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Introduction to Content Writing: Writing Principles, Tactics & Career Options

teacher avatar Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Content Writing


    • 2.

      Origin & Need of Content Writing


    • 3.

      Increasing Demand For Content Writers (How You Can Benefit From This)


    • 4.

      Career in Content Writing: What to expect?


    • 5.

      Types of Content


    • 6.

      Writing Principles


    • 7.

      Number 1 Tactic to Write Awesome Content


    • 8.

      Class Project


    • 9.



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About This Class

Learn Basics of Content Writing From Professional, Certified Content Writers

In this class, you will master:

  • Intro to Content Writing
  • Origin & Need of Content Writing
  • Increasing Demand For Content Writers (How You Can Benefit From This)
  • Career in Content Writing: The Different Career Options and What to expect? 
  • Types of Content
  • Writing Principles
  • Number 1 Tactic to Write Awesome Content

What do you require to take this class? 

Even if you do not have any prior experience or knowledge, you can enroll in this class, because we will start from the basics. 

Who is this class for? 

  • Content Writers
  • Freelancers
  • Copywriters & Content Marketers
  • Digital Marketers 
  • Those who want to learn about the basics of content writing 
  • Curious learners who are willing to learn a new skill 

By the end of this class: 

You will know the basics of content writing, why it is required in the online world, how you can benefit from the rising demand for content writers and the different career option paths. 


Meet Your Teachers:

A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers, online instructors & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers in 2016 but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

Both of us are Ezine Approved & Certified Writers. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. We have been in the online marketing world since 2016 and we would love to share everything that we have learned with you!

So when you enroll in this class, you'll be learning from those who have hands-on practical experience in this field.

See You Inside The Class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vishal & Shubhi

Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers


A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. 


