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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Strategic Thinking ?


    • 2.

      What is Strategic Thinking ?


    • 3.

      How to think Strategically ?


    • 4.

      What is Visualization in Strategic Thinking ?


    • 5.

      How to have a backup plan in Strategic Thinkng ?


    • 6.

      What is the importance of Strategic Thinking ?


    • 7.

      How to develop Strategic Mindset ?


    • 8.

      What is Strategic thinking in Business ?


    • 9.

      How to demonstrate Startegic Thinking Skills ?


    • 10.

      How to bring Strategic Thinking Skills in Organizations ?


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About This Class

The class is about learning Strategic Thinking skills which will make you more confident and job-ready. You will learn how to deal with difficult situations, find solutions to complex problems and resolve conflicts by being a Strategic Thinker.

This class is for anyone who wants to be more confident in life by thinking strategically and achieving their goals in life. It is for someone who wants to learn how to face new challenges in life by getting out of their comfort zone.

You being a Strategic Thinker can play a very important role in your organization because you can provide solutions to problems in a more innovative and pragmatic way. You see the future and plan accordingly which will give you an upper edge over others and make you stand out.

No matter whether you are a student, professional, or businessman, there will be situations in life where you need to think strategically and come out with simple yet effective solutions to the most complex problems in society.

All you need is 30-40 minutes of your precious time with complete focus to understand the concept of Strategic Thinking and how developing this one skill can change your entire life.

The course will flow in form of audio-visual slides with graphics and animations which will make your learning a pleasant and memorable experience. 

You should join the course if the answer to any of the questions is “Yes”.

  1. You don’t get new ideas and don’t know how to solve a problem?
  2. Do you feel shy or hide your ideas in public?
  3. Do you feel afraid to take on new challenges in life and want to be always in your comfort zone?
  4. Do you think people don’t take you seriously?
  5. Do you find it difficult to think with a creative mindset?

