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Microsoft Teams: Learn Teams Basics!

teacher avatar Bash (BizTech Matters), Online Teaching Excel Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Learn Microsoft Teams Now!


    • 2.

      What is Microsoft Teams?


    • 3.

      How to Access Microsoft Teams


    • 4.

      Microsoft Teams Desktop Installation


    • 5.

      Team Management


    • 6.

      Adding More Members


    • 7.

      Channel Management


    • 8.

      Forward Emails in the Channel


    • 9.



    • 10.

      Channel Notifications


    • 11.

      Private Channels


    • 12.

      Pin Channels


    • 13.

      Post Announcements


    • 14.

      Using Chat


    • 15.

      Bookmarks and Saving


    • 16.

      Keeping Track of Group Chats


    • 17.

      Working Together in Microsoft Office


    • 18.

      Communicating with Calls


    • 19.

      Organizing Meetings


    • 20.

      Live Captions in Meetings


    • 21.

      Checking Activity History


    • 22.

      Search Anything in Teams


    • 23.

      Team Settings


    • 24.

      Top Shortcuts


    • 25.

      Customize the Environment


    • 26.

      Thank you and Congratulations!


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About This Class

When working remotely, Microsoft Teams has proven to be a crucial component and I will teach you how to be prepared and maximize Teams for collaboration. Take this course right now and learn the following: 

  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • How to Access Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams Desktop Installation
  • Team Management
  • Adding More Members
  • Channel Management
  • Forward Emails in the Channel
  • Connectors
  • Channel Notifications
  • Private Channels
  • Pin Channels
  • Post Announcements
  • Using Chat
  • Bookmarks and Saving
  • Keeping Track of Group Chats
  • Working with Multiple Organizations
  • Working Together in Microsoft Office
  • Communicating with Calls
  • Organizing Meetings
  • Live Captions in Meetings
  • Checking Activity History
  • Search Anything in Teams
  • Team Settings
  • Top Shortcuts
  • Customize the Environment

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bash (BizTech Matters)

Online Teaching Excel Expert


Hi! I'm Bash and over here at BizTech Matters, I love sharing what I know through online classes, with my over 10 years of IT and teaching experience. Whether it's creating websites, programs, spreadsheets, editing photos, or anything computer-related, I ensure that I will give you the tools to succeed.


My goal is to show you the essence behind on whatever I'm teaching you. Hop in for a fun ride into learning in the technology world!


Join me in learning the following this growing list of skills:

- Mastering Top Microsoft Excel Formulas

- Mastering SQL Queries

- Create your own Power BI Dashboard!