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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to Content Writing: the basics off content writing. First of all, let's understand Waters's content right business and brands need customers to sustain. Since Internet has become such an important part off our lives, brands are created their presence online to reach the customers. As you can see here, brands are using the Internet to reach their customers. So this is the modern approach towards marketing and generating seats before the existence of the Internet, brands used to directly approach the customers. So this waas the traditional approach towards marketing. Now how does content writing comes into this picture? The brand spell their online presence with help off websites and content. So to create content, the required writers, as you can see here, business hires content writers on Do they approach the customers through their content. So content writers bridged the gap between the brands and customers. Content writers engage the audience by providing them information on value. So it would be right to say that Continent written by the writers represents the brand in front. Off the audience are custom. It's content writing is done by writers forgetting trust and connection off the audience so that they become interested in a brand and its products and services. A content writer is responsible for writing the text for the company to engage its customers. I hope you now have an understanding about content writing. In the following lectures, I will tell you how content writing started and why it became a necessity. 2. Origin & Need of Content Writing: in this lecture, you're going to find out how confident riding originated and why it became a necessity. Content has been used for promotion since eels, bronze and business have used storytelling to persuade the customers. But during 19 World Wide Web for spreading across the world, and at that time there was no existence off quality content online gone tinned lag information on Boss stopped with the woods. This was the time when anyone could write content, even if the lack skills or knowledge some of the major issues with the content off that time included. He put stuffing lacking information, not useful or helpful content and copied content, which was not original and full off lecherous Um, keep it. Stuffing was common on great content was a rare thing to find. Naturally, this kind of content was not helpful for the readers as they were not getting proper information. Even after searching a lot, they were getting bad drafts that was stopped with keywords are content that was copied from another website later on, So changes like Google on being started showing information that was most relevant to the search query Due to this high quality content came into existence. In 2003 Google created Florida, which was an algorithm that targeted and hit the bedsides, which had he would stop content that was not valuable to the readers. This was when brands hired S you experts and gone didn't writers. After this, various algorithms on updates were introduced by Google but started penalizing on D ranking websites and blog's, which also it continent that was not having proper information or was stopped with key woods. Google also created another algorithm, which was named Banda on it was launched in 2011. This was the time then requirement off. High quality content was becoming more and more essential for the websites. Again, brands fell the need off great content writers so that they could maintain their rankings on so attentions. They started hiring content writers who had the skills to write informational content without stuffing it with the woods. Now Google started rewarding those websites that had high quality content. It gave them better rankings as a very off rewarding them because this continent was valuable to the readers. As Google was focused on quality the panda algorithm waas targeting those websites which had these three major issues. The 1st 1 waas duplicate content The websites which had copy pasted content on glad originality. What targeted by Banda next waas Low quality content. The websites, which did not offer help or information, started losing the rankings. Since Google was focused on bringing only the most valuable results on the top search pages . The panda algorithm also targeted and penalized those websites which had 10 content that did not offer any value to the readers. Google loves in depth information and that's why Bondo started hating on those websites which had 10 Gonta. Many that sites were deer and and analyzed by the panda algorithm. Website owners realize that they need to higher quality writers so that they could keep their websites safe from the Banda algorithm, are recover from its effects. The need to hire high quality right? There's Waas felt because of bilious reasons. They offered high quality content which was original and free off pledge Jeurys Um, this helped in offering more value to the readers by creating informative, useful and helpful bonded. Do you do this? The continent started ranking in search engines as it was not stuffed with key woods. This was when the need to have expert writers waas realized by brands on that site owners only a quality writer and bring results. And that's why hiring such writers became a necessity which could not be avoided. So now you know how content writing originated and how the need for writers waas realised by the brands and businesses in the next lecture. You even know why there is an increase in the demand for writers and how you can benefit from this. I'll see you there. 