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Morning Ritual: How to Create a Morning Routine

teacher avatar Filipa Canelas, Content Strategist & Content Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      The Night Before


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      10 Different Ideas


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      Cold Water Shower


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      Gratitude Practise


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      Set Intentions


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      Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs


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      Facebook Group


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About This Class

Learn how you can create your own morning ritual to increase your productivity and become a successful entrepreneur!

I’m giving a step-by-step plan so you will be able to follow and create your morning ritual in less than 30 minutes.

You’ll love your mornings so much that you will experience a feeling of excitement to start a new day!

Most successful entrepreneurs have a specific morning ritual, that sets their mind to success. Their routine, is the key to everything they accomplished in the past!

A morning ritual will make you more productive and energised during all day! It will also boost your creativity and new ideas and projects will come right away! Which will make you an entrepreneur much easily!

If you want to become a much more productive person and focus your energy in your work or business, having a morning routine is essential.

In this course, I'm sharing all the steps you should follow if you want your mornings to become the best part of your day, by doing and creating more!

Instead of saying that mornings is when you feel more tired, you will actually feel excited about them! Why? Because you have a morning ritual that should excite you!

You're including in your mornings a relaxation time, the acquirement of knowledge, getting energy, and much more! 

Wouldn't you love to have a specific time to have great ideas and to be more productive? Morning rituals are the answer!

Here's what you will learn:

-How you can create your own morning ritual, just like the most successful entrepreneurs in this planet;

-Master the creation of the perfect morning routine for you;

-Wake up energized, productive and excited to start a new day;

-Feel more creative and motivated to start a new project or improve a business that you already have.

If you aren’t an entrepreneur, a morning ritual will give you the boost and energy that you need to work on that brilliant idea that you have! It will make you really excited to start something that you’ve been delaying for a long time now!

If you are already an entrepreneur working in your own business, idea or project, creating a morning routine will increase your results exponentially!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filipa Canelas

Content Strategist & Content Creator



Hi, I'm Filipa Canelas! I'm the founder of Able-Academy, a content strategist and author.

I Empower Businesses & Entrepreneurs to Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy and Leverage their Content for Brand Awareness.

Content is my jam -- I've written 200+ blog posts, 50+ hours of video content, a 150+ page book on time management, and a LOT of social media posts.

I have been featured in Thrive Global by Arianna Huffington, the Authority Magazine & Billion Success. I've reached +40,000 people (just like you!), including professionals from NYSE, Airbus & Hitachi, just through the power of content marketing.

If you're frustrated with your content marketing strategy and are ready to accel... See full profile