- Use Excel Power Query to Clean your Dirty Data

- Use the Top 50 Excel Keyboard Short... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Learn Microsoft Teams Now!: Hi, Welcome to Microsoft Teams. Learn themes based. So you're starting out in Microsoft Teams. This is perfect for you. That is what we will cover in the course. Remember, and channel management, forwarding, e-mails and connectors, keyboard shortcuts, and a whole lot more. So Learn microsoft Teams now, and I'll see you inside. 8. Forward Emails in the Channel: Hi, This is Bryan Hall and let's talk about the top tips that I have for you when using Microsoft Teams. Okay, so for the first tip I want to share to you is how to forward the email to the Teams environment, okay? Because aside from using Microsoft Teams, right, we use Outlook or we use emails a lot when communicating with teams. And this is a really cool tip if you want to forward that email straight into the Team's channel. Okay, so it sounds a bit weird, right? But it's going to be second nature to you after I show this to you. So right now I'm inside Microsoft Teams and we have a private sports club team and then the general channel. And over here, the cool thing is if I hoover over here on the channel, right, I'll just click on this. And you could see here that there's an option called D get email address. And what you can do now is if you have existing e-mails, for example, or if you want to compose a new email, you can just set it over straight to this email address. So I'll just click on this. Let me just get the email address. Let's wait for it to load and then we can copy it straight over here. Okay. So this is the email address. I'll copy this. Okay. I'll go straight to my email so that I can show you quickly. I'll create a new email. Okay, and then let's just paste it in. So this is the private sports club and it's going to be sent straight into the general channel. And then let's type in a subject. Let's say, Hey, announcement. Okay, off our okay, Our next game. Okay. Get ready. Okay, and then once we're good, right? And then I'll just click Send. And once we have that ready, so it's sending a message. If I jump over to the teams, then we should be able to see it get reflected over here. So that's a really nice way if you have a big email and he saw it right now, right over here, you can see it that it appeared immediately. And here's the email that I have, right? So if you find it hard to compose, that's a more lengthy email or more detailed methods, for example, inside of Microsoft Teams, you can do that in the comfort of Outlook and then you can pass your swirl or it could add stuff as well inside over there. If you have an existing email, just forward it straight to the channels email. So pretty much the channel. Email is unique for every channel. So for example, if I check this one, then I'll also get the email address right? Then it's going to give me a different e-mail address. And I can use that as well to forward straight to this channel. So you can see over here, right, we have the Excel formulas XL fanatics channel, right? So you could do that as well for all of the channels inside Teams. 9. Connectors: Now let's talk about using connectors inside your team and channels. Okay, So right now what I have here is the desktop version and then I'm inside a super team over here, right? And then we have the general channel. So what I want to show you is I will just click on the ellipsis beside the general channel. And we will see here an option called D connectors. Connectors are pretty handy. And again, when you want to add additional information that's going to be happening inside your channel. So for example, if you want to get information from a service for Facebook or Twitter or for news. So there's a lot that you could do over here. Okay? So if I just scroll down right, There's a couple of options that you could see over here, right? Be installed on the server, okay, to name a few. So what I would suggest is play with this, okay. Have a play around with the different options, okay? But I want to focus right now is let's say just for fun, let's get a feed of CNN news, okay, an RSS feed over here. So you can see here there's an option to swell get RSS feeds for your group. Okay, so I'll just click Add here. Okay, Let's try out this connector. Okay, So this one looks good. I'll just click Add. Ok. So now it's included over here, but we need a specific RSS feed address. Okay, so since we want the CNN RSS, okay, so I'll just do a quick Google search. Let's see, CNN, RSS. Okay? So we have over here, right? The different feeds that are accessible for CNN, okay, So we have a lot Tier Top Stories, world Africa, America chapter. Okay, so let's say we're pretty curious about technology, so I'll just right-click here. Okay, Let's copy the address and I'll go straight back to Teams. Let's give this a name off CNN tech. And then we have the address over here. I'll just paste it. And then how often would you like to receive okay, The digests, let's leave it at the default of six hours and I'll click Save. Let's wait for the magic to happen. So it's configuring right now. Okay, it looks good. And there are some changes that happened right now on our general channel. So you can see over here, right, there's the RSS feed over here and we have the articles. So that once you want to say read more about it than if you just click on it and then it will open straight to your browser. Okay, so that's the really nice day with connectors. If you want to consume more information from other sources, then you could create a quick connection over here. So for example, if your team is, let's say, focused on a specific feed of information, then you can just add it over here and it will get updated regularly, right? So that's the really nice thing over here. So have a play around with it. There's a lot of options that you can do with connectors. And this is just one of them. 10. Channel Notifications: The next step is about channel notifications. So let's say inside the channel that way because there's a lot of things happening, messages, attachments being said, or announcements each other. There's a lot of things, but let's say, for example, one way to get people's attention is by using dimensions. So for example, over here, if I type in AD and then after, because you want, Let's say this specific person to read the message