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Productivity: Learn How to Focus Intensively & Maximize your Time

teacher avatar Filipa Canelas, Content Strategist & Content Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Achieve your goals by Focusing!


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      One thing, please...


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      No more Distractions... ever!


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      Practice ;)


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      Focus... on what?


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About This Class

In a world that’s constantly trying to grab our attention, being able to stay focused on one single task is a very valuable skill, and it might be that one skill that will differentiate you!

The problem with answering that message, picking up the phone or dealing with a quick issue, lies in the loss of effectiveness, productivity and results! Every single time you’re interrupted, you’re making it more difficult for you to complete a task. 

This loss of productivity and time caused by a lack of focus is not easy to measure. We’re so used to checking our phones and refreshing our emails, that it seems normal to interrupt a task to do any other random thing.

Every time you stop working on a project to complete a meaningless task, you’re stealing from your productivity, creativity, and greatness. Great ideas, projects, and businesses are born when people are so immersed that they forget they are actually working.

I challenge you to think about how you’ve been working recently. If you’ve been noticing lack of focus, chances are you’re also wasting your time along the way. And so, what it could take 30 minutes to finish, is taking you way more than that!

But lack of focus doesn’t only mean checking your phone while working. It also means replacing important and meaningful projects with easier tasks.

So, in this class, I will also be covering how you can focus, primarily, in those activities that will help you to improve and advance your life. Because you might feel productive while checking your email but does checking your email really makes you achieve your goals?

I’ve been experiencing lack of focus since ever, but it was only when I noticed how this was affecting my performance, that I started changing my behavior. I read a few books on the subject and made my research on the topic. Because I wanted to know how I could focus intensively and why it was so important.

I think that putting in practice a few principles that you will learn inside this class will make you achieve better results in less time. You’re not only going to learn how to focus intensively on a single task but also how you can focus on the right task, which requires you to set priorities.

See you inside! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filipa Canelas

Content Strategist & Content Creator



Hi, I'm Filipa Canelas! I'm the founder of Able-Academy, a content strategist and author.

I Empower Businesses & Entrepreneurs to Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy and Leverage their Content for Brand Awareness.

Content is my jam -- I've written 200+ blog posts, 50+ hours of video content, a 150+ page book on time management, and a LOT of social media posts.

I have been featured in Thrive Global by Arianna Huffington, the Authority Magazine & Billion Success. I've reached +40,000 people (just like you!), including professionals from NYSE, Airbus & Hitachi, just through the power of content marketing.

If you're frustrated with your content marketing strategy and are ready to accel... See full profile