Meet Your Teacher

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Satish Kumar Sahani

Learn to Earn and Earn to Learn


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1. Introduction to Strategic Thinking ?: Welcome to my course on strategic thinking skills. What? You don't get new ideas and you don't know how to solve a problem. You feel shy. You hide your ideas and public. You feel afraid to take new challenges in life and always wanted to be in your comfort zone. You think people don't take you seriously. You find difficult to think with a creative mindset. Well, if the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have reached the right place with normal excuses. In this course, you're going to learn how to be more strategic. What a decade of experience. I'm going to teach you how to develop yourself as a strategic thinker. This course will make you a better professional, full of confidence and positivity, which will help you to grow in your job. This course is for students, professionals, and learners. In this course you're going to learn the basics how you being a strategic thinker can play a very important role in your organization. Because you can provide solutions to problems in a more innovative and a pragmatic way. You'll see the future challenges. And accordingly, you'll have an upper edge over the others and make this will make you stand out in your organization. Can you pass the test? Let's start learn strategy thinking. It's time to grow in life at a 100% courage and confidence. Let's do this. Let's enroll for this course. 2. What is Strategic Thinking ?: Have you ever taught the way you dig decisions impact the future? Is there a way you can dig decisions taking into consideration the future? Yes. And that is called strategic thinking. It's a way you think to make certain decisions in your life, which will eventually turn out to be successful decisions. Decisions that will help you grow in your career. Decisions that will help you achieve your goals. The organizational goals. Strategic thinking is intentional and rational thinking process. The way you develop strategic thinking is eventually going to help you build a great career. It focuses on your ability to analyze different aspects of decision-making. What are several critical factors that will impact your decision-making? Your critical thinking or strategic thinking will help you influence the long-term success of a business. Team audit individual, for example, if you want to set up a new company, a new startup. The startup is based on a food venture. Now you'll see the future of food industry five to ten years from now growing in that particular segment, you wanted to start a fast food outlet. And this is where your strategic thinking will come into play. What is going to be the future of fast food? How people are going to buy the fast food? Will they come and sit order? They'll order food. How will you deliver? If you receive an online order? What are the problems you might face while opening a startup involving fast food? Now these are the questions which will come in your mind. How you successfully integrate them in formal business plan and open startup or fast food venture. It is called strategic thinking. So you're analyzing all the aspects, you are taking care of all the critical factors. And then you are starting your business. Does careful and deliberate anticipation of threats and vulnerabilities. So if I start a food, a joint, or an outlet, a restaurant, which delivers fast-food. What could be the problems? Will people enjoy having fast food or they will move to healthy snacking? So can I can work my fast food and pharma of healthy snacks. That is more. The people would appeal it more than they'll have the phosphate as a healthy option. This is how you will integrate health aspect taking into consideration in future people might be interested towards eating healthy food. So while you are wanting to open a fast food restaurant, you are also thinking about a degrading fast-food with healthy habits or food items. What this would require, strategic thinking would not be just thinking about pros and cons. It requires research. It requires analytical thinking. You need to get into the figures. You need to analyze the prospective customers. Who are your target audience, what age group of people would be interested in coming to your fast food restaurant? Considering the present trend, how many online orders you will receive an a day? How would you manage demand? Bauer? What all new technologies, innovative ideas you will bring? What if a problem comes while you are operating the restaurant? How will you solve that problem? How would you create a leadership and communication? They don't improve the communication of your team players, of the people who aren't in your team. How will you develop leadership skills in the people who are working for you? How will you delegate? These are the things which enrol strategic thinking. And I hope you got this concept clear because it is important for us to understand what exactly we are going to learn. In this course. We are going to learn a very comprehensive thinking pattern, which involves lot many aspects to make a business venture successful or any ideas successful. 