that you want to send, okay? So you want to grab their attention. But for example, let's say people forget to use the app mentioned when it comes to notifying people. And let's say this specific channel is very important to you and you want to keep track of everything that's happening over here, okay? So whenever something new happens, you want to be notified right away. So here comes the channel notifications. This is a quick way over here, right? So let's say for this specific channel of general, and again, I'll click on the ellipsis and there's the option for channel notifications. And what you can see over here, right? If there's new posts you want to get notified currently is turned off. We can change it to be shown inside the banner and the feed or only show inside the feed or none at all. Okay. So when you say Banner, okay, this is the notification that shows up at the bottom over here. Okay, so if we want it to show up, then select the banner. And then for the feet, It's going to be showing up inside the activity feed over here. Okay? So if this is important to you, you can just select it so that you can get notified right away on what happens. Singles for channel mentioned. Okay, so you have that level of control on how frequent do you want it to show up inside Microsoft Teams. So it once you're good with this, just click Save. And then I say once the project finishes and you don't need to be notified that often anymore, it would just go straight again, two ellipses, channel notifications. And then you can turn it off a swell. And then you'll have it the same way as it used to be. 11. Private Channels: The next step is all about private channels. So for example, if you have a specific channel or need for confidential stuff. So if let's say confidential documents are confidential conversations, okay, then the private channel would be perfect for debt. So it's very easy to create one, okay, over here, so I'll just go over to the super team. That's click on the ellipsis, add a channel. And there's that option over here inside the privacy for the private option. Okay, so if I select that, let's say this is a con fy then show okay, documents. Okay. So I'll click Next. So one thing that's very important that you need to take note off with private channels is you don't forget, don't forget to add members in the initial setup. So for example, let's say, let's add John over here. Okay, I'll click Add for John. And then the other thing that you can see over here as well. So okay, so let's just proceed first with heading the members over here. So once we're good, Okay, so we have done over here and we have our private channel. Another thing to take note off is there's the lock icon over here so that it's easy for you to see on which is the private channel and which ones are not. Okay? And then the one thing to notice as well is there's only depots and files tab that you can see over here. So if I click Add a new tab, you can just add more, okay, But by default is only this two that's going to be shown. And then there's a separate SharePoint site that's going to be created for private channels because we want it to be separated, right, to keep the file separate from the others. So Microsoft Teams has planned it out when it comes to private channels to ensure that you have that confidentiality and control. Okay. When it comes to confidential stuff. 12. Pin Channels: Okay, so for the next tip, we want to discuss about the pinning in part on channel to the top of your team's view over here. Okay? So let's say if you have a set of channels that you frequent, okay, so that's very important to you. It's very easy to pin this one. So for example, let's say for the super team, that general channel, you just click on this one on the ellipsis and then select pin. And then once we have a pin, okay, you could see it on the top over here, right? We have the general channel under the super team. So he could do as many pieces as you want so that you can have it as a quick access over here. So pretty much the same with chats. So you could do the same as well when it comes to D channels. But once you're done with this and say, you don't need this pinned anymore, then it's easy to impede a swell just by doing the same thing. Click on the ellipsis over here and then just a lek and pin. And it goes straight back to how it used to be. 13. Post Announcements: Okay, so afford us tip. Let's talk about posting announcements inside the channel. So for this one, if you want to get the attention of your team, then an announcement is perfect for this because you can have a headline and then you can also do a lot of things inside that. So let's create one quickly. So we're inside the general channel, inside the super team. And then over here is this option, okay, for to format the option. I'll select this, okay? So this is a new conversation, okay, but what do we want to do is to do and an ultimate. So we have a headline over here, okay? And then what you can do is you can also change the color, for example, if you're a headline, okay? But you want it to be standing up a bit more so I'll just select a background image and then I'll select, upload an image. And I have it ready over here. Okay, so let's say we're happy with this one. I'll click Done, right? And then let's type a headline, let's say announcement, okay, on torn knee for example. And it's a really nice way to read that essay rules and regulations. And then you could just type in the rules over here, okay. As a rule number 1, rule number 2, a Chatter, etc. Oh, so it's a really nice way to just catch the attention of everybody. And then what you can do a swell is you can manage the responsive. So over here, right, we have everyone can reply so you could just change it aswell un moderators ONE. There's also pulse in multiple channels so that you don't need to redo this over and over again. So if you have a lot of channels over here, right? You could just add the channels by selecting channels and then selecting additional channels in here. But once we're happy with this one, okay, I'll just click said. And there you have your announcement inside the channel. 