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1. Introduction: in the world that's constantly trying to grab our attention, being able to focus in one single task at a time. My beat one of the most valuable skills right now. The problem with answering that message picking up the phone or dealing with a quick issue lies on the loss of productivity, effectiveness and results. Every single time you're interrupted, you are making it more difficult for you to achieve that task. This loss of productivity and time is not easy to measure. We're so used to checking our phones and refreshing our emails that it almost seems normal recall the experience of trying to keep a conversation with a friend or a colleague. While he's constantly answering messages and picking up the phone, you're going to repeat the same things over and over again, which makes you irritated and annoyed. How do you think the conversation will go? Probably much worse than it could be. The same thing applies to you. Every single time you stop working, you stop focusing on the project. Do you know, check your messages to answer a phone to talk to someone. You're interrupting what you were doing and so you are stealing from your creativity, greatness, productivity and focus. Great ideas, businesses. Projects are born when people are totally immersed in what they are doing at the moment and they are not checking other things. I challenge you to think how you've been working recently. If you've been noticing lack of focus, you're probably wasting a lot of time switching from one task to another, and so what it could take you 30 minutes to finish is not taking you one hour or even more . But lack of focus doesn't only mean answering your phone while you are working. It also means replacing important projects with meaningless tasks that don't require much energy and that there are easier to go through. But they should not be your focus. They are not your priorities. So in this class I will also be focusing in which tasks you should be paying attention to, and in those activities that will make you prove in advance in your life career or any other goal that you have. You might feel productive while you check your email and answer to text messages. But do those activities will really move the needle forward in your business in your project in your career been experiencing lack of focus since ever. But it was only when I understood that that lack of focus was making me less productive, that I started applying other principles and routines to my daily life. That really made my focus exponentially better. I read a few books on the subject, and I made my research because I really wanted to understand how my lack of focus was affecting my results in productivity. I'm now able to focus for much longer periods of time, and I always make sure my phone is away from me and I tried to dedicate my time, energy and focus to the activities that will help me to achieve my goals. Nonetheless, I still make a few mistakes, and we have to be okay with accepting our own mistakes because that those are going to happen. But I think that putting a few principles into practice will really help you out to increase exponentially your levels of focus. In this class, you're not only going to learn how to focus properly and intensively, but you are also going to understand how you can dedicate more time, energy and focus to those activities that are really going to help you to move forward. As Tony Robbins said, Where focus goes energy flows If you find yourself constantly distracted, I really think you will benefit from this class. See you inside. 2. Achieve your goals by Focusing! : if we look outside right now, we see what people checking their phones were currently addicted to our phones. It's the reality. But if you look into the lives of those who create the most things, the most meaningful things, they are very conscious of the time they spent online. It doesn't mean they don't have any social media accounts. Most of them actually dio, but they use their phones very consciously. They know exactly when they should be working and when they can be refreshing their instagram feet wasting mornings doing meaningless activities is something that high performance avoid at any costs. And these people, the high performers or the high achievers represent a very small percentage of the population. And they are high achievers because they spend most of their time doing creative work that are really meaningful. That is really meaningful for them. And so they are making progress, and they are being successful, whatever that means for you. And so if we want to belong to that small percentage of high achievers, we have to do exactly what they are doing. You can be sure that one of their most important habits used to stay focused when they should be working or when they are writing. When they are creating something, they are 100% focused on that task. And so if we are creating a business plan, they are creating a business plan. And if they are talking on their phones, they are talking on their phones. They do one thing at a time because they understand the power of focusing. This is exactly what being focused me. It's about being conscious about what I'm doing right now and how I'm putting energy into that activity. And that's important. That's this. It's important to focus on the right things, and so it's about setting intentions and having gold that really excites you and motivate you and then executing on those goals first thing in the morning. Robin Sharma is a personal development author, and he developed this rule called the 1991 and so it consists on. For the next 90 days you are going to dedicate the 1st 90 minutes of your day to one single task and that single task should be that one task that will help you to achieve the most important goal you have. Right now, I can state the importance of this rule because its soul about focusing and focusing on the right thing. Because focusing is about doing the things that will move the needle in our business in our career, your health and relationships, anything in any area of your life. But you should be able to focus on the right things on any of those areas. By applying this rule, you