3. How to think Strategically ?: Now the next question is, how to think strategically? Is there to wait? Is there a pattern? Well, there is no well-defined button. It depends upon how you see the future. It depends upon how you analyze what is going to happen before taking any decision or any action. You should imagine. You should have a picture in your mind how things would look like. So taking the example of the food start-up, which is healthy snacks or fast food. Now you're looking into the future prospects you are imagining. You would having a picture in your mind where in your restaurant is open, people are coming in. They're ordering fast food which has not only healthy but also cost-effective. So this is what you are giving to the people. People are enjoying themselves having the food, the taste of the food is unique. You are putting in all the health specific ingredients. So you're imagining you are, you're taking the bigger picture into consideration. Also, many a times you need to gathered all the information, all the data, all the preliminary analysis which has already happened. And it is in the public domain. You need to study the food industry. You need to study the people choices. You need to get up to the mobile applications where you receive orders online. How much in what are the percentage of people who are ordering fast food? You need to gather information. You need to collect data based on which you need to do data analysis, which is again, a different topic altogether. The thing is that you must know all the ins and outs of your business, how the work is going to be done, how much time and resources it will take for the work to be done. You may also prepare a some sort of presentation. You may ask different experts their opinion. You may consult your friends, family, or the people who you consider as the successful people in their own business. So the, basically the idea is to involve people to learn to predict, to see the future, to see the bigger picture, to analyze what are the things which could happen for you to make your business a success? 4. What is Visualization in Strategic Thinking ?: Now, visualization is a very important tool in which you can utilize this method or the stool to do strategic thinking. How does it actually work? They are creating a mental image and you are describing in your own mind, where do you see the object, events, projects in detail? For example, you wanted to become an IPS officer or police officer. Now, you need to prepare. But unless and until you feel you see the picture of yourself walking as an IPS officer, you wouldn't be able to feel the importance of that position. Just imagine, every time you wake up on, every time you think about your preparation, the image of an IPS officer comes in your mind. You are visualizing yourself as walking down the street where people are giving you respect. They are acknowledging you that you are a police officer who was responsible and is doing good work for the people. Now this mental image, this ADA, does this disbelieve that you are already an officer and you are doing good service to the people. Missile create positive energy. This will create lot of positivity in your subconscious mind. And this'll help you to focus more towards your study and clear the competitive examining. Eventually you will get success as well. That is what many successful people who, how it you begging Lave do. They actually visualize themselves? They feel that they have already got into that position. And they experienced the entire, you know, the work process, how actually they work, what DO things will happen with them? They feel that positivity, the field, that energy and your subconscious mind will derive you to work towards achieving your goals. For example, if you just imagine yourself that you are a big businessmen. Now there are a lot of things which will come to your mind working of business you will do how people will purchase, how many business transactions you will do each day, where will you put your money, how much money you are going to make? Everything can be visualized and this power of visualization, the power of creating an image in your mind is immense. It is absolutely unbelievable how much you can achieve, how much a better strategy decisions you can make your strategic thinking and improve. Lot many times if you start to visualize what you believe is going to happen, what you want to achieve, what are your goals? Stock visualization. 5. How to have a backup plan in Strategic Thinkng ?: Now whenever you are doing strategic thinking, you should always have a backup plan. Many times these startups fail. In fact, most of the times these startups fail. 90% of the startups fail because people are so attached to the idea of starting up that they don't take into consideration the negative aspect. They will believe they will find data idea of to be the best idea in the world. And disbelief sometimes dwells into a false belief. In once you actually start doing the business, you start up your startup, then you realize that things are not going the way you wanted it to be or the way you had visualized. Why? Because you had not done proper strategic thinking. You always believe that your idea is best. You didn't look into the other aspects, you didn't test it. You didn't go to the people and took their feedback. And that is why your idea of fatal. So you need to have a backup plan. You need to always think about not only one Starter plan idea, but two or three. And which startup plan is going to fit according to the requirement. The people, and in the present context is going to be determined by the feedback of the people. So sometimes it seems that what we have taught is something which will be always true, but that is not the case every time. This is something which I want you to practice, I want you to follow. That is, whenever you try to open a business or think about something which you wanted to do through critical or to strategic thinking, you should have a backup plan. Also, the past experience, not only of yourself and others, will play a very important role. Now, taken it and taking an example of being an officer, police officer, you want to be a police officer. But there will be many people who would have already appeared for that exam. There could be many successful IPS officers are police officers whom you can meet, you can discuss, you can talk. You can share their experiences of having correct exam. You can study the pattern. You can analyze the situation. You can see what is the success rate of a person of becoming a police officer. Boarded the