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Misty Forest In Watercolor

teacher avatar Sukrutha Jagirdhar, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Understanding the Perspective


    • 3.

      Sketching and Art Supplies


    • 4.

      Setting up the Background


    • 5.

      Trees in the Background


    • 6.

      Trees in the Foreground


    • 7.

      Branches and Leaves


    • 8.

      Details and Final touches


    • 9.

      Thank you for watching


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About This Class

Hello Everyone,

Today we will be learning how to paint misty forests 

First we will discuss about perspective needed for approaching the forests.... slowly we'll move on to breaking down the landscape into background, foreground and branches and a few details..but not before we discuss a few tips..

with that we will conclude the lesson for today..

I hope you guys would find this carefully constructed class helpful...Thank you

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sukrutha Jagirdhar

Watercolor Artist


Hello Everyone !!

Hello, Everyone

I'm Sukrutha, the artist behind @watercolors_by_sukrutha on instagram..

Paints & Papers have always fascinated me.. I have tried various different mediums over the years but none of them are as better an option as watercolor medium..the magical flow of paint on wet paper, the thrill of unpredictability, the magical soft end results were my final answer..!!!

I always challenge myself to explore and experiment different themes and subjects.. I share my thoughts on failures and successes equally on instagram..its all such an interesting process and my life with watercolors is always an adventure..:)

I teach watercolors privately, on my instagram profile as well as here on skills... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hello guys Him back with another class today we'll be painting a misty morning in a forest with this forest landscape. I'll also be teaching you how to approach this on understanding The Post picked you so that you can paint any forest landscape on your own. And sometimes even without the reference pictures. And I hope you like this new approach to the forest landscapes. This is Secreta and welcome to my second class on scale shirt. 2. Understanding the Perspective : But first we'll start with understanding the perspective of forest landscape. Start with all of days, starting from background and in the ground trees. Placement of trees blending off trees into the ground. Branches on blues, which loses the final sketch to complete the landscape. I hate the background is from darker to lighter shade that means like this coming off from here on the darkness is order. So first I'll show you how to paint the background with the paper. Take a generous amount of pain. Start from the left side of the people in the brush, just tracked the paint and water or to the right side, just like the feathering technique we have discussed in the previous class. - Next we'll start with the ground. I'm using three colors sub green Hello green and find scree. We'll discuss more about the colors in the arts of place section that his next video just drive it. The lighter color that is sap green on the left side. So we have seen in the background. They're down the right side. Light is coming in on the left side. There is a dark Hello. So you need to add the doctor Kyllo, just find them strokes. Find screen Just I on the left side again that I'm them Strokes Lighter color that is sap green on the doctor. Love finds great. We are talking about bus picked A of you. So the trees that are in the background will be in lighter color that is sub green and the trees that are closer to you well being dark. Love that despite screen says much important to blend the trees into the ground, the one without blending. Just look out of place. Draw the tree and take the damn British. I just blended with the ground. Let's start with the leaves and branches are always approach a tree in a triangle manner. You're approaching a branch. Just draw a line on add random dot doesn't have to be perfect, but this will start painting the tree. - I hope you understand how to approach the forest landscapes, and I hope you like this new prospector as well 3. Sketching and Art Supplies : so we'll start with the light sketching first. We'll start with the ground. You don't have to be specific. You just try it lightly on Always strike tone. What parties? No, I'm just, uh, placing the trees. These are the background trees. Like I said, you don't have to be specific. Light drawing is enough. Just mark. Very want to place the trees now with the four trees on the foreground, This'll one right in the last one screenshot and copy destroying before you start. No, let's talk about Carlos. Now we're using sap green tallow green on binds. Great. And if you don't have the tallow green, you can always speaks lemon yellow with ultramarine blue until you get the share of total. Agree, I'm using 100% garden paper a size six on the size for brush 4. Setting up the Background : but the paper with clean water and be very generous about it. Don't with the ground, just it and I'm taking by and screen. I'm starting at the top off the paper. Be very generous with the paint. Also, just play around on the surface now, while ad tallow green color, make sure the paper is still right. While you're adding on a knuckler, the papers try, you cannot add it on blended. No, let's keep this for drawings. We were the paper again. Make sure the paper was completely trying before you. Revenge? No, we'll add another layer off pains. Great. Remember, watercolor on this tries two shades lighter, so it's important for you. Tow ard at least 23 layers of paint so that your paintings look by print. I'm not background, he said. No, we'll start with the ground bakes up green. Just bring the pain and the ground escape. This we're trying now. I think it's dried funny, so I'm going toe on the layer of sap green to slightly brush the pain. I think a background this set, we'll start with the first layer of trees 5. Trees in the Background: now that the background, he said, and drive. We'll start with the trees which are in the background. So always remember, the trees in the background will be lighter in color. So let's start with the Tyler Green. The sketch was already there. I'm just painting over it. I don't for good blended off the trees into the ground with the damp brush will want for the next 23 paint exactly like how we did before. I'll be adding the trees, which we have not sketched before. More tree excuse more depth to the landscape. Now we'll move on to the left side of the landscape. Since there is no light, we need more ticker color, some mixing tallow green with clients. Gray e. Since the paint hasn't dried in these areas, you can see it sticking to my hands but taking dolar dead, then painting on the side. - No , I'm taking sap green. I'm finding small trees in between the large ones sap green because it shows the light in the background and also gives more depth to the landscape like we had talked before. Now I'm adding another layer of tallow green toe, one off the trees because it just gives more depth e And when you see the nature, it's not always uniforms, nature is random, so that's what I'm trying to achieve here. 6. Trees in the Foreground: I will start with the trees on the foreground. Remember, there are three we have sketched before, and I'm just painting over them with science. Gray. Make sure you planned the bottom two trees with the ground. 7. Branches and Leaves : so I'll show you how to pain this lease in the background. We'll start with the sap green because it's in the background. Take the pain on a wet brush. Just spread the bristles with your hand, just randomly stroke over the branches. Takes a little practice and make sure you're keeping it as random as possible. - Now we'll start with the leaves. We had discussed how toe approach leaves and branches in a perspective section draw a line . Approach it in a triangle manner. Random strokes are random door to the red brush. Always remember, approach it in a timely manner. Takes a little practice. I think we have done well more to the details in the next video. 8. Details and Final touches : will adjust the dark and light sections on the ground. This is completely up to you. If you don't want to do it, you don't have to because it's a little advanced. Keep putting the surface and keep adding find screen and make sure you're not keeping any heart. It just if you see a hard edge, take a damn brush and make it softer. No, I'm just adding a few points here and there. - Now I'm thinking to splatters and buy ins gray on some white pain, so take the binds gray on a light brush and splatter randomly. Same with the white paint, but we'll add it with Dwight gel pin. If you don't have it, you can add with white paint as well. I'm asking, and then we had done 9. Thank you for watching : Thank you guys for watching my class. I hope you liked Please share your works on the class projects down below and you feel it on Instagram. Please tag me there as well.