are going to make huge progress not only because you are dedicating 90 minutes of your day every day to that important project or goal, but because you're dedicating the 1st 90 minutes of your day in the 1st 90 minutes of your day usually means you are with more focus, energy, attention, willpower and many other things. The most successful people don't have those many things going on. They are not constantly being pulled or interrupted. They understand the importance of being alone, and so most of them use their mornings to focus on the most important things on their businesses or projects or career. And later they focus their attention on other things that still have to get done. But they are not so important after all. Ideally, we would Onley execute the things that make us feel joy alive, unmotivated. But we both know that we still have to take the trash. So in the real world, we have to make the decision to dedicate most of our time to those activities that will really give us the joy and the pleasure of going through the process of achieving our goals . You can be really smart and have a lot of focus and energy. But if you are focusing on the wrong things, you are not going to make progress every day. If you spend a lot of hours watching TV, you're missing an opportunity to create a better life for yourself. Because if you dedicated those TV hours to learn and use kill, you would probably be much better financially right now. So during this class, you will learn how to focus. But I want you to understand the importance of focusing because that's how you're going to apply these practices. They don't mean anything to you. You focusing doesn't sound really interesting nor important. You're probably not going to apply any of this, so make sure you understand that focusing is a requirement to achieve any of your calls. Make sure you spend your time wisely on activities that will make you grow and progress on your career, because when you're checking in all the time, you're checking out off your real life. And so when you make the conscious decision to focus on the right things, you will not only going to achieve more, but you're also going to feel batter to feel more successful, to feel happier. And there's no greater feeling event that one. In the next video, we're going to be a little bit more practical, which will help you to start focusing once and for all. 3. One thing, please...: Everyone loves the feeling of achieving all of the priority set for today. But if you don't take the time to write those priorities, you are not going to experience the same feeling. When you write down the tasks you want to achieve for the day, it becomes painful toe end the day and see that you didn't accomplish any of those. One of my favorite feelings in the end of the day is to check Mark all the task that I finished in that day, and so when you write all the things you want to get done, you create a necessity to actually get them done. And when you finish those, you feel more motivated and excited to continue working towards your calls every night. I set my intentions for the next day or the things I want to achieve and to fulfill those intentions in priorities. I have to block periods of my time or periods of my day where I have to focus as Gary Keller, the author off the one thing said, You can do two things at once, but you can't focus effectively in two things at once. Having clarity and priorities is essential to focus intensively. If you don't know exactly what you should be focusing on, you can really focus deeply. So the site previously the task. You are going to focus for the next 25 or 45 minutes. Make sure you have everything you need to achieve that task and don't switch from different activities in the same period of time. This means that for a certain period of time, you are not doing anything besides working on the intention you set. I usually focus for 45 minutes in one task, and then I take a break because I deserve it. I try to go for a walk outside when I've completed three or four blocks of focusing time. It helps me to relax and to recharge my batteries, but I have to admit that I'm a little bit lazy with it sometimes. But I'm trying to go more outside right now. But remember, once you have an intention, a mission or an ambitious goal, it's easier to know exactly in which thing you should be focusing on. Everything else that's not part of the plan should be avoided. Or at least it should only be done when the most important things aren't done when you stop what you are doing to browse the Web, you waste your energy and willpower, which makes your brain fatigue. And so when you go back to working, you will feel less motivated with last focused and less energy, which will lead you to this cycle of constantly doing other things that are not your main priority. It's really easy to stop working and jack social media. Those were design to grab our attention and to keep us crawling for the maximum number of hours. And we do seem to like it because every single time we get that new like or we see random things on the Internet, we get that dopamine release in our Brits and dopamine makes us feel rewarded. And, of course, our brains love that. And so it's way easier to click on random pages on the Web than to focus in our work. But we feel much worse later because we know we haven't accomplished what we really wanted Teoh. So please stop browsing so much because you are stealing from your productivity from your focus and you are making your brain more tired and fatigued. to really work on the things that mean the most to you call you ports. One of my favorite authors came up with this equation that illustrates really well the importance of focus so high quality work produced equals two time spent, multiplied by intensity of focus. So, assuming that we keep the time spent working a constant, the quality of our work is 100% dependent on the intensity of focus we put into that task. Of course, this can easily be discussed, but what matters here is the importance that focusing as on the quality of the work we produce when you stop working to answer quickly a message, you are not only wasting the time it took you to write that message, which is usually 10 