qualities required. You are considering your past experience of others, you're taking the feedback you are analyzing work could be different problems, but you might face in your journey of becoming a police officer, you physically fit. Are you mentally able to take that much of pressure which you're supposed to do once you become a police officer. So these are the things which you need to analyze. You need to ask questions. You need to have strategic thinking mind, which we'll look into all the aspects. Also, strategic thinking and wolves, logical thinking that is thinking outside the box. Now maybe at times you will have video complex problems. But the solution to those complex problems could be fairly easy. For example, you have a person who is working in your office and he always comes late. It's not once, but every time he comes late. So you asked him one day, what is the reason why you come late every day? The person said that, sir, I have certain problems while traveling. I do not have awaken and because of which, I have to travel through the bus and it takes a lot of time and that's why I get late. I have to drop my daughter as well to school. Now, you have listened to the problem. It's a very simple problem wherein the person is not able to reach office on time because he does not have a vehicle. Now, suddenly an idea prop pops up into your mind wet and you have a byte which is lying out your home, no one is using it. You just offer the bike to him and tell him to get it repaired. Just put the petrol and come to the office. Employees now coming to office every day on time because he has a bike which you have given which was not being used. Right. Or you can arrange a range of transport for your employee. So this is the way you think logically. This is the way you think. You know how to solve the problems. You need to come out with certain out-of-box ideas. Out-of-box thinking. If you just imagine if you would have not come up with this solution, a typical person would say, No, don't drop your daughters. Asked Cornell to drop your daughter to school and you start early home. I want you to be on dialogue begins. Now this might not work because that's gentlemen problem. How would someone else would come and drop his daughter? It's better that you give an out-of-box solution and offer your bike to him so that he can travel in. Saved the time board of your office and for himself as well. You need to think in certain way in which you are utilizing your experience, your knowledge, your intuition, everything combined together and coming out of solutions which are not only realistic, but also save time and money. So this is something which you can do over the period of time. And with practice, patients. Think out-of-box. Just analyze radius though solutions, options which you might have, and then come up with a solution. 6. What is the importance of Strategic Thinking ?: Now what are the skills required for you to develop the habit of strategy thinking? First as having analytical skills, you need to have the ability to think in numbers. If you want to. Let's suppose you want to increase the number of followers on your social media, for example, your Instagram page. Now you need to have your analytical skills together to find out how you can increase the number of followers. So you need to find out a niche. What niche you are catering to? Who are the people who was at your profile? So how can you customize the content as per their requirement? What hashtags you want to change? What is the frequency off your posts? So you analyze that, you go to the data analytic page of Instagram. You'll see the response of a particular Instagram post. You see the other ten to 15 Instagram post, you see which pollsters getting you more engagement, which posts people are liking more. Accordingly, you develop a strategy and you come up with posts which cater to the requirement of people, which make people like your post and certainly the number of followers will increase. So you have used the analytical ability, the data, which is provided by the Instagram tools to analyze and come up with solution to how to increase your followers, right? So strategic thinking skills, one of the most important aspect is having analytical ability to see the problem. In that way. Also, communication skills plays a very important role. No matter which part or aspect of life you want to improve. If you wanted to become a better strategy thinking, thinker, you need to develop good communication skills. The more you are able to communicate your ideas across to people, the more feedback you take, the more talking you do, the more questions you ask, the better strategy decisions you'll be able to take. Also, you need to have great problem-solving skills. You should be able to solve problems. You should be able to find solutions to difficult problems. They are people who are very good at finding problems, but there are very few people who are not at all good at finding solutions. So you should find solution to a problem even before discussing a problem. So that's how you grow as opposed to problem-solving skills plays a very important role in you becoming a strategic thinker. Also your planning and management skills, how you plan things out, how you make a plan. Let's suppose you want to open a business. How have you prepared the business plan? Have you taken to the aspect of water, the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the business which you're going to open, have you blended properly? Do you have the management skills required for you to start a business? Do you know how to, you know all put eight in how to hire people. Do you have the resources available for you to manage the organization, the HRD, the compliance, the operational aspect. So these are the things which you need to develop as a strategic thinker. Also, if I, if I say border, the ways in which you can improve your strategic thinking