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1. Introduction: morning rituals have become a huge thing in the last decade, and it's because they can really impact your own life. But designing the morning ritual can be a very challenging task. Because of all the information that is out there in this class, I'm going to provide you the best activities that you should include in your own morning ritual. I've tried all the activities that I'm going to suggest here, so I can reassure you that they are really impactful in your own life. As an important note, you don't have to include all of these activities in your morning ritual. In fact, I have you recommend you to start picking five activities that you can start with. If you really can't do five, then do at least three activities. Feel free to add more. If you want to try to not to make your morning ritual a rush, remember that there's no right or wrong. We all have different needs at different times. I've switch it from different activities that I included in my morning ritual in the past, a lot of times because I try to include activities that really feed my needs at the moment so big the activities that bring you the most excitement and joy because the morning ritual it is not supposed to be one more thing in your to do list. At the end of this class, you will have a plan of all the activities you want to start implementing in your morning ritual tomorrow. 2. The Night Before: a successful morning ritual starts the night before, and this is because you should have a good night of sleep If you want to be productive the next day, I'm not going to suggest the number of hours that you should sleep because some people need more other people. We need less. Usually, I need around 7 to 7.5 hours to feel productive in the previous nights. I also make sure I pick the clothes that I want to wear the next day so I can save my willpower for more meaningful activities. According to the research made by the Mr and Tierney, willpower is a key to a more successful life. We can think of willpower like a battery that drains throughout the today. So the more we use it, the less we have and willpower is finite, so we should not use it with useless activities. That is why some entrepreneurs, such as the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, always uses the same T shirt so he doesn't waste his willpower in picking his clothes because I don't want to wear the same clothes every day. I usually make sure to peak what I want to wear the night before. So instead of using my willpower making dumb decisions and make sure I use it to create new habits, for example, the key is to automate some decisions in order to say willpower to other activities such as exercising or meditating. And those are some of the activities that you shoot include in your own ritual and that we will talk later. 3. Exercise: do most successful people on Earth do some type of exercise every single morning? I'm not saying that exercising is a requirement for being successful, but it surely helps. I've been struggling with exercising four years, but thankfully I think I'm back on Trek and I've been exercising for two months now. I do it for 25 minutes, but if you want, we start with five minutes. It's very, very good already because the key is to start building and a habit, and that might take you a little bit of time. I exercise because it makes me in a better mood and also makes me happier. Has still been shot, Bar says. Not exercising is like taking at the present. The amount of time you put into exercising depends on your own fitness goals. In your case, you might want to exercise because you want to become fits. Or maybe the next Arnold Schwarzenegger exercise comes first on my list of activities in this morning ritual, because I truly think it is the best way to feel happier, healthy and in a better mood. All that all they look. If exercise came in drugs, I believe it would be the pill of the century and weakened by that feel by doing exercise every single day. In the book Spark, John Radi talks about how exercise improves your brain. It increases your memory. It reduces anxiety, stress, and it also increases your focus and helps you to gain more willpower. As he said, to keep our brains at peak performance, our bodies need to work hard, and it's very easy to neglect our own physical help because usually we prioritize activities that Onley require our mental capacities. But remember, exercise is the single most powerful tool you have to optimize your brain function exercise as a profound impact on cognitive abilities and mental health. 4. Reading: it is impossible to measure the importance that a single book can have in your own life. Some books might give you insides that will improve for the rest of your life, your career, your relationships, your business or anything else. And it's impossible to measure the R A. Y of that. I'm obsessed with books. In fact, I've always been. I remember that I was a kid and I didn't slept with adults. I would sleep with books, so I reassure you that reading is my favorite activity in the entire works. So I've never struggled with including books in my own morning ritual. In fact, it's the activity that most consistent with, and I can't remember failing a day I really enjoy sitting outside while reading my book and drinking my coffee. It's one of the fate, my favorite things to do. It's almost like meditating, and you already set the tone of your day for success. Nonetheless, I know a lot of people who claim not having time to read, and that's where audiobooks become very, very handy. You can listen to an audiobook while driving, cooking in traffic, exercising anywhere I used audible to get all my audio books because you can get pretty much anything there, and there are no excuses because you can listen to an audiobook while you are doing other type of activities. And there's there are books in any field that you might be interested in. I use good reads to track all the books I read, and I can also find there some reviews in book recommendations. Another way of finding good books to read into including Your Morning ritual is to find recommendations of your favorite people online. So I read a lot of books because if Tim Fairies, James Alta Juries, almost frank and many other people that I really enjoyed and admired. Or you can also ask your friends for book recommendations, which later might bring an interesting conversation to the table because talking about books is very, very good, especially when you when you both read the single. When I find someone who read the same book as I did, I get too excited and