nice shape, because if I don't CNC it's ah, starting getting walked. So all your shifty while reciting your shape, I did make it sender legal on this check document, All right? No, I think it's quite darker. Nice. I guess it z the effect on the business card. My diary begin making this one a little darker. All right, and then that's unjust. Okay, Now, in its continued designing, go back right here. We have a back. Means a background with the block so we can select on this background right here at the bottom part of the layers stuck. Get the shape, throw a big shape for a tangle. Make it called our block. I think it's not the bureau block. I don't remember, but let's try 13 13 13 in hex code taken. OK? And then again, anything I get, I can get the border. Yeah, it's actually something like this. It's ah, zero e zero e zero e. So I'm gonna copy, discolor. So you have the same corner right here, based and right there. Okay, Now those kind off. It's like polygon that you can see at the back. It's actually very simple I used a pen tool for this. We can hide the, um this guy insecure mental. You can click on a border control. And then and then Ah, same colon. And there. So you're going to remove those, then probably you can hide those guides. All right. And then I'm gonna get my pen tool so I can can eat are the same. And you like it pulled a gun, you know, that's okay. You can create anything like this. You can change the color toe, right? It's too much, I guess. A linen. No points. All right, think. Oh, points. And then, if you know, there have been a shame no one down the opacity because it's so strong for us. So we're gonna never down your capacity about Let's say then. 10%. All right? In 19 year on my Yeah, it's the same. Almost this up 10%. All right, then you Of course you can play with this again. I said I'm the changed me position. I'm leaving you. I believe it like that. As for now, All right, you can go even at least maybe 8%. All right. And then I have a liking back Macron right there. A black one on the back of Lisa Polygons. What? I did, I guess. Now, First, let's do the this order each one. All right. Create a rectangle. Yes. Thank that. It's Ah. Get the colder up in the corner. Bigger. And then click on this orange. Nicola is C 538 to 7. We're going. Okay, I'm gonna put it above on these polygons me about right here, and then get my dead ex selection tool Click on these two points so we can money pay them. Also. Knee Don't part right here. Put on bottom points. I'm guessing that. All right. And then get another one. A thinner one about this. It's off 0.21. Sending There's R Reagan defenders 0.18. It's like that And yet again you're that X election, Tony. Let's put it right here. You can use your keyboard arrows. I'm gonna use my keyboard Arrows left drugging to the upside. It's so close. Maybe something they just like, just like that. And then So this, uh, this one's right here? Yeah, I think I'm I'm find me that Okay now me, You're a meetings. I shouldn t takes only I'm gonna use the metal where there, Tex. And the next we have the social media handles now. Yeah, I can see you can actually get it from phone Tossem. When you have to do is get install the front. Awesome. It was like a simple if normal fund. You have doing stone that first, my dear, download it and then install it. You won't have the takes, of course, or the letters. But what you'll have is knee Aiken's, my dear. And I just open this front Awesome that I o slash kitchen. And I'm gonna cynic the find the Facebook icon and right here all I have to do so yes. God be and data I click happy Noto. And on May 4th shop. And then yet your type golden Just click right there and then based controlling V make sure you are using the front Awesome. And here then we will have the Icahn on our document. We can change the golden toe blue as in the quarter off the baseball as we know it, it's ah, duplicate that holder out and then shifty, we're dragging the right side right here and then begin. Yes, anything. It's Streeter's in. The next one is finding Tweeter. This one needs me. Google, plus changing a corner toe. Corrine. All right, so I think it's Ah, let's find me in, say, six for 50 c and then it's ah changed it. Thanks. All right. So this our social media And then finally we have these quantum information. Also, you can get the icons. I think we don't have the house. I go on in the not really sure there's they have Saigon or home. And there's no house or home icon right here. But there's an envelope that you can copy. And also the mobile right here on by, uh, I'm going. So I'm gonna guess. Copy idea. I think it's from the the administrator that I copied. Idea. So, yes, that I get to our canvas, Sofyan, save our time and right there. All right, you can put any address. Yes. This is just a random on dress that I I mean, of course, the email as well. So this makes getting out what you design the simple business card, and then using toe just goto file and then you can save us, or you can Ah, I just mean my dear print. Ah, don't worry. It's not gonna bring it. You can get still like your right ear microscope. Bring toe, Pdf. And there, Seriously, I don't have a print right now, so I can select a pdf and then they get begin a select the the bleeds right here. Breathing marks. Yes. Click. Oh, now corner club marks. And also we can silicon the bleed right here. Begin input the blade number going to want to five in just and then click on. OK, unite here. So I think that's the important ones right here. Okay? And it's gonna it's gonna save it, Speedy if and then just click on Done and right here is our design against the There's a club marks and there isn't gonna cut out. Those are yes, and you won't see any way. Ah, part in the inch of your ah business card we saw, remember, You should design beyond on the h off your canvas. Alright, So remember that, especially if you are are some designer and you are test toe designed for printing. Make sure you always go beyond on the edge off your canvas. So that's all. And I hope you learned something from this tutorial. So see you in the next video 5. 