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Monochrome Moody Landscape In Watercolor

teacher avatar Sukrutha Jagirdhar, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      BONUS LESSON - A Mini Landscape


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About This Class

Hello Everyone,

Today we will be learning how to paint moody landscapes in a single color..working with monochrome is a lot trickier since its completely depends on the tonal values of a single color..but thats not the only thing thats important..

First we will discuss about the kind of paper we need and why and maintaining certain level of water capacity of brush..and a technique called "FEATHERING" for blending and gradient wash... slowly we'll move on to breaking down of landscape and working on each piece in 3 parts..but not before we discuss a few tips

I also included a bonus lesson of painting a mini similar landscape but with different color..with that we will conclude the lesson for today..

I hope you guys would find this carefully constructed class helpful...Thank you

Meet Your Teacher

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Sukrutha Jagirdhar

Watercolor Artist


Hello Everyone !!

Hello, Everyone

I'm Sukrutha, the artist behind @watercolors_by_sukrutha on instagram..

Paints & Papers have always fascinated me.. I have tried various different mediums over the years but none of them are as better an option as watercolor medium..the magical flow of paint on wet paper, the thrill of unpredictability, the magical soft end results were my final answer..!!!

I always challenge myself to explore and experiment different themes and subjects.. I share my thoughts on failures and successes equally on instagram..its all such an interesting process and my life with watercolors is always an adventure..:)

I teach watercolors privately, on my instagram profile as well as here on skills... See full profile

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hello, everyone. Today I'm going to be teaching you how to paint this beautiful monochrome moody landscapes . Monochrome on Moody are my favorite words in watercolor world. With this will also be talking about a few techniques like blending and why it is important for this landscape building D dealing way. This is Quetta. Welcome to my first class. 2. ART SUPPLIES YOU NEED: amusing. 100% cotton. Three energy use In paper, I'm using a cardboard to place my paper on it. You can use a normal drawing board. This will help us in building technique using them before rush number one. Brush under number six if you want a canoe. Single brush with a good point. Amusing Centralia spines Great today way. 3. TECHNIQUES BEFORE YOU START : so we'll discuss something called feathering technique here, so you're basically creating soft just by blending the pain. Take a good amount of pain. Now wash your brush. 100 more excess water. Make sure your brushes damn just drag to paint a long way. Now we'll see what happens when the brush is dry, not damn forward way so you can see you cannot blend the colors when the brush is dry. - Way . Now we have talked about the brush. I will talk about the paper. 100%. Cotton paper is the most ideal and effortless to create the soft edges. 25% Corton Paperwork's good enough, but you need to work faster on this because the pain just dries faster way So I'm just practicing this techniques again. 4. TIPS BEFORE YOU START: a few tips before you start. Thats work with the wet paper on wet brush. Dry brush technique doesn't walk here way . Way. Now I'm just practicing way. Most of our landscape will be on feathering technique. Make sure you practice before you start your landscape. 5. CLASS PROJECT 1 BACKGROUND: 1st 1 start with those mance kitsch that is background. This is for ground. We'll start with the background. First way paper Use generous amount off water on. Make sure you're not crossing that line. We just do with a pencil. The paint. Do the paper. Tell your part and start adding your pain way. Just keep lending. I'm leaving the lighter Tony. I'm trying to show that light is coming from their way. Theo. Now comes the guest about. It's actually easier than it looks. Just take the damn brush and start spreading the Warner whatever is remaining on the brush , just kind of breast strokes. 6. CLASS PROJECT 2 FOREGROUND: Let's work under for ground now, while the background is still trying. Let's take the damp brush on the ground. We'll start with the league later. No, Make sure not to cross this border again. Just didn't carefully. I'm taking the pain, just hiding it over Lightly way Just adding if you kind of breast strokes way, way So let's start with the late now. So as you can see, we have added particulars. But just and we left the light on in the middle. That means we are indicating the light is coming through. Same will be for loading the lake because its reflection just checking whether it is tried before we start, I think I forgot. Uh, you are some big metal here. That is land, so I'm gonna quickly just started. Then we start with now with this. Oh, please. I'm taking the paint. No, I'm seeing where the doctor don't be And make sure to leave out ages which separates the line and link. Wait. Now the paint on brush This way. Way. Now just blend in public with Dan Brush 7. CLASS PROJECT 3 DETAILS : Sometimes we're starting with the details. Now, If you want, you can add the boat. Are any off the details? But today I'm just adding a few pine trees in the background way, way. So take their damn professional. Just start blending the trees at the bottom so it looks more natural way so you can act a boat over here if you want. But to them not going hard, any birds. But I'll be adding a few details over the lake, so take a white gel pin. If you don't have it, it's OK. Take a number one brush are very small. Brush on a quite pain and just at the white lines. I think we're done here. Small details here and there, but it's completely up to you. All right, we're done. 8. BONUS LESSON - A Mini Landscape: e i e. I thought I'd show you another mini peace with the same steps but different colors. Way using only one brush here. Way, way, - way - way , . So I hope you like this bonus class as well. These are the few colors that I tried, and I'm excited to see what colors you will come up with. 9. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING: Thank you guys for watching my class. I hope you like it way. And if you try this class, please upload your projects on the gallery would love to see them. And if you post on Instagram, please take me there as well. I would love to share your walks on my stories do next time. Bye, guys.