the conversation becomes very, very interesting and memorable 5. Meditating: meditation or mindfulness became very hot topics in the last a hit, and the truth is that those activities are very, very important for well being. Especially if you suffer from anxiety by including meditation in your morning ritual, you are already setting a tone for your day, which will later will help you to deal with undesired events. Tim Ferrie says he gets 30 to 50% more done with less stress when he meditates. If you follow some successful entrepreneurs, you already know that meditation is something they probably include in their own rituals, and they find it one of the best ways to deal with stressful events. As then, Harry said, make the present moment your friend rather than your enemy, because many people leave habitually as if the present moment were an obstacle that they need to overcome in order to get the next moment. And imagine leaving your whole life like that where always this moment is never quite right . Not good enough, because you need to get to the next one. This is continuous stress. There are 1000 different ways to practice meditation. If you've never tried it before, start to focusing on your breath for a few minutes when you find your mind wandering, thinking about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow, acknowledge that fact and then bring the attention back to your breath. And this will happens a lot of times it happens to me every day because I just can't keep focusing on my breath for five minutes straight. And don't be hard on yourself. Don't expect that you will be pretty awesome on meditating the first few times that you try it. You can do this. You can focus on your breath for five minutes in the morning, right after waking up or after exercise, and I do it for 30 minutes every single day. I've also meditated. We've have space in 10% happier, which are Epps. That can help you to meditate because they are based on guided meditations. So you put your headphones and you can listen to someone guiding you through the meditation , so I might believe it's the best way to start meditating. Nonetheless, you can practice meditation in any place at any time. Meditating is being aware of what's around you and leaving the present moment. Can you leave the present moment every single second of your day? Probably not, but if at least you can have a few minutes of your day where you focus on your breath and try, and you try to be aware of what's happening, you are already ahead off the game. Set an alarm on your phone so you will not forget to do a meditation practice every single day. Like I told you, you can do this right after waking up, but you can also do it while you are driving or even cooking. And remember, the more you practice meditating, the better you become at it. Just like any other skills, because the ability to focus and focus on the present moment is one of these skills that most people like at this times and that are most important in any activity. Instead of fidgeting or tapping your fingers around your computer boots up, try toe. Watch your breath for a few minutes when driving, turn off the radio and feel your hands on the wheel or when walking between meetings. Leave your phone in your pocket and just notice the sensations over likes moving. You can and shit include a meditation in your ritual because your day will be probably better. If you do it every morning. It might make you 10% happier, and if it does, then it will be worth it. 6. 10 Different Ideas: James all teacher, is an author and broadcaster, Ah, blogger and many other things, and he talks about this concept of becoming an idea machine, which means that you can generate ideas on anything you want to jazz your business ideas for new block posts, ideas and how to make your life better ideas on how to stop being angry all the time. Anything but becoming an idea machine requires practice and committed. So James recommends Ryan. 10 different ideas every day on any topic that you want. Some of the ideas you will generate will be crappy and useless, but that's fine. The more crappy ideas you have, the more better ones you will also generates when you include this practice. In your morning ritual, you fire up your creativity and you start developing your idea muscle. And remember that you can use your creativity in any field of your life. Relationships, business, career, Any project that you have been working on with your kids, you can use creativity anywhere. I might actually risk to say that my life became better when I started using more my creativity, and I started being aware of it. I had ideas first wealth. Second, it's on. Lee worked in that order. I've done this activity in the past for three months straight, and I remember coming up with awesome ideas. I also generated ideas for other people. I remember that I came up with that ideas for my friends project that she was starting at the moment. In fact, generating ideas for other people might create relationships with people that you are very curious to meet, such as your favorite author, blogger or podcaster. Let's say you are the designer and the block often author that you really enjoy isn't very well. You can send them a bunch of ideas of how they can improve their own website and how you would do it and help them. And this might get you in you work project or a new connection with someone that you really enjoy. So the possibilities are limitless. Jim Rohn also talked about the power of coming up with ideas. Your problem is not having money. Your problem is the lack of my idea to make more money. If you don't have the money, come up with ideas to generate money. If you are not happy, come up with ideas to generate happiness. Ideas can realize changing. So make sure you come up with more every single day by including this practice on your own morning reach. 7. Cold Water Shower: taking a cold water shower might be the best way to feel awakened instantly. I took this from Tony Robbins Prime ing routine after waking up. If you take one minute cold shower, your day will be much easier to go through. Exposing yourself to cold temperatures right thing in the morning also makes you more energetic. I would say that from a psychological point of view is also very beneficial because if you survive a cold shower, you can survive anything. Wim Hof is the master of gold temperatures, and he owns Guinness World Records. He has an online course where he ditches a very powerful breathing technique that will ease the process of exposing yourself to Colt. I have not completed his program, but I've tried it for a few weeks, and the breathing technique is very, very powerful, so I highly recommend you to try it. His method conceits on breeding, cold exposure and commitment. You can learn the breathing technique on YouTube and then try to go to a cold shower, and if you enjoy the benefits, you might do it every day. According to research, some of the advantage of exposing yourself to cold temperatures are you feel alert usefully better you have more energy. Also get more willpower, improve your emotional resilience and many other benefits that already proved scientifically. 