3. Increasing Demand For Content Writers (How You Can Benefit From This) : so Jin Jin's have created strict policies and algorithms on. This is another reason why content writers are in high demand. There has been an increase in the demand for content writers in the past years, but why every brand wants to be profitable on attract customers. They do this by creating a solid content marketing strategy. For this, they require content writers. Also, as I said before, the search engines like Google have created strict policies and algorithms that are d ranking those websites which have locally D content. This is why brands are ready to hire content writers even at higher rates. No, here comes the pot for which you were waiting. How can you benefit from this situation? All you have to do is become on excellent writer. If you have skins, knowledge and passion, then human stand out in the crowd. Off average writer, you have to be the best when it comes to offering valuable content, just like a moon in the crowd off stars. If you have a clear understanding off the basics, Andi master the skills off content writing then companies but love to hire you and pay you more than on average right are. If you want to start freelance writing business or you're already off freelancer, you will be able to get better rates because your quality would be much better than other freelancers. Whether you want to do a job or become a freelance writer or a blogger, improving your skills is the key to benefit in this situation, when the demand for content writers is increasing day by day. 4. Career in Content Writing: What to expect? : Welcome back in this lecture, you're going to discover all the possible carrier options, which you go births you as a gun toting tryto in the modern digital era, content writing an open new doors for you. As a content writer, you can get a lot off Gary options. Andi. I will share them with you. If you have good writing communication skills, then this can be a great carrier for you, even if you don't have that wants writing skills but have knowledge on fluency in English. You can choose this carrier, although some companies expected candidates to have at least a bachelor's degree in English or journalism if they want a full time job. But this is not a tall, compulsory writing. Skills are everything when it comes to making a carrier and content writing. So with practice and guidance, you can achieve great heights in this carrier. But now let's see the different Gary options you can choose, and I will also tell you the pros and guns off each one off them so that you can decide the best part for yourself. A content writer has three major Gary options to choose from. If you want to work for a business or a company. You will be hired as a full time or a part time writer. The pros to work for a company include consistent income on corporate benefits. You will also be able to develop social connections. The cons off becoming a full time writers include no flexibility in work, strict deadlines and walk stress due to pressure off delivering on time. If you want to have a regular, consistent income and develop your skills, a full time job would be the perfect option for you. The second gang, your option is freelance writing. As a freelance content writer, you can work for national and international clients or freelance Web sites. Unusual. You could create a part time freelance business on later on, expanded into a full business. The pros off becoming a freelance writer include flexibility to Jules projects. So if you don't want to work on a particular project, you can say no. This is not possible in a full time job because you're not allowed to choose the projects. The second benefit is location independence. As a freelance writer, you get the freedom toe work from anywhere in the world and This is the major reason why people Jews the scarier auction. The next option is lucky. This will be taken as a side source off income to get some additional money. The pros off blogging include location independence on no official deadlines. You will also be able to share your skills and passion with others. The D merits are cons. Off blogging are low income on procrastination. Many bloggers are unable to make income from blogging, dealing or post morning. The blogging task is an issue which leads to lack off income from the block so blogging can be taken as a side business on. Once it starts giving you good enough income, then you condone it into a full time business. If you choose a full time job, then you could work in thes job profiles as a content right. You can work as a content writer, are a senior gone 10 dead lover. You can also get a job as a content strategist or quality content analyst where you would be responsible for proof reading and editing are you could work as a social media strategist on design and develop content for various social media platforms. You can also work as an editor proof reader or copy, right. The senior positions include bond manager on project manager. Then you work on the senior positions. You would be responsible for handling the major responsibilities off the tomb. You would also have various writers under you on. You will be responsible for proof, reading or editing their vote, or for developing a content strategy for the business. If you choose to work as a freelance writer, you can offer the phone inviting. Sylvus is You can give services for product description or reviews are you can write articles and blog's for the business or brands. You can also designed the social media content for a product or a service. The other services that you can offer include breast rulings, newsletter copy writing S. You're writing creative writing, technical writing and ghostwriting as well as website content, and choose to offer one off. These are all of them depending upon your skills are you can even hire a team of freelance writers on walked with them. Born today, blogging as a carrier option, you can choose a category Ornish for your block are. If you don't want to limit yourself to just want off. You can choose the freestyle way and write about anything and everything that you want. But if you plan to choose a particular category or topic for your block, you can take an idea from these popular categories, which include AH fashion or travel block, parenting, teaching, skill cooking, baking, knitting, lifestyle, health or fitness and a beauty block. Having a successful carrier and gaunt in writing. It's possible for those who are willing to put the efforts before choosing a carrier. Always think about the probabilities. Make sure to choose your carrier option carefully because sometimes it could be hard to turn back and start all over again. If you're planning to make a carrier as a freelance writer or blogger, I would recommend you to start a part time business before you take it as a full time book . I'm suggesting this because freelance writing and blogging required efforts, patience and time in order to generate a reasonable initially, you may not be able to survive on the income that you generate from these options, so make sure you think about the pros and guns before choosing a carrier. But if you want to have a consistent income as a content. Tryingto, it's best to work for a company, are a business or a brand so that you can get regular income each month. I hope now you would be able to make a wise decision in choosing your carrier option. As a content writer, I'll