seconds or 30 seconds. Concept of Cognitive Switching Penalty Referred by Josh Kaufman in his book, The Personal MBA means that every time your brain switches its attention, you are spending energy because your brain has to love the context off another task. And when you go back to the other test, your brain has to load again. The context off that task So when you're constantly switching from one task to another constantly working constantly checking your phone. Your brain is constantly reloading the context of each of those tasks, which waste is a lot of energy and willpower, so make sure you stick to one task at a time. 4. No more Distractions... ever!: do you find yourself scrolling through instagram every five minutes? It might be effective to block that website from your phone or from your computer. Those are great ways to make sure you won't be checking those social media accounts. Or you can even consider deleting all the apse from your phone. By doing this, you are absolutely sure you won't be checking social media during your focusing sessions that are a few APS and browser extensions that allow you to block certain websites from your computer. And you should not fear using them because they exist to help us focus. When I'm writing a block post or a script for a class, I use a nap on my computer called Cools Turkey Writer. You said the amount of time you want to write for or you can set the maximum number of words you have to write, and you can't believe the yap until you achieve the goal you set literally. The only way to stop is to turn off your computer, which takes a lot of time and pretty much no one is willing to do it. And so it's the best way for me to stay 100% focus when I'm writing because I'm not checking Facebook, and I'm not opening all the random YouTube videos. So what about your phone? What can you do to stop checking your phone while you are working for me? I usually do one of these two things. The 1st 1 is I put my phone away. So when I work, I usually put my phone in another room, which guarantees that I'm not going to check it because I'm not going to get up. Just you check instagram Other times I block the use of my phone using an app called Forests. In reality, the yep doesn't allow you to block the use of your phone, but it works extraordinarily well. So you set a time before the amount of time you want to focus on and you plant a seed if you don't leave the yep until the timer goes off, you grow a tree in your garden. But if you leave the app before the focusing session ends, your tree dies. And so you will have, um, dark tree in your garden. This is kind of a game, and the yap doesn't really allow you to block the use of your of your phone, but it works extremely well because I never want to have a battery in my garden. And I think that for more than two years I only have Teoh that trees in my garden. Yes, you can leave your phone in another room, and I do it a lot of times. But sometimes it's also fun to see your tree growing as you keep working without checking social media. Most of the times during my focusing sessions, a lot of things pop up in my mind's to fight the urge to deal with them very quickly. I write them in a piece of paper. This helps me to maintain my focus in to relax my brain because if suddenly, during your focusing session, your mind is selling you, you should be answering that message. You should be doing that. You should be really quickly giving a lock on Instagram. Your mind will trick you to make you feel that you really need to deal with those urgent things very quickly, and it won't even take that much time. So a great way to avoid falling into this trap is to writing all of those things that pop up in your sometimes I am I focusing sessions with zero things on the paper and all the times I have things like answer the text message, check my email, answer that email or even check sales like book sales. Because I'm always buying new books. And sometimes I'm like, Oh, my God, I really need to check that sale of that website or anything. But I write those things down because I don't have to check them right now so I can check them later, and I write them in a piece of paper to kind of relax my brain. A few years ago, if those things were popping up in my mind during my focusing sessions, I would stop what I was doing, and I would just deal with them. But as we know, focusing is not about that. Focusing is just about focusing in one single thing at a time, so right the things that are distracting you in a piece of paper and deal with them later. This is a great way to avoid switching from one task to another, which is something that we are very I used to do, but We know it causes brain fatigue and it makes us more tired and with less energy, so avoid this at all costs. 5. Practice ;) : One thing that made me quite happy was understanding that focusing is a skill and so it can be practiced just like any other skill. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, focusing is a skill that will help you to acquire any other skills. Well, your ability to focus can be improved every single day. For me, this was quite important to understand. I get distracted very easily and I've always fought. There was not much I could do about it. A few years ago, I couldn't focus on anything for more than 10 minutes, and I was also not trying to focus because I was constantly checking my phone since I was really young, that my teachers kept saying that my mistakes during the tests were because my lack of focus, which was true. So since my last year of high school, I think that I started to really focus intensively and to practice that skill every single day because the better your ability to focus is the last time you have to dedicate to achieve some tasks which will literally give you more free time and will help you to achieve better results. And I'm the proof that everyone can increase that ability to focus, but it's necessary to make the effort to focus and to eliminate all the possible distractions. I'm not perfect, but I'm way better than I was before. And for me, the biggest step I took towards increasing my ability to focus was to stop checking my phone and to stop getting up when I felt like I should be doing something else. You might start by focusing for 25 minutes in set a timer with that time, and in the end of it, give yourself a little break. But if you really are in the zone and you are doing the work very intensively, you know kind of skip the break and give yourself a longer break afterwards. Slowly. By using this little time crunches of focusing time during the day, you will be able to increase your ability to focus exponentially, create a competition or a challenge with yourself where you commit to focus for four or five blocks of time every single day. As you get better, increase the number of blocks during the day or increase the time. This is a great way Teoh master the ability of focusing. In the beginning, I set a timer for 25 minutes, but I'm now able to focus for 45 minutes and then I give myself a break. 