15. Bookmarks and Saving: For this tip, Let's talk about flagging or bookmarking items. So let's say we have a lot of conversations over here. We're inside the chat view, right? And then we have a lot of messages out of attachments, right? But if there's a couple that stands out to you or they're very important to you, then it's pretty crucial for you to be able to bookmark them. So for example, let's say this demo presentation and the Word document. We want to bookmark this for easy reference. So what we can do this, I'll just hover over the message, right? We're just want, I'll click on the ellipsis and then we have this option over here saved this message. So it's like a bookmarking tool, right? And if I click this, you'll see on my profile right now that it shows that it got saved. So if I click on my face right now, and I'll go straight to saved. If I check this one over here, right? We have this specific message or a specific file over here, right, That's been bookmark already. So it's pretty cool when it comes to flagging specific item. So if you have a couple of important stuff, right? Just bookmark it, just flag it so that it gets shown over here right away. So you could just go over here to save in profile and it's pretty easy as well to unplug this. So unsaved this message, right? I'll just click on the same message again, ellipsis and then unsafe. Once you get that, then it will be removed. The swell inside your saved section. 16. Keeping Track of Group Chats: For this tip, Let's talk about naming group chat. So for this one, we're inside the CEF view and then we have a couple of chat sessions over here. So for this one that I've selected over here, there's the edit icon and you can see this option called D named group chat. And once I select that, I can just type in a group name. Let's say this is a planning chat or planning discussion, right? So I can just change this because once you have a lot more chats, Let's say you have different group chats that you have listed out over here. It can get confusing at times on militia switch to give it a proper context, then it's better for you to name the specific group chat. So I'll just click Save. Then once we do that, right, we have this name desk that out over here so that it's easier for you to know next time if you want to resume a specific conversation. And then another thing is, for example, let's say this specific chapter is pretty important for you. Then you can just select the chat, okay, and then over, over the ellipses, Let's click on it. And then you can just pin it so that it becomes straight at the top. Okay? And then you could do that for multiple group chat as well. And then once you're done with it, Let's see, It's not the most important chat anymore. I'll just click on it again on the ellipsis option and then you could just unpin it so that it goes back to the way it used to be. 19. Organizing Meetings: Okay, So right now I'm using the paid version of Teams. So you could see on my left side I have the Canada option. So this is where we can set our meetings. Okay. It's pretty much connected to our Outlook email account as well. So if you are familiar with Outlook, this will be second nature to you because the scheduling options that we have is pretty much the same as what you can see inside the calendar off your Outlook e-mail. Okay, So just to be able to show quickly on how we can set up a meeting, I'll just go straight to Calendar and then I'll just click New Meeting over here, right? And then just type into details off your immediate or for example, add title, let's say team meeting on the next set. Videos. Okay? So once we have DAD, That's the meeting. Kylo next is D required attendees. So it's say I wanted to add John in here, right? And then let's say this ad in Esther, swell and k, and then we have the date, so pretty much up to you on what the duration of your meeting would be, right? You can just change the date, change at a time, and then we have the number of minutes as well. You could also have an old the meeting, okay. And you can have a repeating meetings. So if this is a team meeting that you have to do every month, then you can just change this and then set it to a monthly meeting. Okay. So there's that pretty much the same option. So that's what you see inside Outlook. Okay, and then you can also have a channel in here. So for example, if you want it to be a specific team, right? And then specific channel, and you can just select one in here, okay? You want to limit this meeting to that specific channel. And again, an advocation and just type into details after meeting that say, Hey guys, That's a quick 30 minute catch up on everyone's progress. Okay, So that's pretty straightforward. And then once you're good, you just click Send over here, okay? But if for example you want to have a quick meeting, that's pretty easy to do so, so if you want an instant meeting right now and just go through calendar and then select Meet Now. So this is a private meeting that we have. Okay, So if I turned on DIE webcam, you could see myself over here. I have my mic turned on, right? And then you can change your settings as well for your mic and speakers. So maybe just turned it off. And then I'll change the details and say quick, All right, team meeting. So once we're good at that, I can click Start. Okay, Join now, so it's going to be starting this meeting and I'm the organizer. So pretty much the options that we're seeing right now is the same with what we're seeing inside calls, okay? And then he can just invite other people, write and say we have John trying to call and then just do the same thing as what you do in the US will call you hit share screen. So you have the mute button, we have the term camera on, right? And then you can end the call as well. Okay. So pretty straightforward with setting up meetings right inside the calendar section. 