5 Project 2: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going toe design and other business card. But before we proceed to another design, I forget toe show you the button to sign off our first business card and use the back assignments. Please. Just plain simple. You know, I have a longer right here and, uh, and may turn of this one. This is the original logo, you know, on the blending modes, it's actually normal. And then we have they not ground off different shapes. But I included Syrians in those lines. Um, Paula going that we created, I just repeated right here. It's in the mental and the many modus, actually on the overly from the very sudden, Uh, the signs, like a, you know, takes tour on the card and new capacities only 3%. Okay, but I think it's better if we make our logo like a great skin or something like that. And, uh, here it is. It's actually a soft light on the vending mode to have a very, very soft color. And then I added you saturation to make it leg are a great skin, okay. And the gray scale, the U. N. Saturation is on the normal mode. No toe. Get the U. N. Saturation. You can goto just go here, click on the adjustment layer, and then you would see here the U. N Saturation Just quit that. All right, And then the circulation sexually. When you first timeto open that urine saturation, you can have that. Something like this. Yes, drug this circulation to the left side to remember those any corners, you know, go or are in any other design. All right. And that's basically the back design. Some simple lines at the back and for the cure code. I actually have it from a free website. You don't have to buy. I'm gonna pose ailing from free pick that come now, you can use needs us, you know, for our study or some mazing designs. Yes. Get one. And this drug it here on the adobe fort shop. Okay, so this musical eight hour back design and just forgot to mention, but ah, all right, so it's no another saying, and, uh, here we have a making design on their business card. Seriously? Assurances? Kind of messy in the design, but it's OK. Like I said, we need to make our and just field video called or especially the design. Make it at least beyond on the engines. Stop your canvas or you're on your document. Eso you don't have to get ah, like white space right there. What white line on the age of these are, Ah, business line. And then I'm gonna planned a logo in case you want to follow along with Megan. Right here. All right, so let's do it first. Again, Let's goto a fine make new. I'm using CC version of the administrator. So if you was the in, just strap in its type 3.5 or begin use 3.7 defined. That's Ah, this is fine as well. How did this too make it? Ah, landscape. You can use our body one, but I doesn't, Mother, we can add the bleed area 0.1 to 5 and then click on this chain toe. Apply on the bottom, the right and the left. Since it's for ah Brent Celek the same way. And then just click on a trade. And right there, that's our canvas. So you can start from there and for me. I'm gonna just drove right here, so I can see the reference for our business card. I'm going to get me that bottle. It's like this. And then when I over my pointer to my outboard, you can see I can move it right So I can hold my child to duplicate that and then drug on the night side. All right? And then get my move tool again on selection tool again and again. Yes. Ah, Leadsom designs so I can start from scratch again. All right. Okay. So just do it. Now. The first thing that I'm gonna do it right here is the place for my logo. This a nightside area and we can drop another guideline. So we know we can, where we can put our text something like this. So it will guide us Not, uh, like I said in the other video, Don't Ah, close too much on the edge that Zames Mika is a safe zone. I mean, they are design, especially for green design. Make a safe zone. So you start me the this area on the right side can get a rectangle tool and then just at least at least Ah, 1/3 of the size of the business garden about right? Maybe here it's like that. I'm gonna I understand the scholar, and then the Gortari's so 3 to 3 to three. It's like, OK, yes, you want Don't follow along with me And then we can, despite using my direct selection tool. Yes, Toe had some. You know, I stayed for our design. Okay. Basically, it's quite simple design. It's not that complicated. And then for this, Like I use I mental for this better parental engine. And then just follow along with me and close that one again. Get your eyedropper tool. Click on this gray color, the Garda ease for a 49 for a and then this. Ah, bring it to the back. You can go toe object an inch and some options right here. You can see sent the buck. Okay, then you would see the shorties shift control. Ah, up in square about it. All right. Nearness dropping. Adra, The reason I put in this kind of play and little triangle right here? Yes, toe drive our eyes to the takes. All right. Off our business card. Sometimes we do something like that, you know, so we can drive the viewers to the I mean element that we