6. Focus... on what? : Now that you have laser focus, it's important to know in which thing you should actually be focusing on. Randomly scrolling through Twitter with 100% focus might not be the best received for success. It's important to know exactly the most important projects, activities or goals that you really want to achieve. The sighting in which tasks you want to focus on is really important. But why do you really want to do those tasks? Are they in line with your long term goals? Or are those tasks a way of making you feel productive, even though we were not doing conscious effort to make progress in your most important goals? Every time I decide to work without really understanding why I want to achieve those things and complete those tasks, my focusing sessions are much worse when you know exactly which task you are going to execute and why it is important to you. Your brain will work with you and not against you. And after knowing your reasons and the past, he should be working on focus intensively on that one task. You can always deal with the other things that pop pop and concerns later keep her phone away and block distracting websites if necessary. And during your breaks, get up, Go for a walk and do something else. But please don't stay in your share checking social media. Just get up and go to any other place and then come back to continue to work. When you are deciding in which tasks you want to focus on, its really important to have goals, why would you spend your whole day focusing on writing? If your goal is not about writing a book or writing a script for a movie, you have to have a bigger and the bishop's coal. And then, after having that ambitious goal, you should break it down into small, smaller task that you can accomplish every day. I've got a class where I go through the process of creating proper and effective goals and how to actually achieve them. So if you're interested, give it a go. Of course, no one can really dedicate 100% of their time and energy toe on Lee. The most meaningful tasks that are still a lot of things that have to get done that are not really fulfilling, but you shoots that goals and work towards those goals first thing in the morning. After knowing exactly which tasks you have to do, you must block your calendar, block your time, block your planner to achieve those tasks. Being more productive and focused is not about achieving dozens of tasks in one day. It's about having the proper framework to focus on the most important tasks first, and only then thinking of dealing with other things that might pop up, so make sure you have your goal sets and work towards them every single day. 7. Yes? No!: Apparently, this might seem a little bit out of topic, but saying no is one of the most important things you have to do to increase your focus. If you say yes to every shiny object person, activity project or anything else, you will not have time nor energy nor focus to achieve what really is important to you. This is not to say that you should ignore every single person on earth and focus on Lee on yourself. Focusing is not only about being more productive, it's also about creating more meaningful experiences in your life. So when you focus on the right things, you are happier. So please don't say yes to every single project that someone suggests to you, because those projects are probably not the ones that will bring you the most joy and happiness before accepting any requests or a solicitation. Think twice if that's really what you want to be doing, reflect on how it might affect your focus and energy to deal with your priorities. The same yes to that project will increase the quality of your life or, on the contrary, it with all the steal your productivity enjoy. I'm not saying you should say no to everything that appears in your life. But try to Onley commit to those things that you really want to be doing. Saying no is way more difficult than it seems. And it makes me really uncomfortable to say no instant times. I say Yes, because I can't really know how to say no, even though I don't want to say yes, I do it Thankfully, I'm becoming a little bit better when saying no, and I've learned a few techniques with the behavioral investigator Vanessa Edwards. And so I'll be covering some of heart tips. So in your head, your main answer should always be no, and only then you can think about it and receive exactly if you really want to be doing those things or not. So if someone invites you for a meeting or a party, you can say, I will see my schedule, and I will get back to you with an answer. By doing this, you don't have to say no, right in that moment to that person you can just, you know, go home, think a little bit about it and then say yes or no, depending on the things you really want to do. The second tip is don't excuse yourself. When you say no to someone, don't explain why you can to make it. If you do explain the reasons why you will not go, people will argue with you and they will give you other suggestions of how you can actually make it. So let's say you don't want to go to that party that night and you say, Well, I can't really go because I have to wake up early next morning. Don't be surprised if the person offers to take you home earlier, or if someone wants to go out with you to meet you and you say, Well, I can't really go because I have to write an essay Don't be surprised