8. Journaling: journaling is a very impactful activity that you should include in your morning ritual or evening routine. I use my journal to write my thoughts, ideas and answers to some questions. Some books provide very meaningful questions that you should answer in order to feel clarity in a certain topic. So usually I use my journal to write those down. Tim Fairies journals to relieve anxiety and feel more positive about his day. And he does it every single morning by writing three pages with his thoughts. Because I also struggled with anxiety. I used my journal to write all of the things that I'm worried about, and that makes me understand that there's not really much to worry. I usually deconstruct my fears in order to understand why I have them in how we can get through them. Sometimes I even write 10 ideas and how to survive the fear off. Something can use a blank journal, a notebook or anything to start, or you can also pick some specific journals that are that have already a structure that you can follow every morning. You can try five minute journal morning pages or the daily stoic. I actually have the daily Stoic Journal. But I've not started it yet. There's something magical about writing your thoughts, ideas in problems in a journal. It makes everything more clear. And when you include journaling in your own warning ritual, you are giving you clarity to go through the day. When I find myself in a difficult situation, I try to write about it, and when I read what I wrote, I usually can instantly find a solution for my problem and to understand that my problem is not really a big deal. Just my anxiety talking louder While journaling. You might actually find some of your weaknesses, such as blaming others for your own problems or expecting others to change in order to your life become better. But as Jim Rohn said, things get better when you get better. Sometimes I struggled with writing in my journal because it just seems that there's nothing to write it, but it's OK. Don't put too much pressure, and if you need just right, just another day and that's it. But at least try to keep the habit of writing every single day. Also, don't judge what you've written, because the purpose of a Journal is to make you better in not to feel worse. Try to review your journal once a week or once a month. Put that on your calendar and don't skip it by reviewing your journal. You will find your weaknesses in strengths, and you might come up with a plan and how to improve your life. I think sometimes that we forget that we can change what we don't like. We forget that we are the authors of our own lives. We have the power, the opportunity, uh, this strength, the purpose, the joy to change what we don't like in ourselves. So we must come up with plans with new ideas with new routines, in order to improve our lives and to increase our overall happiness. And the journal becomes very, very handy on this desk. You can also use your journal to record your ideas or book notes. But it's very important that you actually write them now because you will forget later. As Jim Rohn said, the simple act of writing an idea makes it more firm in the conscious mind. But don't forget to implement some of the ideas you generated, thought something and commit yourself to that. I've got an idea and I'm going to start working on it tomorrow. It won't take a lot of time and it won't cost a lot of money, and I think it's going to work. 9. Gratitude Practise: we forget how lucky we are, and we usually take things for granted. And that's why it is very important to practice gratitude every single day. If I don't practice, I simply forget all the amazing things that I already got in my life because it changed my mindset from scarcity to abundance. Which means that instead of Onley seeing what I'm lacking, I also feel grateful, and I appreciate what I already have. It doesn't mean that you should forget your goals. Your ambitions are your dreams. It's about conquering and achieving new things, but also being grateful for everything that you already did. As Tony Robbins said, Trade your expectation for appreciation in the world. Change instantly. This is not easy. It requires practice can start this gratitude practice by thinking off 3 to 5 things that you really feel grateful for. You can do this while you are still in bat, or you can actually use your own journal to write those down and be specific, because by detailing the experiences that you feel grateful for, like leaving them again. So instead of saying I'm grateful because I have my mom with me, say I'm grateful because the last time I visited my mom, she kept my favorite cake or instead off. I'm grateful because I've got amazing friends say I'm grateful because of the meaningful in deep conversation I had with my best friend yesterday. When you include a gratitude practice in your morning ritual, you become aware of everything amazing that you have around you. And instead of facing today like one more day, you will actually see it as a new opportunity to have more meaningful experiences that you will later be very grateful for. So a group of people took part in an experiment where they have to think about three things that they were very grateful for every single day in just a couple of weeks, they saw improvements on happiness and depression, so let gratitude feel your soul every morning. 