skills, I would say that you need to develop these skills, which I have just spoken with you. And you need to become better each day. You need to ask these questions to yourself that how can we improve ourselves in the new market? What are the decisions? What are the products which in which we can come up with? What is the direction of growth for each of the products or services, shootout organization or come up with some disruptive or potential new idea or a new business within my organization being able to sustain this growth in the next five years. So do I need to come up with something new? So these are the questions which you need to ask yourself. You need to observe and reflect on whatever things are coming your way. You need to find solutions. You need to come up with new ideas. You cannot be there where you are. Always. The big organizations like Apple, Samsung. These are the companies which the net who regularly come up with new products, new features, they innovate. They do not sit back and relax. If Apple has a product which works this year, they will definitely come up with a better product next year with more improvements. And that is the USP of the brand. Similarly, you need to improve yourself every time you come up with something new, people are going to appreciate it. Also, while you are doing strategy thinking there will be people, there will be opinion, there will be feedback, who will be against your idea, against your view? And that's something which you should welcome. You should consider opposing ideas. You should welcome people who have different points of view. Now this'll give you a constructive feedback. This will help you to analyse the things which you should do. As I gave you the example and the last video, wherein you have started a startup believing that your idea is the best and eventually it fails. Why? Because you did not consider the opinion of others. You did not take the feedback of people. You need to train yourself in a way wherein you are looking into all the aspects comprehensively, you are developing skills. You are looking at the feedback you are considering opposing opinions. You are having a positive frame of mind annual toward involving data and analytics to come into, to come to a conclusion or a solution. 7. How to develop Strategic Mindset ?: Now how do you create a strategic mindset? How you make yourself comfortable with strategy thinking? How do you change the way you think and think in a strategic manner? Well, the first and the most important aspect is self-exploration. You need to ask yourself questions. What are the things? What are the skills required for you to become a strategic thinker? You need to ask questions to yourself. You need to train yourself in the skills which you lack. You need to find answers to all the questions. You need to get to the new opportunities. You need to find new emerging challenges. You need to plan for the future. This is how you will start developing a strategic mindset. You may not be as good as a strategic thinker at this point of time. Because you have never worked in a project or in a big organization wherein you have worked on different assignments. But you can't develop that mindset by working on yourself, by asking questions. Just ask question to yourself. What are the skills required for me to become a critical thinker? What I need to be a good decision-maker. I need to have good analytical skills. I can do a data science course. I need to have good problem-solving approach. Well, I can join a course and I can learn problem-solving. I need to be good in taking decisions based on feedback and opinion. What let me study how the customers behave. Let me do a customer service scores. This is how you're improving on your skill set. Then you realize that there are other things which you need to change. Your mindset changes. That is, you look at the world with a broader mindset. You consider everything that can happen to a business idea. The positives, the negatives. What if this happens? What will I do? You're always, constantly thinking about all the possibilities that might happen. And you're trying to find solutions. You're putting things on paper. You are asking more questions. You are consulting people, you're taking feedback and opinion of others. You are in a consultative process. You are improving yourself. You are changing your mindset. The people who want to become good at strategic thinking, they are always learning from their own experiences. From the books. There are great books which makes use strategic thinker. They work within their network. They create a network of good people. They learn from the experiences of others. They watch presentation videos and talk to the people who are juniors or seniors to them. They're always seek advice from the others. Now that's something which will always give you an edge. If you want to become a strategic thinker, no matter how big or good ideas, better to take opinion and advice from others. Because that will make your idea better, great. You should always welcome feedback and advice from others. And you should incorporate the ideas, the concepts to criticisms which you received wherever relevant. Now, this will make your plan and strategies more effective. To develop a mindset of strategic thinking, you need to welcome new ideas. You need to carefully consider innovative solutions. We're gonna need to find unique ideas. You should be prepared for both success and failure. You should be open to, to, to all the possibilities. What are the business will prosper or it might fail as well. So you need to be very unique to be, as I said, you need to have a backup plan that has always that should always be there with you. Being productive, being proactive. You are prepared for the future. You'll need to respond actively. You need to add additional sources of information. You need to be prepared in case things don't work out the way