if the person says, Come on, bring your computer and we can even work together. Just say I can't make it And I'm sorry and don't offer an explanation. And I know this is hard there than it seems, and sometimes I find myself pretty much telling my whole life story to that person to explain why I can't make it or why I really don't want to go. It is still something I really have to work on, but I know I'm a little bit better than I waas. What we can do, instead of offering an explanation, is offering an alternative that is better for us. If you really don't want to go to the party, invite the person to meet for lunch next week or invite them to go shopping and buy offering an alternative. You're making sure that the person is not hurt but don't offer any alternatives. If you really don't want to do anything with that person. We all have some people who are kind of toxic and we don't want to be with. But sometimes we say yes, even though we don't want to go so in those cases don't offer any alternative. So I'm with you in this journey of trying to become a little bit better at say no to all of those requests that we really don't want to be doing 8. Environment! : I can't state the importance of being in an environment that sustains your high levels of focus. The people who create the most meaningful things pay a huge attention to dear environments because they understand that it plays a huge role in their productivity and success. Working in a place that is disorganized with your phone constantly buzzing the TV on people talking to you is, as you can imagine, the worst place to be a library or a coffee shop are great places that you can visit to focus intensively. Seeing new things and being in a new environment is something that I really find interesting to increase. My focus also, why deliberately live in your house To work into focus? You're making yourself even more committed to really focus while you are working. Picking a location of where you want to focus on is very important, but sometimes you can't really have the luxury to change the location where you work. So if you can't really change your location, make sure you keep at police. Everything really organized and tell people that are working around you to not interrupt you. That's really, really important. The only reason why I like to switch locations now. When then is because I see an immediate increase in my focus on that day. But if you can only play with one location, that's okay. Make sure you get everything ready in your main location. With the things you will need. Make sure you separate your working location. You're studying location or riding location from the location where you have your leisure time. You might not have space, the flexibility or the budget to have one room dedicated to working in another room, dedicating to leisure. But you can still make a split mentally in a room, so my desk is a sacred place for working and studying. The other parts of my room are more dedicated to watch YouTube videos and do other random things. And also, please don't work in your back, so keep your desk organized. Keep on Lee the things that you really need. Put your phone in another room that's really important in focus intensively on that space. If you can't change location now and then make sure you do it because it's actually really exciting to work in a new environment, and I really enjoy doing it 9. Facebook Group: Hi. Just a quick video to tell that I recently created a Facebook group that you can now join to be part of a community of people who are interested in personal development in constant growth. See you there. 10. Conclusion: There are times when the last thing I want to do is to focus. Why? Because focus requires more effort than not focusing at all. Sometimes I would rather be checking Instagram while working to make it a little bit less difficult for me. But I just know that's not the way I'll be making progress, and that will be producing rates work. You eventually might get the task done, but through that process you wasted a lot of energy focused attention and will power. But remember, once you get in that focusing states, you will be able to achieve much more in a shorter period of time. So don't they neglect the power of focusing? I've struggled with this for a long, long time, but I've managed to learn and apply a few principles into my daily life that completely changed the way I work. Right now, I'm very, very far from achieving perfect focus. I still make a lot of mistakes, do my lack of focus, but I know I'm improving every day. But I also know that focusing and building this skill of focusing really helped me out. The results can easily be seen in the smaller number of hours I have to put into finishing anything because the more focus I put into something, the more effective I will be and the greater the results will be. This is great, because since I started eliminating distractions, keeping my environment clean and you know, empty of any noise and things like that, my productivity in my focused sky rocket and I also start having much more free time. So why highly recorded you to think and evaluate how your levels of focus have been for the past couple of months? Chances are high that you are below the level you could be. And so, by applying some of these techniques that I talked during this class, I'm pretty sure that you will be able to focus much more and achieve better results in the shortest amount of time. And never forget to spend some time rewarding yourself for all the incredible things you've been doing in achieving because you deserve it. And don't forget to recharge your batteries now and then and to rest, because it's really important to focus that you have a good night of sleep and a good schedule. Thank you very much for watching this class. If you're interested in learning new skills, make sure you check my course on how to learn any skill quickly and effectively again. Thank you very much for being a part of something that I really enjoy doing. I would love to hear your feedback. Tell me how these techniques will improve your life and how we're going to start applying them today. I hope to see you in other classes with more focused than ever. Thank you.