20. Live Captions in Meetings: Now for the next tip, Let's talk about using captions inside meetings. Okay, So this is actually one of my favorite features in time Microsoft Teams because for example, let's say you're in a meeting, right? There's multiple people talking and discussing and sometimes maybe you're having a hard time listening to the audio. Okay. But the cool thing, if you wished it to be something like a YouTube video wherein you can just have the captions show up, right? Because it's easier to follow. You have the texts showing at the bottom a lot people are seeing, and then you also have something like subtitles, okay? Microsoft Teams can do that for you. Okay, so for this one we need the desktop version and then I'll jump straight to the meeting so that I can show you on how this works. Okay, so let me just jump over to the calendar and then I'll start a meeting with myth now, once we have this, Okay, I'll click Join now, so we'll start a quick call. Okay, so now we're inside the meeting and then what I'll do is inside the ellipsis option over here for more actions. Let's select that. And let's say we're going to be using this one. Turn on live captions. So let me select this and then just give it a couple of seconds. The magic will start to happen. Now, okay, it's enabled and it's working. Okay, Let's try out the sentence that Quick. Brown Fox jumped over the lazy dog. Oh, okay. Yeah, it's pretty cool. So it was able to understand what I'm saying. Okay, so that's a vote of confidence. So we could use this when you have multiple people speaking and then you're having a hard time following just enabled this. And it just comes out of the box in the desktop version. And it's a really handy tool because it helps you to understand on what's happening inside the meeting. 24. Top Shortcuts: For our next tip, Let's talk about the top shortcuts inside Microsoft Teams so that you can save time. Okay, So over here right inside the shortcuts, what you can do is you can just click on the profile and then you can just have a quick look at the keyboard shortcuts. So there's a whole lot that you can see over here, but what I want to show you right now, okay, is to highlight the top used shortcuts that we can do inside Microsoft Teams. But if you want the full lift, just jump over here and you can have a look. Okay? So what we want to do right now is to go straight to the search bar. I'll just type in Control E. And you can see the search bar opening right now over here. And they could just type in on what you want to do, a specific command, for example, okay? And then the next shortcut that I want to show you is Control G. So Control G, Okay, so I'll press on it right now. It's a go-to. So if you want to go straight, let's say two super team for example, I'll just click on this one and it goes straight to the general channel of the super team. Okay, so that's pretty easy. So we have also Control N. So for Control N, it's going to be opening a new chat window. So I'll just click Control N, press Control N right now. Okay, and then we have a new chat. So I could just type in the colleague's name for example, and then I could just start a quick chat over here. And okay, so there's a lot of days that he could do over here. Okay. And then we have the control one control to control three, et cetera. So for this one, it's going to be navigating 0, cross the different views inside your Microsoft Teams environment. So for example, this is control one, control to control tree, control for control 5 and so on. So I'll press Control 2 and it will jump straight to the chat window if I press Control tree, okay, it's going to jump straight to Teams. If I press Control for just gonna go straight to the calendar if I press Control 5, etc. So it could use that to quickly jump from one view to another. Okay, So for order shortcuts, Let's say when you're inside the search bar and then k. So what you can do is I could just type in backslash call over here, okay, and then just typing the name and you can just give that person a quick call, okay, right inside the search bar. So now if we wanted to do another shortcut over here, so let's say for to add symbol, it's a quick way to send a chat message to a person inside the Teams environment. So for example, let's say I want to send a quick message to John that select John. And then, hey John, how are you doing? Okay? That's all Just how are you doing? Okay? So I'll just send a quick message. Now click press enter over here, right? And then if you want to view the chat, you can press Enter again and it sends a quick message straightaway. So you could do it at a swelling said this search as well. So a lot of shortcuts they could do a swell over here, but these are the top ones that you need to keep in mind. 25. Customize the Environment: Our next tip is all about customizing the Teams environment. So let's say we have the different views over here, but it's not going to be the same depending on your needs. So for example, let's say if you wanted to be a different order over here, you could just drag this once and then reorganize them as you see fit. So for example, let's say Teams is going to be the first one. So I can just drag this, just use the left-click over here and then you just drag it all the way to a different location. Okay, so that's a really handy way to change the order. So for example, if you want more views or more tabs over here to be added, you could just check over the ellipsis. For example, let's say you're a one-node user. You can just right-click on this one and then select the Pn option. So once you have that, you can see one note added over here and I can just do the same thing. Just left-click and drag it to a different location if you want it to be reorganized. And once you do this, okay, we have the Charaka control one control to, control tree controlled for, and so on. So the numbers would also adjust depending on the order, okay, that you have over here. So for example, if I press Control 5, it will go straight to the fifth icon over here, which would be one naught. And once, let's say you're happy with OneNote and you don't need it anymore. You just right-click again and then select unpin. You want to make more modifications, do that as well. On the other icons you can then peanut, and then once you want to put them back, just select on the ellipsis and then put this back using the pin option with the right-click. 26. Thank you and Congratulations!: Thank you and congratulations on completing this course. So I hope that this has helped you learn the basics of Microsoft Teams. So you are also able to leave a review for this course just by clicking on the reviews link over here. And you would have the leave Review button enabled. Simply click on this button and you would be able to leave a review on this course. So please, please leave an honest review as I would love to hear your feedback, you can also check out my profile by clicking on my name, this link over here for more Microsoft related courses. So once I've clicked on the link, it brings you to my profile page and you can continue your learning journey by going through my top microsoft courses.