you want them to work. Also, you need to consider the counterarguments deed, the other people opinion. You need to appreciate that the opposing ideas explore alternative arguments as well. Also, you need to constantly optimize yourself, your skills, your, your ability to work in a team, the research, develop ideas, collect data, keep up to date with news and trends, whatever is happening in the world, because most of the new ideas come from the new developments which is bad in the global market or the government level. If I talk about some of these strategies where you can improve your strategic thinking skills while you need to set aside some time and reflect on the plants which you have for the future. You need to identify the risk, the trend, anteater mind how you are using the resources available to achieve success. The second is to uncover your own thinking, your own belief, and challenge it in from a different perspective. Also, you need to listen to people who are expert in their field, add whatever area you want to start your business. You also need to ask good questions to uncover all the possibilities which might happen in the future. Also, you need to consider all the consequences at the same time, if things don't go well, as per your plan. 8. What is Strategic thinking in Business ?: Why is strategic thinking important? Why do we bother about thinking strategically? Why can't we think in a simple manner? What we all know that we live in a world which has globalized, had the same time. The competition is increasing everyday. If you want to survive as an industry, as opposed, you need to have the strategic thinking mindset. The competitive landscape can change for any organization as quickly as possible. If you're not innovating, if you're not doing something new every day, you will become obsolete and slowly, you'll become history. She must have seen the examples of companies who were really good. Nokia, Motorola. At some point of time they were the market leaders. But because they did not innovate, they did not come up with new innovations, new ideas. These companies are not even remembered now. That's why to have a strategic mindset and to have the habit of thinking strategically is required. There are certain nutrients which emerged quickly and you need to adapt to these new trends. You need to learn new skills. You need to incorporate the strategic thinking into everyday activities, whether it's your work or your life routine. You need to think, anticipate, forecast on opportunities. Today in the world of internet, which is absolutely free, you get immense opportunities to interact with any person in this world. He may be sitting at the caught in the remotest corner of the world, but still you can reach out to him through the medium of internet. It is such a wonderful scope and an opportunity. Strategic thinking is important in leaders, especially for the people who want to do something on their own. They want to set up a new company. They want to build up a startup. They need to have strategy thinking in their leadership. You need to have the qualities of a strategic thinking within you. Now, mostly once you have a strategic mindset, you need to analyze the business opportunities and its vulnerabilities. Just imagine you are thinking in a simple manner. Would you be able to estimate, forecast, and see what are the future business opportunities and vulnerabilities. Today, blockchain technology, Internet of Things, cryptocurrencies. These have been talked. Most of the people ignore it. Many of the people are moving towards it and they are already into it. Now, this is going to be the future. Having a strategic mindset helps you to adapt yourself to the new technology. You want to take that risk. You want to explore the idea. You want to see what is the opportunity, what is the scope for you as opposed to the likelihood that the tactics or the technology may be effective or not as secondary, but your interest, your participation, your wheel thinking towards new technology really matters. And this is why strategy thinking plays a fairly very important role. It gives you the relevant information about the problems that clearly defines the problem from the strategy point of view. Also, you can brainstorm possible ideas you can imagine AT challenges which might come in the future. You can also delegate assignments of various parts of the strategy to key associates of your team so that they can work upon it. It's not that you have to think about everything that was your way. You can hire leaders, you can hire competitors, are people who are specialized or explored in that domain. For example, if I wanted to set up a company and if I don't know the corporate laws, I'll hire a corporate lawyer who were doing all the things for me. He will think strategically from my point of view to set a bad company. So it's not about doing all the work together, but to strategically deploy the work which is required to be done in the organization. The balancing between consistency, flexibility will make your team take decisions which are well-informed based on research. Achieving the objectives through prioritization on making effective decisions by building consensus wherever necessity. 