10. Set Intentions: When we don't seek clarity, everything just gets in our way and we end up the day without accomplishing nothing, or we actually do complete our to do list. But none of those things were very meaningful. That is why setting three intentions for today is so important in those three intentions should make you very excited. They should also help you to progress in a personal project or a work related project. A powerful technique that you can do after setting your intentions is to visualize yourself finishing them. Tony Robbins does this every single morning. I never felt the need to do it, but it must be powerful if Johnny Robins does it. One of your intentions could be related to learning through books, online courses or seminars. We should not forget to working now ourselves to as Jim Rome, sad and very well learned toward carded on yourself. Then you do on your job. You can write your three goals or intentions the night before, or you can make it a part of your own morning ritual. It will take you one minute to do it, and it definitely changes the way you approach your own day you will make time for your three priorities because you made them your priorities. Sometimes we neglect our own personal goals to be ready and prompt to help other people achieve. There's We are constantly checking our email to see if someone needs us. We are always online ready to answer another message or to accept another request. But does that really make us progress and succeed? This is not to say that you shouldn't help others. Remember, your top three priorities are more important that anyone else's priority's focus first on achieving your own goals, and then you can help others, too. I like to wake up early so I can have time to my morning ritual and to accomplish at least one goal that I've set. This will give me the momentum to continue working on other things throughout the day, and I can't wear into you that I also have time to help my friends or family. So having priorities will not make you insensible or ego centric. It will make you focus on what matters to you in order to feel inspired and motivated to help others, too. Don't leave your days to randomness. The days I don't set any priorities are the days where I procrastinate the most and where I don't accomplish nothing because it is much easier to accept my brains excuses for just simply lying on my bed, doing nothing in checking social media. But when I actually take the time to write my goals, I make sure that I accomplish them, because if I don't, I feel kind of miserable. Setting three intentions will also make you question your to do list. So do I really need this to this really helps me. Can I yell to wait this kind of outsourced that Is this really necessary, or is it a way of just making me BZ? BZ is trendy now. If you're not always busy, it seems like you're not working enough. But that shouldn't be a way of measuring success. What matters is, are you keeping yourself busy? Were things that really matter 11. Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs : in this lesson, I decided to cover some of the routines off successful entrepreneurs and some habits that they do. The 1st 1 is to eliminate minor decisions. Facebook's owner, Mark Zuckerberg, focus is energy on his most important decisions and completely eliminates a minor decision . Just as Steve Jobs, who were jeans and the same black turtleneck every day. The founder of Facebook, Where's the same daily uniform of jeans and a hoodie? Unless you don't mind to use the same clothes every day, you should plan what clothes you are going to wear today before, just as I told you before, because it will save you tend of time and energy. The next morning, the founder off fuels remedy Shala as an overachieving goal. To be consistent in this casual, basically, he creates a schedule he blends is day, and then he follows it the way he should. This is the same as our morning ritual because we create in plan on morning ritual, and then we follow it. As a result, he lives a lifestyle that allows him to maximize the amount of work he gets done. Talking about morning routines. Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur and investor as a three hour morning routine that gets him ready for the day. You don't need a three hour morning routine, but you should have a least a 30 minutes morning ritual that will help you to get ready for your date. Also, Scott Adams created off Dilbert Design is morning routine to maximize his creativity. So this is why it's so important. Teoh. Create your own morning routine and then test it and see how you can improve your own morning ritual to fit your needs. Executive Kate Cold drinks 24 ounces of water every morning when she wakes up, and this is the same thing you should be doing because drinking water with all other many benefits, it helps you wake up in the morning near I'll average change expert as a morning routine that starts the night before. If you follow the techniques, I did you before, you will have a morning routine that starts the night before to then I've got a compliment , Terry one and it is say no, and I've got three clothes over here from three entrepreneurs and really important people. The 1st 1 is from Warren Buffett. That said the difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful? People say no to almost everything, John Maxwell said. Learned to say no to the good, so you can say yes to the best. And Steve Jobs also said. People think focus means saying yes to the things you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the 100 other good ideas that did art. You have to be carefully. I'm actually as proud of the things we haven't done. As the things high have done. Innovation is saying no to 1000 things. 12. Facebook Group: Hi. Just a quick video to tell that I recently created a Facebook group that you can now join to be part of a community of people who are interested in personal development in constant growth. See you there. 13. Conclusion: implementing a morning ritual is the best way to start your day on a high. If it's a T M and you have already exercise it, read journals and you already know the three top priorities and the things that you are grateful for you already won today who already accomplished things that make you healthy, wiser, aware, grateful and successful when most people only drunk their coffees and complained about how BZ tired and sleepy they are maintaining a morning ritual requires discipline and commitment. But it soon becomes an unfair advantage that you have against 98% of the population. When you arrive at work or college, you will be in a great and mood with more joy happiness in overall satisfaction. I used to hate mornings because I was always in a rush. But once I heard about the benefits of having a morning ritual, I decided to try for myself, and I've never gone back to my old routines. I encourage you to start designing your morning ritual today and implemented tomorrow. Do it for just one day, and you will feel the benefits already, then extended period for one week and see the progress that you will make not only in terms of your goals, but also in terms off your health, positiveness and happiness. If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you will fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much, thank you very much.