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Blogging Tips: 8 Easy Steps To Write Amazing Blog Posts & Optimize For SEO

teacher avatar Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Introduction


    • 2.

      8 Easy Steps To Write Amazing Blog Posts


    • 3.

      How To Optimize Blog Post For Search Engines?


    • 4.

      Blog Writing and Promotion Tips


    • 5.

      Class Project


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About This Class

Join this class to learn Blogging Tips and SEO tips for optimizing content. Optimizing the content for SEO or Search Engine Optimization can help in getting the post ranked on search engines. This class would help you in learning the 8 easy steps for writing blog post and optimizing it. 

It's an easy to follow class, where you will learn: 

  • 8 Easy Steps To Write Blog Post
  • How To Optimize Blog Post For SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Tips To Write Post Fast 
  • Tips To Promote Blog Post & Get Traffic (Visitors)  

This class is best for: 

  • Bloggers
  • Content Writers & Copywriters
  • Freelancers
  • Digital Marketers
  • SEO Executives & Interns
  • Start-up owners, small business owners
  • Those Who want to learn the highly demanded skill of Blogging, Blog Post Writing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Content 


  • You should be able to write and understand English
  • Even if you have little or no knowledge about Blogging & SEO, you can still enroll in this course
  • You will need internet connection to watch the lectures

The best part is that you do not need any previous experience about blogging and you do not require a pre-existing blog. 

We invite you to take this class and join us in the journey of blog post writing & content optimization for search engines. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vishal & Shubhi

Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers


A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. 