9. How to demonstrate Startegic Thinking Skills ?: Now how do you demonstrate your strategic thinking skills? What are the ways in which you can express your strategic thinking ability? Well, you can synthesize any type of broad information into quality data, which is helpful to come to a conclusion. You can be a salesperson, a marketer, an expert who works on projects, having different types of roles and responsibilities. Your ability to demonstrate the knowledge which you have gained over a period of time. Your ability to, in fact, better decision will give you the opportunity for growth in your career through promotions. If you want to prove and improve your strategic thinking skills, you need to observe and seek new trends. As I said, the world is moving forward, innovating high pace in order to catch the speed at which the world is moving unique to observe and seek the trends. You need to follow the trends you need to know about the new things which are happening in the financial economy and political domain. You need to keep yourself updated. As an intellectual person, you need to be proactive while connecting with new people, building a network of people and organizations where you can work. You need to have all the information which is unique, new from the perspective of a thinker, a critical or a strategic thinker. You need to make it as a routine exercise that you are finding what is happening on day-to-day basis in the society. With these questions in mind, you need to come up with certain ideas, certain objectives. Strategic thinkers also know how to speak the language of being a strategic thinker. They prioritize and sequence their thought. They structure their verbal and written communication in a way that helps their audience. They also challenge the status quo and lead the people talk about what is happening in their domain. If you really want to improve on your strategic thinking skills, you need to make time for thinking. I would want every one of you to wake up in the morning or before going to sleep gives some time to yourself. Just to think about what could be done in the future, how you can make your life better. What are the skills you can learn? How strategically you can improve your entire life and the people who are dependent on you. 10. How to bring Strategic Thinking Skills in Organizations ? : Now will you company value if you artist strategic thinker and you give suggestions and ways in which the company can improve its process, can find creative solutions to the business challenges. I'm sure once you start doing it, you would become the best employee for the company. The companies are eagerly looking for people who can come up with innovative solutions to the existing problems in the organization. If I'm the boss off a company and if my employee comes to me and tells me, this is how we can increase the profitability over the next three months if you make certain changes. And this is how it will impact on long-term profits. I would be really interested to know how it is going to happen. And this is strategy thinking. Your strategic thinking is going to be valued not only bought by the organization, but also by the people who work around you. You need to utilize them. You need to utilize your strategic thinking skills and make yourself an invaluable part of the organization in which you're working. Now there's some signs that you are a strategic thinker. You're not able to identify whether you have visibility to think strategically. Well, let me give you a summer off. The ways are some of the signs. If you have it with you, you can say that yes, I am a strategic thinker. While you spend some diamond self-report reflection, you asked lots of questions. You do not get into distractions. You have goals in your life. You are a decisive person. You welcome feedback. You enjoy helping others and you plan long-term career goals. And you also find out the ways in which you are going to achieve them. This is how it shows that you are the strategic thinker. How to develop strategic thinking skills. Whilst you need to pause and reflect, yearning to discuss ideas with people. Also, you can change the style of your thinking depending upon situations, you need to encourage others to think strategically. Gain experience in ideas from the people, from their learnings, make decisions about what to do next. Strategic thinking is all about being self-aware, reflective, and intuitive about your thinking. If I have to give another definition of strategy thinking and simple, easy word, it is basically long-term planning for the future. Now strategy thinkers have a holistic view of the organization ecosystem. The anticipate major changes in the marketplace. They also identify emerging opportunities. They also know how to work with resource limitations and also will take tough calls that make tough decisions to reach goals. They will create an inspired people to work towards version of what is possible. They will never stand still. They are constantly moving their team towards achieving the goals. Strategic thinker, a strategy. Thinking process involves continuous improvement. Continuous thinking about the future, how things can be improved. Howard limited resources can be utilized to achieve the desired goals. You must have seen. I'll give you a very good example of the fundamental analyst. The people who manage big fund houses of mutual funds or stocks. Now, what do these people do? They analyze the predict. They see the growth pattern of the company. They see the fundamental ratios. They check the profit, the PE ratio. How much debt the company owes, what is the ownership? How much equity is there in the company? Based on this, they formed their own assumptions. They think strategy to whether this company is going to grow into future years, 20 years down the line. If I put my money or if my client push money, they store, order. This mutual fund wasting money rule. This is strategy. Thinking. They will look into all the aspects and will suggest you to execute, take action on their views on what they have found out as an opportunity. New problem opportunities will always help you to become a true strategic leader. With focus, you can grow in the organization, even if it is changing at a very fast-paced environment, the situations, you will be able to come up and make your own name. As a strategic thinker, you need to come up with solutions which are simple. The highlight problem and this soul read in a very simple manner. You are a solution oriented person. You are not uncertain and ambiguous. You make everything clear and have a clear approach towards slave.