see you in the next leg, too. 5. Types of Content : content writers are required to write various types off. Let's take a look at them. The 1st 1 is Web content. This is the highly attractive content that you see on the back pages off websites. It's written to grab the attention off the reader so that they browse the Web site longer and take actions like subscribing or buying or hiring. Next is article. It's the content, which is written for informing users about a topic or product. It's usually detailed and very informative on its an in depth guide block. This is like a personal journal. Their ideas and information are shit. Companies and brands maintained blog's in order to connect with the readers. Individuals can also have blog's, where the share views around topic are Advice people regarding certain Adria's off their life s your content s U stands for search engine optimization. This kind off content refers to the one which is specifically optimized for seo purposes so that it can drank and so tensions. Next ISS copy lighting the main bumpers off. Copy writing is marketing on increasing the brand of fairness or scenes you will learn in detail about copyrighting and one off the sections off the scores. Next is business writing. This type of content includes all business related pieces like manuals, brochures, e mails, sales proposals except tre social media content. It's the viral and engaging content with just written on social media. It could also be written for promoting a product or a service or a camping or any event. This kind of content is extremely compelling, and it bronze the reader to take actions like by our share the content. There are other forms off content writing to which are based upon the requirement off the client. As a full time content writer, you will be expected to ride different types of content, which I have just shed. Companies hire content writers who are specialized in writing different types of content. But most companies avoid this in order to cut the cost and expenses off, hiring multiple writers. So this simply higher few writers and expect them to write all kinds off content. So if you want to be in demand, you must know each off these content and how you can create them. As a freelance writer, you can offer all of these contents in your writing services. The content can also be based on its usefulness or life, and it's gone being divided into evergreen and seasonal content. The content, which would be useful and relevant for months or heels, is the kind of content which is called US evergreen content. This type of content is useful forever. People always love to read this kind off content. Some examples could be product reviews are checklist or guides on how to do our loan? Something. Case studies are pros and Gon's articles except Tre. For example, if you have a food blogger, you can create a post on eggless chocolate cake recipes. This would remain evergreen content because people always search for these kind off recipes . Seasonal or topical content is surged during certain times. Off the ear are. Do you do certain events? If you want to ride this type of content, you can use the topics that are trending. Here are some ideas for writing seasonal or topical content For a food blogger, you can cream a list off Christmas Recipes are you can create brownie recipes for Valentine's Day. Fashion bloggers could write about the top clothing items to have in winter are the top styling terms for summer holidays for writing seasonal content. You can also create a content calendar. There you can write based on the holidays or the events that are coming in the next month are the entire ear. Now, if you're wondering whether you should write seasonal or evergreen content, then I would suggest you to create both and balance them out. Because if you write for just one time se evergreen content only you are losing traffic. That will come from the audience that's interested in seasonal content. Evergreen content is better for the purpose off search engine optimization R S E O because it will bring traffic throughout the year and even in the long term. On other hand, seasonal content will boost the traffic during certain times. Off the ear, you create a solid condom writing strategy, which includes both evergreen and seasonal type off Ponton. You will get consistent traffic along but seasonal boost in the long run. So what could be the winning strategy? The winning strategy for a content writer is to write both evergreen and seasonal content to keep the readers engaged throughout the years and and the years to come 6. Writing Principles : The difference between a good writer on a great writer is how he or she uses the writing principles. In this lecture, I will show you how you can use he's writing principles to become an excellent writer. These are the writing principles or essentials which can make your own didn't stand out. Don't engagement, readability and editing. Let's understand them one at a time. Don't it's the attitude off the writer towards a topic. It can also be towards the readers. The tone that a writer uses has a huge impact on the final content. Using the right tone is important because readers understand or interpret the content based on your door. If you're tone this arrogant, rude or bossy, then readers would feel that through your woods, and there is very less chance that they will want to read your content again. Using the right tone is so important attempts to communicate the message correctly. As a writer, you must make sure that readers understand what you are trying to tell the right tone has the barbell toe engage the reader. It can also encourage them to take a desired action. Whether it's buying from you are from your link are subscribing to your channel are sharing your content. So what don't you should use while writing? If it's a formal content like something business related, then the tone should be formal and sophisticated. The overall condon should sound so investigated. Unprofessional. If you're writing for your own block or social media, you can use informal, casual or friendly tone. Are the tone with your readers powerful? The tone off your writing depends on the type of content that you're writing. You should never right using aggressive or dominant. Don't unless it's the requirement off the topic. Our unless you are told to do so. No matter how good your content is, it's not useful if it cannot engage the reader. Engagement is the key to writing Amazing Gonta. To do this, you should write the key facts first. All right, the