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Level: Beginner

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1. Class Introduction: and to our skill share class in this class. We are going to talk about the blogging success tips, which are going to help you in skyrocketing your blogging game on getting more traffic to your block posts in this class, we're going to cover different blogging tips that are going to help you in getting more traffic by writing excellent block Post that readers could not resist. My name is should be on along with my co instructor official. I have designed this class to help you know about the best blogging tips that you need to know as a big meal blogger. Both of us are certified content writers on have the work experience since 2016. We are also digital market years on. We have created content for all 50 websites in just under one year. So then we talk about logging. We have hands on practical experience in it as well. We run two successful blog's and many off our post our ranking on the search engines. So when you learn from us and enroll in this class, you can be assured that you're learning from those who have hands on practical experience in the world off blocking and content writing. So what you learn in this class? First of all, we are going to tell you the eight steps that would help you and writing Amazing block Post ready easily on the's block posts are going to be so amazing that your readers could not dresses them. Next, we're going to tell you the S U tips where you're going to learn how to optimize your block , boast and increase the chances off ranking on search engines using S E O or search engine optimization. Next, we'll give you some tips for block post writing for promoting your block on for getting traffic to your block. Because without getting traffic or visitors to your side, no matter how good your content is, your efforts would not be fruitful. That's why I will share with you some traffic generating and promotion tips. Join this class Yes, so excited to have you here, and we hope to see you inside the class 2. 8 Easy Steps To Write Amazing Blog Posts: in this lecture, you're going to know the simple steps that will help you to write in trusting block post that people will laugh during and share. Let's know about the eight simple log riding. The 1st 1 is to bring storm the ideas you should decide the topic that you want to write about. If you're not getting any idea you can use. Been dressed for finding trending topics are those topics that readers find interesting. Additionally, you can also use tools like Blogger Idea Generator patrol, such as topics to you. The second step is to create ah, persona or identify the target audience at the stage. You must decide who is going to be your ideal reader or this particular post. Think about the details, their problems and struggles to do this. The best thing is to step into the reader's mind set. Imagine if you were in there, please, what problems you would be facing. Think about all the things that you would expect from a block post. Once you do this, I want you to write down three problems or pain borns off the reader. If you cannot find three right two or even one but I highly recommend you to do this activity right now go ahead and pass this lecture and write them down while I wait for you . So now that you have written the pain points, think about the best solutions for each of these points and write them. Besides each off the spots, the third step is to find the key words that the readers can use. The best way to do this is using the auto suggest feature off Google. Simply type in a query and you will see a list off suggestions. You confined keyboards on Pinterest by using the same approach. Additionally, you can also use keyboard generator tools for finding relevant keywords. The fourth step is to create a rough draft. You can create the heading subheadings and right the major points that you're going to cover right down the pain points on the solutions as well. Decide what call to actions you can use on include them here. We're just creating a basic structure off our post, but the structure is going to help us in creating the body off the block post in the footstep. I want you to write four headings for your post. You must be thinking that I have already written the heading in the previous step, So why do I need to write it again? Hairs. Why you can choose the best one for your block post heading, and the rest of the headings can be used propofol for promoting the dock post on social media. You can also create Pinterest images by using the's extra headings. This will help you to promote your content over and over again. The sixth step is to finish your post, fill the spaces, add in the details and complete every section. At this point, we're completing the body off the block post by taking the help from the basic structure that we have designed earlier. Once you have done this, it's time to add it and proof. Read the Post. Make sure you read it at least three times to catch errors and silly mistakes. The seven step is to add pictures on infographics. Make sure you add attractive images because people skim through the post before actually reading it. So if you include interesting pictures, they're more likely to read your content. You should also optimize the old tax and title the images so that they can drunk well in search engines. Now that you have completed your post, it's time to move ahead to the final step on published post. But your work does not end here. You need to promote the post as much as you can. Remember that you should spend 30% off your time in writing and 70% in promoting what you have Britain. So these were the simple yet effective steps to write awesome block post that your readers would love to read as well as share. 3. How To Optimize Blog Post For Search Engines?: In the previous lecture, we saw some tips to write an amazing post. Now we will take a look at the key points that will help and ranking the post on search engines. Proper key but usage. It's very important to use the right even in the right places. The best places to use the keywords include heading subheadings content and you are in. It's essential to use the keywords, but avoid over using them as the skin. Decrease the quality off content. The spring sounds to the second tip avoid key, but stuffing not using keywords are using keywords. Excessively can lead to a negative impact on the content. Excessive use off key words is a wrong practice that can decrease your ranking. The post must be filled with information rather than keyboards, creating in depth content. The best performing content has 2000 to 3000 words. If you can write this kind off long form posts, it's going to help you crank on search engines. Contin should be in for mated, and you must make sure that the words you are using are adding value. The next one is due trying to rank on Pinterest for gaining more traffic. It's easier drowned for keywords on Pinterest. So when you're trying to get instant traffic, it's always better to try to get rank on Pinterest and then try to rank on search engines, optimizing the bulls you can use on page and off beach as your practices. For this. When you optimize your boast for s you, it automatically ensures that you will be able to get higher ranks on search engines, creating viral content. Viral content is very essential to get traffic and ranking. If your content goes viral, more people will share it on. This helps the search engine to understand that your content is offering value to the user . This helps you to rank on search engines. The next one is to optimize the images. You should not forget to optimize images that you have used in your block post. As images can drank really well, all you have to do is use the property words on description in the image title and all tax . The next point is to use power off Gora for sharing post links. All you have to do is answer questions related to your block full Stop it on a use your link there. Make sure that your answers are offering value to the readers and users off Cora. The final point is to achieve quality bat wings. Ginning quality back Ling's is one of the greatest s your practices. It indicates to the search engine that your content is useful. And that's why it has gained back Lings do do this. Search engines help you and ranking Well. So these are the nine simple yet important steps which can help you and ranking in search engines. Make sure you follow each of this for the block post that you're right. 4. Blog Writing and Promotion Tips: In the previous lectures, you learned how to try to block post step by step Andi how you can optimize it so that it can drank and search engines. In this lecture, you are going to know the best tips and tricks that you can use and blogged writing, even know the writing dips Promotion Tim's on traffic tips. First, let's take a look at the writing skills. The number one tip is to use time blocking. This is a technique where you can allot time periods or blocks for specific tasks. Keep your time blocks small so that you can focus on the past. For example, you can create dine blocks off 30 minutes for researching and drafting, a block boasts, and the next time block to complete the post and optimize it If you want, you can take breaks between these time blocks to be more productive. The second technique is to use the phone door technique, set a timer for 25 minutes and then take a break for five minutes, and these 25 minutes you need to focus on your task completely without along any distractions. This is a really useful technique for those who cannot concentrate for longer durations. The author tip is to write easy sections first, because this will reduce the workload on. It will also motivate you to finish your boast faster when you write something. Highlight the important points and goats as this would help the readers to know the essential points. Since most redos have the habit off skimming and scanning the content, these highlights and coats can persuade the person to read the entire content and making stay for longer duration or your block. The next step is to increase the curiosity of the reader through stories, pictures, captions and headings. Next, you can use APS like Ever note for writing ideas on block Boast. Such APs can help you in being organized as a writer. Now let's take a look at some of the most useful tips to promote your content. Came to write at least one guest post each month. When you write for some other block, you can gain rule traffic and increase your audience. Build connections with other bloggers as this can help you and learning their success secrets on. But they can also promote your content. Create one new been each week this will help you to increase and maintain your traffic on Pinterest. Build your own community by creating Facebook groups. This is a very effective promotional tool where you can answer the questions that people ask you. Andi build your authority on your topic Now. Here are some off the traffic tips that will help you to increase the blisters on your block whenever you write a block post answer questions related to it on Cora and mentioned the link to your block post. Also make it a habit toe answer on Gora. Every drink. Give it 15 minutes or half an our and you're good to go. Go rock and instantly boost your block traffic on. This is why it's very essential to use it correctly. The next step is to write boast on trending topics When you write on trending topics. Try to be among the first writers who write on such topic so that people will share your content. Next. The post should circulate among more and more people in the first month so that it can bring traffic on its own. Later on use came that's mobile friendly because majority off people whose Mobil's for surfing the net, so you don't want to give them a hard time. Then they visit your block. Make sure that you use a template or theme that's optimized for Moviles. The design and look off your block should be pleasing to the eye. Use a color scheme that was attractive and make sure that it does not annoyed the Ringo used the steps, and you will be able to keep the readers on your block for longer duration. 5. Class Project: now that you're successfully completed the class, it's time for the class project. For this last project, you have to write a block, boast and optimize it for search engines to hear out the specific instructions far during the project. First, you have to decide a topic on which you will drive the block Post this post can meeting on any topic off your choice. For example, health tips or your favorite destination or the doctor was destination in India, US or any place. The second step is to download the template Titles attached in the resource is because that would help you and writing, plus optimizing your post. Finally, once you're done with the post and optimized it as well, you can summon your project to get a feat. But 6. Conclusion: We hope you enjoy this class and found it useful. It was a pleasure to have you as our student. It's extremely important to apply what you have learned. And that is why I make sure that you follow the guidelines and some mature project and get a feedback to know how much you have known. We would like to thank you for being a student on for joining this class. It was a pleasure to have you here. And we hope you really found this class useful and beneficial in your learning journey. We hope to see you in one off our other classes on skill ship.