want them to see. All right, so we create those simple, you know, lines to bring them to where they want, We want them to see. All right, So just get our painter again. I'm gonna Oakley it here saying that. And then this one, you think, is the same color with this one, Not object saying the book at me. Just make it bigger. Bigger. All right. And then the other, this one, just the company logos. Will a company called R. Simeon so is dropped that we can use our painful again about the let me minutes, maybe the same. Same height about this. All right? We don't see your ruler. You can go toe view rollers and nationally, so already open. So if you want to hide it, this press control are again. All right, then I'm gonna just click right the year not the right here, here and here, And make it disagree. Color calories for a 49 for a hopes. The Mexican told me in the X direction double click on this point. Make it a straight line. All right. And then you would see there's a another someone trying her there. It's like crapping on this shape. So I'm gonna get I'm gonna zoom in for so I can see properly. Get your pen tool Click on this point among you Think that and then see what the color should be darker Because, uh, I get the the shadow of the back. Yeah. Yes, it's ah, same gold or really gather one bit darker. You're eyedropper tool. And then this click right there, Senator Boswell not object an inch sent about. All right. And then, you know, at the other ship right here does that make sure you close all the path that you're going to make. I'm Jake got object an inch saying toe backward. We don't want to send to Buck because it's going to be back it off this bigger, bigger ship. So one more time. So I know there's a path selected right here, and you don't want to create another path on this one. So hold your control and then click on the canvas while the pent only selected the CNC merely mobile does a selection. Now we can add another point right here and then if no, something like this All right. Ended up together. Now we can send a tow sent back word. Let's see. No one more time again. Nine. There. All right. So we get that the idea. Now we're ready to drop our logo so you can open the handle logo and then yes, copy an idea. Hopes. Not that they're actually right here. The forint. I think it's I don't remember the phone. The typeface Let me recite it first. Weaken luck. The other enemies that we are done with that? Yes, Just about your pacing control toe. I did. So we want able them toe. We want I'm moving them. And then this point is on me changed that. I think it's I think it's later. Something so free fun from Googin with once. Yeah, I think its NATO No one that I use. It's changed the Golden Dwight. All right, I am. But I never mother Mitchell on your night that use it means centeredness. Make sure you say those two and then we got this one horizontal alliance ender to a center on the gun vestments. Okay, but the elements are also a line already, all right? And I shouldn't say it basically for this. I'm gonna copy this one on the information. Since you already know how toe get the Ah, if once from font. Awesome. Right. I'm gonna just drop it right here. And Ah, basically, we're done. Yes, I get another guideline night here so you won't get close to the inch off the canvas. So that's medical eat. And if you are ready toe, send it toe your client, You can it make it this bigger shape. Extend to the canvas or the leading area. Now, when you're ready toe, print this on your produce. Just, uh, go to fine began goto file, save us, and then pdf and era. Okay, I'm gonna save it. Save, and then make sure that you click on the maxim. Did oil printers marks and then use the document bleed settings. All right. And then I think you're ready to go a different. Yes. Make sure that if you want toe preserved anything come abilities. But I don't think so. Yes, And check that the important one is the monks and leads. Make sure you click on the old printers marks and usually ah, bed settings connects Eve. All right. And then you will have it. Have ah, device right there. But you can see we got all the crop marks on the age. All right, so when you print it Ah, you want new ones, see? Of course. The white space on this area off our design. Magoza, it's going toe cut out. So this way we extend our design on the leading area so you won't see any white space or white line. That's the common error in design, especially for print. You know, you would see those white line that you are confused way and you didn't put that white line and then you see right there. So the easy solution for that is make a design extend on the edges or the bleeding area. All right, so that's basically And, um, I hope you learned something from making this business card design, and I want to see something off your design. And like I said, you can go crazy with the design can be creative. Your design, It's as much as possible. Let's follow the ones that we talked about and, uh, put all the necessary information in the proper place. You know, don't hide those name or the information very. Ah, discreet. Or, you know, I mean, you know, don't just put them below the design, and it's not noticeable. It's not the proper way in creating a business card. So the soul and I hope in there something if you have any questions, don't have state toe contact me. That's supposed in the discussion of this word of this class. I mean, and there's a discussion. What? Right there. So you can post any questions, and if you need help, just let me know. All right, So the soul and, uh, you in another dress.