important points first so that you can trigger the curiosity off the reader and hope them to the content. Most readers scan through the top of the content, so if they find something which triggers their curiosity in the 1st 2 or three lines, they are going to get hooked and read the entire content. You can start your content with a question or a coat or a fact. Remember, the aim is to hope the readers for maximum engagement. The told riding principle is readability. Before understanding this, I want to ask you a question. What would you prefer to read? A long passage with no brakes and gaps without subheadings or bullets are the one which is well formatted and highlights key points with bullets and also explains the topic with different subheadings. The answer is pretty on. This majority off us would prefer the second type of content, which is well formatted and easy on the eyes. If your content is nicely formatted than readers would automatically read it, the forint off headings subheading on the body must be easy to read. You can use different gunnels to make the subheading and heading stand out. Don't use multiple colors for this. Try to use a contrast in color, which is easy on the arts. You should also keep a check on the listed points. Creating short baron and sentences makes the content look easier and last time consuming. The reader feels that he can finish it easily, and it's not too long or boring. Try to use bullet points wherever possible. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, when readers scan through the content, they will notice the bullet points quickly. And if you write something in trusting or useful in them, they will spend the time reading what you have written and they might read the entire content as well. The second reason is that bullet bones look really pleasing. You can use them to highlight the best points about a topic are You can explain the steps easily, using the number rings and the bullets to increase the readability. You can also use imagers as it helps to break the monotony off the text. The spacing between the woods and the characters is also important foreign ability. The key take away is that well formatted content is the key to have conversation with the reader, so make sure that your content is extremely readable. Editing, editing the content is another essential step towards having a readable content. You should remove the sentences and information that is not useful are witches do all this . You should also add it the content to check the punctuation and spelling mistakes. Remove all the grammatical arrows. Later, in this section, I will show you a free tool that you can use for editing. Your content Editing can also help you to write something, but you have missed earlier. Make sure to follow these principles and human stand out from the crowd off average bond and writers. 7. Number 1 Tactic to Write Awesome Content : in this lecture, I want to share with you the number one tactic for writing awesome Gonta. So Peritus getting into the reader's mind set to understand your ideal reader, you should get into their mindset to do this. Imagine that you are the reader for a particular block post. Now ask yourself what you would want to see and read in this post. For example, if you were looking for tips to study and stop wasting time, think about the tips that you would love to see in a boast. Some possible points could be tips on managing time and being productive are you would love to find tips that will help you to learn faster and finish your syllabus. Right? Whatever comes to your mind next, you should try to write from the reader's point of view. Readers First product Second is the right approach when you create content. So instead of stating the best features off the product and leaving it on the reader to decide whether the product a suitable or not, you should combine the product with the problem and how it's speeches can solve the issue. Next, Give quality get results. This is so simple. Yet many writers don't focus on offering great quality content. Your focus should be on offering valuable content as that will surely give your results. Focusing on the results is good, but you should not forget about offering quality content. First, it's a give and take relation between gaunt and riders on readers. You give them high quality content on day will give you results in the form off traffic sales and leads. So here are the actionable steps for you. Firstly, before you begin writing, imagine that you are the reader off the content, which you are about to write next, right? At least four or five points that you want to know about the topic. Are you looking for some information or searching for a particular product? If you are looking for a product, what will you expect the product to do for you? Our how it can make your life easier, right? All of these born stone. You can also write all the questions related to the product that are coming in your mind. Once you're done with this, you have successfully understood the redos mindset. Once you have written all this, you will have a basic rough draft that is full of ideas regarding your next topic. Now it's time to get into action and use your writing skills and create awesome content from the rough draft that you already have. So this was the tactic that can be used to create awesome content. I hope you will find that useful look for your next block post. 8. Class Project: congratulations on completing the class successfully. Now it's time for a class project. So here's what you've got to do. You have to create content using the writing principles that be up shared in the lesson and are the BB and instructions. So first you have to decide a topic on which you write an article or a block post off about 300 to 404. If you want, you can exceed. This would come next year. You have to follow the guidelines given in the lessons and make sure that you use the writing principles that we have. Yes, finally, once you have done it some media project To get feedback, we hope to get your projects and see how much you have learned from this class. 9. Conclusion: We hope you enjoy this class and found it useful. It was a pleasure to have you as our student nature that you bought the guidelines and some mature project. I'm take a pink back because no anymore to apply is very important. Finally, we would like to thank you for joining this loss and for being a part off this learning journey. We wish you all the luck for your journey ahead and we hope to see you in one of our other classes on sculpture.